Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, You are blessed to have this opportunity. I call you the modern day Hemand Pant. May Sai always bless you. I have been contemplating writing an experience for a very long time. There are many that I can write here and the list will never end. Baba has been ever so kind. He took in His care and then there was no looking back. I have this habit of writing my prayers in a Prayer book. It is actually very good. It tells you how much God does for you and you forget after initially being thankful for it.

I Moved to the USA in 2010. Hetal Ji, it is so hard to write how beautifully my life has been blessed, except for those two things that I have been waiting forever, almost 5 years. It looks like that test won’t end anytime soon.

I came Sai’s sharan as they say in June 2008. I visited Shirdi in November 2008 for the first time. What a bliss it was. My parents were settled in the USA and I used to visit them from India. That year in 2009, I was with my family for 3 months. We bought a house, which was again Baba’s blessing. After I returned to India that year, I was close to losing my grandmother. She passed away in Aug 2009. She was a constant support for me in my Parent’s absence in India. I used to stay with my extended family and grandparents. I left my job thinking I will move to the USA permanently (Meaning will stay for 6 Months and come back). In my plans to move, I left my Job in September and started winding up to be with my Parents, as my grandmother, who was my constant support was a big void that was created.

My mom visited India in October that year and I was to fly back with her, but I could not because of some reason or the other. I decided to leave India in November. As luck would have it, I was about to buy my tickets something or the other kept delaying it. After my mom reached the USA, my immigration paperwork came through. I had to stay back in India. Had I been in the USA, I would have to fly back to get a lot of paperwork that was needed to get an immigration visa (police reports/Birth certificates etc). However this process was going to take 5-6 Months. Now what to do for these 6 months since I had left my job? So I decided to take up a stop gap arrangement type of Job. Usually I would clear interviews easily. However I didn’t want something with an MNC as they had larger notice periods. I just had to bid my time. The offers that I got were very low salary wise. I decided to sit back at home rather than taking up any jobs. 2 Months passed like this.

New Year 2010, I got a call from a place, where I had interviewed. They were ready to pay me much more than what they initially offered. Like a 1000 Rs a day and I was supposed to work 6 days a week. Also a Chauffer driven car to pick me up and drop me and only 6 hours a day. Baba planned everything so beautifully, I got a 4.5 months contract with a good salary and a contracting position in government institutions, which is not easy to get. I was contributing towards commonwealth games made me even more Happy. In the mean while I would attend the evening Aarti in a local temple. I would go to the temple twice a day.

I used to be very worried about my visa. I had an unknown fear that would grip me. I asked a question as to when will I be called for an Interview. Baba Answered “work pending for many years will be completed on Ramnavmi” that year in 2010. Ramnavmi was on 24th March. Nothing happened on the 24th. I was wondering Baba how can this be untrue. The Next day, I was teaching at my institute and my sister called from CA at 01:30 PM that was middle of the night for her. I was hoping that all is well at their end. My Sister said that she had received a letter for my interview at the American embassy. 25th march in India was 24th in the USA (How can Baba ever lie).

The next week was a lean period at the Institute and I was given a one week off. I decided to visit Shirdi along with my uncle. It was a sudden plan. I decided to get tickets in Tatkal. I got up at 4:30am and went to the Delhi Cantt station making sure that I am the first few in the line, at least in the ladies line. After checking all my options and after standing in line for more than 3 hours, I was rewarded. I got the tickets to travel to Shirdi. I waited for a day and repeated the same process the next to next day to get return tickets. Again Baba blessed. There were a few people ahead of me. By the time I got to the counter there were only 2 tickets left in the train that I wanted to Board and I was relieved on getting those tickets. We had blissful Darshan. I got my papers touched at Baba’s Samadhi. I forgot to mention that I had started the 9 weeks fast sometime in Feb. When I received the letter on ramnavmi, my interview was in the month of May on the 9th Thursday. What a great weaver our Sai is? That day, when I got the interview letter completely reaffirmed by faith, that I will be granted a visa.

