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Following is a very interesting experience which is shared by Sai sister Meeraji who has shared many of her experiences on our blog. You can read her other experiences by feeding her name in search bar above.

Sai Sister Meera ji from USA says: Hello, I am Meera Bakshi. I have posted many of my experiences of BABA’s grace on me and my family. Today I read the post from UK Sai Devotee and he has mentioned Nityanad ji at Ganeshpuri made me remember a strange incident happened to us when we visited a place named Mount Lemmon, in Tucson, AZ.

I want to share the same with my sai brothers and sisters.

Let me share this wonderful experience we had at Mt. Lemmon, Tucson . It’s height is 8125 ft and it is a wonder place where in the region of desert Arizona you could see the tall pine trees like Atlanta, GA. There is a ski resort too!!!

After my son’s wedding, my daughter in law’s uncle auntie were the first visitor at our place so we decided to take them on some special tour. We went to Mt. Lemmon which is almost 2 ½ hour drive from where we live. We were six people visiting this place. We decided to have a skylift ride at the ski-resort at that location. There is circular rope way with hanging benches. On each swinging bench 2 persons take seat. Me and Dhara’s Auntie were the first to get on such a bench, in second bench husband and my daughter in law’s uncle, and on the 3rd one my daughter in law and my son. This skylift takes up 1000 ft. We reached on the top level. After 10-15 minutes browsing around that area at the highest place, viewing surrounding area from the height of 9000 ft and taking pictures too, we were to get back to the sky lift station. The skylift operator helped us getting on the bench. Once he made sure we are secured to the bench he pushed the hanging bench and of no where he said “Ohm Namah Shivaay!” that is our traditional Hindu way of praising our Lord Shiva. We were happily surprised to hear such an address from an American lift operator!

Well, the next pair to seat in the sky lift bench were Haresh and Dhara’s uncle. Due to the balancing the whole set of sky lift benches he has let 3-4 swing benches so we were little ahead of them. We heard “Hari Bol” meaning somewhat like “chant the name of GOD” and he was standing behind the swing, once both the persons seated properly while letting the swing bench go, he leaned towards my husband’s head and whispered “Nityaananda”. My husband was sitting on the right side of my daughter in law’s uncle. So my husband’s left ear and my daughter in law’s uncle’s right ear could hear the whisper. The swing bench was in motion right away so there was no time to figure out what happened, but suddenly my daughter in law’s uncle realized and told my husband “ Do you see, you are given a NAME!!”

Now let me give you some background. My husband and my daughter in law’s uncle were the pair while coming up too. They were just talking about how my husband wanted to go to Himalaya’s for spiritual studies etc. My husband said that he had met and seen his Guru only once while he was just 10-15 years of age when he visited Rishikesh (up North in Himalayas) and met St. Sivananda Swami. And during that short visit he has experienced “realization” and since than he was reading more and more about the teachings of Sivananda Swami, (even right now he maintains his diary regarding his daily activities over the internet website of Sivananda Swami!!)

My daughter in law’s uncle asked, did your Guru gave you any NAME as his disciple? Or did you decide some spiritual name for yourself?

My husband: No, there is no such NAMING ceremony done, the NAME is to be GIVEN and that too in presence of some other person who is not a close family member.

So when they realized that the swing operator whispered A NAME in my husband’s ears, and that my daughter in law’s uncle could hear but nobody else was around and they had no chance even to communicate with that swing operator as the swing was already set in motion!!!

They both were stunned to realize what had just happened!

And another strange thing that took place is the sitting arrangement during this trip. We were 3 couples and naturally we would have gone each couple on each bench. We had a pair of binoculars and I was the most interested person to have that with me and no one was ready to carry anything on that ride. So last minute I grabbed and carried that with me up to the skylift station. My daughter in law’s aunty was rather interested using binoculars if she get a chance and so we decided to be a pair, my son and his wife as a second pair and my husband and my daughter in law’s uncle as a 3rd pair!!

