Happy Thursday. Few more experiences are shared.

My Experience With Shirdi

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I and my family are staunch devotees of Baba and experience His blessings all the time. My life is nothing without Him. Whatever I am today is only because of Him. I was trying to post my experience for a long time, but somehow due to negligence on my part it got delayed for so long. I shared my first experience with you 6 months back, please find my experience here: Baba’s way of finding his devotees .

I was suffering from Insomnia for some time. That was the time, when I heard about Him, but never actually believed in Him. But such were the turn of events that I slowly started believing in Him and He changed the entire course of my life and me as a person drastically. I am completely cured of Insomnia and sleep like a baby now. Touchwood!! I completely bank on Him for even the minutest decision of my life. I shall brief you my about my Shirdi visit now.

My first visit to Shirdi was on October 1st 2012 as I specifically asked Him to call me on my birthday and that was on 2nd October 2012. We were about to miss the flight to Aurangabad, but due to His blessings, we not only boarded the plane, but the entire trip went so well that we still cherish it. The day I reached Shirdi (i.e. on 1st October evening), I was desperately praying to Baba to give me some birthday gift. We attended the evening Aarti. It was absolutely blissful. We had a three hours sleep and again went for Kakad Aarti. The whole day went very well in Shirdi. We visited all the places, but inside my heart I was feeling low as I was hoping to get some birthday gift from Him. The day was coming to end and I again prayed to Him. The next day, He fulfilled my wish in a strange way. When we were taking His permission to leave at Dwarakamai, a saint came to me and gave me a small sticker with Baba’s original picture on it and asked me to stick it on my cell phone and that it shall make my life better. That was the moment I couldn’t control my tears and thanked Him for all His love and blessings.

My second visit to Shirdi was on 20th July 2013. This time again, it was planned wonderfully by Baba. We again could catch the flight at the last moment. He called us just a day before Gurupoornima. We had a quick and peaceful Darshan on 20th evening. Again we attended Shej Aarti to take Baba’s permission to leave as we knew that next day we will have to leave quickly and we won’t be able to see Baba the next day. Next day morning after waking up, we visited Dwarakamai and Chavadi. Shirdi was looking very beautiful as it was Gurupoornima. We actually were planning to leave last night, but baba didn’t allow us to leave as He wanted us to be there on Gurupoornima. Every time I visit Shirdi, I am mesmerized and feel even more closer to Him.

I just pray to Baba to be with us always. Even during trying times we feel that He is there with us so I just pray to Him keep His blessings on me and my family always. Though there are hard times in life but it is my request to all devotees to never loose hope and faith on Him. Om Sai ram. May Baba bless you all!!

Grace Of Baba And UDI Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to be anonymous and please don’t share my email ID. I must say that you are a blessed soul and I really appreciate the noble service that you are providing to Sai Baba’s devotees. I try and read your website every day. Devotee’s experiences help me in strengthening my faith in Baba and provide mental peace and strength. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

I received Baba’s Idol and
Sai Satcharitra book as a marriage gift. I am very grateful to that friend and Baba. I consider myself very lucky as Baba chose me as one of His devotees. Since then I started reading Baba’s book and my faith got stronger day by day. By Baba’s Grace I’ve experienced many miracles. I would like to share few among them.

Passing driving test in this country is very difficult. Even though I’m not a great driver, I passed the test in first attempt. It was Baba, who made sure that I didn’t do any mistakes on that day.

Baba helped me during deliveries of both my kids. Both times, I applied UDI and kept chanting Baba’s name. Even though I had few complications, by Baba’s grace I had normal deliveries and babies were fine. Thank You so much Baba!

Few months ago, my husband had gone to a different country on a conference for a week. We haven’t got any family here. Both kids fell ill during that time. My daughter looked so unwell. I thought I might have to take her to hospital at the middle of the night all by myself. I gave them both medications, applied UDI and kept chanting Baba’s name. Both kids slept well after that and I didn’t had to visit hospital at night. Thank You so much Baba for showing mercy all the time. Thank You for everything.

Please help me and every Sai devotee in following the path that You have shown. Please forgive us for any mistakes that we’ve done unknowingly. Please give us the strength to face this life and bless everyone. Anantkoti Brahmandanayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaja ki Jai!!

Experiences Of Sai Miracle

Sai brother Vijay Ji from India says: OM Sai Ram, This is Vijaya Kumar from Chennai. This is my third experience of SAI Leela that I am sharing. OM SAI RAM. First I would like to thank Hetal Ji & family for providing such a wonderful platform, where SAI BABA devotees can share their experiences. SAI DEVA bless all devotees and my family. Many Leelas and miracles are felt on daily basis. This miracle happened yesterday (28th July 2013), when SAI BABA saved us from an accident that could have been fetal.

