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Greatness Of Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I have a 4 years old son. He has some problems in his urine bladder for quite some years. Initially his problem was not noted by me because he was too small. But later when he started going to school, he had frequent urination and teachers started complaining that he use to go to rest room once in 5 minutes. Then I took him to my family doctor. He asked us to take some urine test. The results were normal. But since my son said that he had some pain in the abdomen, the doctor prescribed some antibiotics. After completing the course also, he wasn’t good. Still he had the problem. And hence he asked to take my son to pediatric urologist.

That was a Monday, we went to the hospital. The doctor examined him and asked to take some tests. In the Ultra Sound scan the doctor said that there is some problem with his urethras; there were slightly swollen and the bladder holds some residual urine even after his urination. Apart from that, the other culture reports were normal. So she asked us to come on Wednesday to take another test called MUV. She even said that he might have a surgery, when we asked.

I was scared. And I sincerely prayed Sai Baba to bless him and recover him. I even saw live Darshan from computers. I never knew that there is an option of watching live Darshan. I prayed Baba that even if I can’t come to Samadhi Mandir. I truly pray for my kid from my place to cure him. But to my surprise I was searching Sai Baba glories in Google and I saw a link written, live video Darshan from Samadhi Mandir. I went into the link and my joy knew no bounds, when I saw my loving Baba. I was so happy that my Sai Baba is there for me always. And I prayed that when we go on Wednesday they must give him only medicines and they must not speak about surgery.

On Wednesday we went to the hospital. First of all doctor said that the test will be pain full and the kid should not move much, he must be still, till the test is over. My Sai Baba was with my son throughout the test, because the doctor told me that none of such small kids allowed to do this test smoothly due to the severe pain. But my son was so co-operative, he only cried out of pain, but by Baba’s total grace he didn’t move at all. And hence the test was over the very first time itself. Praise and thanks to Sai Baba.

In the same way as the test reports came, the doctor said there is no problem with the kidneys and she gave us some medicines and asked to take it for about a month. So there is no surgery. After hearing that, I was so happy that my Saima heard my crying and prayers. I have no words to thank my Sai Baba. I truly believe that my Sai Baba will completely cure him. Prayers to Sri Sai Baba.

My Gifted Miracle From Baba

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: I’ve heard about Baba Ji, but I never prayed to Him till this year. I am above 25 years old without a job and over qualified to most of the positions that I applied. No doubt Shri Sai Satcharitra is a powerful book blessed by Baba to all of His children. I had the blessing to read it. When the first time, I read it I had no request to asked Baba. Instead I just read each chapter a day. The following day after the reading, I had a very beautiful dream. I saw a very big full moon just like during guru purnima. It was a blessing to me, but I don’t know the meaning of it.

I started to pray to Baba with more devotion. My process on getting a job is so difficult and tough. After couple of weeks, I started to read Life History of Baba to get closer to Him. My heart felt like reading Shri Sai Satcharitra again, but this time to request Baba to help me to get a job, which will be a career to me in my future. I did Saptah Parayan for the first time and after the reading I had a dream whereby I saw Baba in a photo. My dream was short but the joy of seeing my Baba was the greatest happiness.

Unfortunately, I still did not receive any call for an interview. This has been going on for about 1 month. I’ve applied to more than 60 jobs, but I never receive a single call for an interview. I started asking Baba why there is no answer yet. The only hint that Baba gave me was Shraddha & Saburi. I understood it and I knew Baba didn’t want me to lose hope and faith. There was no a day left without prayers with tears.

The following week my heart again felt to continue to do Saptah Parayan and this time I did not consume anything with sugar and I gave up eating rice for a week. With the same request to Baba- to get a career, but my heart asked Baba to get me an interview because I don’t want to feel left out without interview experience. The last day of my Parayan even before I finish reading the last chapter for that day, I received a call from a company for an interview. I was extremely happy and couldn’t thank Baba enough. He heard my prayers. I told my Baba whether I get the job or not will not be the matter because You know which job to bless me. The point is you got me an interview that is the most important thing to me.

I went to the interview on Monday and I told Baba You must be with me because I only trust You and that’s all that I know. It was a very tough interview, but I manage to get through it only because of my Baba. This job requires a person to work day and night whereby you got no any personal life, its all about work. I told Baba that I felt this job will put me away from praying to you because I will never have time to pray to Baba. Whatever it is, Baba it’s Your decision. Shraddha & Saburi are the only essence that keeps me going. I still strongly trust my Baba will help me out on getting a job. These small things make me to trust Baba more. Devotees of Baba never give up faith & hope because miracles will surely happen in His own time. Just be patience.

