Few more experiences are shared.

Baba My Anchor

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says: Hi I am Meera. I live with my family in USA. I came into Baba’s darbar 7 years back. My sister gave me Sai Satcharitra book to read. From that moment on Baba came into my heart and every single day I see my love Him and increases and my trust in Baba makes me a better person.

My first experience happened 2 years back, when we all went to India. At that time my daughter used to cry a lot for everything. My sister told her that she should not worry about anything since we have Baba with us all the time. My daughter asked her whether Baba would come in person to bless her. My sister said if you pray with all your heart, Baba will definitely come to you and talk to you. My daughter was convinced about this and when we all went to Shirdi during that trip my daughter kept asking, would Baba come now? And every time she saw an old sadhu, she would ask is that Baba?

We were a little worried that we promised her something like this. I told my sister that we should simply wait and Baba would take care of it. To our wonder, when we were in line in Dwarakamai, there were many kids there. An old man dressed in simple dhoti came near my daughter and kept his hands on her head and blessed her in Marathi. We were all so surprised and awe struck by this. That man took my daughter by hand and showed her how to pray to Baba and how to touch the rock, which was inside the glass case. He even put UDI on her forehead and spoke to her in tender tone. The wonder is my daughter never asked the meaning of what that man said. He put UDI for all of us and then He disappeared into the crowd!!! This incident clearly showed me the love He has for us and His promise that He would always stay by us.

My second experience happened yesterday. I was just talking to my kids about staying strong and not worrying about small things especially when we have our Sai Maa with us all the time. When we reached home, to my shock, I realised my wallet was lost. My first reaction was to panic, but I suddenly remembered what I spoke to my kids in the car and I thought this is the reason Baba had made me talk that way to give me confidence. I prayed to Baba and I calmly looked everywhere, retraced my steps called all the shops I went to. It is a lot of hassle if my wallet is lost. To cut the long story short one of the store had it in lost and found. I never thought I could love my god this way and feel this intense love and faith for Him. Always Stay with me Sai maa and guide me and advice me on things. I thank You for all the wonderful things You have given me and seem to think I am capable of receiving Your love and affection. To all my Sai family, thank you for reading my experience. Om Sai Ram.

I Am With You

Sai Sister Ranjana Ji from India says: I am Ranjana Tripathi, born in Calcutta and staying in Gurgaon. By Qualification I am a Software Engineer and an MBA. I completely believe in God and have been talking to them since childhood. I felt their presence in small small things often, but still had my area of doubts often.

As I sit to type my experience, believe me I am still in the state of awe and Ecstasy and few moments of my disbelief. After I left my job in corporate for my only son, who is now 11 years old, I had my time of ups and downs in the matter of heart and head. I missed my work as well loved my child so much that I couldn’t leave him in the hands of maids etc. During that time somehow I was attracted to Healing and Alternate therapy like Reiki. I learnt Reiki, Karuna Reiki and finally Angel Therapy. I started believing some good energy of Angels around me, but kept asking for small proof from them often.

I loved Sai Baba in all forms. Once I prepared khichdi at home in big amount and went to Sai Baba temple to feed the poors searching Him in the crowd or some kind of sign that He was also there. But no such feeling of His presence came. I completed my Sai Satcharitra in one week and looked for Him. Most of the time I visited Sai temple near to my house on Thursday and talked to Him. One day I was upset and felt my life is moving in a very boring way and no energy no God support is there to guide me. But as fast as the thought came it went back as well. And then one fine morning I was watching TV. When my landlady came downstairs and told me that a guava seller has come and has brought very sweet guavas and I should purchase. I came out and saw a man, who never came in our lane before. When I was buying guavas, I felt as if He was staring me. It was strange, but nothing awkward. I bought it and paid him and came back as soon as I kept the packet I felt my forefinger ring gifted by my father was missing.

I was shocked as it was there before the seller came. I ran outside, but it was nowhere. I searched at home, but in vain. I went upstairs and shared this to landlady. She convinced me that may be while sleeping I might have opened and kept it elsewhere. I knew the ring was not loose. I knew I had not opened it then my heart was not sad as somewhere I felt something was related to the guava seller. But how? There was no answer. Next day at him time I and land lady planned to ask him. Exactly we were discussing about him and he appeared. I was about to ask about the previous store of guavas when he himself explained me that last days guavas were packed separately in a polythene and new guavas were there in tokdi. So the plan that may be the ring has fallen in the tokri couldn’t be executed. I was alone with him when I told him that I will not buy guavas today as I have at home and asked him to come tomorrow. On this he replied with a smile Koi Baat Nahi(no problem). His smile was different, but still I had no feeling or I can say somewhere my heart was saying something to me.

I came inside when he left and went to my home temple where Sai Baba statue and photo is there. I talked to Him and said that this ring is my papa’s gift, but no problem. I know You have taken it so I am not worried. That day I wore another ring on my forefinger, but next day morning I felt I should make this finger empty as my ring is lost and should not wear any other ring on it. I opened that ring and kept it in Almirah. In the mean time I also looked in numerology book for the lost item where first day it came it was in softa area. So I kept searching near the pillow and bed. Next time it came it will be near the heat area and I was wondering will I get it near gas stove, but it was ruled out as my that area is always cleaned twice and thrice and now it was third day.

