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Baba Blessed My Sons

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: May Shri Sai Baba bless all of you. Thank you very much for starting this website to keep Sai Baba devotees connected. Please keep up the good work you are doing. I would like to share how Sai Baba blessed my sons.

Baba was present as Gajanan Maharaj: My elder son was getting registered marriage done in Mumbai 6 months before the actual religious/ social marriage for visa purposes. As he got his date suddenly, none of us could travel for different reasons and I felt bad for not being with him. On that day he would have no one from his family and the girl’s family is in Mumbai, so all of them would be with her.

A couple of days before, I prayed in my heart to Sai Baba to be there and bless them by His presence and forgot about it. That morning at the registrar’s office, as they were signing, they sent me the pictures instantly in Whatsapp and I was having goose bumps and my hair standing on end!!. On the registrar’s desk was a big size picture of Shri Gajanan Maharaj and it appeared as if HE was looking at them as a witness, when they were signing the marriage certificate. In Sai Satcharitra, it is said that the institution of Saints is the same and many times devotees have experienced it. So in all the photos, Shri Gajanan Maharaj appeared fully and clearly – looking at the person who took the photos and as I was seeing them it was as though He was looking directly into my eyes.

Baba blessed my younger son: My younger son finished his degree exams in December 2012 and was hoping to find some job experience or internship as is college said they may reduce the students visa to 60 days after getting their degree certificate, which would be in February. He was trying hard from December by making hundreds of online applications etc. He even got few calls, but they would only go ahead if he didn’t have any visa issues.

I was observing Sai 9 Guruvar fast and was hoping he would do it too. I tried to persuade him and to my surprise, he agreed and observed and completed it successfully. I suggested that he should continue with the Thursday Vrat as somewhere in the blog I had read that a devotee said that after her 1st set of 9 Thursdays, she continued with the 2nd set of 9 Thursdays and she started feeling Baba’s kripa. So, next Thursday, he started the 9 Guruvar Vrat again. The next day – Friday itself, he got a call but after that they became quiet. Then after 2 more weeks on a Thursday evening, he got an email for interview on Monday. His interview went well and he was asked to join as an intern from the next day Tuesday for 4 months. Thank You Sai Baba for strengthening my son’s faith in You.Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha.

Why Saibaba Did Not Fulfill My Wish

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This is my experience with Baba. Baba really helped me and my family so much. I used 2 get good marks throughout my school life. But recently I got shocked when I saw my 2nd semester results. I have not passed accountancy paper. I really got disappointed when I saw that. I cried to Baba why this happened. I then applied for re-evaluation. I prayed Baba that I should get cleared in that paper and I did 9 weeks Sai Vrat. When I was in 7th week, my results came and I cleared that paper. It’s all because of Baba, who helped me in clearing the subject; otherwise it would have become a black mark for me.

Sorry if I am boring. This is my question actually to all Sai Devotees. Someone help me by answering my query. I had been trying for a particular house to shift from my current house. I really wanted 2 go there. I waited for 4 months. I had firm faith in Baba that definitely I will get that house. But unfortunately that house was allotted to some other person. Now I am really disappointed why Baba didn’t help me in this. Because if this I threw Baba’s photo. I am sorry Baba for doing this. But I didn’t mean it. Baba, You know how much I cried before Your photo for that particular house. But why it has been allotted to someone else, when I was praying to You? Please someone tell me why Baba didn’t help me?

Need A Job

Sai Brother Venugopal Ji from India says: My name is Venugopal. I am a software engineer. I am a devotee of Sai Baba since only last month end. I need a job very badly. Suddenly I felt like going to Sai Baba temple in Mylapore, Chennai since I thought Baba Ji will help me to get a job. Within two weeks of visiting that temple, Baba Ji gave me an opportunity for an interview in a big company. I had a small photo of Baba Ji in my hand, while attending the interview. By His grace or miracle, I am sure that I attended the interview very well. Now my problem is the recruitment is stopped for time being (came to know through a friend, who worked there). So, the results were not revealed yet. I need that phone very badly. Will I get that? Please Baba Ji help me to get that job. I have no one else to help me.

