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Wishful Job By Sai Babas Grace

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I belong to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. I am a big devotee of Sai. I want to die in front of Sai only. Firstly I want to thank you for giving us this platform to share the experiences, which are incredible. This is the biggest job you are doing. Many people have saved their life by reading the experiences shared by others.

I am the believer of Sai since 2006. I got married in 2008 and conceived in 2009 delivered a baby boy in 2010 then I left the job in 2011 June in a very hard circumstances. It was a very good job. Then I faced lot of problems even I thought to die sometimes because I was also having a child whose responsibility was upon me as a single mother. I used to pray Baba a lot and used to go to Sai Baba’s Mandir on Thursday regularly.

In September 2012, I got the job, which was just okay, but there Sai gave me the path, where I just walked and keep on praying that Baba what I have done wrong. Why I am in such a miserable condition. Everybody has reached so high and I am still nowhere. In July 2013, my job condition was becoming pathetic. I used to get salary on 28th or sometimes more late. I couldn’t understand what to do. In the meanwhile I was doing Sai Baba’s Vrat. One day I was searching for Baba, I got to know about Sai Satcharitra. I started reading that book. I use to start at Thursday and finish it off on Wednesday. I thought I will read it continuously again and again.

One day, from very reputed News Channel, an offer came. I was so happy, but in August they said it is for other city. I became upset, but I knew if it is Baba’s decision, then maybe he has decided something else for me. But I said I am ready to join in other city also. I was also thinking that how I will manage, but they rejected that proposal also. I said to the Baba that I am at Your feet. Whatever You will decide, I will accept that. You cannot do wrong. I asked the question on Sai Baba question and answer site. I got that not to worry. You will get the job from south. I didn’t understand. But I said ok Baba as You wish.

but see the miracle of Baba in that city only where I was living from the same news channel one of the person resigned and came to my office and they offered me that job for the same city. I went for the interview and the interviewer was from south and he appointed me on a very good package. My happiness has no bounds and that guy now realising and want me to come back again. But there is no vacancy. Baba has done all the work for me in just 4 months. I said to the Baba that I will share the experience when I will get this job. Baba ,today You have saved me Baba. You always said to have Shraddha and Saburi, which I have. You should have a lot of patience, if you are a Sai Devotee. It’s been tested. It’s been proved. Baba is great. He will make your way easier by his own. You don’t have to worry. Just surrender yourself in front of Him. Om Sai Ram. Baba please always bless me as You always do in every second of my life.

Baba Saved Me From Calamity

Sai Sister Srividya Ji from USA says: Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah. Om Sri Sayee Nathaya Namah. Jai Sai Ram. Dear Hetal Ji, God bless you for the noble deed you are doing for the world. God has chosen you for this. You lift the spirits of the depressed with so much of faith when they visit this blog. Thank you so much Hetal didi.

By Baba’s Grace, I became Baba’s devotee around 8 years back. Baba pulled me towards Him. From then (even before but I was ignorant of it) He has been showering His Grace and showing His presence in every aspect of my life. Whenever I have a problem Baba solves it. All the good things that are there in my life now are because of all Gods and Baba. Thank You all Gods and Baba. All Gods are one, the way we see them is different. For me I always talk to Baba day and night and I am sure Baba is listening to me and to all of His devotees’ words and will definitely fulfill all of our wishes.

Baba has made many miracles happen in my life. I would like to share one of the miracles that happened recently. I am studying in the USA and here we have everything on our laptop and that is the main source for our studies. The other day, when I was downloading from a site, suddenly some dangerous virus affected my laptop. I did not have an anti virus. My laptop suddenly stopped working. The browsers got locked and it didn’t work after shutting down also. I tried to uninstall some add-ons from the Control Panel that would have got added with the virus thinking it will remove the virus, but I could not open the Control Panel also. Everything got disabled.

