A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 591

Sai Baba Came To Us To Give His Darshan In The Form Of Photographs

Sai brother Nikhil from India says: I reside in Greater NOIDA (U.P.) India. I am a big devotee of ‘Shirdi SAI Baba’ from the year 2008 and it is growing day by day. My wife became devotee of ‘SAI BABA’ after marriage. After marriage, firstly we went to Shirdi for Baba’s blessings (09-03-2012). We always used to go to Shirdi for ‘SAI Darshan’ whenever we get time. We feel calm and happy in Shirdi. We never think about long tiring and discomfort journey for Shirdi. I am working in a Pvt. Company in Delhi and my wife is working as a teacher in a Pvt. School in Greater NOIDA with the grace of ‘Sai Baba’.

This time we were planning to go Shirdi on ‘Sai Baba Punyatithi Festival’. Vijayadashmi (Dussehara) is the day of Saibaba’s Punyatithi celebration every year (12-10-2013 to 14-10-2013). We have booked tickets (10-10-2013 to 12-10-2013) but our reservation status was in waiting list (By Train from New Delhi, India). We were thinking that, “If the tickets will confirm we will go surely”. We were keenly waiting for confirmation of tickets till the chart preparation (4 hours before the train move). Unfortunately the reservation status of ongoing train became confirmed but the returning reservation status was still in waiting list. We couldn’t take risk for 24 hours journey by train. So, we cancelled our plan and decided not to go to Shirdi this time and will make plan on next suitable time. We both were unhappy and thought that we are not so lucky to attend the ‘Sai Baba Punyatithi Festival’. We thought that, ‘’May be its Sai wish!”

Next day (11-10-2013, Friday), I was returning from market with my wife on bike in the evening. I saw two persons are going on bike ahead from me, one person is driving and the second person is holding a very big sized photograph wrapped in a paper. I saw a piece of paper is tearing up from downward portion of photograph by air pressure as the bike was on full speed. I saw some ‘feet like structure’ in photograph and imagine that I saw this type of “feet” somewhere! I was not recognising where I saw this type of photograph. I shown that scene (feet like structure in photograph) to my wife and discuss that I have seen this somewhere. We were discussing on that point, suddenly a big piece of wrapped paper torn up from that photograph by air pressure.

What have we seen??? We saw a very big sized lovely photograph of ‘Lord SAI’ beautifully framed in steel border covered with clear glass and supported by wooden board from backward. We were very happy after seeing this because the photograph of ‘Lord SAI’ was so beautiful and big. We were moving behind that bike for some kilometres and enjoyed the Darshan of ‘Lord SAI’. We reached home and feeling great of today’s incident. When I was on bed to sleep that night, I was remembering the scene of evening; a thought came in my mind. If we go to Shirdi on 10-10-2013 (Thursday) then we reach there on 11-10-2013 (Friday) morning and after that we take Darshan in evening. But we couldn’t reach to Shirdi due to some reason; ‘Lord SAI’ came for us to give His Darshan around the same time in the form of big sized beautiful photograph. We are feeling blessed by ‘Lord SAI’. I have read in “Sai Satcharit” that ‘Lord Sai’ came many times in different forms to give Darshan to their devotee. May “Lord SAI” take care of Me, My Family, My Country and the whole World…

Sai Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Baba devotee from days of my engineering. Now i am pursuing my MBA. I am in love with a guy. We were together for 10 months.

For these 10 months i was so happy. We decided to get married. Suddenly without any reason he stopped talking and after a week he said that he is not happy with me. I was shocked and could not stop crying. I am completely depressed. I tried many times to be away from him but could not be even for a second. I truly love him and want to give him all the happiness. I prayed Baba to give him back. I read Sai Satcharitra.

One day i asked “baba please tell me when i will get my love back”. Reply was, “From four days of your questioning you will get what you wished to”.

To my surprise the fourth day i.e today after nearly 2 months he talked to me. He droped me on his bike, we had panipuri. JI was totally shocked at the incident. I pray Baba to please make him my better half. I wish to have him throughout my life. Thanks a lot baba for fulfilling my wish. Please bless me that i will get him back. Dear Sai devotee never give up trust in Sai. What He needs from us is Shradda. He will give you everything you need if you show real faith in Him. Just chant Om Sai Ram. Itcreate lots of miracles.

Trust Him

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Today what i am is only because blessings of SAI BABA. I always had a kind of love towards BABA right from my childhood. His calm face always gave me inner peace but i never prayed to Him seriously. For past couple of years i had chance to watch His devotees closely and how BABA made miracles in their life and i started to realise the presence of BABA but i always had a feeling that i am not that worthy to get His blessings like other devotees.

