Babaji Blessed Wonderful Shirdi Trip Once Again – Anonymous Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: OM SAI RAM, Babaji please write this experience for me and bless everybody along with team of this blog, to work more enthusiastically. My last experiences were shared on 13th December, 2012 A Blesses Shirdi Trip-Anonymous Devotee and on 28th July 2013, SAI’s unfathomable Leela -Anonymous Devotee.

My deva has been really merciful, as He has arranged my really blissful Shirdi trip in consecutive year, while I was in India during May-June 2013. I went to Shirdi with my father in law by flight from Delhi to Aurangabad. We reached there around 5 in the evening. We hired a taxi from Aurangabad to Shirdi. We stopped en-route to have some tea and ate food which we brought from home.

The road was really bad, but I was feeling like we were floating in air while travelling though my dad was complaining about such a bad road. We reached there around 9, checked in hotel just in front of Samdhi mandir. We were not feeling hungry, so while my dad opted to sleep, I had a shower & I told dad that I am going to temple and I will come back.

Babaji is the Ultimate Planner & we do not have a FREE WILL. Now see how Babaji changes your plan. I went with a plan that I will go for Darshan, sit for sometimes and will come back for sleep, so that I can come in the morning for Darshan. I was thinking to avoid Kakad Aarti, as I have seen it before & I was thinking that will be full of crowd at that time, so will have a late Darshan around 8 o’clock in the morning. It was almost 10 o’clock at night. Samadhi mandir was closed and there were few people around the premises.

I went to Dwarkamai. It was almost empty, very few people sitting in there and most of them were Sadhus, who were doing Naam Simran or meditation with closed eyes or with a japmala in their hands. It was very mesmerizing environment inside- so serene, so quiet. Moreover there was no hurdle to touch all the belongings of Babaji like Babaji’s earthen Chulla (Stove), where Babaji used to cook, & the place, where Babaji used to stand by putting arm on the wall, & foot on the foot. I was feeling so blissful that I was sobbing with tears in my eyes. Everybody sitting around was busy in quite chanting & environment was really uplifting.

Very close to me a very old lady around 75 years of age wearing an old orange saree, bindi on her forehead and bangles was sitting. She was in deep meditation. She was sitting facing towards picture of SAI. When she opened her eyes, I smiled at her. She asked me to sit by facing Babaji’s picture and said see How Babaji is smiling at you, Look at Him. I also started chanting while facing towards picture. After a while she started to ask my whereabouts I live, did I come alone etc. She did not ask me, but told me to attend Kakad Aarti. I said Mataji isn’t it that I should also take bath in the morning before Kakad Aarti. She said it does not make difference to Babaji whether you have a bath or not. She further said, “Wo to Bhola Hai” (He is innocent) & all these outside rituals does not bother Him. He is thirsty for pure love only. She said that you are staying here in Dwarkamai till 2 o‘clock then go for Kakad Aarti line. She even told me that your dad must be waiting for you, give him a call. I took her words as words of my Babaji and I went out, called dad to tell that I will see him in the morning. Sitting in Dwarkamai all my tiredness vanished. I was full of energy & love for Babaji. Now my dear friend told me that she is from nearby village. Her husband left her for another woman. She had a son as well, but she opted to live in Shirdi & do Sadhna. A shopkeeper offered his shop, where she could sleep at night. So she is enjoying her life in Baba’s lap for many years.

Babaji fulfils all our innermost wishes. Sometimes we make wishes in heart of hearts, but forget all about these little desires, but our Almighty Babaji never forgets to fulfil those small even insignificant wishes. Now see how my dear Babaji fulfilled my wish, which I did not even remember while I was sitting in Dwarkamai. Long-time back while listening to Babaji’s songs, there was something specific about cleaner at the doorsteps of Babaji. Then I thought Oh Babaji how lucky the people are who get the chance to be a cleaner at Shirdi. I wish I could get such a chance. I never thought about this again. Now around 12 o’clock, 3-4 young boys around 18-19 years old came to Dwarkamai along with brooms and other stuff so that they could clean Dwarkamai for next day Darshan. They started to move barriers etc. for cleaning and I cannot explain in words how happy I was, when one of them gave me a broom so that I can start brooming the floor. So almost everybody along with my old friend, got chance to clean the floor. Then we mopped floor in Indian style while sitting at floor. Then everything was arranged properly for next day Darshan. I got chance to decorate Dwarkamai with flowers. All of us started to feel like a family chanting Babaji’s name, doing seva.

