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Baba And His Kind Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram. Thanks for all your efforts for bringing together all the Sai devotees. We all are blessed to have you, helping all the devotees to seek Baba’s blessings. May Baba bless all. I wish to share my experiences due to our beloved Baba’s grace .Kindly keep me anonymous and post it when possible.

Baba has been very kind to me always. This time Baba solved my biggest problem. I have lost my parents and after them I consider my paternal uncle as my father. He has loved me a lot an always been like a father. 3 months back he had gone to Chennai for a liver transplant. Everyone was scared, but I believed in Baba that He will always be there to protect him.

I immediately started Nav Guruvar Vrat and prayed Baba that my uncle should be fine and his operation should be a success. We waited for another month for a donor, but no success. I wanted the operation should happen on a Thursday and prayed Baba for that. Every day I used to get an inner feeling that Baba is telling me don’t worry. I am here. Every day passed with anxiety and one day I asked Baba on questions and answers that when the operation will take place and Baba said that your work will be done within 12 hours.

The time, when I asked the question, it was 12 noon. I was waiting that the operation should start before 12 AM Indian time. Finally I got a call from my brother that the operation has started and it was 12:30 AM in India. I thanked Baba a lot and thought that it does not matter that the operation did not start before12AM. I prayed all night, but my heart did tell that Baba is there with him. And my Baba’s grace the operation was successful and doctors asked to wait for 72 hours for the body to accept the organ. After the operation I had a word with my aunty to ask about the operation and she said that the call for operation came at 11:45 AM. Look at Baba’s Leela. He did keep His promise. I prayed Baba a lot and He did answer my prayers and finally my uncle was fine and was discharged after a week.

I wanted that before my fasts end, my uncle should reach home. During fasts, I had to skip 2 fasts and I finished my fasts on 24/10/2013 and they reached home on 23/10/2013. It was Baba’s Leela and He made sure they reach home before I finish my fasts and because of this I had delays in finishing my fasts. Baba blessed me by fulfilling my wishes. I can’t thank Baba enough. If one prays with clear heart all the wishes are listened. Baba has been very kind to me and I pray that this kindness is showered on all. I love You Baba. May Baba be with all and bless all always. Jai Sai Ram.

Sai And His Abundance Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Kindly keep my name and email id anonymous while sharing my experiences. My faith in Sai grew after I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. My relatives used to believe in Sai and I used to listen a lot of miracle stories about Sai from them. After hearing so much about Sai, I started reading Sai Sat Satcharitra just to know more about Sai.

As I started doing Shri Sai Satcharitra parayan, after 1 or 2 parayans, whenever I used to read Sai Satcharitra, I used to feel so emotional that tears used to fell from my eyes and it was like that I could not control my tears. I could not understand why such a strong urge to cry used to come to me and I could not control my tears. Slowly I could feel Shri Sai’s presence in my life.

Once I was doing Shri Sai Satcharitra parayan and it was Saturday during parayan and I was sleeping on my bed. All of a sudden I heard a huge loud voice shouting “Baba” and the voice was so loud that it woke me up and I ran to see who the person was. As I saw, there was a fakir looking man begging alms. To my surprise it was during the week, when I was doing Sai Satcharitra.

After few months later I again started doing Sai Satcharitra parayan and during that week one of my parents plot in one of the unauthorized colony was sold at a huge profit. I was looking for a job very badly as I had completed years of studies and I wanted to get a job. It was Wednesday night and Thursday morning (dawn time of Thursday). I could not sleep due to job’s tension. So I played Sai Bhajan “Sai Reham Nazar Karna” on my laptop and heard it 3 times with strong faith in Sai. To my surprise that Thursday morning, a sadhu came to my house when I was going to temple and took dakshina from me. I thought it was none other than my Sai, who came to take away the debt.

After few weeks of this incident, I got a job in a very high profile organisation and to my surprise when I joined the organization, I came to know that as one of my colleagues told me that I am very lucky since many other people had applied for the job, but only 4 came for the interview that day due to some reasons or the other and after defeating 3 others I got this job. But I am on contract in this job. It is second year on contract in this job. In this second year a lot of issues have come up, but I have faith in Shri Sai. I pray to Shri Sai that all my misdeeds are forgiven by Sai’s bountiful unreasoned grace and I am made permanent in this job.

I ask all readers of Shri Sai, who are reading my experience, to bless me and pray for me so that I am made permanent in this job. Om Sai Ram!

Feeling Helpless And Rejected With Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I would like to thank the person, who is taking the pain to post people’s experiences. Some post are for their happy moments and miracles. Some are for their pains and suffering. I am one such person. Mine is going to be a big post sorry for it, but I really need some help and guidance from all brothers and sisters, who read this.

I seriously don’t know whether God exist or not. Sorry to write this way especially in this blog, but I am badly and totally hurt in almost everything. I am standing in the middle of a road like a deaf, dumb, blind and l am a person not knowing which direction to go. I am 32 years old female. I am very very lonely. I don’t have a good family or relations to stand by my side. All are selfish including my parents. I am unable to share certain things it will sound very bad and shocking for people, who read, so I don’t want to speak about my family.

From my childhood I am thirsty for love, affection and care, but I am not getting it. Just because of many disappointments in my life, I became a girl with loads of anger and hatred. Till date three men have come in my life. I was very very innocent and sweet. I don’t speak much with men. These were the only men, whom I trusted and spoken with. But a guy made me suffer, insulted and hurted me almost for 6 years. He spoiled my name in my family and friends. Finally he got married settled and leading a happy life. Then immediately a guy came. I said about my family and my past love. He was with me just for 3 months, used me, very little one, and left me without even saying a reason. Then I completely surrendered myself in work.

I stopped going to temples and praying. At least that time I was ok. I didn’t suffer much. But later somehow I got to know of Saibaba and started praying Him for my job and personal life. You know what both got collapsed now. A married man came into my life, did many little little things made me fall for him, used me completely and then left me saying his wife knew about it. At least if he had been true to his wife, I would have felt ok. But he didn’t change. He just cut me, but I was able to smell him being after another woman for years even before coming into my life and even after getting connected with me. I was gone completely. Still inspite of knowing everything I loved him and do so even now. He was my boss. He stopped my promotion inspite of me being eligible for that. Then I was not able to work there anymore, daily seeing him having fun with another woman. Above all he used to insult me through his behaviour, action and words. I left my job just because of him.

I thought I will get another job and this gap will change my mind. But nothing happened till now. I know I am a fool and all would speak badly about me, but unable to forget him. I was happy with him only for few months, but I am suffering from his insults, pains, hurts till this minute from past 3 years 2 months. Once he will call, I have to speak with him normally without tears, but if I call him, he will not answer my calls or give reasons and hurt me to the core. I am getting mad day by day. I don’t have a job. I am not married to anyone. I don’t have even a single person to listen to my pains and give me shoulders above all I can’t say this to anyone. All will think badly of me no one knows in what situation all this happened.