So it just happened that when this unknown person, whispered the name “Nityaananda”…there was a presence of “another person” but not unknown person to us, and not me which could have been a sitting arrangement in normal situation!, as if to fulfill the requirement of such phenomenal thing that my husband had mentioned while they were going upwards ! Isn’t it strange????

And today reading about Nityanand ji at Ganeshpuri who asked that Tamil Iyer gentle man to start a restaurant etc., I felt goose bumps.

I really feel blessed and always feel so lucky to witness BABA’s krupa on me, my family and relatives.

Jai Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. BABA please help me to find out the vaccines papers of my kids. BABA I am scared. BABA always some bad happens because of me especillay to my younger son. BABA I am very bad mother. BABA I remember keeping those papers in my dark blu file now I cant find them. BABA YOU know I cant get them from doctors office too now. BABA only YOU can help me BABA. BABA please I beg YOU save me BABA. If he knows YOU know wat happens. BABA please get me out of this situation. Also kids health will be risked. BABA please I will keep up my 3 promises. Give me one last chance BABA. Save me BABA

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  4. Sai maaa… Am having faith in you, I have been patient so looong… You know me and I need not explain about my devotion.. Please forgive me if am doing any mistakes.. You always show me positive signs but the resulrs are painful… Please help me with what I want.. Am your kid.. Please bless me to become a Mother and enjoy the bliss of womanhood.. My heart is aching.. I want to die instead of going this painful days.. I will surrendar my baby at your holy feet.. What ever I have its all yours.. Am sure you will not let your children suffer for a long time.. Please bless me with a baby.. You said rama navami.. The day is so close and no way its going to happen during that time…. Its disheartening to say this…. Sai maaaa…. Please help me……………………………

    • Sister…Dont worry…we all wish you will be blessed with a baby soon with good health…sai will help us

    • Do not worry..u read sai saccharita whole heartedly..n keep nav guruvar fast..Baba fulfills the wish of one of my friend's friend when she did..n keep faith in baba n please update us whenevr baba give u ur happiness n surely he will gv. 🙂 …because we all luv baba ji n he loves us..m also going through a very tough phase of my life..but i know baba will help me…Dnt know when but yes he will help me..luv u mere sai baba ji..luv u soooooo much..


    (Shri Sai Leela December 1983)

    I just received a letter from Sai Brother, Mr. T.A. Rama Nathan from Sarangabad in which he had added a postscript :-

    “Tune in 25, you get Radio Ceylon

    Tune in Sai, you get Sai-grace alone”

    How true a statement it is ? I was just pondering over two incidents in the year 1982 in which Sai-grace saved me in time.

    I am working in Malnad area of Karnataka, which is known for rainfall, rich greenery, picturesque hills, beautiful natural scenery. June – July – August are the months when it rain cats and dogs and we sometimes do not see the sun at all.

    7th July 1982 – was a fateful day for me. I was going on my Bullet Motorcycle from my residence in Yelemadlu estate to the hospital in Karkicondah, which is 4 kms away. I had to pass through a hilly road full of ups and downs, topsy – turvy curves and dense forest all around. As it was raining incessantly, even though I was wearing a helmet and a raincoat, I was almost drenched. Even though it was around 9 a.m., still mist was present.

    After my marriage I have reduced my speed from 90 km to almost half of it and sometimes even less than that. As I was riding I suddenly heard a big sound – a tall hefty tree falling one ! The uprooted tree and the sound made me dazed and I lost control of the bike. I cried out for my saviour ‘Sai Ram’ and applied breakes unknowingly. I thought my end had come. Simultaneously the tree fell across the road with a big bang and my bike too hit the fallen tree-trunk with the engine getting off. It was all in a fraction of a second and I was thrown off the vehicle. It was all a razor’s edge that I escaped being jammed by the tree.

