sking Baba For Help And Thanking Him

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hello Sai devotees, I have been reading this site for a while and today with the permission of my Baba, I am writing this. I do not how to express my gratitude to Babaji. He has been with me and my family each n every single moment. I have even lost count of how many times Baba has been of great help to me. One thing is constantly worrying me since years and today I have decided to ask Baba for help through Sai devotees. So please Sai devotees do read what I have written and suggest me any idea.

When I was in 7 std, I was attracted to Baba. One of my friends told me to collect 366 Baba photos and my wish will be fulfilled. Everybody calls me thin, so I wanted to be beautiful. I whole heartedly believed that Baba will fulfill my wish and I still believe. I do not know whether this wish is just an illusion or Baba himself gave it. I do not know whether to give up this wish or continue. It’s been 9 years almost.

Now I m spiritual and hence I know that beauty is impermanent. But just to feel confident of myself in this world and also shortly I m going to be software engineer and within 2 or 3 years I might get married. So Sai devotees, please suggest me whether I should give up or continue. I tried chanting names, read Sai Satcharitra within 7 days, also wrote Sai names on guru paurnima, but my confusion is still not solved. I have not yet found the answer. This wish has so become a part of mine.

Sometimes I give up this wish and remain silent, yet again when I go out and look at the people in this world again I start wishing. Because of this wish, I became very average in studies and also I don’t eat food properly no matter how hard I try. Because of this I am not having great health and I am scared about marriage life. I will be eagerly waiting for your reply Sai friends. I believe it’s through you that my Baba speaks to me. Also one thing, now I look much better than I used to be before.

I am thankful to You Baba. Anyadha Sharanam Naasti Twameva Sharanam Mama. forgive me for asking such wishes.

Sai Decision

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a person from a middle class family and Baba means a lot for me. Dear Hetal Ji, I really don’t know how to thank you for creating such a platform to express our feelings towards Sai Nath. Baba I am writing this blog just to tell you that I need your help. Through this I appeal to all Your devotees to help me what to do. Your devotees are one of the pure form of Your true love.I want to share something, which is going on in my life and I am not in a situation to take any Decision. It’s just I have kept it in Sai’s Holy Feet.

I am into a relationship with a guy. It’s been approx 2 years now. When I came into his life, he was already committed to someone else or was coming out of that relationship as it was not working at his family’s part. After knowing everything I was with him every moment and we came so far.

I have faced all kind of things to just to make him realize that how mush I love him. Whenever I use to ask him for marriage, he use to give me some or the other excuse. After waiting and crying and hurting myself, we finally decided to get married, but still he has certain conditions. I have some hormonal problems and because of that it is possible that I might face problem in conceiving. And since the very first day of our relation, I never tried to hide anything from him. He used to ignore the talks of our marriage, but now he has realized that I love him a lot. He is ready to get married, but he wants me to go to the doctor and get myself checked. If I could conceive or not and if not then we cannot get married. I know I can conceive as it’s just a hormonal disorder, but not anything serious. My doctor told me that I can, but it is possible that there may be problems related to baby’s growth and that too is not sure this problem may occur, but chances are very less. Meanwhile all this hurting things, I came across another guy, who is a divorced person, but a very nice person and he and his family are ok with marriage thing also and tomorrow my family and his family will meet and fix up everything. I don’t know what to do.

I have told my first guy everything and it’s really hurting that he wants me to go to the doctor first. If this is what is called Love, then I don’t think he loves me or he wants me in his life. I have kept everything in Baba’s holy feet and I am letting my life flow according to Baba’s Decision. I request to all the devotees through this platform to pray to Sai Nath for me and I beg you guys to tell Baba Ji to show me what is right for me. I know and my heart knows how much I loved my first guy, but from his side I have faced only pains only pains. Baba has done a lot for me and wherever I have reached so far in my life it’s just because of HIS Grace.

Sai Saved My Husband Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai ram to all devotee. I read this blog form 2 years and little devotee of my Sai deva. Thank you Hetal Ji for creating such a blog and doing noble job, where Sai devotees share their experiences. I posted my 2 experiences with you and today I am going to share another one.

In June 2013, my husband faced a terrible incidence, which changed his life on that time and due to this incidence he was in jail for 4 days. He felt so shame and bad because he just due to his anger hit the police officer and live in jail. But from that day, he decided to try have less anger on others because only due to his anger, he was faced a terrible and painful days.

