You Read This Your Mind Will Be Free From All And Every Doubt – Sai Devotee Sandhya

Sai Sister Sandhya Ji from India says: I am Sandhya, a devotee sharing her second experience. I ask the LORD himself to write it for me as a person like me will not be able to complete this task on her own. I would like to thank you all for letting the mother SAI’s glory spread to all the souls who come here to take a dip in the holy world of our SAI MAA.

I talk, walk, share, cry, laugh and play with our SAI MAA all the day. I question Her. I doubt Her. Then I love Her. I hug her and kiss Her. I get angry with Her and do everything that a child does with his/her mother. Because GURU like SAI is not just a GURU, we can worship. I share all my emotions with Him. I am living in Jaipur all alone and I do things all on my own. Since my exams were going on, I could not get the little necessary things for myself like fruits, milk, or whatever is required, as I was having my exams and I did not have time at all.

During my exams there came a Thursday (NAV GURUVAR VRAT) and in the morning while doing pooja I wanted to light the lamp. I had a matchbox with only two matchsticks in it and with both I could not light the diya. I was already getting late. I went to the gas stove and then lighted the diya from it. And while doing all this I was talking to SAI MAA, that, “What is this? You are my mother. You better take care of these little things at least. You know I am already getting late”. I did my pooja and left for the exam, empty stomach as I did not have anything to eat.

After my exam I straight away went to my friends house to take rest and study for the next exam as my exams are all for continuous 8 DAYS. I usually have a fruit salad in the evening from a fruit store out there. It was 7 in the evening and I thought it’s already late and dropped the idea of having that fruit salad that day. And I went to the FALAHAR store (A store where you get food items to have during the fast) to get Sabudana Khichdi to open up my fast with it as usual. I brought the Khichdi and while opening it, I was telling to SAI MAA that I have kept you hungry the whole day. I am sorry now. Let’s have our Khichdi. Then what I see in the outer layer of that Khichdi is what makes me cry even today. When I think of it, there were 4 matchsticks on the outer side of the Khichdi. I mean it was felt like SAI MAA sitting right in front of me and feeling sad for not getting the diya light up with the two matchsticks I had. I sobbed and sobbed all happy as the whole world was singing in love. That moment cannot be described by me here in just these words. Just feel it, my dear friends. The love of Sai Maa doesn’t end here, filled with joy and happiness, blessed and fulfilled. I slept peacefully after studying and thinking about the fruit salad that I wished I could have had.

So early in the morning, it was 8:30am and my door knocks. There was my friend standing with something in her hand. She said that I went for yoga today in the morning and brought you this. There was the same fruit salad from the same fruit store as I always have. I ate it with tears of joy in my eyes. I was thanking SAI MAA with every piece of it. I felt like jumping, shouting, screaming and telling everyone and sharing with everyone what exactly I was feeling at that time. So today SAI MAA has blessed me to share this
wonderful experience that only You my lovely family can understand. I am sure that every devotee seeking for miracle here, blessing, love and care of SAI MAA will know that it’s not a mere coincidence, everything and anything is possible in SAI MAA’S world.

There are many more experiences I am dying to share with you all. SAI MAA has asked me to wait for a while. I will be sharing all that with you in near time. With love and only love of SAI MAA we all share each other’s happiness and sorrows here and let us keep doing this always. OM SAI RAM.

I have also written something in love of Sai Maa:

Thodi Duniya Dekhi Maine, Par Paya Na Koi Tujhsa
Aisa Bhi Kya Kiya Hoga Maine,Jo Apnaya Tune Mujhsa

Dar Dar Ke Kadam Rakhti Hu Mai…
Fir Dekh Ke Tere Pairo Ke Nishan Ko Chalti Hu Mai

Yun To Mandir Me Tere Fool Chadhati Hu Mai
Par Na Jane Man Me Mere Kitne Sawal Uthati Hun Mai
Phir Dekh Ke Teri Maa Si Murat Man Hi Man Muskurati Hun Mai
Ki Tujhse Pyara Aur Dayalu Kya Hoga, Na Jaane Kyon Ye Bhool Jati Hun Mai
Phir Apni Prem Me Bhigi Palko Ko Kuch Aise Jhukati Hun Mai
Ki Lakh Sheesh Bhi Kya Jhuke Honge, Wo Pyar Me Tere Aise Gote Khati Hun Mai

Duniyadari, Dukh, Bimari Kyon Hai,Kuch Samajh Nahi Aata Mujhko
Hamne To Sheesh Jhukake Ab Somp Diya Khudko
Ab Karna Hai Jo Kar,Kyonki Bas Maa Ki Murat Me Dekha Hai Tujhko.

Love You All. Love You Sai Maa.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta
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    • Om sai ram
      Iam feelin great to translate this for u….

