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Need your Blessings and Mercy Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: First of all thanks Hetal Ji for sharing this beautiful platform with all the Sai devotees so that our faith is boosted in terms of crisis. I am a divorcee currently working and staying alone. My life was full of happiness, when I joined my Engineering and fell in love with one of my batch mates.

His family readily agreed for our marriage after we passed out, but there was opposition from my parents. He got a job in his field (Electrical), after passing out and I got placed in every good software company and we planned to get married. But due to some circumstances (my family issues), I was forced to break off with him.

But again as fate was to have, I contacted him after 2 years coincidentally and we again became friends as he was still not married and waiting for me to come back. Meanwhile I went to onsite and then my parents also agreed for the proposal. We both got married in November, 2008. But the twist came just 2 months before marriage, when I returned back from onsite. My boyfriend told me that he started loving somebody else but that is one side only and he cannot marry me, but he wants me to get settled somewhere near to him. I was in state of shock and shattered. Finally after considering all family conditions and circumstances we married.

First 3 months, he was very good, but then his phone calls started creating disturbances in our life and his mother and sister supported him without listening to my worries. I tried to adjust myself, but there used to be fights and quarrels very frequently now. He used to be on phone for most of the times and hide his phone from me. His mother and sister also supported him in all his captivities saying that he is speaking with his friends and I am just doubting unnecessarily. Slowly he started sleeping in other room and almost behaved like stranger with me.

Finally in April 2010, he left me alone in house and went to his parents place without informing me anything. I tried to contact him and his parents, but I couldn’t and they were not all bothered about me. I waited for 2 months and took transfer and came back to my parents. Then my parents tried contacting him and his family many times and they used to give some lame excuses every time as if they don’t know what is happening. Lastly I applied for divorce on July 2012 and got my divorce on April 2013. Meanwhile they tried to contact me as I had demanded alimony from him because just before marriage his mother had taken some 2 lakhs cash from me and many other expenses (as I returned from onsite that time).

Now I am completely shattered and in stress as I feel like cheated without any reason. I am also worried for my aged parents, who are also suffering because of me. My husband used to be a good human being before marriage and that was the only thing why I selected him and he was a great devotee of Baba also. But I don’t understand how come things suddenly took so bad turn. I even suspect that some black magic has been done on my husband as I found some proofs in our house when we were staying together, but who has done it is my concern.

I pray to Baba to please forgive my ego and bless me with true marital happiness in life. I am not able to decide which way to go now. Should I wait for my ex husband to come back (as I feel that he will realize his mistake) or wait for someone new to come in my life who will truly understand me. I have left everything on Baba’s feet and also need your best wishes and advice from all the other Sai devotees.

Sai Always Listening Us

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, thank you so much for your wonderful service. I am from India and want to be anonymous. If you want to make any changes and feel like publishing then only publish this experience. Request you not to disclose my identity or email-id. This miracle is one out of many miracles which Baba showed me. It’s a small but means a lot to me.

This is during an evening hour and I was not keeping well because of very tiring day at office. Also I was upset because of some mental strain. Finally my anxiety was so much that I started crying because of pain. Finally I remembered Sai Maa and told that I need you and if You are there, then show me Your presence. Randomly I said to make me here “Sai Ram Sai Shayam” from anywhere, which was just not at all possible without Baba’s grace. Time was moving and I was falling in sleep. I had faith, but I am sorry Sai that I tried to judge You. I am really sorry. Suddenly I felt my neighbor started to shuffle songs in their mobiles for a while, which never happens usually and here it comes Sai Ram. I opened my eyes and after few seconds even they all stopped shuffling. My anxiety was gone and I was relaxed and clam that my Maa is sitting with me, and was fine by morning.

Baba Show Me The Way To Get Settle In A Good Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, how are you and your little boy? You are such a great human. I do not have words to appreciate your job. Baba will give you lot of happiness in your life for your mankind. Please do not specify my name and mail id. Please do corrections wherever it’s required. Baba I am from Tamilnadu, India.

I am looking for a job for the past two years, but I am not getting anything. Baba I want to achieve in my life. My life should not be wasted. Please help me to get settle in a good job as soon as possible. You will have to make me as a very bold person. I should not be afraid of anything. Please bless me deva to achieve a great things in my life. Bless me and my family.