From that day I suffered a lot with him too. I was not with him because he was in Uttar Pradesh and I was in Delhi. I was not able to even meet with him. But here continue I pray to my Sai Deva because in every situation I remember Sai all the way. Deva is only to hear my prayer and fulfill it earlier. After 1 month, my husband relief from this sin and happened one thing, which I want to ever that he too have faith in Sai. If I ever say thank you to Deva for His blessing on us this not enough. Only due to Deva, I was able to share my experiences with you. Sai is everything for me, my father, my mother, who knows what I want, what I think. You just have faith and patience on Sai. He will surely listen your prayers and give you the answer. Sai Deva, bless all and be with us always. I will post some more experience due to grace of Sai soon. Sorry for the late post Deva. But Hetal Ji, I wanted to post it on only in Thursday. Sai Bless you!!

Om Sai Namoh Namah Shri Sai Namoh Namah Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah Satguru Sai Namoh Namah. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Dear Sai Family,

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    My Day 2 of charity completed beautifully with my Darling Baba's grace… Made Thandai… an almond, pistachio, cardamom flavored chilled milk concoction, along with biscuits & then went out with my lovely Maa & my lil maid girls & we made every possible person working hard on the warm streets & sweating it out, sip into Baba's Prasadam. In Bliss Supreme. Hope your Day 2 of Charity is going good too Sai Family.
    May BABA bless us all always.

  2. Dear devotee 1: you are beautiful. Beauty is within you, and it shines outside when you accept it and feel beautiful. If you don't feel beautiful, not matter how good your features are, yo won't shine. Be confident and let that confidence radiate from every pore of your skin. You will succeed in life, never fear. Outwardly beauty is very transient!

  3. om sairam om sairam om sairm om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  4. Om sai ram.plz suggest me devotees..on 4th dec i went to sai mandir n pandit ji gav me sai pendent in moli wid 7 nodes in it, he askd me to wear dat,m wearing dat too,he said dat ur wish will surely fullfill soon…nw m confused wethr to keep wearing it or not? Plzzz help me

  5. Its not the beauty but the life which is more important . If you don't believe then make a visit to cancer hospitals and hospital for disables.
    If you introspect, you are being or rather say, your desire is being the reason for your own sadness.
    I am sure baba will send someone in your life who will love to be with you for what you are and not for how you look.. Every person is beautiful from inside, and when we say we are not beautiful, we are insulting our creator.
    Now choice is yours.

  6. Baba has His ways to deliver answers to His devotees

    1st Devotee – I am sure you would have been shown the answer by now but by His desire let me also say it in brief: Beauty lies in the confidence, the maturity, the goodness and the kindness of a person. This is the beauty that is permanent and willed by our Dear Baba 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for being with us during good times and bad times, we do not know how we would have come to this stage in life without Your help. Bless us O Sadguru that we control our anger and other emotions that cause only pain to us and others around us.

    Thank You for all the miracles and the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam



  8. LOVE YOU BABA.OM SAI RAM…want to help the third devotees as soon as possible. BABA as the marriage has already been decided as per YOUR wish then why do not YOU give her some indication that YOU has done this DEVA.OM SAI RAM.

  9. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Dear first devotee- Firstly you are Sai Ma's child so that makes you beautiful right??? Also have confidence in yourself. Those people who give you importance because of your appearance are not your true friends. Remember parents love their children whether they are beautiful or not. Follow Baba's teachings your beauty will increase day by day. Chant His divine name and rid yourself of all your fears. Remember Baba's saying 'WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE.".May Baba shower His grace on you and bless you with both inner and outer beauty.

    Second Devotee- Dear Sai sister have faith in Sai. In my opinion the first person does not deserve your love. You take Baba's name and move on in life. Baba will surely give you immense happiness and I pray to Baba ji to fulfill all your wishes and give you good health and confidence.

    Third Devotee- I pray to Sai Ma to shower His Divine blessings on you and your family.

    Sabse Paavan Hai Ek Naam
    Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram
    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  10. Dear Devotee 1: Always remember, Baba wanted us to take care of our bodies, so please take care of yourself and eat well!

    I used to be in your situation. I used to look in the mirror and feel unhappy everyday. But I realized, after a very long time, that beauty comes from confidence. After I gained confidence in myself, I began to carry myself differently, and I gained many, many compliments.

    Be confident in yourself, be a kind person, have a good heart, and you will come to know that not only are you beautiful, but you will also find success in everything you do.

