A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 588

Few more experiences are shared below.

Regarding Scribblings of a Sai Devotee

Sai brother Bharath ji from India says: I am Bharath. After a tough childhood, educated at a top college in India, traveled abroad, had professional success and a career defeat made him see life differently. Returning to India, he supported various causes, came into Sai’s care, now every day being guided by Sai. He writes on various topics – mostly sustainable living, self-realization being main themes.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Om Sainathaya Namaha. I would like to recommend the following to all Sai bhaktas going through difficult times in their lives.

1. Sai Satcharitra – read it whenever you can – a random chapter with faith helps also.

2. Scribblings of a Sai Devotee – found by self recently and going through it as and when possible. This offers amazing insights into dilemmas faced by Sai bhaktas in today’s world from the heart of a sincere devotee Sri Suresh Chandra Gupta.

3. Writing “sriramajayam” or “om nama shivaya” (or any other God’s name) on printed Naam-bank/blank papers is a great calming force supplementing the above reading activity.

These are Sai’s solution for me during tough times – ordinarily not faced by others. The good news is I could feel the presence of Sai (and many other masters as well) on certain days of the year this year. There have been many amazing coincidences.

Recently, Sai made me read up on Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh – as i was reading came a letter by post from the local ashram blessed by Sri Sivananda at time of its founding! (Letter was a donation receipt). Sai also made me read up on Swami Sivananda (and now asking me to recommend Sai devotees to take any advice from Swami Sivananda’s yoga practices as you see fit for your life without clashing with Sai bhakti and total surrender to Sai. In fact, when we visited Rishikesh three years back, the first food we had at a pilgrims’ resting hotel had pictures of Sai Baba showing us He and His fame are everywhere! Om Sainath!

Sri Sai Ram Miracle In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I come to know about Sai Baba’s 9 Thursday Vrat from my colleague. We (I and my husband) were in big immigration problem. Last 3 months was testing period in our life. Though my only solace and savior is Sai Baba.

We started our permanent resident processes (green card) around 10 years ago. We had problem in every single petition we applied. Last year our petition was moved to final stage. We thought that the long journey is going to end. Unfortunately our green card denied. Because of immigration officer’s mistake, the wrong file was referred. I went to out of status, need to leave the country within 6 months of denial and lost my job. We were in deep sorrow, sleepless nights. We think about this process every single minute as we don’t get opportunity to explain to anyone just wait and wait after applying petition.

I was sharing my problem with my friend. She advised me to do Sai Baba 9 Thursday Vrat. Since it was Thursday, I started on same day evening. I was not big devotee of Sai Baba at that time. As I started my Thursday Vrat I was able to feel presence of Sai Baba with me. I was saved from accident because of my Sai Baba. I got strong faith on Sai Baba that I will get my problem solved by the time I finish vrat. Every single day my devotion strengthened. I started listening to Sai Satcharitra , Sai Baba Aarti songs. I do read Datta Bavani every day. I cry in front Sai Baba photos.

One day I felt like Sai Baba is crying for me. He is carrying my burden on Him. I keep praying to Baba, “We don’t have anybody to solve this immigration issue other than You. You are only savior. Please give us peace”. Three months passed with faith on Sai Baba.I completed my 9th Thursay Vrat.

By Tuesday we received email status of green card production order .No words to explain how much Sai Baba did for us. It is nothing other than Sai Ram’s miracles. He is with us. I understood clearly we need faith and patience and He will take care of rest.

Sai Ram gave us peace, happiness within a week I completed my vrat. My family is thankful for rest of our life. Sai Ram strengthened our devotion. One day after my night aarti I told my husband that you make a reminder note that we will get our problem solved before end of november. He made a note in his mobile. Day before yesterday my husband was reading the note he made in his mobile,”Om Sai Ram solve the problem before end of november”. I am wordless to explain his miracles.

Now we got green card in hand by Sai’s grace. We are planning for India trip after six years. I am praying Sai Baba to bless us Shirdi trip. Sai is our life.


Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been going to Sai temple everyday for almost 2 months due to my little brother in some court case. I have been praying to Sai Baba everyday to help him get out of it. Also I have been praying for myself to have peace and successful life.

Year ago I had got A transfer out of town which has been really hard for me. But after I started reading Satcharita I got call from my boss that I might be moving closer to home by next year. I just need Sai’s Blessing to help my brother get out of court case. Please pray for me. Om Sai Ram

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear first devotee thanks for wonderful suggestions. Reading s atcharitra with faith gives peace of mind and solves problems. Second devotee congrats on your green card and thanks for sharing wonderful experience. Third devotee my prayers are with you baba will help devotees all the time just keep faith and meditate on him.