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  1. 1st & 3rd Devotee, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, definitely he will fulfill all your true wishes. 3rd Devotee, nice experience. Thank you for sharing. Om SaiRam.

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Touching experiences. I am sure Baba would have shown a way already 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for a beautiful life filled with love and positive people. Thank You O Sadguru for accepting us as Your children and making us your messengers of Love.

    Thank You for all Miracles and all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. jai sai ram to all…may baba bless all.. devotee 1: I would like to say that don't loose faith in baba,sai naam me apaar shakti hai ,just hold on to his lotus feet very tightly.make it a habit to chant any sai mantra all d time …whatever u may b doing.another thing is baba said annadaan is d best form of charity.so u make it a habit to feed poor crippled disabled people or animals to feed at least once a week without fail.read sai satcharitra …baba will definitely help u show u d right way.om sai ram

  5. om sai raam..
    devotee 1:dont worry baba is already with you.have udi mixed with water amd read satcharitha with faith.surely baba will show you way.

    devotee2:baba is always with us.very nice he consoled you at time of need like a mother is neede for a crying child.om sai ma…

    devoteee3:dont worry baba will definitely bless you with a good job soon.if possible try to visit SHIRIDI..all his sufferings would end once he steps the DWARAKAMAI…and read satcharitham.

    om sai raam…

  6. dear devotees,
    i m having a really a big problem.

    I love baba very much.really so much.but still the faith always swings for me.whenever i read satcharitha i get so many doubts.i try to still control but still it persists.i have cursed my mind so many times for doubting baba,s leelas and his grace upon me but still i face this issue.my mind is not calm and right now i am facing many problems in life no job,broken love etc.

    i completed reading satcharitha in 3 days itself but still my mind is not at rest.i cried to baba regarding this.i dont know what to do devotees.please suggest me something so that i can ever be devoted to baba and get no doubts.i am afraid due to my doubting tendency my baba may leave me..
    please devotees..please
    om sai raam

  7. sairam 1st devotee,
    My life is very very similar to your's married to my husband who fought with in parents just to marry me , had gud life but from starting little little clashes due to his mother's influence and horrible lies which he believed and believed without realising that anyone can say they are pure lies, always used to be in virtual world with full self ego constantly fed by his mother and sister for his money and to seperate both of us and finally in 2011 his parents came abroad and immediately started to take him to grip and things became worst and last year was the most horrible life for me as i have seen beast in him, mainly his mother and sister took him into their clutches totally , and suddenly he was totally changed,behaved differently pressurising me for divorce mutually, so many worst things i had to go through but keeping firm faith in baba as i believed baba only have given me this match. this year i came back to my maternal home, same story they made no contact, my husband came secretly came went away, no talks nothing inspite of our trials to contact them, finding no other option we put police case there also they managed till now nothing has been done as they are managing police also, put divorce and maintanence case also but in sudden circumstances by a selfish lawyer who misguided us, later only and only by baba's will got a gud lawyer and divorce case removed, so many twists and turns in my life and constantly i am getting assurences that i was having baba's grace, and blessings, no one will believe but so many assurences, even i have a strong feeling that black magic was done to us to get us seperated by his mother from the day of our marriage itself. I have seen it from the day of our marriage, first i could not understand but in 2012 after they coming to our house i could see full nature and their true colors and how much extent they can go to destroy our married life, mainly his mother and sister, such horrible lies, and their worstest behaviour and my husband is still in thier clutches, he is a mere puppet in their hands, only baba has to turn these worst times into his fold. i am also just waiting for fulfilling his assurences.dear sister, do not fall down, jsut hold on to his lotus feet , he will surely show u the way to a happy married life. always remember dear sister baba's ways are unfathomable, none can predict his ways ones he takes us into his devine fold. i my self has self is seeing many unexpected twists and turns in my life. hold on to his feet tightly.
    remember these black magics are nothing before baba, only we have to wait for our time to come , sradha and saburi. for ur comfort just read this link, how a true sadguru will turn his devotees lives who totally surrender to him,

