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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am a regular reader of this blog for the past few months. I have already posted a blog and this is my 2nd blog. While surfing in Net to know about BABA’s life history, I found an Interesting journey on how SAI reached the land of Shirdi.

I am really feeling blessed to post about BABA’s journey to Shirdi. It is been said that this is the real happening on how SAI reached our Holy Shirdi. Many of us might know and many are so curios to know what happed in SAIMA’s life before He reached Shirdi. Below I have copied and pasted the entire happening that is described in another blog.

JOURNEY OF BABA TO SHIRIDI: Did any one wonder, who were the parents of Shirdi Sai Baba? Where was He actually born? Well I am sure everybody would have, especially those who have read the books on Baba have these question in their minds. Today we went to a temple in Fremont, where Baba’s Prana pratishta was going on and there came an ardent devotee of Baba named Vishwanathan from Texas, who narrated the birth and journey of Baba from Patri (a small village in Maharashtra) to Shirdi and how Baba was born to Ganga Bhavajya and Devagri Amma in Patri with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Also that Baba is none other than Lord Shiva himself in the human form.

I was so moved by the story and thought of narrating a summary of Baba’s journey from Patri to Shirdi in my blog today. I have taken some info from net to describe the story. So blessed were the couple with three children. The third child is being Lord Shiva himself. The child was left in a forest under a banyan tree, as Ganga Bavajya wanted to see Lord Shiva in His true form by performing penance. Devagri Amma, did not know whether to follow her husband or to take care of the child, decided not to leave her husband and took his path with full of tears leaving the child in the forest.

The child was raised by a Fakri (mendicant) named Roshan Sha and he called him by the name Majida. In those days there were clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Under such conditions, the behavior of this boy used to be peculiar. He would suddenly enter into a temple one day and start yelling, “Rama is God, Shiva is Allah”. Both Hindus and Muslims used to admonish and punish him. On seeing this, Roshan Sha’s wife used to suffer a lot. Finally, unable to withstand the complaints against the boy, she decided to hand over the boy to a Sadhu by name Venkusa in a nearby village. Venkusa was a devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. He used to visit temples, Masjids and also Gurudwara. He had no discrimination in terms of cast and creed. (Example: Raised Baba with the name Majida only).

One day when He visited a temple Sawaghahi Dargah in Ahmedabad, He heard the following words coming from there: “Salaam alekum Maharaj! You are born with a purpose. A hundred miles from Selu Village, there is an another village by name Manwat. There Allah, who is born for setting this world right, is being brought up in a fakir’s house. After you go back to Selu from your pilgrimage, the boy will be brought to you. You must accept this boy as your pupil and teach him. This is God’s work. The boy will be grown up in your care and will become ‘Guru’ for the entire world.”

So we can say Venkusa is the Samardha Sadguru of Sai Baba. He taught Him all the Shastras, Vedas and gave Him all the powers. The boy, who was just completing 16 years of age appeared fully mature, with divine powers. Venkusa told the boy that He had done His duty as per God’s decision and the day was not far off when they would be separated. Venkusa wanted to give the boy all the valuable ornaments he was wearing, but the boy declined to have them. Instead He requested Venkusa to give Him the brick which had hit Him on His forehead while saving Him (boy) from the murderous attack. Overwhelmed by His request and with tears rolling down from His eyes, Venkusa gave Him the brick with His blessings. He wished that the brick alway’s be the boy’s companion and life partner. The boy also requested Guru Venkusa to give Him the piece of cloth drenched with blood while cleaning His injury.

Moved emotionally by such a request, Venkusa tied the cloth piece around the forehead of the boy and declared that it would protect the boy at all times. He told Him to proceed along the banks of river Godavari and the place, where He found complete peace would be abode. He also advised Him to keep away from women and wealth.

After walking for three days along the banks of River Godavari, the boy reached a place called Kopargaon in the year 1854, Margashira month on the third day after full moon. After taking rest for a day, He again proceeded and reached the village of Shirdi by evening. Not willing to approach anyone for shelter, He began to live under the shade of a big neem tree. This is the journey of Baba from Patri to Shiridi.

I was very happy to know this story as I was not aware of the life history of Baba and wanted to share this today, so that many would be aware of this. OM SAI RAM.

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  1. Om sai ram…… thanks for sharing such a wonderful early life story of baba….. waooo… i love my baba more then anything else in life…. om sai ram..