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  1. For the second devotee it was so mean and selfish of u … just because ur wish was not fullfilled u threw away baba pic… arrey he must ve thought fir some better option a mother never lrts her child touch the fire even b if it attract him or he cries as she know the child will burn his hand …. same way Is baba he surely knows whats best .o sorry to say ur prayers are so selfish just because ur wish was not fullfilled u threw our babas pic..where as we always bow to baba even if we see his pic anywhere be it at auto stand . Temple a car a calender or verever . Have patients trust him he never does bad… he is the mother of all.om sai

  2. Om Sai Ram…Baba always be with us…Devotee 1 & 2 : Nice Experiences….Devotee 2 : Believe on Baba…may be that house is not auspicious for you…thats why Baba kept you away….Devotee 3 : Baba will take care of you…I Love You Baba…Om Sai Ram

  3. Dear 2nd devotee, Baba is going to give you good house than which u wanted .I tell you my story.Iam staying in gulf and wanted to change my house and for that i searched more than 6 months ,whenever i liked my husband did not like it or other way around and if we both like it but its out of our budget.Finally we both liked one house very much and it was in our budget.we booked it and in next two day we were suppose to sign the agreement that too on Baba's day.but that day suddenly broker told us that its already rented to other by another broker.We both so disappointed and i asked baba why u did this to me ? whats is ur plan for me ? guess what same day night my husband got other flat we went at 10 PM to see it, we both liked it and booked it same day..And rent is less + house is big with store room + beautiful view from our flat..We going to get agreement registered today…:-) and this month end we are shifting to new home .So please understand that baba planned something better house for u.I hope my experience answered your quarry.Om sai ram.

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  6. Baba may be reminding us of the following;
    a. That fate-line may not be suitable for us if wish went through
    b. He needs to be matured spiritually when we get that wish fulfilled.
    c. He is reminding us He is taking care of millions who don't have even what we have now.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Reply to 2nd post:
    Dont lose faith in Baba. He has done it for some reason only. Sometimes, what we like the most may not be the best for us. For example, children like ice cream very much. But a mother always resists her child from having ice cream because it is not good for the child. Similarly, what we want very badly may not be good for us. In that case, Baba will act as a mother and resist that thing from you. Have faith. Baba is planning for your future. So he will give you only the best.

  8. Dear Sai Family,

    Please read the book 'Sai BABA is still alive' by 'Jaya Wahi'. It will boost your faith and show you numerous ways to do good deeds. You can buy the book online from Flipkart or any other online store. Here is the link. And the book gets delivered in a days time. You can gift this book of BABA to others also.


    Link to ebook of 'SAI BABA is still ALIVE' by 'JAYA WAHI' for devotees abroad:


    Please read this from a post on FB by Mrs JAYA WAHI :

    Sai Baba Is Still Alive
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    Baba Sai has taught, "Give, give, give & receive manifold in return. Wealth used for personal enjoyment is wealth wasted. Whereas wealth shared is wealth created."

    Remember… If you or anyone in your family is suffering due to a physical or mental disease, if you are in trouble at your work place, if you are unable to pay back loans, if you are in a broken or painful relationship, if there is any problem however big… There is ONE sure-shot solution given by our Baba Sai… 'CHARITY & SHARING OF WHAT WE HAVE'. So, give in abundance, give with faith & love & get back a million fold of that abundance.

    My Day 2 of charity completed beautifully with my Darling Baba's grace… Made Thandai… an almond, pistachio, cardamom flavored chilled milk concoction, along with biscuits & then went out with my lovely Maa & my lil maid girls & we made every possible person working hard on the warm streets & sweating it out, sip into Baba's Prasadam. In Bliss Supreme. Hope your Day 2 of Charity is going good too Sai Family.
    May BABA bless us all always.

  9. Om Sai Ram !

    By Baba's grace , I am going to Shirdi on Dec 17th and would like to take Devotee's prayers with me. Request you to please publish this in your blog, so that interested Devotees can end me their prayers on my email id : chandanapriyambada@gmail.com .

    I request the Devotees to email their Prayers to BABA max by Dec 12.

    May BABA bless us all always.
    Love you BABA and many thanks you for everything. May you keep blessing us all always with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, joyous relationships and happiness.

  10. Second Devotee, if you didn't get what you wanted then it may be that Baba has planned something better for you. Keep your faith on Baba firm and you will get what you need. Om sain ram.

