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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesha. Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Many thanks for the wonderful service you are rendering in the form of this blog. It gives us all so much of positive hope and increases our faith manifold in our Gurudeva. Here are a few of my recent best experiences. Request you to please publish them. Please keep my email id and name anonymous. Thank you so much.

Baba Saved My Mother From A Bad Accident

My Mother was recently returning back from office and while walking down, she stumbled on a stone and fell down. By Baba’s grace she was holding some of her office files and that saved her from sustaining any injuries to her face or head. She just got mild bruises to her knees and it got healed up in a few days. I know it was Baba, who saved my Mother from anything major. Thanks a lot Baba, please take very good care of my Mother always. And I am sorry for posting this late.

I Got Good Reward From My Office

For some time, I had been praying Baba to get me some good reward and recognition at my work place. And it so happened that my whole team got I-pads after a project delivery. I was thrilled to receive it and I knew that Baba only gifted me such an expensive gift. This was way beyond my expectation. He is always listening to our prayers, and knows the right time to fulfill it in the best way.

My Medical Bills Got Approved

I had submitted my medical bills quite late in my office for reimbursement and the concerned person was saying that in case it did not reach them on time, my claim would be rejected. I was concerned and prayed to Baba to help. And to my amazement, the last date for bills submission was extended and I got all my money, without any issues. Thanks a lot to my Baba. Love You a lot Baba.

Baba Gave Me Reward For Good Work In My Team

Recently my manager introduced a new award in my team, where they decided to reward one team member for the best work done in that week. As soon as I heard that, I prayed to Baba that I want that award soon. And somehow Baba made me do some really good work in that week itself. So, in that week’s meeting, my work was also nominated for the best work. And my team mates voted for me and another senior person. So, we both got the reward that week. However, since the next week only one person was awarded henceforth. I was amazed by this sweet Leela of my Dearest SaiNatha. How come He made two people win the first time and it never happened after that? I know that it was Baba’s Leela to make me get the award that time, since the senior, who got the award, was definitely the strongest contender. So, to facilitate my wish, Baba made an exception the first time for ME! And He made sure I got the award and my wish was fulfilled. Baba is so skilful in pulling the wires of the show of this Universe!! He is the best FATHER to all of us! We love You a lot my Gurudeva Dattatreya!!

My Father In Law Came To Visit Us

We are newly married and we wished that our parents should visit us soon and we could treat them well in our newly setup home. So, my Mother visited us for a week and we were very happy. I and my Mother went to Baba’s temple and distributed Prasad in the temple. It was our wish that we should be able to distribute Prasad made in my home (after I get married) in Baba’s temple. So Baba only arranged my marriage with my long time boyfriend and He fulfilled this wish of ours to distribute our homemade Prasad. We are so thankful to Sai Deva.

After that, we wanted my father-in-Law also to visit us. So we booked tickets for him and were eagerly waiting. However, since my Father-in-Law is a bank manager and it was the month of March (when lot of work happens in banks due to financial year end), so he was not sure if he could visit us, in case he was loaded with any pending work. I was a little saddened and so I prayed to Baba and started doing written Naam-Jaap of Baba, till my Father-in-Law visited us. I used to write ‘Sai Sai’ a few times every day. And Baba heard our prayers. My Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law visited us and we had very good family time with them.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Baba immensely from my heart. Baba has gifted me with very good In-Laws, who love me a lot and are always concerned for me. Thanks a lot Baba. I feel like I got my Father back. My own Dad expired, when I was in 9th Standard. So I feel, Baba has gifted me my Father back. My Mother-in-Law was equally good to me and very loving. However I did not get to spend much time with her, since she expired just 2 months after my wedding. May Baba bless her soul and give peace to her soul. I am sure she still looks upon us and loves us. Love You a lot Baba and please do bless us and all the families in this world!

Baba Settled My Broadband Bills

We were using one internet connection and decided to change it to another one, due to poor service of the older one. After we disconnected, I was worried about the charges we had to pay, since usually the customer care people do not hear us well and just put some weird usage charges. However, I prayed to Baba for help, so that we did not have to pay any exorbitant undue charges. Baba did come for help! We paid only the due charges and it was all settled in our favor! Thanks a lot again Baba. You are always there to help us even in the trivial circumstances. Love You a lot.

