Sai Baba Please Help Me To Regain The Honor I Lost – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Following is a pitiable life incident of an anonymous Sai sister. Request you all to pray for her.

Anonymous Devotee from Sri Lanka says: Om Sai Ram, I am a Sai Devotee from Sri Lanka. This is the 2nd Day of Sai Vrat. I’d like to share my Experience here and request for your prayers. Please forgive me, if it is not appropriate to post. But I am in a critical situation. Please pray for me. I am not sure from where I should start this. I am now 27 years old. Not sure since when I started worshiping Sai. I do not want to disclose every little thing happened in my life as it will make you see me “Seeking Mercy”.

My journey has been very tough since my childhood. I am a child abuse victim. Since then I always been insecure about the people around me and urged for “Love” because I wanted somebody to take me out of this monster. This became the problem because the guys, who came to my life, realized I am urging for the love, nothing else and they cheated me in a very bad way. I didn’t know there are lots of monsters moving around in this world just like the person, who abused me. I got cheated in a very bad way. Since I was 21 I started crying.

I even went to the state of begging for food and got angry with Sai for making me a victim every time. I broke His photos and threw away out of anger. But Sai saved me. Then one day Sai gave me a person, who cared about me a lot and been with me in my hard times. I thought that he is the Xavier sent by Sai, because I got him after doing Sai Vrat. But later I found out he is a maniac. He started torturing me in all the way. He started blackmailing me saying that he will ruin my life or kill my parents if I don’t get married to him. I stayed in a relationship with him around 3 years because I was scared that he might do something to my parents, but I couldn’t go further because he started calling all my colleagues and asked them if I have any physical relationship with anybody there and asked them to stay away from me.

Then one of my very best friend came to my help. He asked me to stay stronger and fight against that person. He supported me in all the way and took care of me like a Mom. We fell in love with each other. I told him everything happened in my life and told him that I am not suitable for marriage, but he said he always wanted to get married to a widow and he loves my heart nothing else. I was so happy and agreed to get married to him.

But after sometime he said he can’t marry me because his mom does not wants him to marry a non-Muslim girl (He is a Muslim and younger to me). He strongly said that he can’t rethink about it at all because his mom got heart attack just because he talked about me with her, if he marry me, his mom will die and he will not make his sister married.

I couldn’t accept it because I got him after so many years of prayer and crying. Furthermore the guy, who was blackmailing, started calling my parents and friend and said everything about my past. I felt helpless because nobody was there to help. I tried committing suicide 4 times but failed. All the friends whom I asked for support refused to help me and they hit me from back by spreading rumors about me in the office saying I’m a slut. I started collapse in the office and cry for hours so my management though that I’m mentally ill and sent me for counseling. I left my job because I couldn’t work there with a bad image like that.

I did a very bad mistake by going to a black magician and tried to do vashiya mantra to get him back. It never worked and I got caught by his friends. They took a promise from me, not to talk to my guy again or try to come back to his life and if I ever do, so they will tell him about this black magic thing and break our love even if he comes back with pure love.

I don’t know what to do. I’m praying Sai every single minute. I don’t know why God makes me cry since childhood. I can’t forget him and think of another life, if I do so then I’d become a slut as they say. I love him so much and I know only he can bring back the honor I lost by marrying me. Could you all please pray for this sister? Please.

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  1. M a girl who is not married yet but looking for alliances from 2 to 3 years….but nothing is working….this is the only thing bothering in ma life….rest of evrythng is right in my life…but still i conpln to baba every day dat y is he nt listng to me….but belive me sister now after reading ur post i felt ooo ma goddddd der r so many ppl around me who are suffering more than me….dont take me wrong i dont mean to hurt u….this is jst a eye opener to me by baba itself datz what i want to say

    Coming to ur post….sis i had ma tears while reading ur post….felt vry bad for you….i dnt knw who u are but think me as ur sis r a frend…i want to tel u som thng….i read ur complt post..undstood ur pblm…m jst suggesting u dat

    See we are all born for a reason in this world N so as u….god gave u this life because there is a reason behind it….so here there should not b a thought of sucide…ok

    Coming to ur life….what evr happend till now just leave it….past is waste…if u feel bad r low go to baba talk to him cry infront of him confess say sorry….tel him what ever you want to tel….then u will feel lite nd free in ur heart….den tell baba that you want lead a happy and meaningful life from now and starr worshipping him with shraddha and saburi….you will get relief….

    Sister u r educated and you can earn….so first get a good job….stand on ur feet….earn money for ur life….pray baba evry day….if u hav time go and do charity….donate som money to poor or orphans….you will feel happy

    Coming to ur love life or marriage b calm nd cool….there is no need to chase any one…the right person will come to u at the right….see evn m a girl i can undstnd….but i feel so bad seeing girls chasing their lovers or boyfriends who left then…why do u ppl beg love….love has to b given freely by the other person if not that love dont have any value….so b calm nd cool…if a person really loves you he will come to u….

    Lastly sis if i hurt u im sry….please start bringing a meaning to ur life….work on dat and leave evrythng onbaba…he is always there for us…b happy sister


    • what ever u said is true sister, one should not beg for love from others, they should willingly give it to opposite person.if a person really loves you he will come to u….

