Three more interesting experiences are shared.

One of the Experiences I Promised Sai Baba to Share in This Forum

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Hello Ji, I always read this forum. The forum and the stories in this will encourage me and give me confidence that our Sai Ram will take care of us at any instant. And according to me it’s true ALWAYS. Let me share my one of my experience about Sai’s blessings. Kindly post this experience in the form. I am not a great writer and since this being my first post apologize if there are any mistakes, feel free to update it.

I am very much carrier oriented. We are a very small family and being the elder kid I wanted to prove and set an example to everyone in my family that studies and focus on carrier will take you to heights. So I always work towards that. I never knew about Baba until I came to Chennai. I got placed in a reputed MNC and I had to stay in a PG (Sai Ram Hostel) as my native is not Chennai. From there on my journey with Sai Baba had started. Owner aunty of that hostel took us to Sai Baba temple one day and I very much liked the temple and I felt so good in my life after going there. It was such a great moment in my life. From then on for everything I get Baba’s blessing to proceed forward. There were lots and lots of up’s and down, but I sailed successfully in all the instances with Sainadh help.

Sai Ram was with me all the time and he helped me to get through things. I specially wanted to share a particular instant that recently happened. At that time I was there in US for about 2 years. Since it was all knew I had to struggle so much to adapt with the things and things were going successful as I had very good name among the client managers. My parents wanted me to get married so they were looking for some alliances. Due to my horoscope reason, things were getting delayed and finally they found someone. He was based in India and I had give-up my onsite/carrier and go back. Though I was hesitant I went back for my parents and got married.

I always believed in Sai Baba and whatever happens in our life it’s all for good. It is so true because I got a wonderful life partner who cares me more than my parents. But at the corner of my heart I still had dreams about my carrier and coming back to USA. My husband was supportive, so I started to work towards that. My visa was valid only for 2 months and I had to travel at least prior a month before it gets expired to save the visa status. Since I came back from my old assignment I had find a new once as soon as possible. I thought it’s all not possible to happen within 20 days. I prayed to Baba to save my visa status.

With Baba’s help and grace there was some sudden opening on some other project and I was the only one selected among many valuable candidates. Since being a MNC, to proceed with a travel we had so many policies which were stopping my travel as everything was last minute. But with Sai Baba’s blessings I had approvals from higher management and I got everything approved within a week. There were so many hard breakdowns and everything got solved so easily with Sai Baba’s help and I came to USA and doing my job well here. Whatever happens in our life is for reason. Trust and keep praying, He will help us at any point. He will never let us down. Complete Faith and Patience is what we require. Rest all our Sai Baba will take care. Believe in Baba, our life will be wonderful. Jai Sai Ram… Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Sadguru Sai.

It’s a Request

Anonymous devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji Ji, May Sai Bless you and your family and all Sai devotees. Please keep my identity and email id anonymous. I have previously written one of my experiences which are here. As I have stated in my previous experience, after coming across this blog, my life is completely changed. Now whenever I need Sai’s help in any situation, I just pray and Sai give me indications in one or the other form that he is with me. I have many more experiences to share but today I am not writing any experience but it’s a request. Today I got the news that the mother of my sister-in-law is suffering from cancer. She is a very ardent devotee of Sai. Through your blog, I want to request all the Sai devotees to please pray for her for a minute so that Sai cures her. I know it’s strange to pray for someone you don’t know but your prayer for one minute can give her long life. Hetalji Ji, please publish this so that maximum people can pray for her and I know Baba will surely take care of her. May Baba bless you all. “Shri Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraja Parabrahma Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai”

Shirdi Baba Miracle

Anonymous devotee from India says: Om Jai Sai Ram I am a small devotee of Shirdi Baba. I am from south India. I would like to share two of my experiences with Baba happened in the month of August & October 2013. In March, I was detected with 2 big fibroids. When consulted doctor, he advised me to get conceived within 3 months if interested so that they can remove both baby & fibroids at single shot through operation. By Baba’s grace I got conceived in spite of two big fibroids. During my second check up (around 60 days), we came to know that miscarriage has happened due to no heart beat of the fetus. Whole family got upset. I was praying Baba why this was happened then I realized that everything has happened for good by Baba’s grace. Usually, due to fibroids, the movements of the fetus cannot be detected by the pregnant women as the fetus movement will occur only at the later stage. So when there are no movements (not alive) of the fetus, this will affect the pregnant women as it cannot be noticed by them becomes life threat. If I would have miscarried at later stage then that would be a problem for my survival. So I thought that Baba has saved my life from such thing.

