Few more experiences are shared here.

Baba Is Ever So Watchful

Sai Sister Saraswathi Ji from India says: I am from Bangalore. Thank you for having this page on the web. I had in fact suggested people to have this kind of page, where Devotees can share their experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba’s Miracles. I have been a Humble Devotee of Baba since 1995. I have had my ups & downs in life, but have ALWAYS loved Baba ever so much. He has blessed me & my family so much. I cannot measure it & He has always been watchful not just on us, but ALL my friends too. I would like to relate one particular dream.

I was pregnant & used to ALWAYS have HIs photo on my stomach & sleep. During this time Baba came in my dream. It was HUGE Baba with tears rolling down His eyes. I asked Him “Why are You crying Baba?” and wiped His tears. He asked me “do you love Me so much?” and I said “Yes” by wiping His tears. He carried me like a Mother would carry her child on His side.

I gave birth to a baby girl (like I so much wished for) 3 weeks earlier than the due date. My daughter was born on “Vijay Dashami”. I am also blessed with a son. All this so much more & whatever I have or am today is SOLELY because of Baba & His Blessings. Baba please be with us forever & ever for generations . Please don’t leave us EVER!!! Bless the WHOLE world Baba!!

Saibaba Is Everything

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, you are really blessed by Sai. Saibaba is always with us. I am from Tamilnadu. I have been a regular reader of this blog for the past few days. I am really getting goose bumps, when I read each and every experience.

I really don’t know what to say. I don’t have words to express myself. I, myself feel very blessed to be a daughter of Papaji (Saibaba). I have not heard much about Papaji untill recent days. But from my teenage, I have seen baba’s pictures, where ever I go. During those days, I was not aware of Him, but somehow He always showed His presence. I am very grateful to two persons in my life, my sister-in-law and my cousin. Sai made me realize that He is with me through my sister-in-law and my cousin. Sai hears my prayer and He always answers me.

I really believe Him and I have a lot of trust and faith in Him. Papaji, I wish to help and serve the poor and needy, especially the ones who suffer from hunger. Please provide me enough strength to serve them. I don’t bother about my financial status because You are always there with me. I wish all Sai devotees to serve the poor and needy and the hunger soul so that we can make Papaji feel happy. Papaji has made everyone happy, let us make Papaji happy. I love You Papaji. We all love you loads. Please bless this earth to get rid of poverty.

Sparrow Drawn Towards Saibaba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Today I want to share my experience of how I started to worship Baba and all my problems solved by Him and experiencing His grace on me and my family since then.

In 2008, something happened that changed my life. I was going through a tough time and was very low and not interested in anything. Then one day my friend suggested me to read Sai Satcharitra. One day I started to read. I prayed to Baba to guide me and help me finish the reading in one week. Before sleeping, I prayed– Baba, please wake me up early, so I can read the book. It was around 5.30am, I dreamt baba telling me “get up and read the Sai Satcharitra, its 5.30”. I felt Him standing next to my bed and I got up suddenly, but didn’t see Baba anywhere. I felt very happy and had goose bumps and thanked Baba. Like this I was drawn to worship of Baba & all my problems are solved by Baba’s grace. Today whatever I am is because of Baba’s blessings. Thank You Baba for everything. Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. May Baba bless us all.

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Anil Gupta
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    Today;s experiences-All Very Short ones, BUT really blissful.

    First devotee, You love for Babaji is so pure tat it made HIM cry in love.

    Yes third Devotee, Babaji has got Limitless Mercy. One of my friends who had gone thorugh bad time for 16 years, at last was rescued By Babaji.

    This lady was living a very lavish life being a miiionaire wife but did not have love in life, Bad relationship with husband, all wrong habits like drinking etc were killing this lady. Fed up with all this one day she went to SAI temple out of disgust from her life. As soon as she entered small temple all lights in temple started to go on & off. Pujari was surprised & this lady was shocked. she saw a ray of hope.

    From next day but started to come to her around 3 oclock in the morning to wake up her up, She by herself used to to sit on ground near her bed & used to sit like this intoxiciated state up to 7 oclock in totally different world.

    In the mean time things started to get worse to the extent that she lost everything in one year including her kids. But this bhakthi of one year made her heart real gold.

    Then by the time she lost all the attachment with everything, everything fell in her lap again.

    Unique are Baba's ways.

    Love you deva, Love to all, Peace to ALL

    • OM SAI RAM

      Today;s experiences-All Very Short ones, BUT really blissful.