I don’t even have friends to divert my mind. All married and settled. I don’t have money to go check myself with a psychological doctor or go to gym or learn new skill. Even if I try to go help some NGO, they want money not physical support. How will I divert my mind? How will I come out from all pains (family, relations, career, education, health, friends etc). Already I got admitted in hospital few months back as I was about to collapse due to anemia just recovering. Again he came into my life and spoiled my mind completely. Now I am unable to be without thinking about him or calling. I call and text even for 100 times, still he ignores, but he is happy with all and everything.

I am unable to eat, sleep or do anything, just crying crying and crying. I have done many Vrats on Sai’s name, read Sai Satcharitra many times; still I have not got peace. Now I got fed up going to temples even. I was a very very good and innocent girl. Why did God spoil my character, my education and my career? Why did He make me fall for wrong men? Are all men like that? Are women only to be used and thrown? At least the other two guys I forgot within months and was able to carry on with my life. But this man I am unable to forget. I don’t know why I still like him. He has hurted me to the maximum. Why is my heart this very dumb? Not even a single tear of me has any value? I am afraid whether I will become mad completely.

Daily waking up with hatred, eating just for a sake and sleeping for few hours after 3 or 4 am. People say karma if they don’t answer for something. If a person suffers to the core because of past karma won’t they do mistakes again in the present karma out of pain? Above all every Thursdays Baba is making me cry for something or the other why is this? Does He hate me that much? I have tried suicide many times, but not succeeded even in that. Not even a single birthday, new year, diwali or for any festivals, I have been happy or at least ok. Always tears tears tears, but people who made me cry are happy, succeeding in personal and official life. I want Sai Baba to answer me at least now, at least after reading this. You people know only my bad things as I have narrated only that but Sai knows the other side of me, the Good part of me. So I want Him to answer me. If He doesn’t answer me and keep me shed tears, I would say that God is just a stone. It’s upto Him to show me path, guide me and cuddle me or throw me in dustbin. Bye Baba.

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  1. Om sai Ram!!! Dont worry….Sai is always listening to your prayers…he will answer ur prayers on time….he ll make u happy…keep faith…..have belief that HE will do wonders…..He will do it…..Om Sai Ram!!!


    First 2 experiences are amazing.

    Dear 3rd Devotee, I am sending you lots of love, you are just like my lil sister.

    Now your mind is engulfed with maya, forget crying, Do Naan simran, other day somebody posted here how to do 1 lakh Naam Jaap of Baba. Please do that, Immerse yourself in that, you got plenty of free time, use that to do japa. Do it at least 11 times.

    You will be out of all the mess, thats an assurance.

    Loads Love to you.

    Love to ALL, Peace to All

    • Om Sai Ram
      Dear 3rd devotee, please do not get nervous, you are here in this website that means Baba is listening to you. When I read your experience I have been thinking what to write and I was thinking about a chapter in Satcharitra where Baba ask to be in company of good people always so that you get knowledge and get mental peace but I was not recollecting which chapter was that but luckily when I opened Satcharitra book yesterday (Friday) I read the same lines, which I was planning to write to you. Baba always says be patience and trust, if possible visit Shirdi and all your problems will be solved. Read Satcharitra, contemplate and implement in real life. I was planning to write that meditate on his feet and comely figure and when I read Stachritra yesterday same thing was mentioned in the chapter that I read, so Baba made me write this to you. We do not choose god but god choose us and he chose you that's why you wrote your experience in this website. God bless you.

  3. I felt very moved by the third experience. I want to tell you if you believe you are a good girl then you should tell yourself that you deserve the best. From now on you cannot entertain all those men who hurt you. When you know they are bad why do you long for them. Get up and get control on your life. Get yourself a job and involve in some service activities because only that wipes away your bad karma. Dont look for sympathy from any body. Be brave and start a new life. No point blaming baba if you continue to do same mistakes. If you don't learn from past mistakes they only repeat. Start a new life and see how baba will take care of you. I truly feel you are a good girl and you deserve the best. Turn your life around and show everyone your new life that will inspire others. May baba bless you. Take this as a message from baba. Jail Sai ram.

  4. First experience is really miraculous.
    Third devotee, don just blame men and god for all bad things in your life. Whtever happened, ur part is also there. Thr r many people who suffer like u or more than u do. Good things happen in world because of god. Good people live in world because thy r respect and believe god. Just don think of anyone but just believe in sai. U wil get a job n learn to live with the world.

  5. Dear devotee 1&2, thanks for sharing wonderful experiences.

    Dear Devotee 3, continue to have firm faith on Baba he will surely do the best for you. Om SaiRam.

  6. dear 3rd devotee,

    everyone in this world experiencing sufferings. Please remain yourself calm. I had these sort of feelings too.

    All you need to do is MEDITATION. do meditate on SAI Baba twice everyday (5am and 9.30pm) with proper breathing practice. After 3- 4months you will definitely fee the difference.
    You will find peace in you and you can see the rest of the world differently and thereby get connected to SAI.

    THINGS WILL CHANGE ONE DAY.. Do not wait/longing for the day. just remain calm. Always think about SAI, JUST SAI

    Your loving Sister

  7. first 2 experiences are wonderful. dear third devotee keep your hopes up. I can understand its difficult after so many disappointments. but just make your faith stronger because baba might be testing you right now and you have be strong in your test. and wait for your time he is already watching you . he is not going to let you down. always think when nobody is with you , then only baba is with you holding your hand. his blessings are with you otherwise you never got to know about saibaba. JAI SAINATH….

  8. Dear 3rd devotee, Leave everything to Baba, he will take care of everything. Have faith and patience, he has some other plans for you. Trust him, he is definitely watching you. Be Strong, our Sai ma will help you.

  9. For the 3rd devotee. I really feel sad for your situation. I am writing whatever came to my mind and please forgive it is not acceptable to you or hurt you.

    Beleive in Sai and love him. Do not expect others to love as you like or they have meet you expectation. Only Sai can give love many time back. I had lot of tension and read Sai Satcharita, in a week time with devotion and dedication after taking bath daily. My mind came clear and forgot all the tension and stress. The situation is same but it does not affect me. Once you put everything on Sai's feet, then why are you worrying. Leave to God Sai. Believe him and leave it. You should not think about it at all.

    Looks you are proud that you are very good girl and innocent. I think Sai does like this feeling. Even I am not able to come out of this feeling. Also, go to internet keep on reading Sai leelas. Again, Sai is the only true lover and savior. Do not expect anything from anyone. Firmly believe and dump all the worried at the feet God Sai. As said in the second post, try to get answer from Sai for your issues.

    Never ever think of committing suicide. If you have really read Sai leelas, this feeling should not come to you at any time. May Shri Sai Ram bless you ! I prayed for you while writing this comments.