    Slowly I got up and looked around. I was practically unhurt and the bike was also damaged very little. I returned to the shop close by and from there range up our Estate manager to send a rescue team to remove the road block. It was an old tree and possibly it might have been uprooted by the fast wind and rainfall. A glance at its trunk, which had a diameter of more than five feet, made me shudder as I could imagine what would have happened if I was caught beneath it !

    I am definite that it is Sai’s ever vigilant grace on me that timed by bike to stop suddenly which itself it a great miracle.

    Three months later, I had a similar experience. It was the 13th October 1982. I wanted to meet one of my friends, Dr. G.R. Ganesha Rao, who is practicing in Shanthigram – a village 20 km from our place. Since my motorcycle was out of order, I took our Company bike (an Yezdi) and took my assistant, Mr. Mingely D’Souza to go to Shanthigram.

    After meeting Dr. Ganesha Rao, I was returning. I had to get down a hillock and then to cross a small bridge. As I was riding downwards, suddenly the bike started going in a zig-zag manner (fortunately there was no traffic) and I lost control over It. I was also frantic and could hear my Assistant’s yelling ‘Sir’ ‘Sir’. I thought the vehicle would hit the culvert and both of us with have a watery grave in the stream 50 feet below. I cried out for Sai’s help, before we were thrown off the vehicle.

    The bike had a puncture of the rear wheel and this was the cause for its zig-zag running. We were on the right side of the bridge and the vehicle had just hit the culvert. Both of us were saved by Lord Sainath’s grace.

    Sometime later a forest guard, who was also riding an Yezdi bike, had a puncture of the rear wheel and hit the culvert and had an instant death.

    Tune in Sai, you get Sai grace alone !

    Dr. G.R. Vijayakumar, Medical Officer

  6. Om Sai Ram!!!

    Om Sai baba
    Om Sai namonamaha
    Sri Sai namonamaha
    Jaya Jaya Sai namonamaha
    Sadguru Sai namonamaha

    Please help me baba solve my problems.

  7. Dear Meeraji, I have read few of your experiences. I see your faith and devotion on our BABA. Sometimes I get confused regarding my faith. If BABA gives clarification through you I will be happy. I have promised BABA that I will respect my mil. I did that for few months. But when she took advantage of it I couldn't bear it. Now again I have started complaining about her to my parents and husband. I get confused that what ever she do should I be quite? My neighbours created few problems and I have raised my voice and issue and now they didn't like it. I couldn't keep quite when wrong was happening but back in my mind I was feeling BABA is getting irritated with my behaviour. Should I keep quite even people gossip and talk bad about you? I want to keep BABA happy with my behaviour but I am loosing my control. Im confused how I have to behave. Please some one help me out. BABA please answer

    • Dear Anonymousji, I sure will think over your problem and guide you and you can decide if that suggestion/s suits you. Give me some time.
      Jai Sai Ram.

    • Dear Sai Devotees, What can I say about this pleasant surprise too that happened today! I never have had expected my post to be posted here! I had submitted long time back and almost forgotten and to be very frank, had no idea if I missed it already!
      Today I have 2 events that I could say were taken care of by BABA's grace.
      My husband had a boil on the gumline on upper jaw. It was suspected due to the root canal procedure performed a few months ago. The dentist suggested to do the laser surgery for treating that boil. Being very cautious, last month my husband checked with our family doctor. Our doctor recommended a course of antibiotics for 10 days, and if the problem is still not resolved than go for laser surgery on the gums. Today my husband had gone for that surgery and everything went well. I was little scared with the name of laser surgery.
      So this is the 1st blessing for today.
      My daughter in law has appeared for Auditor in Medical billing last Saturday.
      She was expecting result by this Friday. Today she called that she checked ONLINE for her result and she has cleared the Board Exam. This is really a wonderful news for us, that too on THURSDAY. My daughter in law has worked hard studying at home only, taking care of 2 little daughters (5 year old and 20 months old ) plus all household work all by herself. Here in USA we don't get maid help as we routinely get in India. Last year in the month of March they moved to NJ where it is very severe winter this year. Here in Sierra Vista we do not have that much harsh winter and she has been here for 7 years since she joined my son after marriage. I wonder how difficult it was for her to study and care for all other things! Plus last month my son was out of station on job tour for 2 weeks leaving my daughter in law alone and all three (mother and 2 daughters)were sick with high fever, heavy coughing and cold. At one stage I told her over the phone not to worry about going for exam and opt for next schedule in the month of April . She said I do want to appear this time and if don't succeed I will re-appear. With BABA's grace she cleared her exam. Jai SAI RAM.
      High regards to Hetal ji!