    • dont worry at all,just pray to saibaba and whatever be the result ,be bold to face it,life is never the same as we expect,and dont care about the society whatever they think about u
      ,just do ur work, rest u leave it to sai,he is always there for us all,he takes care of us all.

  2. Sai ram,
    I had tears in my eyes reading your experience. I am in a similar situation. I am going to shirdi on July 10 th. You can send me your prayer at and i will place it in baba's holy feet. You can email me if you need a friend to talk with.

    • Sister Manpreet, sending prayers to id. I had seen this from many devotees, u mean to say, if we write our prayers,then u will take printout and put them in shiridi hundi. kindly reply to my doubt sister

    • Sister Manpreet/Devotees , i have one doubt, what does it means by sending prayers, if we send prayers to ur id, will u take printout of it and put it in shiridi hundi …pls clarify my doubt sister/ any other devotees , because i had seen this from many devotees.

  3. Reading through your experiences reminded me of my the worst experiences I have had in my life. All the guys that came in my life ditched me totally. Everything started when I was 18. There are lot of guys who were behind me. One of the guys proposed me by giving me a letter given in blood. I was very scared at that age. A few years later I went on a trip with my friends and one friend(guy) of mine tried to take advantage of it. Again two years later a guy confessed his love. I blindly rejected him. And from that day he started torturing me. He did everything possible to get me a bad name even after we are countries apart now. He doesn't allow me to lead a normal life. He will disturb me everyday. He has ruined everything for me like ill speaking and things as such. This has been happening for 3 years now but I just take everything silently. I know my Baba is watching Him and he will get more than what he deservers. In fact I believe that Baba will teach all of them a very big lesson. But I never trust guys in my life because of innumerable bad experiences I have had with them. I want to tell you that Please be strong and fight with the world!! Start improving yourself and settle big in life. You are a gem and you wouldn't need anybody.. People who love will come to you anyway.. please don't go behind them!! Our Baba will take care. Good luck!

    OM SAI RAM!!

    • True sister, even many guys were behind me and when i was doing my engineering , a guy tortured me like anything and finally he said he will draw my pics on walls also if i wont give positive answer to him, i got scared and prayed to baba , my best friend who was sitting beside me helped me and by our babas grace he left college in 2nd year, after that also he used to call my friend and asked about me many times..i was quite and prayed to sai.

      Kind request to all my sisters, there might be good/bad guys, but still we need to be in our own caution and need to take care of ourself. Don't trust everybody in this world.(as we are seeing many incidents happening around us ) One kind advice to my sisters pls dont put any living relation with anybody before marriage. Its not bad loving somebody , but before marriage leading in such relations is not good for us only. Because we dont know how the situations will be in future. Please forgive me if i told anything wrong. Just want to give small advice to my beloved sai siters.So just trust baba, and leave everything on him…people who really loves us will definitely come to us…om sairam


    Dear Babaji

    Thanks for everything. Please be with us.

    Want to say one thing to all Girls that Be STRONG & Keep your CHARACTER clean. Along with that do SIMRAN of GOD.

    There is NO need to fight with the world, it is FIGHT WITH YOURSELF to Keep you Character HIGH and DO BEST IN WHATEVER YOU DO.

    From My experiences since I grown up, all guys used to be afraid of me while I was in India, as I was somebody who is there to get respect from even from elders, due to Bhakthi of GOD & Being very Intelligent.

    At 24,I came to australia. Most of the times I shared room with Boys, as I was alone girl came to live in regional area, & it was expensive to afford home alone. I probabaly had an aura, that they, even elders than me, used to respect me. They used to come to my room for puja or simran, as I used to have temple in my room. Even the guys who were not living with us, they used to take key of my home while I was busy somewhere, so that they can come to my room for puja, as our home was very near to UNI.

    Once a guy, who everybody knew is bad, confessed to myself that he feels very scared to talk to me, even something related to study.

    Even Now all the freinds are living in different cities, All the GUYS whom I shared home for 3 years are still friends with me, their wives are also friend with me, their kids call me bhui.( Can YOu Believe that we were gang of 8 Guys & 1 girl, out of which I shared home with 6 at different point of time during 3 years???)

    I am married one of my UNI friends Only, He Knew I was always sharing HOME with other GUYS.This Guy proposed me after finishing of my study, he liked me being very strong girl, who can lead this life with him, matching shoulder to shoulder, Moreover he was impressed seeing How close I was to GOD.

    SO GIRLS,I am the girl, Now 30 year old, had BOYS, as my Friends, Even shared Home with them, was Living alone far from Family, BUT NO BODY EVEN DARED TO TALK ILL OF ME, let alone taking advantage of me. (FYI- I am not a girl who gets angry , I am very soft spoken, who love everybody). Never tried to scold anybody, BUT my BHATHI TO GOD WAS MY SAVIOUR.

    SO my request to all parents, please give gift of NAAM SIMRAN TO GIRLS since birth.

    It will Protect them. Make yourself SO GOOD THAT Only GOOD persons are attracted to YOU.


