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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a new devotee of Sai Baba. I read your website daily. It is helping a lot to increase my faith, decrease my suffering and making me believe that my Baba listens to everyone. As I have not done anything wrong in my life knowingly, He will remove all my pain one day. And till that day, I have to keep faith on Him. Shraddha Saburi Man Me Rakho, Sai Sai Naam Rato. (Keep Shraddha and Saburi in heart and keep chanting Sai name).

Dear Didi, Thanks for your wonderful website that helped me to strengthen my faith on Sai Baba. Here I am sending you my experience. If you think that it will help others to improve their faith, and then do post it. I will be glad to help others. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id. You can edit it if you feel so.

It has been only 3 months that I have become a devotee of Baba. The story how I came closer to Baba is as follows. Last year I passed my B. TECH. from a college in ORISSA. During my B. TECH., I used to stay in hostel. Two of my roommates were devotee of Saibaba. They used to tell me their experiences. Though I was not a devotee, but I have never disrespected their faith. I had some issues in my relationship because of cast problem. One of my roommates started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat. She told me the benefit of doing it and proposed me to start it. But I didn’t listen at that time. I still remember that I had told her that when time comes, I will do it. Then I forgot that line.

Because my whole family is a Devi Pujak, so it was quite tough for me to accept some other God. On 1st December 2012, I had visited my sister’s place. Her brother in law gave me one Saibaba’s idol and 2 UDI packets. At that time I didn’t know what I am going to do with the idol as we already had one in our prayer room. So I told him to keep the idol with him and requested him to give me the UDI packet. I realized that he felt bad of that. And after my sister told me, I brought the idol and kept it in the packet as I had brought it. At that time I didn’t know what was going on around me. Soon after I came back home, the real storm came into play in my life, when I had break up because of same reason.

I felt as if I lost everything. Even I felt as if I lost my God too. I used to believe that he came to my life just because it was my GOD’s wish. I never intended to say yes to him, because of the same cast problem. And I said to my God if you think that being committed to him is good for me, then make him come to me or else give me the strength to say no and continue living as I used to do. I didn’t sleep the whole night the day before I said yes to him. You won’t believe how situations were manipulated and I was forced to say yes to him. As if God was forcing me to say yes.

Whenever I visit any temple I used to pray to make everything normal in my relationship. Most of the time a flower will fall. So I used to believe that my God is there to take care of my relationship. The day I had breakup, I cried a lot in front of that person, but he didn’t listen to me. Because he said that his parents won’t agree in any condition. I felt that as if my God cheated on me. My friends used to tell me that perhaps I decoded the message (falling of flower, inner believe etc) in a wrong way. But I could not make myself understand. I used to cry whole day in front of God. Even many times I requested to kill me than to give me this pain. It was really intolerable for an emotional person like me.

After some days, I went to my same friend’s (Saibaba’s devotee) place. I went to Saibaba’s temple with her with devotion in my heart for the 1st time. Because at that time I was ready to bang my head on any stone if someone would have said that God is there. I really pray to Sai Baba not to give such pain to anyone. We were sitting in the steps of the temple. I was still crying. Seeing me crying my friend reminded of my word. But she said that “I will advice you to do Nav Guruvar Vrat. Only if he tries to contact with you after this (At that time I didn’t have contact with him). Soon after, I came out of the temple. I felt like checking my mobile. After some time, I checked my mobile and there was a message from him. My joy knew no bounds then. I thanked Baba many times for listening to my 1st prayer to him. Then my friend told me that Baba wishes me to start Vrat. She told me the process to do it. 20 days after that, I had my posting in Chennai. So I decided to start it after coming to Chennai.

At that time, at home I was praying to keep me in a place nearby his temple. My prayer was also answered. I came to Chennai, searched in google for a temple nearby. As I was new to the place, the address was not clear. Then I went out for searching the day before I started Vrat. But I could not get it because as I don’t understand Tamil, so it was tough for me the follow instructions given by the people I asked. I came out of a shop dis-heartedly and decided that from next Thursday onwards I will visit temple. Perhaps a lady was observing me asking people about Baba’s temple. She suddenly came and gave me 20 rupees to give it in the temple. I told her that I don’t know when I am going there. Still she gave me and went. I felt like as if it was none other than Baba, who is pulling me to come to His temple.

On Thursday I went and asked everyone and finally reached the temple. It was my 1st experience of evening Aarti and I enjoyed a lot. And I did my Vrat with the same idol given to me by my sister’s brother in law. Baba remembered my word and made me keep it. I have already completed my 8th Thursday. It was really a miracle for me to arrange everything that I need to start my Vrat. I prayed Baba to help me. And He really did help me. Some days back, I read it in a website that Baba says “No one can come to Me by his/her own wish. It’s Me, who pull them to come to Me”. Now I realize this statement very well. And also I have experienced the miracle of UDI even. That is really great gift by Baba.

