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Anonymous Devotee from India says: We are a Sai devotee family for last 5 years. By grace of Baba, we are able to visit Shirdi once a year. Most of the incidences are related to our visit there. This mail is from another devotee child of our Sai, just like you. Although we received Baba’s blessings about 10 years ago, but truly speaking, we came under His shelter just about 5 years ago.

In the series of graces from Baba, I would like to start from very ordinary experience during 2003.
My daughter was then 10 years old. A healthy child, suddenly one evening at dusk, she fainted for no reasons. It then became almost a regular health problem every now & then, usually during school assembly hours.

We were unable to get any solution to her problem. We finally planned a visit to Shirdi followed with a vacation to Aurangabad. In Shirdi, we surrendered our problem to Baba and forgot all about the problem. Then we proceeded on our holiday trip to Aurangabad, Ajanta & Ellora, Nasik, Trambhakeshwar etc. Since, our that visit to Shirdi, my daughter never again suffered from those fits until this date. May Baba always bless my daughter & every devotee of Sai equally.

Along with that forgotten health problem of my child, Baba’s grace too became an ordinary incident for us .This is how we forgot Sai’s grace for 5 long years until 2008. I shall continue with my series “ Sai our savior”. I’m sure that all the devotees reading these experiences will definitely feel this grace in their life the day they build up their firm faith on our savior. Om Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, for me you are like my elder sister. You are God’s child. I hope your baby is doing fine. There is no miracle as such, but I am waiting for Sai’s blessing since long time. To be honest, I sometimes get angry with Baba. I even fought with Him for delaying in listening to my prayers. I was in love with a guy for 8 years. I wanted to get marry to him, but he could not take a stand for me and married to a girl, his family selected for him. I was shattered.

I did 9 Thursday fast. I pleaded Sai to get my love back, but in vain. I somehow made myself understand that may be he was not made for me and trusting Sai I started searching for a life partner on matrimonial sites. I found few good matches, but due to some or the other reasons nothing happened. Then I found a guy from Delhi. We both liked each other’s profile. We started chatting, talking over the phone. He promised that he will marry me and being an emotional person I also trusted him.

We met one fine day and then I got to know that he is not the kind of person he was pretending to be. He cheated on me. This incident made me so angry that I told Baba that I will never ever come to You. He is testing me a lot. People, who did not value feelings, emotions and cheated on someone, are leading a happy life. So why only I am the one who is suffering? But after few days, I could not stop myself and went to Sai Mandir. I requested Him to show some miracle. I request you all to pray for me to get good life partner. I understand that this all pain may be due to my past life’s bad karma, but Baba it is not only me, who is suffering, my parents are also suffering due to me. Please have mercy on us. You can test me as much as You want Baba, but please after all these pain, give me a happy life. Forgive me for all those things I said to You in a fit o rage. I love You Baba.

Baba Tests Us In Different Forms

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sairam Hetal Ji, I am a small daughter of Baba, who is clinging to His lotus feet in all situations, but still have to learn to practice patience, faith, and all good qualities more. I am humbly asking Baba to imbibe more of these qualities in me.

Sairam Namaste Hetal Ji, thanks a lot for providing us this divine platform, where we His children can learn a lot about our father, these experiences are like light houses, when we are in calamities. He is telling us to have patience till our appropriate time comes where He will give us more then we expect. Some of the devotee’s experiences are beyond human thinking. Still some times our patience and faith shivers due to these strong waves of calamities, but when we read these devotees, experiences, and our mind will calm down and again faith and patience will stand firm. Now let me narrate you my experience.

2 weeks back, I and my cousin suddenly planned to visit Shirdi. The next day, we went and booked the tickets while coming back I thought of giving Baba oranges in Dwarakamai and Samadhi Mandir, so I took 2 dozens , 1 for my house and another for Baba. While we are halted in traffic signals, a small boy who was begging near the traffic jam came to our car and was asking for money. I said no, they he was pointing to the oranges and was repeatedly asking me to give him to eat. I was thinking of some other thing, but when car started, it clicked me. It might be Baba who is asking me the orange, but our car passed the signal. This thought was very strong in me, even my cousin felt the same. I felt very guilty for not giving him.