    • very nice words….even my claasmates(guys) and guys(outsiders) scared to talk to me…now also some of my classmates used to tell that they scared to talk with me…even i also soft spoken and good natured girl…but i think god only saving us form evil people…so i would like to suggest everyone to go in bhakti maarg…when god is there to protect then nobody can harm us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…

    • Dear devotee from Australia, I agree with your points but you need understand the fact that girls who were not given proper care by parents, who were ill treated at home, abused at home often falls easily as a prey to guys who shower love upon them. I have seen many girls who were highly devoted to God have lost their lives too. May be your good karma is keeping you safe. In my point, if fate is written on us to face horrible issues, one will obviously face it through. During the process the victim calls out for God's help and then we are pulled away from the problem.
      From my point it is the bad karmas that are bringing in problems and we have to work on removing it by donating food, clothes and money. IT CAN'T BE SAID THAT, BE DEVOTED TO GOD AND HE WILL KEEP YOU AWAY FROM BAD PERSONS. Ringing in God's name round the clock will alone not help. We have to keep ourselves busy in good activities like charity or helping the needy. This way we will be around good and not allow bad people to pass by us. Of course women are CLEAN in their character and it is only due to some unavoidable circumstances they get trapped into the wrong.
      Dear Sai devotees who are women, please try to overcome the past and do not drool over it. Whatever happened are in the past. From now think of only doing good stuff like donating food, water, clothes and money to the needy. Sai will certainly be pleased with you and would be willing to wash out your bad karma. Singing bhajans or doing puja round the clock will never help. Go after the poor and needy. Sai lives in them. He will save you only then.

    • omm shree sai Ram
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  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram

  6. BabaJi

    Please pardon me if I have done any mistake.

    Please save us, please save us, Please save us. Please save us, Please save us, Please save us.

    Love You Babaji.

  7. Baba please save our sai sister ji from her critical situation and show her the right path.
    Bless her with energy, good health and pease.

    Jai Sai Ram

  8. I felt really sad reading your story. But all I can say is Baba is there watching everything. You probably had to pay for your past karma in this life at a stretch and I pray to Baba that this should be the end of that suffering chapter.

    Education and being able to work is a huge blessing that you have that many women don't, even in this modern society. Really put it to good use and get back on your feet. Believe in your love that if it is true, he will come back to your life but Leave it to Baba to make the decisions for you. There are people who care for you, atleast from today people on this blog would look forward to reading a success story or a happy experience from you. As another devotee said, it is so true that every human being has a purpose in life, especially being a Baba child you will be blessed to fulfill it so don't ever think of ending your life.

    I know its easier to say than to follow any of these but you've got to be strong. There are plenty of people in this word who really enjoy being slutty and think its fun to do it, when they themselves don't consider that they are unfit for marriage, why are you thinking that? You are a perfectly fine young woman and deserve to be happy as much as any other person. Whatever happened in the past is not your fault and is not even important. There are plenty of good men out there who care for a woman and accept for who they are. You will find happiness and love too, please hang in there a little longer, I'm sure our merciful Baba will bless you soon.

    Baba please apne is bacchi ka raksha karna!

    om Sai Ram

    • sorry to say this sister,u said "There are plenty of good men" , but i dont think so…i am working in IT industry and seen many of them who are not at all good. They just look for a chance . Sorry if i hurted anybody, but through my experiences i said this..

    • Sorry to say this sister , but there are only few men who are good. I am working in IT industry, i had seen many guys who just look for a chance and through my experiences said this….very few are good..Please forgive me if i hurted anybody….I am a women who thinks that there should only one soul mate, but after my marriage when i saw my husband i lost complete faith on men. Now i cant trust anybody.I wont say everybody will be like that , but many are like that.pls forgive me, if i said anything wrong

  9. Hi Dear,

    Plz be strong.I know its really tough to carry on but you have to. See, nobody can steal him from you if he is made for you so please try to handle this situation patiently. Try to do naam jap , heal urself from your past by doing meditation on Sai Maa.Sai Maa is always for us, believe on him.Pray to him , he will surely give you all the happiness in your life which one deserves.I am also going through a very bad phase in my life but i know, if anyone can heal me then its only me and my attitude towards my problems and my faith on Sai Maa.Thats it.

  10. This shows many of my sai sister and brother are in pain..i know i cant reduce there pain but my prayer will always for you people..Remember one thing always you people are special for baba so only baba has chosen you..once you think that we have vast number of population in this world and out of that why only you have chosen for that.?.almost all are in pain but how many has merit to get baba in sad situation?apne man ki ankhe kholo mere beheno and cry for sai and die for you r in pain because you loves one other and we are so worried about them.You all are having same heart like baba(after all sai doughter)…this all game has made by baba (1st raised the storm and latter subside it)..he is natakhat im feeling mercy on those guys whose are animal in human socked by thinking that how they could not understand the value of women..hear we pray them as mother,goddess,sister,mother earth and in mean time we hurt them..How? Finally your this brother with tear full eyes asking sorry to sorry on behalf of those guys..You wanna to scold, then scold me and reduce your anger but pleas don’t harm yourself..this 1of your brother request..humara sai humesha apka sath you all my sai sister and brother..amen..omm sai ram

  11. Jai Sai Ram….
    Hey sister have patience baba is kept something good for u…
    He is just testing you…Dont give up faith, trust and you will win….

  12. My prayers are with u dear sis.. Forget the past. Don't even wish for the guy to come back. As a few mentioned go to a job.. earn well and devote your time to someone needy.. Rest sai will take care. I know it is easy to say. But instead of longing for love. spread the love that you have to the people who need it..You will be content with your life. Plz remember that having a guy is not everything in this life.. love can come from anyone. You can adopt a child. Adopt parents. This is only one life. It need not be spent on thinking abt ppl who don't deserve it.