  2. Another thursday born with tears.I specifically requested you not to make me cry atleast on thursdays as its your day but from the day i started worshipping till today u dont miss out to make me cry.Whenever i ask u whether u exist and whether u love me, u answer without fail and make me trust u and follow u but nothing good has happened still other than those signs.I stopped worshipping and trusting Gods after my very bad past and that incident which happened in 2006.U came to me in the year 2009.I came to your temple with full devotion and asked you to bless me with the guy whom i were in love one sided and also prayed that my appraisal should be good atleast that year. I didnt even know that year will have promotions and i will have appraisal on that day but my luck/fate i had my appraisal that day(thursday, the day i visited ur temple,the 1st appraisal after i came to u) but what u did?It was a worst appraisal, that year had promotions all my batch mates got through even the ones who dont perform or does less performance when compared to me.u know that.still my promotion went for a toss.u know what a heart pain i had.Even then i came to ur temple only and cried asked you to relieve me.U completely disappointed me.U took the guy completely out from my life made him fall in love with someother girl from our office.u took my promotion.u took me to the wrong route by making me fall for a wrong and married man.WHY SUCH A BIG PUNISHMENT FOR ME?Just for coming to your feet is't?U know what all happened after 2009 ,how much i suffered and how much i have cried and still crying.Even after knowing all that u r silent.I lost my guy,my job and my character.Is this a punishment for coming to u?My life is completely gone after 2010.Since last 4 yrs im just crying.If you had listened to my prayers on that day i would have not lost my guy,my job and my character.now im standing like a blind orphan in a dark locked room with no one to help or guide.I keep speaking to u but u dont listen.Now i have lost 50% of my faith in u.How do u expect me to have faith and patience after this much age?Can u give back or that i lost?U cannot compensate anything.Will i get back my age?My life went completely just because of u SAIBABA and Lord Vignesh.1st half he spoiled,2nd half u.U both are responsible for all this and you both are answerable.I was such a nice and innocent and brillant girl but now a useless shit.R u happy?I know u wont answer.God is a stone.When u people be so rude and behave like a saddest what is there if its followed by humans.how can we expect humans to be good.Since ur character is so u give ur helping hands to people of that sort.U definitely cheated me.I feel very weak and low.Please stop my breath.I dont want to suffer more.I dont have strength.Please i beg to u please take my life i dont want this life please.Give my breath to someone who is need of life.Please leave me and take me from thiw world appa please.Today is also an auspicious day only please stop my breath.I should not wake up tomorrow.

    • dear,Understand that the past does not equal the future. Just because you've experienced pain or disappointment in the past it does not mean that what starts badly will end badly. Do not make a bad start turn into a self fulfilling prophecy for a bad ending. You don't have to be a product or a victim of your circumstances. Stop thinking about what is happening to you and start thinking about what you can make happen. If you're not happy with the way your life is now, set goals and move on. Use your past negative experiences to build character and make better decisions. Life involves taking many risks every day, and not all of them will end positively. That's what defines risk. But the flip side is that some actions will lead to good results, and it's generally better to have a mixed bag than to have nothing at all. Ideally, the good stuff will outweigh the bad, but you'll never reach that point unless you put yourself out there and hope. Write down short statements that remind you of what you're trying to change about the way you see the world. Put them in places where you'll see them every day, such as on your bathroom mirror, the inside of your locker, on your computer monitor, and even taped to your shower wall. Some affirmations to start with are:
      "Anything is possible."
      "My circumstances do not create me, I create my circumstances."
      "The only thing I can control is my attitude towards life."
      "I always have a choice."
      "I choose to live my positive side of life."
      When you feel pessimism clouding your judgment or you start to feel down about the future, remind yourself that every minute counts. Any time spent brooding guarantees nothing but less time to enjoy whatever life might have to offer. At its core, pessimism is impractical because it causes you to spend time dwelling on things that haven't happened yet and aren't guaranteed to happen. It also prevents you from getting things done. Pessimism breeds indecision. It's a waste of time, and time is a limited resource that you can't afford to take for granted.Do not be idle. The saying is true that empty mind is devil's workshop. Listen to music, play with pets, visit friends or relatives, read books, comics, chat with a friend, cook, go window shopping…the list is endless.
      please have faith in baba

    • Thanks for your kind words. If you can answer my doubts it will be helpful.

      1) why is he making me cry on all thursdays for some reason or the other?
      2) When something good happens to me(generally very small things only happen to happen to me like getting an answer from baba through his pictures or getting a call or msg from friends) i jumpand thank baba only and say all credits go to him similarly if something bad happens i will definitely pinpoint him only na.Is there anything wrong in that?
      3)Last week i went for an interview i prayed to him,read satcharita,saw him on so many vehicles and the day before my interview i got his prasad from shirdi so i had full faith that i will get a job but i didnt.i did my interview well but the people who interviewed me criticised me.Cant he understand my pain even after that.
      4)I have worked for 8 yrs continuosly but in the last two yrs i had two breaks one because of mental health and other one physical health so i had to quit my job else i would have been no more or gone mad fully.Its hard to get interview calls, i have updated all job portals,company websites,sent mails to many consultants and friends.I even beg to my friends and ex collegues to help me out but people dont have the heart to even respond.They are treating me like shit.Dont even have the courtesy to reply atleast with a no.How will i feel?Should i not fight with baba for this?What more will i do to get a job.
      5)If at all i get call its completely irrelevant to my experience they call me for marketing or sales or for an entry level.How will or can i take it up?Im not working just for money.Yes i need money but im working to stand up in front of all the people who laughed at me and treated me badly at various circumstances.Above all i do not have a big heart to start a career from the scratch after 10 years of college.Is my thinking wrong?
      6)Finally i dont heavy a happy or even a normal or loving family.My family doesnt support me in bad times,sibling is bothered about his own business.Dont even take an opportunity to help me out to come out from pain even have explaining my pains and situation.Just ignores me.Mom doesnt know to console just listens and stays quite.Doesnt even say dont cry.its like speaking to a wall.Father he is a saddest and he is the reason for major problems.Relatives and friends are all selfish.They are bothered only about their business.If at all if i share something small even they speak behind or go spread it like fire or pity me or stay far from me.Not even a single soul is there to support me mentally.I speak and share everything only with baba infact i call him appa, even if he sits still for years what will i do.He is not giving me the braveness to commit suicide even because he wants me to cry and suffer thats it.Imagine how a woman's heart will be.Today is my 4th week of navrat.Im doing it for my job let me see whether he gets me a job that i desire atleast before the end of 9th week.This is my only hope.