  10. Baba please listen her prayer and blessed her with a happy life. I'm afraid baba becoz my life is same like her. But here is one hope for me that he will marry me. Baba please make it true. Please baba marry with him soon. Baba…
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  11. Thanks for the above two experience they were amazing… and for the third devotee.. sorry to hear abt ur tough times. .pls have strong faith its for sure your trial time u ll soon b out of all this …u need to change your thoughts unless u wont divert your mind from negativity u ll not see any good. ..pls read some motivationl books … Their r many of peole having really toughest time baba is their for one all who needs him . Pls ve immense faith do meditation as it will give u some relief. Pls read the book The fakir part one and two u ll surely change your view anf also sai baba still alive .om sai

  12. Dearb3rd devotee, you are in severe depression and from what you told it looks like u r suffering from stockholm syndrome, but i am not sure of it. some times in life we come to a halt on crossroads have no hope ,no intrest in life, very very tender with the deep hurts life have given us for us being so sincere. but one thing dear, we are true to ourselves, u might have suffered from that people who cheated you but still u can answer ur conscience and baba with pure heart. baba will pull u out of ur horrible situations, i have seen cases like that in my life, but we have to wait till the right time till then dont think bad or low of urself, dear ur a seet cute little baby flower of baba, who is waiting for his hands to hold u, u will surely be uplifted. dear standing up to ethics, and dharma in life ,only some people will stand and face and they get sufferings with severe tests b cos good path is full of sufferings, throns,to make us pure, the more gold is burnt in furnace the purer it becomes. have faith and patience baba will pull u totally from that deep hurtful situation and will hold u in his lap

  13. The 3rd plea is heart rendering and all my prayers go to that devotee. I am sure Baba has already shown a way or given a solution to you but here are my 2 cents.

    People say Karma if they have no answer the same way people blame God for the mistakes they commit. I am no one to give you any advice or a solution but I am sure Baba has taken you into His fold for a reason and He is also the reason why you are still here despite numerous attempts to end your life.

    One thing that I do when my mind is not at peace or there are distractions is that I read the Sai SatCharitra. If I am distracted even while reading then I re-read what I was reading.

    There are enough and more NGOs and Govt. Organisations that would freely assist you. Maybe a quick search will help you find one or request people here to tell you what is available in your city.

    One thing I know that will not work is feeling bad for yourself and dragging yourself ever lower. Pity is for others, self pity just doesn't work. Meditate, it doesn't need any money.

    O Deva, Thank You for surrounding us with family and friends who give us love and happiness. Bless us O Sadguru so we may spread the same and bring a smile to everyone whose path we cross.

    Thank You for all the Love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  14. Dear Sai sister…see don't think that no one is with you, our Sai is always with us. Just surrender yourself to him and be positive and try to spend your time reading sai satcharitra, vishnusahasranamam. And have confidence that Sai will answer you, Remember that sai says have FAITH AND PATIENCE. So surrender and don't ask just to fulfill your wish instead pray Sai to show you path and light in life he will decide what is good and make your life happier.

  15. Dear 3rd devotee, (Part 1)
    I can relate to your pain and what you are going through. I am also going through relationship issue but by god's grace I have a very strong support from my family and without whom I would not be able to go through this. So although I can relate to you and I am myself in lot of pain like you, I can't imagine your situation as you lack a support from your family. I pray to babaji that he bless you with a good support system may it be in form of friend or family.

    I have found strength by reading various experiences on this blog and the best part is that all the readers become a family to those in distress. The best example is a blog posting on 14th feb of 2012. If you read people's comment you will see how much goodness still exist in people. There were people giving him contacts for jobs, praying for him, guiding him, and worrying for him…all like a family. His story was also an example of importance of shraddha and saburi. His problems did not vanish right away and neither in a month or two…i think it took over an year for things to fall in place for him, but it happened. There was another experience where devotee came forward with a marriage proposal…so you do have a family that cares.

    Please don't misunderstand this as me saying that you will reunite with your love as he did. I do not have a stature to make moral judgements on others but the person you are in love with unfortunately is a cheater who first cheated his wife and then you. And I completely understand when it comes to matter of hearts, we want to forgive and forget all ill doings and hurt the other person caused us…as I am in the same position. But be strong and distinguish from right and wrong regardless of what you may feel. Imagine the plight of wife who would have come to know her husband cheated on her and unfortunately you became a partner in causing her that hurt too. But you can stop now from causing yourself or any other person so much pain.

    If you are educated, you will eventually find a job and I am sure everyone reading your post will pray for you. If you can post your qualifications, someone may even be able to direct you to someone who can help you. There are people reading these blogs from not just all over in India but also world…I myself from US.

    As per the matter of hearts, try not to get involved with someone right away. Give yourself time and space to make sense of what is happening and why, to understand your own self, to grow your self esteem again so you could again call yourself a sweet person and feel the same. If you do not feel good about yourself then how can anybody else will. In India, the pressure for marriage is a lot but it is your life and you need to live it on your own terms and not based on what society may say. They won't be the one coming and helping you when you will be in trouble again due to wrong or rushed decisions.

    I understand all this is easy said than being done as I am myself struggling to put these points in action. For past two nights I cried constantly asking Babaji why he is giving me so much pain. I also thought about ending my life then I realized how can for one person, I can put so many people in pain caused by my death. The person I want to die for may forget me in few months, but all my loved ones will suffer for rest of their life. So I made commitment to myself that even though I may have to suffer in pain, I will not cause a life long pain to my family.

    I know you will say that my family does not love me, but if you can just stay strong now, you will be able to build your own family with husband and children who will love you to death. Also, try to make mends with your family…in the end they are your own and maybe in trying to do the best for you, they ended up hurting you. So try to understand their emotions and feeling behind their actions and you may realize it was done out of love for you and not with bad intentions.


  16. Dear 3rd Devotee, PART 2

    I also did q&a for you for your job, life, and happiness. I did twice because first one was a simple answer and I prayed babaji to give more detail so it may guide you better and he did.

    1. Donate food and everything will be alright
    2. Donate Kichadi (made of boiled rice and dhal) and you work will be done immediately. All problems will be solved, after meeting a gujrati person.

    I do not know if this works for sure or not, but i asked after a sincere prayer for you. I hope babaji bless you with all the happiness and success in your life and hopefully very soon.

  17. Om Sai Ram : Devotee 1 & 2 : Blissful Experiences ; Devotee 3: Why Fear When Sai Is Near. Sai Will Take Care Of You. We Love You Baba. Always Be With Us. Om Sai Ram.

  18. don't feel anything about your past.plz do meditation and chant sai sai always,surely sai will answer your prayers.

  19. Dear 3rd Devotee, I can completely understand your pain and frustration. Tears rolled out of my eyes when I was reading you post. Dear god shoes wrong men just to make us realize the value of a good man who will be our life partner for our whole life. With whom we will be completely happy.

    I suggest once last time ask Baba what he wants you to do. Talk to him ,pour all the pain out before baba and surrender to him completely . He will for sure take care of your life better than you or any other person as he is the almighty and he knows what is good for you.