My Husband’s Camera Lens Is Fine After Falling Down

My husband is into photography as a hobby and he has a quite expensive camera and a few lenses. Once it so happened that on a trip, one of the smallest lenses (which costs around 4-5K) fell down due to my mistake. I was scared that it would not work now. But by Baba’s grace, it is still working fine. Though in between my husband was saying that it is showing some problems. But I still have faith that Baba will make the lens alright and we would not have to buy another one.

Though all of these are quite small experiences that happen in our day to day life, still it goes to show that Baba is always around to take care of even the minutest details of our life and He cannot see us worried at all. Just that we need to have utmost FAITH and PATIENCE and we need to pray to Baba to bless us with strong SHRADDHA and SABURI. I also have immense faith in SHIBPUR SAI BABA and I consider Him as MIRACLE BABA! I have got Shibpur Sai Baba’s photo in my home shrine too and I worship Him. Baba has done wonders in my life and all I have today is due to the kind grace of Baba.

He is aware of all our desires and needs and He will give them to us even when we do not ask for it. This I heard from a pretty senior Uncle and Aunty (who are staunch devotees of Baba) that we do not need to ask Baba for anything, since He is always aware of the needs and wishes of His children. This is because He is our FATHER and MOTHER and we are all His kids. So He always has His love and care for us and He is always watching over us for our welfare and happiness. We just need to surrender to Baba entirely and pray to Him to take us on the right path and make us good human beings. We need to be compassionate and always try to do our bit for the welfare of the underprivileged. We can take small steps like donating food to the poor and needy, to animals and try to spread as much love as we can even in the smallest of gestures. We need to treat everyone with love and respect and then Baba will definitely be pleased and happy.

May Baba keep blessings us all always. Love You a lot Gurudeva Dattatreya.

At your Lotus feet always.
Your Daughter.

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  1. Dear Sai Devotee,
    It's really nice to see you treating and your in-laws like your parents. I am sure Baba listens to you bc of your pure and open heart.

  2. Yes, Dear Devotees

    It is really good to Treat your inlaws like your own parents like above devotee.

    Baba says us to LOVE everybody & Love is the ONLY religion of the World, then how can we avoid loving our Inlaws?

    It might be lil difficult in the beginning to understand each person in INLAWS as we still could be comparing them the our parents with whom we spent at least 20-25 years, But it does not take a lot to OPEN YOUR HEART.

    In recent MEditation Baba Conveyed a Message to me that I should be more devoted to my INlaws & Parents as well- in order to get some things accomplished which are stuck for little time. Baba said first God is Parents and You are here doing so well in life just due to your parents & inlaws.

    THough I love a lot to my inlaws, but they do not stay with me for long time as we live in Australia.

    Dear Anony Devotee THis is also right to say that our ancestors keep an eye on us even after they are departed from this world and they reward us for being good & vice versa.

    Love yu all…

  3. Wonderful experiences. Goes to show that Baba is always with us, all the way.

    O Deva, Thank You for all the miracles that You shower upon us on a daily basis. Bless us O Sadguru that we be better human beings and treat others with respect and kindness.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Ram
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  5. OM SAI RAM………..

    • Om Sai Jai Sai. Dear Chitti Feeling very happy to know that your sister is alright now.Glory to be our Saiji. May Saiji bless u and your family.

