Following is very interesting experience of Sai brother Skanda Prakash from Malaysia.

Sai brother Skanda Prakash says: Sai Pranam to all devotees. Myself Skanda Prakash, a software professional residing in Malaysia from couple of years originally from Mysore, India.

I was introduced to Shirdi Sri Sai around 10 years back by then friend Navya who is also my wife now.

Bowing to the lotus feet of Sri Sai, I would like to humbly share few miracle experiences Sri Sai demonstrated in my life to convince He is always there with all of us.

It was my first holy trip to Shirdi in the year 2008 with my brother Guru. I purchased Sri Sai photos and Sai idol for my bangalore residence and wanted to purchase same for my parents who are Mysore residents. I doubted if my parents could ever accept and worship Sri Sai’s photo as I was the only Sai devotee at my home then. I called my mother Smt.Adrija from Shirdi and asked if they would perform pooja with same devotion and love they do for lord Shiva and explained that Sri Sai Himself is Lord Shiva and they should not assume that He is only a muslim fakir. My parents whole heartedly agreed and insisted me to get Sri Sai photos amd idol promising they would worship with full devotion and love.

I returned Mysore from Shirdi, handed over Sri Sai idol and photos reminding my parents not to neglect worshiping my Sai and took promise from my father Jaya Prakash to offer flowers to Sai the same way he does to lord Shiva and returned to my work location Bangalore. Meanwhile in Mysore, my father was plucking hibiscus flowers for pooja and found that the flowers are limited and he has a flower shortage for Sai’s photo. He remembered his promise to me to offer flower to Sri Sai everyday along with other photos. Worried father unwillingly entered pooja room with limited flowers and started decorating other photos with flowers he has and realized that he would not be able to offer flower to newly bought Sai photo. He finished offering flowers to all photos at pooja room and left with no more flowers for Lord Sainath’s photo. My father closed his eyes praying Sri Sai and apologising for shortage of flowers and explaining Sai that he offered all available flowers to other photos as he was practicing from years.

What did my father see when he opened his eyes?
A fresh hibiscus flower on Sri Sainath’s photo!!
It was a spell bound moment for my father witnessing Sri Sainath’s assurance not to worry but to offer only patience and faith, nothing else…

On another visit to Shirdi with my wife, mother & sister Savi we witnessed another miracle of Sri Sainath. Our purpose of Shirdi visit was to request Sri Sai to bless my sister for a good deserving job and to bless her with best alliance. My sister carried previous company original experience letter to Samadhi Mandir so that she can place it over Sri Sai Samadhi and pray. We all were separated in the queue. When I arrived near Samadhi Mandir I saw few papers on floor. When I took those papers I found to my surprise that the papers are my sister’s original experience letter and realised she must have dropped this by mistake and thanked Sri Sai that I found those important papers. I continued moving closer to Sai samadhi with those papers in my hand and without even realising what am I doing I placed those original experience letters on a hundi as it was disturbing my attention towards Sai and just passed on further. When we all met outside my sister was very upset noticing that her original experience letters were missing. I narrated entire story and advised my sister to go again samadhi mandir to get tjose papers. Unfortunately, it was the last visit and mandir visit was closed for the day. My sister requested sansthan officials to allow her inside explaining them that she lost her original documents. She was allowed inside but she couldn’t find those papers and mandir cleaning was in progress then. She was upset and praying baba to help her get those papers. Immediately one of the main priests at Samadhi Mandir called my sisters name “Savi”. She was shocked as how could they know about her name? Priest said, they found my sisters original documents and guessed it should be the same girl with name Savi on the papers. They called her and handed over the original papers, also offering two coconuts as prasadam with sweets and flowers. We were wonder stuck to see my sister returning with 2 coconuts as we had two major requests (job & marriage) for my sister. The moment she came out explained this, we received a call for my sister’s alliance in response to my sisters profile uploaded in one of the marriage websites. Now my sister is happily married to the same person who then called and is carrying by Baba’s grace. Baba blessed her with a good job in one of the leading MNC’s and also with a wonderful person who is dignified, humble and highly qualified.
Our words fail to explain gratitude to Lord Sainath for His kind blessings. I strongly believe that difficulties/disasters have to face Sri Sai before it actually reaches Sai devotees. Praying almighty Sri Sai to bless His devotees. Sai Pranam…