    • Very well said sai sister…..nice lines…this is what i was trying to tell her…..hope she understsnds and lead a happy life… sai ram


  13. SAI RAM JI,
    Sai sister have shradha and saburi and then everything will be alright. May baba bless u.

  14. My sai sister&brother, I know most of are in pain so im sending one joke if you don’t like it then its ok but please don’t cry after reading it..;-)one day me and few of my colleague were eating together in one table..i saw on of them was collecting little out of all item in corner of plate .i asked why have you kept like this.?.He told its for god . I told him there are many people in this world whose are not getting food and you r thronging it ..!.god never said through it he said remember me before you takes the food and offer it hungry people…once you think..he didn’t listen to me still he was stickled with his principle..Suddenly another friend took all that item and gulped it in a time..Person got so much angry and stared scolding..the person who had said that ,
    im the god ..
    1st-how come.?.
    2nd-Because its written in gita that im brahnmasmi that means im the I thought you kept for me so its my duty to take it..
    then all started laughing even person who had kept the food also started laughing..finally he said now I understood so now onwards I will follow it..sorry if it hurts anybody. It does not indicate to any religion. Its just a joke..omm sai ram

  15. OM SAI RAM!

    Dear sis be strong in life never look back you will have a beautiful future just keep praying our Baba he will show you a nice path. what I wanted to say is already said by other devotees so please read there advice carefully try to adapt them everything will be fine.OM SAI RAM.

  16. Dear Sister,

    please first of all don't ever go behind these black magics as you are a pure devotee of our SAI NATH.

    Please sister…Just start praying BABA every day whenever you have time by closing your eyes and imagining his pic with the balnk mind.please just leave all your desires and pains at lotus feet of BABA. he will take care of everything .please please no need to do any extra effort by yourself to resolve your issues especially for your relation ship issue.

    Please Sister first of all just pray BABA to have good job and do all the efforts what ever you can do to grab good job.If you feel like getting job is bit difficult due to your current situation then leave that with BABA.I am pretty much sure (200%) that BABA will place you in a good position for your future.just have Faith and Patient at last he will fulfill our desires by testing us like nothing. always chant "SAI RAM" with full of devotion.

    you have been running through these pains due to your bad karma.But with BABA'S GRACE, they are like nothing so he can either reduce your bad karma or else make them running fast together rather than keeping them with us for a long time.I am sure that he will either reduce your karma or he lets you to have those karma with in quick period of time.So if you believe him then you will soon laugh like nothing in front of his photo by chanting his name.

    one more last word about the people who talks behind you, if BABA thinks then he can change their mind and give give them good thoughts about you so all of them are on his hand so please don't do any extra effort by yourself except praying BABA.

    Also for your information just check the following link

    then follow whatever BABA says

  17. Hi Pani
    I too take and keep little food for baba before i eat.but i will not throw that atlast i will have at last or i will give to my friends or family members who are with me when eating. really it makes me so happy.

    • opps sorry sai devotee..its just joke for my sai sister.. whose are in pain right now..i just thought of giving one small smile to there face..sorry once again..omm sai ram

  18. Sai child please dont worry…you are going through bad phase of your life…read sai satcharitra parayan and do saima's naam jaap…do commit to do specific numbers of naam jaap(make sankalpa of doing one lakh or more chants of saima's naam)i will assure you that you will come out of the problems soon…have faith and patience…baba will bless you…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  19. OM SAI RAM… baba ji whatever I ask from you, you never never listen to me why baba ji why??? I fail to understand why are you doing all this to me. I had requested you to pls cancel the meet it was a very small thing to do but you never listen to my prayer whether it is a big thing or a small i don't know what wrong am I doing?? every day is a struggle baba ji I am very tensed pls baba pls baba help me………..

  20. Sai ram…..Please help her during these bad phases of life….Dear sister dont worry…Dont lose hope always pray baba…he will do his best….Keep faith on him..OM SAI RAM

  21. Hi Sai Sister,

    I feel proud of you inspite of your pain you still have trust in God and in people that is the reason you have written.I wish i could pray for you but im not praying because God wont listen to my prayers or answer it.So i request all other devotees to pray for her.I dont have any consoling words for you sister because i myself in the same situation and im even more experienced than you.Im not pouring these words to discourage you just sharing my thoughts.If this hurts you or any body else excuse me.I normally dont hurt anyone intentionally but my fate what i speak turns to be bad to others and make them hate me.All of you said that she should not pray for her lover to come back and some said its better she dont get him back.But one thing from my point of you im saying.Once a girl loves a guy she thinks him to be her husband and get devoted to him.Infact he becomes God for her so she wont even spend time for prayers or pooja because her God her lover.Its not that only the mangal sutra or the ceremonies or the registration mean getting married.No no…Once a man enters a woman's heart and mind he becomes everything to her.So only she knows the pain of missing him and staying away from him.Im of that sort.If you all say im a fool or bad woman or whatever name you call its ok but i feel this way.And i request you all to pray wholeheartedly for the sister who has posted today to get back her guy with loads of true love and regret for what he has done for her.And also pray that he should be with her forever and never leave her at any circumstances.As you all said she might get a very nice guy as well but somewhere inside her she will have the pain of missing him and being betrayed by him which will kill her and wont make her enjoy her please pray for her.Iam fed up with men as well dont know whom to trust and whom not to…even our sai belongs to that community but why is he allowing them to behave this way to girls and kill them each minute instead they can better take a knife and finish the girls,atleast that pain will last only for some hours and not life long…SORRY to all for this big mail,and if my content is wrong or if it hurts anyone and finally i ask sorry to the sister who has written today you came for some consoling words but i have added more fuel to it im SORRY sister…

