A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 586

Sorry for missing yesterday’s post of experiences. Please consider this as yesterday’s. I will try to post another set of experiences today itself.

Without Sai My Life Is Not There

Sai sister Shravani ji from India says: I am Shravani. Before Nov 2006 I don’t have any belief in Sai Baba. Just visited the temple formally on specific days.

The miracle happened to me in Pune. When I listened about Baba, I was really suprised. During my 25 years of tenure I was not there with Baba. He pulled me after 25 years.

He gave me every thing whatever I asked. After some days I become like I don’t have any other wishe in my mind. Because He is giving every thing to me what I require.

But unfortunately I am changed a lot during now a days. Even though He has shown me His grace as usual. But I came to know that Baba is my life without His prayers and without H I am not able to leave.

Only Baba can give me very thing. I can put strong hope on him and can do my efforts with out any risks that work will complete.

Thanks you baba looking me like this. I am truely saying that no one in this earth can save me like you. I did lot many mistakes as I know, I think it can be more also please forgive me for all those nonsense.

Dear all praying baba for some thing once that is reached for getting baba only thursday pooja and going temple will not work in baba worship. Kkeep Baba in every second in your mind.think baba is around you whenever you are doing some good or bad, He will rule your heart he know every thing.

Thanks all for listing my words. Thanks Baba for giving me this oppourtunity.

Losing Faith

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji. Please do not publish my emial ID. With heavy heart and hard feelings i am writing this bad experience. I have completely lost faith and hope. Our patience level has been tested by Baba to beyond our imagination. Still there is no sign of relief or hope.

From Past three to fours years, my husband and myself have been constantly praying for Baba’s blessings on one particularly wish, which has not been granted. I have visited Shirdi twice during this period, where I prayed for blessings, I have done 9 guruvar vrat 3 to four times without any results. Sai parayana was performed on many occasions but no results. I requested my husband also to perform sai parayana twice which he did with dedication, still we were not blessed by Baba. I wanted my husband to trust Baba and requested him to worship, which my husband is doing, but Baba is in no mood to bless us. I am very well aware of bad karma’s but when we pray our beloved deity all our calamities should wash away and he is our protector. Both of us were patiently praying, hoping that Baba will show his miracles but all went in vain. Even recently, my husband prayed whole heartedly and wished for blessings, but again disappoints. Where do we go now, when our beloved Baba is not caring about our plight. Everyday i read experiences, not single day i have missed, hoping i too will write one day about my wish fulfilling by Baba. All those devotees are really blessed who are experiences such miracles. Never know if Baba will grant our wish. I am still hoping by tomorrow i might hear god news, if not tomorrow, then i will completely lose my faith, trust, devotion, love and patience level towards Baba.

Thank You Baba For Everything

Anonymous devotee from India says: I’m want to share my experience of how baba helps me and guides me and is always with me. i will narrate them one by one. Om Sai Ram

In 2008,I started my distance learning course in MBA in HR from sumbiosis from Pune. I had booked my slot for the first written exam and on the day of the exam I told my dad to drop to the institute as I was not aware of the area. I had my exam at 4.00pm and till 3.45pm we were not able to find the place; though we asked few people and I became very nervous and started praying “Baba please help me” and as we were searching I saw big Baba’s photo on the banner of one store and I was so happy and prayed baba to help us find the route. immediately after that we found the place and i did my exam very well and by Baba’s grace completed the course with good grade. Thank you baba.

Second experience

I was going to Sai Baba temple from a long time with my sister and mom but my closeness with baba was in 2008. One day i went to baba’s temple and there many elderly people read everyday “Vishnusahastranana” in the evening before baba. When i went there & sat i felt very nice though I didn’t know what they were reading and I felt I should also read it. As this thought was going on in my mind; one uncle came and gave me the book to read. I was so happy though I was not able to read as it is difficult and above all you need Baba’s Blessings. From then onwards I started going and reading with everyone and now I can read it correctly by Baba’s Grace. When I was reading Satcharitha,I came across the story where Baba grants “vishnusahastranama” to this dear devotee Shama and I felt very happy to know that Baba granted this to me. Thank you baba for everything. Please be with me always.

Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Dear anonymous devotee pls dont worry Baba will surely make you write your miracle in this blog Om Sai Ram

  2. 2 devotee baba'll surly grant your wish,have faith in baba,try to denote food to poor people it's best way serve baba. om sai ram

  3. Sai Baba and the story behind the invisible Baba Photo

    Dr KB Gavankar, an ardent SAI devotee during whose time as President of Shirdi Sansthan the statue of Sai Baba was installed in the year 1954. Dr.Gavankar was also the editor of Sai Leela magazine and He has writted three books on Sai Baba. Dr.Gavankar had met Sai Baba when He was around 12 years old and Sai Baba has gifted one of His Kafnis to Dr.Gavankar.