Around 1 o’clock my old friend said that she will see me in the morning around Madhyan Aarti time & she was going for little sleep. Then I was sitting in Dwarkamai. In Sai’s presence doing little things, chanting His name & around 2 o’clock I came for Kakad Aarti line. Security officer asked if I have any mobile with me. I said yes. He said that you are not allowed to take this in. I requested that I really need my phone with me, so that I can contact my dad or my dad can contact me in the morning. Moreover there was no locker available at that time & I did not want to go back to hotel & disturb my dad. He said okay, just be assure not to use your phone. I promised that I won’t turn it on.I had really nice Darshan & Kakad Aarti. I was not expecting anything, & I knew it is impossible to get Babaji’s amrit with which they gave bath to Babaji & then distribute in the crowd as soon as you get out of Samadhi mandir after Kakad Aarti.

Now when I came out of mandir, I also got amrit and on the top of that makhan-misri Prasad that was offered to Babaji. And distributor was none other than the young boy, who was doing cleaning service last night at Dwarkamai. Though I was very small in quantity, but I was overwhelmed that out of so many only few could get all those boons. It was almost 6 o’clock in the morning. On the top of it weather was turning so nice, it started to rain, (My husband was against my wish to visit Shirdi, as it would be really hot, he said that we both will got to India in winter & will visit Shirdi), But Shirdi weather was much pleasant than Delhi. I enjoyed the Shirdi morning, which was engulfing me in tremendous love. I went back to hotel, had shower and came with dad for breakfast. Then I was in line again around 8 o’clock so that I could offer whatever Prasad & dress I got for my Babaji.

Babaji leaves no stone unturned to make us happy. Now when I have first look of Babaji, I was wonderstruck. Guess what my dear devotees, I was wearing white colour suit with orange salwar & orange chunni at my head, so was my Babaji White dress and orange muffler around His neck. Exactly same colours, same tone, I did not think of anything, as I like to flow with HIS will, not imposing my desires Babaji wear this or that. So I was mesmerised, had lovely Darshan. We came out, offered dresses at charity counter and took UDI from UDI counter. I asked my dad if He wishes to have some rest, I will see Him around 1 o’clock back in hotel for we needed to leave around 2, so that we can have our flight at 6 o’clock.

After seeing off my dad, I came to my favourite place for sitting in Shirdi that is leaning on the wall of wada & sitting facing towards Gurusthan & there I saw once again my old lady friend from last night (Is not it impossible to see same faces again & again in Shirdi with so much crowd around??). She was in same dress as last night, full of happiness, energy & love. Then a thought came to my mind that I need to buy something for my dear friend. I asked her where I will find you again. She assured me that we will bump into each other again at the premises. I promised her to see again & went out in market, I bought few sarees. After that Babaji made me to bump into many elderly ladies to whom I could offer sarees, then I came to Hanumanji Temple, it was blissful, cool place to sit & meditate.

Soon it was Madhyan Aarti time. I went to Gurusthan, where I again saw those young peers from last night seva. I asked them where is Mataji? They said that she will come for Aarti to Gurusthan only. Soon I saw my old friend coming with an old sack of cloth with something in it. We were happy to see each other. They asked me if I had any luck to find neem leaves, I said no. Then Madhyan Aarti started & all of us were taking rounds of neem tree while chanting Aarti. I was also worried that I have to reach hotel at 1 o‘clock. As soon as Aarti finished, this young boy said to me sister I have found some leaves for you. I was surprised as a big crowd was taking round of neem tree, & everybody was looking for leaves. How come this boy found leaves for me? All Babaji’s leela.