Second experience was that, as mentioned above about fibroids I need to get fibroids removed after miscarriage through laparoscopy. I don’t know why I was so scared of the laparoscopic treatment when everyone says it’s normal. I always pray Baba, nothing strange should happen for me as I have 7 year old child who was so reserved & shy. I always bother my parents, sister, hubby, daughter & in law for undergoing this treatment which was not that serious but still I am scared. Finally I need to get operated on 10th October at 6:00 am which was not good time as per calendar (the date given by me to doctor) but it was Thursday. I was so scared of the timings. There was no chance of changing the date as the doctor would be out of station from 11th October till 21st October. I was praying Baba that I must get prasadam of His from any one on 9th October as I am getting operated on 10th October (which would be a good sign). But I didn’t get prasadam of Baba. I was little upset but had faith on Baba (due to Thursday). Next day morning, I, mother & husband went to hospital.

When I was getting ready for laparoscopic surgery, I received a call from assistant doctor stating that the main doctor was not well so, surgery would be postponed. I was like so happy. Even they were all happy because of the time. See Baba knows everything in prior hence I didn’t receive any prasadam. Then the surgery was postponed to 25th October. On 24th October, again I prayed Baba to send me udi or prasadam through any one. To my surprise, suddenly three Brahmans came stood in front of our house & asked for 5kgs of rice but we gave only 3kgs of rice to them. I don’t know whether they noticed the idol of Baba kept in our house but asked whether we are devotees of Baba. When we said yes then they took small Baba idol out from the bag along with udi & gave us udi from Baba idol & said that the Baba idol has come on its own. I was really shocked. The person who stood in the middle had an appearance of Baba & would be aging around 65 to 70 years. He did not speak to us but blessed me when I fell on his feet & they all left.

This shows how Baba cares for everyone. I am so blessed for this incident. As my wish, Baba appeared & gave me his darshan & udi. There was no bound to my happiness. Tears were rolling out from my eyes. The next day, the surgery took around 4 & half hours which normally take only 1 – 2 hrs. Doctors were into trouble & informed my hubby & mother that the surgery went well but was little complicated. Thanks for everything Baba. I love you so much. Baba always bless each and everyone. Thanks for everyone who read this lengthy experience. Om Sai Namo Namaha, Sree Sai Namo Namaha, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namaha, Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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    (Shri Sai Leela December 1983)

    “Shraddha” or “Faith” or “Belief” is one of the two biggest principles preached by Shri “Sai” the “Navigator” of my “Ship of Life”

    My very first visit to Shirdi was a sudden impulse. I was not aware before, that such a heaven as the “Sai Temple” where one realizes the bliss of true happiness, to true satisfaction, did exist on this earth.

    My grandmother was a believer in Shri Sai. She used to describe the lighting of lamps by Shri Sai from not oil but water. But like an intelligent man, who finds something ridiculous in almost everything, I then thought that the miracle, which she described, was only one of her imagination.

    My first visit to Shirdi in 1977 the event of which, I am now going to put forward before the readers, turned me into a strong believer of Shri Sai. It being my first visit to Shirdi, I was completely unaware of the whereabouts of the place. However enquiring here and there I did reach Shirdi. And Lo ! When I gazed upon the Lord and His Magnificance I was awe stricken and amazed. ‘Seeing is believing’ and I was convinced by His very first glimpse that He was indeed Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent as He was described.

    Step by Step one goes ahead. My next visit to Dwarkamai then convinced me that ‘deeds speak louder than words’.

    Seeing people light lamps at the Dwarkamai, raised an urge in my heart also to do the same. But I had no oil and neither was I Shri Sai to light lamps from water. Tears stood into my eyes and I crept quietly to a corner and gave way to them. I cried very bitterly.

    Just then an old man came upto me and asked, “Beti, diya jalana chahti ho?” I nodded and he commanded, “Chalo mere sath”. I followed him to a shop behind Dwarkamai, where he told the shopkeeper to give me a bottle of oil for Re 1/-. The shopkeeper without saying anything, took the rupee from him and gave me a bottle of oil, asking me, to return the bottle after the purpose was served.

    I returned happily back to Dwarkamai with HIM. He guided me and with trembling hands and tearful eyes, I lighted lamps all around Dwarkamai. I was happy and turned around to thank him. But Lo! He was nowhere to be found. I gazed from the picture of Sai and was wonderstruck to see a faint image of the same old man smiling upon me and I understood. “The sea refuses no river”. “Look upon me and I shall look upon you !’ “Wish and I shall grant” He had said. Yes readers, my Baba had found me and I had found Him.