      It doesnt mean that after getting job my sadness will get washed away because im not married, im not good financially, i dont look good, losing my health and hair like anything.Still atleast by getting job i will gain or start building some confidence in life.Let me see what he does.If he stays quite even after this vrat i will take it as that he wants me to get away from him.I will get away baba if thats your wish.

    • Please stop blaming Sai baba for everything.It is only our Karma because of which we are suffering.I am also suffering due to my bad karma.However,baba has done a lot for me and we cannot understand baba as it is not possible for us to understand the innumerable ways through which he solves our problem.Just keep praying with heart and soul and sooner or later you will get help from baba.

      Baba is for all and he is also waiting for a moment when he can solve our problems.
      Keep praying so that you can reduce the intensity of your karma and have faith and patience then baba will surely take care of you.

    • Believe in yourself, have faith in God. You are a strong person, you can not undo the past – but you can certainly make your future. With determination, hard work and dedication. Set goal for yourself. you have to rise above the occasion and prove yourself. Stop thinking about others and just concentrate on your work. I know time is tough for you, but you know the saying 'tough time doesn't last, tough people do'. Make yourself strong, derive the strength from Sai.
      He is there for you, you just have to believe. May God bless you!

    • In Hindi We Say Bhawan ke ghar der hai andher nahi(There is delay in god's house not darkness) to get it is by doing things that give you pleasure ,
      Don't get upset with people or situations, they are powerless without your reaction..sai baba surly give you good job bless you …om sai ram

    • Dear friend,please accept whatever God has given us. Bad or good accept with a smile repeating 'sai,sai'. He knows what is good for us…death will not solve our problem. We have to pay for our past karmas. Accepting our bad deeds with faith in sai and a smile on face, gives us enormous knowledge and strength to survive in todays world by sai's grace. I can understand initially it is difficult to accept sorrows with smile but practice with faith. I bet you will surely be the most admirable person to your surroundings. If u r ready to take up this challenge with faith then remain blind folded HE will make u win.

    • Dear sai devotee its easy to say kind words to console you but i can understand how difficult to live with such pain. 1st realise that there are people who suffer more than you the only thing is we dont know them, 2nd suicide is not the option to get relieved of your pain he who is the creator only has the right to take your soul, 3rd think for a second whether all your problems are bigger than saima's grace,4th never forget that he has taken you in fold not to leave you, 5th remember he is suffering more than you to wash away your karma because he considers you as his child, 6th dont jz beleive in miracles only he is not with us to show miracles all the time to prove he is with you, 7th he is your soul strength as your part you have believe it only when you doubt it you start thinking he is not listening, 8th patience is all important the process may take years but at the end he wil make ur life beautiful more than what you wish for, 9th jz blindly trust him no matter whatever calamity comes remember he dint utter a word even wen you put all burden on him he is bearing your pain along with your shaking faith it hurts him a lot but yet he smiles at you because he is your mother… he is taking care of u and wen time comes he wil fix evrything… dear imagine millions of children like you depend on him jz think the amount of pain he hasto bear for all of us.. when our prblm gets solvef v enjoy our life but for him its never ending as everyday every moment ppl run to his feet for rescue.. if we cannot help him atleast we can make him happy by always remembering him… he needs you more than how much you need him… may sai bless all the souls… om sai ram

