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Anonymous Devotee from South Africa says: Om Sai Ram. My dear Baba friends, happy Baba moments to you all. I would like to write the miracle experienced by me just few minutes ago on this day of 11th Nov 2013. I could not restrain myself to post this as I felt that Baba wanted me to post this miracle immediately. I don’t know whether you treat this as miracle, but for me this is quite incredible and strongly believe that this happened only by the grace of Baba.

Here the miracle goes. To be honest I had never been the believer of Baba, but once in a while used to visit Baba temple casually like any other temple. Presently I am in South Africa on a company assignment. Just one day before the day of travel to South Africa from India, I was diagnosed with an eye problem in my left eye, which occurred for the second time.

Indian doctor informed that cause for this problem is not known, but stress is believed to be one of the factors. Doctor gave some eye drops and advised me to be stress free to the extent possible. I have travelled to South Africa with this eye problem leaving my family in India. As the days were passing in South Africa, my eye problem got worsened. When I contacted Indian doctor, he advised me to show it to the eye specialist. In the mean time before consulting the eye specialist, I googled about my eye problem and came to know that there is no treatment for this problem and generally it has to resolve on its own over a period of 4 to 6 months. Sometimes it may not resolve and leads to partial blindness.

Upon finding this, I was literally collapsed and I started thinking about the future of wife and my two kids. Many negative thoughts had filled my mind and I could not relax for even a single moment. After that as advised by the Indian doctor, I visited that eye specialist here in South Africa. Doctor has conducted various tests and confirmed the disease and explained the same thing what I found on Google. Doctor told me to relax as the worry makes the situation more worst. Then I tried to get relaxed by reading some inspirational books and motivated myself for the problem to resolve. I found that improvement in my eye started during the couple of weeks and when I visited doctor for the second time, he was glad to see the improvement and informed that further improvement will take more time and asked me to wait and see.

After the second visit to the doctor, I found that the condition of the eye started deteriorating once again, but luckily not reached to the worst point which I initially experienced. Once again I googled about this and found that variation in the eye sight (i.e. feeling good some times and bad sometimes) is the nature of the disease. But dear friends, please remember that till this point I had not at all thought about Baba and looked for His help.

Then on this day on 26th October 2013, Saturday, Suddenly I remembered seeing my wife worshipping Baba by reading “Sai Satcharitra” in telugu script, when I was in India. I googled about this book and found how so many devotees got healed by doing “Sai Prayan” through reading this book with Shraddha and Saburi. I have downloaded this book on the very same day. I started reading the book on Sunday (27th Oct 2013) and finished by Wednesday (30th Oct 2013). Again I started second time reading on Thursday (31st Oct 2013) and finished by Wednesday (6th Oct 2013). Third time reading started on Thursday (7th Oct 2013) and still reading till today i.e.9th Nov 2013. But frankly I did not read the book today and yesterday and feeling really bad for the same.

When I was reading the book, I really felt so much eternal bliss and believed that Baba was watching me. I strongly felt that when I reach India, I will visit Shirdi along with my family and pray to Baba. But felt sorry for not having the immediate opportunity. I thought how much nice it would be if I get “UDI” from Shirdi, which will heal my eye problem. But I insisted my wife, who is in India to carry some UDI from nearby Sai temple. In fact my family is supposed to start to South Africa on 11th Nov’13, but due to some unexpected visa problem, they could not travel and I need to re apply for visa, which may take nearly another 15 days. I felt so sad for my family for not able to travel to South Africa as planned and really got angry why Baba is not helping. But still I believed that whatever is happening is for our goodness sake only as Baba will definitely safeguard us.

Today (9th Nov 2013) night at 7.23 PM, I got a call from my brother in India saying that he will be visiting Shirdi this coming Thursday (i.e 14th Nov 2013) along with his family. I was really glad to hear this from him. My brother is a diehard devotee of Baba and he did not know at all that I started believing Baba. Upon hearing this news from my brother, I felt Baba only called me. Then immediately I informed my brother to put some Dakshina on my behalf and insisted him to carry some UDI from Shirdi. He accepted my request and assured that he will courier that to my wife. Then I realised that Baba cancelled my family journey to South Africa to ensure that my wife will carry the UDI to South Africa as I wanted to have it with me in South Africa. People may argue that UDI can be even couriered to South Africa also, but why somebody need carry. Frankly I do not know whether it will be allowed to courier such item internationally or not. But I believe that my family trip to South Africa got postponed for this sole purpose. Now I am eagerly waiting for my brother’s trip to Shirdi happen and get my UDI. I sincerely pray to Baba that my brother’s trip to Shirdi shall not see any obstacles.

By the way regarding my eye problem, I believe that I am on the path of recovery and Baba will definitely cure my disease over a period of time and above explained leela is the proof of it. I will definitely post another miracle about the cure of my eye disease and I am eagerly waiting for this to happen. Whatever I am suffering is due to past karma and I am sure that Baba will wipe off this Karma and remove my sufferings. I am rededicating myself to Baba with utmost Shraddha and Saburi and I will become lifetime devotee to the lotus feet of almighty Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Om Sai Ram! May Baba bless all His devotees with abundant love, health and wealth to serve the mankind.