Babaji is the real controller of time & space. I gave a saree to my friend, she accepted it with Love (There was not a single trace of Greed on her face). She put her hand in her sack, got it out just like a magic, & what I saw- 3 packets of UDI & 1 supari. She said to me eat this supari. I said I will. I tried to give some money to these two young boys out of gratitude as since last night I got chance of seva due to them, then got amrit & makhan Prasad in morning, then got neem leaves, they said No sister, we are servants of Babaji. If you want to offer something, give it to Mataji. They added they were not helping me for money. It was just out of love, & the love and Humbleness I was showing to all those strangers. (In my last Shirdi visit as well, I experienced so much love from everybody in Shirdi. Everybody is SAI & SAI Only, No one except SAI. I requested last time as well to all of us to smile often not while being in Shirdi only, but in daily life. Even if we are doing a really boring job, a smile not only relaxes our own muscles, but it gets you so much love from everybody around. Try to smile doing meditation, it will boost your concentration).

Now everybody knows that I have to leave & reach hotel at 1 o’ clock. But I got another command from my old friend. She said that I am not leaving without having halwa that is being offered to Babaji after Madhyan aarti & will be soon available to be distributed from a window counter. Okay, thats another order from my Babaji, I thought. I was getting late, was bit tense as well, but my Mataji sent those young lads to run & be in queue, so that they can get some halwa for me. I & mataji also went to that window. Mata ji was instructing those boys not to eat it, keep it for sister. Here we got piping hot saffron coloured halwa. I had enough but those two boys also gave some from there share.Now all four of us were standing out of queue, I was touching Mataji’s foot, who was none other than Babaji. This was first time, mataji asked my name. She told me her name to be Krishna. I was so overwhelmed with their love. She promised that she will be around when I come next time.

I am very introvert person, do not speak much, being especially at Spiritual kingdom like Shirdi, I would not like to speak, but I was befriending with all these people, though we spoke a little, most of times they were the mean Babaji chose for my trip to be lovely. We did not speak anything worldly, Mataji happened to ask my name at the last moment. I did not even ask names of young boys. It was just communication with smiles out of love. I was very much astonished when those boys refused to take any money from me.

Now this was time for me to leave, I ran barefoot towards my hotel room as it was almost 2 o’clock. I went inside room, saw dad lying on bed in very relaxed manner, I was surprised, as I was thinking dad must get angry at me as I am late by 1 hour and we have to travel on that bad road to Aurangabad. I could not believe my ears when dad said that our flight was late by how many hours? Not only 1 but by 2 hours. He just got a text from airline saying so. Is it not our Babaji great? He wanted me to enjoy me to the max while being in Shirdi, & was taking care like a mother who does take care of daughter who is leaving for in-laws. Such was arrangement of my dear Sai mother that she wanted me to enjoy every single privilege of my Mother’s peace abode.

Now our driver from last day was ready to take us back, we had food at Sai Prasadalya & we were back to Aurangbad. While getting out of taxi, I told driver that I have left a packet at back seat that is saree for his wife. He said thank you. We reached well in time at airport. After 1 hour or so, got a call from driver saying that his wife wants to talk to me. This lady was so full of thankfulness for the saree Babaji arranged for her, she thanked me many times (I was so surprised it was so simple saree, but a token of love, not something precious like gold or diamonds). She requested me to save their number and visit them in Aurangabad next time I come to Shirdi. We reached home in Delhi around 1 o’clock at night, I was full of energy & love of my divine mother showered upon me, even I did not have any sleep last night & I could not sleep in the plane, but I was afresh. Isn’t it true that our Babaji’s love is magic?
Thank You my deva, this world is so much full of Love, thanks for showering on me so much love and affection. Please bless us all, so that we are full of love for each other, so that we see YOU in everybody, so that I do not take for granted all your blessings, so that I am humble and full of gratitude like wife of our driver. Please make the surrender happen at your lotus feet, may I flow with Your ALMIGHTY WILL, May I learn to chant Your name with every breath. JAI SAI RAM. Prema to all, Shanti to all. Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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    I can'nt believe that all this happend to me only, Do you love me this much deva?