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  1. Jai Sai Ram

    Very nice experiences …..thanks for sharing

    Dear Family, please advice me regarding the fast on Nav Gurvar Vrat.I am a 28 yr old mother with diabetes.I did vrat twice, for the first time I didn't take fasting seriously and tried to finish my vrat. Fortunately or unfortunately I didn't know but my wish got rejected by baba in the middle of the vrat itself.Still I finished my vrat with no interest and anger.Later some how Baba pulled me again to his lotus feet.I did vrat again for second time, but had a taught time to manage my fast as I was taking beverages at breakfast time,was taking some solid food like rice/roti/upma kind of foods as lunch and again some beverage in the evening and only fruits at the time of dinner.I was okay with whole daybut was finding tough time during nights.

    Please help me to sort out my problem as I am planning to do the vrat again.

    Jai Sai Ram

    • Dear mother Sai says I donot need any paraphernalia of worship -either 8fild or 16 fold.Irest there where there is full of devotion.You can giveup your favourite food that day.Baba never supported fasting.people who can fastcan do it.I also give up fasting owing to my health and sai has fulfilled my wishes like sale of our house at good price,corrected my failing health and I still do my saichatcharitha parayan and 3rd time sai vrat.our love and devotion is what required.

    • Dear Sai Sister,

      I see diffirent people follow different fast routines for the Nav Guruvar Vrat. This is how I am doing the Vrat. I do abhishekam to Baba with milk and then water and collect them seperately before I stort Vrat. I offer Orange and Banana fruits as Naivedhya to Baba during my pooja. After the pooja, I drink the abhishek water and then have coffee prepared with the abhishek milk. Then I eat some of the fruits that offered to Baba and carry the remaining to work. For lunch I eat fruit salad and glass of carrot juice. I east the remaining fruits as and when I feel hungry. I drink a lot of water in between. In the evening after returning home I do pooja and then went to Sai mandir for Darshan. I eat the prasad distributed at the temple to break my fast and then have normal dinner (with rice) at home before going to bed.

      I am not sure if this is the right way to do Vrat, but I found this routine worked well for me keeping me high on my spirits entire day. Nevertheless to say, I find my spirits really high on the Vrat day compared to the remaining days in the week.

      Wish this helps you to find your healthy routine for the Vrat. Om Sai Ram.

  2. Congrats to have sai baba with u always.

    Some devotees are very lucky. I am the unlucky one. Ever since I started believing in him, my life has been one disaster after another. Finally yesterday, I gave up. It's not that whatever I prayed with him for and cried day and night for didn't happen. Even that I was like, it's ok, maybe something better will happen. And last six months I stopped chasing for anything. I just simply worked hard and studied hard. And I told him, I am not smart enough to decide what is good for me, I won't chase after anything, whatever you bring to me I will accept. And what he brought to me three weeks back was also turned into a disaster. I want to ask him for one last thing, but I'm so scared that whatever I pray to him for will be ruined. Anytime something bad happened, I used to tell my parents and friends, it's fine, baba will take care. But now, I'm scared to see his picture and scared to ask baba for anything. Why did baba let this happen?

    • Dear sais child,please donot be so hard and negative on your of sais devotee mr.jog asked baba I have served you so long ,my mind is not yet calm,when will u bless me? Baba replied in due time your bad actions will be destroyed.Have faith ,do some seva to the needy and poor and you will be benefitted.You will feel happy in helping others ,surely something goodwill come.prayers and best wishes.

    • oh dear dont worry baba is definitely seeing you and will bless you..baba please take care of your child..please help sai raam…

    • The time is good or bad, don't stop thinking about Sri Sai. Time is not the same always. So be patient. Neither too much of sorrow nor too much of joy is good. A person who can be same in both the situations, that knowledgeable and temperament can enjoy great bliss. om sai ram

    • I scared to pray to baba. Because everything which I thought he blessed or he guided me through one way or another have only caused me pain, frustration and anguish over the last 7 years. Maybe I misread all the signs, but I was always careful about life decisions, and I didn't do anything without his blessings. People say if one door closes, another opens… But all the doors for me have leading to bad things in the last few years. I am clueless now. So far I kept praying and hoping things get better. Things did, for all of two weeks before falling apart again. And I didn't even take decisions then. I don't know what to do.