    • No i dont agree with you…dont send these kind of messages to girls…not only you i hav seen so many girls writing like this in this blog…i really want to ask u girls why do u still want dem in ur life after they gave u so much pain…y do u want them back when they completely ditched you people….yes i agree it pains a lot but is it that you want to live all ur life crying for them…no wake up girls ur parents gave u a butyful life…bring a meaning to that life…do good be good…stay strong…look around life is so beautiful…no matter what happens in life be brave, bold and fight with the situations and above all baba is all ways there for us…pray him honestly with shraddha and saburi…he will look after us…

      M sry if i hurt u with my words…but open your eyes and see…this is what how life runs…life will not run sitting and crying…just face it how it comes…


    • Pleas vinni sister don't scold me..hear if you have taken as durga(ugra rupa) form then they all are in still mata sita(santa rupa) form but finally everybody wants ,devil should be kill by you people hand..Hear its not one rabana/mahisasur..many no.of devil are present in this era so both the goddess are needed to be strong..its massage to all my sai sister that don't worry baba is with you (as well as we all sai brothers are with you)…its my sincear prayer to baba, to give you more and more power to fight with this situation..omm sai ram

    • Dear brother pani ji M nt scolding them….see am a girl i feel so bad if girls do think like this….life is not full of roses….who doesnt have problems in life tel me….evrbody has got there own….crying alone will not solve ur problem and pleading them to come back….why do u want go back of ppl who are hurting u continuosly….have som self respect….stand on ur own…..these words are just from my heart because i feel bad for those girls thatz it…..dint mean to hurt any one


    • Dear sai siter it seems you kept so much pain confined in you. i am a girl i am agreed you feeling and i know suggest to forget someone is 1000 times easier than do but if you keep this much anger and sadness in your heart its not good for your physical and mental health a old trick for you write in a dairy every thing what comes into your mind whatever either good or bad. it really helps. try it once as a friend suggestion.

  22. Om Sai Ram,

    As a Sri Lankan, I can understand your problem well.

    Please continue praying Baba, he will show you the way out. As a Sri Lankan woman, I can tell you first 1) Get a job 2) Put your focus on your career growth 3) Always help others 4) Pray Pray Pray Pray…

    You will be amazed how things will be changed around you. Love cannot be demanded. Put it this way: He doesn't deserve you.

    One of my relative lady had the same problem. She loved someone (he also loved her), but he refused to marry her. All my villagers know about this love story. She is very strong devotee of Amman. She always goes to temple and cry. Everybody laughed at her – he also laughed with villagers. My mum always says that Amman will show her a way. Guess what, after 10 years of waiting for him, she gave up and went to India. There she started her career as receptionist and put her full concentration on her career. After few years, some nice boy proposed her and now they are loving couples.

    The boy who has cheated her is suffering now, with every aspect. I am sure he must be thinking of missing her.

    So please lead your life, it is easier said than be done. But with Baba's help, you could do it.

    Om Sai Ram

  23. baba please bless this poor girl.. she really needs you at this time of the hour…. bless her bless her bless her…

  24. Baba, please solve your child's problem. Sai sister, please have faith in Baba and leave everything to him. Surrender yourself at his feet. He will take care of everything.


  26. dear sai sister.. i hardly see anyone as strong as you. despite of you problems you still have show the courage to try for betterment and keep your faith alive. so you don't need to be strong, u are already. i want to suggest few thing try if you like focus on yourself i know its hard to forget people whom you love, better try to relocate some where else and concentrate on your career. generally relocation helps a lot. and don't worry keep faith in sai you get the best person for you maybe that same man or someone else. dear sai please help the sister you said that no one will be empty hand who seek for you. we believe on you. om sai ram

  27. Dear devotee, although you have had to go through so many bad things that many of us can't even imagine, Baba will be there to help you get through these. All these bad things are burning off much of your bad karma and soon you will find a good guy for you who will treat you right. We all have to deal with bad people in our lives who do bad things to us, just remember that no karmic debt goes unpaid, whatever these people did to you, they will have to face themselves. Even Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, God Himself, had to face the karmic consequences of what they did previously. I will surely pray for Baba to help you get through this quickly and hope that soon, by the time you finish your Sai Vrat, Baba will bring you through this horrible phase and give you something so wonderful that you can't even imagine. Om Sai Ram!

  28. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  29. Dear devotee, I am sure Baba is planning a beautiful life ahead of you. He has to, after all, look at the number of devotees who are praying for you now. May Sai Bless you with only happiness from now on.

    O Deva, let our sins melt away when we surrender to you. Let our bad deeds diminish every time we take Your name O Sadguru.

