Few more experiences are shared.

Sai Baba Is Always With Us

Sai Sister Lakshmi Prasanna from India says: Sai Ram to all devotees. I read this blog from 1 month

and little devotee of my Sai deva. Till today in my life there are many experiences that are faced

being a devotee of baba. I will share one of my experiences that recently happened to me. Eagerly

waiting for this day to share my experience.

Few months back I went to ATM to draw some

huge amount of money for my mom. All the process had been done while at the last step

transaction had stopped and I didn’t receive money but I received the receipt that money had been

drawn from my account. I’m feeling so confused about the receipt I received and I called to my mom

and said the whole story happened she felt tension. I called too many people regarding this further

what step I’ve to take to return back my amount every one said that next day itself it will be

corrected and your amount will be return back. Next day I undergone for mini statement and there

is no recovery of amount. I and my mom prayed to baba to help us then I got an idea one of my

friend’s father is working in SBI so I consulted him for help he suggested to give a letter about the

transaction same thing I did. At the same day night my mom got a dream in which baba has came to

our house and said don’t worry everything will be alright.Next day itself we got our amount back

because of baba’s grace on us. Every one of the bank employer said to us it’s really god’s grace on

you people as more people who have the same problem but didn’t receive money till now, which

proves that baba is always with us. And my recent experience is I’m a 2013 fresher who is looking for

a job I’ve faced many interviews from last 2 months. In some I got rejected at my first round itself, in

some I got rejected at some other rounds and so on.
As I’m feeling so regret I’ve searched

for a blog of Sai miracles and I found this one immediately I joined this. One day I went to baba

temple I received Baba Nava Guruvar Vrath book from a devotee after receiving it also I don’t know

about that one. After coming home I’ve read a devotee’s experience who done Nava guruvar vrath

and fulfilled her desires by doing vrath.I too started it from next Thursday onwards. After staring

vrath, Nov 19 I went for a reputed company I’ve cleared all the rounds but unfortunately after HR

round I got rejected. which made me so sad But I’ve confidence that my Sai ma is always with me

and caring me so I asked baba give me another chance in which I should prove myself. I completed

my vrath of 6 Thursdays I got interview call letter for Accenture to attend it on Nov 30.I completed it

successfully and going to join accenture in jan 2014.I’m so happy now, like this many things

happened to me and my mom also. Keep faith in baba that is to be with shraddha and saburi.In each

and every situation Sai ma is always there with me to give suggestions to reach my destination in

any goal I kept and keeping. We the family is very much attached to u baba. Baba is our mother,

father, brother, friend, teacher everything to us. I love u baba. Please keep your grace on us .Om Sri

Sachithanadha Samarda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai!!! Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!! Om Sai Sri Sai

Jai Jai Sai!!! Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!! Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!! Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!!

Sai Nath Returned My Love and Saved My Papa’s Life

Sai Sister Pragati From India Says: This is the first time I am posting please post it earlier also I

posted two times but please post this time .There are many experiences in my life to share as Sai

baba is always with me. But here I am sharing only two. These experiences are one of the biggest

experiences in my life. Sai baba listens to me and answers my prayer every time whatever I needed

and whenever I needed.

Firstly I want to say that those people who do not believe in Sai

baba, do believe in him ,your life will be changed as you like in your way First experience:- Sainadh

Return My Love Back To Me When I was 17 I fall in love with a guy, he too loved me a lot but after

sometime because of family issues I had to leave him, so we broke up than he started drinking and

smoking too we didn’t talked to each other for about one year after one year he daily makes a call

whenever he was drunk but I didn’t talk to him, one night he called me up and said I will not call you

forever and after that he never called me after few days I realized that he is the person who loves me

like hell but I didn’t reply him anytime whenever he needed me, but when I called him he directly said

I don’t love you anymore and don’t want t be in a relationship with me. his friends also said he don’t

wants to talk to you, I was totally depressed at that time, I was not able to handle anything in my life, I

daily prayed to Sainadh that please baba return my love I will be thankful to you please help me, then

I read Sai Satcharitra on Friday, he called me and said he loves me and want me to be his girlfriend

and that time my eyes were full of tears and I thanked to baba that you returned my love. Second

experience:- Sainadh Saved My Papa’s Life My father got a severe heart attack on 4.september.2013.