Later we came back to house. Within 1 hour, my cousin called up saying we had to cancel the tickets due to an unavoidable situation. I felt this must be surely Baba’s leela. Only when He asks us to come, then only we can visit Him. After 1 hour, I was very strongly feeling to go to the signal again and look for the child. I went along with my uncle, see His Leela, as soon as I came out of my house a direct was ready so we boarded. Meanwhile I was constantly praying Baba to be at the same spot where I saw Him. We got down, went to the stop and saw the same boy there. I gave him 1 orange and other 2 oranges to other people and came near the bus stop. Again immediately another direct bus to my house was ready. We happily came back. After I came back, I was relieved that I have passed in Baba’s test. I am waiting for Baba’s permission to go to Shirdi. I request to all the devotees, never lose your heart, even if you fall down also. Again catch Baba’s kafni and stand up by the holy cloth’s support. Another small request if you find any children and people in helpless situation on roads, instead of giving money give them a fruit because this dirty begging mafia is exploiting children and helpless people to the maximum extent. So from your side, please think about this issue. Daughter of Baba.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for showing us the right path and looking at us kindly. Thank You O Sadguru for fulfilling our desires and bestowing Your mercy on us.

    Thank You for all the Love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om Sai Ram…We all Love Baba….Devotee 1 : Very blissful experience…may Baba always be with you and your family …Devotee 2 : Baba will take care of you…why worry when he is with you…Devotee 3 : Very good message…instead of giving money…we should give something to eat to helpless people…Baba We Love You…Om Sai Ram

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  5. Om Sai Ram…
    Hey Baba please Save my job. This job is like my life..the ray of hope for my parents. Please Baba forgive my mistakes and Bless me. Save My Job.
    Om Sai Ram

  6. sai baba …my mind is wandering.
    y did u put me in this situation
    please help me baba .i dunno whether he is cheating me
    make me to realise it. if he really likes me make him to come to india and say yes.
    pls baba

  7. Sai ram…
    i request every one to read satcharithra… u can read it online… have faith on him… he loves yo all more.. he ll never let u down…if it happens he says tat it dosent suit u…. but he ll give u d best one… he s your mother he loves u more than any one else on tis earth.. thank him n trust him.. he ll b on ur side…..
    sri sachithanandha sadhguru sainath maharaj ji jai…
    love u a lot baba…

    • well said messages and thanks for that ….but can u tell me how long a girl of 36 years of age with no job since last 9 years could have patience and wait?? dont u think 36 years is no age to get married….still will u say baba will give the best …. have ayone imagined how the parents of a girl of 36 must have gone the pain and stress … giving suggestion and advise is that easy …better said than done … reading sai satcharitra,doing several times nav vrat,reading kasht nivaran mantra,108 names of baba,moola beeja mantra is what i read on a regular basis withour fail …now i dont think i got the age to wait for something better….sorry but just felt like replying your comments.

    • Dear Sister, I love the fact that you are still holding strong to Baba and doing all the above said chanting on a daily basis. Not many people can be like you. You are definitely very special to Baba. Btw, I'm not the one whose comment you replied to. I just read your comment and admired your Shraddha Saburi. I pray that may Baba give you the VERY BEST VERY SOON.

    • Sister you are 36 yrs old unmarried…and yes i can understand ur frustration…..but siister i am 26 yrs and i am sepetated fromm my husband..he has asked divorce..i am wating for baba miracle..baba please change his mind…sister we all have problems…but our only hope is out sai baba…baba plrase help me…please stop my divorce…change his mind…bless me with a hh happpy married life…

    • Thanks for replying my comments sister ..i know we all have problems in life ..i pray to Baba to save your married life … and am sure baba will soon bless you … I am going to shirdi since 2004 and am offering puja to baba every day but i have stopped asking baba for a married life i just ask him to give me a job …i cant be a burden to my aged parents any longer.But cant baba even fulfill this little prayer of mine …No sister i understood i dont have baba wwith me ..i am all alone frnds,no relatives no one to talk to me ..i am full time at hoping spending time by doing and reading about baba only and i will continue it doing till my end .