      I hav seen a little of world but cud nt find someone like u
      I wonder wat i may hav done that u considered a person like me
      Being afraid i take each step of mine
      But then i see ur footprints and i walk on them
      I know i go to temple nd offer flowers to u
      But inside me i dont know how many doubts i hav in me
      But then when i see ur motherly face,i smile
      That wat can b more lovely nd kind than u
      Then my eyes filled with tears of love i bow in front of u
      Many bow their heads daily in front of u
      But i cant express the holy dip i take in ur soulful world
      I dont understand this world of misery,sorrow and unhappiness
      I just know that i hav surrenderd to u
      Now do whatever u wish coz i know u only as my "mother"


    • Best Part is

      "I talk, walk, share, cry, laugh and play with our SAI MAA all the day" :)) …Wish I could do the same…

      Love to all, Love you Baba

  1. Wonderful experience sister…you are so lucky…and thank u my daddy Sai Baba for showing me this post and reinforcing my faith…Sai maa please make my faith so strong that no faint trace of doubt arises…onek ghurechi ami baba please tomar kache tene nao amay…please Baba I don't want to get lost again…i love you a lot Baba…om Sai ram….

    • Iam sure he will…….and just thank him that he made me share this and give such a wonderful experience……….and i believe an experience shared equals to faith and devotion boosted…..

      And thats how we all get blessed here …..

  2. what a wondeful experience…and you know sister…your poem is such a bliss…from today morning my mind is wandering here and there and you wrote the same wordings in the poem…thank you very much…Sai remain always with us…Our Saima…He never left us alone…Om Sai Ram

    • Om sai ram.
      Its just so good to share emotions and see how it satisfies someones emotions.this is what is SAI LEELA…….

      Just dnt let ur human mind wander keep it at Sai maa's feet and see how wander converts into wonders…..

      With love

  3. Hats off to your devotion, bhakti and shradha, may Sai Maa bless me with this devotion, bhakti and sharadha also.

    • He sure only takes to realy believe in something u say u realy believe in.
      And then rest is his job.

      With lov
      Om sai ram

  4. really it help me to increase faith on sai. each and every thing is possible just because of sai. please sai be always with us. OM SAI RAM.

  5. Dear baba,
    I am sorry baba really sorry..I keep repeating the same mistake again and again even If i promised you not to do it…Baba sometimes i am unable to listen to myself but feel bad in doing so after…now i am crying while writing this one baba ;-( please help me baba eradicate this one from my life..I want to help poor people in future baba though i do sometimes now…I had a illusion in love for more yrs baba i am depressed and trying to come out of it you know…sometimes i scold my parents…due to this in my mind..baba i want to get a very good job and help them in this way please baba please and i please forgive me for what all i do.I should always remember you and never leave me baba even though i do any wrong know the problems i am currently facing now.please help me to overcome it.please dont hate me baba.I want to come to shiridi baba.Bless me with happiness.Devotees please pray for me..
    Om sai ram

    • Dear friend baba sabka bhala kartay hai bus thoda dhayan laga sai chalay aaygay tumhay galay say lagaygay. jis din aap dukh aur takleefo say rishta jor logay us din khushiya apnay aap aapkay paas chali aaygi

  6. Baba ji please help me or kill me once for all.. Im not able to survive anymore.. Im facing problems at each and every step of my life… U know how i suffered last year and this year i was happy working on temporary bases but now i need a job baba. Day by bay im getting restless its almost 1 n half month im yet jobless, my relatives hurts me for this reason.. Baba my parents struggled a lot to give me education, somehow i completed my bachelor's degree n looking for a job baba.. Please baba bless me either to get a job in my field or bless me to do higher studies baba.. Im not in a condition to earn money n help my parents financial problems n im not able to ask my parents to help me for my higher studies.. Baba please im confused.. all the doors are closed for me show me a way that beings happiness to my parents and myself baba…

    Om sai ram

  7. kaash main bhi baba ko aap jaisa sacha piyaar kar sakti..baba plz mujhe bhi apne charno mein jagah de do mere dill mein bhi apne liye piyaar jaga sai naathaye namah.

    • Om sai ram
      Zarur kar sakte hai………sirf itna sa karna hai ki apne sath jo bhi ho use sai marzi samajhke hanske kubool karte jaao aur fir dekho kaise sari duniya khubsurat lagney lagti hai………
      Sai kare ki uske har bache ko us par atoot vishwas ho jayeee…….

    • So you hav surrendered ……..ask urself once only once……..realy!!!!!!!!

      And then if even a little doubt arises kill it there nd then……….then see how miracles happen in Sai World……….

      Iam sure ur suffering will come to an end……

  8. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Dear Sai child Sandhya ji l loved your post thoroughly. May Baba ji keep you in His divine shade and protect you always.

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

    • Om sai ram
      Dear devotee to be called as sai child itself is such a blessing and it brings immense pleasure to a little soul like me.
      Thank u
      And what i know of sai maa is that just knowing him itself is his blessing.

