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Sai Sister Prachi Ji from India says: I am BABA’s daughter. I am a scientist with two sons aged 9 and 5. This is my second experience. The blessed soul Hetal Ji, you are doing great job and it gives great satisfaction and hope with positive energy to each reader of this blog, whenever they are depressed. I have strong faith in Saibaba and your blog is increasing my faith even more day by day. I don’t mind if you publish my name, but do not mention my email address. I am a small devotee of BABA and this is my second experience. Actually I have innumerable experiences of BABA, but this is truly a miracle.

In the month of March, suddenly I got an offer to attend a training at some other place, where my husband was already going as faculty. So he planned in such a way that it becomes a family trip and all of us can go as kids were also having holidays and also we can visit our native place, which is nearby. But one of my projects was ending on 31st March, for which I has to do lot of work and submit the report before 31st March. In between this training had come, which was from March 18th -23rd and it was impossible to finish the entire report before 18th and even after coming back within a week as lot of work was left. So I was so tensed.

I wanted to go for the training as it was a combined family trip, but the problem was how will I finish my work. Then I came to know that office has also given permission to attend the training, so certainly I had to go. But what’s about my report? At least it needed some 10-15 days work and I was so tensed how to manage this. In fact there was no way out to complete this entire work before going for the training or after coming from the training as in all I was wasting 10 days for the training as we were going by train. I had only BABA to save me, but everything seems impossible as things cannot be done overnight.

I was thinking why at all BABA planned this training if there is so much tension. But BABA had planned something else for me, which was much more greater a reward and was absolutely beyond my imagination. What actually happened is that just two days before going, I came to know that people are taking extensions of their project for 2-4 months. Many people in my office did this. But again this was a big problem for me as my Boss is against extension. So I just sidelined this thought and couldn’t dare to ask him for the same. Then my other colleagues convinced me to request my Boss for extension as this extension was very beneficial for me for some other purpose. As I had no choice, I went to talk to my Boss regarding the extension and by BABA’s grace and to my surprise he readily agreed. My happiness had no bounds and I could not believe that BABA will solve my problem like this. One I could peacefully attend the training program and visit my native place. Second, my project also got extended by which I got extra benefit. And during that time I really needed a break. This is the greatness of BABA, which no one can imagine in his dreams also. I could never believe that this could ever happen that too so easily.

Not only this, the tickets which we had booked for the trains, were not confirmed. Only one ticket out of three got confirmed. So my husband suggested that one person along with my younger son (who is not 5 years old and so doesn’t need ticket) can go and the remaining two (myself and my elder son) can go by plane. But that spoils the entire purpose of the journey so we were again in lot of tension. I tried from other sources like railway quota etc. But everyone said that there is no chance of confirmation at it was 1st class ticket. But I told my husband that you should not worry, BABA has planned this trip for us. When He has cleared such a big hurdle, then confirmation of tickets is nothing in front of that. Have faith on him and don’t change the program.

BABA will definitely confirm the tickets. Till the last moment we could not know about the tickets and we had not booked the taxi for going to the railway station. Though the chart gets prepared before 4 hours of the departure of the train, but that day we were not able to know anything. BABA was simply testing our patience. And just before one hour, when the train had to leave we saw that all the tickets got confirmed. Who else other than BABA could do it as I even tried from MP quota and they refused. So BABA planned by beautiful trip and also made all arrangements for that. BABA, YOU ARE GREAT!!!

So all I can say is that SAI BABA is very much here, there, everywhere. He proves this again and again. He is there to listen to all you have to say. He fulfils all our righteous wishes and suppresses bad desires through appropriate experiences and makes us realize the futility of those bad desires. He always comes to hold my hand, when I go through a very rough time. His mercy is great and really I have no words to explain that how He dig me out from all obstacles, what I am facing or have faced before. SAI manifests Himself in so many ways just to fulfill the wishes of His devotees. He listens to your innermost thoughts and reciprocates His love in response to our deep longing for Him. Sometime we can think that there no response for our prayers. But all you have to do is to show patience. SAI BABA knows when to give. But it is sure that HE won’t let us down. Don’t get despair. HE is sure to help us. So always chant.

Ohm Sai Namo Namahya
Shri Sai Namo Namahya
Jai Jai Sai Namo Namahya
Sadguru Sai Namo Namahya

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  1. Hai saibaba help me today my marriage is on stake where anything could happen please save my relationship. Please everyone pray for me I do not want another divorce in my life. Babaji please help me.