    I seriously can'nt believe that SAI written this experience so beautifully for me.

    Deva, Please make me full of love, so that I dont have a trace of greed & hatred.

    Yes publishing of this expereince today also ensure your blessings with me on starting of this important task.

    I am again in tears reading about the love you showered on me.

    Love you Deva,

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL.

    • Dear sai sister,
      I cannot explain in words my happieness after reading your blissful experience through you saima has showered his blessings and love to all those who are reading this post.. truly u are a blessed soul and saima have made our day so beautiful like everyday but today very special through u.. thanks a lot to u and saima fot penning it so beautifully that we could feel being in your place and enjoyed those beautiful moments on our mother saima's lap… lots of love to you dear sai sister and to our most merciful and loving mother saima.. everytime he makes me wonder how far could he go to protect and shower his love and blessings on his children.. he never gets tired eventhough he has to hear each single prayer of his million children and in return expects nothing but simply pure love.. everyday every moment he makes us come more close to him.. may saima bless all and also hetal ji and team for doing such great service.. how wonderful he is how beautifully he connects us all like a family though v have never seen eachother.. love you saima.. jai sai ram

    • nice experience dear sai sister.. even i was in tears reading your experience.. you are really a blessed soul of Sai Baba

      Be always with us Deva.. Love you Deva

    • Dear sai sister, truly ur blessed!! can you please tell the measurement of cloth for baba idol and samadhi and how much we should pay for it?? Thank you

    • OM SAI RAM Dear Friend

      I am not sure about measurements- If you have local SAI temple in your hometown they can help it. I prefer to make it with the help of local temole authorties, as I can choose design clolour & texture of the cloth. I got it from Shirdi at teh time of first trip, but was not happy with teh quality & they were charging too much for that qaulity.

      Loads Love to you.

      Love to ALL, Prema to ALL

    • Om Sai Ram_/_ I have tears in my eyes reading your blissful experience in Sai Maa. I speciall opened this particular day experience as it was my birthday…_/_Om Sai Ram_/_

    • Dear Sister

      Babaji blessed me with above shirdi trip experience. Even do not have kids (married fro 5 years). But I never felt like asking for kids from SAI as well. My heart dweller SAI, who does know our latent innermost wishes, does HE NOT controller of death & BIRTH, Does HE not know what & when to GIVE?

      Today was our first appointment with fertility experts regarding this ( I was not sure whether should I consult them or not, as BABA is my Doctor, but Long time back in comment sections here I was advised by BABA to see doctor).

      So even today on the way me & my husband were discussing- is it sure thing we need Kids? Arent we already so happy with BABA's blessings? My husband is only son, so is it our responsbility to bear kids?

      So let Babaji take control of life, everything will be okay.

      How come Arjuna have Shri Krishna as Chrioteer of HIS rath, because Arjuna was ready for Krishna to take control of his life.

      Loads love to you, Ask Babaji to make you to flow with HI ALMIGHTY WILL.

      Loads LOVE sister.

  2. Jai Sairam,

    Tears,tears,tears and only tears on reading this beautiful experience. Dear sai sister feel so happy for you.. Waiting for my shirdi trip!

    Jai Sai!

  3. Such a wonderful and blissful experience. This is how our beloved Baba makes all the arrangements when he invites us and showers bundles of love. All we need to have is complete faith and firm believe. Thank you so much for sharing. On SaiRam.

    • Yes Dear Devotee

      Babaji showers LIMITLESS Love & Grace at us ever & ever, We just Have to keep our hearts Open.

      Babaji made everything possible to share it.

      Loads Love.

  4. Om SAI RAM

    Following were the titles HIGLIGHTED while writing this experience, But somehow that HIGHLIGHT is missing:

    1. Babaji is the Ultimate Planner & we do not have a FREE WILL.

    2. Babaji fulfils all our innermost wishes.

    3.Babaji leaves no stone unturned to make us happy.