I got another week off in April (Since this was a contracting Position). That was the perfect time to get all Medical Tests done and collect the remaining Paperwork. My contract ended on 5/15 and the Interview on a Thursday 5/20 (9th Thursday) and needless to say it was a breeze. The counselor asked me 15 questions in 3 minutes and I was done. It was so easy and quick. This is not the end. I needed help with things selling my car and people I knew were not able to help. I wanted to sell it off and not just sign a delivery challan. I wanted the ownership to be transferred since I was leaving the Country for good. My cousin came to my rescue. She and her husband guided me through the process they bought the car at a good price and got everything transferred. It was done in 2 hours and my cousin let me use it until 3 days before I left.

I had to get my provident fund from the company that I was working with before this contracting job. They usually take 2 months to fill up the form and send it back to everyone. I went there 3 weeks before I was supposed to leave the country and he told me the same thing. I will send it to your address in 2 months. I requested to do it the same day, he didn’t budge. I got after his life, explained my problem, he made me wait and completed the Paperwork and gave it to me. This was a next to impossible task. I went to submit my papers in Gurgaon Sector 44 the next day. I told them I needed money, can this be expedited. They asked me the reason and I explained I am leaving. A simple application and copy of my visa this was done the next Thursday. They PF officials were kind enough to call me and check with me for the time that I had taken a sabbatical (As IBM had not credited any money for that period). I have seen my friends go through the PF offices mess multiple times, before they can claim their own money. In this case it was no less than a miracle and it was actually absolutely bliss personified. I also got the opportunity to visit the Sai temple in Gurgaon, which has been made like a replica of Shirdi (Opp Paras Hospital). I had a Dejavu feeling, during my first trip to Shirdi. We were waiting for the train to start from NDLS and I had to withdraw some money. My EPF from the previous company was transferred into my account that day .Here in Gurgaon, I was sitting in temple that was a replica of Shirdi and the EPF was credited. I really want to write about my experiences after I moved to the USA. There are too many too write.

I visited Shirdi last year, when I came to India, that was the most beautiful experience of my life. I have 2 More experiences that I want to write since I moved to the USA. I usually try an offer a robe here at the Milpitas Temple in CA. Last year and before that, I have offered many robes. They print an annual calendar, where 12 photos are selected for the Annual Calendar. This is a beautiful temple, which is Baba’s home. This is my Shirdi away from Shirdi. You have to see it to believe it. There are no priests in this temple and all the volunteers run this temple. They co-ordinate everything so beautifully. Again they have a little Dwarkamai and Chavdi here. I purchased the calendar on 1st 2012 Jan hoping that one of the pictures would be from one of the Robes that I offered. There wasn’t any. I was slightly disappointed, but I thought never mind and forgot about it.

I could not go to the Milpitas Temple this year on the 1st of Jan (2013) and never bought the Calendar. I was keeping the 9 fasts again for a specific reason. My uncle came to our house the weekend after I completed my 9 fasts, it was a Saturday and I was sleeping till late. He woke me up and handed the Calendar to me. He said a friend of mine has this contract from the Milpitas temple and he prints these calendars. He asked me do you know any Sai Devotees, who want this calendar. My uncle took one for himself and one for me. My uncle’s friend gave him the calendars on the 9th Thursday of my fast.

In my condition of deep slumber, I thought not like You (Baba) are going to have to any of the Pics, which would have the robes that I offered and I opened it, it opened for the Month of Feb (It was the robe that I had offered for my dad’s birthday on the 15th Dec 2012). I didn’t make a single effort. I was in deep sleep and He fulfilled my wish without me remembering it and then He made me realise that He is always listening. It is the exact same picture that I had clicked and had in my cell phone. When I say exact. The placement of flowers, hukka and everything else. The picture in the Calendar seems to have been printed from the one that I have in my Cell Phone. I am attaching both the pics. They are exactly the same except for the difference in background and photoshop.