    • Why blame baba for everything??? You are testing the one who tests everyone. A firefly can't test the sun. Be happy with what you have and stop blaming god for bad things in life. If you truly believe in Sai, good and bad times won't matter you as at the bottom of your heart you will know that Sai is there for you and power of his blessings will make impossible possible. Stay on the path of truth and save yourself from these bad thoughts. If you are keeping fast for Baba on Thursday, keep faith in him. Who are you testing? Are you testing the vrat or Baba or yourself? You are not the only one suffering; we all have to endure pain as a result of our past deeds. You never know what good may be hidden in all the bad things happening around you. God's plans are more important and hence, surrender in God instead challenging power of Sai’s vrat. Don’t keep vrat if you don’t have faith in him.
      Sai ke rang mein rango and accept your situation as a Prasad from him. He will show you the light and right path at right time. And for those who laughed at you, they demonstrated smallness of their minds. If people are mocking you, remember that last living creatures on earth mocking humans are called monkeys. Those who judge you for your mistakes don’t worry about them as simple people can only understand simple things.
      Thank those people who have left you alone in your bad times as they are confident about your abilities to resolve your own problems. IF you truly believe and love Sai, you will need no one – neither friends, relatives, neighbors to give you shoulder to cry or hear your pain. Your faith in baba will make your senses numb and you will stop reacting to derogatory remarks and offensive behavior of people around you. You will feel this change in you if you surrender to Baba. Rise above these small things, it will change the way you see people and world around you. Bad people will always talk bad about others. What people talk about you is not for you to justify as long as you know the truth and are able to see eye to eye with Sai. When Baba says I am with you, then it doesn’t matter who is not with you. Sometimes I get angry seeing hypocrisy around but after few moments of anger I only come to realize that it is useless and worthless. After expressing anger, I submit to Sai and request apology for losing my cool. All I pray is to avoid situations when I lose my anger and control.
      Instead crying and complaining about your situation, if you keep faith in him and pray from heart, you will start seeing the light. If you fell in love with a married man, it was your choice, think about sequence of events, and is it not possible that you might have ignored all indications from God? Instead finding faults in your siblings and parents, list down your mistakes and request apology from God for your mistakes. Others mistakes are not for you to judge leave them at the feet of Baba. Everyone makes mistake, and everyone is great in his own eyes. However, it is difficult to have same feelings about others. May baba remove feelings of “I” from this world.

    • Dear Devotee,
      There are many ways to get rid of the past karmas. Please contact http://www.soulhealingindia.com for a karma reading which is free and get ur karma cleansed from master Allan Chuck who is thw world wide representative of Dr. master sha who is a worldwide spiritual healer nd teacher. They will charge for the karma cleansing and suggest you practice which gives amazing results "Remember the more you practice the faster r the results" have seen many peoples lives change from this. Life takes a 360 degree change. Your involvement and dedication is very much necessary. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram

    • Dear Devotee,
      There are many ways to get rid of the past karmas. Please contact http://www.soulhealingindia.com for a karma reading which is free and get ur karma cleansed from master Allan Chuck who is thw world wide representative of Dr. master sha who is a worldwide spiritual healer nd teacher. They will charge for the karma cleansing and suggest you practice which gives amazing results "Remember the more you practice the faster r the results" have seen many peoples lives change from this. Life takes a 360 degree change. Your involvement and dedication is very much necessary. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram

    • Please keep faith. Focus your mind on all the blessings God has given you. Divert your mind by doing volunteering services to the the poor and needy. When you do services to these people, you will realize how much you have and you will not miss what you do not have or what you could have had. Saints are representatives of God. But they are better than even God in some ways because they are more aware of the depth of human sufferings. Hence we may even say these realized souls are more compassionate than even God. There is no Saint other than Sai who will listen to the smallest of your troubles and pay attention to it. Be rest assured that He is aware of what you are going through in life. He sees, and He waits. As others have pointed out, the suffering we go through in our lives is nothing but the outcome of our past karma – committed in this life or in the previous ones. The only way to reduce this karma so we can reduce the intensity of our suffering is to chant the name of God and do good karma in this life. Sai Nath has repeatedly asked all his devotees to reach out to the needy and help them out in what ever way you can. He will surely help you, if you can help Him help you by helping others!

    • It has been a mystery to me, how easily people forget what their parents have done for them? How can one use attributes like "saddest" and "reason for all problems?" for father. All problems will resolve with blessings of parents and Sai instead accusing them of wrong doings?


  4. Dear Devotee 3, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba surely he will solve all the problems. And will pray for your wish.
    Dear 1&2 devotees thanks for sharing wonderful experiences. Om SaiRam.

  5. Sai Ram: Om Shri Sai Ram!

    Nice experiences and may Sai bless this world with love, compassion and peace.

    Friends, there are tons of material available in the internet. One good material I read and amazed by Sai Leela was: http://www.shrisaibabasansthan.org/new_eng%20template_shirdi/shri%20saibaba%20trust/saileela/2013/saileelaEnglish-MarchApril2013/PAGE%205-9.pdf

    Also I read Sai Baba is Still Alive by Jaya Wahi. This is also wonderful book and buy it if you can afford. If you can afford, please also "God Walked on Earth". Each book gives different insite of our beloved Sai Nath and increases the faith. Keep on reading daily about Sai Nath and will help you to live in righteous way.

    Jai Shri Sai Ram !!!

  6. amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing the expereinces. First devotee would have explain little bit detail about his experience so that would be a real boost to other devotees who are facing problems.

  7. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  8. Om Sai Ram….Devotee 1 : Thanks for sharing such a valuable information….Devotee 2 : Blissful Experience…..Devotee 3 : Baba will take care of everything….We Love You Baba…Always Be With Us….Om Sai Ram

    (Shri Sai Leela – April 1986)
    One of the eleven promises of Sai Baba was that “There shall be no want in the house of my devotees” Further in Chapter 32 of Shri Sai Satcharitra we have seen Baba never approved fasting. He ensured that His devotees got their food come what may. There are many stories which are not mentioned in Sai Satcharitra how Sai Baba ensured food to His devotees. For example for Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Sai Baba arranged Tea at late in the night at a temple. He also arranged for water on a sunny after. There are many such stories wherein Sai completely takes care of His devotees. Here is one such beautiful story of Dr.G.R.Vijay Kumar of Bangalore. He is a good Sai Devotee and is also associated with Sai Temple at Thyagaraj Nagar, Bangalore.

