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Miracle Of UDI

Anonymous Devotee from India says: First of all I will like to appreciate you for this wonderful blog, which helps us to strengthen our faith in Saibaba and brings us more closer to Him. I really have no words to describe my Baba. I just can say my life is my Saibaba. I can’t count number of experiences, which I have with Saimaa. But here I want to mention an amazing UDI miracle.

Some days before, my cellphone fell in water and it stopped working. The display of my phone was damaged. I was tense that I will have to go to Samsung center for its repairing. For whole one day, I tried number of times to start it but I failed. The very next day, I thought that I should sprinkle some UDI over my phone. I did it. After half an hour, when I switched on my phone, I saw that it was working and the display was normal. I was really surprised. This can be a miracle only and was because of grace of Saimaa. Really miracles still happen and every Sai Bhakt knows this very well. I just want to say that Baba loves all of us unconditionally.

What I have felt in my life is that we have to go through many ups and down in our life, but it’s because of our karma, but in each and every situation Saimaa is always there for His devotees. Love You Saimaa and just be with us always.

Sai Experiences

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hi Hetal Ji. I am From Hyderabad. This is My Second Experience. I became devotee from last Dec-2012. I have many experiences, but I am putting 3 experiences.

Experience 1: Our house owner said to vacate our room because they will construct there house in summer. She gave 2 months’ time to vacate. We were searching for room for rent in our area from last three months. Time was over. She was giving pressure to us to vacate soon. We were searching, but we did not find any suitable rooms in our budget. One Thursday, my mother went to Sai Temple and prayed Him for room. On that day only, she got a dream that one child came and put two chits in front of my mother and he is asking that you need room near to this area or another area. My mother immediate got up and the dream was broken.

After dream came, within two days, we find the suitable room in our area near to my old house in our budget. Sai showed two portions to us in our budget in that we selected one. To that building Sai Baba picture is there. To my old house Sai picture was not there. See how Baba called to that house . We don’t have any problem in that house till now we are peaceful.

Experience 2: I have Printed copy of Sai Satcharitra, but I am searching for Sai Satcharitra book in my language Telugu. I searched in online and temples, but I did not find any in my language. I went to Shirdi, but I forgot to take from there. From last four months, I was searching, but at last miracle happened on one day. One courier came to my office in my name. In that Sai Satcharitra book came in my language. I was shocked. It came from Uttar Pradesh. I did not order online, but I don’t know when I sent request to them. I felt very very happy. Thanks a lot Sai Baba.

Experience 3: On My Birthday, I went to Sai Temple at near my house. I asked Saibaba to give blessings today. And I went to office. After I reach office after 1 hour near my office I heard Sai songs and look at the window there I found Sai Baba came to my office to give blessing to me. Sai Baba vehicle came and he stopped in front of my office. He waited till 10 minutes. From Last one year, I am working there, but I have never seen Saibaba vehicle in that area. I went down and I took blessing and UDI and he asked me Dakashina to Annadan. Really I am not asked anything from Baba on my birthday. Just I asked blessing.

All devotees I am saying to pray whole heartily and pray Him as your Guru. He will take care all your burdens and He will guide us. If any wish is not fulfilled, please don’t get angry on Sai and stay with Saburi and Shraddha. Understand Sai from your heart, and then automatically we will get Saburi. If any mistakes, I am sorry. My Sweet Sai, I love so much Sai. Anantha Koti Bramandan Nayaka Rajadi Raj Yogi Raj Prabrabhram Sri Sachidanada Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba Experiences

Sai Sister Malar Ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am from Chennai. I am regular reader of this blog. I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. Sai Baba came into my life in 2010, since then, I have been facing lot of miracles in my life. It is my great pleasure to share few of the miracles of Shri Sai.

My first experience is my miraculous baby. Doctors reported that there is no chance for me to get conceived naturally, as I was infertile. They advised me to try for Egg Donor and undergo IVF treatment. Since, success rate in IVF is very low, I quit alopathy treatment and moved to Sidha treatment, which was really tiresome. Simultaneously, I started Nav Guruvar Vrat and got positive result on Seventh Thursday. Now I am blessed with a cute little baby girl. She is my life and happiness. This happened truly because of our Sai Baba.

Once my husband parked his bike in front of a gym leaving the bike unlocked. When he returned to start his bike, he found it missing. He was very much worried about the bike and dropped a police complaint. I consoled him saying that, “I am very confident, Sai will surely find it out”. Surprisingly, after five days, a police man came to our home and informed that they found the bike. This is a miracle of Sai Baba.