I and my wife along with our 2 daughters (6 years and 2.5 years) live in an apartment in Chennai on the 6th floor. It was around 5.00pm in the evening. I and my wife were relaxing watching TV. My elder daughter went down to play with her friends and the little one stayed back playing indoor. All of a sudden we could hear some loud sound of glass braking in one of the bed rooms. We both rushed to see what had happened.

My wife was calling SAI loudly for help as we ran towards the room. The little one accidentally pushed one of the frost glass sheet (2.5 feet by 1.5 feet in size, rectangle in shape) that was used to cover the unused window AC slot. This glass slipped off the position and was almost going to fall down. The rectangle glass sheet was held at one edge (one edge, 2 inches only) by copper pipe of split AC. I could not believe my eyes to see how the glass was blocked by SAI GURU, which had 99.99% chance to fall down from 6th floor. Only 0.01% was the chance to stop this accident and BABA came to our rescue and did not allow it to fall down. It was evening time on Sunday and all kids were out playing anything could have happened. I and my wife thank SAI from bottom of our heart. Bow to Shri Sai, peace be to all.

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  1. Beautiful miracles of sainath,reading the experiences first thing in the morning gives me so much bliss and strength of mind,may Baba shower his blessings on each and every devotee.Happy Thursday.Om Shri Sai Nathaye Namah.

  2. These experiences are so wonderful that it brought tears to my eyes. BABA JUST FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.Seems like it is impossible to leave with out you. MY LOVING SAI please help me for my result which is going to be published in few days. BABA strengthen my faith,my mother's faith and my soma's faith. LOVE YOU SAI BABA.OM SAI RAM ..

  3. wonderful experiences.
    Baba pls. help my husband perform well in the new job which is purely given by you. Today he has a very important meeting.

  4. baba
    please make him tell me he loves me baba , he talks with me daily , if
    this is not love then what it is , why he does not tell me baba ? please
    make him realize he love me please baba please….his ego should not
    come between us baba.

  5. my mom is suffering from urine infection please baba cure her …. i cant see her suffer please cure her without any operations

  6. baba… please help my daddy at this situation… he needs 3 lacs immediately deva.. please baba help our family to get rid of our sorrows.. help him deva… i need a job immediately.. otherwise

  7. All are very nice experiences. May Sai bless you all. Thanks for sharing it.

    Baba ji today is my daughter's b'day. Please bless her always and help her in studies. Love you baba.

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Family,

    Please read the book 'Sai BABA is still alive' by 'Jaya Wahi'. It will boost your faith and show you numerous ways to do good deeds. You can buy the book online from Flipkart or any other online store. Here is the link. And the book gets delivered in a days time.


    Please read this from a post on FB by Mrs JAYA WAHI :

    Sai Baba Is Still Alive
    Liked · September 19

    Baba Sai has taught, "Give, give, give & receive manifold in return. Wealth used for personal enjoyment is wealth wasted. Whereas wealth shared is wealth created."

    Remember… If you or anyone in your family is suffering due to a physical or mental disease, if you are in trouble at your work place, if you are unable to pay back loans, if you are in a broken or painful relationship, if there is any problem however big… There is ONE sure-shot solution given by our Baba Sai… 'CHARITY & SHARING OF WHAT WE HAVE'. So, give in abundance, give with faith & love & get back a million fold of that abundance.

    My Day 2 of charity completed beautifully with my Darling Baba's grace… Made Thandai… an almond, pistachio, cardamom flavored chilled milk concoction, along with biscuits & then went out with my lovely Maa & my lil maid girls & we made every possible person working hard on the warm streets & sweating it out, sip into Baba's Prasadam. In Bliss Supreme. Hope your Day 2 of Charity is going good too Sai Family.
    May BABA bless us all always.

    Love you BABA and many thanks you for everything. May you keep blessing us all always with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, joyous relationships and happiness.


  9. I love reading these experiences. I'm struggling so much, I am even a little suicidal. In the beginning I kept thinking baba will save me and make sure I'm ok, but in between I got angry and asked why he forsake me. But after finding this and reading all the experiences everyday, I feel better. Since yesterday whenever I felt upset I started saying "he will take care of me, baba will take care of me." And I feel better. Thank you so much to everyone who contributes to this blog and the admin of this blog.