    It was September 1981. Due to reasons known only to Lord Sainath, a Company for which I was working in Kerala threw me off job. With one strong back and hardly any money, I had returned to my mother at Bangalore.

    Even while on job-hunt, to engage myself, I started a small Clinic in a village on the outskirts of Bangalore. It was more a 'seva' than earning any money as the village comprised half-starved agriculturists and factory workers. At that time my spirits were quite low and I used to carry a small tiffin-box to sustain myself in the afternoons. Sometimes I did not even bother to eat anything.

    In the very first week after my daily jaunts to that village, one afternoon an old gentleman visited me. He introduced himself as a retired clerk, re-employed as an accountant in the nearby glass factory.

    On his very first visit, I heard him muttering: "That darn wife of mine. She must think I am an elephant. I cannot eat all this. Who wants so much food?" I was only too happy to help him out. Every noon thereafter this gentleman would mutter about the food his wife was wasting as he passed the excess along to me.

    In the first week of December '81 Sainath, blessed me with a job in a tea-garden in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. As I was leaving Bangalore, I wanted to take leave of the Sai-bandhu who used to feed me daily. He was not to be seen around. So I went to the Glass Factory (where he was reported to be employed) to bid him good bye. The receptionist looked surprised: "Which old man? We do not have any retired hands working in our factory". I took a close look but could not locate the person whose divine hands fed me for a little over two months.

    As I am penning this Sai-miracle, I am only reminded of what a great writer once said:

    "No person really understands another. The human personality is a mystery fully known to God alone. Love is but the wish to understand."

    Dear Sai Brothers and Sai Sisters: Perhaps Sainath wanted me to learn the great truth Jesus taught in the Bible: "When thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee." (Mathew6:2)

  10. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  11. The Infinite Grace

    (Shri Sai Leela July 1985)

    I grew up in my aunt’s house in a village since I was 2 years old. There I used to watch my niece perform Aarti with a child’s curiosity. When she reached 16 she was married. Her first delivery was a difficult one. In villages in those only the barber’s wife did the mid-wifery and she said that my niece has to be taken to Hospital as her acute labour pains continued unabated. The nearest town was 6 miles away and the available conveyance was by bullock-cart and the road was bumpy, uneven and katcha. Not a recommendable proposition. So all were worried. Meantime hearing our conversation, amidst her labour pains, she said that Baba will protect her. So saying she cried aloud “Baba, Baba, Baba”. At the doorway of the room where she was lying, there appeared a hand in abhaya mudra and soon after she delivered a baby without any difficulty. This happened in 1939 on an evening at about 6.45. That was my first conscious introduction to Baba’s leelas. Later in the company of my mother, who used to observe a vow on Thursdays and perform Aarti, my faith in the Almighty was developed and sealed.

    I used to write songs in praise of the Lord whenever I was in distress and sing them. I have composed so far more than 4000 songs. I was and I am worshipping Balaji of Tirupathi, our family diety and also Lord Subrahmanya, Goddess Mahalakshmi and Rajarajeswari Devi. I observe a vow on Saturdays and Krithiga days. I have Baba’s photo in my pooja room. A day before Krithiga I used to have dream when a big cobra used to come and dance on my chest. This was just a reminder to me that the next day was Krithiga, the day of Lord Subrahmanya. I started my Saturday vow when I was in an acute difficult situation. I took a vow that I will write 108 songs – one each day – on Lord Balaji and my troubles must be over before I complete 108. Graciously enough my trouble was over soon after.

    Once I was virtually on death-bed because of severe jaundice. I was then just 32 years old with a young wife and two kids. I left hope of my life as the doctors numbered my days. My people were all weeping by my bed-side when my old main servant came and said to my wife, “Take a vow to deposit your mangala-sutra in Balaji’s Hundi, if he became alright”. Hearing this, I gathered all my feeble strength and shouted at her stating that I have no more belief in Balaji, who could not help my recovery. At this the maid servant became unconscious suddenly and Balaji possed her and said “Dear child I have been protecting you from long (instances were quoted here). Why do you lose confidence in me now? You will be cured by a doctor who will come today from south. Apologise for your words”. My maid servant did not know any of the incidents in my life; but she quoted them all correct. Later the doctor came as prophesied, cured me and I bear witness to this.

    When I was in India I used to attend bhajans on Thursdays. I went to Mbeya in Tanzania and there I used to conduct bhajans on Monday in temple and Thursdays in my house regularly. Recently in Oman I had occasion to meet one gentleman named Saibaba whose office is next to mine. When he was introduced to me I nearly picked up a quarrel with him questioning how he can have his name as “Saibaba”. Now he is a very good friend of mine and he took me to Dr.Homi Kaikobad’s house, where I was since then attending Sai Satsangh and Aarti regularly.