    In all the excitement I had completely forgotten my handbag !

  2. The very thought that I had lost it sent shivers to my heart. It contained all my money, my return tickets and my costly camera. My husband started scolding me and blamed me for my carelessness and negligence. I started crying and immediately ran and bowed at His stone and wept. I then heard a ‘hiss’ as if someone was calling me, I looked up and Lo ! Again I saw the old man in His picture, this time pointing towards the “Dhuni”. “A dwarf sees further than a giant when he has the gaint’s shoulders to mount on”. Light had dawned on me ! While lighting the lamps I had left my purse near Baba’s Matka. I hurriedly climbed the steps of Dwarkamai and looked there. Imagine the joy and surprise I experienced, when I saw it lying just where I left it, Inspite of the heavy rush in Dwarkamai it was still there left untouched. My Sai had guarded it for me ! I picked it up and immediately ran to His stone and bowed and thanked him. I vowed there and then to remain His forever. I asked Him to bless me. The more we have the more we want’.

    Readers ! Small that I am, I may not have been successful in conveying the various feelings and thoughts that had arisen in me through this experience. But then, not the fruit of an experience but the experience itself is the end, I had reached the ultimate goal. The ultimate good Sai is beauty and the ultimate goal His worship, the cherishing of all that is beautiful.

    Leelas ! Leelas and Leelas

    A thousand have I experienced. My father ! My Lord ! My Sai ! has blessed me with scores of them. Little by little, bit by bit, I shall put forward before you some of them as He commands me, for as I have told you before Who am I but a means to an end !

    • “A dwarf sees further than a giant when he has the gaint’s shoulders to mount on”. Beautiful and very inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you very much for posting such a wonderful experience…you words tell how much you love Baba..Wow…my words become short to describemy inner emotions..Om Sai Ram

  3. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Jai Sai Ram.. Sai ma.. Please help me.. I am under lot of tension because of my husband's VISA. I pray to you and I beg you sai ma, please help us. He should be selected in the lottery and he should get his VISA approved. Please help us to start our life sai ma.Om Sai Ram.. I Completely trust you sai ma and completely surrender myself to you.. Please help your daughter sai ma.. Jai Sai Ram..

    Om Sai Ram..
    Om Sai Ram..
    Om Sai Ram..
    Om Sai Ram..
    Om Sai Ram..

  4. Dear first & third devotees, thanks for sharing wonderful experiences. Dear second Devotee, surely Baba will listen your prayers, and will pray for your request. Om SaiRam.

    • Baba will surely bless you dear sai devotee, anybody wanting and wishing for their family's togetherness will be granted by Baba, Baba is great!!!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Appa,
      You only know in this whole world how much i love my husband and how much i am dying to get reunited with him.whatever happening in my marriage life is totally out of my control.On this day 17th april 2014 i called my husband after one year of our seperation ,told him i wish to reunite with him. I wanted to express my true inner feeling for one last time that i really wanted to live with him.
      When i left him he dint question me why i left him but when i asked for reunion he is asking me reason why do i want to live with what is the hidden plan what drama myself and my family are planning to execute.He and his parents cheated me and my mother by hiding his first marriage, even though i love him i want to be his side to support him. He says we are money motive family more and more insulting words and he completely neglected me and more reasons. All this made me to apply for divorce.
      My Dear Father ,
      I definitely know this is all your way to making things happen.Its You who successfully made our marriage to happen inspite of many obstacles. Why cant my husband analyze what is real what is truth.He is blindly blaming me forgetting what all he had done for me.
      My Dear pa, I surrender my life completely to you. I know you will do what is good for all. My true wish is i want to live with my husband .
      Please bless me to get peace of mind.
      Jai Sai Ram

  5. Om sai ram… Please baba help and bless 2nd devottee with he/she wants. Baba please help every devottee my Lord… my Sai….

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  7. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Deva, Thank You for coming into our lives and looking after us like a Mother looks after a child. Bless us O Sadguru so we may also always continue to look up to you as our Mother and saving grace.

    Thank You for all the beautiful miracles, love and happiness You bestow upon us O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Nice experiences !!!

    Dear Baba,

    I have started Sai satcharitra Spatha from today. You know what I wish Please baba please grant me my wish. I am really excited to come to shirdi tomorrow. you know right baba I am coming alone so please take care of me. I am scared to be alone baba But I dont know I am just coming with faith on you. Please baba please I lost all my patience now. Please grant me my Kalyan back to me.