    • Sister even i am going thru the same situation…mine was a arrange marriage…everythngg was nice in the beginning….he was good..slowly his mother and sister started creating differeences between us by telling lies..in front of me they behaved as if they care…at my back thwy told so many lies to my husband ..he is totally against me…he needs divorce..he is just listening to his mother and sister…baaba please help me…please make him realize the truth..dontt let the divorce happen…please baba helpp me..show me ur miracle…bless me with a happy married life…

    • Feeling very sad for the 3 devotees suffering with relationship issues 🙁 Baba, please bless and show them a way. Om Sai Ram

  8. This website is my single greatest source of strength. I visit this website multiple times each day. Baba has not said no to my wish – I doubt if it will come true aometimea and I think baba doesn't like my doubtful mind. Initially I used to think he has important things to take care of and my worry is not as important, and with patience and faith, I can get better. I have tried and failed, and now baba you are my only hope. Thanks to every devotee who shares here, it's my only source of happiness and normalcy. Baba has taken me away from the clutches of death and despair through this website. I pray that I have the patience and faith to completely surrender. NOTHing is impossible for our sai and he has said yes to my request.

  9. Sairam 1st devotee.
    Your experience is a very painful one I must say especially for those who go through same. However, those who pray Baba should not give up hope as Baba has the solution always. But the question, we all ask is when Baba will shower his blessing?
    I don’t know if it was your first love, but for everybody first love is something that can’t be easily forgotten. Sometimes first love also is so scary for some people that they donot want to think about it at all. In your case, I am of the opinion that you must move forward in your life. I know it is not easy to forget the beautiful moments you spend with your exhusband and accepting a second man as your husband, is a very big obstacle to overcome especially for a girl. You must not look in the rear mirror but look forward to a new relationship. I am sure the experience you got during your wedding life has made you very mature in thought now. Take me as example. I myself married late (35 yrs) and unfortunately we split one and half year after. I completely erased the word “shaddi” in my mind after that. However when I changed job (when I was 37 nearly 38), I met a girl in the new company. She also divorce two years after she got married. Many of my friends in the office much younger than me proposed her but for me this was not an issue. She was 28 when I knew her in the new company I moved to. At first she observed me very well without me noticing anything and also she was not the “talkative” type of girl. Then after eight months, she slowly started talking to me. Everybody in office was stunned as they always saw her as the “shy /distant” type girl. I always tried to cut short the conversation whenever she talked to me (despite she was very very beautiful) as I didn’t want to get into a new relation again. Then one Saturday after office hours she got into the same bus as I despite her lived in the opposite direction. I didn’t notice her as the bus was crowded. Five bus stops away, she seized the opportunity and sat on the free seat besides me and hold my left hand. I was taken aback and my heart started to pound heavily. She said to me to forgive her but she wants to have me as her life partner. She said to me that she gathered every information about me and she knew with whom I was married before and what had happened. She also told me everything about her first relationship as well. The week after I didn’t talk to her in the office as I was very shocked with her sudden move the week before. However as Baba wished same, we got married after six months and now we are live happily together. She pleases me in everything and most important she is very sincere. We have two kids and we can’t wait to see each other everyday. This is truly Baba “chamakar”.
    This is to say to you that all is not finished after a divorce.

    • Dear Sai Devotee # 1, very sorry to hear about your failed marriage. Again, we see here, a great enemy for a woman is most of the time , is a woman…very very sad!
      Wishing you peace and a good caring life partner.
      And this Devotee who experienced "Baba's Chamtkar" like 2nd marriage that turned out to be a real bliss, I am so happy for you. May you all be blessed.
      Praying BABA for all women to treat other women with respect and true compassion. Do not fall pray to greed, going after money in Dowry , ruining lives of several people in this time of hard economy where people are hardly making enough to meet two ends in their day to day lives.
      Jai Sai RAM.

  10. 1st devotee dont worry baba is there with us leave every thing to baba he will take care of it…u please belive what ever hapennig is for our good only…..sai will definetly give u good life with all happiness


  12. Felt really bad for 1st devotee. Being cheated in love has become a common thing for people now. Why people don't understand others emotions and why the hell they are not afraid of GOD at all. Baba you have to do something for all these. I pray all those who cheat should get punishment and realize their mistake and all those who has been cheated should get lots of happiness and your blessings.