  12. A couple of months back I had a dream. I was on the last step of a staircase in a Railway station. An old lady in mid – 50’s was sitting in a wheel-chair. She was wearing a red saree, red blouse, red kumkum, and her jewels were shining most radiantly. Next to her an old man, in torn clothes, was also standing with a rickshaw who asked me, “My son, tell me where you want to go? I will take you. This lady also follows me in her wheel-chair”. I was then worried about my job opportunities and was praying to Goddess Rajarajeshwari and Baba to show me a right place. The result was the dream. It was a symbolic assurance of help which I got quickly later! I always get answers in my dreams, and my dreams come true.

    I am a Tamil Brahmin and Civil Engineer. My family is in Madras. I am 50 years old now and have one son and 4 daughters. Three of them are married all within a range of 45 days. It is all His grace. I always find His hand and guidance and feel His presence in everything. I do not see any difference between Lord Venkateshwara (Venkusa?) and Shirdi Baba. I don’t know why but Dr. Homi took a special liking for me and I am grateful to him. He was the leading light in Sai devotion in Muscat. I am nothing when compared to his revelations. He is utterly a Sai diwana with Sai perpetually on his lips and in his heart. He always had an irresistible urge to meet the echoes of his inner call. Answering this call, one day he suddenly left Muscat, God knows where, without a word to anybody, in search of the Greater Self, throwing away a flourishing practice, his many-sided popularity, his ever-widening circle of friends and well-wishers. I am sure he left to find a place of solitude in some unknown and obscure corner of the world where, without any disturbance from devotees or patients, he can pursue this spiritual urge which became a magnificent obsession for him. But the imprint that he left in Muscat is too deep to be erased or forgotten. We miss him like the Gopis of Vrindavana in the absence of their Krishna, the Eternal Flute Player.


    Ruwi-Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

    (Article based on a letter received by

    Shri K.Navin Chander from Hyderabad)

  13. Om Sai ram!!!

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

    Om Sai namonamaha
    Sri Sai namonamaha
    Jaya Jaya Sai namonamaha
    Sadguru Sai namonamaha

    Dear Devotees…….needed an info..last wk was my 8th nav guruwar vrat..generally i do pooja only in morng and have one time meal around 4 or 5 and rest only fruits. but last wk my menses started in aftrn around 3..so my question is will that be counted or skip n again have to fast one more wk.

    • dear sai sis,according to me,if u had finished your vrat pooja before 3 o clock u can count it ,otherwise not…like reading sai katha,108 sai's names his aarti etc….

    • i heard that..if we get menses on a vrat performing day before sunset it will not be counted…it is ok if we get after sunset….

  15. Bow to Thy Holy Feet our Sainath

    (Shri Sai Leela May 1984)

    BABA said to Megha "I carry on as a wirepuller of all the activities of the men who trusts ME and merges in ME" (Sai Satcharita, cb: 2S p. 155). Yes, our SAINATH is Antharyami. HE is all pervading, Omniscient and Omnipresent. BABA said "My eye is ever on those who love ME. Whatever you do, wherever you may be, bear this in mind that I am always aware of everything you do."

    In this communication I shall narrate some of my recent experiences. I accepted the outcome of all my attempts very boldly and with a smiling face, because " I surrendered myself with body and soul at HIS lotus feet."

    I quite often, am criticized and questioned by my close associates on the question of my absolute surrender and steady devotion to BABA. This arises especially when I attempt to explain to them that each small event which occurs has something to do with HIS wishes and desire. Yes, I always examine even a small matter as BABA'S wish, irrespective of my success or failure and I feel extremely contented with this act. Let me first confess that it was BABA who has been constantly encou­raging me to apply for some academic distinctions and honour since I was summoned by HIM to Pune to my present assign­ment. Prior to my coming over to Pune I was never thinking of going for such academic competitive attainments for which one has to be in the run always in the national field related to science and technology. After working for about a year and preparing the needed foundation to succeed in an academic race, I could see that my papers did not reach concerned person although sufficient precaution was taken care of and with ade­quate margin before the dead line, in order to satisfy myself I went to SHIRDI during this Diwali and again I prayed to HIM with my desire. In a closed envelope my feelings were also narrated and placed over BABA'S tomb. I was satisfied with this ritual. When the deadline for the academic race came very near I could learn that I was out of the competition since my papers did not reach the person concerned as informed by the person to me. My wife informed me of this news from New Delhi first and it was only a few moments, I came to my cons­ciousness and replied to her that it was HIS desire and I am not at all sad about this. Since then a few months have elapsed and I could find out that the person who had denied that the papers did not reach her was interested in her own candidate and had not cared for my candidature. BABA had saved me because if I would have remained as a candidate would not have succeeded since the person is politically and bureaucratically very powerful.

    In another event in this connection I got defeated and soon after the result was out, I told my wife that probably BABA has something in HIS mind since HE only knows when the time is ripe for accomplishment. Anyhow, I was encouraged by HIM only and it was HE only who took me with HIM for this exercise.