    • Dear meeraji I am also from AZ. Thanks for sharing wonderful experiences. I would like to share how my experience link to yours. Earlier this week I tried to accomplish one task at work but could not do it so I tried again on Wednesday but not successful. Yesterday I prayed baba to help me and at the same time I have been checking my phone to read new experiences. Guess what happened I did few things on my software and waiting for the result during waiting I checked my phone and saw your experiences but could only see the title "surprise" so I thought whats the surprise and my software gave the result I wanted. It seems like baba helped me and said surprise through your experience.

    • oh wow…where in AZ? I am happy you too received surprise as BABA's blessings!
      It seems you are in IT department reading about your problem solution surprise!
      you can contact me meebakshi at gmail dot com. Happy for you.
      Jai Sai RAM

    • All those who cry about their pain or ill feelings here in this comments section are only displaying their lack of faith in almighty Sai. If you have ever felt baba's blessings or his presence in your life, you will accept sorrows and pain of your life as Prasad. You will know that whatever happens is due to Baba's blessings and he is behind all bad things happening and he will be the one correcting your spoil also when the time is right. Why complain and blame Sai? If you don't have faith, go your way. Don't perform Puja or vrat to test Sai. Request Sai and surrender in him. Right path will be found and shown. He will help and remove all worries from life. Have faith. Complaining and crying in this open forum is mere a display of lack of faith in God and in oneself. Stop using Baba and his vrat as an excuse to shy away from pain or sorrows. I have read many comments in this forum from girls who were praying Baba to either marry their boyfriends or for something else. Ishq karo par sab se jyaada pyaar Sai se karo. Jab aap Sai ko chaahate ho aur unki puja karte ho, woh jaanate hai aap ke liye kya sahi hai aur kya galat. God is great and is very kind. Like mother Baba knows what is right and he will give you only those things which are right for you. Have faith and don’t resort to wrong path to attain your objective as that will never please God. Stay on the path of Truth. Talk behind someone only when you have an ability to say it upfront to that person. Don’t compromise your ethics and values to achieve something. In this forum at some point I read someone suggesting fellow devotee to perform Sai naam japa for about a million times. If you are Baba’s child, you will know Baba will be pleased even by a mere remembrance from bottom of heart. He will come running when the time is right. He is hungry of your love and quantity of chants doesn’t matter to him.

      There are also people who think they can do anything. if they know you believe in Sai, they will try to exploit you in name of Sai. Agar aap ke sar Maa aur pita ke saath Sai ka ashirvad hai to phir aap ko kisi ki jaroorat nahi hogi. Aap apna kaam karein aur ishwar mein bharosa rakhein, bas. Sai will show you truth, you will feel the truth, your illusions will disappear, true faces will appear and you will feel almighty around you.