    Have patience dear. You have suffered a lot please try to ease yourself. Divert your mind by cooking good meal for your family and try to be happy dear. I know its very easy to tell but very difficult to implement. But its not impossible dear.

    I sincerely pray to our lord Sai Baba to bring happiness into your life soon.

    Om Sai Ram!!!

  20. Dear 3rd Devotee you will definitely get Baba blessings.Don't worry, your prayers with "sradhat and saburi" will be answered by SAI.

  21. Dear 3rd Devotee,
    My warm hugs to you. Have faith in yourself and Baba. Kindly grab the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne to uplift yourself. You deserve happiness too like all of us. This is your testing time of life but trust me its building your internal strength. Babaji will never let you down. I will hold you in my prayers. Don't blame yourself instead love yourself and take good care of yourself. Out of nothing, something good will reach you. This shall pass too and wake up. This is your life and you have to take control over it. Never let anything or anyone to have control over you. Forgive yourself and others who had hurt you and release yourself from all these negative vibes, environment and people. March on and have no fear because Baba is with you. Om Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Hugs & take good care of yourself.

  22. Dear 3rd Devotee,

    Please dont try to contact the third guy. Please daily go to temple attend aarthi's. Chant Baba's name always.
    Keep full faith and pray to him sure u ll get a job soon.

    Om sai ram.

  23. 3rd Devotee, when that married man gives u a call why are you responding him, he knows very well that u are fallen for him and will do anything for him, just ignore him, stop calling him or sending text to him, next time when he gives u a call without knowing him just inform his wife and get him caught redhanded, and why did u leave your job u should have fight back in strong way by filing harrasment case against him like it is not allowed to insult women in office in front of everyone, he say that his wife knows everything about his relationship with other women, do u think his wife knows everything i dont think his wife knows everything, he is spoiling everyone's life. if u cant fight for ur self or stand for urself how can god help u. why are u suffering becoz of bad deeds of other. Next time dont fall for anyone be strong and if anyone tries to take advantage of u just give a big kick to everyone. Remember one thing u are not a show peice u r human being and that too women what had happen had happen no one can change it but in future u can avoid such things, just ignore him and dont pick up his calls and if he try to meet u just slap him in front of everyone he may be boss in office but not outside the office and meet his wife along with those women with whom this man is playing without knowing him or u can make a police compliant and make him pay for ur expences just sue him.

    if u like this suggestion just reply.

  24. Om sai ram


    I want to give some advice to the person who posted 3rd experience

    your brain and heart should act like one organ
    if you are posting all these things on this site/blog it means you still feel baba is there and is not happy with you.Then stop saying that you think god is a stone only. If he would be a stone only your would have not posted your problem here

    stop thinking so negative….baba is always with everyone………..he is a god and god is omnipresent

    i can give you my words that the day your stop thinking about your self..you will be the most happiest person on this planet………..

    i think most of the time you think about your self…your happiness… partner for yourself….your life,,, your love…………..stop being so selfish….surrender your self to baba……….he will definitely help you

    Sorry for being so rude, but i don't like we girls suffer all the time because of some reason every now and then.
    why boys don't feel hurt so easily.. because they don't think so much . so you should stop thing that what you want…….live for others……..baba will take care of your life.

    he's always around, feel him , love him… and help other for his sake only

    lotsssssssssssssss of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Om sai Ram


  25. May sai be with u always.
    I'm sure sai only has given u strength to bear all this.
    Donot loose hopes. Sai is always there for us.
    Earnestly I feel no one is worth u and good qualities.
    As u have faced such situations, I feel u can help out people in such situation to cum out of it .
    May be sai wants u to act as a saviour for needy people.
    Think of people who r more affected.
    U are sai's daughter He will not let u down. OMSAIRAM.


  26. First two experiences are amazing. Third devotee… Please see the above comments and realize that how many people are loving and caring you if they dont know you personally. So please leave the feeling that no one is there to love or to share your pain. All baba devotees are loving and you can share everything with them. On top of that our baba is listening and take care of you. please surrender to baba. everyone has problems one or the other way. sai baba's blessings are always with you. Your good time is coming soon. That is the reason you felt to share everything here. sairam

  27. Dear Sai devotees

    I live in the US and coming to India in March solely to visit Shirdi. It is really Baba's blessing on me. Thank you Baba for calling me to Shirdi. Sai devotees who have been to Shirdi please help me on the following things.

    I read Sai Charitra everyday and I always wanted to see Dwarakamai, Chavadi and Samadhi Mandir. The holy land where Baba used to live! But the last time I went to Shirdi, I was reading Satcharitra for the first time and I did not know which is Dwarakamai and which is known as Chavadi. Can the devotees here please tell me are the Samadhi Mandir, Dwarakamai and Chavadi very close to each other.

    I see live darshan of Shirdi everyday and I wanted to take a nice shawl to Baba. Can anyone please tell me will the Sai Sansthan accept shawls if we buy the shawl and take it to Shirdi for Baba or should we buy it there. Because, I see that the shawl on Baba and on Baba Samadhi are of same color.

    And regarding the Dhuni and Sai Baba's Gurusthan – I know there is a Dhuni and the Tree when we come out of the Samadhi Mandir. Is it this Dhuni where Baba ji used to sit. I am asking this because, I read in Satcharitra that Masjid had the Dhuni and Butti ji's ashram is where Baba ji said He would be residing there forever is called the Samadhi Mandir.

    Sorry for my ignorance. I did not know whom to ask and so thought to seek help from the devotees here. I will take all your prayers to Shirdi.

    Thank you.
    Om Sai Ram

    • Dear Devotee

      first of All- For Babajis clothes, you can offer chola & Chadar for Babaji's Samadhi, you can buy from Shirdi only. But normally I do not like to Buy from Shirdi as they do not give very good quality & they charge too high price (shopkeepers) So normally you can get it made from you hometoen, thats what I do.

      & about finding dwarkamai, & chawadi, I think there are signs saying the names of places, so it is easy to find. BTw In chawadi there is seperate entrance for Men & women, while it is not so in dwarkamai, Babaji's duni is burning in Dwarkamai.

      The place outside temple with Neem tree is called Gurusthan.
      Enjoy your trip

      Loads Love.