    But these two failures have opened one more avenue. BABA has been again encouraging me to go for another larger academic race and this is having more distinction and honour in Indian academic circle. I am getting ready because it is HIS desire that I should try. I am least concerned about the failure since I fully believe that BABA takes me with HIM to give me an opportunity to experience and at the same time generates strength to gain confidence and this is much more valuable to me than that of these materialistic distinctions. So let all of us make attempt to fix our eyes on HIM so that we should never feel pleasure or pain. Let our mind get rest at YOUR lotus feet our SAINATH.

    This materialistic world does not or cannot bring happiness to us and having disgusted and frustrated we should not move. But why not explore that the eternal peace and well as solace with bliss exist only in HIS DARBAR.


  17. i want to share something here , i 'm doing sai vrat every Thursday , i used wear yellow color every Thursday but today i thought i should wear purple color , after pooja when i open sai baba smadhi mandir live baba already wear purple .. 🙂

    Thank you Baba for what you did for me..Please forgive me for my mistakes i have done and be with me always. I need you badly … baba i love you.

  19. Om Sai ram!!!

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

    Om Sai namonamaha
    Sri Sai namonamaha
    Jaya Jaya Sai namonamaha
    Sadguru Sai namonamaha.

  20. BABA I have failed to listen to YOU again. YOU say if anyone says something to YOU just leave it. But I could not do it again. YOU know just because of my neighbour I lost my control. She talks so sweetly and behind talks negatively with everyone. Now I literally fought with her and with apartment supervisor as he is passing on to her what's going on between me and my tenant. BABA neighbour lady asked about my maid's sister to hire her. I told her all truth and now she talked negatively about me with them. My maid thought that I told all bad about her. BABA she did similar thing during new year too. BABA feeling very ugly with all these situations. BABA sorry for not listening to YOU. BABA now I have a strong feeling that she is talking all bad about me in my apartment. BABA YOU know she adds so much and talk so bad about everyone. BABA though everyone knows about her they say we should not show our reactions as we don't know when who will come to our help. Is this correct BABA? BABA please pull me out of this situation and give me peace of mind. BABA I promise YOU that I will follow YOUR words from now on. I don't say anything to anyone. But BABA when I come to know that people are talking about me without my mistake why I should be quite BABA. Wont they take more advantage BABA? BABA I cant be quite if anything wrong is happening to me. BABA I am confused with this. Please tell me if I still should be quite seeing what ever is happening around me than I will for sure be quite. Please show me correct path. BABA please let me feel YOUR presence today. I will keep up my 3 promises through out my life and please BABA YOU have to help me in that. Sorry for making YOU feel bad and sad. I love you BABA.

    • Dont worry dear Sai sister what one sows one will reap- just remember Baba during those times and surrender your feelings at his feat, your neighbour will reap whatever she has sown and Baba's calculations will take care of it Pls be at peace Om Sai Ram

  21. OM SAI RAM….
    BABA please save me fro KALA SARPA YOGA. Due to this every work of mine goes waste in last moment. It is affecting my career. BABA save me.

  22. hey baba i have lost my faith on you…. i have lost my career, money, health everything in my life… for what should i live in this world… iam not getting an alliance.. i look so beautiful eventhough iam not getting a good alliance… not going to live anymore.. just going to endup my life…please kill me with your hands… iam really unlucky in my life….. kill me deva kill me deva.. i do not have strength to bear anything.. are u there or not,,,, you ve thrown me…. iam worthless… my parents also suffering along with me……yyy… if u did not dshow any sign… there is no baba in this world… please do not cheat my mother.. she is an ardent devotee of you…. deva it's in your hand to make me li ve or not…. i hate you i hate you i hate you… do not pray sai… he 's fake.. he wont bless all equally… hate u hate u

    • Kindly stop spewing such venom on this sacred site…all of us are experiencing our Prarabdha Karma–enjoyment for punya done in past and suffering for the paapa done in the past. It is our own Karma whether in this or the innumerable past lifetimes..Sri Sai Nath incarnated primarily as Sadguru and his fundamental mission was to help us detach from this worldly life and aspire and reach for divine life..God has given us the sense of Discrimination and also WillPower which we are responsible to use judiciously. Why always blame our Loving Lord??? He is constantly taking care of us in ways unimaginable by you. Jayaa mani jaisa bhaava taya taisa anubhava…pl remind and understand the meaning of these words.. Our suffering should draw us ever closer to our Lord and not dismiss or denounce/condemn Him….It is creating more future bad karma for you.

    • Very true, the post which are sent to the mail get published after sometime.If it is a miracle or some sweet things to share people can wait for the comments and posts, but what about the people with sufferings?they want to get some relief that is the reason they are posting their pains of day to day life only daily basis.This comments field acts as a doctor.You want to put an end to that as well is it?Dont you think you are rude by suggesting this?Trust in God or Sadguru is possible with all but many don't have trust in past karma and evil spirits as they trust in God alone and think when that supreme power exist it can clear away all bad things.What is wrong in that?When people come in pain we have to help them out not find fault with them and make their situation even more worser with tough words.People going the pain alone know the depth of it not the mere onlookers so without knowing the situation of the opponent don't blast or find fault in them.Its nice to see that people are this mad on Sai Ji but why yell at people in bad situations.When you people in normal state cannot understand and blame them, wont they blame God?What is wrong in a person with mental pressure pouring out things?Put yourself in their shoes and then post your comments.They are speaking to Sai through this site so if you cannot help them on behalf of God atleast don't make them even more painful through your words.