    • Even i feel the same.The same things have happened to me since the i came to worship him.Still im unable to leave him completely.I dont know what to do and im also afraid to ask him or pray to him.I dont understand why this divine God is against people like us and scaring us badly.

    • Dear sai devotee, your prayers are heard by baba that's why you shared your problems on this blog but many people doesn't even know about this blog. Keep faith and patience. Baba took me out from a miserable condition. I suffered a lot so I started reading s atcharitra then he lifted me and supporting me, please meditate on him and his teachings.

  3. Would you like to know the power of SHRI SAI's chillum?

    When Sai Baba was young, he used to give medicines and He used to collect some money which He used to buy oil or tobacco. He was fond of tobacco, for He always smoked a Bidi or Chillum (an earthen pipe) (Chapter XIV). In Chapter V it is mentioned that Sai Baba was preparing to smoke a Chillum. On seeing Chand Patil passed that way. The chillum was ready for smoked but two things were wanting (1) Fire to light the pipe and (2) Water to wet the Chapping. The Fakir gook His prong and thrust it forcibly into the ground and out came a live ember, which He put on the piple. Then He dashed the Satka and water began to ooze. Then the Fakir smoked the Chillum. So Sai Baba was fond of smoking and the same chillum cured many people and gave ecstasy to many. So let us see the importance of this Chillum..

    Here we go: KJ Bhishma, the author of Sagunopasana, had a puff of the chillim which SAI offered him and he (Bhishma) was filled with ecstasy. Balaram Dhurandhar of Bandra (Chapter 50 of SSS) was suffering from chronic asthma and when he had a puff of SAI's chillim, he was cured fully. A 6 year old boy also a chronic asthma patient, was asked to take a puff of SAI's chillum which the latter gave. The boy was cured. Devotees like Mhalsa, Shama, Khaparde and many others also took a puff at SAI's chillum and each had an experience of his own. SAI in fact smoked little. Now, every Thursday,chillum is offered to SAI at the Chavadi by Tatya Patil's descendants. The miracle is one can see smoke coming out of the chillum when it is offered to Baba’s photo in the Chavadi. This can be seen in Chavadi Procession live on T.V. The chillums used by SAI and thus consecrated by HIM are preserved and kept in the SAI MUSEUM at Shirdi.


  4. SAI’S GREATNESS (Shri Sai Leela December 1983)

    At the invitation of Shri Sivanna, owner of Sai Mandir at Arsikeere (Karnataka), Sai devotees from Hubli were attending the annual functions of “poor marriages” conducted in Sai Mandir there every year. By Baba’s grace, I attended the same along with other Sai devotees from 21-12-82 to 22-12-82.

    Elaborate arrangements were made by Shri Sivanna and his dutiful sons, grand-sons etc to conduct the functions on a grand scale as usual (as is done every year). Before going to our lodgings, we went to the Mandir to take darshan of Shri Baba. As soon as I entered the Mandir, I found that I was actually at Shirdi as the marble statue of Baba, installed there, resembled that of Baba at Shirdi with the healthy surroundings. I was surprised to find huge crowd waiting in queue to draw water from the well situated within the Mandir. Shri Sivanna told me that he keeps the Mandir open day and night for the people to take water from the well as the water in the surrounding areas is salt and unfit for drinking. This is Baba’s Mahima!! I immediately remembered how our Bhagwan Shri Sai turned brackish water into sweet one by throwing flowers into ‘Lendi Baug well’ in Shirdi. All praise to our Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. !!