      First devotee, You love for Babaji is so pure tat it made HIM cry in love.

      Yes third Devotee, Babaji has got Limitless Mercy. One of my friends who had gone thorugh bad time for 16 years, at last was rescued By Babaji.

      This lady was living a very lavish life being a miiionaire wife but did not have love in life, Bad relationship with husband, all wrong habits like drinking etc were killing this lady. Fed up with all this one day she went to SAI temple out of disgust from her life. As soon as she entered small temple all lights in temple started to go on & off. Pujari was surprised & this lady was shocked. she saw a ray of hope.

      From next day SAI started to come to her around 3 oclock in the morning to wake up her up, She by herself used to to sit on ground near her bed & used to sit like this intoxiciated state up to 7 oclock in totally different world.

      In the mean time things started to get worse to the extent that she lost everything in one year including her kids. But this bhakthi of one year made her heart real gold.

      Then by the time she lost all the attachment with everything, everything fell in her lap again.

      Unique are Baba's ways.

      Love you deva, Love to all, Peace to ALL

  2. Om sairam.
    All the experiences are wonderful.
    2nd devotee you are a good soul.
    I keep asking sai to fulfill my wishes but your prayer to give you strength to serve the needy is really great.
    Sai's most liked service us to feed the hungry.
    Sai I luv you.
    I feel since yesterday till now you are angry with me.
    I found faults with the gift you had given me.
    I'm sorry.
    You are aware of my nature.
    Please forgive me sai.
    I pray to you to change my nature and give me good thoughts.
    Accept my prayers Deva.
    Please be with us always.

  3. Wonderful experiences and prayers.

    O Deva, forgive us our sins and let them melt away when we utter Your name. Bless us O Sadguru so we follow the path of righteousness and make our loved ones proud.

    Thank You O Sai for all the Love 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. wonderful experiences…. I want to share one of my little experience related to my pregnancy. this is specially to those pregnant women who has some kind of worries for their baby 24/7 until 9 months.i have already posted big experience in this blog but not printed yet.. so see how sai baba take care of his child. at the time of my second baby's delivery, when doctor broke my water bag , yellowish water came out. so doctor told us with surprisingly that your baby pooped inside your tummy. and this is not for one day or two day , that happened one month before the day he was born. so they told us we are surprised that how this baby survived in poopy water for one month. that's a very dangerous situation for babies.if babies does poop in mother's tummy doctor's have to get them out immediately because they can swallow that water. and it can be dangerous to still birth. and my son was in there for one month. but he was in there with our lovely baba. how can baba let anything happen to my son. and also I delivered very healthy baby boy…..so every soon to be mom don't worry and leave everything in baba's hand…. to bolo ANANTKOTI BRAHMAND NAYAK RAJADHIRAJ YOGIRAJ PARBRAHMA SHRI SACCHIDANAND SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAY…

  5. Om Sai Ram…Devotee 1 & 3 : Wonderful & Blissful Experiences, Devotee 2 : Very Good Message, We Should Follow This Message In Everyday Life To Make Our Baba Happy….Baba Always Be With Us…We Love You Baba…Om Sai Ram

  6. Om Sai Ram Friends ,
    I need a small help from you guys. I am going to shirdi this Sunday. But the problem is I am going alone. I am a female of age 29.I didn't book any accommodation . I will be there in Shirdi on Sunday morning and will be starting back Sunday Night. So please suggest me a safe place where I can fresh up. Please friends I need your help.

    Thank you ! for you help Friends!!!

    • Hello dear one
      Not to worry about anything.i was in shirdi for 4 days alone.and trust baba.he just took care of everytlittle thing.
      and by whichever bus you will go they will drop yiu at a hotel.and they might have all the facilities to fresh up as you dont want to stay.
      And everyone is very helpful there so dont worry about anything after all yiu are going to meet the one and only Sai baba.

    • You can visit https://online.sai.org.in/ and book accommodatation. The new SAIASHRAM BHAKTINIWAS (Accommodation by Saibaba Samsthan Trust) has many rooms available for this Sunday. AC rooms for 500/- and a non AC one for 200/-. For any reason, if you cannot book online then you can directly go there and ask for room. In all likelyhood you will find a vacant room. Any auto and taxi guy knows this place. Above all Baba would take good care of you. Have a wonderful Darshan. Om Sai Ram.