    • Dear sairam sister
      Iam searching bride for my brother if you could please send your details through email if you are interested

  8. Dear Second Devotee,Om Sai Ram..I would like to convey that,I belong to Delhi & also searching for a bride who would be our Baba's devotee. pls respond sairam

  9. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji



  11. Dear Sai Devotees

    I am from Malaysia and would like to purchase the book on SAI BABA STILL ALIVE written by Jaya Wahi. I search on line but there is no delivery to Malaysia. Can anyone from India please buy me the book and I will pay the money in advance for the delivery charges also. If anyone can help me please email me at

  12. dear third devotee your suggestion about giving fruits to children on road is very good. I think through you our baba is giving suggestion to all of us. we shall all surely try to follow.

  13. Baba, please cure my father's health. Please make him healthy. I am ready to die for him. Please save him. Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for my father's health. He is everything for me. Om Sai Ram

  14. 1st and 3rd experiences are very nice….devotee in the 3rd experience have mentioned a very good thing that we should give fruits or food to the poor people…the devotee in the 2nd experience please dont worry baba will send you your soul mate soon…you can pray shibpur saibaba temple for your marriage…you can send or donate some money in the name of baba and ask amitji to do pooja on your behalf and if you able to visit shibpur saibaba temple then u can visist whe baba permits…for more details about this temple do visit and about pooja details…may always god bless everyone …OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  15. @devotee in second experience : You experience is very similar to mine….it breaks my heart to read your story and I really feel is baba listening and alive? and if yes then what is stopping him from helping your situation as well as mine? Its the most horrible feeling in the world to lose your love for some external factors like family pressure its absolutely not right there is only one life and every one needs to have the freedom to live it with whoever they want to and however they want to….I still dont understand why should baba not help such genuine cases when he was for national unity..I really hate the guys who dont stand for their love and behave like crippled individuals and even parents who take advantage of their childs emotional weakness…anyways my only hope was baba and when i read ur story and similar unhappy stories i have started feeling that may be baba is not for everyone and I feel really shattered now to even hope that he wud help in this matter. It really makes me doubt the existence of god and I feel y should we be good if this is the return that we get for being loyal to someone loving someone and having faith in sai baba who is god for me.

  16. Very nice experiences! 3rd devotee, it is so nice that you were able to give the boy fruit and found him again, yes Baba comes in all different forms to test us and show us the right way to act, and don't worry, Baba will call you when it is the right time to Shirdi. 2nd devotee, do not worry, have patience and faith in Baba's plan, it is good though that Baba saved you from getting married to that guy in Delhi, it would have been much worse if you found out about his cheating behaviour after marriage; you are Baba's daughter and He will find the perfect husband for His daughter, just try to have faith and patience. 1st devotee, it is Baba's miracle that He cured your daughter and although you forgot about Sai Baba for some time, Baba never forgot about you and it is good you came back into Baba's fold soon. Om Sai Ram!

  17. Sai Ram to all fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

    Some of the devotees here have mentioned that Baba has not graced them despite their having been sincerely praying to Him for long time.

    I just pray to Baba to be with you all and grant your wishes soonest.

    Now an important thing to keep in mind is your Faith in Baba gives you the necessary strength to face hardest of the challanges in life; so He is already there with you in your difficult times, which too shall pass and you would be done with your bad karmas; then there will be happier times only (because you would have seen the worst and anything would be better than that)………..just hang in there……………..

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

    You can read SatCharitra online@

  18. Dear Devotee, Baba never let his child down, continue to have firm faith, surely will give the best. Dear Devotees 1&3, thanks for sharing wonderful experiences. Om SaiRam.

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