  11. Hi,

    Why Saibaba Did Not Fulfill My Wish.. You asked that why Baba did not help you to shift in the room which you wanted to. I would like to tell you one thing that whatever he has planned for us and is not doing is only for our benefit. There must be some reason behind that but we humans always doubt him. I just request you to trust him and be happy. OM SAI RAM

  12. Om Sai Ram… I would like to address the second experience here. Baba is always there to answer our prayers as he clearly mentioned it in the Sai Satcharithra that HE never neglects people who trust HIM wholeheartedly – but Baba likes to bless us with only those things which are really good for us in the long run (in terms of both material and spiritual gains) rather than helping us with temporary solutions. He knows everything in and out so he is the right Guru to decide what is suitable for HIS devotees and at what time in all aspects. We sometimes get frustrated with ups and downs and others incidents of life, that is when Baba wants us to follow the path of Shraddha and Saburi, HE will surely make you happy by blessing you in one way or the other. You just need to have unconditional faith and trust in HIM. Wish you Good Luck. Om Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  13. Jai sai Ram…we are just coming back from mylapore buying a baba morthy … God will bless u soon …venugopalji dont worry at all ….



  15. Suggestions for Sri Sai Baba devotees / others struggling for a job:
    1. Look for his signals keenly. If you have surrendered completely as He expects, a picture
    in front of you, a book about Him, a website (like this one) with His Leelas can guide you
    and protect you in vulnerable times.
    2. Use present free time to give unnecessary items to charitable organization and to poor outside
    your favorite Sri Sai baba temple.
    3. Chant "Sai Sai" and avoid unwanted distractions happening in outside world.

  16. To the 1st devotee, you are really blessed. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear 2nd devotee, there is definitely a reason why Baba didn't give that house to you. He might have a good house in store for you. Please do not loose faith and patience. Baba has made you pass in your exam. Similarly, Baba will bless you with a nice house. Om Sai Ram.

    To the 3rd devotee, perform Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. Baba will give you a good job soon. Om Sai Ram.

  17. To the second devotee, we wish for several things in life, though we are not sure if all our wishes are for our good or not. Haven't you ever repented for taking bad decision?
    So faith in SAI/GOD means, pray him to help you, try your best, if things does not happen in your favor, think that "that is not meant for me and SAI/GOD will give what ever is best for me". This is how you should accept things. Else you can never be happy in life and can never have sincere faith in SAI/GOD. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I feel I am speaking truth.

  18. Om Sai Ram, Second Devotee, Baba will give to you a better house, when the appropriate time come. That house was not meant for you. Have Patience and please trust Baba.

  19. One day my friend was cleaning sai's idol.. then suddenly idol fell down and its head got broken completely.. when she shouted i came to see what happened but while coming i didnot see the boken head and i kept my feet on that. i really got tensed that why this happened.. can somebody tell?????

    • Breaking of idol is not an issue.

      Read what Sri Virendra Tarkhad (son of sri Jyotindra Tarkhad, mentioned as younger Tarkhad in chapter 9 of Sai Satcharitra) writes in "Experiences of Tarkhad Family" about breaking of a Ganesh idol in their home and what was Baba's thoughts on this as below:

      "I will proceed further to narrate one more incident about this Ganesh Murti. This incidence would throw some light on the title of this chapter. On one Hartalika day (incidentally dear readers my grandmother passed away on Hartalika day) while removing the old paint the part of the right hand of the Murti got dislocated from the Ibow onwards. My father was very scared because as per Hindu religion one cannot worship damaged Murti. However by now it had become integral part of the family and they would be reluctant to part with it. They decided to go through the celebrations and then seek advice from SaiBaba. Thus they proceeded to Shirdi. Dear readers is it not an unfair act on their part? They had never involved Baba so far in their business of Lord Ganesh and now in times of distress they wanted his help. On that occasion when they were in Dwarkamai Baba was unusually silent with them. They had realized their mistake and were feeling guilty about not involving Baba from the beginning. They were internally seeking his pardon for it. They waited patiently. Then as the crowd in the Dwarkamai receded Baba called them near. He addressed "Oh mother in the event our son undergoes a fractured hand we do not throw him out of our house. On the contrary we feed him and nourish him well so that he reaches the manhood." No sooner they heard this, they instantly fell at his feet and profusely thanked him. Dear readers I do not find suitable words to describe Baba"s wisdom.. He was really an "Antardnyani" in the true sense of the term so that he could read what is going on in your mind.

