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Sai Is The Ony Person With Whom I Share Everything

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This was my experience, when I just knew Baba and my first miracle. In my senior secondary school, I had my physics exam. I was lazy and overconfident that I am prepared with everything. The night before the exam, I opened previous questions. I saw there only few questions asked from the prepared chapters. I was badly scared and started crying that I would definitely fail.

I was literally shivering and crying. My mom saw me and put UDI and Baba prasad to me and asked to start studying important topics from the left chapters. As I had no other option, I gained strength and started studying which I felt are important. I was still worried, but had some strength gained by UDI. I started preparing and was continuously studying until morning 4 with Baba picture in my book. And again mom came and asked to sleep to have strength to be able to write the exam. I again put UDI and went to sleep

I offered Baba that if at all exam just goes well with passing marks, I will give away eating non-veg on Thursdays and appeared the exam along with Baba picture. I closed eyes prayed Baba and saw the question paper. You won’t believe it guys. I knew each and every question’s answer from the paper along with choice questions. I would not pass the exam rather I would be the highest scorer in that subject. I had tears in my eyes. I wrote the exam very well. I was indeed the highest scorer and I got only one mark less to the total score. That’s such a great miracle. I told my mom and she was also very happy. I became great devotee to Baba since then.

Now after many years, I again want such miracle to happen because of a serious problem, which is only and only in hands of Baba. I hope I am talking to Baba through this. I ever wonder anybody can even have such lot of pain and problems in life. I know a family and Baba knows how close they are to me. The family has no financial support other than his kid, who is 22 year old. He went to UAE just to feed their family, which has his mother, grandmother and little sister. With Your blessings, he has overcome worst situations and came to a good point in life. Unfortunately now he met through an accident, where he is legally punished for it and his family doesn’t even know properly what is going on. His GM is very angry on him and filed a case against him, who is also an Indian. He knows all the situation of his family and still not coming down and stubborn to make him pay 12 lakh Indian rupees. The family on the other side is striving financially for their day to day expenses. Their monthly expenses won’t be met without sending his monthly income to his family. Because he is in their custody, he is unable to send them any money.

Baba should do some miracle, so that the GM will calm down and the court there has to forgive him, withdraw his case without fine. Baba, give the kid another chance Baba. He is just 22 and he is in police custody Baba all alone. His family will lose him if he goes into some depression because of his situation. I can’t even disclose this to his family. His whole family will be on road Baba and also it will cost their lifes Baba. I am literally begging You on behalf of that poor mother, who lost his husband very early and about to lose his son too. Please show Your miracle Baba. The court hearing is in December and postponing again and again and I am unable to answer her mother about what’s going on. I am unable to handle the situation and losing strength. Please Baba I will post the result to You what happened, but please help them Baba. Guys please pray for the family guys. Please I need your support (in tears). I know Baba will help them, but hope He understands their everyday pain too. OM SAI RAM.


Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am an avid reader of your blog. I am amazed to see how our Sai has touched the lives of so many. The miracles and experiences narrated by the devotees keep me awestruck. I would also like to share my experience.

I have been a devotee of Sai since my childhood. I belong to a Bengali family, where deities like kaali and durga are worshiped. I became fond of Shirdi Sai after watching the movie Shirdi Ke Sai Baba. I was in school at that time and my fondness for Baba kept growing though my family members hardly knew or believed Him. Time flew and I came down to Bangalore for studies. Here my faith on Sai doubled and I often visited the temple in Malleshwaram.

With Sai’s grace I got admission in a good college for my MBA.I even got placed as a campus recruit and life was good. Then marriage happened, my father was not too keen as he did not like the family, but I quite liked the guy and said would marry him. Unfortunately my decision to marry failed as in few months after the marriage, we were separated and finally divorced. Frankly after staying with the guy, I realised how incompatible we were. Lot of problems arose between our parents too. I had even quit my job. I was depressed and for a year after the divorce happened and shifted to Kolkata with my parents.

I did not want to work, lost interest in everything and kept thinking as to why it happened. One day, my friend called me and told me about an opening in one of the biggest MNCs. My parents convinced me to attend the interview. I cleared it and then there was a second round. Two months were over and the series of interview for the same job continued without any confirmation. Then one fine day I got a call saying I was selected. I went to Sai temple to pay my gratitude to realise that it was a Guru Poornima day. Truly my Sai has been my guide, Guru, teacher. I pray He keeps showering His blessings on me and all other devotees, who look up to Him as their savior. Today I have completed 16 months in this organisation and even got a promotion by the grace of Sai. I am filled with gratitude for all that Sai has done for me. He has been my protector. I only wish if Sai could have stopped me from marrying that guy. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba As Dattatreya

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai accepted our family into His flock since seven years back through various ways. I am an engineer turned development/nature conservation/spirituality writer. Sustainable living and Sai are my guiding forces every second of my life. Sai Ram.