I don’t know what is going to happen in future, whether my relationship will be restored or not. But I know one thing that I got a new relationship with Baba. In which no one will lose interest and there is no cast problem. Now I have good understanding with Baba. Sometimes I get angry on Him, when He doesn’t listen to my prayer. Sometimes when I am unable to tolerate the pain, I say Him that I won’t talk to Him anymore, which I can never do. I used to pray God to bless me with a relationship that won’t make me lonely. Now it seems I got it. I pray God that my faith may increase in many folds as I grow. I know He is going to be there with me always. I really wish to live a happy life and help others to be happy as I used to do. I don’t want to cry anymore. Whoever is reading this, please pray for me. And I am praying Baba to keep you all in peace and bestow His blessings on you as well.

Sri Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raj Yogi Raj Parabrahma Sachchidananda Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. Om Sai Ram
    I am in similar situation, may baba bless you with your love. I know how it feels and I am also begging baba to give me back my love.

  2. OM Sai ram. May BABA bless you. I am happy that now you are under fold of SAI. If you get back your love or not, but still you will remain happy forever. Just believe in SAI and what ever is best for you will happen.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba bless you dear Sai Sister. May you be always happy in life by our beloved Baba's grace. And may Baba bless you soon with a wonderful and fulfilling relationship.

    Love you BABA and many many thanks to you for everything. Please bless us all today as it is a big day in our life. We owe you all our happiness. Please be with us all always.


  4. Om sai dont worry u r right now u r in a relation which willl never break… even of u r about to fall he ll b there to hold u always…. keep smiling he will gift u someone who ed realy value ur love and for sure the chosen one fm our baba .. untill then keep faith…. om sai

  5. I liked the line where you said there is no caste problem betwween you and sai..that is so true..there is no caste or money problem..I am praying to hold onto our house which we got only by babas grace..situation us getting bad and I am hoping and praying we don't have to sell it..please devotees pray for our family.

  6. Om shri sai nadaya namaha,,my dear appa..pls be with our family and give all patience to take care of thaatha..Whatever we do knowingly or unknowingly pls pls wash away our sins..

  7. Dear Sai Sister, Please have patient, I am pretty much sure very soon BABA will bring happiness in your life by bringing him back in your life.

  8. Wonderful experience. You too are blessed by Baba 🙂

    O Deva, I surrender to Your Lotus feet my complete self, do take care of Your child please. Bless us, all Your children, O Sadguru so we can reach You in the quickest and painless way possible.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  9. Om Sai Ram

    I am the one who wrote this experience.I have sent this many days back.As it was not published, I thought may be the administrator did not feel my experience as important.But I was so wrong.

    I usually read this blog before sleeping.Today because of some reason I was sad.I thought of reading this blog now.And thought Baba might have some message for me through some blessed devotee's experience.And to my surprise I saw my own experience.Isn't it a miracle!!!For me it is.I was angry on baba.But our baba made me cool.Thank you baba.I was waiting for my experience to be posted.And baba chosed the perfect day for this.

    Baba reminded me the words I said, to strengthen my love,affection and devotion to him.I don't know what is going to come to me but I am prepared to face it.Thanks all of you for praying for me.
    May baba bless you all..
    Om Sai Ram

    • Donot worry sister baba will surely help us, even i am facing similar problem in life.
      Baba would surely listern to us as he is our beloved ma. Mother cant see her kids worrying . Baba would surely help us and bless us with beautiful lifes. om sairam

    • nice realization at the last…."no caste problem with baba".it was sooooo nice…especially this line..but i would advise u something..baba knows everything he does everything for our good only so pls don/t get hyper with him as he is the doer…..loved your experience take care..keep smiling!!!!:)

    • Should we read the complete vrat book or is it okay if we read only the vrat story. Please tell me the correct procedure.

    • i was also blessed by baba to do the vrat
      i used to read only the story and one aarti of baba
      but if u get time somedays read the other pages also as i used to do during holidays

    • It is totally your wish.But whatever you do, do with devotion to baba.You will feel as if baba is telling you, what to do.

  10. MAY GOD BLESS U.. even m going through the same was almost like my story…even i did vrat but nothing happened till now… so m praying everyday so dat baba could listen to me asap…i knw he is there for al of us bt he is just testing us. bt now its been more dan one year n m losing my patience and sometimes get angry on baba. bt i still have hopes which is the reason behind me strength.. MAY BABA TAKE CARE OF YOURS N LISTEN TO YOU ASAP.Till then be strong.
    OM SAI RAM!!



  12. Sai ram…i hd d same experience. My best friend broke up with me….thn i gt closed to sai…nd prayed him plsss return my friend…nd after 7 month he came back..and called me..nd said he loves me and sorry also. Baba will give you surely the right person dear. Send ur prayers to shibpur sai temple….no one will go back empty handed from there. May sai bless all

    • @anonymous devotee who got back with her love : I am so so happy to read your story….may baba bless me also like you I have been waiting for years together now for some relief peace and complete happiness on this front the way I had dreamed of.
      Did you send prayers to shibpur for your problem? can you please elaborate a little on what you did exactly?