For all the devotees I feel it is a very good idea to maintain a Prayer book that would have a list of what we have asked for, revisit it every few months and you will realise how very kind Lord Baba has been. Everything in my life has been so well planned. I could not have done it on my own. The first few months in this country, when I was struggling to get a good job, I had written a specific salary that I would like to earn. I was going through my prayer book just randomly 2 weeks ago and to my surprise with His constant guidance and support I am earning exactly the same amount (3 years down the line) and in a kind of company, where I would have wanted to work.

Despite all this, I am being tested for 2 things that long overdue Baba. You know what I am talking about. They are long overdue. MY Saburi is just going to end. I am not losing my faith. But Faith and Patience go hand in hand. Please grant these 2 wishes. Baba, please. I want my faith to move this mountain/this hurdle that has been there forever. Baba Please! You have to give it to me now.

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Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta
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    Very beautiful expereince & well narrated.

    May babaji bless all.

    As Babaji does not liek us to starveso what are the rules for eating in fast?

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. dear devotee may baba bless all his devotees like this. I like your suggestion to keeping prayer book. that's how you going to know baba help us when we need him. one more suggestion from me for all sai devotees , if possible please read sai baba's book.. named "Communications From The Spirit of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba" By B. Umamaheshwara Rao .. while reading this book I felt like sai baba is standing right in front of me and giving me some messages. you will get baba's sweetful messages in baba's own words….I love it. google ebook has that book but in preview version not full. I read that only half but I like it so much..if you get the full version please read that one..OM SAINATHAY NAMAH…..


    (Shri Sai Leela April 1986)

    Reading various articles written by Sai devotees depicting their experience in Sai Leela Magazine, prompted me to write my experience as to how our Sai Sadguru helped me when I cast my burden to Him. Since I am not a prolific writer, I sought His help to put before the readers the following incident.

    Actually this episode started in March 1983, when I was sponsored for a business trip to Paris by our Department. After learning about this I took this order and went to Shirdi and thanked Baba for his blessings. But to my surprise the trip materialised only in March 1984. Though I was frustrated, I always had faith that our Lord Sai would do everything in the interest of His devotee and for his welfare. Later events proved that the delay helped me monetarily. I prayed and thanked Baba silently for His blessing. Before I actually left for Paris, I prayed and cast my burden on Baba and sought His guidance and help in discharging my official duties in a foreign land. In fact everything went off well much beyond my comprehension. Who else could help but our Sai Nath.

    Now, I am narrating a miraculous event at Paris and how Baba readily came to my rescue and saved me of danger in the following manner.

    I was staying with two more colleagues in a flat near our working place. My colleagues proposed that we should visit Geneva on one of the weekends. Since I had already visited that place, they left for Geneva on 3rd March 1984. They were to return only on Monday morning. On 4th March i.e. on Sunday I was enjoying my holiday in my room and performed my daily chores and prayers to Sri Sai Baba leisurely. After my break fast, I entered the bathroom and inadvertently closed the door with some force. Since the door had a self locking system it got locked and I don't know how, but to my surprise and despair, the handle inside the bath room fell down and the outer handle fell in the hall. This meant I had been trapped in the bathroom. I got really panicky and did not know what to do. I tried several methods to unlock but in vain. In the process the key also broke due to my meddling. There was no way to communicate either with the Hotel Manager or friends. Readers can imagine my plight at this juncture! My friends who had keys with them would come only the next day morning. As time passed by, I was getting suffocated and losing hope of getting out. Then whom should I appeal to? In utter distress we turn only to God and so I fervently started pray­ing to our Lord Sai Nath to come to my rescue and prayed thus "Baba! you have promised: If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it". Now is the time for You to rescue me since I am casting my burden on You. I know You know everything beyond the seven seas". Like this, I prayed in several ways and invoked His sure help, at the same time meddling with the system. And lo! to my surprise and relief one of the latches which was very difficult to come to my hand came through the hole of the system so easily as if somebody was infact pushing from out side to help me only. The moment it fell in my hands, I struck the square latch in to the handle and turned it and the door got opened! I passed through this tension for at least one hour and the moment I came into the hall. I telephoned my friend in another flat and also the care taker of the Hotel. When they heard what I told, they realized the gravity of the situation and they at once said in unison only a miracle could bring me out of the bath room and only God could have saved my life!