As long as I remember I didn’t restart or shut down my laptop again. I closed it, smeared some UDI and removed the battery twice and logged in, but nothing happened. It got worse. Even the desktop was not coming. I cried in front of the photo of Sai Baba at home. I had assignments due next week and I had none to help me with calling the Customer Care and the next day was Sunday. Even if they give a spare laptop I have to install many software and it is a stressful job with the limited time I had. I could do nothing but cry. It may seem a small thing for some, but only Baba and I know how difficult a situation I was in. I cried and told Baba, “Baba, only you can do some magic and make my laptop fine. There is no other way my laptop will start working fine because it looks as though the Operating System has crashed and nothing can be done an a new Operating System has to be installed. Only your magic can make my laptop work. Please do something and save me Baba”.

Baba heard my cries and saw my tears. I prayed and again and smeared UDI and switched it on and what a magic!! The laptop booted from the beginning, when I didn’t restart or shut down the previous time. Even if I had done and don’t remember this is a miracle because when I shut down the system earlier everything was disabled and the after removing the battery the next time the desktop also didn’t display. It became worse only, but this time it worked perfectly fine. It was definitely not because I removed the battery because my laptop doesn’t restart or shut down when the battery is removed. I removed the charging cable also and it was Baba, who made me do this. Even if a computer expert can give scientific explanations to this, it is still a miracle because my laptop was definitely in a very very dangerous state and I am 1000% sure Baba saved it from crashing. The charging cable could have reduced the heat and that was also Baba’s Grace that made me remove it.

It may or may not be because of it, but what if the virus had crashed my OS?? That is worst to imagine with no person to help me with the workload I had. And I even searched and took the manual to call the customer care the next day. I was so sure that my OS had crashed. Baba saved me from this calamity. I will remember this to the end of my life and even after that my soul will remember it. It was that kind of a traumatic situation. Reconfiguring a crashed laptop to a perfectly fine laptop!! Baba only You can do this magic!! Thank You Baba!! Millions and millions of thanks to You. I love You Baba. You are full of kindness, love and Grace. Please be with me now, always and forever. Please bless all those, who are reading this and those, who are not also and me and fulfill their wishes and my wishes. If we have Faith and Patience Baba will fulfill all of our wishes. I fully surrender to Your lotus Feet Baba.

Sometimes, a few things may seem logical and scientific, but even they are miracles. Science is miracle too. As Baba has told in Sri Sai Satcharitra, “Even a leaf doesn’t move without my blessing”. Though some of us sometimes believe only unusual happenings as miracle, every event is a miracle. Ananta koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sayeenath Maharaj ki Jai!!

Baba Helped Me To Get My Dream Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a qualified lecturer of Sociology, a subject which is taught in very less number of colleges. So getting a job is really difficult. There was one post that had come up so I applied there. I was very hopeful that this was for me and I kept praying to Baba. My interview too went well and so I was really happy. But someone else got selected. I was so disappointed that I cried a lot.

Since that day I did not worship Baba. I was literally fighting with Him. After certain point I even stopped thinking about Him. Once I had gone to Mumbai for some work and then I saw a beautiful Baba temple road side. It was so good that I could not resist myself from entering it. I went inside saying that I have come inside doesn’t mean that our fight has ended. I kept my head on His feet and I was literally crying.

The same day when I came home I got a letter from the university saying that formalities could not be completed, so interviews will be held again. I was so elated. Once again I gave a good interview and I got selected, but due to some problem at university level, no one was selected. After 1 year again a post came there and I am working there now. Though this post is only for 2 years and things are uncertain here, I know Baba will work something best for me. Keep praying wholeheartedly – Baba gives what is best for you even if it takes time.

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  2. nice experiences. Baba bless me with a good job Baba. As you know, literally I need a job Baba…. Be with me always….