    Thank You for all the Love & Happiness O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  30. Never get too attached to anyone, because attachments leads to expectations and expectations leads to disappointments.
    Neither pain nor pleasure lasts forever.
    Do not focus on getting love from anyone at this present time
    Focus on looking how to lead a better life, please go to a different country. Set a goal am Baba is here to guide you sister.
    I am shocked to know how people still live a life of hell in Sri Lanka.
    When will this mentality change??

  31. Dear Sister,

    Baba is here. Please try to focus your attention on going somewhere else, and do not waste time please. try to be open minded. Do not let people bug you. No one has the right to harass you, unless you give them the chnace to do so.
    I am sure you will find a peaceful life very soon.Work on this .
    Sai Ram.

  32. Dear brothers and sisters,

    Thank you very much for all your prayers and advises. I'm really happy to see I have so many caring people around me who support me when I'm really feeling down. Thank you so much. My situation has not turned good yet. It is still the same. But I hope things will be alright so soon. I'm trying to get a job for the moment.

    I accept its my mistake, choosing wrong people in life. But what did I do when I was a kid for me to be a victim of abuse? I don't find any reason. If it is karma and if a god wants a kid to repent for her past life karma in the age of 5, what kind of system it is? Would that kid even understand the meaning of karma?
    I know I'm not the only one who is affected like that and we can't answer these questions. What we simply do is put the blame on karma. But this should be changed. The society should be corrected because it is been done by our own brothers , uncles , aunts, relatives and neighbours. I raise up against this because I know how it feels. Because this is the sole reason for why I'm in this kinda situation. I still urge for the happy childhood. Since I was a kid I wished for a prince to come and take me out of this. This thought was planted since then and I couldn't get rid of it still. I searched for that prince in every man I met. May be I'm wrong but my inner child urged for pure love. This psychology effect turned me so vulnerable and made me like this.

    Please at least raise up against child abuse. This can happen to your own kid tomorrow. Save them from those monsters. Teach them what is good touch and bad touch. Stay close to them and talk to them. Make them tell you everything freely. Childhood is the most important and gifted period in their life. Let them enjoy it completely. Save them.

    • I plead behalf of your children because it leaves permanent scars which can affect their whole life. It can create future psychopaths and murderers. At least I'm happy because I didn't become one of them and become a threat to this society. Though I got hurt in every step of my life I never harmed anybody. I did forgive the person who did it. I did forgive everybody who did bad things to my life, even the person who blackmails me.

      When it comes to the person I fell in love with, I know you all have different views. But I'm a person who forgive people and their mistakes easily. I treat them how I want others to treat me when I do a mistake. When we are not ready to forgive others how we can expect god to forgive us for our sins? Everybody do mistakes. If our dad or mom does a mistake will we just leave them? We will not. But if it is our friend or lover or spouse we tend to leave them and want god to make them repent for their mistakes. Because they are not related by blood. But I feel I connected with people emotionally and it is more stronger than blood relationships. I know he went away as a selfish. I might have done the same if my mom had fallen sick. But that doesn't mean I should stop loving him. He might need me one day, the day god changed his mind.I'll wait for that blessed day. The same with my friends who talk ill about me, god will change them soon. I trust in god. God might have let me down so many times in my past. But he will not let me down this time. He will change my lover's mind. God will turn the situation positive to me by changing his mothers view on me and make her accept me. I don't want god to punish any of my friends for their bad deeds but to make them understand their mistakes. Whoever told that I'm a slut and I don't suit him will say I'm the one who made for him, they will say nobody else would have kept him happily like I do. He will tell infront of all that I'm his wife and he is proud to have me. This is the only thing I ask from god. He will do it one day for the sure..

      I know I'm not a pure soul to advise anybody or be an example. But I know I'm not a bad person. Thank you very much brothers and sisters for your kind words. I'm sorry if I have hurt anybody. thank you Hetal ji for publishing my post. May sai bless you all. Thanks again.

    • I'm sorry if I have sounded as if I'm taking the side of my lover blindly. There are 3 sides in every story, our side, their side and the truth. I really understand his situation. When a person gets out of a relationship we simply say that he/she is bad that is why they ditched the other person. We never know the other side of the story most of the time.
      When I came out of the bad relationship from that blackmailer after struggling for 3 years, people said the same thing to me. They said I'm a very bad person that is why I left him. They even said that I left him just for the next relationship. Even the people who know the story they still say I can forgive him and start a new life with him. They never know how much tortures I went through.
      That is why I said I do understand his situation and will wait for him. It will not even take a second for god to change his mind or change him a good person. But God knows the best. I'll pray from my end to bring him back and regain the honour. Because I love him a lot. Sai will shower me by his blessings one day.

    • sai sister so happy to hear from you…hope you are doing well…dont worry for anythng…see you have so many sai sisters and brothers to support you…so be happy always…people will give us so many suggestions but it is ultimately we have to decide what we want and what makes us happy…if u really want him back and ur happiness lies in it…then we will pray baba to get him back….bcz we all want you to be happy…lastly sister dont ever leave baba…baba bless u vth so much happiness and love in ur life…om sai ram


  33. have little more saburi my sister from sri lanka,SAI will definitely get you out from this mess,let that time come,come what may dont stop praying and never lose your faith.I will pray for you and i am very sure soon you are going to be saved by our ever merciful baba.OM SAI RAM

  34. Sister Vinni, u said " really want to ask u girls why do u still want dem in ur life after they gave u so much pain…y do u want them back when they completely ditched you people…"

    Answer is "Many of us got married with persons who are not trustworthy,many of us had kids, for sake of them (kids)we are willing to stay with people who are not loving us , care us and deceiving us. That is only reason y we want them back"

    • sai sister…i was not taking about the women who got married because as im not married i dont have a single right or experience to comment on marriage issues…i was just talking with the galz about there lovers or boy friends….hope you got that clear now….