    I went to my bed room and kneeled down at Baba's photo and thanked Him profusely for saving my life. I took Udhi (which I carry always in my pocket) to calm myself. My faith in Baba was strengthened many fold and after I returned to India, I went to Shirdi with my family with an humble prayer in gratitude.

    R. Venkata Rao


  5. Faith and Patience Pay
    (Shri Sai Leela May 1984)
    There must be ample instances in the lives of 'Shri Sai Leela' readers, when they would have realized that faith in Baba and a patient wait has given them the results that they had been craving for. There also would be ample instances when Baba has showered His blessings even unsought for. In the following instance Baba's blessings came our way only after a patient wait and firm faith in Him.

    On May 24, 1983 there was a very heavy downpour in Bangalore. We have a pharmacy in Basavewaranagar, a developing layout. My wife and I were at the shop. It was raining still when two men came to the shop and asked for some cough drops and Bandaids which I gave them the time was around 8-45 pm. The two men remained at the shop for a few more minutes and then left. Immediately after, the lights also went off. Earlier at about 8 p.m. the lights had gone off and so I had lighted a kerosene lamp and it had been burning still. As it had been nearing 9 p.m. we got ready to leave. As I bent down to collect my helmet I heard footsteps and I stood up. The same two men had returned and one of them poked a knife on to my side and told me not to make any noise. The other man pulled down the rolling shutter and took out from his shoulder bag a chopper and waving it in front of my wife demanded that she should hand over the gold chain she was wearing. Looking at me she said "Jai Sai Ram, let us give them what they want". She took off the chain from her neck and asked the fellow whether she could take out the mangalyam at least, the man saying no, almost snatched the chain from her hand. This was followed by the two bangles and wrist watch she was wearing. Then the man demanded cash from me. I dipped my hand into the cash box and gave off whatever money that came in my hand. Then they lifted the shutter, went out and closed it behind them. Soon after I lifted the shutter and came out to see which way they went; but they had vanished into the darkness. A complaint was lodged with the police and investigations were started. No apparent results came our way. However I wish to add here that though we had lost around 13 tolas of gold our minds were not that depressed and there was this feeling that Baba would help us to retrieve the stolen property.

    On the first Thursday of every month, we go to the Shirdi Sai Mandir at Thyagarajanagar, which is founded by His Holiness Shri Radhakrishna Swamiji. This has been the practice with us for the last two years. It was nearly four months since the robbery. We got a new mangalyam made and on our visit to the Mandir in October we got it blessed by Baba and my wife wore the same in His presence. In the first week of December a Police Inspector, Shri Gangi Reddy, called on us and informed that the two culprits had been arrested and that we should go to his office and identify them. Accordingly we went to his office and identified them. Afterwards they were asked to narrate the incident, which they did. Later I was asked to give an application in the court requesting for release of the items pending finalisation of the case. Accordingly, I gave the application on January 02, 1984 and the next day I collected from the Police Station whatever had been recovered, which was about sixty percent of that which we had lost. We took the items to the Mandir on January 05. 1984 and got them blessed by Baba and took them home as His prasada. We are certain that it is only by Baba's grace that we could get back even this much after the lapse of nearly seven months.

    A. N. Ramesh

    Bangalore 55

    • thanks a lot 🙂 actually i thought of posting experiences form a pdf but i could not copy here.tried many times but i failed.i just wanted to share experiences in the comment section.I told dis to baba and left my surprise u started posting them the same i wanted to do :) sairam

  6. Om Sai Ram…
    Please Baba be with me. Dont know what happened to me before my manager. I feel very nervous and made mistakes before them and he used to scold me. Save me Baba.