    • can we place coconut near samdhi, 'coz recently when I went to shiridi on dec 2013, I took 2 coconuts but couldn't .But 3 yrs back (2011) I saw they take coconut and break them in Samadhi premices, but now they had removed that facility.Please devotees, let me know whether we can take and keep them near samadhi

    • Thank you very much for your help Friends! I have booked a room in Saiashram Bhaktiniwas. I will sure try to place coconuts on you behalf. But as far as I know they wont allow us to take coconuts with us into the temple premises. Bcoz when I went last time in November 2013 they took the coconuts near the security check. But I promise you guys I will try my level best to place coconuts on your behalf at samadhi mandir or dwarakamai or gurusthan. Om Sai Ram!

    • Recently my mother took 2 coconuts inside and a woman in the security check took out one and allowed one inside. When my mother gave that coconut to the priest near Samadhi, the priest made it touch to saibaba idol and gave her back. So not sure will they allow or not. It's again Sai's blessings on us.

  7. Beautiful experiences…..experiences 2 and 3, you are blessed to be taken under His wing….experience 1, your experiences brought tears to my eyes….I hope you and your family live a long and healthy life. Om sai ram.

  8. Baba i need your help and blessing. You know how important it is to clear my written test. Deva please do not let me fall and hold my hands before I give up.Please please Baba. You are my sole relief ..


    A very ardent of Sai Baba who has written numerous books on Sai Baba wishes to share her experience on Sai Baba. In her own words

    On one of my vacations to India, I visited Shirdi there she met an aged man, how was very knowledgeable and answered many of my questions, so I called him Guruji. Guruji lived in Ambarnath and often he would write to me and give me news about Shirdi. Sometimes he would he write about a book he had read on Baba, often with an explanation of some passage in it. I felt very happy receiving his letters in Chicago. A few years latter while at Pune I decided to visit him at his home in Ambarnath. Guruji’s home was right in front of the Railway station and I could see the trains approaching the station from the balcony of his house.

    At that time there was a lot of unrest and incidents of bomb blasts in various trains was occurring. After a comfortable stay for a few days I decided to return to Pune. We stood on the balcony and when the train was approaching Guruji said “If you walk at a fast pace you will catch that train” So I touched his feet and left. But as I entered the road I saw some delectable Custard apples and bought some as my father liked them. For some reason I dilly dallied and bought my ticket. I entered the station and saw the last bogie leaving the platform, I knew I would not be able to board that train. I thought I would catch the next train which was due in an hour.

    Then I saw some emergency trains go in that direction and there was a lot of flurry amongst the Railway staff. I finally asked them when the next train to Pune would arrive, they said, that they did not know. I went to the Official on duty and asked him what had happened as not train had arrived and it was mid night, they told me that there was a bomb blast about 15 minutes after that train had left and many people were seriously injured. When I heard that I knelt down and thanked Baba for making me miss that train and for protecting me. Finally I caught a train going to Kanyakumari and reached Pune at 6 am.

    By this we can know that when we trust Shirdi Sai Baba, he goes out of the way to save His devotees.

  10. A Thrilling Sai Leela

    By S. Mani

    The Shrine of All Saints

    Pilgrimages will not help thee!

    Thou wilt fail to find the Truth as long as thou

    will not look beyond the books into the Heart within.

    Verily, in the Hear is the shrine of all

    Prophets and Saints

    Baba's miracles are a living legend and bring bliss to any devotee at any time and I am one among millions of Sai-devotees who have experienced that he is close behind our thoughts and is taking care of us in every moment of our lives. I stay in a first floor flat in Virar, Mumbai and my neighbors who stay in the ground floor (Yogesh Patel, his wife and a son Jash) are Gujarathis and ardent Sai-devotes. One evening recently the boy master Jash came to our flat and asked me surprising questions,

    "Uncle, are you a Sai Bhakta? Why are you worshipping Sai Baba?" asked the six year old Jash. I replied to him "I am doing pooja just like your going to school. I am a Sai sewak and do not call myself a Sai Bhakta."

    He queried 'Uncle, what is the difference between a Sewak and a Bhakta." I told him "Sai sewak is a humble servant, who offers service to needy persons, read Sai-literature, perform pooja every day and spread his gospel. A Sai-bhakta is an apostle of Sai Baba who can see Him 'eye to eye', talk to Him and convey His messages to trusted devotees and protect them from all sorts of hurdles."