    Om Sai Ram

  11. Dear 1st Sai devotee, having a craze being a beautiful looking teenager is not at all wrong expectation for a growing girl. Your swinging emotion regarding this is very natural. I am proud of you that you do have understanding popping up on you mind that Physical BEAUTY is impermanent. Rest assured that you will be a wonderful person with a very sweet personality. Just keep thinking positive and have self confidence in whatever you do. Do not let intimidating thoughts bother you when you meet people. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, GOD HAS MADE YOU SPECIAL AND THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU!
    Be blessed.
    Sai Devotee # 2
    You are a good person at heart. That's why you took care of the guy #1 when he was suffering from his broken relationship. Who would otherwise care for some one who had already committed to somebody else to consider to be his/her future life partner? But you DID gave him a chance. It seems he is not worthy of your pure love. If his love is conditional , it is not LOVE at all. How can anybody expect certain future events to happen as a guarantee to take any step in going ahead to tie a long term relationship as "Marriage"? This is absolutely nonsense.
    Yes, as a safe guard, now parents as well as girls to be married may want to make sure that the person being chosen to be a husband is capable of giving his wife a child. With this developing science and technology one can save a future calamity where such issues be tackled with no damage to anybody. And the same applies to the girl who is getting married. If there are issues that seems suspicious making one think if it is going to be a problem conceiving a child, it is good to find out if such a problem is solvable or not.
    But let me tell you one thing, if two people LOVE each other and decide to live life together no matter what, this science /technology/ tests etc should not be in the way.
    You are talking about another divorced guy. I don't understand why you think of persons who are heart broken or divorced. Why cann't you think of having a fresh relationship? Why you think of yourself with such negativity? Sorry, I don't mean to say, you can not think of going ahead with a divorced person. If you know the person and have sympathy for him and the same from his side, nothing wrong in going ahead.
    May you find peace and happiness in whatever you choose. I do say, CONDITIONAL LOVE is not a right choice, though.
    Sai Devotee # 3. WE pray for your husband to have control over his anger and let him find peace at the feet of BABA. May you be blessed.
    Jai SAI RAM.

  12. Nice experiences! First devotee, just leave the decision to Baba as to when you should get married, just continue to have faith and leave the results to Baba, when it is the right time, Baba will find the perfect person for His daughter (just do well in your studies and the other aspects of your life, and everything else will work out with Baba's grace). 2nd devotee, best thing is to ask Baba whom you should be with, Baba will give you the best answer and the best guidance, if the first guy is asking so many conditions or other things, then ask Baba if he is really the right one for you or this other guy is the right one, just listen to your heart and Baba, you will get the best answer. 3rd devotee, it is good that your husband only had a small punishment for his anger, Baba will also help him solve his anger problems soon. Om Sai Ram!

  13. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    1st Devotee –

    I just wonder if your fears are realisitc; reason being everybody these days want to get slim and trim and which you already are; Be confident and have faith in Baba, things will get sorted.

    One thing you can do is go & see some decent nutritionist in your area who can advise you for a balanced diet that would work for your body type (metabolism etc)….follow the prescribed diet and you should gain weight in 8-10 weeks, it's not difficult.

    The only thing that will stop you from gaining weight is your worrying too much about it; some times if we worry too much, our body does not function properly (produces certains fluids which do not extract healthy nutritients from the food you eat and therefore you don't gain weight no matter how much you eat – just think of exam times when some of us worry too much and are not able to digest anything we eat, it's similar to that but not so obvious)…the only way to get over this problem is to leave it to Baba (which means to have complete faith in Him that He will sort this out for you as He has promised this to all His devotees, so why fear if Baba is assuring you).

    May Baba bless us all…

    You can read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  14. Dear devotee in the 1st expereince, many people would actually like to have your fast metabolism and be thin. You shouldn't worry about it too much. As age goes by, your metabolism will slow down and you will look normal and will definitely gain weight after having kids. But if you want to gain weight fast, eat foods with lot of carbs or something like peanut butter.

  15. Om SaiRam, 1st & 2nd devotees, have complete faith on our beloved Baba, surely he will make us realise the truth, and will do the best.

  16. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  17. For 2nd Devotee: My only sugestion is that U need soem time to think, Just for few days leave everything on god and take rest and just be on your own. As seen the above responses they are right that love should be without conditions. If u are going to consider ur choice for 2nd guy and u r sure for it then take gods name and go ahead, but if this is only case that ur parents wants u to marry and they are much worried about it, then u need to think and go ahead. Just for few days ask time to everyone and think. All things will be cleared like a fresh water just leave it on sai baba.

  18. Hi sai, Three years before my husband switched over his job from OEM company to supplier company
    and now he is under terrible pressure due to disrespect words from his boss ,also he is keep on blackmailing that he is going to terminate him from the job….. now my husband is really worrying that he took wrong decision 3 yrs back. i am devoteee of sai ram but i dont know how sai is going to help me. Sai ,please save me from this problem…sai ramjayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam
    sai ramajayam

  19. Baba i can't thank you enough for saving my life and its only you who made me marry the right person. please make my life happy and peacefull. please bless us with beautiful kidz again and make our bonding strong. I am a fool but you are my guide. Forgive me fory sins.

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