    In one of his books Dr.Gavankar records an experience of how once a few visitors at Shirdi requested SHRI SAI for permission to take HIS photo. SAI however refused but on being persuaded, allowed only HIS feet to be photographed. Taking advantage of this the visitors took HIS full snap. The result: only HIS Feet came out in the photo. In another instance, a photographer without SAI's consent took his snap and the picture that came off was of the photographer's own guru and not that of SHRI SAI. Do not try to outsmart SAI. HE is much smarter than we can ever even imagine. BOLO SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!

  4. Sai Ram

    The book "Shirdi Che Sai Baba" written by Dr. Gawankar is available for sale on http://books.shirdisaibabaservices.in/2014/02/shirdi-che-sai-baba-english-dr-keshav.html

    Its worth reading book for those who wish to go deep into the times of Lord Sai Baba and want to know more about Him and His devotees.

    Its available in English, Gujarati and Marathi. Soon going to be translated in Hindi.

    I would recommend each devotee to read this book atleast once in their lifetime.

    Jai Sai Ram

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  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Kindness Showered On a Chaste and Dutiful Wife*****
    In Mahurpur, lived a rich Brahmin by name Gopinath. His children would not
    survive after birth. Therefore the husband and wife started worshipping Lord
    Dattatreya. After a while, a son was born to the couple. They named him Datta, with
    great love. As the only child, he was cherished and reared up with great affection. At
    the age of five, his thread-ceremony was performed with great pomp. At the age of
    twelve his marriage was arranged with a beautiful girl.
    A few years later, Datta was infected by tuberculosis (TB). Even with the best
    treatment he was not cured of the disease. It only increased. His wife was very chaste
    and dutiful like the holy and exalted Savitri, the wife of prince Satyawan. Day and night
    she would render service to her husband. She would eat only so much food as her
    husband would eat. She would take medicines, which her husband took. Repeating the
    name of God, she would render service to her husband day and night. By now, the
    intensity of her husband’s illness went on increasing. A while later he completely
    stopped eating. Then his wife also sacrificed eating. Because he was bed-ridden for a
    long time, there were blisters on his body, which started emitting foul smell. Even then
    his wife continued to serve him. Her faithful service to her husband even under this
    adverse situation appeared like performing penance.
    Datta’s father was a very rich man and even his father-in-law was also rich.
    They gave him best of the treatment from renowned Vaidya85, donated money for charity, carried out charitable acts, sacrificial works, offered prayers, religious
    observances but Datta’s health didn’t improve at all. As a result, Datta became totally
    disappointed and lost all hopes of recovery. He spoke to his parents “Everything will
    take place as preordained by my fate. I wanted to give you happiness in your old age,
    but I myself will not be there in this world. Probably this may be the wish of God”. Then
    he spoke to his wife “You have taken enough pains for me. Unfortunately my health
    condition has gone beyond one’s efforts. After my departure from this world, my
    parents will look after you, as their daughter. In case you wish to return to your
    parents’ home, you can do so”.

    The chaste and dutiful wife of Datta had not given up her hopes, so she stopped
    her husband during his speech and said, “Please don’t sprinkle salt on my wounds. It is
    my misfortune that your condition has gone to this worst position. This must have been
    certainly written in my fate. However, I shall certainly follow you wherever you go. By
    the kind grace of Lord Dattatreya even now you will be saved from this calamity”. Then
    she spoke to her father-in-law as well as mother-in-law “I have come to know that,
    Lord Dattatreya himself is personally present at Ganagapur in the form of Lord
    Narasinha Saraswati. If you permit me I shall take my husband to Ganagapur to take
    blessings from Lord Narasinha Saraswati”.
    Both her father-in law-and mother-in-law gave her the permission. After taking
    permission, she started for Ganagapur with her husband, laying him on a small bed.
    About two to four people also accompanied her in the journey. On the way, the health
    condition of her husband started worsening. Eventually with great difficulty she reached
    Ganagapur. There she enquired about Sriguru. She came to know that Sriguru was
    present at the ‘Sangam’. Therefore, she proceeded with her people towards the
    Sangam, but on the way itself her husband expired. She was struck with grief and
    started crying loudly. All the people around her also started crying. A number of people
    gathered there and tried to convince her. In the meantime, an accomplished ascetic
    with matted hair arrived at the scene. He spoke to her “Cool down. Do not waste your
    energy in this futile grief. You might cry to any extent but your husband would not
    become alive. In this world nobody is immortal. Death accompanies along with the
    birth. Hence do not grieve”. Then that lady asked the Yogi “What shall I do next? Please show me the way”.
    The accomplished Yogi explained to her the rightful duty of a virtuous wife. He further
    said “After the death of one’s husband the concerned lady has to either burn herself on
    the funeral pyre of her husband or bear the pain of widowhood. You may select either
    of these duties as you prefer ”. She replied, “Because of my young age and good looks,
    it would become extremely difficult for me to observe widowhood. So I would prefer to
    burn myself on my husbands funeral pyre”. To this, the Yogi advised her, “Before
    burning yourself on your husbands funeral pyre (Observance of the ritual of ‘Sati’), go
    to ‘Sangam’ and take the blessings of Sriguru. Take this sacred ash and apply it on your
    husband’s body. Also take these four Rudrakshas41. From these four wear two
    ‘Rudrakshas around your neck and use the remaining two to plug both the ears of your