Me And My Dear Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji Namaste. I am new to this site. And it’s definitely My Dearest Baba, who had brought me here when I was in bad situation. I am a medico and working as an intern in a medical college. Now I am going to share my experiences with Baba Ji. I don’t know when I came to know about Baba. At that time, I was unaware of Him. It was BABA, who helped me to get a seat in medical college. I was a merit student, but when I was in 11th and 12th I completely neglected my studies. It took another two more years for me to get a medical college seat.

In MBBS, I was in love with one guy, but he never loved me. I used to pray BABA Ji to make it happen. But Baba ever did it. I was in deep sorrow that even I wanted to end my life. But because of my mother and brother I slowly came close to BABA. I started to read SAI BABA BOOKS. But I never knew that there was a book like SAI SACHARITHRA. I became a great devotee of Him as if He is my soul mate.

Two months after this I thought to visit Shirdi and asked to book tickets for Shirdi. As it was Dussera time, we did not get the tickets. And I cried like a hell why BABA has no mercy on me. Then one of my friends (their entire family members are Sai devotees) called me and said I have a surprise for you. It was on DIWALI. I went their home. She came with a chart containing a big Baba’s photo and below that was written.

Pradhamam Sainathascha , Dwitheeyam Dwarakamayine, Thrutheeyam Theertharaajascha, Chathurtham Bhaktha Vathsaley, Panchamam Paramathmaya , Sastancha Shirideevasiney, Sapthamam Sadguru Nathaya, Astamam Anathanathaney. Navamam Niradambaraya, Dasamam Dathavathariey

She also gave me a book of SAI SACHARITHRA. I almost cried and overjoyed as she had even given me the prasadam and UDI packet. I thought even though I could not go to SHIRDI BABA Ji Himself came to all the way from SHIRDI. Later my sorrows got decreased and I started neglecting BABA. But He never left me. My mother started to search a groom for me and my first match was a handsome guy and he is a doctor in USA. After watching me and my family, they did not say anything, but I liked him. I mean while my mother started to search another one, but I am not ready. So I contacted the USA guy without my parents knowledge and he told that he likes me too. We both used to talk and our family members came to know all these things and decided to marry us.

But their family needs more dowry, which we cannot afford and even that guy is not talking to me and left me. Now am in great pain, but I cannot ask BABA why it happened? I know if we trust Baba whatever happens it’s for our sake. But it’s human tendency. I cannot take it easily. Baba please I beg You never let my Shraddha and Saburi get lost. Be with me Baba. Please I need You in my life. Even I started Sai Nav Vrat about that guy, but this is my seventh week and yesterday itself I came to know that they cancelled our match. Baba please I cannot bare this pain Baba. Don’t leave me.

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  1. To the third devotee: Please don't lose your faith & hope. We don't know about baba's plan. May be that guy is not suitable for you or the family is not correct for you . Only looks can not tell about the person's character. I know so many suffering in abroad after marriage. May be baba trying to save you. He will definitely bring you the correct person. …………..OM SAI RAM………..

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Sai Ram to all,

    Thank you fellow devotees for sharing your experiences…….may Baba keep blessing you all always.

    Devotee 1 – Please don't forget to give Baba's Udi to your son, it's magical and I am sure you already know how potent it is.

    Reads about Udi's miracles here, if possible:


    Devotee 2 – I am really impressed with your Faith and Patience and I believe you are on the right track; I don't know about your professional background, but the following might help:

    Just get onto linkedin and start searching through profiles with your educational background, see what sort organizations these people are working in; internet is such a powerful tool these days – for all you know, you might bump into someone's profile whom you can approach, may be, through some you know. Sometimes the person you contact may not have the opportunities but he/ she might know where you might get something or at least where to look. Sometime small companies do not spend on advertising for jobs because of budget constraints and employ people through network only; also one last thing to remember is you should just make a start somewhere to gain experience rather than keep waiting for your ideal job which ticks all the boxes; the advantage being you get to interact with people, companies where you can get further help from and at the same time your mind is free from negative thoughts that you haven't got a job yet.

    Keep faith, Baba will definitely bless!!