  10. om sai ram baba.today i completed my 21 thursday vrat which i had started for my husband n myself to lead a happy marriedlife which has not yet fulfilled baba.nothing to worry.i have completed my vrat with shradha n saburi on u.and i know definitely u will bless both of us very soon.thank u that today u wore that red dress which i gave at mandir and i know it was ur wish to wear red colour dress on my udyapan day to bless me a blissful married life with my husbnad and red colour is indication of suhag.thank u baba.aise hee chote chote chheez main mein khus raheni koshis karti hun baba.i have decided to start once again 9thursday vrat today.hope u will bless me for that and allow me also.bless my both the family baba.om sai ram

  11. Baba today is my 8th Navgurubar vrat. Now i'm 33 yrs still not married. Baba u know my sufferings .Since 17yrs i suffered a lot baba. Now i hv no patience. I can't tolarate my parents sad face and my mother's tears. My younger brother's marriage also not fixed. I hv not a permanent Job. I love someone but u know baba he is younger than me and different from my caste. How i survive alone Baba. After my parents there is no one for me. Only u baba Who help me out .Please Baba solve my all problems.I reuest all my sai deovotees please pray for me to our Baba. Please ..
    Jai Sai Ram

  12. Baba thank you for my husband's job which he has only because of your blessings. Pls bless us with children baba. Waiting since long…

  13. Om Sai Ram..Dear sai devotees, its really nice to read all these experiences as it acts as a medicine for me.Ive been a sai follower ever since my childhood when my mother gave me sai baba's photo when i was 3 and was scared of an imaginary ghost (the way kids are). Im 29 and i still have that photo with me and i always carry it with me.I read sai sacharitra daily without fail and have observed & experienced that baba always miraculously answers through this book and till now have never happened that what he said in the book or answered ever went wrong.5 times he saved me from death, when ever i loose anything i get it back by the grace of baba. Thing stolen were returned back to me as told by baba.There have been uncountable experiences in my life n infact every moment i feel he's there with me but recently my world has been turned upside down and would request all the sai followers to remeber me in their prayers and ask baba to do justice.
    Ive been with a guy and we were planning to get married by the end of this year. Even before i met him when ever i used to ask baba whom will i marry baba always told a profession which happens to be his too. When we started dating I had asked baba and he gave me his blessings through the book.But 2 months back this guy backed out and told me he's marrying someone else this dec 15.For him I changed my job location,left my family and relocated,I had never been to his place and dint even know the exact location where he stayed, but when i relocated he broke me this news and i was dead from inside.When i asked baba he said ill always be close to him, get a place near him and will get him after a lot of tough time. I dont know what is going to happen but when we met after a long time, we both were shocked to know that my building was opposite his building..I have never been in a relationship before and am still staunch to him, im still praying to baba to show the mirracle as he promised. When this whole thing happened i was so devastated that i went to shirdi and the entire way to shirdi and till the time i returned from there i couldnt stop crying. When i went to the samadhi mandir all I asked baba is that if i get a red rose from his samadhi i will know that I will marry this guy, but when i reached baba i was pushed out of the lane and by no time i was out of the mandir.I was crying like a baby when a part of me said that baba will answer and i went in from the exit door when people were screaming at me go back as its not allowed to come back, when i was begging them to give me flower from samadhi and then a miracle happened, when one of the pandits got down the samadhi holding a red rose huge mala (18.5 kg) that covers the entire samadhi,and came straight to me parting the crowd saying that "ye samadhi ki mala hai madam, har kisis ko bab ye nahi dete, ise ghar le jao baba sab manokamna poori karenge, har kisi ko ye nahi milti saath le jao, baba tumhare saath hain" and looked into my eyes and gave a sarcastic smile to me and said "Chahiye hai?" and i ran and grabbed it and said yes i want it.at that moment i felt as if i had got the whole world, and just then my man calls me up worrying about me.
    But still the things havent changed except for my man. hes changed but my baba stilll gives me the same answer that i will get this guy and when i ask baba to give me hints, he always hints me towards the experiences and the moments that ive spent with this man. So please sai followers pray for me as my life, future and my family's name is at stake..In know one thing that if i dont get this man i not only loose him, my familys reputation but also the most precisios thing in my life that is my faith in my baba…so please baba dont take away my faith.