    As announced in the papers, Sai Maha Mandal, Hubli did ‘Bhajan’ from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 21-12-82. When I was in a high pitch (at the top of my voice in singing Bhajan) first I looked at the left corner where I saw a poor Fakir with chimta in his hand enjoying the Bhajan. I was attracted to him very often and wished that he should remain there till the end. But, I saw him going away from the ‘auditorium’. I felt sorry and I thought in my mind that he is going away because nobody respected him, including myself as he was clad in poor and dirty clothes. As soon as I saw him, I should have gone and prostrated at his lotus feet. But the ego and prestige in me prevented me to do so. Alas ! A golden opportunity is lost in life !! Throughout the night on 21-12-82, I was in a sorrowful mood brooding over for not recognizing Baba in the Bhajan, having failed to follow Baba’s advice, “See God in all beings, both animate and inanimate”.

    Next day on 22-12-82, Baba’s photo was placed in a well decorated planquin and a procession was taken out throughout Arsikere town from 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.. After passing two streets, a Hindi Sadhu appeared and shouted “Shri Sai Baba ki Jai” in a loud voice. I immediately fell at his feet and he was moving away quickly from the crowd. I followed him and in a second he entered a nearby restaurant and disappeared. I was looking inside all over the restaurant but he was not found. (This happened when other Sai devotees of Hubli left me and went to drink water in a hotel). So Baba fulfilled my desire by giving me ‘darshan’ again on 22-12-82 and blessed me. I wish to share this joy and happiness alongwith other devotees. I am sure every Sai devotees is being blessed by our Sadguru Shri Sainath in one way or the other.

    Another happy event that took place on 22-12-82 was as follows:-

    As announced in local news papers – A Sai Bhajan party from Davangere was to perform Bhajan from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on that day. But, Shri Sivanna received a telegram from the Davangere party stating that some of the party members fell ill and could not be present. Shri Sivanna came at 6.30 p.m. and requested us to help him. We immediately responded and did Bhajan from 7 to 9 p.m. The Hubli party had to stop the Bhajan half heartedly on 21-12-82 at 9 p.m. as we were prepared to do Bhajan atleast for 3 to 4 hours on that day having three to four good singers in our midst. So Baba fulfilled our desire 22-12-82 by this Leela (miracle) i.e. the Davangere party not being able to come over there on 22-12-82 as previously announced in papers.

    To conclude for the present, let us, Sai devotees, always remember Baba with love and devotion and always chant His name to get His darshan off and on.

    R. Radhakrishnan

    Hubli, 580 020.

  5. Wow! Beautiful experiences, the first one reminds me of the devotion of the Tarkhad Family 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for surrounding us with a beautiful set of family and friends who only have love to give. Bless us O Sadguru so we may reciprocate the love and pay it forward to the people who touch our lives.

    Thank You for all the love and miracles O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. such a wondeful experience… thank you sai brother… the words "difficulties/disasters have to face Sri Sai before it actually reaches Sai devotees" how true is that he is the most merciful mother.. may saima bless you and all.. om sai ram…

  7. Om Sai ram!!!

    Please help me baba, in this critical situation how can I free from this worries without your grace.

    Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram
    Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram
    Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram
    Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram
    Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram Om Sai ram

  8. Wonderfull experiences !!! Thanks for sharing.
    Every experience shared in this holy blog boosts not only our faith but always takes us in the path of a wonderfull spiritual journey with our dear Baba.Every day becomes so special after reading these wonderfull experinces.

    Thank you so much Baba for helping Hetal Ji and all the contributors in bringing up this wonderfull blog.

    Bow to Sri Sai ! Peace be to all!

    Sai Daughter.

  9. BABA this sinus is not coming out. BABA I don't want to go for surgery. BABA YOU said 'plan for proper remedies' when asked about this sinus. BABA I don't know what are those proper remedies. Please guide me BABA. Please tell me the remedies for sinus. Steaming, medicines, nose drops and even UDI nothing are working BABA. Looks like sinus is very thick. Now I know why all these years I used to feel heavy in my head. BABA please help me please make this sinus come out totally without surgery. BABA please bless me with good health. BABA please see that my health should not affect my relationship with my husband ofcourse none should affect my relation with him. YOU know I cant live without him. Please bless my family BABA

    • Dear friend please try to do this homemade remedy for sinus……dry roast dhania seeds in a pan,grind it and store it in an air tight box…boil 2 spoons of powder in a glass of water until water level reduces to 3/4 th of glass…take this dicoction in the early morning with baba's udi….u will surely be relieved frim sinun by baba's grace 🙂

  10. Baba for the past 3 years im searching for job. Today i got interview call but when i asked u through Q&A u said go after ur meals afternoon. But my interview mrng Baba u knw everything then y Baba this to me. Dont knw Baba what to do. Please save my life Baba its n ur feet.