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    pls help me and save me baba….jai sairam.

  3. LOVE U BABA…………
    Dear Devotee for sure BABA WILL CURE U…JUST HAVE FIRM FAITH ON HIM……………

  4. Om sai ram…brother, I am in usa and have asked my friend to courier me baba's udi….he went to the courier guys and for some reasons courier guys told that thye cannot ship the udi….so u r right…there are problems in sending the udi thru courier…may baba bless u and ur family…have faith n patience…om sai ram

  5. Om Sai Ram….Baba Will Cure You Within 6 Months…We Love You Baba…Thanks For This Blissful Experience…Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  6. Im very afraid baba.I know that im torturing or troubling u.I know that u will give things on your own at the right time if its meant to be.I have three problems that person who insulted me has to come and im sure that miracle will happen i dont have doubt in that as of now.Second, my career.Without job its really stressful in all aspects and i have to achieve what i want in my field within the stipulated time but i havent got a job really worried about it and losing hope day by day.My age,breaks and experience are all problems.what will i do and what should i do.please guide me and show me way baba.Third – My marriage.I have crossed more than 30 years.u know being a girl especially in a country like india how i'll be treated and what all problems i have.Im not getting even one proposal of my choice.This is going to be a life long relationship how can i choose someone without my full interest just for the sake of others.Will i not get one person of my preference?U have nt created a guy for me is it?Im feeling very bad sai all my cousins and friends elder and younger are all married because of that im tortured at home and i want to marry because i want one nice heart to be with me and take care of me.U know i havent lived my life still.Should start only now.Will u give life for my life.Will u wipe my tears?Will u get me a job and man of my preference?Will this 2014 atleast turn to be a good and really prosperous year for me.Or am i going to stand with lot of insults,shame,speechless,bankrupt and null in front of all including myself?Im tired of feeling and crying baba.Im very much stressed.I definitely know that you are listening and watching me still ur silence in important matters hurts sai pa.Please help me and wipe my tears and fears.Goodnight!

    • dont worry dear..baba is watching you..soon your wishes will b fulfilled…start a parayan of sat charitha and keep reading till sai blesses you.with your love to him..baba is definitely with you dear…dont lose hopes life has many ups and downs and who knows your days of happiness is just one step away…om sai raam…

  7. wonderful experience…when you read any experiences on this site , you can feel them like medicine because after reading them you will be in heavenly state , feel like worry free stress free. now reading this blog is my daily habbit .

  8. Sai Ram..I have one request to all devotee …as we all know..those experiences are couple of months old and sometimes by the time it get published some new development happened already..for example this devotee had some eye problem and that happened in November by this time i am sure he is fit and want to request all those devotees that..if u see your post and there are some updates regarding your post please write on the comment. so we know the development. I hope you know what i mean..sai baba ki jai ho

  9. Thanks brother for sharing wonderful experience. When I was reading your experience I felt like I was reading my own story because I have been facing same kind of problem. It used to be a big hassle everyday but after I started reading Satcharitra and taking udi with water helped me lot. It doesn't bother me much now and I believe in Baba that he will cure it completely. Trust Baba and he will definitely cure your problem. Jai Sai Ram.

  10. Wonderful description of how one can approach and take shelter with our Baba 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for blessing us with beautiful family and friends who care for us. Bless us O Sadguru so we may live up to not just theirs and our expectations but also rise in Your eyes.

    Thank You for a blessed life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. I loved this ever soothing picture of sai is just so beautiful.that soothes my heart.givea peace to mind and relaxation to soul.just loved it.and dear devotee lovely experience…..
    God bless

  12. om sai ram..
    wonderful experience of faith and love to baba…and hope your eye problem got cured now..may baba bless your family and all of us…

  13. Hi this is related to u r post .its from kakasaheb dixit dairy…Hope baba blessedu in sameway 🙂

    Narayan Gopinath Dige of Bombay had pain in his intestine. It was getting intense day by day. He consulted many doctors in Bombay and tried many medicines to no effect. A friend of his was a devotee of Lord Sai Baba and thus he advised Narayan to go to Shirdi, place his problem before the Lord there, and He is sure to take care of. But since his condition was rather serious, he showed his inability to travel to Shirdi. However he was confident that Lord Baba’s grace would certainly cure him. He vowed once he gets alright, he would certainly go to Shirdi to pay his homage.

    His friend thus gave him Udi and advised him to apply it on his forehead daily. Narayan did exactly as directed and next day itself, he was relieved from pain. After one week he got completely fine and he started for Shirdi and had Lord Baba’s darshan.

  14. Nice experience! Don't worry, Baba will cure your eye problem no matter what any doctor says or what is known about the disease, there is nothing our Sai Baba cannot do for us. Baba will make sure to personally deliver Udi to you through your brother and will be there with you to cure you (no matter where in the world or universe we may go, Baba is always there with us). Om Sai Ram!

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