It was a major heart attack, for 3 minutes my father stopped breathing and doctor said that we are

trying it for last time, I was in tears praying Sai baba that please save my father’s life, you take my life

but please return my father’s life, I was crying in front of Sai baba’s photo and after few minutes doctor

said that he is out of danger and that time I thought if Sai baba wouldn’t be there for me what would

I do.. Thank you Sai baba thank you so much, you returned my life my papa. Whosoever who do not

believe in him, do believe in him as he will be there for you every time and will take care of you. Thank

you Sainadh Thank you So Much for everything.

Sai Baba’s Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I came to know about this site from past few months and I am following the

posts daily posted by the devotees. I wanted to post mine too.

I am a Baba devotee from my

school days. I used to go to Baba temple and pray Baba from school days but I started believing and

praying Baba from my college days and used to write Sai namam whenever I have problems. Baba

helped me in so many situations. Without Baba’s grace I wouldn’t have been in USA and work here.

I want to narrate a miracle which happened last year. Due to some issues I left my job and started

searching for a new job. I completed Sai Baba Satcharitra in 7 days and worshipped Baba to give me

the job. I did get some interview calls, but I failed to get the job. I was totally depressed as I was trying

for jobs from 2 months and lost hope. But I was praying Baba to help me and did Sai parayan again.

After few days I got a call from the company for the position which I had submitted 45 days ago and

they scheduled the interview. But I was not at all confident that I will crack the interview and didn’t

prepare well. On the day of interview, to my surprise I answered all the questions but I wasn’t sure

one of them is correct or wrong. After two days I got good news that I am selected for the interview

and got a good feedback, that I have done my interview good with all correct answers. I was very

happy and thanked Baba for helping me. I completed that project and now again I am searching for a

new one. It’s been two months I haven’t placed anywhere. Baba, I believe in you and waiting for you

to shower your blessings on me. Please help me. Forgive me if I have done any wrong. Om Anantha

Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Raja Di Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Shri Sachidanada Sadguru Sainadh

Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Om Sai Ram, Baba Be with us and Bless us always Baba. Baba you make our day. Love you Baba. Want to make you always proud.

  2. 1 devotee i faced same problem like yours , i was very tensed .. got money back in account within four days..it was Thursday 🙂 om sai ram

  3. Baba's Call – 'Khaana Lav'

    By K. Navin Chander

    Correct knowledge of any kind is good. But correct knowledge of facts connected with the lives of saints is not only good for the individual who knows them but is beneficial to society as in the long run it promotes social unity and ethical, spiritual and religious study and endeavor. Lives of saints give not merely information for the brain of the reader, but food and strength for his heart and they facilitate the general advancement of the temporal and spiritual interests of mankind. By the study of such lives, basic ignorance and illusions are dispelled. Rajasic and Tamasic qualities such as egotism, pride, hatred and cruelty are checked or suppressed and noble virtues like humility, earnestness, love to all, service of saints, Guru Bhakthi are developed. These in due course lead to the goal of God realisation.

    – H.H. Sri Narasimha Swamiji

    QA was on 3rd February, 1998. I was about to complete an article on Sai Baba. I heard a sharp rap at the gate of my house. I shouted: "Who is there?" Promptly the reply came: "Khaana Lav" (give me food). From where I sat I could not see him. Nevertheless, I called my wife to serve food to him. She brought rice and dhal but oddly he did not have anything on him to receive it. My wife did not feel like serving in the plate she had brought. So she came back to the house, took a small card board and served the fare on it outside the gate. He sat on his haunches preparatory to eating.

    Meanwhile, my wife came inside to fetch water for him. It did not take a couple of minutes for her to do so. But the stranger was not to be seen anywhere. There were tell-tale marks of his having taken the food. He did not even wash his hands. It was impossible to eat the food-that too without water-and walk away out of sight in less than a couple of minutes.

    It was then the truth hit me like a whiplash. I should have known much better when he said: “Khaana Lav”. It was truly a command. Even during his begging rounds sometimes, Sai Baba never begged. He simply commanded, "Lassie, roti lav". I asked my wife as to how he looked like. She said: "He was lean and aged and looked like a village Muslim of the old order, with a sharp beard. He was wearing a faded green lungi with brownish checks on it and a soiled white long-sleeved kurtha with a black vest on it. His head was turbaned leaving the top crown open." Though the description did not actually tally with that of Sai Baba, I was by then more than convinced who He was. I cursed myself because the food that was served was overnight food and served on a cardboard outside the gate.