    (Shri Sai Leela March 1986)
    Innumerable miraculous incidents are experienced daily every moment by Sai-devotees. In fact, life without His gracious favours bestowed directly or indirectly, is difficult to think of. One has only to wonder as to how Baba, the Almighty & Omni­present, comes to the rescue of His bhagtas how-so-ever impossi­ble the situation might be.

    A few years back, I was transferred on promotion from Delhi to a more important office at Ajmer. I was attached to a very senior, capable, strict but an honest officer who started liking me and shortly had full confidence in me in his day-to-day work. Everybody in the office carried an impression that Laroiya (myself) by his impact could get anything done from that officer.

    As luck would have it, I had to go to Delhi for a few days for some urgent private work within a few months of my posting at Ajmer. There I had the opportunity to meet my old friends. It was natural to talk about my official position in my new office with them. One evening, one of my initmate friends called on me alongwith a middle-aged man, not known to me and said, "Mr. Laroiya, this man who is well educated and qualified, is without a job for the last 2 – 3 years and is in a dire financial set-back. You can help him by getting him suitably employed in your office as your boss is all powerful and listens to you sympathetically." I was in a great fix. On the one hand, I could not disappoint my friend and on the other hand, I knew I couldn't do anything to help him as, in fact, I had no guts to talk to my officer for any personal benefit. However, just to tide over the situation tempor­arily, I suggested to him to post a written application direct to my officer with a copy to me and promised to help him as best as possible. The man went away satisfied and, as per my advice, sent an application for appointment to my officer within the next few days.

    Dear readers, I never spoke a word to my officer nor, in fact, to anybody else in the, lower level in this connection as I knew very well that it would have been quite futile to do so. I simply prayed to Baba to settle the matter.

    One day, late in the evening, when I was about to go to sleep, my door bell rang up. As soon as I opened the door, I felt a shock when I found the same middle-aged person of Delhi whom I was supposed to have helped and who, as I thought, had come all the way to make enquiries from me about his lot. In a faint and trembling voice, I asked him to step inside when he, with folded hands, said, "Sir, I have no words to thank you for your kind and timely help in getting me the appointment in your office for which I have come here to join tomorrow." He showed me the appointment letter which was issued from the concerned section of my office and duly signed by my officer.

    Obviously, it was Baba who had kept the prestige of His humble devotee though this had all along been kept a secret from the beneficiary.

    J.R. Laroiya

  3. @Sai devotee, thank you for sharing this wonderful story of Baba's early life. Let Baba bless us all………………

  4. @Sai devotee, thank you for sharing this wonderful story of Baba's early life. Let Baba bless us all………………

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  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Ascetic Madhavaranya*****
    Next day, Sriguru bid farewell to everyone and left his home. From Karanja, he
    went to Tryambakeshwar (Nashik District) and eventually went to Nashik
    (Maharashtra). After spending a night in Nashik, he went to Manjarika village located on
    the banks of River Godavari. An ascetic named Madhavaranya stayed in Manjarika. He
    was a great devotee of Sriguru Narasinha Saraswati. He was entirely absorbed in
    meditation and singing hymns praising his tutelary deity62, Narasinha Saraswati. Lord
    Narasinha Saraswati had blessed him with Divine Vision in his meditation. Very often he
    would see him in the form of a Divine ascetic, but Madhavaranya wanted to see him
    manifested in the form of a deity with attributes. The day when Sriguru reached
    Manjarika village, Madhavaranya had the Divine sight of Lord Narasinha Saraswati in his
    meditation. Madhavaranya was confused with these two forms. However, his confusion
    was resolved very soon when he saw his deity Narasinha Saraswati getting merged into
    the form of the Divine ascetic. At that very moment, Sriguru manifested himself in his
    presence and announced “Sriguru Devdatta” in a continuous deep sounding chant.
    When Madhavaranya opened his eyes he saw the same Divine ascetic who had came in
    his vision during meditation. He felt contented. Sriguru told him that Lord Narasinha
    Saraswati was highly pleased with him and he would soon be blessed with the Divine
    sight of the Lord..