  28. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam oms airam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om siaram om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam oms airam om sairam om sairam om sairam oms airam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam
    om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sariam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  29. hello sai devotees: iam gayathri … why are you worrying yaar?? @3rd devotee… please forget ur past… try to concentrate on ur present life.. do not get angry for anything.. stay calm.. try to find a good job … that will give u the secure life.. do not worry about marriage and all.. it will happen automatically… definitely you will get a job for ur survival.. make a call to ur friends voluntarily and ask them a help…. iam also in the similar situation but it's something different.. i did not get cheat by any guys.. will never allow them to cheat me… get a job first.. start doing meditation.. light diya to lord ganesha.. u can feel the difference…. everyone is having problem in their life.. do not believe anyone except baba… he will be with u forever…

  30. aish kamathe…. yeah u are right.. but i wanna say one thing.. u are a guy it's easy for u to take such actions immediately.. but the gals cant take decision suddenly.. they will ve to think everything.. he's a guy he can do anything… for the 3rd devotee please do not give any important to that person… stop talking to him… u are not so aged.. inform ur parents to look an alliance for you.. dm reefinitely find a good one.. forget everything and get settle in ur family life as well as in ur professional life..iam requesting all sai devotees to light diya and pray for this girl very hardly.. definitely multiple prayers will be answered quickly.. if anyone is in a good job.. please get her num and provide her a job.. we will have to help eachother.. baba please help this girl.. please help her… i will offer 500 rs in that girls name in my local sai temple.. hello devotees please donate some amount… whether it can be small or big… that is not an issue… please donate ur amount in her name…. help her help her help her help her help her…. i want to know the name of the devotee… will help her shirdisaibaba….give ur s upport deva… please sai help ur child

    • i did not say that girls cannot take actions… but she has to think lot of things especially about her future… our society is a differnt society from the other… she should see everything and file a complain.. it should not be disclosed everywhere… she is an unmarried women.. so she should take each and every step carefully…

  31. Dear 3rd devotee sister, My humble pranams at baba's holy feet. Please have faith and patience and continue baba's parayan, see his pictures, watch his movies, hear his songs, read his stories etc. let all your senses be absorbing SAI in every way possible. The turnaround in your life is not farway. My prayers for you. I have been through a lot of mental turmoil and depressed suffering (and still continue to suffer, although much better than before). As baba says, we square up our past karmas, only HE can eliminate or reduce its effect.

    I read vishnu sahasranam a little bit daily (like Baba suggested to shama) every morning. On one such morning (i am sure it was Baba's promptings), it occurred to me that i should do hot water steam inhalation everyday (like how we do when we catch colds, with a towel over your head) to get over my negative thoughts and feelings. (how is vishnu sahasranam connected to the hot water inhalation, i can't tell, but it it just occurred to me, out of the blue). The result has been amazing. Not only does hot steam cleanse the nostrils, get rid of colds etc, it also acts as a therapeutic, it relaxes the muscles, it increases circulation in the mind/body and above all it cleanses the pores of the skin and give the face a youthful look. All positive things to prep you up. Also, it is so simple to do and so effective. I have been doing this morning and evening (or whenever i feel low) and have benefited immensely. Please consider this SAI therapy, in your life. May BABA bless you.

  32. om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

  33. I felt really bad to read about the 3rd devotee.whatever mistakes happen in our lives,can't be erased.
    But atleast we shud be alert not to trust nybody from now onwards.Who r they to throw them out of their lives? u throw them out of ur life and start afresh.Remember there is a beautiful day after every night.And of course there is our beloved Saima.Sometimes to some of us He doesn't response so easily.But do stay true to Him till the last day of ur life.How can He stay away ?Take care.

  34. Dear ………….., ,

    I feel very bad after reading your letter…just he has taken you for a ride……….Please forget him and start a new life……….Please don’t remark Baba’s for everything. The major fault is from your side…..Baba’s knows he (your Boss) is not good so Baba’s is not answering your prayers…..but Baba will definitely bless you very much from the other side……just ignore and continue to pray Babaji sincerely………Don’t waste time remembering him……BEST…………… Preethi Samarth, IISc, Bangalore

  35. Om Sai Jai Sai.1st n 2nd devotee thank you for sharing your amazing experience.3rd devotee saiji was always there for you and remain as is forever. You said you have been to temple many times but tell me have you ever been there just to meet Baba?….NO . you have gone with lots of your pre assumption that Baba should bless you with love of your lover or good job but when your pre assumption is not materialized as per your way you are saying that God is just a stone. Sai sister Deva is always there for your good thats why he saved you from those heartless people who would have cause lifelong pain not only once but 3 times.He loves you immensely and cares for you.So this time when you visit him just go there blankly without any thought, just to meet him and ask him how he is doing? I am sure Baba will show you right path himself and make you strong enough to bear this pain with wide smile on your face.Love and respect yourself.Once again m assuring you Saiji loves you.I am sorry if my words hurt u. Deva thank you for everythind. Please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  36. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    I have left everything on u my saimaa..pls help me and save me..jai sairam…pls forgive all my mistakes. u know all my problems n u also know how much am suffering..pls help me…pls bless me….now I have left everything on u….pls make my life happy saimaa…………….jai sairam…

  37. LOVE U BABA……….
    Dear 3rd Devotee……….our sai brothers and sisters have givn u so many suggestions and advice….i hope now u can think that U R NOT ALONE…….THE WHOLE SAI FAMILY IS WITH U FOR SURE AND THIS IS ALL BABA'S BLESSINGS. otherwise just tell me in this busy world who gives so much time to hear for other…..its only the goodness and our BABA….
    I will wholeheartedly pray for u that BABA gvs u so much courage to fight for ur life and make evrything in place…DONT FORGET THAT LIFE IS A STRUGGLE……

  38. Dear ………….., ,

    I feel very bad after reading your letter…just he has taken you for a ride……….Please forget him and start a new life……….Please don’t remark Baba’s for everything. The major fault is from your side…..Baba’s knows he (your Boss) is not good so Baba’s is not answering your prayers…..but Baba will definitely bless you very much from the other side……just ignore and continue to pray Babaji sincerely………don’t waste time remembering him……BEST…………… Preethi Samarth, IISc, Bangalore

  39. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  40. hello sai devotee…. you are tensed but this is not going to help you… do naam simran with complete faith that you will be out of your mess soon…. if you do naam simran dat you will do it for name sake and its not going to help you then it will really not help you… remember one thing you are the creator of your destiny… start taking control of your life…..

  41. You have come to the right place. Engross your time in chanting his name and Start a New Life of Self Confidence and faith in Him.

  42. Om Sai Ram
    Third devotee please keep faith on Baba everything will fall in place in right time.keep reading The Satcharitra

  43. Om Sai Ram………
    Its true,when i read sai satcharitra i do feel that my eyes are full of tears,
    but i never understand why this happen?
    I think its because of joy of reading about BABA………
    Even when i take the darshan of BABA at Shirdi than too i had the same feeling.
    Thank u so much BABA……..

  44. do not worry girl… forget ur past and i do not know exactly what is the problem between u and ur family.. but deva will guide u and will be with u..