  6. Sai deva, my pa i dont know what to say and how to express my feelings and pain.Im becoming psychic.I lost all hope in life now and started losing faith in u as well.I know u exist, u r around me and u r listening to me.I dont have any proof for that but somehow im able to feel ur presence.When will my crying nights turn to lovable and peaceful nights.Im feeling lost.Im standing hopeless in the road of life without knowing any path.I need a guide and its u.Pls come and help me in some form.Im 32 now F still havent achieved a bit in career nor married.Personal and professional life is going like hell.How long im going to suffer with money and job and how along should i stay lonely without anyone to share my emotions.I havent got one person to trust nor anyone to give shoulders at my bad times.Im like a phoenix bird coming out from my own consoling words.I dont know how to search for a job or for a bridegroom.My bad past experiences and the current men in my life including my father, brother,friends etc make me hate the male community.Job how much ever dedicatedly i work or put my hardwork it fails.10 yrs of job exp went for a waste.Will i get a job to prove myself and become someone great and prove all those people who ill treated me and played with me and my feelings?Will i get a real man who could love me and marry me for what im and respecting my feelings without just loving my body?Please answer me in some form pa please.If not take me with u and punish me at hell pa unable to bear this pain and loneliness.Im fed up with this life.There is not even a single period i have been really happy.I just cheat my ownself saying im happy.Im unable to go out even for diversion one i have to go alone, two i need money, three if at all i go out ppl ask about my marriage job and have no words to say.Those moments are poking.Unable to eat and sleep even pain is poking me in my throat.Jobs i have applied in all possible webs but no use.they are hiring only freshers or ppl with accounts knowledge.Only recommendations and referrals are working out these days but Even my friends or bosses are not ready to help me out as each one are bothered about their life alone.What should i do?I didnt naam saptah, navrat, annadhan, satcharita parayan everything nothing is giving peace nor helping me out.What am i standing in life after all these 32 yrs?what is my path?what is my future?i have become a biggest question mark…Please help me out im totally lost.Show me a way, guide me deva and pls dont make me lose faith in you please. I want u in my life till my last breath…HELP ME

    • dont worry dear..our sai will be there for you.he might have got his own plans for u.only thing we should do is having firm faith on our dont worry about your life..chant sai sai naam everysingle moment. then no one can do any harm to us.our all wishes will be fulfilled.omsairam

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Prayers for you Dear Sai Sister, Baba bless you soon with all the joy and happiness in life. May all your wishes and dreams come true soon. Please hold on with FAITH and PATIENCE and all will be well with BABA"s grace. He loves us all equally and is always holding our hands and guiding us.

      May BABA bless us all always with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Love you a lot BABA and we owe you all our happiness.

      OM SAI RAM.

    • Dear sister don't worry.Don't think in a -ve way.From my own experience I am telling you, once you start thinking -ve, everything goes like that.And same way for +ve thinking.I have tried this.It really works.Start finding happiness in small things and there you will see baba's presence showing you the way of bright light.You are baba's daughter.Baba will surely help you.I am praying for you.Om Sai Nathaya Namah…..

  7. dont worry sai sister…even i am 30 year old…i am also unmarried…i understand hpw people will be questioning us about our marriage…it hurts a lot…but please have faith on sai baba…he is always ther with you

  8. Very nice experiences…Baba stays with every second of our lives and would look after us. When we are too happy or too sad we fair to recognise him but never leaves us alone and make us go in the path of mukthi towards the end.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  9. very beautifully expressed dear sai sister.. its true that saima is with us every second taking care of us.. its amazing how he takes care of even the little things and make us feel him all the time and makes sure we are happy and he destroys our fear and makes us confident and happy.. truly he is the greatest mother of us.. may saima bless all.. om sai ram…



  11. Very nice experiences! Baba has given you many wonderful blessings and has helped you in many ways, also due to your good karma from past lives. You are lucky that Baba has helped you in the job, gifting you the iPad and giving you a good work environment. Baba also made sure you are well taken care of with a nice husband and gave you a nice Father-in-law who is like your own Father (and made sure he was able to finish his bank work in time to come to your house). Om Sai Ram!

  12. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences thanks for sharing with us. All these little things seems very normal to others but for Baba devotee it gives strength and boost our faith. Sai sister in comment section do not worry everything will be okey very soon. Our Saiji is very merciful I am sure he is planning very big for you thats why its taking little extra time. Just have patience and faith on our Baba very soon you are going to post your experinces filled with full of happiness.Deva please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

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    with lords blessing all is going well thanks lord
    and be with me to do things good

  14. Hi..I am a devotee of SAI BABA since 2011.Since the day I started praying to him,I have always felt his presence in our life.Even though we had lot of difficulties in our life Baba made sure we don't suffer a lot,he gave us strength to go through tough time.Praying to Baba always kept me at ease.I am very thankful to Baba. Me.Me and my husband are married since 5 years,and by his blessing i am pregnant now.Thank you Baba for being there in our lives through thickness and thin.OM SAI RAM!!

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