    He listened to me keenly. His next query put me off guard. "Uncle, do you wish to speak with Baba?" I told him "I wish to speak to Sai Baba. But Baba is not free to talk with ordinary mortals like me." He said: "Uncle, you have to fast, meditate and offer flowers regularly for two years and then you can also talk to Sai Baba. In a huff, he ran away to play. These words of a six year old boy made me think deeply. As if an answer, I came across a quotation of Sri Ramakrishna within the next few seconds. "Some times God acts as the magnet and the devotee as the needle; God attracts the devotee to Himself; again sometimes the devote acts as the magnet and God as the needle. Such is the attractions of the devotee that God comes to him unable to resist his love."

    I felt what Jash told me was not his own. It is a transparent command of Baba through him to me to attain a higher spiritual plane. The whole night I was thinking about this, and the difficulties to obtain flowers as we live in the first floor of the apartment.

    The next morning, 22nd July 1997, it was Thursday. The door bell rang and on opening it I saw Mrs.Yogesh Patel with a basket of flowers. She mumbled that they have plenty of flowers in their garden and I am free to collect everyday. My joy knew no bounds. I could not control my emotions and stretched out both my hands and accepted the basket with flowers from Mrs. Patel and saw Sai Baba in her. I remembered the Vedic verse "Bhagawan Manushya Roopena" and offered my tearful tributes to Baba and Jash's Mother too.(Source Sai Padananda July 1998)


    In Sai Satcharitra Sai Baba runs and saves His devotees from various types of accidents. We have read about accidents due to Boat capsize, bullock cart accidents and other type of accidents. In this particular leela Sai Baba saved a devotee from the bomb blasts which occurred in Mumbai 1991 and that too in a unique way.

    In 1991 a devotee who stays in United States of Amercia came to India and she has the following to say, we came to Santa Cruz air port so we could take either a cab or a flight to Pune. We went to the Cab Stand but all the Cab drivers were huddled together saying they should go home as soon as possible. I wondered why they would want to go home so early in the morning. We asked them to take us to Pune but they did not pay any heed to us, they kept saying that things may turn violent at any time. Asha said, “Let us take the flight to Pune for which we already have tickets”.

    By then all the seats were booked. Not knowing this or what was happening we went to the ticket counter and handed our passports and tickets. As a formality the lady took my passport and a card sized photograph of Baba fell out. She reverentially picked it up and said something very strange, “There are no seats available and it might get dangerous. Just stay beside me and I will seat you on this flight”. Not knowing what was happening we stood close by.

    Then the aircraft arrived, and she started calling the names of the passengers. The names of the passengers that were family of 4 or 5 she called loudly. But the name of a couple she called softly she did call the names thrice but so softly that they did not hear it. Then turning to us she said, “Now just go” and literally pushed us into the boarding aircraft.

    The flight took off and it was the last for many days as riots had broken out between the Hindus and Muslims as a result of the Babri Masjid. As the aircraft flew over Mahim we looked out of the windows and saw Mumbai burning. Thanks to Baba and the kind lady we reached Pune safely and were not stranded in Mumbai Santa Cruz airport.

    Ref As narrated by Dr. Mitall

    • Thank you dear sai devotee anush ji for sharing such beautiful leelas of our saima from sai leela magazines.. may saima bless you and all…om sai ram..


    Sal – Sai is 'Everywhere',
    And, not a single care;
    Nor a burden bare,
    Can ever dare to stare.
    So mighty is his glare,
    That mountain-problems tear.

    An apple, a day, they say,
    Keeps the Doctor away.
    An utterence of "Sai" everyday,
    Keeps ail troubles at bay;
    And Sai with us, will ever stay.

    Call "Sai", "Sai", Everytime,
    Morning or at sleeping time;
    Happy or in difficult time,
    Because, He helps you any time;
    So, off all your habbits, make it prime,
    To cnant Sai, Sai, everytime.

    Sai is in 'Everything'
    In things living or dead,
    In pleasure or in pain,
    In happiness or in sorrow,
    In things big or in small,
    But, always in His bliss remaining;
    Sai, is in Everything.

    Sai is in 'Everyone', Caste or creed,
    He sees none; All are humans, all are one,
    And for all, the master is one;
    And for him too, all are one,
    As He is….in Everyone.

    "Sai" is in Every "where",
    "Sai" is in Every "thing",
    "Sai" is in Every "day",
    "Sai" is in Every "one",
    "Sai" is in Every "time".
    So, SAI, My dear, is in Every — Every "word".