    Baba you know my condition well. You have chosen a path for me. I am going that way.Please hold my hands from now till I die. My life has no meaning without you. Help me in moving on completely. Hope this time I won't be cheated. Because you are here for me. Please support me and my words. Baba please bless me.I don't want to cry any more.
    Happy BABA's day to all.May he brings lots of happiness to every devotee's life.

    • Even I feel the same that they should get punished. Baba has already said that we have to face the consequences of bad deeds. I am sure those cheaters will learn a good lesson at some point in their life. Om Sai Ram

  13. Dear brother,
    your life was really wonderful, you got a amazing gift as eachother , and as i said baba's leelas are unfathomable. everyone's experience is different and no one can predict them. we should always have faith and patience , sometimes we fall, doubt get shattered by this long wait still we have to get up and catch his lotus feet tightly,once again dear brother, really happy to see baba's agamya leela in your life.sairam



  15. My sincere advice based on my experiences in life to the devotee who wrote first experience – please do not fall back into the trap of ex-husband. Even if he comes back, how can you be sure that he is faithful to you? Based on your experience, it seems like there was already mistreatment with you. Please move forward with your life. Pray constantly to Baba. He will help you and soothe you. Try to focus on things like social service, donation of food etc. That will give you immense peace. Also try to talk to your best friends in your life who love you and care for you – be it your parents, siblings, Baba, school friends etc. You will feel better. Also, please keep trying for a good partner. I know its a little hard to find one right away, but it will for sure happen with Baba's grace. May Baba bless you and take care of you. All the best!

  16. baba it breaks my heart to read so many sad stories on relationships and marriage…u know reading all these stories is only making me feel more worse thinking what may happen in my case since even I have been facing similar issues regarding my personal life…my guy was so much in love with me so dependable and committed to me but I dont know why his family had to spoil things so much for us…you were my only hope baba and time and again you also kept showing me positive signs about us but then suddenly things kept going wrong and this continues to happen till date even though I dont believe in such things but reading devotee 1's story I feel may be someone or rather his family only must have done some black magic on him so that he listens only to them and leaves me….baba I have lost all hopes baba I had nothing to offer him than my heartfelt love and unstinted support and u know my entire story baba still how can u be so quiet for 4 years and y is it that you arent protecting something which was so special to me baba? You know I have been unable to go ahead with anyone else and no other person has been able to really give that feeling and urge to go ahead and at the same time the only one who was so close to me has been constantly hurting me for years together by not valuing our association and behaving so indifferent and cold to me cmon baba it only makes me feel that people who love truly and with dedication suffer and the ones who are cheating for no good reason are powerful this is totally not fair baba and it makes me doubt the presence of god in this world. What breaks my heart most is that this guy was crazily in love with me and he had himself approached me convinced me and decided to marry me then why should things fall apart for no mistake of mine and even after seeking baba's help why has nothing turned positive here this is frustrating I sometimes feel its a bad idea to be good in this world if u also cheat other people and think about ur own selfishness then atleast u dont get hurt and can convince urself that if someone behaves bad with u its coz u have also done this to someone but for no reason if ur punished for being good tolerating and accomodating it feels ridiculous and I am not a saint to feel good inspite of that so baba should really intervene now and give solace to my heart and soul whatever is happening in my life is soul destroying and if baba cant do nething about this then what is the use then we should just surrender that things in this kaliyug are even beyond baba's power. Reading only failed marriages and relationships and no positive story of baba's help regarding this matter has only made me feel worse than strengthening my faith.
    Baba please do something to solve my mystery its enough now or end my life I cannot take this injustice anymore. My soul is not at peace and if I get this after constantly and fervently praying to you then its just your haar baba not mine.
    Om sai ram

    • I can understand your pain sister as im going through the same from my man and from God.I lost all hope.Dont know what to do.Feel like committing suicide but not getting the boldness to do so.How are you controlling your emotions and feelings.How are you passing days please tell me sister it will be helpful.Im getting sick at heart and my health is completely gone now.