I went to a temple in our place with my one and a half years old daughter. There, I found one strange lady staring at me and my daughter for a long time. While leaving the temple, I found the strange lady standing close to me for no reason. Suddenly, my kid screamed, “Amma Valayal… Amma Valayal”. Later, I found her gold bangle missing in her hand. I got scared and prayed Baba to get back the bangle. Then I enquired about the bangle to a lady, who looks after the sandals outside the temple. She pointed out the strange lady and assured the bangle will be with her. I enquired the strange lady and collected the bangle from her. Our mighty Sai baba has got back the gold bangle at once I lost it. This is a great, great miracle of Sai

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    Hope our SAI Family is Happy in this new year… :)).

    All the experiences are very touching…reading all he experiences today after break of 1 month, as I was away, It seems kike a new llife to me.

    Love you BabajiXXX

  2. BABA as you know I saw your idol and you were like weeping keeping your left hand on your left eye. BABA why did I got such a dream that too early morning. BABA Im worried. Please BABA nothing bad should happen to me and my family and to my parents. BABA somehow I always have an uncomfortable feeling abt my younger son. BABA he is just 7 years old. If he has any bad karma please give that to me. Give my aayush to my son if there is any problem in his aayush. BABA my kids should live 100 years with all the happiness. Please bless my kids and family. BABA why did I get such a dream. Please save me and my family nothing bad should happen to us BABA. Bless us BABA.

    • my dear dont worry nothing will happen to ur son..chat sai name when ever u are free and remember him he will take care of ur family

      nothing will happen dont get scared baba will never make his devotees to fall in trouble..
      remember sai nath

  3. baba please give peace to me be with me and bless me i love you baba give happyness to me my son is suffering om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Wonderful experiences….i m also waiting for blessing of baba..in the form of my child….plz baba bless me with child soon….

  6. Baba, you are not listening to our parents, again same problem started which you cleared 1 year before. She is again into that bad path. Please make her stay away from that habit and realize the importance of parents. Please baba bless her soon with a good alliance and get her married with the blessings of all our family. She should be normal.

  7. wonderfull experiences thanku for sharing and increasing my faith….
    in 1 exp after sprinkling udi on phone imediatly start working i am totally surprised with this exp u are so blessed….

    om sai ram

  8. baba please bless my son avik. i dont want to see him sad.
    send him a princess. make him realise tat the girl is gone . do not allow any bad thought or satan to go near him baba
    please bless him. sorry baba
    give us happiness.
    send him an angel to keep him happy n forget his past

  9. om sri sai ram
    marriage proposal should happen without any prob
    i ll quit non veg from the day of my engagement till my marriage
    guy should be really good person baba
    please bless me baba
    take bad thoughts from my mind
    om sri sai ram


  11. hey sai baba apne bacchon ki wishes puri karnke liye aur hamesha unki maddad karne ke liye bahu bahut bahut shukriya..thanku so much baba

  12. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva thank u very much for everything. Sai sister so far I have heard n experienced UDI miracles on living things but after reading your experience I m dumb stuck. Saiji aapki leela aprampar. Baba please bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  13. Baba, Give me the power to accept things as they are and always not keep asking for me. Give me the maturity to handle people even when they are not so nice to me. GIve me the strength to keep going. Give me more Shraddha and Saburi, so that I always remember You are the Doer and will do things as You see fit for me. Sai Ram…

  14. Nice experiences! Whenever something in our lives is not working out (or something important to us gets lost or stops working), just think of Baba and ask Him to fix it. Baba will always come to us and if it's something He knows we need, He will surely give it to us and help us, but if He doesn't, it just means there is something even better He has for us, so we should leave those things. Om Sai Ram!

  15. I did vrat 3 times read satcharitra . I used to listen to satcharitra on a regular basis. He gave me so many signs and hopes . But still things r not happening .at night I always thing wht wrong or mistake did I bring to anyone. Why am I suffering for no reason. Sai if u can shatter dreams then pls help us in giving to courage to see dreams again and I have lost this courage.

  16. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, we are Your children and in times of trouble turn to You like a child turns to a Mother. Help us achieve peace and calm in our lives and spread joy and cheer O Sadguru.

    Thank You for all the Love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  17. Baba Save us. We are five in family members. We are suffering from financial worries for the last 40 -50 years. But since 2011 you are taking care of us. But every gap of 2/3 months we fall in financial crisis and no way to escape. Please why dnt you provide a good base of at least Roti Kapra aur Makaan.

  18. Om namaha shivaya, shree ram, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, jai durga, baba ki palkhi ki jai, tirupatibalaji ki jai

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