    4. Babaji is the real controller of time & space.

    Probabaly these will help a long reading.

    Prema to ALL, Shanti to ALL

  5. Om sai ram … u ve left us speechless thank you so much dear fir sharing such beautiful experience …. as long as I was reading the experience I felt my self in shirdi…. right from the hotel room till dwarkamai… clr a ning the floor. .. to gurustan ….. udis queue … to dixit wada oh what a mesmerising experiences. .. love u my darling dwvotee friend … baba bless u always

    • Dear Friend

      Yes it was blissful expereince to clean Dwarkamai, it was blissful state of mind. May Baba purify our minds to see HIM & ONLY HIM in everybody.

      Yes I love you too my dear devotee.

      May Baba Bless everybody.

  6. Baba since 16 years i suffered due to wrong relationship. Before 4 years when i was silent and don't need any relationship he came into my life. I was convincing him if he wants to marry me then come to me otherwise no. He accepted me and i also accept him think that it may my God's wish who give him to me after so many suffering.After few months his family not accept our relation. I was shattered and felt like an hell. I never want to loose him becoz i love him more than my life.That time Baba came into my life and i did Nava Gurubar Vrat so many times still i continued.Evryday i do puja of my baba 2 times. And he came back into my life again with more confident than before.Slowly we are engaged in relationship. Really i can't explain how much i love him. On 16th mar,2012 I aborted my child . I have done a sin Baba. Please forgive me. After that i forced him tell his parents for marriage again. On 15th febuary.2014 we both going to our baba's Mandir after that he going to his home told her parents. But they are not accept us due to caste .Her Father told him that when you are child i gave you everything now i gave you your wife and u accept it. He always obey his parents and love them so much. After that he don't think of my life and go on him own way and accept his parents decission. waht can i do now. I'm alone. No one there for me to liste me. I called his Sister who knows about us don't receive my call and don't reply to my msg.How she does not fell my pain . she also did love marrige.

    Now my pain is that i have crossed my marriage age. Now I'm 33 yrs old. He accept me even if know my other problems that i can't explain here.
    Since 3.5 yrs i avioded my parents for this guy only. And he refused me not to accept any proposal that he surely marry me. Now my younger brothers marriage will held on soon. I'm doing a private job. there is no gurrentee whenever i left this Job due to bad situation here.I don't want to do any job and live alone in this selfish worlds. I'm very much afraid what i suffered in my life. I hv no more courage to stand. What can i do now. Now my baba shows me so many nagative hints and for this i feel hopeless and help less.I never see him with others

    I loved my parents a lot. They also suffered due to me. They also feel very sad when they see me alone. I feel that. I can't marry anyone. I love him and think him as my husband. Now he don't listen me and understand my pain. I prayed baba to take me to him soon becoz he loves me . He gave me this life and he has the rights to take. Baba please i can't tolarate all this pain. Please take me tou soon. Who does not try to understand my feeling and value of my life, they may realise after my death. Sorry Baba if i do any mistake. Please for me . I'm ur child Baba.Please take me to you soon.

    • OM SAI RAM Soon you will be free from all hardships Have faith on him.something very good is waiting for you .Have faith ,I m also in my 30,s not married and full of tensions but have strong faith on my baba that he will hold our hand and will overcome our sufferings .Have patience sister sister God is there .

  7. how much pain baba. we started this job think it as ours. but why always others thrown me out baba. Baba u can do every impossible things to possible. I promised that i live my life with him to take blessing of my baba. Baba please come to help me. I need you baba.

  8. baba
    please punish arijit ganguli. please.please .please. please. please.
    punish him for not enquiring about his own baby. punish him baba.

    • Dear Devotee

      Babaji does not punish anybody, he is embodiment of love, Bad karma of this person with take care of everything.
      Loads Love.

