Few more experiences are shared.

My Troubles Ended With Saibaba’s Blessingsa

Sai Sister Rani Ji from India says: I am from a middle class family, faced many problems, struggle with life. I am a devotee of Sairam since my childhood, since my graduation started, struggle with the life started, small health issues, and no good company of friends, no concentration on studies. How much I tried hard, but even couldn’t pass the exams. It leaded to depression and I was totally down the next years, family issues and many others. But then there was only a ray of hope, as SAI says there is no darkness in my devotee’s life.

Because of Sai Baba, I could pass my exams finally. Before I pass my exams, I fell in love with a guy, who entered in my life since my graduation. It came the time for marriage and my parent’s were eager to marry me into a good family with less dowry as they can’t afford more. It was with sai’s blessings we both got married as my aunt and uncle came to our house and asked my parents for the match. we were happily married.

After my marriage, again problems started with my husband and his parents. They started demanding dowry. Life was hectic for the next 3 years. I was so afraid even to talk to them. I was totally depressed because a person, who loved me lot and who knows everything about me changed a lot. When I asked Baba, then Baba said It was the result of my past karma deeds. I cried a lot with chanting Baba’s name. All these years, I was reading Sai Satcharitra. That was the only thing I got confident. After 3 and a half year, we had a baby and to my I lost hope on everything. My husband stopped talking to me for the next few months. Even I thought of ending my life, but whenever I thought so, Baba stopped me in every way. After few months, my husband realised his mistake and took me to his place (all these days I was with my aunt , uncle’s home).

Now after a series of bad experiences in my life, I raised my inner confidence and I am happy with Baba’s blessings. So many changes came in life, but the main thing always remained with me is my Saibaba. I talk to Him as a friend, not as a God. He guides me all the time like a friend and like a baby.
He taught me many things. He lessened my ego. I felt the presence of SAIBABA everywhere I go.

Once during my final year, I had minor health issue. There was a severe pain in my right hand. I prayed to Sai and took my friend to medical hall to get some medicines. While returning from outside, our bike struck in the traffic and a saint dressed like Sai came nearby. I thought to give some coins and tried searching for the change, but the saint raised his hands and blessed me. The green light came our bike ran off the road. I asked my friend did you remember the saint. She said no I never saw a saint there. Then it was a confirmation for me its SAIBABA, who came to bless me. Since that incident my eyes always search for Saibaba wherever I go. SRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI,JAI SAIRAM.

Baba Saved Me From Critical Situation

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful blog. This gives us full confidence to Sai Devotees by reading the Sai experience. I am working in in MNC in Hyderabad as a senior software engineer. My company is very strict and we don’t want to forward any documents to our yahoo ids. Unfortunately I have forwarded some of the documents. This is observed by security team and they intimated to my manager. My team lead told me, it is big issue how you did that mistake. Then I prayed baba please save me from this problem. Then the next day my manager told to higher managers there is not much important documents in it. So the issue got resolved. Thanks so much Baba for saving my job.

Still Waiting For The Big Day To Come

Sai Sister Garima Ji from India says: Hi friends, Om Sai Ram. My name is Garima. I don’t know when I started believing in Sainath Bhagwan Ji, but my faith is increasing in Him day by day. I am in deeply love with a boy named Amit from past 3 and half years. We talked about our family, but due to cast difference nothing went in our favour. We together did fast regularly, but nothing happened. And we got separated.

