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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesha. Sairam Hetal Ji. Many thanks for working so well on this blog. You deserve the very best in life and I am sure Baba will always be showering His special blessings on you and your family. I would like to share a few of my recent experiences of Baba’s blessings on me, my family and friends.

My husband quit his bad habit

My husband had a bad habit of chewing tobacco and was addicted to it badly. I used to cry a lot because of this and we used to have very frequent fights because of this habit of his. We even had a break up of 6 months during our courtship period. However, later I stopped nagging him about it and with Baba’s grace we got married. I was constantly praying BABA to make my husband quit all his bad habits. By Baba’s inspiration I started giving UDI mixed water to my husband to drink every day.

We offer water to BABA everyday and that same water we drink with UDI after bath every morning. I started writing ‘Om Sri Sai Ram’ 108 times for 108 days also. I read in a devotees experience that one lady made her husband promise before BABA to quit all his bad habits. However her husband broke his promise and met with an accident, and later he realized his mistake of breaking his promise and finally quit all his bad habits. However, I did not want to ask my husband to promise to BABA, but was praying that he should promise to BABA on his own, without me asking him to do so. And with BABA’s grace, one fine day he promised in front of BABA that we will quit chewing tobacco and from that day he stopped that. I am so thankful to BABA! He solved this big issue so easily. BABA is awesome and His grace is infinite. Love You a lot BABA. We just have to have strong
FAITH and PATIENCE. I just pray BABA to make my husband quit smoking entirely soon.

Our Camera Lens Is Fine Even After Falling Down

My husband is into photography and has very expensive and delicate SLR camera and lenses. Once by mistake the lens fell down from my hand. I was so scared that it might not work after that and we would have to buy new one. I just prayed to BABA and the lens was fine. It works well now also, even after the fall. Baba saved us from and financial loss due to the lens. Thanks a lot BABA.

Baba Cured My Health Issue And My Mother’s Constipation Problem

I was suffering from yellow urine problem for a few months and did all kinds of tests. Every test result was fine by BABA’s grace. So I just relied on UDI mixed water and with due time and because of my BABA that problem went away on its own. BABA’s UDI is the best medicine for everything. My Mother’s constipation problem also vanished by taking BABA’s UDI mixed with water regularly. I keep suggesting my friends to take BABA’s UDI mixed with water for any health issue. It does wonders for our good health. Love You a lot BABA.

Baba’s Miracle In A Difficult Pregnancy Case

Recently we heard about a beautiful miracle of BABA in helping with a lady’s delivery problem. She had a complicated delivery. Doctors were much tensed and it was a high risk case. The Doctors asked the family members of the lady to pray to their beloved deity and everyone in the family prayed to our dearest and beloved SAI BABA. They are very devoted to BABA. And BABA did not let them down. With BABA’s grace, it was a miraculously safe delivery. The lady delivered a healthy baby boy and she is fine too. BABA is always there to help His children and will never leave our hand anytime. We thank You BABA for everything You have been doing for us.

My Salary Hike Was Good Because Of Baba

I was not expecting a good salary hike this time. However, BABA made sure that I get a good hike and I got more than the in-hand pay I expected. And so, I am really grateful to BABA and distributed biscuits to poor small children from the first salary. I owe You all my happiness BABA. Many thanks for everything.

Baba Blessed Us On Our First Wedding Anniversary

Recently we completed one year of our marriage and I was praying BABA to bless us on our marriage anniversary day, by keeping His hand on our head. It so happened that, in the morning of our wedding anniversary, we went out for tea and there was an old lady. We offered her some money and she was very happy and blessed us by keeping her hand on our head. I was so thrilled with this and realized that BABA Himself fulfilled my desire and blessed us on our First wedding anniversary. Thanks a lot BABA. Also by BABA’s grace, I am seeing a lot of changes in my Husband. He is all the more caring, loving, affectionate and expressive and our fights have almost disappeared. All this is because of BABA; He is blessing us with a beautiful married life. BABA, please be with us and everyone always and please shower Your Love and Blessings on all always. May people have happy and fulfilling relationships.

Nice Experience On Our 9 Thursday Vrat Udyaapan

I and my husband were observing the 9 Thursday Vrat of BABA and on the day of Udyaapan we had to go to the temple to have Darshan of BABA and distribute the Vrat books. Somehow it started to rain heavily in the evening and the temple we had planned to go to was quite far. I was feeling upset in case we may not be able to go. Somehow, we got to know about another temple of BABA that was nearby. So, as soon as the rains stopped, we started. I bought some packets of biscuits and chocolates. We had nice Darshan of BABA on reaching the temple. Since my husband is not a strong Devotee of BABA and feels awkward talking to new people, I was praying to BABA to help us to distribute the books smoothly. And by BABA’s grace, people happily came forward on their own and started asking for the ‘Vrat books’. My husband was pleased to see this and I was so happy to see BABA working out the Vrat book distribution in such a beautiful way. We happily distributed the Vrat books and chocolates and came back home. All this while it had stopped raining. And to our amazement, as soon as we reached home and entered inside, it started raining very heavily! Such is the grace of BABA! He cannot see His Devotees in any problem. He made sure we were not drenched in the rain. Love You BABA and many thanks to You for everything.