After completing Engineering i was without job for six months i didnt know what to do all of a sudden i started to hate my life. “Shraddha & Saburi ” these two words kept my faith on BABA and i started to pray to Him endlessly to give me a job. Now am working in a MNC only because of blessings and I got information about this job opening through a SAI devotee. Then i realised that He listens to us He is always near to us and He treats all of His children equally. BABA helps His devotees through His devotees. Only thing i can say as a SAI devotee is that keep faith on BABA. He tests our faith on HIM at the atmost level but He will never leave us alone. He is always beside us He takes care of us and love us more than we do HIM. I owe my life at the holy feet of BABA. I am nothing without You. Always Trust HIM he will save you at any cost. OM SAI RAM.

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    (Shri Sai Leela – November 1985)

    Chapter XIII of Sri Sai Satcharitra there are many leelas where Sai Baba cured diseases of devotees. Baba said “Stay off cast off your anxiety, your suffering have come to an end. However oppressed, and troubled one may be, as soon as he steps in the Masjid, he is on the way pathway to Happiness. The fakir here is very kind and He will cure the disease and protect all with love and kindness”.

    These are true for devotees who have visited Shirdi and stepped into the Samadhi mandir or Dwarakamayi. In the 11 assurances of Baba said “My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees” and further Baba said, “If you cast your burden on me, I Shall surely bear”. So what Baba said when he was alive and His eleven assurances after His Samadhi is true to the word. All we require is firm faith in Baba and Baba will come running to bear our burden. Read a wonderful leela, of A.Ramachandra Rao of Andhra Pradesh, where mere thought of Sai Baba cured a small child of incurable disease. In the words of Ramachandra Rao

    “What I relate here is one of the greatest wonders that took place in my life. Baba's deeds are wonderful and no science can explain them. They are certainly miracles. The account I give you now proves this. A doctor friend of my father-in-law saw my little son one day and suspected that he (my son) was suffering from the Primary complex. My father-in-law took the boy to a children's specialist in a city nearby. The doctor confirmed the doubt of the other doctor and prescribed the boy some medicines after studying the reports of various tests like the blood test, X-ray etc. All this happened in my absence. When I came to know about it, I prayed to Baba to save the boy from trouble. Baba has saved me many times whenever I have been in difficulties. My prayer was answered in a miraculous way. I took the boy to another specialist to know whether the diagnosis of the earlier doctor was correct or not. All the time I had been praying

    A Miracle

    to Baba that the boy should be all right. Believe it or not, the specialist said that the boy had no infection at all. Two other specialists also saw the X-ray and other reports and said the same thing. Could the first specialist be wrong? I think even now that it is nothing but Baba's kindness that saved us from much trouble. My boy is quite all right now.

    Tears well up in my eyes whenever I think of Baba's kindness which can not be described at all. My debt to Baba cannot be cleared off even in a thousand lives. His mercy and kindness are limit less.”

  2. please bless avik with us work permit baba
    om sri sai ram
    give him happiness. he should move on in life
    send him an angel
    please baba
    om sri sai ram

  3. OM SAI RAM… today is your day baba, i have been your devotee for last sooooo many year now. But I really fail ti understand what wrong have I done so as to not getting your blessing. Life has become so uncertain. I am very tired now. Why are you not, not setting me in life…sab bolte hai it is just a matter of time but mujhe samjh nahi aata kab tak meri struggles khatam hongi. I agree pople do have bad phases in life but they do finish in 2 yrs , 3 yrs , 5yrs…. but mine is not ending it has been 10 yrs now and i still dont see any ray of hope. Pata nahi mere sath kuch aacha hoga bhi ya I will have to just struggle all my life……. If you have chosen this life for me may be aap mujhe apne pass hi bula lo….baba pls

    • Dear Devotee,
      I am sorry, if I comment wrongly on your experience, you said, you are struggling since 10 years but when it comes to my part, I am a SAI devotee since 1998 and I have faith in baba till today, even though I am struggling since 14 years in my life, but I thought I am still protecting by BABA itself, otherwise I would have died 3 times in my life including recent suicide attempt (you can imagine how much I am struggling)…….I think your's is bit less painful than mine If I am not wrong..my struggles were multiplied after my marriage(since 2 years)…but still hoping for the best….sure SAI will kill all my struggles one day and I am waiting for the good day to come in my life..All the best for you dear sai devotee…I will pray for you to overcome your struggles…OM SAI RAM

