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Baba Saved Me

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. I have been reading the Devotees experience for over 2 years now. At present I am retired from my job. I have never missed reading it. Some times while reading the experience tears roll down. I wanted to share my experience, how Baba helped me. I wanted to write my experience I had all the time in the world, but I just could not sit down to type my experience. At last I have decided to do it today. I don’t know how to write this, but forgive me for all my mistakes.

Today I was telling my partner of 5 years, that my friend (couple) from Malaysia might want to come and stay for few days. He told me no one is allowed to come and stay. They can stay in a hotel. I told him I will pay some money. He said no. Some men with all the money and big house have no heart. I don’t have a place of my own. I don’t have the money to buy a place. This made me sit and write my experience. At last Baba has made me write my experience. Please edit wherever necessary. Please don’t include my name and e-mail.

I was working in the Civil Service. In March 2010, I received a letter that I am dismissed from my job, with further inquiries. On the 1st of April, I received a letter that I lost my job. The day I received the letter, I have promised my friend to take her shopping as she doesn’t have a car. So I took her and parked my car and told her that I will wait in the car, and asked her to do her shopping. As I was sitting in the car I saw many Indians coming out of the building just like they are coming out of a temple. I know that place is not a temple. I got down from my car and went to the building, I could not belief my eyes it was Shirdi Sai temple. I was shocked went in and prayed, had some food to eat.

I have heard of Shirdi Sai for sometimes, but I don’t know much about Sai. Then I prayed to Sai to help me to win my case. It took some time to prepare my case. It was hard work. There were times I wanted to give up. As there were so many obstacles, the person preparing my papers loses his temper often and shouts at me. But without job and no money is not easy. I went to court in September. The case went on for 2 full days. I had a very good Solicitor.

The court said they need more time to read the papers. Then on one Wednesday, my Solicitor rang and told me I got my job at another place and few thousand pounds. I told her let me think about it. I just asked Sai as I am old now please try to give me more money. I rang the Solicitor and told her I am not taking the job, but I asked for more money. To my surprise Baba helped me to get more money. I have never missed going to Baba temple on Thursday till to date. I just asked Baba to give me good health and peace of mind. That is all I need at this age. Shirdi Sai Baba is always with me. Thank You Baba for all Your help. OM SAI RAM.

Miracles Of Saibaba

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetal Ji, I have read so many miracles of Saibaba. So I thought of sharing the miracles that happened in my life with the grace of Baba. Since this is my first time I am writing on a public site, please bear with me for any mistakes. If you want to edit, you can do it.

Hi All, I am here to share the miracles happened in my life with the grace of Lord Saibaba. I got married in Jan 2005, but even after 2 years of my married life, we didn’t have a child. In between these two years, I had a miscarriage once. After two years, we went to USA and there I got conceived again. We were very happy about this, but that happiness didn’t last even for two months. It was an ectopic pregnancy and we both lost all hope. Till that time I didn’t know anything about Saibaba. One of my friends on the previous day of my surgery told me about Saibaba and she suggested me to read Sai Satcharitra, when I got recovered. There the miracle starts.

Usually I am very scared of pain, even small things. I got very nervous that I am going for a surgery. I was
praying to Saibaba that I should not feel any pain (don’t know how it was possible). But it happened. I didn’t feel any pain after I got conscious. I felt a mild soreness on the place there are cuts (laparoscopic). The next day, I had pain for some different reason, but not because of the surgery. It is truly by the grace of Saibaba that I didn’t feel any pain even after a surgery. Next, because of the surgery, my blood pressure level went down. Doctor said it will become normal in few days, but I was very scared. We checked two, three times, but it was the same low level. I thought of reading Sai Satcharitra within a week. On a Friday, I started to read the book. On the same evening we checked my blood pressure level was normal. We were very happy to see the result. At that time also I realized the presence of Baba.

Now I am going to tell the most important miracle that happened in our life by the grace of Saibaba. After my ectopic pregnancy, doctor told us to try for a baby after 3 months. By Baba’s grace, I got conceived exactly after 3 months. And we blessed with a cute little boy baby and we named Him Sai. On the day my pregnancy got confirmed, I and my husband decided to name the child Sai. We both are very thankful to Saibaba throughout our life. Not only these, there are so many miracles happened in our life with the grace of Baba. We always feel His presence with us. Thanks Saibaba. Thank You so much. Now we are waiting for one more miracle, another baby. After so many difficulties, I still have hope on You. Please Baba please bless us with one more baby.

I just wanted to share my experience, so that people, who have difficulties in their life, will get some hope after reading this. Saibaba, whoever comes to Him with true love and devotion, will never let them down. Let us all worship Saibaba with full hope. Jai Sri Sairam, Jai Sri Sairam, Jai Sri Sairam.

Sai Teri Leela

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram. Jai Jai Shri Sai Ram. I am a Sai devotee. I want to share my experience. Are you ready to hear one more Leela of Baba? Here it comes.

From 1 week, I wanted to have Baba’s photo and wanted it to put it on a certain place in my home. So I started to find it. I had strong feeling of getting the picture from my home only, but I wasn’t getting the perfect picture, which I was looking for. During this week, when I had searched in my house, where my heart said I would get Baba’s picture in this house, I found it. But it was small, so I didn’t want those pictures to put on the particular place for which I was searching for the picture. So I decided to buy a picture, but I couldn’t buy a new picture.