    Devotee 3: Leave it to Baba, He will choose what is best for you. Also think about the fact Doctors in US make enough money, then why this chap is not able to convince his parents against dowry; bit of gifts etc. as part traditions may be OK which a girl parents willingly do on their own……..but we should all move away from anything that is forced; also think that here is someone you are praying Baba for, who places other things higher in importance than you……..I really don't want to put any negative thoughts in your mind, but when you like someone you become so focused that you don't see the other aspects as well, shift your focus to Baba's feet rather………….Baba will do only whichever is good for you…..don't ask Him to do the you want it to be like, which is usually the cause of all the grief we get, He surely knows better………..may be the boy will realize your worth or may be you will get someone even better……..and once things get better, you will realize that you wasted lot of time, energy and emotions unnecessarily ….make use of this time rather especially when you know that you are being looked after by Baba (which is a fact, otherwise you would not have even heard about Him)….Leave it to Baba, He will bless.

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  4. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai sai sai Sai Sai
    Sai sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai sai sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  5. Dear Sai devotee of this 4 year old son, please do let us know if the treatment worked for him. We pray for his recovery and playful days for him ever! Sorry to hear that he had to go through so much pain in such a young age!
    Praying for all to be blessed by BABA.

  6. Jai Sai RAM,
    I really wonder this DOWERY system still affects girls to get married! Even this so called educated people talking about DOWERY , is not it a shameful situation? Hoping people would move forward in right direction to live and let live happy life!
    May BABA bless all with wisdom.
    Jai SAI RAM.

    • Yes Meera Auntie, Om SAI RAM.

      People still asking for dowry & People from us only forcing girl's parents to arrange big weddings to inflate their EGO.

      Love to all, Please Baba Change all of us.

    • Dear Anonymous Sai Devotee, I really have faith in arranged marriages where parents make sure that both families are having similar values in LIFE. So in case of hard times, families supports the newly weds. But I wonder if the relationship is tied on the chord of Dowery, where is the respect of a fellow human being? Why parents of SONs do not give a thought that for their daughters, they would have to go through same Dowery issues. And with understanding values of other human beings' dignity, if we start the new tradition of not allowing marriages settled on Dowery, the society would be much happier, don't you think so!
      Love and respect to all. Jai SAI RAM.

  7. baba be with me baba please bless my daughter – in law and twins to be born take care her baba please bless my family saimaa

  8. omm sai ram baba.please fulfill my wish and bless me n my husbnad a blissfull happy married life.it was ur wish that i got married baba ,separted from my husband for one yaer and agin after one it was u who sent me to my husbnads home.u very well know why we r no t getting colse like a husband n wife and still ur silent why baba.doesn't i have the right to lead a happy married life with my husband.i am married but u can say m unmarried.wht kind of pain ur giving me baba.i have full trust on u.i know u will make everything alright in my life but kab woh din aayega baba,i in the age of 34 going to 35.aur kitma zindegi baki hai aap bolo.muhhe kya love karne ya love pane ki hakk nehi kya baba.agur meri zindegi main yeh sab nehi hai to muje zike kya phayeda aap bolo.its better to die.m alil feeling good as m in my parents home till monday.again i hav eto go to my husband's home wher my sasu maa is also there she is god to me but she never leave us aolne sothat we both can spent time togather then only our closeness will develope .yeh sab aap ko pata hai baba but app chup chap baith ke sab dekh rahe ho.plz monday tak kuch chamtakar karo baba mere ghar jane se pehele.plz make my husbnad a responsible person for me atlest he shud understand the meaning of marraige baba.aap hee yeh kar sakte ho.kuch unke dimag main karo baba.plzzzzzzzzzz.om sai ram,

  9. to the third devotee…u r such a sweet and beloved of baba.u dont know how lucky u r that baba came to u by himself.he knows whats best for his lovely daughter just believe in him and wait.what he will choose that will be the best and u will be thankful to him.om sai naathaye namah.may baba give u peace,patience and happiness.

  10. 1st experience bought tears in my eyes since I am also facing the same situation. My Dad is sick and went to hospital just now for an X-ray. We are waiting for the reports. Baba, please let the reports be normal. Devotees, please pray for my Dad. Baba, please bless my Dad with good health. Om Sai Ram

  11. Nice experiences and prayers. To the medico, I am sure Baba knows what is best for you and for sure not a person who prefers more dowry over you.

    O Deva, forgive us our mistakes and help us walk the right path. Bless us O Sadguru we are sinners and we surrender to Your Lotus Feet.