    • Dear both sai devotees/children,

      Please dont lose faith in baba..i can really understand the pain of both of your struggling phase from your words..but even if i dont know the magnitude of your worries..i am just begging you both to have full faith and love on our saima..everything is happening according to our past karma..and surely sai is also crying with us for our pains..but remember he said in satcharitha that " After you reap for your past debt or karma..and once it is over..than days of real happiness would start with blessings of him"..so please dont think of any bad decisions like ending your lives…
      think that your days of happiness are very near..and i am sure that bad days will end for you both very soon by blessings of our saima..please read satcharitha and be in nav vrat if possible and have udi daily…I pray for you both to baba…

      I would just like to tell that one of our sai family in this blog posted this in her experience…“I know You are testing my patience. So,
      I will keep on visiting Your temple & see what You do for me at the last”. ..
      so please have saburi..may baba bless us all..thank you for patiently reading my advice or comment..

      OM SAI RAAM..

    • Taking away own's life will not relieve you of pain but it will multiply your pain. Present sufferings are result of past karma and if you believe in God, never loose the hope. Faith itself gives a lot of strength. Baba always says, do good things today so that your tomorrow is good. Give up bad thoughts of giving up your own life and face your sorrows. Sorrows will turn into happiness. People only take undue advantage of weak situation of other people and there are people who derive pleasure out of other's miseries. Jiska koi nahi uska bhagwan hota hai. Baba will relieve you of your sufferings when the time is right. Foolish people spend their lives and time tracing down milestones of others and make every possible attempt to ruin others. Wise people believe in God, live a simple life and stay on path of truth bearing all sufferings as they very well know that one day – Naam goom jaayega, chahera yeah badal jaayega. ek din to sabhi ko jaana hai, kuch accha kar ke jaao to aage chal ke accha hoga. Sometime one bad deed of a person chases him for seven lives. Instead expressing your sorrows and feeling sorry about your situation, face it with smiling face. Sorrows will run away from you.

  4. Om Sai Ram! wonderful Miracles!!!

    My dear Sai sisters and Brother,

    I would like to share a dream I got this morning with you all and I wan you to help me understand that dream.

    This morning I have completed my 8th week of 9 Thursday Vrath. After pooja I slept for an hour. I had a dream at that time. In my dream I was having a dream . I saw a Baba as a 1 or 2 years kid all dressed up in orange , he also had a head dress to . Baba was playing in that dream.

    I dint understand what that means. Can any one help me understand it.

    Thank you! for the help .

    Om Sai Ram! Happy Thursday!!!

    • Dear devotee,
      I am sorry that i cant really interpret that dream but i feel that baba is very happy with your prayers and baba loves you..thats why he has appeared in your dreams in joyful mood playing..blessed you are really..
      om sai raam

    • Unless purpose of your 9 week vrat is known, it will be difficult to interpret. Baba's appearance in any form is indication of good things. By grace of almighty, everything will be good.

  5. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, please grant us peace of mind and ease our worried minds. Bless us O Sadguru so we may carry a smile on our face as well as bring smiles to our loved ones as well.

    Thank You for all Your miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Tree Stump Blossoms*****
    There was a Brahmin by name Narahari, belonging to Bhargav caste of
    Apastamb branch. He was suffering from leprosy disease. Even though he had a
    prosperous home and family, he was forced to leave his house due to leprosy. In spite
    of long treatment there was no cure. He would go from village to village begging for his
    survival. On hearing the Divine fame of Sriguru Narasinha Saraswati, he came to
    Ganagapur, with great hope.
    At Ganagapur he went to the Temple shrine to get Sriguru’s Darshan. However,
    there was a big crowd of devotees and they were snubbing him with great contempt
    since he was a leper. He even started entreating them by laying himself down on the
    ground. However, nobody paid any attention to him. Lord Sriguru, who is very kind to
    the devotees, heard his cry for help. Sriguru then told his disciples, “A leper is standing
    outside. Go and bring him here”. Narahari felt greatly blessed by Sriguru’s darshan. He
    cried and narrated his tale of woe before the Divine presence of Sriguru. At that very
    instant, a farmer was walking along the street outside, carrying a dry Audumbar tree
    stump of. Sriguru saw the farmer and told Narhari “Take that dry stump from the
    farmer and go to the Sangam74. There, near the ‘Sangameshwar’ temple,
    make a pit in the ground and sow this tree stump. After taking bath daily at
    the ‘Sangam’, water this tree stump. Repeat this three times everyday. The
    day this tree stump blossoms, that day you will be cured of leprosy”.
    With full faith Sriguru’s words, the leper went to the ‘Sangam’. With
    great faith he sowed the dry Audumber tree stump and started watering it
    three times a day after taking bath in the ‘Sangam’. Seeing this, people around
    started making fun of Narahari. However, ignoring the insulting remarks made
    by the people he was following the orders of Sriguru with full devotion. One day, his devotion bore the fruit. Sriguru had come to the ‘Sangam’ with his
    disciples. Sriguru sprinkled water from his Kamandalu on that dry stump and
    on Narahari’s body. There was a miracle. The dry stump of Audumbar tree
    started blossoming and instantly, not only was Narhari cured of his leprosy but
    he also received a bright and lustrous body. People present there were stunned by
    this great miracle. Singing devotional songs the people present there worshiped Sriguru
    by waving a lamp before him. Later on sweet sumptuous food was served to everyone
    to mark the joyous mood. Then Sriguru told Narahari “stay here at Ganagapur along
    with your wife and children”. Narahari brought his family to Ganagapur and lived there
    with great happiness rendering devotional service to Sriguru.