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Brahmin prompted for committing suicide*****
    From Manjarika village, Sriguru went ahead to another village named ‘Vasar
    Brahmeshwar’ also located on the banks of river Godavari. He was accompanied with
    his disciples. Early one morning when Sriguru was bathing in the river, he heard some
    noises in the riverbank. A Brahmin was moving restlessly, just like a fish out of water
    and screaming loudly. It seemed like he was experiencing severe pain. In spite of the
    pain, he had tied a big stone on his back and was about to drown himself in the river.
    Sriguru asked his disciples to bring the Brahmin to him.
    The middle-aged Brahmin started conversing with the disciples. He said, “Why
    are you stopping me? I am unable to bear this acute stomach pain. Only death can
    relieve me from such a pain. I have tried all remedies. If I eat rice, it turns out like
    poison in my stomach. I don’t know what sins I have committed in my past life to
    undergo such deadly pain”. Ignoring everything he said, the disciples caught hold of
    him and brought him to Sriguru. The Brahmin then told Sriguru, “For the last ten years,
    I have been suffering from acute stomach pain. So, please permit me to commit
    suicide”. Sriguru spoke “Do you feel that committing suicide would change your destiny
    and wipe out your sufferings? On the contrary, committing suicide would add to your
    sins and increase the sufferings in your next life. Take for granted that you have
    already endured for the sins of your past life and you will get my blessings. Be assured
    that you will be cured of your acute stomach pain with immediate effect. Today I will
    feed you with very delicious food”.
    At the same time an officer of that village was going in the river to take bath. As
    soon as he saw Sriguru, he offered his obeisance and expressed his desire to offer some
    devotional service. The officer was a Brahmin of Koudinya Gotra from Apastambh
    branch. His name was Sayamdeo. He said, “I am working for a Yavan Subhedar”. I
    am very fortunate to get your blessings and hence I pray for your kind grace to allow
    me to offer my devotional service to you”.
    Sriguru pointed at the sick Brahmin and spoke to Sayamdeo “Take this Brahmin
    suffering from acute stomach pain to your house and feed him delicious food until he is
    satisfied”. Then Sayamdeo prayed to Sriguru, “Kindly bless my house with your Divine
    presence along with your disciples and accept my alms”.
    Sriguru gracefully accepted Sayamdeo’s request. That same afternoon Sriguru
    graced Sayamdeo’s house with his visit. Sayamdeo and his wife welcomed Sriguru with great devotion and worshipped him in shodashopachar way by seating him on a silver
    bench. Everyone present was satisfied. The sick Brahmin was also satisfied as he could
    enjoy the delicious food after a period of nearly ten years.

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  9. Thanks for the blog.through u we came to know abt babas origin although it doesnt matter who and from where baba came.baba is everywhere n bless sai ram

  10. i am worshipping baba since 2007 . he is the only god whom i worship. Sai Baba really exists in this current era? I am waiting for miracle to happen in my life. till now the answers obtained from Sai Baba's booklet never been true. and also my days have been miserable after I started worshipping him . I had never felt happiness since then. when will he help me and get me out of this situation. I am losing faith on him now. thought of committing suicide is also coming in my mind. sometime I feel that all this miracles posted in websites are totally false and just the creation of human thoughts
    someone please save me from this situation :'-(

    • Please Saio Bhakt Have faith in Baba .He is always with us .I know you are going through a very rough phase but trust have faith and patience.As his main teachings is Shraddha and Saburi.I am also going through a very bad phase .I almost lost everything in my life ,But when I think of Baba all my worries vanised like a miracle.I am such an impatient girl in my yesteryears.But believe me I have seen a major change and have the courage to face almost any situation with Baba s name.God bless u and soon you will be free from all worries.

    • Hold on dude, be patient . Believe in Sai and yourself . I know , I can't end your pain with my words , but I believe you will have good days in future.

    • However tough the situation is Hold on to our Baba, i am also in pain but still believe that Baba will ferry us across and help us unite. Love you Baba

      Om Sai Ram

    • My aunts, cousins and a few other people also say that since they started worshiping Baba, they suffer and when they stop worshiping, they are OK. I don't want to believe this. I also go through a tough time. But I don't think Baba doesn't exist. Just because Baba doesn't give us what we want doesn't mean Baba doesn't exist. It just means that we don't deserve that thing because of our karma or Baba is waiting for a right time or Baba is yet to give us a better thing. We can say our devotion is true only if we keep trusting him even in our tough times, no matter he blesses or not. We should not think that Baba should give us everything we ask immediately.

  11. OM SAI RAM.Thank you brother for sharing this story .We are completely unaware of this story.Thanks a lot .Bless all Baba

  12. Recently I saw 3 holes on BABA's head on the right side on HIS statue. Can anyone please let me know if I have to replace that statue? BABA please answer me BABA.