  45. Dear 3rd devotee, I always felt I was the only one having the problem what you exactly described. Only difference is that those men came into your life but did not get married to you and then leave you. That is a saving grace. But for me it is different because they came, and that too with lots of promises not just to me but my entire family, promised my parents that they would keep me happy, and married me, then showed their true colors. Will you be able to believe that I got married and had to take divorce not once but twice and now the man who promised to be with me for the rest of my life, pleaded with me and my parents for marriage for 3 years, within just one week left me. He says he is happy alone and does not want to live with me. I am in a foreign country studying because I want to build my career. My parents are my full support. I have friends who support me fully. But I feel cheated, cheated by God. In all this, there is one thing, I don't want to lose my good sense and good nature. I trust people, I want good to happen to everyone. In the last 15 years, I haven't seen happy life for myself but I am sure it will come and it will come with a bang. God has to make it. Believe me as I say this, bad time will balance itself with good time. If you are seeing pain now, that will balance with happiness soon. And, please don't wait or trust the married man. He is only using you. Throw him out of your life and mind. He does not deserve you. He is a cheat and will always be a cheat. Anytime he calls, tell him calmly not to call you or disturb you anytime. This is for your own good. Focus completely on getting a job even if it is a small one. Talk to your parents openly and apologise for whatever has happened till now. They are not selfish, they just don't know how to handle your situation. Reach out to them. They are your true well wishers. Even if you think you have not done a mistake, apologising to your own parents does not make you small or wrong. They also must be suffering watching you in pain. Baba will also like when you love your parents and be with them. Baba will not answer any of your questions now because he wants us to change from within. He will start giving answers once He knows we are living the right way. So fight with Him, He is our friend but don't expect answers from Him. He will show the answers to us when He feels we are ready to receive the answers. Right now pull up yourself and change your perspective of life. You will get a good life soon. Om Sairam

  46. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    Devotee 3, please keep sticking to Sai's feet; Baba bhala karengey, so many wonderful suggestions for you all through this post. I am sure you are already beginning to feel better and that's where Baba's blessings start and things will get only better from here on. Be strong, take some strong decisions and move on.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

    Read Satcharitra online@


  47. devotee 3rd….please to go shibpur, calcutta, west bengal…..prayers at shibpur temple are always answered…..if this not possible make some donation to the temple…..do it continously until our SAIRAM BLESSES YOU…..this how u can donate:
    Please forward your donations to the following bank account:

    ACCOUNT DETAILS: (For donations from India)
    Bank A/c. No. 422310110000280 (BANK OF INDIA)
    IFSC CODE: BKID 0004223
    Bank Name: Bank Of India
    City: Krishnanagar
    Dist: Nadia
    State: West Bengal
    Country: India
    Pin: 741101

    For further details please call Amit Biswas directly or email to below id:

    Email address:- shibpursaibaba@gmail.com OR shibpurtemple@gmail.com Mobile No: (Amitji) 09333120111/ 09434110881 /09609371796

    for further details please check:

    BABA IN U WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Jai Sai Ram…. for devotee asking about locatin of Dwarakamai and Chavadi. Please google Shirdi temple map and you will be able to find the location. I tried to cut paste but was unable to do it dear. Also, ask devotees with family in Shirdi they will be able to guide you too. Have a wonderful Darshan.

  49. ***I was the one who posted this.Im feeling really blessed and happy after reading the responses from all my brothers and sisters.I actually wanted to reply each one of you separately but i couldnt sorry for that.THANKS A LOT BROTHERS AND SISTERS.Two or three of you have asked for my name I could not share my name sorry for that please excuse me and pray saying baba's daughter.One devotee has prayed for me and asked Q& A and given me some solution.I will surely try to donate.Other devotee has prayed and requested all to pray for me and taken the iniatiative to donate money in my name feeling very greatful.Not even my own family members prayed for me this much.Im speechless.For the 1st time im shedding tears in happiness just because of each one of you.Thanks a lot for all your prayers,advice,suggestions,scoldings,care and evrything.One devotee has written saying that he hope my current situation has already changed.Yes im feeling better now compared to the day i posted this.One devotee has asked me to go to temple and pray sai without asking anything.Actually today i went to sai's temple just to see him, do u know something i didnt read this post at that time.After coming from temple only i sat to read this blog to my surprise my post in this blog today.Nice coincidence and its thursday also.One devotee referred me as a flower waiting for baba to pick im mesmerized after reading that.One devotee has asked why girls cant take actions and asked me to complaint to police.I cant do that any day brother.Because till he got to his wife he used his mobile to speak after that just uses office phone to spk,actually its me who texted and called his mobile so even if i go to police or if incase his wife catch him with other woman and go to police or for divorce i will be in problem at that time.Because it will look like i was after him and he didnt respond.No one will know that he spoke intimate things from office.Ok leave that.If i think all that i get afraid of that as well.************

    • Sairam 3rd devotee.
      I am from Mauritius which is a small island in the Indian Ocean. I read the blog everyday for the past one year. I am extremely touched by your experience. I read your narration more than 10 times.
      With your permission, I shall advise you the following:-
      (i) As you said the following yourself “From my childhood I am thirsty for love, affection and care, but I am not getting it:, I suggest that you do the following right away; My advise is “STOP FEELING INSECURE”. You are the only one who must and can boost your own confidence.
      (ii) You also said “I am standing in the middle of a road like a deaf, dumb, blind and l am a person not knowing which direction to go. I am 32 years old female. I am very very lonely” . Your reaching 32 years does not mean at all that, Baba will not give you your dream “prince”. My answer is :Do not cling yourself to anyone just for the sake of getting married. Also please break all ties for ever with the man you mentioned as he is using you.
      (iii) Please send me a bank account number that I can send some money to you to enable you to see a psychological doctor or go to gym or learn new skill as your mentioned yourself in your narration. My e-mail id is cheval_noire@yahoo.com
      All the best.

    • Thanks a lot brother/sister.But material help not required your prayers will do me good.Just pray for me to get job. That would be helpful.

  50. ************part 2……….U people asked what problem at home for me.its my father.My father married another woman my mother doesnt like that and so my parents are not in good terms.But we are staying in same house due to financial problem.My parents and sibling know about my 1st love i was the one who said at that time in tears due to pain after he left.So from that day my father speaks bad about me.He refers to me as pros and etc etc…all local third rated words.No father will spk that way to a daughter but this man calls me that way.If he knows the curren matter thats it.Another funny thing is also there.At that time(7 yeras back when the 1st guy left me) since i was very down and shameful to face my parents i wrote a letter saying forgive me for what i did,i shouldnt have loved that guy etc..u know what this man(my father) holds that letter and blackmails my mom saying that she cannot get me married that he will create problem in my marraige with that letter.He doesnt like me, u people may think that any father will get upset its not because i loved a guy or was cheated by a guy it was because i spent money for that guy by saving money from my salary,my father wanted my full salary only after that incident he knew that i didnt give full salry at home.Only money matters to my father.I know some of you all might be thinking very bad about me and my family.how dirty this family is?but what to do im born here.Anyways my situation has not changed till this minute as usual no job,not a good alliance so far(even if i say, i can stay without marriage the pressure from outside world,mother and sibling is very stressful),that man not understood my worth,same irritating and scandalising father but my mind started feeling the presence of sai so i have kept everything in the feet of my baba.If he wants to get me a job or make me get married he will get me at the right time with right things.I want only my sai now and his blessing forever.I want him to make me stay with him with full faith and patience at all times.How much ever pressurizing my life turns or how old i turn pls be with me and guide me baba.Make me take right decisions hereafter in all matters.Guide me in everything. Once again thanks alot my dear brothers and sisters for your concerns and prayers.Thanks a lot hetal ji and your team just because of you all i got so many devotees support and kind words.***********