    • I just felt sad when you said your faith on SAI will be lost if you loose that person. Faith on GOD should not be changed because of any worldly matters. If your desires are fulfilled then only you believe in GOD? then it is not true love and Faith for SAI. Since he fulfills your desires, you praying? Come out of that. Be what you were earlier. At certain age falling in love and thinking that the whole purpose of your life is that, is common. Now you are trying to forcefully convince him to marry you. What will be the situation if he leaves you after marriage? So my advice is calm down. Let things happen as they are. You just be accept-er of what is happening and think that is what is best for you and SAI always blesses you with best things in life.
      Sorry if I hurt your feelings. But what i am saying is when you are in love you go blind folded, I want you to come out of it and think peacefully and take right decision.

    • Reading your experience is the same as mine. I came to a new city for my guy, and now he left me. I'm alone, my only friends are his friends. Even I checked with baba and started this only after his blessings. I have faith in baba that everything will be alright. I've been crying for 6 months and I have gotten positive signs from babaji. I'm waiting to receive his grace and merciful blessings and I hope I don't run out of patience

    • Thank u for takin out time to read my experience and sharing ur views. But all i can say is the BABA pls take care of the situation and save me as my family's reputation is at stake.Baba plz dont forget me and please dont leave me in this situation as im alone and at ur mercy…OM SAI RAM

  14. Wonderful experiences all. Baba keeps an eye on his devotees all the time and saves them from all calamities.

    O Deva, I ask You for forgiveness for all the wrongs that I have done, knowingly or unknowingly. Grant us some peace and serenity O Sadguru, we surrender at Your Lotus Feet.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  15. Very nice experiences! Vijay Ji, your children are also Baba's children, so He made sure that no more severe accident happened so they wouldn't be seriously injured from the falling glass. First devotee, it is so nice Baba gave you that nice present of a sticker for your cell phone, so that Baba will always stay with you on your phone, and Baba also gave you a wonderful Shirdi trip experience. Devotee from UK, although you thought you were by yourself when your kids were sick and your husband was away, Baba was watching you to make sure you were all right and took care of your kids as well (they are Baba's children also, so He wanted to take good care of them). Om Sai Ram!

  16. Baba, I am once again sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry for not following your words. Please forgive me. I am extremely sorry Baba. Om Sai Ram

  17. Zindagi Bhut Kuch Sikhati Hai, Thoda Hasati Thoda Rulati Hai, SAI Se Jyada Kisi Pe Atbar Mat Karna, Kyunki Andhere Mein Toh Apni Parchai Bhi Saath Chod Jathi Hai.

  18. | ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः ||
    || ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः ||
    || ॐ साईं नमो नमः || श्री साईं नमो नमः || जय जय साईं नमो नमः || सतगुरु साईं नमो नमः

  19. om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram oms sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ramom sri sai ram om sri sai ram



  21. Baba u know my sufferings and problems very well. I can't express it infront of others even if my parents. But u knew it baba. Baba please do something for me Baba. I can't leave without him.Please vanish all my sins that i hv done baba.PLease forgive me for all my mistakes. Baba u know i hv no more time to wait. please baba…

  22. I loove you Baba,please never leave me,please let me be at your feet always.Baba please give me patience and concentration,please increase my faith towards you,please make me behave well with each and every person.om Sai ram

  23. Sai Ram 2 all,

    Thank you all for the wonderful experiences you shared in this forum.

    I have one little experience that I would like to share with you all; this morning I boarded the wrong train to my work as in it does not stop at the station where I get off. I realized it when the train did not stop at my station, I prayed to Baba for help. The train stopped at couple of station further my station; I ran across the platform to catch the train in the opposite direction. I barely managed to get in the train on the other side. I was praying Baba to help me out and not having to face the ticket checker at the same time as that could have resulted in a penalty for a mistake I did not deliberately commit. Thankfully train was so full that moving within was near impossible. In 10 minutes, train stopped at the right station and I got off without any hassle and time loss.

    Dear Sai please keep blessing us all.

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!


  24. Dear sai family … thank u all for sharing such lovely and true experience of baba it really empowers oir faih in baba. Pls friends pray for me … u had a love marraige he is a christian but dosent follow any church system .. he dosent believe in any god as he says do neither he goes to churches nor to any temple. But I wish to take my sai babas blessing At shirdi with him which he dosent accept in fact he say there is no
    god . Guys they say faith and prayer can move mountain. . Pls pray for him so that hr is blessed with our lord sais grace and accepted by babaji as one like us. I ve left eating rice fm 3 rd march and ve promised baba that I wd ve rice fm his hand the day he calls me to shirdi with my husband and blesses us … sai and jesus are same so if not to church then at least to babas Abode. Pray fir dear family. Om sai

  25. My mind is very upset feel sad every time ; not knowing solution;I love my baba very much but I want blessings from my baba pls koi help me

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