    Love you Baba.

    • Sure he will take very very good care of you, trust in him and your prayer will be answered!!! Enjoy your trip and pls pray for all of us and he should grant all of us to visit him soon!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Appa im feeling very down and bad. Im tired of crying. Im standing helpless pa wont u come to rescue me from this darkness. Days are running, but each minute is painful and fearful.If turn back and see my past its bad and makes me cry. If i think about my future it makes me fearful. My present is also worse. I dont have a single shoulder to pour our my tears.I want atleast one caring shoulder to hold me and wipe my tears.Wont u give me yours? Being a female is very tough.You say u need faith and patience but my situation and failures are not giving it fully, what will i do? U dont like fasting because u think that fasting mind cannot think about God. My mind is not calm, full of hurts,insults and pains then how will that think about u. I dont know what to do. This date in my life is unforgettable personally and officially u know it. Do u still think i have to suffer?Mudiyala pa.Please come to me and show way or take me atleast pa. These pains are unbearable pa.None of the day is good or none of the night is good.

  10. Sai maa
    Please please please make me healthy n fit my maa
    Please please please make me alright mentally n physically
    Luv u a lot my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  11. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save me saimaa….pls help me maa..I have left everything on u now….jai sairam

  12. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om si ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  13. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Shelter to a Deer*****
    In the Himalayan region another miracle took place. Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj
    was sitting under a tree, fully absorbed in atmanand. Near and around him some
    deer’s were camping and jumping joyously. In the meantime, some hunters came there
    to kill them. Seeing those hunters the deer became aware of the danger to their lives
    and out of fear came to Sri Swami Samarth for shelter. Sri Swami Samarth fondled
    these deer’s seeking shelter under him with great love.
    In the meantime the hunters arrived. The hunters fired guns in the air to make
    these deer’s panicky. However, the deer’s did not panic since they had got the
    assurance of protection from Sri Swami. The hunters became angry and started abusing
    Sri Swami. They even fired guns at Sri Swami. Nevertheless, there was no effect on Sri
    Swami. Then Sri Swami picked up two small stones and threw the same at the hunters.
    The hunters were petrified and stood there like motionless statues. The hunters then
    realised their mistakes. They repented and prayed to Sri Swami for forgiveness. Sri
    Swami then showered his kind grace on the hunters and advised them to maintain love
    towards animals.
    Out of those deer’s, there was a male, a female and their two young ones. Sri
    Swami awakened the past life of this deer couple and reminded them “Oh! You were the
    Brahmin couple of Ganagapur in your past life. This female deer was your virtuous
    woman in the past life. You had a prosperous life with a house. Since you had afflicted
    pain to saints, you got this animal life. Since here was still some merit in your balance,
    you got my Darshan in this life”. Then the deer couple remembered their past life. They
    prayed for the forgiveness and prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swami. Then Sri
    Swami blessed them with kind grace and said “At the proper time, you will take birth as
    human beings. You will also get my ‘Darshan’ in the southern place”.

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  15. Baba you are the only hope in this whole universe for me to be reunited with my husband. .I humbly request all to pray for me and save my life. .om sai ram

  16. this blog increases faith and only source of strength when we have have bad times . i cannot express my thank in words for hetalji for such a wonderful blog (present day sai satcharitra).i used to read this blog when our days were bad

  17. omsairam… want to share small experience today … I had been on corporate travel and had to submit expense report with receipts.
    I was not able to find a sreceipt that I had to submit and was in panic… I emptied my purse and looked everywhere yesterday… could not find it. I thought it would be in the bag that i used for travelling so today mornign I looked through it as well…
    I could not find it… today is thursdayu, so I thought it is baba's day and he will surely help me…I prayed that baba only u can help me… I kept saying his name in my mind I again tried searching in my purse, and to my surprise the first receipt that I pulled out was the one I was looking… I can swear I searched every inch of my purse yesterday, cleaned up everything that was unwanted… I am sure it is baba who helped me get the receipt in time today

  18. Om sai ram. This experience show that how baba save you and gave darshan. This Miscarriage actually save your life. This happens in our family also. On later stage that may be dangerous. Baba came to you to gave darshan and prasad and after 4-5 hrs operation you are fine and writting this experience. Truely bless.

  19. Nice experiences! No matter what kind of predicament we are in, Baba is always there for us and also I will pray to Baba for the relative of the 2nd devotee to be cured from her cancer. Baba will always be there for us and never leave our side. Om Sai Ram!

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