  3. Om Sai Ram…All Experiences Are So Good And Motivating…Thanks For Sharing…Baba Always Be With Us…We Love You Baba…Om Sai Ram

  4. Om sai ram to all devottees……
    My special request to all sai devotees… Plz read november-december sai leelas magazine issued by sai sansthan… U will get to read how mr. K.V.RAMANI think of sai baba….. The man who donates 112 CRORES to sai sansthan…. To make accomadation facilities & his thought regarding our sai baba….. U will luv to hear from him

    • first of all i want to thank you a million times for telling us to read the said interview of KV RAMANI.
      it was a blessing of SAI BABA that i could read it and it is my honest urge to all the devotees to please read it.i assure you that your soul will be in peace after reading it.
      i have been crying from past 2 hours after reading it.and what it has given me cannot be expressed by a soul like me.
      it is just like reading SAI SAT CHARITA and i felt that iam in a different world with SAI BABA. many realizations happened many doubts got cleared, many unanswered questions got answered.
      IN ONE WORD IF I DESCRIBE IT, "TREASURE", it was like i found some treasure given to me by SAI……

      love you for mentioning it here dear brother or sister….
      my heartfelt wishes for you " be happy"

      " sai babaaaa reham nazar rakhna" aur apne bacho ko aise rakhna jaise apne mujhe rakha hai.na mujhe koi dukh hai na koi shikwa SAI.FIR BHI ANSU NAHI RUKTE AAJ aur na mera hat ruk raha hai.
      kuch to shab de ki tere pyar ke baare me kuch to tere bacho ko bata paun.aise rulaaoge to mujhe kuch dikh bhi nahi raha…………

      sabka bhala krna sai baba…….

  5. Wonderful experiences all 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for choosing us as the vehicle for Your miracles and boons, please be with us all the way through this life. Bless us, our families, friends and everyone else who come in touch with, O Sadguru, so we may only spread joy and laughter in this life.

    Thank You for a blessed life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. dear 2nd devotee ..even i experienced the same thing with my laptop.one day I could not start or shutdown my system normally and i have to prepare for my exams..so applied udi on it still nothing worked.But on the next day my friend came and fixed the problem.Even the small other problems which my lappy used to trouble me also got solved by him.I know its baba who sent him to me.

  7. Dear devotees
    Nothing in this world moves without the grace of God
    Sai maa will bless us all as we are his beloved children
    He will guide us and show us the right path
    Sai maa please help us sai maa
    Help me ma pls pls pls
    Devotees please pray for us
    I fall at my man's feet and waiting for things to set right

  8. It was around 9'o clock night time.There were No busses and sharing autoes near by and i have to go to my place from office.i have to go by an auto and later on bus.I asked saibaba to come with me and drop me safely.I took an auto and was worried as it was so late and i was alone in the auto.the driver was good to me dropped me in the bus stop and waited till i get my bus.then i saw a photo of baba pasted at a corner of the auto.It was HIM took me safely to my place 🙂

  9. jai sai deva… please give me a good job.. i need a job in IT software field…. please even though iam ready to accept any job right now.. just gave my resume to my neighbour awaiting for my interview call in city union bank… iam in the need of job deseperately… i was out of job for the past years.. i have forgot what i have studied… pleae help me to give my better performance… please help me to reach the great height i wanna make my parents so proud of me… jai jai jai sai sai sai sai….

  10. Om Sai Ram!!

    Wonderful experiences!!
    Overwhelmed with the sentence, As Baba has told in Sri Sai Satcharitra, "Even a leaf doesn't move without my blessing".

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai:)

  11. Wonderful Experiences 🙂
    DEAR SAI DEVOTEES, Its a humble Request to all,i need your help,Please give me advise that what should i do.
    I am a small devotee of Sai baba . I am a 23-year old student.I am doing M.Tech in information technology.This is my final year.In this final year we have to submit our thesis i.e our research work. I will be very true to all of u. I don’t know why this happens to me. I want to study well. But i am not able to study. Everyday i am wasting my time. I cant explain this ,that why i am wasting my time. But I am.
    Its my last semester. Near about 1 month has been passed. But i have not even done a single word of my thesis work .In previous semester also, only Sai baba has helped me, I daily pray to Sai baba,that please help me,I want to study,I want to be a good child of yours,But i am not able to study at all. I know this, fault is mine, everytime i pray to Sai baba that please help me this time, next time i will do my work on time. But i never do , and time always goes away. Is that Sai baba is angry from me for this?.. I know Sai baba is not angry..But then why this is happening , Its all because of my faults. But i seriously need to study. But i am not able even a single percent to concentrate on my studies. Only 2 or maximum 3 months are left to submit my thesis.
    Sai baba always assures me, that everything will be fine, he always helps me at last moment, when nothing is in my hands. But everytime i cant disappoint my baba,i know he will surely help me, but its my duty to do work of my part also, but i am not doing that,
    I have lost all my confidence. Negatives thoughts have put more impact on me. I want to overcome from all these situations. I want to regain my confidence again. I know Sai baba will always help me, But i also want to be a good child of my Baba.
    I M SORRY if this is too long, but please suggest me what should i do.?