Well in night I was preparing Chappati and my son was in another room. While preparing I was thinking about numerology book and was wondering how the ring can be near stove area. No chance. When I lifted the chappati and was shocked to see that my ring was on my finger. Yes on my finger. Already I worn by me. It came back to me in the same was as it got vanished. I can’t describe the shock, a liite bit fear, happiness all kind of expression and moods came that moment. IT was MIRACLE as I opened the question book of Sai Baba and got the answer. I saw His few pictures and tried to see the guava seller face and it was so similar. He was BABA. Since then that seller has never come back. I looked for him continuously three to four days. No he will not come because BABA made me understood what I wanted to understand. I love You BABA. May Baba bless everyone.

Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Baba helped me a lot. I am thankful to Him. I don’t know much English. But I want to share my experience about Sai Baba. I did 9 Thursday Vrat and believed in Sai. Finally He helped me. My husband lost his job and was without job. He started searching a job and tried and tried, but he didn’t get anywhere. One of my friends told me to do Sai Baba Vrat. I did it with full trust and then it became miracle. He got a job in a good company with good salary. So all of you, believe in Sai Baba. He will really help you. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram

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  1. Baba u knw what i m goin thru…..apart from all odr tensions…..i m really worried abt medical reports of fibroids and not able to concieve…..doctors r saying surgrry z essential….plz do some miracle for me…help me get child naturally….my age z also increasing…hepl me baba

  2. Sai Baba Saves His Devotee from a fall in Shirdi
    If you trust Sai He will run thousands of kilometers to save His devotees. We have seen many leelas of Sai Baba wherein He appeared in various forms to protect His devotees. These leelas happended when Sai Baba was in flesh and blood and also when He cast of His mortal coil. Here is there to guide us at every step. Here is one such leela of Sai Baba post Samadhi.

    She was a Tamilian and Tamil was the only language she spoke. Her name was Kamal Ammala and she resided in Matunga Mumbai. Kamal was devoted to Baba; in 1944 her only son was recruited in the army. She was agonized by the thought of what might happen to him in the Army, so decided to seek refuge in Baba. She went to the railway station and asked for a ticket to Shirdi, she did not know that the train did not go up to Shirdi. The booking clerk was a Baba devotee so he gave a ticket to Kopergaon. Somehow she managed to come to Shirdi along with some pilgrims. She also managed to get a room near the Samadhi.

    At 8 pm she went out in the darkness not knowing that the steps behind the Samadhi had no parapet wall or railings at that time. She fell down on the pavement near the well and was badly bruised. The knees and forehead of this 60 year old lady were bleeding badly. She met Mr. Balvalli and told him in Tamil that she had fallen down the steps and bruised herself. He offered to take her to the doctor but she refused. Then she told him this incredible leela. She said, “When I fell down I saw a man standing next to me. I looked up and saw it was Shri Sai Baba himself. He was standing with a lantern in his hand. Then he gently passed his hands over my body especially the parts that hurt. He also assured me that I would be alright the next day, so I don’t need any treatment”

    Then she retired to her room and slept well as she did not have any pain. At midnight she dreamt of Baba who assured that he would take care of her son so she need not worry or fear for his safety.

    Ref Sai Sudha volume 5. no 8 June 1945.


  4. Great experience 1st devotee
    I am 43 years old who was confident happy cheerful and full of life .All of a sudden I have changed become lifeless n dull for no reason
    Others around me seem to enjoy this. I also get very emotional .
    I request sai devotees to pray for me
    Sai maa please please please want to c u be blessed by maa pls come maa soon maa
    Pls pull me out of this mental n physical irritations pls maa
    Waiting for u every second maa
    Fall at ur feet

  5. Om Sainath. Baba please muje meri Chotti Behan se milado. Jeevan bhar ehsanmand rahunga. Please Baba suno na. Mai janta hun meri haisiyat nahi hai bhai banne ki aap ki marzi ho to Chotti Behan ka muhbola bhai to bansakta hun. Baki aap ki marzi. Om Sainath.