I don’t want to lose him and my family also. So I kept praying to Sainath Bhagwan Ji. I have full trust in Sai Baba’s Question Answer Book. Book always says that I will get my love back and every time I ask Baba to guide me. He does the same by somehow means. He asked me to worship Lord Hanuman Ji and till today I am practicing that. I know I don’t have any big experience to share, but I had faith that one day, my dream will come true. Till then I will keep waiting. Hope soon everything goes well. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. sairam every every nice leelas i want to see baba thous are lucky to see baba they areblessed sai giv j e me darshan i want to see you baba please bless me om sai namo nama sree sai namo nama sadguru sai namo nama

  2. Baba is our Deva …He will give the best to us always .. we should have shradha saburi always …. He is the supreme God …. If he feels we deserve he will give things not in our fate … He has control on his children's life …. Bolo bolo Sab mil Ke bolo ….sainath maharaj ki Jai …

  3. wonderful experiences… devotee 3 you will surely get what is good for you….I am praying for you to get your love back.. OM SAINATHAY NAMAH…

  4. Om Sai Ram…Devotee 1 & 2 : Blissful and Wonderful Experience…Devotee 3: Baba Will Take Care Of Everything….Baba Always Be With Us…We Love You Baba….Om Sai Ram

  5. Saibaba comes running on Devotees call

    We have read that Baba comes running to save His devotees, Here is one such incident wherein Baba came running on His devotees call.

    Radhabai was totally devoted to Baba, and spent most of her time worshipping him with various rituals. She would get up early in the morning and start praying, and finish praying late in the evening, she also did all her household chores and took care of her husband. On October 2nd 1946 her husband returned from work in the evening as soon as he entered the house he told her he was feeling very tired so he lay down. An hour latter she went to check on him and found that he was running a high temperature. She made him comfortable, but soon he became delirious, her family advised her to call a doctor, but Radhabai refused stating that Baba could take care of him. She went to her prayer room and prayed fervently to Baba, a short while later, she saw Baba arriving to her house on a Motor bicycle. He then entered the room in which her husband was lying, and the following conversation took place between them.

    Baba, “Why do you call me for small things?”

    Radhabai answers, “Baba my husband is running high fever and is delirious. Who else can I call but you?”

    Baba then laughed heartily and gave her a handful of udi and said, “Sprinkle this all over his body”

    Radhabai did as Baba had ordered, and within 15 minutes her husband started sweating profusely and his fever had gone. She looked for Baba but he was nowhere to be seen.

    Ref Sai Sudha Magazine September and October 1946


    On 10-9-1983 Dinanath Gupta a resident of Jabalpur had high fever accompanied with weakness. He rested for two days and did not step out of his house. A doctor was summoned and he took the medicines as advised, but of no avail. The fever came down when he took the medicine but soon it rose again. On the 12th he went to work and he was alright during the day but as soon as he came home the fever rose again.

    Thursday was a very important day for him as he had been fasting on that day since 1948 and worshiping Baba with all due rituals. He went to work as usual and at 4.30 p m experienced the upper part of his body shake violently it was as if someone was inside his body churning and shaking it. His colleague Murthy also was this, strange phenomenon. The shaking abated about two hours later and he immediately went home and lay down, then the fever started and reached 105 degrees.

    The next day his entire body was shivering his wife saw this and started crying. There was a photograph of Baba above his bed she went and prayed to it then gave him a glass of water mixed with udi, which he was able to drink. His wife summoned a doctor who gave him some medicines but told her that he was gripped by an evil spirit. His wife contacted a Tantric who came the next day and through the recitation of mantras was able to capture the evil spirit. The evil spirit was taken away and at midnight its last rites and cremation was performed. While the cremation was being done a Cobra appeared suddenly, the Tantric folded his hands and said that the spirit was expelled successfully then the Cobra left. Dinanath recovered after that, but had lost a lot of weight and was pale as a sheet.

    It was then that he realized that Baba had appeared in the form of the Cobra and taken care of him. He recollected the numerous times that Baba had appeared before his devotees in the form of a Cobra.