    • I have been going through the same problem. I don't understand. I have asked for only one thing to baba but here I am. feel like he isn't listening to us. to be honest, even baba gave me a dream 4 months back that i will get my love back. I am ready to wait but the situation is getting worst and now she is moving forward and i still stuck here. I am tired of crying and asking same wish everyday. baba isn't giving me any hope. if i pray to baba now, i will only ask for her to come back and this way i won't able to forget here. so I will do one sai satcharitra parayan and during this time if baba will show me any hope or miracle then i will keep praying to him and keep my faith in baba. but if baba will not show me anything then i will stop praying to baba. i guess sometimes its good to be bad and show them how awesome you are.

  17. baba , the person whom im seeing is he good.
    will he keep me happy n ll tc of me
    baba please bless us
    he should be a good soul
    please dun punish me
    tc of my friend avik too.

  18. Baba, i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for curing my dad's health and for going to bless my brother with good job. Please bless us all with good health. Om Sai Ram 🙂

  19. BABA LOVE U……….
    Dear Sai devotees in nxt month iam planning for shirdi….. can anyone tel me good economical hotel to stay there……….

  20. Hi Baba & Sai Brothers & Sisters,

    Im feeling very heavy at heart and suffering from lot of depression,anxiety,stress etc…I dont know which way to go and what to do regarding my personal and official life.Eveything is dumb.Sitting still at home without knowing which way to go.Since im old im in a situation to get married.Earlier i was not interested in marriage or men but my loneliness and other pains made me feel i need a man for me and kids but unfortunately im not getting one of my choice.Whom ever come or whom my family sees doesnt interest me a bit, if i like someone they dont like me.Years are going like this.But few years back i got a friend fell in love with him,its one sided.But i cant get him at any cost due to various reasons.IMPOSSIBLE.Im not even able to think about anyother man in my life.Im living personally with him inside myself.What should i do?Should i pray to Sai appa to give me someone who makes me forget him or should i not think about other factors and ask God to give him to me.Please tell me.Im very confused.I have so many problems and pains other than this but this one is killing me badly.Im dying each minute.Unable to eat,sleep,think or divert my mind.Unable to read satcharita as well.Above all my loneliness and failures in life kills me.Please help me out people …

    • dont worry dear
      eevn i am in the same situation..not even able to read satcharitha….totally depressed..dont know what to do..just then thinking and crying about baba at that time i came across " SAI BABA KI SACHHI KAHANIYAN" in youtube.

      since i was not able to concentrate on reading i just started seeing one episode and i dont know really how but slowly started seeing all episodes.really sister i was very much more determined and refreshed and felt that though even this whole world including my parents become against me sai maa wont leave me.

      he is my REAL MOTHER for 72 generations.then i completed almost all and now i am feeling much better.I felt that all those episodes are lessons for me ad as if written for me.

      So please do watch..it is in hindi..and SUBTITLES are available.i felt it very relieving.Once you are normal again we can read satcharitha.for me seeing those episodes itself was lik satcharitham really i am telling.all the best dear..baba is always with us..only thing our problems play such a game with us that it makes us forget even our own ma..(SAI MAA)..but how can maa forget us…

      all the best dear and ontworry soon baba will bless you..and all devotees in pain..and am sure his blessing is always with us…

      om sai raam…

    • Thanks a lot sister feeling really better today after reading your response and after speaking to a old friend of mine regarding god.I want sai pa to bless and be with all of us you are undergoing these type of pains.

  21. what do you want to say me baba..m clearly not understanding what u r conveying..pls make ur little child understand u..pls..jai sai ram..jai jai sai ram..om shri maruthi..

  22. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  23. Nice experiences! 3rd devotee, don't worry, just remember Baba is by your side so you have nothing to be afraid (no one can stand up to you when you have Baba with you) and Baba will give you the best job at the right time. 1st devotee, it is sad that you have had to go through so much with your divorce, I think if the threat of divorce is not enough for a guy to change his behaviour, nothing will change him, so it is best to leave and forget him and ask Baba to find the right person for you. There are many other good guys who are honest and moral, just pray to Baba that this bad karma in your life is over (as I will also pray to Baba for you too) and you can have marital bliss soon. 2nd devotee, even when you were in pain, Baba always hears and feels the pain of His devotees, so Baba played that Sai Ram song for you and helped ease your pain and show you that He hears and feels your pain too. Om Sai Ram!

  24. Sai Ram ..please bless me with death…i dont know which direction to go and i think I will find true peace in my death

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