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  10. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Protection to Sayamdeo*****
    Sayamdeo then prostrated at the feet of Sriguru for his blessings. Sensing his
    devotion, Sriguru blessed him and said, “You are fully devoted to me and hence you will
    get freedom from all anxieties”. Sriguru then returned back to his original place.
    Around sunset, Sayamdeo received a call from his Yavan Subhedar. Sayamdeo
    became very nervous since it was known that the cruel Subhedar wanted to kill a
    Brahmin. Therefore, this call meant death for Sayamdeo. Counting the last moments of
    his life, Sayamdeo summoned unto Sriguru throughout the night. In the morning, he
    approached Sriguru and gave him all the details. Listening to his story, Sriguru said,
    “You are my devotee. Nobody can kill my devotee. Go and undoubtedly meet the
    Subhedar. I shall wait here until you return”. Sayamdeo returned home after getting
    this assurance from Sriguru.
    Next morning he went to meet the Subhedar. He was a bit late and therefore the
    Subhedar had become insane out of anger. He had already started throwing abuses at
    Sayamdeo. As soon as he saw Sayamdeo, he went ahead to kill him. But suddenly he
    shrank due to fear and returned to his room. His whole body was undergoing a burning
    sensation. There was severe pain in his chest. He felt as if a Brahmin was cutting his
    flesh, inch by inch. When he remembered Sayamdeo, he came out of the room
    staggering and still in pain. Sayamdeo was standing outside, thinking & praying to
    Sriguru. The Subhedar fell down at Sayamdeo’s feet and said, “I request for your
    shelter. Please protect me. It was a big mistake calling you here. Please forgive me”.
    Then the Subhedar went inside the room and came out with a necklace of jewels, gold
    coins and gave them to Sayamdeo as a gift and requested him to go home.
    Sayamdeo left from the Subhedar’s place and went directly to Sriguru. Amazed
    with the kind grace of Sriguru, he prostrated at his feet. Seeing his faith, Sriguru told
    him, “Always maintain this strong devotion”. Sayamdeo prayed to Sriguru “I want to
    offer my services at your feet. I pray that you take me along with you”. Then Sriguru
    said, “Stay here for now. After fifteen years, you will be able to get my Divine grace”.
    Thus blessing him, Sriguru went ahead to continue on his pilgrimage.
    Further, he reached “Parali Vaijanath”. By then, Sriguru’s fame had spread
    everywhere. A large number of people started visiting him to pay their obeisance. It
    became difficult for Sriguru to carry on his worship or meditation. Therefore Sriguru
    ordered all his disciples to proceed on pilgrimage and he decided to find a solitary place
    for himself and live in solitude. So finally he left “Parali Vaijanath” to continue his
    worship and meditation.

  11. Mesmerising experiences all!

    O Deva, Thank You for being with us at every and each moment of our lives. Bless us O Sadguru so we may set aside our differences and see You in each other.

    Thank You for a beautiful life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. for the devotee who wanted to get married with a nice guy/girl………
    read sai prardanastakam for 9 sundays and 108 times each sunday 🙂 om sairam

    • i have already done it and the 9th sunday on shirdi soil itself but it didnt work for me.am 36 plus ..crossed marraigeable age .. did whatever possible from my side to please sai deva and every devas but neither job nor marriage happened… am jobless since 10 years now .. society has made my life hell and am also fed of replying infact i dont have answers to reply them why i am not able to find any alliance inspite of good looking and good education …

  13. sai ram to all devotees. Saibaba has been helping all the time. Baba helped me with one of projects, it is very complicated one and baba made it easier for me.I can never ever forget his help. Thank you baba. please bless us all baba

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  15. Baba please bless me with a good job. Am not getting an opportunity Baba. Please remove all my past sins Baba. Please be with me Baba.

  16. Jai Sairam,
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  17. om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

  18. Hi Devotee's

    I am 29 year old lady now, my parents are looking for an alliance from my 21 year, but nothing is working out, I prayed Baba and went to shiridi recently and kept ll my burdens and came back, recently i got an alliance, guys parents matched the horoscope, checked about my family, and they liked my photo and last week we met the family, i never give importance to any one's look, so i liked the person's profile and my parents also liked his family, everything was Ok for us, the guy's family was also with us but my height is 5.2 and the guy's height is 6, only for this reason the guy's family said no to proceed, my parents was in a dream atleast this year i will get married and i ll live happily…dreams are now lost, we are in pain and my family need sai's blessings….i wish the family should realize height is no matter, only mutual understanding is imp, looking forward for the family to get back to us with sai''s kripa, i am really scared and worried that my destiny is not letting my parent's live happily, please pray for me devotee's and bless me

    • i kindly request you to read sai pradanastakam for 9 sundays and 108 times on each sunday…donate food as much as possible..you will be blessed with a gud husband…om sairam

  19. Very nice experiences! Baba comes to us in many different forms and helps us in many different ways. These nice experiences show how Baba comes to help His devotees in numerous ways and there is no limit to how Baba can help us. Om Sai Ram!

  20. meri madad kar mere sai ..meri pukar sunle,,sab thik karde…..mujhe aaj teri jaroorat he sai..tere vachnon ko tu nibha sai mujhse aur sahan nhin ho raha he bas tu aak sab thik karle atka hua kaam pura karle mere mannat tu puri karle..main bht hi dukhi aur nisahaya hun aur teri sharan me aayi hun ..meri laaj rakhle..meri pukar sunle ..aak sab thik karde

  21. This recuperating procedure is intriguing in that it shows its karuna reiki professionals that the cannons at work system is an unselfish type of treatment and that if a specialist wants comfort and mending, he should have the capacity to give a piece of himself through facilitating the agony of others.

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