    • I am so glad to hear that you are doing better now (I am the one who did q&a and said to reconcile with your family and going through relationship issue myself). I get it now how much painful it would be to go through all you are going through and then have your own father against you in a worst way possible. I hope your mother and siblings can be a better support. Also, try to make new friends if you can as it has been quite helpful to me and just because your older friends are married does not mean they can't be supportive. Another thing that has been helpful is volunteering at my local sai baba mandir. I am not sure if temple in India will let you help around but if they do, go there and you will meet new people, it will change your mind, and the best part will be that you will come even closer to babaji.

      Don't post your name, but atleast your qualification, field you are interested in, and in which part of India. Someone may be able to give you a reference.

      Be strong and take care.

      OM SAI RAM

    • Thanks for your kind words.Most of my friends dont know my problems at all and some of my friends know about my father but not my other problems.Above all my friends are unable to spend time with me as they have their own family,work and problems.Some are living abroad so im unable to speak with them and i dont want to disturb them.Im not blaming anyone but actually i feel we can share our happiness with freinds and family but definitely not our sorrows.Either they start neglecting you or speak behind ur back or they dont respect us.at times if we pinpoint their mistakes they turn the arrow towards us.Ok friend leave that.
      Yeah i will try to participate in volunteering activities as u said.Whom should i contact in sai temple for this?
      Bsc grad, 10 yrs exp in banking bpo.

    • Thanks for replying back, I know I made some foolish suggerstion without knowing the facts, but still feels that these kind on men should be punish like anything, if baba gives me an opportunity. I wish if could help you.

    • I Live in US so it maybe different here, but I would suggest you talking to the temple priest and they should let you know of any available opportunity. And if you feel comfortable, even share your overall problem with the priest and request him to do a prayer for you if possible.

      Also, if you have ten years experience in your field, I would suggest you trying to reach out to your old colleagues who you may have worked in previous company or they may have left the company you worked in. You may not feel comfortable doing so or may not have spoken with them for years, but give up the hesitation and just inquire if there is any opening at their place of work. By giving up small hesitation, you may find long term peace and you don't have to share your personal problem with them…just tell them you are looking for a job.

      OM SAI RAM

    • Hi ,
      You seems to have good amount of experience.For the time being,Can't u look for a job in call centers.I am sure there are lots of call centers which will offer you at least 20,000 rupees to start with.Besides, you will make new friends and will spend some time in the company of new people.Then slowly you can look for better jobs and once u get some decent job then quit call center job and then leave your parents house as as well because I feel that the environment in which you are living is not conducive for your development.

      Since I have also worked in BPO I very well know that people In BPO are very opportunistic.I am male and I have seen my managers going after girls,They are married but mad for young girls.They will do anything to bring young girls in their lives.

      So you have to very careful.

  51. Dear 3rd devotee, All the pain that you're going through is completely understandable. But how long you are going to keep thinking, worrying about this. For a change try to be positive. Every single soul in this world has some problems in their life. Yours is an exception you have more. May be Saima is trying to make you stronger. I seriously don't want to comment on your personal life and to be judgmental. But my kind advise as a sister, you have to ignore that man and try to move on. You very well know that he is using you, but still why do you want to get into his trap and struggle more.

    Be confident and stay positive. Than you and me, there are many people who are facing more sufferings and pain. We cannot do anything for this. We have live our life. I whole heartily pray for your god to Saima. He will answer. If not now, he will soon show you a right path. Until then hang on there, he will be with you to give to strength.


    • My mind knows and i have started to stay away from and not thinking about him that much as i used to do before.Still unable to forget him completely.Though he has been rude to me many times he has been good to me as well at times.How can i forget that and think bad about him completely.I know he used me still…now i have left everything to saima let him guide me in this and all matters.

  52. hello sai devotee… do not worry everything will be solved.. definitely baba is telling me to help u.. just ma gonna conduct an annadhan function on coming thrusday… do not think abt ur father… just live ur life for ur mom.. definitely u will get a good job with in a week.. please be aware of men.. iam not saying all the men are like that.. be careful.. inform ur mom to find a groom for u… just stay away from ur father… please visit ganesha temple for one month continously and light diya ….. offer coconut to lord ganesha….

  53. All, Please check out mysai.org ….there is a link in the website "Saibaba Answers your questions" , have complete faith and trust in him , and then post your questions, you will get answer from baba, to all your questions. This worked for me. In addition, you can have live darshan of shirdi sai.

    Please note: This is not a website that I own, but read it in some other devotees experience and felt like sharing it with everyone

  54. Dear 3rd devotee, please check out the website mysai.org …. there is a section in the same as "Saibaba answers your questions" , check that one out , you need to have complete belief in the response you get.

    The other good thing is that you also can have shirdi sai baba's live darshan

  55. try to recite vishnu sahasaranama for 48 days.. definitely you can feel some differeences… baba help her to forget that guy… give her a happy life from today onwards… jai sai deva

  56. Dear Sai Bandhu, (3rd experience), it is very heartrending to read about you and I can empathize with you. Though everyone might not have gone through your situation more or less goes through a very rough patch at least once in their life time. It is very difficult to stop thinking about the person we love or stay composed when nothing is going in our favor. Prayer and faith are the only solutions. You can try: banjaraacademy.org. They have e-mail counseling option. You can be and remain anonymous to listen the counseling.

    I suggest you to read books about healing (self-help books). As you are out of job right now, this is in a sense good opportunity to use this time to cleanse yourself completely. If you can create a new mail id, I can send the pdf books to you or you can visit any library.





  58. Nice experiences! 3rd devotee, don't worry, Baba is watching over you and you deserve much better than those other men, I will also pray to Baba to help you; although you tried to kill yourself you didn't succeed because of Baba, Baba wants you to be alive because He has something great in store for you despite all the suffering you have gone through, Baba wants you to be alive in this life, so just do all your work for Baba's sake, no one else's, Baba will take care of the rest. 2nd devotee, it was Baba who arranged for you to get that job and so nice that Baba came as that fakir just when you were thinking about Him. 1st devotee, Baba helped to save your paternal uncle and made sure He is well taken care of and Baba always fulfills His promise to His devotees as shown by how Baba made sure the operation started before 12. Om Sai Ram!

  59. Jai Sai Ram,

    Experience 1 & 2 are very nice. It shows how Baba protects his children.