    • Dear anonymous ji,
      Jai Sai RAM. I was pondering over your case. It is so nice of you that you wanted to respect your MIL. ​But can I suggest you something? Respecting elders and especially MIL is not something you can do it conditionally or time bound. Whatever happens, respect should not be compromised. Yes, when something wrong is taking place you can point that out to the concerned person and that's it! We are not here to correct or fix some one's wrong thinking or wrong doing.
      If that "wrong" act affects you personally, try to avoid such situation taking place. Do not fall a victim to be dragged in ugly arguments with neighbours.
      I don't know what caused problems with neighbours but one golden rule of thumb is to speak good for all, and never say negative comments about anybody even though it may be right in your view but we have no right to say or express our feelings over that matter and especially behind the back of that person.
      And you know one thing? we expect in-laws to treat us just as we were treated at our parents home, or even more being now the new authority we have achieved. But the bond of relationship at our parents home has been since we were born while our MIL started knowing us only when we enter the in-law's house. Both of the new comer and MIL need some time to KNOW each other. Try to find out good qualities in your MIL and all members in your in-laws house. Try to be nice to all / be caring and giving. Anything done with expectation in return, brings only pain when your expectation is not fulfilled.
      About people gossiping behind your back…you don't have to worry about that. If you show them that it does not affect you , they will loose interest in gossiping about you. Sometimes we hand over the control where they can pull the string , you start dancing on that tune and let them enjoy our frustration. They win because you got upset!
      Pardon me if I had been wrong not understanding your actual problem and gave out my suggestions. Never think BABA gets aggravated with your behaviour. HE gives you chances upon chances to improve letting you figure out where you went wrong, improve your dealing with situation from those mistakes. You do your duty with total dedication and let BABA take care of your problems. HE will always guide and protect you from any harm and/or any difficult situation. HE wants you to be happy and that's why HE have you married in this family.
      Enjoy your new family with love and dedication.
      I don't say you don't discuss your concern about the situation with your husband but you need to understand that sometimes men don't think or see the situation the way we women do.

      Whatever I wrote here is from my own learning from life lessons and I have experienced BABA's protection and helping hand ALL THE TIME!
      Jai Sai RAM.

  8. Very nice experience.

    O Deva, Thank You for being with us all the way through and every step of our lives. Thank You O Sadguru for filling our lives with peace and happiness in abundance.

    Thank You O Sai for all the Love & Peace 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  9. OM SAI RAM… Baba ji I am just fed up of my life. Kuch samajh nahi aa raha life kaha jaa rahi hai. I am 34 yrs old female not married yet. The office where I am working is just going out of my hand I just dont feel like coming to the office. I am just fed up of everythg aage kuch bhi dikhai nahi de raha. I have o friends left all my friend are settled in their respective lives. Nobody has time. I feel all left alone. Mere kahi bhi mann nahi lag raha hai aage sab kala hi dikh raha hai life kaha jaa rahi kuch bhi samajh nahi aa raha. Mujhe toh aisa lagne hi laga hai ki meri life aab kabhi bhi settlle nahi hogi. Humare ghar main kuch bo aacha nahi ho raha hai there is negativity everywhere. Main pehle bahut pooja karti thi (did vrat and read sai sat. also) but aab mere pooja main bhi mann nahi lagta. Mujhe se sab choti friends and collegues in office have settle aur koi bhi mere majak udane ka moka nahi chodta. Mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha; Their is just rejection every where. I dont know kya ho raha hai mere sath main. I have always been a very happy person my whole life but aab mere sath kuch bhi aacha nahi ho raha hai. It has been yrs now aur kitni pariksha loge baba. Mujhe toh aab depression and anxiety attacks aa rahe hai I am very scared pls help or else pls mujhe apne pass bula lo….

    • Hi Dear Sister,

      I can completely understand your situation as I am also sailing in the same boat. First of all dont think that you are lone.. I hear in one of the movies"We are alone but not alone in this journey as many alone people are travelling in the same boat with us"

      I feel that this all our past Karma which we are facing now. But I have left every thing on our Sai Baba's feet. Please leave every thing to him. I am sure your sufferings will come to an end soon and you will get a wonderful life.I will pray for you Sister. Have patience dear. Dont leave our Sai . I wish baba listen to your prayers soon.

      Om Sai Ram.

    • Marriage will happen when it is destined to happen and with the person who God has chosen for you. Everything else is a matter of time. Keep faith in God. Shaadi toh wahi hogi jahaan Baba chahenge. Chant "sairam" – you can do this while driving, cooking, working or traveling. This will keep bad thoughts at bay, help you stay calm and out of trouble. How can you be alone when Baba is around?

