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Baba, I Am Waiting For My Prayers To Be Answered

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am a regular reader of your blog. Like everyone else even I am going through some problems in my life, but when we read the experiences of other devotees that you publish, it gives strength, hope and answers to our problems. Thanks for doing such a Nobel job. Sai is always with you.

By Baba’s grace, everything is working just fine in my life and I would like to thanks Baba for all that. But things are not working smoothly. No matter what decision I take, I don’t get a positive reply nor gets that work done easily. I wish to mention here that I am 30 year old female struggling to get married. Apart from me, I have two more sisters: one elder to me and one younger to me. My dad is a heart patient and retired from his services. My parents and my sisters have done whatever we can so that we get a good alliance and get married and settled, but nothing is working out.

I came under Baba’s shelter from 2008-09 onwards. Since then I have done Nine Thursday Vrat, Sai Satcharitra parayan and everything that’s mentioned to get my wish fulfilled. But things are just not working out. I know Baba does have some plans for my family. We are just waiting for Baba’s mercy on me. This is not an experience, but I just thought of sharing my problems with Baba here on this blog even if you don’t publish this, its fine with me. I may be going wrong somewhere or maybe I am not a good devotee of Baba or I am suffering because of my past karma’s. I don’t know the reason, but I and my family are suffering.

We are loosing our faith on God as such, in my family my dad, my mom, my sisters everybody prays daily for our marriages to happen. This is only problem that I have. We all three sisters are well educated, working with reputed MNC in India and abroad, come from a good family and by Baba’s grace we have decent looks, but what’s holding our marriage back, I don’t know. Hetal Ji, I would request you and other devotees to please pray for me and my family. I am thankful to Baba that He has given me all the happiness in life good health, good family and friends. Financially I am stable and happy. Except marriage, all is well. I request you to please pray for us may be your prayers get answered. I have just written whatever I felt sharing with you. Thanks for this blog Hetal Ji. I am feeling much better after writing what I am feeling. I think I am having a conversation with Baba wherein I am telling Him what all I am going through inspite of having Shraddha and Saburi. I know my prayers will be answered soon. Baba, just bless all of us. I love You Baba. Be with me and my family always. Om Sai Ram.

Passing All My Exams Miraculously

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am 30 years old. I have many professional degrees with Baba’s grace. Thanks to Baba. I have written many exams. While writing the exam, at time, I have not written the paper so well. But thanks to Baba every time a miracle happens and somehow I clear the exam. When I tell my friends that my papers were not so good, they make fun of me. When my results come, they say that I had lied that my papers were not so good. But only 2 people know the truth: Baba and me. Thanks to Baba for holding my pen and writing my paper. I am suffering from asthma since childhood. I am praying to Baba that some day He will cure me of this as well. And that day I will post immediately. I have full faith in Him. He knows what is best for us and we don’t realize immediately his actions, but later on, we come to know the reason for everything.

I Love Shirdi Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I love Shirdi Sai Baba. He has done a lot of things for me in my life. I am going through a very tough time in my life. I started praying to Shirdi Sai Baba 5 years back, but only for the past 1 year, I have been praying real hard. I have totally surrendered at His feet. After I surrendered at His feet, I had a dream of Him. His face was not clear as I could see only His side profile. He was showing a bowl with chandan smeared on it and was washing it away. I did not understand and then a thought struck my mine saying “I am washing away your karmas”. That was my 1st real experience with Baba. Recently, I again had a dream of a young Baba wearing orange robe and coming to my house for bhiksha. I gave Him a lot of rice. He happily took it and then I could not see Him. Thank You for reading !!!

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  1. to the first devotee….after reading your post i felt like i was only writing it because even i am also going through the same phase….even i am waiting to get married soon….baba please get me married to a nice guy baba….now i have become so weak that i cant tolerate this any more…i feel like my life stopped somewhere…please bless me to have a family

  2. Ist devotee,i have been looking out for a good natured girl for my distant cousin's son. Really nice family and a smart boy,i think 32-yr old, with good life values. I keep praying to Baba for a good match for him. I have no idea which part of the country you are from or what you are looking for. If you think Baba wants you to contact me, you can mention me on this comment section.

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    My response to 1st devotee. Sister, do not worry about your marriage. Be positive and most of you all you have Sai Baba, Baba will take care.

    Anyway, please see above response from a "Anonymous" devotee who is also looking for a girl for her cousin, guess this is Baba message. Please contact her and wish you good luck.

    Please remember, marriage is always a commitment, understanding, compromise and respect. I am a married man blessed with 2 girls, my life is a Sai's Bhiksha.