Baba Saved Our Friend From A Bad Accident

Recently I and my husband were going on our bike to a certain place and our friend was on his bike a little ahead of us. After taking a U-turn, we were a little behind our friend, when to our horror a car came and swept past our friend’s bike. It touched our friend’s bike, and as a result the bike was shaken. But by BABA’s grace he did not fall from the bike and was able to come to the side of the road safely. It could have been very bad if he had fallen on the middle of the road, since the car was on high speed and it was a very busy highway. Somehow BABA only reduced the impact of the dash and saved our friend. Also nothing major happened to the car, it just got a dent. Also after all this the car guy was demanding for compensation and was badly fighting. I was just silently praying to BABA to solve everything peacefully. Finally the car guy went away silently. BABA saved us from any police hassles also. Thanks a lot BABA. Please be with our friend always. He has already had a bad accident in the past, so please keep him protected always. Keep us all under Your protective wings always. We love You a lot.

Love You a lot Gurudeva for all Your kind grace and blessings. Please help us all to do good deeds so as to be able to deserve Your grace. Make us all good human beings. We can all try to do small acts of kindness by helping people in our day to day life and by feeding poor people, children and animals. Baba would be pleased and this will also wipe away all past bad karma. May Baba’s blessing reach all of us and may we all remain at His LOTUS feet always and live happily in peace and joy with good health, wealth and prosperity. Amen!


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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Baba your miracles are really great.but I'm really amazed today as how you read my mind and answered most of my queries through your blog.u are awesome Baba. I'm simply amazed by the way you are going on strengthening my faith on you day by you life is blessed that you've chosen me as your child.Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  3. Very nice experiences. Am sure that Baba is hearing your prayers for you and everyone around you 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for the miracles that You bring about in our lives, we might not know it then but we realize it was You who was responsible later on. Thank You O Sadguru for blessing us, Your children, with Family & Friends who take care of us and bring us joy.

    Thank You for the Miracle and all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Hey Deva…You have given me the job. I have joined just before 20 days. But now my job is under serious threat. Please save my job. Only miracle can save it for me. Hey Baba do miracle for me.

    Om Sainathaya Namah.


  6. Very nice experiences….very well narrated…..thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

  7. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samsrtha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Please excuse me Baba.
    I am stupid Baba.

  8. 🙂 om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairaam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  9. Fantastic experiences – I am so happy that baba has blessed you with so much happiness and his constant presence in your life. Reading your experience I somehow felt that you are the same devotee who had posted how baba helped you to get your love back and got you married even after 7 months of breakup…are you the same one? I guess Priyamabada from bangalore? If yes its amazing to hear from you again and even if not may baba continue to bless you.
    Om sai ram!

    • Om Sai Ram.

      You are right Dear Sai devotee, Am the same one ! Am so glad you remember me. Thanks 🙂 My best wishes to you and this whole SAI Family here. May BABA bless us all always. Baba has been very very kind and i just LOVE him all the more with each passing day. Life is beautiful , just because of this kind FATHER we all have in our lives 🙂 He is the best. BABA is a boon to us . A big warm and tight hus to our Dearest BABA. We all love him so much and am sure BABA is looking upon us always and smiling on seeing his children love him with all their heart. I take this opportunity to thank BABA wholeheartedly for everything he has been bestowing upon us. BABA, please do keep loving us always like this. We owe you everything.

      We surrender at your Lotus feet Deva.

      OM SAI RAM.

    • Thanks sister for your best wishes they really mean a lot to me and I badly need these wishes…I so wish that baba also blesses me as he blessed you to be with your love and get married with grace and dignity am in a similar situation for years together now it has been so confusing that sometimes i feel yes baba will answer my prayer and everything will be fine and the very next moment things seem far and distant and get back to the same old rut. But anyways I am really really happy for you and want to believe that one day baba will also answer my prayers and give me also a chance to share my happy story here. I just request you to pray for me also since you being a girl too might understand my pain of how it feels to be in this uncertain and horrible situation. And yes you are right baba is very loving and lets all try to spend our lives just loving him. Thanks once again sister for your response it makes me feel good to hear from you even though I havent seen you or know you. May baba shower his choicest blessings on you and your husband and your love for each other grow with each passing day.
      Om Sai Ram!

  10. OM SAI RAM

    All the experiences posted are nice!! It increases faith towards our BABA 🙂

    Love u deva 🙂


  11. It is a request to all the devotees please help me to get UDI from can i get in my information the UDI can be bought online from shirdi only but i dont know how to go about it.
    If any kind devoteehas this information please let us know.
    There is urgent need for it as i just know one medicine for all problems.
    And SAI MAA now it is your responsibilty to get me UDI.
    LOVE U SO MUCH…….AND missing your UDI.
    Baba' blessing to all



  13. baba
    I don't know what to do with my son. he has no confidence and it is visible in his behavior. please show me a way. sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai

  14. Very nice experiences! Baba has helped you (and also your friend in the last experience) in so many ways, and goes to show that Sai Baba is always with us in daily lives and helps us in even small ways, and many times we forget those small things He does for us. Om Sai Ram!

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