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  11. Dear Meera aunty you and your family are surely very close to Baba- the very fact that you are able to post this many miracles is proof enough Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

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    Very true, the post which are sent to the mail get published after sometime.If it is a miracle or some sweet things to share people can wait for the comments and posts, but what about the people with sufferings?they want to get some relief that is the reason they are posting their pains of day to day life only daily basis.This comments field acts as a doctor.You want to put an end to that as well is it?Dont you think you are rude by suggesting this?Trust in God or Sadguru is possible with all but many don't have trust in past karma and evil spirits as they trust in God alone and think when that supreme power exist it can clear away all bad things.What is wrong in that?When people come in pain we have to help them out not find fault with them and make their situation even more worser with tough words.People going the pain alone know the depth of it not the mere onlookers so without knowing the situation of the opponent don't blast or find fault in them.Its nice to see that people are this mad on Sai Ji but why yell at people in bad situations.When you people in normal state cannot understand and blame them, wont they blame God?What is wrong in a person with mental pressure pouring out things?Put yourself in their shoes and then post your comments.They are speaking to Sai through this site so if you cannot help them on behalf of God atleast don't make them even more painful through your words.

    • All blogs usually have a comment section to comment on the blog printed and to give feedback about that particular blog. This is an English language blog glorifying our Lord Sri Sainathji. All people have problems/issues in life but the comment section is not a place to vent personal issues. If we believe our Lord to be Sarvavyapi and Sarvantaryami, then praying/addressing Him in the heart or even pooja room can suffice. Besides, saying bad words about Baba hurts the rest of the devotees' sentiments who come here to enjoy His Glory. We all have different pains/issues but this lovely forum is not the place to blast/complain/direct Baba who knows very well what, how, when, whom to give and in what manner and timeframe.
      If abiding, unflinching Faith in our Sadguru and devotion to and surrender at His Feet is there, there is no need to believe in Karma, evil spirits etc.

    • i 'm looking for song 'om sai sri sai jai jai sai' ,i heard this song smadhi mandir live,feel like hear this song again and again, can any one tell where i can get this song…thank you
      om sai ram

    • Dear Sai devotee, we don't see this as a blog but as Sai Mandir and the devotees here as Sai family. That's the reason we share our pain and issues here. Sorry if I said something wrong.

    • Sorry i cant agree with you. May be some one will find a solution by reading comments sections, who knows? As long as the comments are respectable it doesnt matter what they post, it could be problem, asking for direction or a prayer. Om Sai ram.

    • Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

      This blog is ours all the sai sisters and brothers. Why do we need to fight. Every one have problems.It is said that if we share our pain with someone it will reduce a bit. Then why you guys do not want to share problems of our own sai brothers and sai sisters and help them. Baba has said that If cant help some one just dont be harsh with them.

      Every one feel as if this is our family and share their problems and few ask prayers . And lot of people get solution to their problems.

      Please guys if you dont like such comments stop reading it. Please dont try to close this doors of sharing our problems with our sai family . It is a humble request to all who are against posting problems in the blog.

      Next comes people who talk bad about baba. We dont know what relation they have with baba. Baba is same for one and all. So its their wish one should not interfere in their love or hatred to wards Baba. So we dont have right to tell what can be posted and what can not be posted. They are also Baba kids. Few kids some times hurt their parents it doenst mean that they dont love them. some day they will realize every thing and love baba more than what they used to .

      Only thing we have to look here is their love and devotion towards our baba and if possible help them or pray for them but do not hurt them I wish baba shows you the right direction .

      Hetal Ji please this is the only source where we can connect with our sai family and share our pain or happiness . Please I request you not to keep any such policies. If some one is getting benefit from these comments why should it be stopped just for few people who doesnt what it. Rest is our Baba's wish.

      Please forgive me if I hurt anyone feelings.

      Om sai ram!