  7. Hi pa, tomorrow have an interview. Its not relevant to my field so im not expecting to get placed still financially and mentally the job will be helpful for me.So im placing the interview at your feet.Guide me and be with me tomorrow.From the moment i start from home till i finish the interview.Whether i get the job or not i should do well and feel good about myself and what i do so be with me and help me.Rest in your hands.If you think that i will shine in this job. learn new things and it will be agood turning point for my life you get me the job.Im surrendering things to you.You decide and help me.

    • Dear devotee,
      All the best for your interview..prepare well rest baba will definitely look after you and give you confidence and remove fear..go to baba temple if possible in the morning and take his blessings..if you fear or nervous during interview just think of baba mentally and he will remove your nervousness …i pray for your success to baba..
      om sai raam..

    • Thanks a lot dear devotee for your kind and encouraging words. I will do as you said.
      Pa, i think i wont get this job because its a different field and im not that well versed in the english language.But the person who referred me said i will surely get.My brother for the first time has given a positive response to me.My well wisher spoke with me today and said that i should try in someother field as well and try to achieve things.Still im not sure and confident.Leaving it to you.If you think im worthy to get this job give me,if you think i will perform well and achieve things give me this job.I should not fail again in my career father.Be with me tomorrow.Whether i get or i dont get u have to be with me and bless me.If i dont get u have to make me accept that failure and move on instead of crying and getting negative thoughts.Please pa.Good night!

  8. Baba Today is your day…. I humbly request you to hear my prayers,I have lot of hopes faith and patience on you…. But u know things are becoming complicated day by day and i have lost all my hope..If i am not worth your blessings… I have no one except you in my life… Please take me away to your lotus feet.I am very upset with my life,There is no end to my sufferings.
    Om Sai Ram

    • Dear devotee,
      please dont be upset of your life..even now i am facing same issue in life of love failure..but i can feel presence of our saima with me…and feel that he is there everywhere..please dont lose hope and think that whatever is happening is according to our saima's wish..since our mother knows better than anyone else in this world..
      never give up and read satcharitha if you feel low..even i am trying to come out of a hard situation in my life with help of saima..he is with us dont worry..may baba bless us all..

      om sai raam

    • Just keep faith in Baba and have patience. Baba will give you the strength to get through this difficult time, and if there is something Baba knows you cannot handle, Baba will take care of it. Om Sai Ram!

  9. Sai maa
    thanks A LOT for coming home
    Thanks A lot for the increasee my maa
    Maa going for eye check up
    Please bless me maa
    Maa pls be there always
    Falling at your lotus feet

  10. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  11. Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram,Om sai ram

  12. jai sairam..

    Please don't repeat the experiences because we are interested more in our lord's leelas everyday. The first one is a repitition.

  13. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life baba…still how many days u will test me saimaa, pls come and help me..jai sairam

  14. dear devotees,
    is anyone going to shiridi..?please comment hear i want to send prayers to baba please..

    • Sai Ramji,

      I am going to Shirdi on April 28, 2014. I will post the notification in one or two days.

      Thanks and Regards

  15. Nice experiences. As Said one should continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, surely he will take care of all the issues. Om SaiRam.

  16. Nice experiences! First devotee, although Baba didn't want you to come now to Shirdi, it is very nice He gave you that experience of seeing His photo there and don't worry, Baba will call you when it is the right time. 2nd devotee, when Baba tells us something specific will happen, we should have no doubts and Baba showed you exactly on 4th day your problem would be solved and it was, very nice miracle. 3rd devotee, Baba reserved that job for you and it was through Baba's plan that you got that job despite not having a job for a while. Om Sai Ram!

  17. Very nice experiences. I have been waiting to see Baba in my dream. Baba please bless me with
    Children. I have been yearning for them since long. Please bless me.

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