    Later when I slowly composed myself, I went into the pooja room and begged His pardon for my lapse. At that stage my own conscience began to reply: "Your repentance is enough for me. Keep on feeding the hungry, who come to your doorstep, as best as you can. Believe me, charity especially that of food is indeed a great spiritual virtue.

    I recollected three incidents during Baba's life time. On 9th May, 1913, Kasinath Kande Rao, a sub judge had Baba's darshan and presented a basket of mangoes. Baba ordered them to be cut and distributed. He picked a piece for himself and said: 'This man has purchased the whole lot for me without tasting any of it. But a Pundit a few days ago offered a big packet of laddus. However on the way from Kopergaon, he got hungry and ate away some 'laddus'. What he gave me was only the 'Sesh',"

    But 'sesh' offerings have their own value if they are offered with soulful love. Once a poor woman brought a jawar roti and two onions to Baba. On the way, she felt hungry and ate one half of the roti and an onion. She admitted this to Baba, who unflinchingly took and ate it. The roti was hard and dried up and Baba's teeth were weak and some missing. Nevertheless, he ate with relish and then blessed her with his hands firmly on her heads.

  4. Baba please bless me soon a happy married life with him . Baba u know mu all problems and obstacles. please help me baba. I need u now. Please come to me baba and bless us .

    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  6. Sai maa
    Thanks for making my eye check go without any problem
    Pls help me to overcome my sinus problem ma pls pls
    Falling at ur feet
    Please bless us

    • Dear Sai devotee. I see your comments in each blog and realise that its not only me who has problems at different angles of life. I too have bad sinus since childhood. Did many treatments but no permanent cure. I wish baba ji looks after our health n the sinus washes away slowly n gradually. Shri Sai Ram!!

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Devotee Sayamdeo*****
    Sriguru had given his Darshan to Sayamdeo at Vasarbrahmeshwar. From that
    moment itself Sayamdeo became a great devotee of Sriguru. During that time a Muslim
    King had called him to the royal court to slay him but due of the kind grace of Sriguru,
    he started writhing in pain and instead, was forced to bid farewell to Sayamdeo with full
    honours. At that time, Sayamdeo had thought of dedicating his entire life in rendering
    service to Sriguru, but Sriguru did not agree to his proposal, and instead promised to
    give him Darshan after fifteen years. From that day on, Sayamdeo had become a true
    devotee of Sriguru. He would worship Sriguru everyday and would anxiously wait for
    the 15-year wait to end.
    During those days he would collect news, listen to the Divine plays of Sriguru
    and become anxious for his ‘Darshan’. Around the end of the 15-year waiting period, he
    left his home and went to Ganagapur for Sriguru’s Darshan. No sooner he got Sriguru’s
    ‘Darshan’, he prostrated at the lotus feet of Sriguru. Seeing his devotion of the highest
    order, Sriguru was fully pleased. He said, “You are my true devotee. In your family this
    tradition of rendering devotional service to Lord Dattatreya will continue throughout.
    Now immediately go to the ‘Sangam’, take bath and return here for taking afternoon
    Accordingly, Sayamdeo went to the ‘Sangam’, took bath, and returned. Then,
    Sriguru asked him to get seated next to him and enquired about his well-being.
    Sayamdeo replied, “I am staying in Uttarkanchi. By your grace, I am very happy and
    there is no scarcity of anything. My brother and sons look after the family business.
    Now I am free from household duties and hence I wish to utilise rest of my life by
    rendering service at your lotus feet”. To this Sriguru replied, “To render your service to
    me is a difficult task. I don’t reside at one fixed place. Under such situation, can you
    render service to me? If you desire to do so I have no objection”. Sayamdeo repeated
    his firm decision and from that moment itself, started rendering service to Sriguru. He
    would render service to Sriguru starting early in the morning till Sriguru slept at night.
    This way, three months passed. Sriguru decided to test Sayamdeo. He took
    Sayamdeo to the confluence of Bhima and Amarja rivers and explained to him the
    secrets of the path of devotion to God. By then there was nightfall. All of a sudden wind started blowing with great speed. A cloud of dust started rising up in the sky. Trees
    started getting uprooted and falling. Lightening started flashing. Very soon, the sky
    became cloudy and torrential rainfall started. To protect Sriguru from this torrential
    rain, Sayamdeo stood there near Sriguru in the shape of an umbrella. Due to the heavy
    rains and wind gusts Sayamdeo started suffering from extreme cold. Then Sriguru said
    “Go and bring wood and fire from the Muth90 to light fire. In this severe cold let us
    warm ourselves. Keep in mind that you walk in a line. Do not look sideways or turn