Mahasamadhi day October 14, 2013: Sai made Bharath (self) to read Sai Satcharitra in the morning about a chapter, when He promises a devotee that He will visit his house that day. After reading this chapter, He ordered self to select and download a picture of Him to the desktop. That evening, Sai devotee, who had returned from Shirdi, Akkalkot, gifts my mother Smt. Santha (a Teacher) a print picture of Baba exactly same as that on self’s desktop with horizontal UDI on forehead. (Lord Dattatreya was additional at back).

We took it as though Baba entered our home to reside on desktop morning and later as a print photo on evening on same day! Chennai is blessed to have His visit! Also, His instruction to us was to worship Him as Lord Dattatreya as Trimurthi avatar and universal Sadhguru on Vijayadasami day, which was indeed a blessing to us all.

For 7 weeks at least, Sri Sai Baba and Lord Balaji of Tirupathi have been appearing together as pictures, etc. on 6-7 Saturdays – the day special for Tirupathi Balaji. Sai perhaps wished through these to show they are one and the same. People sometimes cannot relate that probably as much as they used to before, perhaps.

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  1. Om SAI ram to all. Hope BABAJI gonna hear my prayers soon plz plz BABAJI. You are every ting to me. You are my mother father brother and sister. Plz let me be in your holy feet.

  2. Om Sai Ram, Devotee 1 : Why Fear When Baba Is Near, That Boy Will Be Free, You Continuous Call Baba On His Behalf, Baba Will Be With You. Devotee 2 : Wonderful Experience. Enjoy The Present And Forget Past. Because Even Baba Like Present. Devotee 3 : Blissful Experience.. Baba Always Be With Us…We Love You Baba…Om Sai Ram


    We have read the story of Shama undertaking a trip to Gaya and other places of importance in Chapter XLVI. He has provided complete finance for Shama and also made arrangements at the various places Shama visited. Shama’s completely surrendered to Baba and Baba ensured Shamas successful trip. OUr surrender to the Guru is important, the only sure sign of this is that our mind gets calm and composed. If Baba accepts a devotee, He follows him and stands by him, day and night, at home or abroad. Let the devotee go anywhere he likes, Baba is there ahead of him in some form, in an inconceivable manner. This story illustrates the same.

    Madhu Fasle did Baba’s chores, like sweeping the Dwarka Mai, washing his kafni and taking care of Baba’s horse. Baba fondly called him ‘Ghodewala’ once Baba ordered him to go on a pilgrimage to Kashi. Madhu hesitated and said, “Baba I don’t know the way” Baba said, “Go from Shirdi to Paithan, Jalna, Balaji, Devalgaon, Omkar,Ajmeer, Neemuch and then Kashi” Then Madhu set out with Baba’s blessings in the form of an old kafni, and 10 rupees that Baba had given him for expenses on the way. Madhu had the utmost faith in Baba and he knew that Baba would take care of him every step of the way.

    The journey covers many miles over 1,400 miles and the states of Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh and Utter Pradesh. Madhu walked to Paithan without any trouble, then he met Nandu Patil who asked where he was bound. Madhu told him that Baba had asked him to go to Kashi, and he was on his way. Nandu invited him home and looked after him for four days. Madhu told Nandu about Baba’s divinity and his experiences. Nandu took him to Jalna by his horse carriage.

    From Jalna he walked up to Balaji Devalgaon, there he met Ranganath Maharaj. Seeing Madhu the omniscient Ranganath said that Madhu was fortunate to live in a spiritually elevated place like Shirdi. Then Madhu continued his journey and every time he broke his journey somebody helped him. He then proceeded to Omkarareshwar by foot, and stayed in a temple for 2 days. The priest of the temple provided food and a place for him to rest.

    His next destination was Ajmeer. On the way he got plenty of dates to eat. As he was tired he went and sat by a stream and remembered Baba. Suddenly a fakir in a green kafni appeared before and enquired as to where he was going. The fakir then warned him that there was fighting and unrest in that area. The fakir gave Madhu a large quantity of dried fruits and together they smoked a Chillum. When Madhu decided to proceed the fakir bought him a railway ticket to Bhopal. Upon parting he said, “If any one gives you chapattis to eat on the way eat it unhesitatingly if not eat Margosa leaves”. Madhu had crossed into Madhya Pradesh.