  23. sollunga baba sollunga ungalukku yaen mela enna kovam… naan enna pavam senjaen maharaj… en vaizhkaiyil ellavatraiyum ndhutten… en velai, enazaghu, enhealth, enmoney, naan yedhukaga vazhanum
    naan vazha thaguthi iiladhaval…

  24. Dear Hetalji,
    Have been waiting long for your clear policy for Comments section of blog which you said will be given in 2014. The comments section currently has very less to do with commenting/thoughts on the experiences themselves but have rants, sub-blog experiences, chants etc. etc. Kindly step in to clear the policy on comments once for all. Thank you in anticipation.

    • This is the place where people feel safe to rant and let out all their worries. What is the purpose of putting an end to it with policies? When the Rohilla became a nuisance and the townspeople complained about this to Sai Baba what did He advice? He did not chide the Rohilla. He asked the townspeople to bear with it. The Rohilla was getting rid of his inner demons. All these devotees who are spilling their negative feelings will one day return back to this same site and apologize to Sree Sai for their impatience and lack of faith.

    • Sorry, but as per the SSSC (chapter 3) the rohilla was reciting the qalmas of Holy Qo'ran and hailing God with "Allaho Akbar"–meaning God is Great. He was NOT "getting rid of his inner demons." The villagers found him to be a nuisance only because he was chanting in his loud and coarse (not sweet) voice at all times of the day and night.

    • SSSC: "In fact, the Rohilla had no wife and by his wife Baba meant DURBUDDHI, i.e. bad thoughts."

      Rohilla had the good fortune to be in the company of Shri Sai during his lifetime. Yet he had struggled with durbuddhi. None of us are even as fortunate as he was. Sai was compassion incarnate and was willing to shower his grace on the worst of the sinners. He has cured unimaginably horrible diseases which were the results of the past karma. Negative feelings are also results of negative karma in the previous births. If Shri Sai Bhagwan so decides, he can cure all mental afflictions and negative thoughts, and induce hope and faith in the most undeserving of us.

    • Sai Ramji,

      I request you to stop discussion on this matter now. It has been enough of it now. We as blog admins will decide what comment policy should be framed keeping in mind everyone's sentiments. But then it is our humble request to all to abide policy otherwise there will be no meaning. We respect each reader's relation with Lord Sai Baba and approve their conversations with Him through comments, which actually is provided to discuss about the post. Keeping in mind various other points we shall move ahead with this task and let you all know.

      Thanks and keep visiting.

  25. Sai maa
    My husband missed out on vrat today
    Please please forgive him
    Sorry sorry sorry
    Ma pls let me not have fear attacks anymore pls pls
    Maaa let us have a good trip this weekend
    Please please help me and be with me and hold me firmly my maa
    Sai maa ku kodi namaskarangal

  26. Nice experiences. To the 3rd devotee, I am sure Baba would have answered your prayers by now 🙂

    O Deva, we surrender to Your Lotus Feet, please save us and protect us from calamities. Bless us O Sadguru so we may bring about peace and happiness to the people around us.

    Thank You O Sai for all Your miracles 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  27. In life we all suffer due to our own karmas.at times I ve also felt that Baba is just a staue or a photo.i suffered a lot.last dec 2013 went to Shirdi,but cudn't get His darshan,bcoz of women's problem.i cried a lot n scolded Him a lot.But believe me Saima is always there with us.He is the only truth of our life.Forgive me Baba for all my sins.Hope to worship You till the last day of my life.Plz beat me ,punish me,but never leave me.You are everything to me.

  28. Dear Mr.Bharath, good to read your experiences & that too quote on Swami Sivananda. One more small piece of information – Swami Chidananda, Sishya of Swami Sivananada is also a devotee of Shri Sai Baba & I heard there is a photo of Baba kept in his room even now (which he used to worship).

  29. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    O Paalanhare
    Nirgun or Nyaare
    Tumhare bin hamra konu nahi
    Humri uljhan suljha do Bhagwan
    Tumhre bin humra konu nahi
    Sai Ma bin humra konu nahi

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  30. Sai ram to all sai devotees, I am regular follower of this blog. When I started feeling low in my life, this blog came as a saviour and aroused all positivity in me. Thank you Hetalji.
    I am soon going to share my experience with all devotees.
    Jai sai ram.

  31. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    Thanks baba.i will fulfil my promise,pls help me and save my life also baba.jai sairam….

  32. Nice experiences! 3rd devotee, do not worry, Baba will help get your brother out of the court case as He helped with your transfer. 2nd devotee, it was Baba who helped get you through that final stage of the long green card process and although you faced difficulties along the way, Baba was always there with you each step of the way and made sure all your efforts paid off in the end. 1st devotee, thanks for the nice words and ways to get through the difficulties in life which become easier and more bearable with Sai Baba at our side. Om Sai Ram!

  33. Finally baba u didn't helped me… I didn't gave transfer from past 2 years… And now u avoided me coming to your temple by not sanctioning leave to visit us temple…thanks

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