    • hi devotee iam gayathri: do not worry baba will save you…. mistakes are so common it should be realised that is very important… baba is there to help you and save you… why fear when baba is near…. be calm and think positive…. you will hear good news… om sai ram

  7. deva iam your daughter iam 24 yrs old female… my parents has got upset due to my marriage… they are looking for a suitable match.. but they could not find out the proper alliance… iam planning to do my master in usa.. so iam expecting my partner to be from there… just help my parents to find the right one with all my expectations…. but we are searching for the past 1year.. help my parents deva.. bless me with a good martial life.. it's very imporatant thing in one girl's life…

  8. Beautiful experiences and nicely narrated. Absolutely reaffirms our faith in our dear Baba 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for looking after us and caring for us at every step of our lives. Thank You O Sadguru for granting us our wishes and fulfilling our dreams, be it small or big.

    Thank You for a blessed life and all the love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  9. Baba I want him truely. His parents doesn't agree due to caste reason. But u are the supreme power Baba. U know if he truely loves me or not. He is now upeset Baba. He is also hopeless. We both need our parents blessing Baba. When anything seems to be impossible there is only thing that is you ONly Baba make it posiible. Please baba hume alag mat karo. Age hum apke blessing lekar chalenge apki raha per Baba. Please bless us and solve all problems baba . Please Baba do it soon. Make his parents to understand us ,our love and future life.

    Baba….Please listen my prayer baba


  10. jai sainatha… iam your little daughter deepika iam always a child for you… deva please bless my parents with good health, wealth and prosperity… they should be happy forever… deva help me to find a good job son… i should not be a burden for my parents.. deva my dad is not keeping well…constant he is getting affected by cough and cold.. we have shown to doctors.. just they are giving the cough syrup… but it's disturbing my papa.. please make him a healthy person… deva u know all my problems well.. at this age my father is facing lot of issues ,financially, physically, mentally etc.. he is such a kind person.. he did not hurt anyone in his life…. he did only the good things to others…. but he is suffering… i could not see my best friend like this( i have mentioned my father as my best friend) deva please punish me on behalf of my dad… but do not troule him… even u take me with you.. but give a wonderful life to my lovable parents… but one thing i wanna share here.. iam really very very blesssed to havea parents like them…. iam thanking all the god for given a wonderful parents.. deva bless my parents to be happy in their life… please give me the opportunit to serve them more… presently unemployed.. please you will have to find a right job for me sai…. deva i will have to be independent… i do not want to depend anyone financially… deva help me to stand on my own leg…. deva keep my parents well…. deva sai solve my papa's problem.. be with him and guide him… deva help me … love u sai i should not expect this… but iam in the need of money to support my family sai….

  11. My Sai maa
    Please be there for me
    Help me to come out of this physical and mental problem
    Baba my Sai maa
    You know there are enjoying my present situation
    I am your child
    Please don't make me go through this situation any more my Sai maa
    Waiting every second for your helping hand
    Please please please please
    Fall at your feet sai maa

  12. Beautiful experience..Todays my bday and i pray baba to keep my family healthy & happy and take care of ourself and everyone..Luv u baba

  13. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairma om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  14. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
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    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
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    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  15. Sai maa
    Thank u so much
    Thank u thank u
    Also waiting for your helping hand in other issues
    Pls help me ma

  16. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  17. om sri sai ram.i feel shy to post my comments any way i am posting it i am a mother of twins a boy and a girl and ours is a happy family as per lord's blessing. recently i got a job and we are living happily. But this month i am missing my period and i am on my 29thday usually i get it from 25 to 30 days maximum.