  4. From Bhopal he walked all the way to Agra. While he was walking it happened to be Ekadashi, he went to a Railway station and slept on a bench as he was tired and hungry. A Bhil came up to him and gave him some Chattu (a flour when mixed in water makes a delicious gruel). Madhu suspected that he was a low caste person and refused to take. The Bhil assured him that as it was uncooked flour it was suitable to eat while fasting. So Madhu ate and continued on.

    When Madhu reached Agra he met the same fakir who met him on his way to Ajmeer. He welcomed him saying, “Child now go to Mathura and Brindavan, but do not make friends with anyone on the way” Then he bought him a train ticket to Mathura. Madhu reached Mathura comfortably there he met a man who was enrolling laborers to work in his Tea Estate. Madhu also joined as a laborer, but told him that he would not have his meals with him. The man gave him money and asked him to eat from any restaurant. He continued giving him money for 8 days, then Madhu remembered the fakirs words and escaped from there. He then walked to Kanpur and along the way he got Chapattis to eat, then he met the same fakir again. The fakir gave him ‘Chattu’ to eat and advised him to go to Ayodhya from Lucknow. He gave him all the information for a comfortable journey and told him where to stay and get food. Finally Madhu went to Kashi from Lucknow, there he met Mohan Pandya, who took him home and looked after him for 5 days. At Kashi he visited the famous Vishvanath Temple and numerous temples along the Ganges. After having a dip in the Ganges he went to Prayag by train and took a bath in the ‘Triveni’ (confluence of three rivers).

    Again Madhu met the same fakir fed him and, gave him a train ticket to Manmad and asked him to return home. From Manmad he walked to Shirdi Baba welcomed him saying “I was with you through out your journey. I saved you on numerous occasions, during these 3 months” Madhu knew that he could not do the pilgrimage without Baba’s help. Daily he would mix the sacred water of the Ganga in Baba’s drinking and bathing water.

    So It is witht the will and wish of Baba that we undertake pilgrimage and it is with His will and wish that we complete it. So we should be proud of our pilgrimage. We should give complete credit to Baba

    Reference : Ambrosia in Shirdi by Ramalinga Swamy

  5. I am also living in Dubai.i know how bad it is ot be in police custody.here u cant come out of the case that easily.only BABA can save the boy.i pray that HE saves the boy from this tragedy.my sincere prayers are for it,,

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  7. My heart goes out to the person the 1st devotee described but then I realize that our sweet lord, our dear Baba will have run to their help hearing the pleas of a majority of his devotees 🙂

    O Deva, show us the right way to live and breathe and help us redeem ourselves by singing Your praise. Bless us O Sadguru so we may be of use to our fellow devotees who are in need and bring them solace.

    Thank You O Sai for a beautiful and blessed life 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Sai maa
    Pls help 2nd devotees friend sai maa.i shall feed a poor mam tomorrow
    Sai maa although I am better than before by your grace not entirely alright
    Pls ma pls pls help me my Sai maa
    Luv u maa
    I fall at your feet

  9. om sai ram
    om sai ram
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    om sai ra,m

  10. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    Sripad Sri Vallabh – A Historical Incarnation
    Historically, Sripad SriVallabh has been regarded as the first incarnation of Lord
    Dattatrey. The Guru Charitra, written in Marathi is regarded as the first and foremost
    composition on the traditional doctrine of Lord Dattatrey. This book entails a number of
    miracles conducted by Sripad SriVallabh and Shree Narasinha Saraswati, the
    incarnations of Lord Dattatrey.
    The miracles of Sripad SriVallabh have been described in the fifth, eighth, ninth
    and tenth chapters of Gurucharitra. In the Eastern Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh
    State, there is a town called Pithapuram near Kakinada. Pithapuram is one of the five
    pitruteerth where performance of a Shraddha in honour of the manes is considered to
    be particularly beneficial.
    A pious Brahmin couple, Aparaj and his wife Sumati lived in this village. There
    was a Shraddha ceremony in their house on an Amavasya day. Aparaj and Sumati
    were the devotees of Lord Dattatrey. Unfortunately, none of their offspring’s other than
    two sons had survived after birth. Even the two sons that survived were unfortunate
    since one of them was blind and the other was crippled. Hence Sumati was always
    distressed. On the afternoon of that Shraddha day, Lord Dattatrey came to her house
    disguised as a mendicant. The food was yet to be served to the Brahmins present in the
    Shraddha ceremony. However, out of hospitality Sumati fed the guest, Lord Dattatrey
    to his fullest satisfaction. Lord Dattatrey was highly pleased with her devotion and
    manifested before her in the form of Trinity.
    Lord Dattatrey said, “Mother, I am pleased with your devotion. Tell me your wish
    and I shall fulfil your wish”. Sumati laid herself on the lotus feet of Lord Dattatrey and
    washed them with her tears of affection. Then Sumati prayed to Lord Dattatrey “Oh
    Lord! You have addressed me as a mother and this itself has made me content. My
    offspring’s do not survive. Only two sons survived, out of which one is blind and the
    other is crippled. Hence with your Divine grace, please bless me a son endowed with
    knowledge like you!”