  13. Sai maa
    U r everywhere
    U make us feel ur presence All The Time My Maa
    Waiting for ur grace for complete happiness and peace
    Maa I know u won't let me down Maa
    Please come and help me fast ma don't delay any further maa pls pls
    Otherwise I would become cheap nd a laughing stock ma
    Please please please please
    I fall at your feet ma

  14. Dear above devote don't ever think Baba haven't done any miracles to you out of 10 miracles ,9 miracles are not known to us. Baba always takes care of his devotees please don't loose hope and doubt Baba. The present sufferings are due to past karma .I have suffered a lot as well but Baba will help you even when we don't expect to. I can understand your situation very well please please don't loose hope .I sincerely request all sai devotees to pray for this sai devotee.
    Om sai Ram

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  16. Help me to give a suggestion
    Hey sairam ,please listen my prayer & I am in a very great anxiety of job in a PSU.Please listen my prayer babab otherwise i will loose my hope.Day to day my hope is reduced what to do and not to do.Now I am in a dilema that is now I am working in a small pvt sector with a salary lower amount & my all time spent in office hour thats why I dont give time in my study(For Competitive Exam preparation) ,so in this month of march I want to leave the job but my financial condition is very bad so what to do I dont know so please my sai friend give me a suggetion & go through saibaab question 7 answer site 7 please give me answer.I ma waiting

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    pls help me and save me baba…jai sairam..

  18. BABA I am suffering with this sinus from past 3 weeks and now sugar levels are very high which I didn't expect. BABA I am only 35 years old. Why I am suffering like this BABA. BABA now I don't have enough strength to do exercises and I am eating rice too. I am helpless . I feeling very weak with sinus and antibiotics. So I am unable to concentrate on exercises and diet. BABA please help and give me good health. BABA I though YOU will never give be diabetes. But looks like it has attacked me. What should I do now BABA with all these health problems. BABA first thing I want is I should not lose hope and faith on YOU. BABA please help me. Please give me good health BABA. BABA when I think about my future I am getting scared. Please BABA give me good health. Love you BABA

    • Be clam.some antibiotics increases the sugar home blood sugar testing machine.they give accurate posirive.nothing will happened to u.

    • If you are unable to do excercise, not a problem….Please do pranayam… you can join any yoga centre or learn from youtube… how to do pranayam… do anulom vilom pranayam… Start it asap.. and also take udi mixed with water and apply some on your forehead after taking bath… And have full faith in baba .. he will definitely chapati. Take one bowl of rice.. eat more chapatis.. and avoid potato…. do this… you will feel better..

  19. OMSAIRAM to all !!
    Very Nice experiences. BABAJI i m still waiting fr You ?? When are You coming to me on my day ???

  20. Very pleased to read this post and all comments. Yes, when we start seeing BABA in everything, we surely feel HIS presence in and around us.
    Be blessed.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  21. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Dear Sai Devotee- Many thanks for sharing the journey of our GREAT FATHER to Shirdi.
    May Baba ji bless you forever!
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  22. Om Sai Jai Sai. In late 2013 I was in chhenai and got opportunity to visit sundaram temple of sri satya Sai Baba. There I bought book "A COMPREHENSIVE LIFE SKETCH OF SHREE SHIRDI SAI BABA" by Dr sathya Sai Shree Lakshmi, in that book for the 1st time I read whatever you shared in today's post. The first edition was printed on Jan 2000 ,the writer himself is from puttaparthi. So far there is nothing regarding Baba's birth even its not mentioned in sri Sai satcharitra. So cannot say how true this information could be apart from 1 thing that Baba is still present with all of us. Deva thank you for everything . Saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  23. BABAJI i said SORRY to all !! Please let my ego GO away please please !!! I need your mercy on me. BABAJI please hear my and all devotees prayers soon . Please please please dear SAI maa do som miracal that my husband gonna forgive me and come back to me. OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM OMSAIRAM !!!

  24. Thanks for sharing but do you know the source from where he got this information. Is it writte n on any book if yes whats the name of the book and who is author.

  25. thank you so much to share this. i have a guest now at home who always asks about the birth history of shri sai baba. now i can tell her this.

  26. Wow. I am just glad He chose me too as a devotee 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for pulling us towards You and taking us under Your wing. Continue to be with us O Sadguru as we traverse this life and protect us.

    Thank You for all the love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  27. Sai Satcharitra mentions nothing about my lord's birth details or his journey before he came to shirdi.
    Please tell us the source of this knowledge.

  28. Very nice. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of Baba's early life which many do not know about, but also shows an important part of Baba's life. Om Sai Ram!

  29. Thanks for the post. Feeling very nice and happy to know about our Sai Ma. Blessed to be under Sai Ma's Lotus Feet. Love you Baba..

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