    Ref Sai. Leela. Magazine. Volume 64. No 3 June 1985

    • Om sai ram…. Dear devottes from where do u get these oldies collection of shri sai leelas magazine, i too want all collesction of books tht issued by sai sansthan, i m activate member of sai sansthan for magazine from 2011, bt i want all old magazine also, plz help me….
      Only sai sai sai……

  7. om sai ram. really nice experiences. i read your blog almost everyday in morning before starting my work. even i have many miracles in my life which i would like to share soon. baa bless us all and thank u verryyy muchh for always being there. luv u baa…

  8. Nice experiences and prayers of faith that Baba will surely listen to 🙂

    O Deva, let us be vehicles of serenity and love everywhere we go. Bless us O Sadguru that we may do deeds that make our loved ones proud of us.

    Thank You for O Sai for all the love and all the miracles 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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  10. nice experiences….

    Deva please remove my ego.. i want to be a good human being.. but my ego doesn't allow me to be good with my family members. please deva i don't want anything. just remove my ego. please deva only you can change me. please make me how i was before.. i have become very short tempered now. i only dont understand what i will do when i get angry. please sai devotees pray for me… sorry deva & love u a lot

  11. OM SAI RAM Baba I m the midst of danger.I am going to loose my job in April no job till I m searching it .As our financial condition is also not good my father is also not working and my sister she is studying I dont want any problem arise in her studies.I left my M.Sc because of money I use to be a topper in my college but all in vain as I found no other way I am in my 30,s still not married still in a confusing position.I know I will fight to overcome from my situation as I know Baba is there with me.Just show me the way Baba .

  12. Baba yesterday was my 8th wedding anniversary. Please baba shower your blessings and bless us with child, we are still waiting for that lovely moment. Please baba accept our prayers or take me away. I don't want to live with a tag of infertile. Please please baba help us and show us your Krupa…you can only save us. You are only hope left for us. Please please consider me your daughter… Please

    • do not say like that… definitely you will get a beautiful baby.. do not degrade urself… just do annadhan to an orphanage children as much u can…. definitely you will be blessed soon… just think about your family.. baba will not encourage this…. stay calm.. you are going to be blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby…. smile dear.. be happy… baba will bless u with a cute baby as per saisatsarithra dear… take care….

  13. Birth of Lord Dattatrey……
    Anusuya, the wife of the sage Atri rishi, was very chaste and virtuous. The
    fame and lustre of Anusuya’s chastity and virtue had already spread far and wide in the
    three worlds (heaven, earth and nether world). Goddess Savitri, Goddess Lakshmi and
    Goddess Parvati, wives of the three Gods Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh
    became jealous due to the splendour of the religious merit of Anusuya. The great sage
    Narada25 instigated the three divine goddesses who then convinced their husbands to
    test Anusuya for her chastity and virtue. With this intent, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and
    Lord Mahesh approached the hermitage of sage Atri as guests in the form of Brahmins.
    Sage Atri was away from the hermitage at that time. Anusuya prepared food for
    the three guests. But then the three guests made a strange request, “we will accept
    your food only if you feed us without wearing any garment”. Embarrassed with this
    strange request of the guests, Anusuya was highly confused. Her virtue and chastity
    were at stake on one side and her hospitality was at stake on the other hand. Then
    Anusuya took some water from the Kamandalu14 of sage Atri and sprinkled it on the
    guests. Miraculously, the guests turned into babies and started crying. Due to their
    crying, the motherly affection in Anusuya was stimulated and she breast-fed all the
    three babies.
    When the three Gods did not return as expected, their wives Savitri, Lakshmi
    and Parvati became very anxious and worried. They approached Anusuya’s hermitage,
    claiming their husbands. Anusuya informed them “Your husbands did not come here.
    The three guests that did come here are in the cradle at present”. The three Goddesses
    found it impossible to identify their husbands in the form of babies. The Goddesses then
    surrendered themselves to Anusuya and requested for her help. Anusuya then once again sprinkled the water from sage Atri’s kamandalu on the babies and the babies
    assumed their original forms of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh.
    Due to the splendour and glory of the religious merit of Anusuya, the three Gods
    individually left a portion of their Divine essence with Anusuya before returning back.
    The Divine essence of the three Gods integrated in one form and Lord Dattatrey was
    born at Sunset time on Margasheersh Poornima26 Day.
    In the Hindu mythology, there is a second narration of this event where the
    three Gods, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh blessed Anusuya and sage Atri
    with three sons. Each son was blessed with the Divinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu
    and Lord Mahesh respectively. Moon, their first son was the form of passion,
    represented Lord Brahma; Datta, the second son with the form of goodness,
    represented Lord Vishnu; and Durvasa was the third son with the form of ignorance,
    represented Lord Mahesh. After a few days, the two sons Moon and Durvasa merged
    their divinity into Datta and went away. Moon took his place in the sky and Durvasa
    opted for penance. Thus all the three Divine forms, merged into Datta, who then
    became known as Dattatrey with three faces and six hands