  9. Om Sri Sai ram, what an experience! !! I felt like I just made a trip to shiridi. Very well expressed that I could actually feel myself being a part of your shiridi trip. I have been asking baba to take me to shiridi for a long time but today baba did that I felt. Thank you for posting
    Jail Sai ram

    • OM SAI RAM

      Dear devotee

      I have no ability, but its ONLY BABA's ALMIGHTY PEN that can draw such a nice picture of shirdi trip that you also felt with me at SHIRDI.


      Loads Love my dear friend.

  10. Beautiful experience…thank you Baba,thank you sister for making me read this beautiful you said sister we should see Sai in every being,then we'll never ever hurt anyone… Om Sai Ram

  11. Really I am full of tears I am also willing to go to shirdi. I hope I can also have the Darshan same like u. Thank you sis for posting such a nice experience. Baba please call me soon.

  12. Dear sister
    You know i was not able to read the rest half of your experience shared as my eyes are filled with tears of love.i could barely see.reading about sai maa is itself a form of feels so good to read every detail and experience his bliss.
    What a wonderful shirdi darshan you had.may baba give this pleasure to all devotees.let sai maa give love to all.

  13. Jai sai ram
    wat a lovely experience sister. Thank u so much for sharing. Tears blocked wid overhelmed joy:-) so read it again nd again Baba:-) Baba ur way is always unique:-) Baba hw nicely u narrate it for sister..
    As i promised u Baba tat we got money back frm the person who delaying for 1yr… We got last evening Baba… U knw Baba everything wen to giv… He gav small amt only nw but it wil help us much Baba… Thank u Baba for being wid each nd every devotee.. Baba pls giv me patience on u… Wen u r silent i dnt ve patience i wil fight wid u for my needs but sorry ma for my foolishness.. Hereafter i wnt cry to u i need dis nd tat u r my mom:-) my mom knows wat kids wants… Pls give me gud patience ma…

  14. I must say that you too lucky to have an experience of a such kind in Shirdi…..really a blessed soul…..I too wish to have such experience when I go next to Shirdi…. hope that happens soon !!!!


  15. Hello,

    Om Sai Ram,

    Lovely experience …… believe it or not…. i was smiling with a deep feeling throughout the read :).Very well written…. could imagine the whole experience as if seeing it in front of me 🙂

    Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah:

  16. Very very nice experience ..i always feel how lucky all those people who were with Sai all the time..Shama, Hemadpanth, Bhajogi Shinde, Dada kelkar, Radhakrishna mai, and many many more..wish I was there..

  17. Om Sai Ram…What A Wonderful Experience…And An Awesome Narration…I Can Also Feel Refresh And Energetic…We Love You Baba…Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  18. Om Sai Ram
    Dear sister thanks for sharing such a wonderful and blissful shiridi trip.I learned so many things from your posting.Pl deva bless our family to come to shiridi .

  19. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sariam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sariam omsa riam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam
    om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  20. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Such a beautiful experience. Have to learn from you to be so loving and caring for others. This is what Baba wants from all of us – compassion. Thank you, I take inspiration from your experience and try to be a better person.

  21. Fantastic experience first devotee
    Second devotee please be patient
    Sai maa will not leave anybody
    I am sure he has a plan to help you
    Sai maa
    I am waiting for your kripa
    Please please help us sai maa
    Pull us out of this and make us happy so that v can help others to b happy Un whatever way v can
    Sai maa I fall at your lotus feet

  22. is
    there any specific mantra to get back love??? i love , and i dont want
    to loose my love… i did all the things nav guruvar vrat , prayanan of
    sai charita please devotees let me know ??? i am waiting for sai baba's

    • om sidha sankalpaya namaha…check for the spelling iam not sure about the spelling.write it on a paper daily 108 times for 41 days.on the last day visit a baba temple with the written papers.give a while cloth with measurements of the idol.SRY if any thing wrong.i have read this in a blog and i told u as much as i remember…

  23. I am so much blessed to read this experience….the way she narrated her experience is soooooooo wonderful that all the time i am reading … only and only i can see shirdi , the temple in shirdi and the samadhi mandir.. thank you soo much sister …for giving this wonderful experience to me…i am sooo happy that i my heart is becoming so heavy with happiness and my eyes are filled with tears of thankful ness…. baba bless all of us….Om sai ram

  24. Beautiful experience. Baba was with you throughout your stay 🙂

    O Deva, we are but humans, we fall at Your lotus feet and beg forgiveness for all the mistakes we make. Guide us O Sadguru so we do not repeat these mistakes and bring tears in our loved ones eyes.