Finally somehow I completely forgot to search for the picture and was amazed by looking at the Sai picture just in front of my eyes. I liked the picture very much and was really happy to see it hang on doors. The picture was not in my house, but it was in my neighbour’s house. Our doors are right in front of each other, so we can watch at other’s home easily. I seriously wonder how come I miss Sai’s Darshan for so long years. As when they brought the picture, very next day I came to know about it and loved the picture that day also. But I completely forgot after that.

Even though I went to my neighbour’s house often and can see directly thru every day. But when I wanted to have Darshan of Sai, He stood in front of me, amazing Baba’s amazing Leela. Then today I decided to see Baba like this only and as I have a large SARASWATI MAA’s picture in my house. I decided to bow in front of it regarding to be as Sai’s. Few minutes ago, I was doing my usual work at home and just opened the cupboard, just besides the particular place, where I wanted to place Baba’s picture. Suddenly I had a hint that right at the top I have Baba’s picture and yes it was there. The picture is very old and has Sai Siddhi Yantra with it. When we shifted our house, all other idols and pictures were misplaced. But this picture stayed with me. Remaining pictures were put into river by us, but this picture I kept with me, even without knowing what it was. I was very small and didn’t recognize Sai in it as well. But that day I said I place this picture over here. And after so long, it appeared in front of me.

I feel all to be Sai’s Leela because by no means I would have seen that picture today as I operate that cupboard so often, but I never realized His presence and how come today I end up having it and remembering all the things that’s not possible without His desire. Thank You Sai for being with us always. Anatkoti Bramhandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbramh Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. Om sai ram om sai ram
    Om sai ram om sai ram
    Om sai ram om sai ram
    Om sai ram om sai ram
    Om sai ram om sai ram
    Om sai ram om sai ran
    Om sai ram om sai ram

    He will bless all dont worry



    • you are such a wonderful husband who is ready to do so much for his wife…i think every woman in life would love to have a husband like you who is ready to give his soul for her and thinks that he should keep his wife happy by all means…i so wish we have more men like this in our society who respect and love their women and think that making their wives is a priority for them…i think our world would be a better place to live in. and i really feel that women should value such men in their lives.
      Dont worry brother please continue with your good thoughts and feelings about your wife and I will pray that baba blesses u soon with happiness.
      Om sai ram!

  3. baba am already thirty years old….am not married….it is hurting a lot….am loosing my hope on life and on u….please answer me baba

    • thank u for responding….i have already done both the things…but there is no result…i dont know what to do now

    • In that case, try to do vrat and parayanam again. Most important, please have shraddha and saburi and leave everything at Baba's feet. Give up your favourite food until your wish gets fulfilled. Let your bad karmas end and I am sure Baba will make everything perfect. We need not worry when Sai is with us.

  4. Hello dear Sai Devotees, I want to buy murthi of our Sai and keep it in my home. However, I heard that we should do abhishekam daily to the murti. Is that correct?

  5. No i dont think so baba dont care about all these he only care about your intentions,this is mention in saicharitya

  6. Wonderful experiences.

    O Deva, I know whatever happens is happening to Your accord so I surrender to Your Lotus feet. I try to do good and end up being misunderstood, bless me O Sadguru so that I can continue doing good.

    Thank You for all the Love & Peace O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. this is all the bad karma which made me like this… i dont know why love did not work in my case… may be i wont get the love of my life….if nothing is impossible to baba then why you dont change his mind and make him to love me..??? i know nothing is impossible to you…. why i am getting attracted to bad??? it is increasing my karma… BAABAA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT LEAVE MY HAND AT ANY COST… PLEASE BRING HIM BACK…. CHANGE HIS MIND………..PLEASE

  8. Baba love u . Please bless my family n me . . Forgive me if I have done Sth wrong . I should control my temper . I'm showing my anger on my loved ones n I am hurting them. Please baba change my attitude . Pls forgive my sins . Love u baba

  9. om sri sai ram i am sure you will be with me to fulfill my dreams soon because you know very well that what i need is not for me it is my duty towards my parents please sairam help me to help my parents with your love and blessings.
    om sri sairam om sri sairam omsrisairam om sri sai ram om sri sairam
    om sri sairam om sri sairam om srisairam om sri sairam om srisairam

  10. Very nice experiences! No matter what we have to go through, Baba never leaves our side (as the last devotee never lost the photo of Baba). Baba is always there with us to help us through difficult times, as he helped the devotee from USA have a beautiful baby after having to go through ectopic pregnancy and the devotee from UK go through all the trial of having to lose a job. Baba is always there watching us and helping us get through this bad karma so that we will in the end have all our wishes come true. Om Sai Ram!

  11. om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram
    my lord sai baba with your blessing i got a nice job which will help me to help my parents please be with me to clear the permit issues so that i can join the job soon
    baba i need your blessing for this
    om sri sai ram

  12. thanks a lot saima you have blessed me with what i want
    please be with me in future en devour.
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sairam om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

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