    • Thanks for sharing it….
      I too hv hear these stories from my grandfather, thanks for recollecting it……
      Only sai sai sai…….

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    pls bless her baba

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  16. Sai maa
    Pls waiting for your grace ma
    Please please please come soon. Ma You know I am going back tomorrow please make sure tat I am confident and cheerful there ma
    I don't want others to make fun of me

  17. BABA please cure me and my younger son. Please see that my husband and elder son doesn't catch our infections. Also please see that they don't call me. BABA please bless me, my family and my parents with good health.

  18. sai baba
    im praying from bottom of my heart. please tc of avik.send him an angel.do not allow any satan to go near him .
    om sri sai ram

  19. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

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    pls help me and save me baba….u r only hope to me now..i lost everything in life….but still believing that u will make everything alright…pls pls pls help me and save my life saimaa…..jai sairam

  22. Om Sai Ram!Baba only you know how much pain I am going through,the girl I loved more than my life has got engaged to someone else.You are the only hope Baba.Everything seems lost in life.Please help me Sai Baba.I asked the question today and the answer was "Your time has come now".I know you cannot be wrong Baba.Please bless me and bring her back in my life.

    • Dear Bro,

      Don't mind as I am telling this, does the girl loves you as that of you? If so she would not have engaged right. So let them marry, dont go behind her, there is an angel awaiting to marry you and baba will make her to come to you soon. So please forget her as breaking marriage at this point of time will be pain to that girl and the boy with out any mistake of him and both the families. So I request you to keep calm and stay back.


    Shri Kakasaheb Dixit was once suffering from fever at the time of his going to his office in the train.

    He prayed to Baba that if his fever increased he may be called to Shirdi. He suffered from fever through out the day and also during the way to Shirdi. After reaching Shirdi, his fever left him. From that time of his arrival in Shirdi, Baba also suffered from fever. This clearly shows that Baba Himself used to relieve the sufferings of His devotees by suffering Himself.

    Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II

  24. the above story of Lord Dattatreya is told as a story in the Famous Temple in Kanyakumari where HaraHari and Bramhma are in one body, just like Lord Dattareya.This story took place there eons ago. Also the other beautiful feature in the temple is the 20ft tall Hanuman.

    Jai Sai Ram

  25. Sai pa please bless me with a job that i desire, which will do me good and help me grow in my career.Above all which will make me grow mentally as well.I should succeed in my career and make u and my mom happy and proud.Be with me and help me.Shower your blessings and please give me a good job soon pa pls…i dont want to beg to others for money or job or life…but i dont mind begging to u, thats the reason im doing…help your daughter please…goodnight pa

  26. Nice experiences! Garima Ji, if Baba told you that your love will come back, some how and some way, he will come back to you, have faith in Baba's ways. Rani Ji, although you went through many bad things with your new family, Baba was always with you and made sure to lessen your pain and never gave you more than He knew you could handle, and in the end worked out everything. 2nd devotee, although you were scared about the possibility of losing the job for forwarding e-mails, Baba took care of the problem and didn't allow you to lose the job. Om Sai Ram!

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