    So i request all devotees to take life easy, be happy, be contend, take care of parents.

    Jai Sai Ram,

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  4. Jai Sai Ram,

    My response to devotee who had Baba in Dreams, Sai appears to people when we are too worried about problems or even in good times. What ever it is, appearing Baba in dreams is most fortunate!! think you are blessed and of course all of us too for even having Sai in our life.

    Do not worry your troubles will end soon…… Sai is the most merciful one!!

    Allah Mallik
    Servant of Baba

  5. First Devotee, please don't lose heart. I and my wife have become devotees for past eight months only. Please read my experience (first experience- Sai Baba's blessings) "A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 377"

    We both have incurable disease. Our disease didn't get cured but disease in mind has certainly lessened. I have done Sai Vrat three times, Sai Sat Charitra parayan twice for relieve me & wife from disease. Baba has shown miracle in other matters but not in these, i have left my favourite snacks for past eight months, now i have stopped asked him anything, may be totally surrounding to him.

    Please don't loose heart, do continuously Sai Sat Charitra parayan until your wish is full filled, attend Sai Baba aartis also.

  6. Sai devotees, please some one let me know, if I can hear our BABA's arti at any time or do I have to listen only at the particular times.BABA please give me the answer. BABA I love you.

    • Dear devotee there is no particular time for arti.When ever you remember baba with deep devotion and you have time do prayer and listen to arti just enjoy doing that.Do we pray baba at a particular time every day? Don't we remember him while traveling or eating!!!!Devotion and dedication matters.I believe this.If I said something wrong then I apologize.
      Om Sai Ram

  7. swamy …on this thursday i am going for job intrview…baba
    plz be with me swamy……..plz help me to get this job 🙂
    luv u baba

  8. To the first sai devotee have faith saima will answer your prayers soon as he only knows whats best for us.. he will surely give you and your sisters the best life partners as baba always cares for his children.. soon waiting for your marriage news with saima's miracle to be shared by you.. advance wishes dear sai devotee.. may saima bless you and your sisters and your parents.. may saima bless all.. om sai ram..

    To the 1st sai devotee……dear sister evn i hav been through same pain few months back….evn i belong to same age group of urs….but only bcoz of our beloved BABA today iam enjoying the time. Evn i and my family faced lot of problms for my marrg to be settled but nothing worked out evn after doing sai nav guruvar vrat for 1st time….my parents used to cry day n night for my mrrg, evn i used to cry as to y BABA is not answering my prayers but i had complete faith on BABA that he will giv best for me. And i used to console my parents. I again strtd 2nd time sai nav guruvar vrat and before 6th thursday(guruvar)mrrg settled with very nice guy with all the qualities i wanted. Before that BABA came twice in my dream assuring and talking to me that "U R BELIEVING NONSENSE PPL…..NOT BELIEVING ME U ONLY BELIEVE ME" these r d same words which BABA spoke to me…as in that period many ppl took advantage of our situation. U wil not believe that my engagemnt settled on THURSDAY BY BABA'S GRACE WHICH IS AGAIN A BIG MIRACLE. All the whole story i will put it down later some othr time by BABA'S BLESSINGS. As of now i will only tel that plssssssssssssssssssss dont leave ur faith frm BABA…….he knows everythng just hav patience wait for his blessings as he is going to giv d best for u…trust me nothing wrong will happen ….ur his beloved child……only one thing DONT FORGET HIM

  10. Om sai ram
    This is in regard for my comment posted three days back about my result to be declared on 25 that is today.and i have cleared two groups by babas grace and iam happy.

    Love you all. And i know baba has prepared something for us all.
    May baba bless us all..

  11. Jai sairam,

    2nd devotee,please offer water to baba every night and have that water the next morning and take udi continuously with faith. You will certainly be cured. jai sairam

  12. to each and every devotee of baba i sincerely advice everybody to read this book( The power of your sub conscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy ) as this book will help you to understand that how faith works scientifically for impossible things. It's just faith and pure love which can take us from the stormy paths of the life. All the teachings of baba are explained on scientific base. This book has done wonders in my life and my relation with baba. HOPE IT WILL DO THE SAME IN YOUR LIFE.OM SAI RAM.