  35. Om Sai Jai Sai.Deva only you knows your leela.Sai Sister its really nice and amazing feeling to see your faith on Saiji.After going through such a crucial situation you have unshakable faith on baba which makes me spellbound.Sister may saiji bless you with loads of happiness now onwards.Baba please forgive our sins and thank you very much for everything.Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

    Dear sai sister,
    Always pray Sai and do Sai jap.
    Baba knows everything just pray to him with pure devotion and love.
    Baba will take care of you, no need to ask for anything.
    Baba already gave you lot of support through above Sai devotees comments.
    Baba is watching you, be happy.
    Baba is there for you and for all of us to take care of us.
    Always be good, do good, listen good, talk good, think good.
    Do not think negatively about anyone, and do not talk negatively about anyone. Do not expect from anybody execpt from Baba.
    Baba will give you more than you want.
    Please execuse me if i said anything wrong.
    I know these are difficult to implement, but i feel we should atleast try our best.
    Baba i am also not doing perfectly all of these, please sorry Baba.
    Please help me Baba, please help all of us to follow your path and lead life in your way.
    Love you Baba.

  37. Dear Sis,
    I really came in to tears after reading your story. But remember God help those who help themselves. Unless you don't come out of your past, you won't be able to step in to a good future and God also cannot help you.
    It's because you have always been neglected since childhood for love, you are looking for it from the people where you should not be. Love will not come to you by asking or begging or witchcrafting, it comes when you give and do not expect anything in return. Waiting for the undeserved and letting you use for his self satisfaction throughout his life, is this the love you longing for?!!!!. I think you should,in fact, help people who had been abused in their childhood. Perhaps they are also going through the same phase as you have been. Help organizations of abused children. Those children find it very hard to survive financially when they grow up. It seems you could manage to get a job.Help them so that they can also face this demonic world strongly.There is always a reason to live on this planet, search the reason that could prevail lifetime. Physical love is not forever. God has given this body to us to protect our soul. Don't let anyone affect it. Please don't let anyone…. Sai help this soul to come out of the glitches of demon…SAI please help her….

  38. dear sister,
    ur situation is bad i can understand it ,but u r lucky too because in this situation too u r still remaining sai.this is because of ur past good karma
    pls dont loose hope we all are worshiping baba because we all are related to him for so many janmas.baba loves u thats why u r thinking about him dont beg for unworthy persons love.our baba is with u .we all will pray for u to have good husband.pls dont feel hurt.sai is with u for every moment.

  39. OM SAI RAM…………..

    Babaji pls meri madad kariye me janti hu baba ki mene apne jindagi me bahut paap kiye hai………magar baba agr us paap ka prayschit agr karein to kya mafi b nahi mil sakti hai baba pls mujhe maf karo bhale me janti hu baba ki mere pati mujhe maaf kbhi nahi karenge…….mgr baba mere sath to koi suru se hi nahi tha mere ma-baap ne to mujhe kbhi samjha hi nahi……..iske karand me aadhi galat sangati me padi or isme meri b galti hai baba………….mgr baba mere pati ko to samjhna chahiye na wo mujhe q itna dard de rahe hai mene jo kiya wo meri nasamjhi thi magar baba unko to samaj hai to wo aisa q kar rahe hai.baba wo mujhe apne sath rakh nahi sakte to koi bat nahi magr baba wo wohi chij jan buj kar q kar rahe hai jo galat hai…….. pls baba mujhe mera pati wapus waise hi lota do baba pls or mere ghar ka jo b problem hai usse nikal do baba pls me or itna dard nahi sehan kar sakti baba……………

  40. I am really sorry for what you have gone through in your life. from this point on you have to be strong and carry yourself professionally. past will keep coming back to you again and again, you hold yourself tight, keep going. keep yourself clean. don't fall for love. if true love has to come your way, it will, even when you are 50 yrs old. but don't fall for wrong guys and spoil your life. don't lose your mental balance. don't commit suicide. as they say, you will have to take rebirth and go through your karma finish for your bad deeds that you have done in your past. and all that is a lot to go through. you get a job. you are well educated. don't think about love. don't pray for that guy to come back to you. if he is been with you in the past and doesn't want to be with you currently or in future for any damn reason he is giving you, he doesn't deserve you. I don't know how old are you now. but you have to wait. wait for a while this time. wait till you are 35/40. if you meet a guy by then, who you think is suitable for you, you can get to know him but don't go any further. you wait until you are 35/40. if he thinks you are the girl for him, he will wait for you, trust me even his whole life for you. that is the guy for you. you will be happy with him next 35/40 yrs you are going to live with him, till the end of your life. this is my advise. I am right now going through a lot in my life with my husband who is not nice to me. every day I want to die but I live for my daughter. and I am ready to go through this for my daughter till my last breath. I thought of dying so many times. but I gather myself again and keep going. this suffering is never-ending for me. I know my husband is not the right guy for me. I am very well educated. but not working because my daughter has health issues and I am taking care of those. I think everyday, I was better off never married. iam praying to sai to end my suffering. I don't know what more is coming to me in future. iam not prepared for it. but I have no way out, I have to face it carrying my daughter in my arms and I will face anything for her.