    • It was sai maa who inspired me to write it…..
      It feels good that how he allows a child a like me to narrate such inner feelings that too in the form of a poem……
      Love u sai maaaa

  9. Very nice experiences! Baba is never far from His devotees and even though we may think He is not with us or doesn't care about us, He is always remembering us and our problems in day to day life. Baba wouldn't let His daughter go hungry the whole day and gave you wonderful food that day and made sure to take good care of His child. Om Sai Ram!

    • Ohhh sai maa …….he is the mother of all…..he better take care of his children.i hav always said that dont pray in front of him just demand trust me one can never get a guru in form of mother like him.
      And he is so sweet he listens to everything we say………
      Afterall a mother is more keen to take care of her child than he himself……
      Om sai ram

    • OM SAI RAM

      Dear Sandhya Ji

      Such a wonderful experiences, wonderful narration. Let us pray Baba gives such faith to everybody…

      Love you all, love you Baba.



  11. Wow! Beautiful experience, you are truly blessed by Baba 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for fulfilling the smallest of our wishes, we are ever in Your debt. Help us O Sadguru that we repay the kindness You show us unto the people we meet in our lives.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. What did u do with the matchsticks and omg u must b so gives me goose bumps when i read is realy a miracle……

  13. Dekhu tera hansta chehra
    Hota jaye ye pyar aur bhi gehra
    Ma tere dar pe jo bhi aya
    Usne paya jiwan sunehra

    Sai hav blessed u by giving this experience.

    Hope he gives such experiences to all

    Jai ram jai jai ram sai ram

  14. Jai sai ram

    Aise hi bakshna guru apne bacho ko.sandhya ji apne ye experience share krke mere dil ko aseem shanti di hai.
    O mere sai koi galti ho jaye to maf krna tere bache hai apne bacho ko apne dil k kareeb rakhna.

    Sai sai
    Sai sai
    Sai sai
    Sai sai
    Sai sai

  15. Om sai ram…
    sai baba ji ap ho to mai hu agr mere sath nhi to m kch bhi nhi plz neva leave me….forgive me plz….mera sath mt choro…bht dukhi hu baba ji plz is situation s bahar mikalo…..y mera vishwas h jo kbi tutne mt do sath mt choro pp

  16. Lov u sai baba
    Lov u
    Lov u
    Lov u
    Lovvvvvv uuuuu
    Sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai aai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai

  17. Sai ma i lov u without any condition.i lov u without any expectation.i love u without any demands.i love u beyond love.i love u nt only because u fulfil my every desire but i love u for the warmth and care that u hav given me being inside me.
    I have words nt worthy enuf to tell u hw much i love u i just simply love u.u r the only one in this world i believe in.u hav showed me ur love and i just want to be in ur heart for ever.
    Love u sai maaa…….

  18. Sai sai love u.u hav loved me with ur heart.just keep me their always.
    Cant express.
    I know that u know what u hav done for me.

  19. Sai baba i realy want that pilot job for my brother.i have prayed and always pray in my heart.i know it is next to impossible as he does not come within the criteria of selection but i hav fulll faith in u nd none other than u knows this.its been a long waiting period now sai ma pls make a way out for this problem now.
    I love my brother a lot and i know even u do.make his suffering come to an end now.
    Lov u

  20. Thanku baba.thanku for everything maa……iam slowly coming to a phase where i can feel u inside me maaa……… and iam just loving this feeling.
    Om sai ram

  21. Baba i am waiting,since 26 th october 2011,it has been long,but i have not lost hope,dont know how but still there is something between us,please Ba,make it a strong relation that will last a lifetime,u know everything,please dont let us drift away,u know we were so much in love,please Baba let all be happy with our relation and with everyone's blessings please fix he marriage next year.i wont do anything,u will guide me,i leave everything upon you,correct it,mend it,strengthen it….only u can Baba ! please restore my belief in faith and patience !

  22. I love u sai ma.u dnt know what but u read my mind so instatntly and showed me that whatever i say is being heard by u…….i am just so much in love ma.
    Ur leelas are amazing ma..

  23. Om Sri Sai Ram
    Dear Sai Devotees,
    I recently completed my 9 week sai vrat pooja. It is mentioned that at end of 9 weeks to distribute sai vrat book to 5 or 9 people. However, I don't know anyone where I live. So I thought of sharing it with all you people.
    Sai vrat is a miraculous vrat done for 9 weeks which when done with complete faith and patience, Baba will surely fulfill all your wishes. It is said that we have to fast for 9 thursdays and do the sai vrat pooja. However, I never fasted for the 9 thursdays. I always take Baba's name and start my day.
    Sai vrat pooja can be started on any Thursday and continued for the next 8 Thursdays.
    The sai vrat story is here:
    Om Sri sai ram.

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