  11. om sai ram
    om sai ram
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  12. om sri sai ram
    please bless avik.he should move on in life.
    please bless him baba.
    give him happiness.send him an angel.
    let no bad thoughts go near him
    please baba
    om sri sai ram

  13. BABA why are YOU not guiding me BABA? Whatever I do it will be a big mistake. I am not even learning anything BABA. I am unable to take right decisions though I am 35 years old. BABA please guide me in each and everything BABA.

  14. Om sainath
    Sai maa ki jai
    Ma have spoken to the chairman regarding my job .Please make me do everything well n earn a gud name
    Maa pls guide me regarding the doc I need to go 2
    Waiting for ur guidance
    Maa my maa pls pls s help me
    Falling at your feet

  15. Its been complete one month wen krishna left al of us. Y r u not listening sai baba g. Please send him back to his family. Give us back our smiles. Om sai nath

  16. Thanks for sharing your experience. But am in critical situation my husband is not with me. MY sister and sisters husband cheated and get my jewels and keeping our home documents for debt. Now i have 10 lakhs debt in my name. No job with me. I dont know how i am going to clear my debts. I dont know when baba going give father for my cute son. Now my sister husband is in lock up. baba gave punishment for him. baba need to change him and my sister as good human. they have two children. i feel guilty for that alone. Baba want to care both kids. but i didnt give any complaint. need good earning job to care my kid and clear debt. Baba give grace some situations but he ll grace for big problem to solve. I am waiting eagerly for his grace.

  17. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****The Brahmin’s dull son*****
    In Bhilwadi Village (Sangli, Maharashtra), located on river Krishna, there is a
    temple of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Sriguru passed four months of Chaturmas67 under
    an Audumber68 tree on the western bank of this river.
    There was an old Brahmin who stayed in Kolhapur, Maharashtra and was well
    versed in the Vedas and the Shastras. A son was born to him at this old age, but his
    son was a dullard by birth. Both the parents were so distressed with the undeveloped
    mental state of their son that they died out of shock. The boy became an orphan and
    started wandering from place to place. The Brahmins in the village performed his thread
    ceremony, so that he would be able to maintain himself by collecting alms. They also
    thought this might infuse some common sense and understanding in him.
    Unfortunately, there was no change in the boy’s condition. There was no
    improvement in his dullness. Everyone censured and despised him wherever he went.
    He was so much ashamed that he left the village and wandered about until he finally
    reached Bhilwadi village where the temple of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is located. He
    entered the temple, sat in front of the Goddess and prayed continuously for three days
    without any food and water. Out of repentance he cut his tongue, offered it to the
    Goddess and said “Mother, if you do not give me your ’Darshan’ and liberate me from
    this pain, I shall cut my head as an offering at your feet”. At night, the Goddess
    appeared in his dream and said “Wake up. One has to endure the sins of one’s past
    birth. I cannot change the fate of a person. Only a Sadguru69 can do it. You will find
    such a Guru on the other side of the river under an Audumber tree. Please go to him”.
    The Brahmin boy went to the other side of the river and saw Sriguru seated
    under an Audumber tree, absorbed in deep meditation. He prostrated himself at the
    feet of Sriguru. Sriguru opened his eyes and looked at him. But because his tongue was
    severed, the boy could not speak. He showed his open mouth to Sriguru and then
    started crying loudly. The ever-compassionate Sriguru moved his hand on the boy’s
    back and lo! The boy’s tongue was restored miraculously. The boy while crying prayed
    to Sriguru “Bless me with intelligence and knowledge”. The compassionate Sriguru
    blessed the boy again and there was a second miracle. The boy was endowed with
    intelligence and knowledge. He started uttering the ’Vedas’. When people came to know
    about this miracle, they glorified Sriguru with joy.