    My response to the 3rd Experience-

    Many Sai Brothers and sisters have already given you valuable suggestions and some of them are also trying to help you. Please do not worry, keep your complete faith on Baba.

    I thought I should also give you some suggestions and I think this is our Sai's command. I know your current state of mind as every one of us has to go through some or the other problems in life but very sorry to hear about your father attitude and this is just not acceptable. Now my suggestion to you, stay calm, we make mistakes when we are in panic and stressed out. What ever happened is your past. Put a stop the guy, change your mobile number. Once you get a Job!! Take your mother and leave the house, make a complaint to police on your father so that he wont bother you again in his life.

    Sai is the most powerful one, his ways are very different and we humans cannot understand it. No one can escape from Baba as he is the controller of the universe!! I think Baba wanted you to change and some times he will give you bitter medicine when you don't listen to him. We should never blame Baba for all our wrong doings, we should control our mind and not allowing our mind to control us.

    Start this from tomorrow!!

    1. Please read Sai Satcharitra daily with complete faith and patience and tell the following words to Baba " Hey Sai, the most merciful one, the protector of the weak and poor, please have mercy on me. I will start from today to read your holy book "Shri Sai Satcharitra" with complete faith on you but please help me to give a new life and give me one more chance in life to prove to be a good human being.

    If you do in this way, Sai will melt and he will protect you to the core that no force can even touch you. By the way, Sai accepts anything given by the devotees. Even water, flower, leaf, anything that you offer to Baba with pure love is accepted.

    Sai will certainly bless you with a good person, so do not worry about your life partner. Leave it to Sai and start your new life. Begin your day by uttering Baba name and see how your life will change.

    I will also pray for you sister, be bold and strong!! take Sai Name and proceed..don't look back.

    My response to an anonymous devotee for suggesting you to donate money to shibarpur Baba temple!

    I am sorry for being very direct!! why are you suggesting the above devotee to donate money to Baba until Baba bless her? did Baba tell you this?? and why only to Shibarpur temple and why not to any other Baba temple? this is not a good way of advising devotees. You already know she has no money for herself and you are asking her to donate by taking Baba name….Shame on you, who ever you are!! This is Ridiculous. Please stop playing with people emotions… Baba doesn't need money, he just need love. If you need donations to your temple then please be honest and collect the money but not using false ways and mostly using Baba name. Remember, you will pay for all your bad deeds.

    Brother and sisters, please do not believe if some one is asking you money on Baba name. If you have it and want to give it willingly, its okay but not with force or emotional black mailing. Sai, our beloved mother will bless and protect every one regardless of whether we make donations or not but what we need is pure Love and devotion towards Sai. I am not saying do not give donations, but I just want Sai devotees to do it in the right way and only if you have it.

    Baba is great, Sai is the most merciful one and we humans are very lucky to atleast have a chance to see Baba image in pictures. Image if we were not born as humans ? we would have lost the chance of seeing Baba and worshiping him.

    My humble Salutations to my beloved Deva!!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  60. hello friends… please devotees help her to find a good job…. devotee in bangalore you will find lot of opportunities… u will get a better job for ur experience…. post ur resume in the job site.. and u can also approach a good consultancy for ut job.. i will also try from my side… but u want to settle in a job.. please do not ask her to donate any money… because baba knows that she is not in the position to offer… we can offer some little amt of money on her name.. definitely baba will feel happy… please do our prayer continously for her… we will ve to please baba to bless her asap… jai sai ram.. come on devotees… please come forward to help her as much as u can…..

  61. 3rd devotee:Hi Mam,please do not feel depressed.firstly being so close to married man is indirectly spoiling other lady's life.Because for a wife husband is the only world.Knowing that ,you entered into other man's life.One should follow the dharma.Dharma is doing good to others.For our own happiness we are not supposed to spoil others life,what ever may be the mentality of others we should follow dharma…But you realized your mistake.please dont take me wrong mam…for many years my father forgot my mother and us because of relation with other lady…that gave us lot of pain …we felt very bad missing him…I prayed many times and I cried alot for my father….there were many years with tears because of this.I have seen mother crying which made me go through many health problems…still if I come across listening such cases I go fainting..but after many years baba gave my father back…he is with us…we never expected anything from my my father other than his presence……In Indian culture during marriage husband will promise before god that hewill be only for his wife and childrem…. ..Please do service to poor or feed animals and birds around you which gives lots of peace…and please pray for him that he should be with his wife and children..and pray for their happiness…..And readinng your experiance…I can feel your pain…..please dont cry…for your good heart you will get good husband…please dont loose faith on sai……sai will be with you……Marriage is a holy and precious relation ……I can suggest you one thing…..if one follow's dharma , and being truthfull for themselves they can be happy in their lives….Please make a habbit of reading lalitha sahsra namam..Durga maa will guide you in right way…you have a good heart….Sai will not let you go down….God will bless you with lots of happiness……please do search for a job and keep your self busy….please be postive..you are the sai's daughter….dont let your past to win you….dont stop your journey….you are a blessed child…God will bless you wonderfull life……

    • I am very new to this blog. I couldn't believe so many nice people are here. I am sure all of your love and prayers making her strong! It is because of you nice people the world is still nice. Baba please give her strength. I am sure you will.

  62. HI 3rd Devotee,

    Baba will save you ,and forget about the past ,because you can't change it. just listen baba aarti or songs when ever negative thoughts come to your mind.

  63. Jai Ho Sai Ram.
    Please have mercy on her and show her the right path . please give her a true partner who can understand her , love her truly and be with her all througj her life.
    Sai Ram

  64. Hi 3rd devotee

    I am a 40 yrs male suffering since age of 5yrs
    Thirsty for love, which I never got, I lost my
    Mother at the age of 10 yrs, my life became worst. No on loved me being good with every one. My father got married to another lady.
    We are two brothers & a sister.our life became hectic. My brother and sister complete their education and got married and settled. I was innocent was afraid of father he use to abuse me force me to work in farms which I never liked, I have to quit education for that.some how time went I got married at 25 ,thought wife will love me? Time passed I had health issues, no Financial support, job not stable.
    I have two daughters. My wife had relationship with other men. I knew. We are separated because of that after 15 yrs of marriage.
    I told her Father about same but he insulted me attacked me I had fracture in Knee got operated on 14.08.17 .my wife didn't came to See Me. Staying at my sister's house. Feel like commit suicide.. Dont understand what to do. I am a little child of my Mother Sai
    I believe baba.. I trust baba more than me.
    I had met a saint very old man dressed in saffron in year 2011 when I was doing Guru
    Charita parYana. He was shouting karmo ka fal
    Bhugatna padta hey
    I remember that always, I am very nervous,
    Waiting for My Sai Maa to do a miracle and
    Make me happy.

  65. Tirupati balaji ki jai, jaihanuman, jai shree ram, baba ki palkhi, dattatreya, namaha Shivaya, jai durga, jai murugun

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