  13. my dear sai devotee I ma so happy that sai has taken you under him. I am happy that you are a one of the lucky person in world I ma telling you your love is not true. don't believe your love if that person really love you he will never leave you… it is hard to take it in your heart because you love him dearly but my dear he didn't love you. if some one leave you that means he don't love you anymore if he love you he will do what ever to keep you. don't get angry with baba if he didn't give you what you wont because he knows what is best for you but he is waiting until you come to your senesce.
    if you get this person what if he leave you when you have children's and if get married to you,you will make life your mother father or your love ones just wont to say ask baba to bless you with new life and new understanding person in live. ask and see what will happen to your life. please don't get angry with me this the sai truth many sai bless you

    • You said it perfectly. I really don't understand why girls pray madly to get their boyfriend back!!! A person who truly loves u will never leave you. What if he leaves you after getting married?? Think this way girls. Plz. It's a request. Take these as baba's words not mine.

  14. Baba will give you what is best for you, not what you want and what you like!!! so if you are feeling hurt regarding your relationship and think its painful, then accept that pain as BABA is giving that pain to you as a medicine which is the best for you…..OM SAI RAM

  15. OM SAI RAM!

    Dear Sai Devotee,

    I pray to Sai that he bless you with loving and understanding life partner. Its truly said by Baba ji that "No one can come to Me by his/her own wish. It's Me, who pull them to come to Me".

    I can understand your pain and how one can feel if you are in true love but please understand that whatever baba does there is a purpose behind and which always results good. So never loose your faith and patience and always pray to him that whatever is good for your life Baba should bless you with that but not with that what you want is good for you. Because Baba knows very well what is good or what is bad for his/her devotees.

    I was in a relationship for about 10 years and then he cheated me, I was devastated and was really in a bad pain but I kept faith and patience in baba. He was trying to come back to me just for emotional support and just to get attention from another girl.Even I did Sai Vrat and prayed to baba that if he loves me and if he will be a good life partner for me then only you send him back else give me courage to begin my life with happiness. He did all sort of drama which made me strong and realized that he is not good for me and he do not deserve me, most of the drama was happening on Thursday and then I realized that this is baba who is making me to understand the person and move on in life with happiness. Its really worthless to cry for a person who do not deserve true love and I know its hard but once your mind accepts the fact it become easier for one to move on.

    Baba is always there and he said that "I will never leave my devotee in the middle" and I do believe him and have lots of faith on him that nothing bad will happen in my life and definitely he will bless me with true and loving life partner.

    By baba's grace I got a very good job and I have cleared my debts what I was having and helped my family to clear the debts and again I will say this happened only because of baba's blessings, at that time he blessed me with the wonderful job which I was looking for and he knew it that it is good for me and blessed me with good job and I believe he will bless me with true and loving life partner.

    My friend have faith and patience and always pray that whatever is good for you and for your family, he bless you with that not with any superficial thing. He never do wrong with true person and who never hurt anybody intentionally. Trust me good things will come and if baba is making you to cry than he is just washing your bad karma so its good to wash off your all your bad karma and he is always there to guide you or everyone. So keep smiling and move on in your life with good and bad experience.

    OM SAI RAM!!!

    • dear sai sister

      i am an unmarried girl….i never loved any one in my life so i dont know all this pain…but your lines are just awesome…i will apply all these lines in my coming future…hope ur comment gives so much strength to the girls who were cheated by their boy friends…may baba bless you with a good life partner

      OM SAI RAM

  16. Very nice experience! Although you have to go through some bad karma for past actions, do not worry, Baba is there to help you and if Baba knows this is the right guy for you (His daughter), nothing will stop you both from being together. Baba is always there for all of us no matter how angry we might get with Him, He is our loving Father/Mother and will never abandon us and always look upon us with love and affection. Om Sai Ram!

  17. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  18. Dont worry, Sai vrat is very powerful. Baba brought my love back, he won't let you down. You will get your love back, pray baba with unwavering faith. Nothing is impossible for our beloved baba…Om Sai Ram


  20. Had tears while reading ur exp since i am in same situation and even Baba pulled me in this sitauation, loved the line "But I know one thing that I got a new relationship with Baba. In which no one will lose interest and there is no cast problem".. really dear these things i am able to connect or we are able to connect coz we are sooo close to baba and that is the most beautiful realtionship in this life. realyy we are lucky. May Baba bless u with his choicest blessings

    Om Sai Ram
    Baba Maalik

  21. dear sai sister may saima bless you always.. as mother knows what is best for her children who better than baba knows whats correct for you.. just believe him he will fill your life with such happiness that you might have never even imagined.. om sai ram..

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