    Blessed is everyone on this portal.

    Baba has tested us on the 11th hour every time, buit then HE turns the tables around.

    He is really great.

    Please make me to surrender at your lotus feet.

    Loads Love…

  3. You're Awesome Baba ji..I love you so much

    Thanks for posting this experience Prachi ji…Baba will always be with your family

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram

  5. Wonderful experience. Goes to show that Baba is always by his childrens' side 🙂

    O Deva, we know that You are with us, all the time, all the way but grant us, Your children, an abundance of patience please. Help us grow our Faith stronger O Sadguru so we can share it with others.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. SAI MAAAA………………………..
    YOU ARE THE only one and THE ONLY ONE. i know no other GOD OR GODDESS, i see all in you.
    and i just know and understand one thing and not less or more than this that when you are there then i dont have to worry for anything.
    I just want to share with all my dear friends here that keep chanting his name in everything you do, slowly slowly we will realize that life gets so much easier and beautiful……
    like me many have experienced this if we will see LORD SAI BABA in everything then let anything happen we will have a smile, definitely.
    for example i want to share that before, i used to get angry when someone did anything wrong, but now i just let go things, i just dont demand now i ACCEPT whatever comes…. i smile when things are not done accordingly…
    I just say in mind ohkie this is what you want SAI MAA, AS YOU WISH……
    and then everything looks so normal.
    SAI MAA has taught me the worlds best principles…….there is nothing like happiness or sorrow, it is just the way we look at things, it i just a state of mind….nothing more than that. so why not we LOVE, SHARE AND CARE FOR EACH OTHER BY TAKING SAI MAA'S NAME…….


    AND thanks for sharing your experience , love you loads …….


    • Wonderfully said sister.Even I do believe so.While reading one thought came to my mind.What if the whole world becomes a Sai devotee.Then every one will start thinking in this way.Then there would be only peace in this world.Every one can live happily.
      Om Sai Ram

  7. Very nice experience….thanks a lot for sharing with us….well narrated….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)


  9. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing. That is the greatness of baba, who can make impossible things possible in this world…pls baba help me and chnage my husbands mind and make him as a nice person , caring and loving husband. pls listern to my prayers baba…Om SaiRam.

  10. baba happy rakhsha bandhan to u……my sadar pranam on ur lotus feet.i tied rakhi to u so always protect me and be my side.thanx baba that fulfill my wish when i entered the temple and saw the dress i have given to u in my the name of my husband's name.

    on this special day of rakhi u gifted me a precious gift of my life in return gift that is the assurance of my husband.but i have to keep more n more saburi to get him completely. baba one thing m asking u bless me n my husband a blisfull happy couple and happy marriied life like other couple.u know everything baba.thank u for everything that u have given me and give me more patience to tolerate everything.

    baba aaj ghar jane ke baad sab kuch normal rahe plzzzz…mere husband ko bhi normal he rehene deee …don't give me more tenson for that which i have not done&plzzz expose the culprit.

  11. Very nice experience! It was Baba who gave you the courage to ask for the extension because He likely wants to develop that trait in you more as He knows it will help you succeed in life and in your career. Baba always helps us and even when we think He isn't listening to us, He always is and is just waiting for the proper time to give us His blessings. Om Sai Ram!

  12. Baba I have decided to leave every thing to you and to accept whatever you bring my way.This time don't let me break my promise.Don't make me demand any thing to you like an unruly child.Baba give me courage.And don't let my tears come back.I have decided to be strong and to face the world with dignity.Baba be there with me always.Make me say, what you want me to say and make me do, what you want me to do.Baba you know me very well.Whatever you will decide for me will be definitely best for me.For that give the strength and believe that you are the doer.Don't leave my side.You are the only one,seeing whom I am living my life…
    Love you a lot Baba.
    Sorry for every mistake I did.
    Om Sai Nathaya Namah.

  13. very beautiful experience… your words about saima in the last para really touched my heart.. may saima always bless you.. om sai ram..

  14. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experience, may Saiji shower many more pleasant experiences on you and your family.Deva thank you for accepting rakhi my Dada.Oh Deva thank you is a very small word for the blessing you are showering upon me.Saiji Please bless Kingsly to start his own decent business soon. Awaiting that day eagerly.Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

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