  18. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****At the confluence Of Krishna – Panchganga River*****
    Due to this event, Sriguru’s fame spread everywhere. Throughout the day,
    people visited him to pay obeisance and narrate their difficulties. This again started
    creating a disturbance in Sriguru’s meditation. Therefore, one day he left the place
    quietly and wandered until he reached Narsinhawadi village at the confluence of the two
    rivers – Krishna and Panchganga. The Panchganga consists of five rivers viz. Shiva,
    Bhadra, Bhogavati, Kumbhi, and Saraswati. There was a dense forest surrounding this
    confluence and hence Sriguru decided to sit under an Audumbar tree for meditation.
    This place is located on the western bank of river Krishna. In front of this place, on the
    eastern bank of the river, there is a holy place called Amarapur (Aurwad). A temple of
    Lord Kashi Vishveshwar is located in this holy place. Sixty-four Yoginis70 resided in this
    location. Sriguru stayed on the western bank under the Audumbar tree and every
    afternoon he would cross the river to Amarapur, take blessings from Lord Amareshwar
    (Kashi Vishveshwar), collect alms in the village and return to his abode on the western
    bank of the river.

  19. Dear Sai Devotees needed an info………….by BABA'S GRACE MY MRRG IS SETTLED…………i wanted to send the card to BABA IN SHIRDI….can any one giv me the addrss…… it the same addrss of EXECUTIVE OFFICER………….

  20. Im seroiusly very angry with god! Its because of u people become thieves and get into wrong relationships. If u get a job for people those who are in need of job why are they going to steal.If you give a good partner and lover why are people going to get into a wrong relationship.u are very selfish and partial.U give to people those who have everything and cheat people like us who dont have anything.How long are you going to be silent.Things not got in time has no value dont u know that.In satcharita u say there wont be any dearth in your devotees house and u will be the guide our lives.If u are a guide why are u pushing us into pit.How long will u be silent and make us cry.Dont u have the heart to wipe our tears.Daily im crying not even once u have come to console me and wipe my tears.What is all this?How long are to going to cheat us in the name of past karma or parents karma?we dont know what we did in last birth,whether we were born or not?what our parents and ancestors did.If they did something why the hell should we suffer?if we did something bad in last karma and if you punish us in this life wont we do bad things in this life as well.Can we do sins in life and say that we will suffer only in next karma?ANSWER ME…Im dying each minute without JOB,PARTNER,SUPPORT,CONFIDENCE.Have only pain…did u give me life just to cry and live in pain..being a woman of 31 years will i not have a wish to marry and have kids?After being cheated by men wont i ask you to show me one good man who will respect and treat me good.What is wrong in me asking for your love and love from a partner…Im not from a rich family, im from a very very moderate middle class family and have cried and didnt have many things in life since school days till now.My family,friends and relatives say and look at me as if im not fit for anything.My previous company got all the work from me and treated me so…i quit my job just because of that and the man who cheated me…but they are all in good position and im suffering without a job and money for day to day life.I want to achieve something in my career and create an identity for myself .Is that wrong?should i not stand up in front of people who treated me like shit?After this age how will i get to that place without ur blessings…tell me…atleast give me the courage to commit suicide…i dont want to live a useless life and keep crying throughout my life.Im fed up crying,going after people,fighting with you and sitting idle not knowing which way to go…please help me…

  21. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  22. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  23. Very nice experiences! Baba shows wonderful miracles to His devotees and showed you 2 great miracles by returning that lost, important letter and also providing that flower when there were no extra ones when your father was doing pooja. Om Sai Ram!

    You and your family are blessed by Baba.

  25. Dear Sai Ram

    Ive been doing the 9th day vrat, and I must say Sai never let me down. I loved this guy and I cried daily to Sai. He told me he loved me aswell. Thanks to Sai. I asked Sai to show me if hes can hear my prayers and on Easter morning two doves came into my room. I still believe it was Sai. Om sai ram. Im going to do the 9 day vrat again. Om sai.

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