  16. Dear devotee
    Excellent experience indeed
    Baba my maa
    I have come here after taking permission from u maa
    Pls let me have a good time without any physical r psychological problems
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at ur feet

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    saimaa, pls help me and save me, pls bless me baba….pls take care of my life ,I have left everything on u now….whatever is good for me ,make that happen baba…u r my everything in this world…pls make my life happy n beautiful saimaa…..day by day my problems are increasing….since 3 yrs waiting for ur miracle to happen…pls help me baba…jai sairam..

  18. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai sabki raksha karna
    Baba sabke kasht mitaana
    Sai Ma sada hummein apney charnon mein rakhna

    Jaykaara Sai Bhagwaan ji ka
    Bol Sanche Darbar ki JAI

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  19. Love you so much Baba.
    Please be with me always Baba.
    Thanks a lot Baba for coming in my dream yesterday night.
    I am trying to stabilize my mind but please I cannot do without your help Baba.
    Thank you so much Baba for everything.

  20. Very nice experience Meera Ji! Baba showed His presence even on that mountain by having your husband given that special name. Baba is everywhere to help us and no matter where we go, Baba will be there to help us. Om Sai Ram!

  21. Dear Sairam,
    You know how many losses, disasters, ill health I or my very close family members have faced. Kindly bless me with a job in my field soon so that the stress I have undergone so far can be relieved a bit.

  22. Jai Sai RAM to Blog admin team, very useful information you have posted here. All Sai Devotees can benefit with this. We all do want healthy discussion, loving caring words from fellow sai devotees where some need that kind of support and boost for their faith.
    Wishing PEACE to all.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  23. Meeraji, I was the one who asked for your opinion. Thanks for your suggestions. I have been married since 13 years. Though I and my husband were good to my MIL and BIL they gave us so much pain. money is the main problem, my co-sister and her family blackmailed us for property and threatened of filing dowry harassment case on us. If I do a small mistake also I feel like BABA got sad with me. Though I am 35 years old with 2 kids I cant judge people. I think everyone is good. I try to been fair all the time and cant talk cunningly. But that doesn't work in todays world. Still I am unable to change. At last they give me pain.(or may be I am thing I am a good person 🙂 ). But I will surely try to follow what you said as I feel BABA has answered my question. Thanks again.

    • Dear Anonymousji,
      Sai Ram. I read your response expressing your pain. I am sorry you have to face this dowry related problem. Though I could not make out if you have to fulfill the demand of your in-law's dowry demand or the other party is asking to give them dowry and your husband has to carry the burden of shelling out money parting with his property. This is a very shameful practice making a girl born in the family an unwanted child, in-laws families torturing the new mom giving birth to a female child as if it was her fault and later on girls families suffer all their life time if the daughters married in the families who keep asking for dowry!
      I am amazed to notice that you and I are having similar personality. I too have suffered a lot because I believe everybody is good, believing in what they say and taking that at the face value not doubting the hidden cunning intentions. Well, though, do not like it but have learned lessons in life from these ugly experiences, now I am very cautious and try to avoid being a victim because of my innocence. Many a times I too thought that may be I am born in the era where people like me have no chance to survive just as you have expressed.
      Believe me, BABA will find a solution to any "unsolvable" issue in such a way where you have not even dreamed any solution is possible! I have experienced such helping hand from BABA not once, not twice but uncountable times !
      May there be a problem at my job place, in my family or a situation with a third party like a bank, Insurance company or credit card company! And above all, none of the times I had pleaded BABA and still BABA had taken care of me. That includes not just me but any member of my close family!
      When I look back how I had been helped, I am amazed to see how BABA has created chain of events that lead to the final outcome! And when we learn to SEE this, we have to believe in that Supreme Power. It gives us wisdom to accept whatever happens that happens for good and helps us keep cool in adverse conditions.
      I pray for your peace of mind and enjoy living life each day with total dedication to whatever you do at your best as per BABA's gift to you.
      Jai Sai Ram.

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