    Then she proceeded to the ‘Sangam’ along with the people. All the formalities for
    the funeral rites were completed. The lady applied the sacred ash on her husband’s
    body; she wore two ‘Rudrakshas’ around her neck and used the remaining two to plug
    the ears of her husband. Then she went to take the blessings of Sriguru.
    She saw Sriguru sitting under the Audumbar tree, absorbed in deep meditation.
    When the lady prostrated before Sriguru, Sriguru blessed her saying “Ashtaputra
    soubhagyavati bhava” (Be a mother of eight sons). To this, the people present there
    narrated Sriguru with all details of the situation “Maharaj this lady has willingly decided
    to burn herself on her husband’s funeral pyre prior to which, she desired to take your
    blessings”. Then Sriguru replied, “My words will not go in vain. I do not agree
    that her husband has expired. Bring him before me”. So the People left the
    place to carry her husbands body to Sriguru.
    At that same time some people arrived there to perform the Padyapooja86 of
    Sriguru. In addition, the dead body of the Brahmin’s son was brought and kept in front
    of Sriguru. Sriguru then told the people who had come there to perform ‘Padyapooja’,
    “Now sprinkle the water from this Padyapooja on the ‘dead body”. After this, Sriguru
    glanced at the dead body with his kind Divine Grace and a miracle took place. The dead
    Datta got up and sat!. He looked around and was surprised to see the people assembled
    there. His wife was thrilled to see her husband alive and narrated everything to him.
    Then people present accompanying her took bath at the ‘Sangam’ and
    worshipped Sriguru in a Shodshopchar66 way. After this worship Sriguru spoke to the
    lady “Along with the Naamsmaran (repeating God’s name mentally), since you were
    also rendering service to your husband, I was forced to come to your rescue. Your
    husband will continue to live for thirty more years and you will also continue to live as a
    Suvasinee87. You will go to Heaven, only as a Suvasinee, before your husband’s
    departure from this world. As per my word, you will become a mother of eight sons and
    your entire family will be fully devoted to Lord Dattatreya and continue to live with
    happiness and peace”.
    The second day too, they all worshipped Sriguru with great devotion. They held
    a function to entertain all Brahmins and also gave money in charity in a big way. When
    the lady asked Sriguru about the greatness of ‘Rudraksha’ and the Bhasma88, Sriguru
    told her in detail about the greatness of both. Then people present there, returned
    home in a merry mood, singing in praise of Sriguru.

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  11. Dear Second Devotee , I am in a same situation. But I really cant leave baba. Coz I have only him in my life , I lost my loved once, every one is away from me. I am left alone , I have only baba to talk to and share my problems and my happiness.

    I dont know but I cant stop myself from loving Baba , I am waiting for my wish to be full filled since a long time. Baba used to give positive sign previously but all of a sudden he is giving negative sings. Still there are only 16 days left. Please baba please look at me once and wish me my boon.

    Om Sai Ram . Love you Baba. Please baba fulfill my wish .

  12. Nice experiences and to the 2nd devotee, many of us are sailing the same boat and that boat is still afloat all thanks to our beloved Baba 🙂 Do not despair.

    O Deva, forgive us our sins and mistakes and be there to protect us. Help us control our emotions and anger O Sadguru and let only good thoughts and words come out of us.

    Thank You for a blessed life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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  15. Very nice experiences! 2nd devotee, please try to hold on for just a little while longer, I know it is difficult to keep faith when you do everything and still you feel Baba is not blessing you, the bad karma will pass soon and the good things will come your way. Ask for Baba to give you the strength to get through this bad time (Baba will surely do that and I will also pray to Baba to help you). 3rd devotee, Baba nicely helped you find the exam center that day and made sure you reached on time as He knew how important the exam was for you too. 1st devotee, it is so nice that Baba has shown you how important He is in your life and how much He has done for you (and all other Baba devotees). Om Sai Ram!

  16. Om Sai Ram!!!
    Dear Sai Devotees, can anyone guide me whether a PINK coloured clothes(Shaluva & Topi) which were bought can be weared to Shri Sai Baba idol on thursday at home while performing Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat?? As everything mentioned in vrat are yellow coloured clothes & flowers.

    Please clarify my doubt Sai Baba. O Deva!! Please Bless me O Sadguru with unshakable faith and patience.

    Om Sai Ram!!!

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  19. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
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    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  20. om sai.i too hav a long desire of posting my xperience though i started believing sai few months ago.at this moment i hav a strong desire which i hav put before u.pls shower me with ur blessings.im waiting for the miracle to happen…pls help me…

  21. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, om namaha shivaya, baba ki palkhi, tirupati balaji, jai durga, jai murugan

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