    We were atmost careful and i do not want to get a baby again as it will be difficult to raise all of them.
    Please sairam i beg you to forgive my mistakes and bless me that i will get my period soon
    thank a lot my lord

  18. BABA even I am your child. Than why are you silent. You are seeing how much I am suffering from past 18-19 years with this health problem. Again I got this last Tuesday and still suffering. You are seeing how much I am coughing. BABA I agree I don't have patience and I doubt you all the time. But BABA one ting I can say with confidence that I love you a lot. May be I am not your lovely child like these devotees in this blog but I am trying my best to be your child. BABA I beg you please cure my health. Please take away this cough and weakness. BABA its not I am putting condition but please I cant take this anymore please please remove this suffering immediately BABA. BABA please remove all my karma and please forgive for my sins and mistakes which I have done in this and previous births. Please cure me immediately BABA. I cant take this. This is affecting my family a lot. Going to homeopathy is a wrong decision. I have suffered more with that. I have asked you whether I should go or not. But still you allowed me to go. Maybe that is due to my karma. Now I stopped it and now taking antibiotic again. PLease help me to cure

    • dear sai devotee if possible start drinking udi mixed water… baba's udi has cured lots of health problem. you will get well soon don't worry.

    • No no use. I have been drinking from a long time. Even though we drink with udi HE should think that I must be cured. If he doesn't have that intention that what will udi do?

  19. Om Sai Ram Friends ,
    I need a small help from you guys. I am going to shirdi this Sunday. But the problem is I am going alone. I am a female of age 29.I didn't book any accommodation . I will be there in Shirdi on Sunday monring and will be starting back Sunday Night. So please suggest me a safe place where I can fresh up. Please friends I need your help.

    Thank you ! for you help fields.

  20. Lucky devotees who have baba's grace and blessing in their life. In my life, every major decision I took with baba's blessings have gone bad. Sometimes I don't even take any decisions thinking my decision making is bad and I just prayed to baba to let things happen to me. He did, and I looked for proof of his presence I also saw his pic. It's difficult to see baba's pic easily in USA, and it was completely by chance that it opened up. Needless to say that even that event ended horribly with me being depressed again. I had shraddha and saburi, I used to think saburi was my problem. I have lost shraddha too. I feel so envious when I read all of your posts.

  21. om sri sai ram
    please baba make him understand n save me from this problem
    it is becoming bigger n bigger day by day
    please forgive me
    baba im not a liar

  22. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences Sai sister.really liked your suggestion of keeping prayer book. Will definitely make one. Deva thank you for everything. Saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  23. My dear father,saviour and God, i am requesting and praying to you now for a job soon.I know its selfish to ask you for things but keeping that aside and thinking you to be my father and my all in all with due rights im asking pa please give a job soon.U know in what type of company , what pay, what designation and what attachments i want, i know u will understand why im placing this request to you and you will definitely do this for me.Im placing my request but at the same time i dont want it to go wrong so you so me the right path pa.Planning to start my parayan and navrat from tomorrow please accept and bless me pa.I must post my good experiences and miracles soon.As the above devotee mentioned im planning to maintain a prayer book please accept that pa. I had that practice already but not exactly the same but used to write in your bible satcharita, but nothing got fulfilled finally i had to erase it so let that not be the case this time.Give me confidence and show me a positive way pa….takecare of me and all your devotees.Sorry for troubling you pa…excuse me for that…

  24. Plz baba……kripa karo mujhpe….bless me with child baba….it z so depressing each month…..plz do some miracle…..i put all my burden at ur lotus feet…

  25. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Dear Sai Devotee- What a beautiful experience, straight from your heart. It was truly a touching experience to go through it. I too always feel that we humans tend to overlook how Sai Ma helps us and takes care of us throughout the day. We often forget to thank Him for so many blessings that He showers on us. I guess the best way to express gratitude is by leading a righteous life and of course by chanting His Divine name Sai Sai Sai. Baba ji please bless your child and ensure that your child's desires are fulfilled. may Sai Ma bless you forever.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  26. Blissful reading these … Baba has been there with me in every phase of mine .. But I am yearning for something to happen to me .. I have not had the fortune to dream Baba as yet .. I am sure I will be blessed soon with that longing wish to come true .. Sairam

  27. All experiences are great. I wish Baba will bless us soon. I have been requesting Baba to fulfill my wish for more than 4 years and I am not sure why Baba is making me to wait this long.

  28. Very beautiful experience, but you have written that you attached both the pics, I couldn't find those, could you please attach those.
    Jai Jai sai sai sai

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