  11. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    Lord Dattatrey replied, “Your wish shall be fulfilled. A son will be born to you as
    per your wish; he will uplift your entire family. He will be gifted with the knowledge, but
    he would not stay with you for too long. Do not stop him from leaving your home”.
    Granting such a blessing to Sumati, Lord Dattatrey disappeared. The virtuous Sumati
    told about this entire incident in detail to her husband Aparaj when he arrived at home
    and asked him “Have I accrued any sin by feeding the guest before feeding the
    Brahmins? ”. Aparaj was a wise Brahmin. He said, “Sumati, you have done a virtuous
    action. For the satisfaction of the manes of the deceased ancestors, the ceremony is
    performed and the offerings are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Today due to our good
    fortune, Lord Dattatrey himself came and blessed us by accepting our offerings.
    Certainly the manes of our deceased ancestors will be very pleased with this”.
    In due time, Sumati gave birth to a baby boy on Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi35
    day. His feet carried the holy signs of Vajra (thunderbolt of God Indra), Ankush (an
    elephant goad), Dhwaj (an ensign) and a Kamal (Lotus). Hence they named him as
    Sripad. The astrologer, after due calculations predicted that their son Sripad is an
    incarnation of God who would become a great ascetic and a Jagadguru21. With his
    childish plays and miracles, Sripad pleased his parents. When he was seven, his parents
    performed his thread ceremony. After staying in the Ashram of a Guru and following the
    Brahmacharya-ashram36 . Sripad very soon read the four Vedas and six Shastras. Then
    he started speaking to people about the real meaning of the established rule of conduct,
    behaviour, usage, and atonement for sin and Holy Scriptures. When Sripad became
    sixteen year old, his parents started thinking about his marriage. That’s when Sripad
    reminded them, “I am born to be an ascetic, not for marriage. I want to be free from
    worldly attachments or to enjoy worldly pleasures. I am married to all the 27 yoga’s37 in
    this universe. For the accomplishment of the yoga’s, I would like to travel to the north.
    Sumati spoke to Sripad, “My son, you are Datta, the Divine Trinity incarnate and
    you are born as my son according to your own promise to me. We shall not go against
    your wish. However, in this old age who will look after us? Who will look after your blind
    and crippled brothers? ”. Sripad wiped his mother’s tears and then called his brothers
    near him. He blessed them both with his Divine grace and miraculously they both
    became perfectly normal. Then Sripad told his mother “Mother, both of these brothers
    would live for one hundred years and serve both of you throughout your life. Also,
    Goddess Laxmi will live in this house forever. There would be no place for worries.
    Please bless me now and give your kind permission to leave this house and go from
    here”. Sripad Srivallabh fell at the feet of his parents and took their blessings to leave
    the house. Then Sripad Srivallabh, the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey disappeared from
    that house and manifested himself at Kashi-Banaras38. From there, he went to
    Badrikedar38 and performed deep penance. While returning from Badrikedar, he went
    to Gokarn Mahabaleshwer39, stayed there and performed penance. From Gokarn, he

  12. om sai raam,
    devotee 1:dont worry dear devotee ji,baba will definitely take care of the family of the boy…remember our saima's heart is softer than wax..he will surely take care of his children..give your friend some udi and ask him to take it with water with faith..may baba bless you all..

    devotee 2:dear some things that happens in life is due to some karma..dont worry that you have failed in your relationship..but think that after all these things you are still close to our baba who is our ULTIMATE relation in the whole universe indeed…may baba bless you and your family..

    devotee 3:very nice experience..om sai raam..

  13. pls baba help me and remove all my past and present karmAS. bless me saima with beautiful family life.pls make everything happens properly in life. I have left everything on u…jai sairam..

  14. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

    Love You babaji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  15. BABA CAME TO ME (Shri Sai Leela December 1983)

    A Guru never fails His devotees. After all human life is full of challenges – pain and pleasure, as a result of one’s past prarabdha. Steadfast faith in the Guru certainly helps the devotee to overcome obstacles in life.