    N. Rama Krishna, Secunderabad

    • Very nice, thanks for sharing. All the experiences are wonderful. Second devotee I completely agree with you, in fact I will donate food to hunger. Thanks for reminding me.
      om sai

  13. Why YOU give darshans only to few and also who doesn't really believe in YOU. You pull the people who really doesn't believe in you and appear in dreams. Why not for me? Did I ever miss eating without offering to YOU. Did I ever woke up with out taking your name. Did I ever sleep with out YOU next to me? Am I not feeding the poor and dogs? May I not behaving properly with my m-I-L and with my parents as told by YOU. What am I not doing as told by YOU. How come you are seeing me suffering like this? If you are really my father you cant see my pain like this. You go to the people who don't believe you but you don't appear for the people who really wants to see YOU. Very nice BABA. BABA you know im feeling bad that im unable to see you rather than im suffering like this. You are seeing how much im coughing but still you are silent. You know that going to homeopathy was a big mistake but allowed me to go. I don't understand how you are watching me suffering like this. Am I not your child?

    • jai sai ram have patience sai will never let down you he will give you right time then you forget all pains which you are bearing long time, plz hold his tightly if you miss it but he will not loose your hand sai is here for all of us

    • Thanks for your kind words. But until when? I know I don't have patience. Now I came to know that I don't even have faith in HIM. If I have faith I will not question HIM like this. But what to do BABA im unable to bear this pain which is affecting not only me but my family too. Im tired BABA with all these things. All these days I though I am your daughter but no BABA I am not. If I am your daughter I wont question YOU like this. Sorry BABA. But one thing I can say for sure that I love you so much BABA. This is not a lie and you know that very well.

    • Dear sai devotee i can understand how much you love him that though u lovingly fight with him u feel bad also to do the same.. dnt worry sai devotee just think is your problem bigger than your love for him also he us our mother will he just watch you suffer no never ever he can do that you might not feel his help right now but believe me he is suffering and bearing your pain more than you.. just hold on to him tightly he needs you and your love more than what you need from him…. may sai bless you and protect you always… om sai ram…

  14. Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  15. As devotee no 2 has said he is my mother 2
    I lost my mother and used feel low tat I don't have anybody to confide in but from the day I realised sai is my mom I am not missing my mom
    I recently started 9 guru var vrat .
    I hope to finish it without any hindrance
    Sai maa I request u to pull me out of this mess I am in .Please please maa.you know what your daughter wants and what she is going through. You also know how happy others are about your daughters present state
    Sai maa my maa help me ma
    I promise to help poor people in whatever way I can
    Sai maa I fall at your feet


    Baba ji thank you very much for what you have done for me in last one week. i am really greatful to you.
    Today is my last fast and hoping to get resolved all my worries pending at your lotus feet. Please baba be with me always and do some miracles which would keep my trust on you always and make it stronger and stronger day by day. Love you so much baba…. don't go away stay with me always.


  17. dear devotees………….
    today i have 2happy news just becoz of baba…….
    first:my husband promotion-actually i prayed lot many time for his promotion becoz he work very hard.and thought of doing naam jap and started-ican say within one or two day i heard news of his promotion from his manager.but 2days before only he got confirmation of his promotion with digits as expected.am so happy forhim .Love u saima….
    Second: today morning my inlaw called me and gave a news of My Sister in law pregnancy which they have been waiting for last 9yrs.fi have been praying to baba for long time give positive results.But today it happened.Just 2-3days before i wrote in comments and prayed to give positive result -becoz they did some treatment waiting for result-it happened today.Hurray….
    Cannot imagine their happiness.I know need to wait for 3months to share with others in the family but i cannot resist my feeling to share with sai devotees and to thank baba for doing this miracle..
    After 9yrs of marriage and so many prayer and rituals.they did everything and now they have it.Pls pray for her to have healthy baby and good health…..

    baba love you very much…..Pls devotress have faith nothing else to say…………..
    Love love love you baba for everything…………….

  18. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life baba..pls take care of me and make my life happy…with my family…jai sairam

  19. baba i can feel you in my dreams saying something..but i cudnot remember what did you say when i getup in the morning…i cudnot understand what you are trying to tell me..plz baba show me the path so that i can get you

  20. Om Sai Ram, Jai Sainath, baba please bless me with my dream job which I want to get since a year i.e. to work in a PSU (Maharatna/Navratna Co),Pls deva bless me in this year 2014 in the month of june pls deva it is very much required and also bless my younger brother with a wonderful job in a PSU with a higher designation & bless my families all members & my husband to have a happy & prosperous life with out any difficulties and worry. pls deva i am waiting for your mercy to me ,my husband and my families all members.Om saisamartha namo namah

  21. Blissful reading the stories … Baba has been with me in every phase of my life … I completely surrender to him … Many small good things I wud rather call it miracles have happened to me too … He has been blessing me all my life till now .. Just one thing I am yet to experience which yearning for months … I have not drempt Sai as yet … I wish him on my dreams .. I am sure I will be blessed for too … Om Shri sainath !