    • Dear Sister/Brother,
      I really don't know how to thank you. I was a very negative person from my childhood. I always put myself in to the sate of victim and cry whenever things go wrong. Almost around 7 years I'm going through hardship. Recently I gone through a very bad break u in a relationship and cried almost 7 months continuously. I trust in god but I cry for everything make myself sad even more by thinking all the bad stuff happened to me in the past.
      Yesterday morning when I read the first experience I lost all my hope about life. I thought god wouldn't help me ever in my life.I didn't even read the remaining. Before sleeping I used to read the devotees comments and pray for the people who suffer. Then I read your comment. I know it is god's grace he showed me the way and gave me the ray of hope by your comment.
      In the early morning I downloaded the book "The power of your sub conscious mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Its awesome. I never felt this much of inspired and hopeful in my lifetime. Believe me it changed my mindset completely. Our destiny is in our hand. I understood our mind is the sole reason for our happiness and misery. Thank you very much for recommending this. I know I'll be successful and write my success story in this blog very soon. 🙂
      You saved my life. I get tears when I say this. It is really a miracle otherwise I won't read this comment in the midnight even after deciding not to read this blog anymore as i lost my hope. Thank you again. God may bless you.
      Dear devotees.I strongly recommend you to read this. The ebook is available. you can download it and start reading it. http://www.ichoosetoheal.com/downloads/the-power-of-your-subconscious-mind.pdf

      Om sai ram

  13. Dear sai devotees…………need ur help….iam frm hyderabad and want to visit shirdi by train tour package and also want to have one aarti darshan there.

    pls guide me….

  14. baba bass ek bar ehsan kardo apneh bakht par, baba meri madaat kardo please, mere sadguru, mujhe app par puri shraddha hai aur saburi, baba saath do mera please

  15. Touching experiences. I am sure that (as there is a more than 1 month delay in sending and publishing the experiences) Baba would have already shown some miracle to the troubled devotees 🙂

    O Deva, the mind is restless, I surrender it to You, please let all my thoughts be governed by You. Bless me, be with me and let every word that comes out of my mouth be approved by You O Sadguru.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  16. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba please improve my relationship with my love. Please cure his back pain and make him happy. Baba forgive me for my mistakes and bless me soon. Only you know my pain and suffering.

    Om Sai Ram

  17. Nice experiences! First devotee, I know you are going through a lot with your father's health problem and trying to find a good groom for you, but don't worry, soon your bad karmas will go away and good things will happen, don't lose faith in Baba and His plan, Baba knows how much you are struggling and once your bad karmas have passed, Baba has many wonderful things to give you, including a wonderful groom that Baba has personally selected for His daughter, you. 2nd devotee, it was Baba who was there with you taking the exams and helping you with each question and that is why you did so well even though you thought you did not. 3rd devotee, your Baba dream was very nice and Baba showed you that He is there with you and helping to erase your bad karmas. Om Sai Ram!

  18. OM Sai Jai Sai. 1st devotee our prayers are with you Saiji must have blessed you with nice life partner by this time but if not then just have little more patience for some more days he is going to do a big miracle.2nd devotee you are blessed soul that Baba himself came to write your exams.3rd devotee Wow its so nice to know that you had dreams of Deva, I can imagine the divine moment as I myself , have also gone through this bliss.Saiji please bless Kingsley to start his own decent business.Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  19. Jai Sai Ram!1st devotee dont leave baba and baba also not leave you…Be patience and continously do sai pooja ,He will surely help you without no doubt

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  21. Thanks All for your comments and encouragig words . I have full faith in babaji and i know things will work very soon . Baba please bless all…

  22. sai baba
    even im going through the same situation as first devotee. my parents are crying day and night.
    I am so worried . they are aged too. please give us the happiness.
    please bless us with good boy as my wish .
    please bab forgive me if i have done some mistakes

  23. To the devotees who are waiting to get married, firstly all our prayers are with you. Baba is there with all of us. He gives us what is good and on right time. We need to have Shraddha and Saburi and wait for that right time. Baba will sometimes test us. We have to pass that exam by showing our Shraddha and Saburi towards Baba.

    I feel this way : Our mother gives us everything even without asking, she takes care of us, she loves us uncoditionally even when he hurt/fight with her sometimes. A child feels very comfortable and fearless in her/his mother's lap because the child has complete faith on his/her mother that she will be protecting him/her. She will be there with us all the time and expects only love from us. We should have the same feelings(of a mother) towards our Sai. We should love him unconditionally and accept whatever he gives us with full faith. Afterall, Baba will give us only the best. Remember Baba's saying "Why fear when I am here".


  25. 1st devotee…. Read the book ' Kalyana sai"…. Baba will definitely fulfill your wish… It is also a parayan book but particularly for those struggling with marriage problems….

    • Could you kindly post the link to this book "kalyana sai" here? I have been trying to find it online but I couldnt spot one. If it isnt available online could you provide the entire information of this book, please. many thanks in advance.

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