    At no time, as present, has there been so much need for the uplifting presence of great men amongst us and for their guidance in our affairs. While all may not be fortunate enough to be in continuous contact with such great souls, nevertheless even a report of their lives and sayings is often enough to lift our thoughts towards the higher verities of life and to restore the scale of values, which we have left crumbling in our trivial pre-occupations. The continuity of the fundamental values of our civilization has been maintained through the ages because of the presence of such saints in or midst and the reverence and attention with which they have been received. One such great saint was Shri Sai Baba, who adorned Shirdi till October 1918.

    In January 1983, I was presented with a coloured picture of Sai Baba the very sight of which had fascinated me. I was inspired to read books and hear more about Baba and this has impressed my outlook on life for good. Since then Baba has been my saviour and hope, and has unfailingly come to my rescue in times of crisis.

    Since two years, myself and my husband (Dr. R.J. Ranganathan) are staying at Koppa in Malenand of Karnataka. My husband is a medical officer of Koppa, Chikmagalur.

    Baba came to me on two occasions in April 1983 and I am recounting them here with His grace, for the benefit of ‘Shri Sai Leela’ readers.

    It all happened on the 7th of April 1983. I was invited to attend a ‘Naga Prathista” ceremony at a village 20 miles from our place. Since my husband could not come. I attended the function along with a friend of mine, Miss Vani.

    The function was in the evening and arrangements were made for a car to pick me and my friend back. Due to some confusion, the car, which should have taken us back, left a little early, leaving behind myself and my friend.

    It was getting dark and there was no bus service at that time. We had to pass through a dense forest also. Our hosts were also helpless. They implored us to stay back that night and leave next morning; but my presence back home was essential as my husband was proceeding to Bangalore that night and I had to arrange his kit. Moreover my friend had also informed her mother that she would positively return before dark.

    Not knowing what to do, I sincerely prayed to Sai Baba to help me out of that situation. Our position was delicate, as my friend was almost frantic to go back. In the heart of heart I was definite that Baba would answer my prayers.

    Baba did rescue us ! In a few minutes, a lorry came along and stopped near us. We expressed our difficulty. The lorry was transporting buffaloes and there were already six people seated in the cabin. The driver expressed his helplessness and was about to start leaving us behind. I once again mentally called out to Sai Baba to make the driver take us. Baba did reply.

  16. Out of sympathy, the driver and his co-passengers adjusted. Both myself and my friend squeezed in. It is needless to say that we reached our homes safe. Incidentally it was a Thursday Baba’s day.

    Two weeks later Sai Baba came to me again on a Thursday in the form of a serpent. I had been to my cousin’s place in a tea estate which is 20 km from our place. They are sincere devotees of Lord Sainath and in fact the couple (Dr. Vijayakumar and Mrs. Seetha) are regular contributors to Shri Sai Leela magazine.

    It was 28th April, 1983. I went to my cousin’s estate in the morning itself to spend the entire day there. After lunch, Sai-brother Vijayakumar, a firm devotee of Sai Baba, was telling me as to how Sainath appears to His devotee in several forms and in fact, quoted Raghu Patil’s experience in ‘Sai Satcharita’ (9th Edition – page 198) for whom Sainath appeared in the form of a serpent in the cow-shed. He also related a few other instances to impress me that Sai is present in all beings.

    I had a nice time there in the estate from morning till evening. I was to catch the last bus to return to my place Dr. Vijayakumar performed the Thursday pooja, distributed the prasad and then got ready to leave me at the bus stop.

    Around 6.30 p.m. we left on his motorcycle as we had to cover a 3 km distance to reach the bus stop. On the way, Sai-brother Vijayakumar slowed down and pointed to me something that was hissing.

    When I looked, it was a big serpent over four feet long. On seeing us, it raised its hood. It was a cobra and I was quite frightened and did not know what to do. Sai-brother Vijayakumar was not afraid in the least and he said that it was Baba who was giving them darshan and that there was no need to be frightened. Accordingly the serpent did no harm and just passed away.

    As we continued our trip, Dr. Vijayakumar narrated to me the incident where Baba appeared as a serpent at Coimbathore on Tuesday the 7th January 1943, where the serpent heard the Bhajan, accepted flowers and milk, allowed itself to be seen by thousands of people and also photographed.

    I heard him patiently and returned home safe. Even hours after I saw the serpent, I was still frightened and on that night, I was dreaming of cobras only !

    I indeed feel the grace of Lord Sainath on me. I feel, I am blessed that in spite of my troubles, physical and otherwise-the Guru Himself has come to His devotees.

    Mrs. Usha Ranganathan,

    Chikmagalur 577126, (Karnataka).

  17. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

    Baba please save the boy in Dubai, Please bless him and his family with happy and healthy life.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Please excuse me for my mistakes Baba. Please remove my proud Baba. Please Baba.

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