    Thank You for a beautiful life filled with Love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  25. Such a divine experience, had tears in my eyes while reading. In d morning after waking up i was getting angry with our babaji for all the problems that i am facing in my life. Your experience really calmed me down. Thank you sister
    Om sai ram ji

  26. Dear devotee,
    I have heared of a sai baba mantra to get married to your love

    Om siddha sankalpaye namah

    Write and chant it 108 times for 40 days n at the end give a white cloth and white flower to babaji along with the book in which you have written the mantra.

    But i am not sure of the exact procedure so please confirm it once.
    Om sai ram ji

  27. Om Sai Ram

    Wonderful experience.

    Baba please help me,am really in a lot of pain,the person i loved more than my life has got engaged to someone know everything baba.please help me out of this.can't take this anymore.have full faith in you baba.

  28. om sai ram.Whay a blissful shirdi trip!!!!!!!undoubtdly u are the blessed child of our baba.nice explanation about each and every small incident happened in shirdi.

  29. Tears rolled out of my eyes for the love Baba have on all his devotees…can't really express how wonderful it is to read this very lovely experience.

  30. om sai ram dear devotee , so wonderful experience and so interesting. its feel like I am in shirdi and that all happening with me while reading your experience. thank you so much for sharing. you are really blessed. I am also waiting for my call to go to shirdi. I hope I get it soon. you are really blessed because you got chance to do all good things. and specially in shirdi.

  31. SAI Sister very beautiful experience and you have narrated it so well. 🙂
    Thanks for posting your experience. 🙂



  33. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. My long time wish to visit Baba in Shirdi was expressed in your narration. It is indeed a very blessed experience and a very thoughtful of you to offer sarees to the elderly. Baba in return blessed you with all the special treats of His prasad and made your time in there to be utilized efficiently with everything you wanted to do and be comfortable before he relieved you from Shirdi on your journey back. With my current situation, I may not be visit Shirdi for a while, I felt Baba took me on the journey through you.

  34. Very interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences sister. When I was reading, my mind was in shirdi. Even I went shirdi in June 2013, which is memorable trip in my life. You are a blessed soul please post more in future. Jai Sai ram .

  35. I am getting goose bumps after reading this experience … dear sister you are indeed blessed by Sainath Maharaj…I'm also married for 5 years and waiting for Baba's blessing to have a child.. Hope Baba fulfill our wish soon …

  36. Om Sai Ram
    Nice experience and well narrated. The idea of going to Dwarakamai at that hour showed how Baba wanted to give you a series of experiences all through your stay period in Shirdi. You are Baba's chosen one.Thanks for sharing. I am planning for a Shirdi trip next month. Hope I bump into Krishna and the boys!
    Om Sai Ram

  37. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you Sai sister to take us to Shirdi along with u. Mohan Ji I can't say about Krishna Ji but you can meet those Baba's wonderful children in dwarkamayee after 12 at night is really a blissful moment to accompany them in cleaning and doing flower rangoli. Baba blessed me twice to do this sewa since July 2013. Deva thank you for everything. Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  38. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! Baba gives everyone a unique Shirdi trip experience each time they are called to Shirdi and Baba gave you such wonderful experiences there and even made sure you stayed some extra time by having the plane delayed for a few hours. Om Sai Ram!

  39. Dear Sai Devotee,

    I had tears in my eyes after reading your humble experience..I remembered my own Guru and ashram which I consider is same as Shirdi for me. May we continue to surrender in the holy feet of our guru.

    Sadgurunath Maharaj ki Jai!!

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