    Thank You for all the Love O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. Nice experiences! 3rd devotee, don't lose faith, if this is the guy for you, Baba will help you definetely and if more money is needed for dowry, Baba will provide it, but if he is not the guy for you, Baba will help you avoid some bad things later. First devotee, although your son had to go through a lot of pain and difficulties with his health problems, Baba was there with him and made sure everything went well and cured him without the need for surgery (that is the power of Udi when combined with Faith). 2nd devotee, Baba must have selected that job for you, although it will be difficult, don't worry, Baba wouldn't have chosen that job for you if He didn't think you would succeed well. Just think of Baba all the time while you are working and that is like praying to Baba (that is one of the best ways of prayer, as stated in the Gita by Lord Krishna). Don't worry, Baba will help you later to make sure that you also get some personal and free time with either this job or will help you get another job with more work/life balance later on, just have faith and trust in Baba's plan for you. Om Sai Ram!

  13. Zindagi Bhut Kuch Sikhati Hai, Thoda Hasati Thoda Rulati Hai, SAI Se Jyada Kisi Pe Atbar Mat Karna, Kyunki Andhere Mein Toh Apni Parchai Bhi Saath Chod Jathi Hai.

  14. | ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः ||
    || ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः ||
    || ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः

  15. BABA please help the third devotees .rest two experience are really good. BABA i am sorry for today,because i could not concentrate on YOU. BABA please help me for my result. Tomorrow i want the whole day with YOU BABA. OM SAI RAM. love YOU BABA

  16. For the 3rd experience I request the girl who is doing sai vrat for the person whom she likes…but please have faith in SAI, if you don't get the person whom you like…SAI knows who is the best person for you!!! Om Sai Ram



  18. Nice experiences, 3rd devotee, please don't loose hope. Baba will not leave his devotees in the middle, I am speaking it out of my own experience…Om Sai Ram

  19. Very nice experiences…

    The stotram listed in the third experience (prathamam sainathaya………..ends with another senence in my book ……Yathani Dasa namani Thrisandhe Pattennithyam…Sarva Kashta Vinurmuktho Sainatha Gurukrupa)

    This is Sri Sainath Kashta Nivarana Stotram. Start this on a Thursday and recite it 3 times (can be continuous) for 11 days and all your problems will vanish. I have done it and seen its wonders, ever since I try to read it every day …Thanks to the third devotee for listing it…hopefully you found a wonderful match by now and please remember, whatever happens, happens for best and Baba knows what is better for us than ourselves

    May Baba bless us all

    Om Sai Ram

  20. Om Sai Jai Sai. 1st devotee may saiji bless your son with sound health. Even my daughter is also on medication for hypertension at the age of 13 . Doctor said that she has scar on her Kidney and prescribe medicine for six months, after six months review they are going to decide further treatment but I have faith that our beloved Saiji is always with her to take care and after six months the doctor will discontinue this medicine as well. Deva thank you very much for everything. saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day. My gratitute to you Baba as you are openning a very new path for Kingsley 🙂

  21. Wonderful experiences. Thanks for sharing. Dear 3rd devotee, continue to have firm faith on Baba he will do the best for you. Om SaiRam.

  22. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba shower on them your choicest blessings of a healthy long life, full of happiness, laughter, joy, knowledge, wisdom, peace and prosperity. Baba I see my husband super stressed about his work. Please help me understand him and bear his comments and criticisms. Baba please take care of him and do make him take care of his health. Please allow him to start half hour exercise everyday as decided by you. Baba please take care of my kids. They stay alone and I am worried. Baba please help us Baba its a very challenging time. We plan to travel to help our kids settle down. Please do take care of our journey all through and help our kids settle down in a good decent place Baba. Baba I surrender to you. Please help me lose weight and look decent Baba, help me exercise and cope with both office and home tasks and give the best output. I count on you dear Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

  23. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children.Happy diwali Baba. Please shower your choicest blessings and light on my dear husband and children. Bless them with a long life, filled with good health, happiness, joy, laughter, wisdom, knowledge, courage, brightness, peace and prosperity. Baba thank you for helping me get some people which I presume are your grace and now on work will pick up. Please help my hubby Baba he is working very hard at this age. Please give him strength and support and take care of his health. Baba please help him baba get rid of scratches and any bodily diseases. Baba lower his cholesterol and keep him healthy always. Please take care of my kids and protect them always. Please do support the right Baba and when you are with us, I dont have to fear. I surrender to you. Help me look decent and spread positivity. I count on you for the future Baba. Please hold our hands and be our parent, mentor, guide and Guru. Thank you Baba and Happy Diwali. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Please do come home Baba. Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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