    Taking the orders of Sriguru, Sayamdeo started walking with great pleasure. It
    was completely dark everywhere. He was not able to see anything in the darkness. It
    was also raining heavily. In between there would be lightening. It was only in this flash
    of the lightening that he was able to proceed. This way by intermittently running and
    stumbling all the way he finally reached the ’Muth’. From the ‘Muth’ he collected some
    fuel wood, dry cow-dung cakes, and fire and started his return journey. By that time,
    the rain had stopped. On the way, he saw the same uprooted trees. Suddenly, he
    remembered Sriguru’s command to not turn around and look. Unfortunately at the
    same instant, he also got a strong desire to turn around and have a quick look and so
    he did. When he looked back, he saw a large cobra following him. Fear gripped him and
    he took a long jump and looked back again. Once again he saw a similar type of large
    cobra following him. He started running and went astray in the forest. Then he started
    praying to Sriguru. Suddenly he saw that there was no trace of any heavy rainfall.
    There was no trace of either any uprooted trees or any dirt. He saw Sriguru sitting
    comfortably under that Peepal tree at the confluence of Bhima-Amarja Rivers.
    Finally Sayamdeo ran towards the tree and laid himself down at the lotus feet of
    Sriguru and paid his obeisance. Sriguru said, “Why did you look back, disobeying my
    command? It was only for your protection that I had sent those two cobras behind
    you”. By that time, those two cobras came near the lotus feet of Sriguru, offered their
    obeisance with bent hoods, and returned. Then Sriguru spoke to him “True
    devotion to one’s Guru is an extremely difficult task. One who serves his Guru
    with full devotion need not be afraid of anything”. Then Sriguru narrated a
    mythological story regarding the extent to which a Guru would test his disciple
    and once fully satisfied then the extent to which a Guru bestows his grace for
    the welfare of that disciple.
    Sriguru then spoke to Sayamdeo “You are my faithful and true devotee. You are
    blessed. Go home and bring your family for my blessings”. Taking the orders,
    Sayamdeo returned to his native place Uttarkanchi and brought his family to
    Ganagapur. Sriguru placed his bountiful hand on the head of Nagnath, the eldest son,
    blessed him fully, and said, “He will become a great devotee of mine. Your family will
    become prosperous with Goddess of Wealth would dwell in your house. Stay here with
    your wife and render your devotional service”.
    Seeing the Sayamdeo’s devotion, Sriguru narrated to him about Anant Vrat 93
    and asked him to observe the same. Sayamdeo worshipped the Infinite. Sayamdeo fed the Brahmins and the devotees with sumptuous meals and then ordered his son
    Nagnath to observe Anant Vrat. Sayamdeo remained at Ganagapur with his wife to
    render devotional service and his family returned to Uttarkanchi.

  9. Hi pa, how are you? i did my interview well i think, but not sure whether i will get the job.Everything in your hands pa.You are the decision maker.Oral interview i really did well without any stammering and fear, written i did well but not sure whether they are correct. You takecare pa…

  10. Om sai ram …..baba thanks for everything….thank you for being thr in my lyf…luv u a lot baba…..

  11. om sai ram
    Baba pls bless her baba.BIL should take care of Sis und daughter .They should lead a happy life understanding each other.baba ur the only one who can take care of us.om sai ram,om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  12. Dear Hetalji,

    Om Sai Ram!!
    Waiting for today's post to be updated on the blog.

    Thank you!

    Jai Sai Ram.

  13. Nice experiences! When we really need Baba's help, He is always there to help us and will also make sure to give us what we need at the right time. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, I bow and surrender to Your Lotus feet, please accept me. Forgive me for all the sins and bring in peace and calm into my life O Sadguru.

    Thank You for all the miracles performed O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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