    • First remove negative thoughts .Negative thoughts give rise to negative vibrations. secondly put a timetable . give place for breaks. you are stressed that is why you are not able to concentrate. when you are stressed mind will not think anything . direct the stress to something like cleaning,gardening .When iam stressed I call my parents back home ,listen to music or call my friends.

  12. Im feeling very down baba.I dont have anything nice or pleasant to share and feel either.Why are you doing this to me as well(know im not the only one penalised by you)? u answer and have answered through this blog many times but nothing is working out for me.Im failing in almost everything.Feeling very bad.Why did u create me just to make me suffer for past karmas is't?u ask me to wait with patience, though its very tough im trying to do that but will my age wait for me?I have not got anything at the time, when i get after a long wait there is no weigtage on the thing which i get. Am telling to my mom that u r a miracle and i have felt that but is that all true or just fantasies?

  13. Dear SriPriya ji, Jai Sai Ram. I am happy to know you are saved by very tense situation and now your laptop is working fine. Do I suggest a few precautionary steps? I used to work as a computer technician and trying to figure out what may have caused your laptop to misbehave like this. One thing comes to my mind is , may be the internal fan that keeps the hard drive cool is not functioning properly and the over heated hard drive may give problems what you have explained. Please have that checked.
    Secondly have a very reliable uptodate antivirus software installed on your laptop , and most important before doing this is to have it thoroughly checked that your laptops is not infected.
    In fact if there is a virus it will not allow any s/w to be installed or uninstalled! 😀
    Plus, get an external hard drive for laptops. I specifically say "Harddrive for Laptops" as they run through your USB port so you can carry it with you anywhare where as External hard dives for Desktops are bigger and has to have an electric outlet to plug in , in order to use it on your unit.
    Those external harddrive comes with a utility that allows you to have a complete image of your OS along with all your installed softwares as well as data to be copied on the ext. hdd.
    So in future, just in case, if you need to format the laptop hard drive, you can use that backup and get going with your work as if nothing was changed. Usually when you format the hard drive when system crashes, you may have to re-install all the s/w again in order to use your backed up data!
    One good thing to have such an external HDD, you can keep it connected to your laptop and use the feature to save your data simultaneously, so you need not worry to take back up ! As long as your ext. HDD is hooked up to your laptop, you are having your back up!
    Hope I am not confusing you and my tips would help you to be more at peace with your study work projects to work on.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  14. Sai maaaaaa.. Am crying n crying here… Plrasr save me thru this tough time and give me a baby n save my life… There s no other purpose to my life.. Otherwise take me to you… Am ok either way..

  15. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  16. Very nice experiences! 3rd devotee, although you didn't get the job initially, Baba gave you the job at the right time (there may have been some bad omen or bad astrology signs at that time, so that is why Baba delayed giving it to you, but in the end made it work out). 2nd devotee, Baba knew how important the computer and your assignments were so He fixed the computer; it is very difficult to remove a virus without anti-virus software and usually have to re-install everything, so Baba removed it and fixed everything with your computer. 1st devotee, Baba gave you the right job in the right city because Baba knows more what is best for us and also made sure you can take care of your baby well. Baba arranges everything so nicely for us (many times we don't even know how well He arranges things for us) and takes care of us, His children. Om Sai Ram!

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