  22. Lord Dattatrey is honoured as a Jagadguru. He himself had twenty-four
    preceptors. He closely observed different qualities in this world and accepted only those
    qualities favourable for one’s accomplishment. He rejected unfavourable qualities.
    1) From Earth, Lord Dattatrey accepted the qualities of forgiveness and
    2) From Air, He accepted the qualities of non-attachment and purity.
    3) From Sky, He accepted the qualities of equality, aloofness, oneness, and
    4) From water, He accepted cleanliness and uniformity.
    5) From Fire, He accepted aloofness, lustre and brilliance.
    6) From Moon, He learned that this soul remains unaffected in spite of the
    existence of emotions in human body.
    7) From the Sun, He realized about aloofness and benevolence
    8) From the Pigeon, He learned that excess love and attachment could lead to
    9) From the Python, He learned to lie down quietly without any physical action,
    since whatever is meant to happen, will happen in any case.
    10)From the Sea, He accepted the qualities of earnestness and modesty.
    11)He learned from a Moth that if one gets enamoured and clings, their Self
    would be destroyed.
    12)He learned from the Bee that the tendency towards excessive collection
    brings destruction.
    13)He learned from the Elephant that because of its carelessness, it gets
    entangled in difficulties and has to become a slave of his partner. Hence one
    should avoid the company of a woman.
    14)He learned from the Black bee that one should try to gain without inflicting
    pain on anybody else.
    15)He learned from the Deer that it is dangerous to become engrossed in music
    and loose focus. One should always remain alert.
    16)He learned from Fish that envy or jealousy could lead to death.
    17)He learned from the Courtesan that one couldn’t be completely happy and
    get good sleep if they have many expectations. For one’s rescue, one should
    be self-supporting.
    18)He learned from a Bird-lapwing (Titavi) that unwanted savings bring
    destruction in the end.
    19)He learned from a Young Boy that one should forsake respect, disrespect,
    and anxiety.
    20)He learned from a Maiden and her bracelets that solitude is always excellent
    21)He learned from a Snake that one should live alone and without any
    22)He learned the importance of concentration in one’s work from the
    23)A Black Bee is an enemy of a worm and out of fear, the worm contemplates
    on the black bee to such an extent that the worm itself becomes a black bee.
    Hence Lord Dattatrey realized the importance of concentration and
    contemplation from the worm.
    24)He learned from a Female Spider that in the expansion, creation and
    destruction, there is ‘Advait’ (The doctrine that identifies universe with God).
    In this manner, by accepting favourable qualities and rejecting unfavourable
    qualities, Lord Dattatrey became a ‘Jagadguru’.

  23. ……..
    The disciples of Lord Dattatrey
    Lord Dattatrey had several disciples. He was very pleased with Krutaveerya’s
    son, Arjun (Kartaveerya, Sahasrarjun), so he made him king of planet earth. He also
    blessed King Arjun with thousand hands and self-knowledge.
    Pralhad, the devotee of Lord Narsinha had the divine vision of the Supreme
    Spirit when he received initiation from Lord Dattatrey. King Alarka, the son of the
    chaste woman Madalasa, was very materialistic and addicted to pleasures. However,
    when Lord Dattatrey initiated him, a miracle occurred and he renounced all worldly
    pleasures as well as his kingdom. He then became a great ascetic. Lord Dattatrey passed on his knowledge gained from the twenty-four preceptors to King Yadu and
    helped him give up his evil qualities to accept only good qualities. Lord Dattatrey
    blessed King Aayu with a son and in the end emancipated him with divine knowledge.
    Lord Dattatrey blessed a devotee named Vishnudatta with ‘Mantrashastra’ for the
    purpose of benevolence. Lord Dattatrey is therefore, respected as a generously
    magnanimous incarnation.

  24. Sai pa please bless me with a good job in BNP or SG or Shell soon pa please…Without job im restless and losing confidence to the core…My dear brothers and sisters please pray for me to our Sai to bless me with a job as it is very necessary for a girl like me…ONly my job gives me a little confidence atleast.

  25. Very nice experiences! Baba draws us towards Him in different ways and there is no limit to the forms Baba can take to help us or draw us towards Him. No matter what situation we are facing in life, Baba is there with us and can help us at anytime. Om Sai Ram!

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