      Great were those Baba's Leelas and great were these mother and son. This is how Baba saved the Ganesh Murti, which continues to be with the Tarkhad family for seeking their worship till date."

      You can read SatCharitra online@


      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

      May Sai Bless us all.

  20. 1st exp: Thank you for sharing your experience …May Baba be with your family at all times

    2nd exp: Dear devotee…It is natural to feel bad and frustrated when things don't go your way…but please remember that Baba is not just an idol made to fulfill our wishes…He is our father/mother/guru/God beyond all of these. Everyone has to pay for their past life deeds and our Beloved Sai Maa would ensure that we pay them as smoothly as we can and think several times about what is best for us and gives it to us when the time is right.

    If you didn't get something there is surely a good reason for it…you may not know it now but you will definitely understand it later….Baba asks for patience and faith…If we don't have patience how can we pass his test? I have been waiting for something for 7 long years. Daily I pray for it, work hard every possible way to get it, did vrats, pooja and parayan to get Baba's blessings. But at the end of everything all I know is Baba will bless me if its right for me when the time is right. Until then I just have to wait with patience and pay for my karma and have faith on him. Baba please give me strength to pass your test…please be with me

    3rd exp: Hope Baba fulfilled your wish by now and gave you a great job and a good career path

    May Sai bless us all

    Om Sai Ram

  21. I recently posted a prayer asking for Sai's help. Someone commented saying don't worry, read sai baba is still alive. Yesterday I cried a lot because of the darkness that engulfs me at times and decided to read this book. Even before I finished the first chapter, I got a positive indication which I was hoping for six months. What happened was a miracle that only sai is capable of. He delivered on his promise. My work is still not complete. Instead of jumping at the opportunity, I asked sai for guidance and acted with restraint. I pray baba guides me in my life and fulfills my heart's wish and brings happiness into my life. I am still worried that it might all go wrong, and I pray that I have the strength to remain positive. Thank you anonymous devotee who suggested that I read sai baba is still alive. Thank you God for your blessings in my life. Please never let me go astray!

  22. We love u babaji♡ simply madly completely in love with u darling baba…sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai mere sai.

  23. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva Thank You for blessing us with Your grace this lifetime, please bestow this boon for every time. Thank You O Sadguru for the miracles that You performed and continue to perform in our lives.

    Thank You for all the Love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  24. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    First Devotee- Lovely experiences! May Baba ji bless you and your family forever and may He grant your younger son a wonderful permanent job. Om Sai Ram

    Second Devotee- You have first quoted clearly that Sai Ma has helped you and your family immensly, then where isthe question of asking Him Why this time. I understand that you wanted that particular house desperately but remember one thing for always that as humans it is natural to have many desires but it is our Sai Ma who has the knowledge. He knows that which desire is in our favour and which oneis not so he grants us accordingly. Once someone told me" Trust His Judgement." I would like to tell you that you never know may be that house was not favourable for you and Sai Ma saved you from some misery. One day you will surely realize that Sai Ma's plans are the best. Have faith Sai Ma is our protector and Saviour.

    Third Devotee- I pray to Baba ji to bless you with a wonderful job soon. May Baba ji give you a lot of happiness.

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  25. Nice experiences! Venugopal Ji, it was Baba who helped you get to the interview stage and helped you do well there and don't worry, if this is the job selected by Baba for you, nothing will prevent you from getting that job. 2nd devotee, Baba helped you so well with your accountancy paper and will also do the same to help with your house, if Baba didn't give you that house it is because He knows of a better house for you, don't lose faith in Baba (He will be sure to get a very nice home for His child). Devotee from UK, it is so nice that Ganesh Maharaj was there with your elder son for the register marriage (Baba made sure your son wasn't alone and Baba was there to make sure He was there as your son's family) and Baba so nicely helped your son get the medical internship very well when it seemed like it was lost. Om Sai Ram!

  26. Dear Sri Sai friends, Remember Baba's sayings that only s/he whose sins have been forgiven takes to His worship and seeks refuge in Him. Have confidence that He is there listening and also have humility(humbleness) always that He is the Master of creation.

  27. Om namaha Shivaya, om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, dattatreya, baba kinpalkhi, tirupati balaji, jai durga, jai muruga

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