  41. Baba help me..giv more nd more faith on u..u know my current situation in my life..hw badly going it is..please give me the courage to face all the problems darely..and please make to not to lose hope on you at any cost..

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  43. Baba pls solve my problem I want to marry my lover with ur and my parents blessings but my parents didnt accept pls help me and my lover adicted in drinks pls relieve him and pls bless me i want t marry with my lover with u and my and his parents and relatives pls bless me

  44. Baba please solve our problem with a solution soon. We are not able to bear this defame, more than that it's deceived by our own family member. Please through a light on me and my parents.

  45. Om sai ram…! I am 27 yrs girl, am in a trouble and really worried because of it , I can not disclose my problem here. I just want your prayer friends. So that I can come out of it and for this I hv only 2 days. Please pray for me… Sai will help you.

  46. Baba,

    You are my father, my Guru, my God, my Protector, my Guide….

    You have been with me during all my troubled times and whenever I asked for your help. You always showed me the right path.

    Baba, my friends are supposed to help me, financially, socially and morally. Unfortunately, everyone is in some problem or other. I don't know it is my bad luck or all of us are having bad times. Now, I have no one to support except you.

    Please help me Baba, help my friends who are also in problems. Baba, without any mistake of mine, in my hurry to help a poor man and also to fight against a immoral & corrupt man, I landed in troubles. He is waging fight against me using all means, trying to make a personal attack. All those people in the society, for whom I fought, are helpless now. This man also attacking financially another old man. Even though he is seeking my help to fight, I am also helpless against this corrupt man.

    Baba, I am tired. I want relief from all these tensions. At the same time, I don't want to leave my fight on behalf of the society and community where injustice is being done. Baba, give me strength, Baba, show me path, Baba, please help me & my family out of these tensions. Baba, please help my friends, so that they can help me in solving my other problems.

    All these problems are affecting my health also Baba. My family should not suffer on these. Baba, help me please.

    Om Namoh Sairam. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai. Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai.

  47. SUrrender all your worries to Sai POpsy and forget them ,Try forgetting about them,Don't think them ,PLease practise giving all your pains to Baba(Sorry Baba) and feeling relieved as Baba will do the best.And most importantly please do a SAi Satcharitra Parayan .You will get the desired by Bab's grace,As Baba wishes for sure .Om SAi Ram Om SAi RAm OM SAi RAm OM Sai RAm Om Sai RAm OM sai RAm OM sai RAm Om SAi RAm Om Sai Ram

  48. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Sister,

    whatever happened was actually bad but I have a suggestion rather a question why when someone tells that they love us we become blind to there actions. I am married and have a very beautiful family but my husband loves to flirt around and dates more than 3-4 females. His day starts with I love you messages from young girls who knows very well that he is married but even then they stick to him. I had a fight, cried even thought of leaving him but my kids love him and even i love him. He says he doesn't sleep with them but enjoys attention by them and the kisses and the hugs. You can understand how a wife would have felt after such a confession. He is alcoholic and loves space in life. i thought of divorce but that was not the answer i got from Sai. My Sai told me through prashnavali to wait and everything will be alright. I smile and still keep faith that one day he will be out of this bad habit. My kids are small and they adore him. I thought i have no right to separate them just because he is addicted to some bad habits. But do you think he is alone responsible. All the girls out there are aware he is married with kids and he loves us but this kind of falling into the trap is taking them nowhere. I have stopped thinking about this issue cause i was getting almost mad and my kids were suffering. Today i am bearing things because i have only goal to help my kids getting a good career and become a good person. He knows he is wrong and confesses every thing. I see him a victim of his own desires and try my best to give him best atmosphere at home and I know sai ne jis din apna chamatkaar dikhaya us din mera parivaar mien asli khushiyaan laut aayengi. Mera sai der kar raha hai magar mera insaaf bhi hoga. yeh galat aadat zaroor chutegi. Baba sabko sadbudhi do sabka kalyan karl.

    meri aapse ek hi request hai. sabse pehle start respecting yourself and treat your mind and body as temple. trust me when you will start doing that Sai will restore your honour and grace. kisi ko yeh izzajat mat do ki woh aapki mental peace ko destroy kar sakey and aapki body ka undue advantage le sake. be firm and clear in your gestures. don't be over friendly or sound arrogant. May Sai bless you with Honour my dear sister. Just have faith and patience. No effort or prayer goes unattended in Sai Darbaar. Om Sai Ram

  49. Sai baba thank you so much for helping me as with the grace of you finally i get my offer letter but here the journey is started and i need luck, and blessings of you baba to achieve my goal and success and also i want that my parents hamesha happy rahe, healthy rahe, wealthy rahe, 100 saàl tak jiye for me and khush rahe please baba bakki to aap meri dream jante hi hoand ab koi bhi rukawat nahi aaue hamare suvcess and khusiyo mai please baba help

  50. Thanku sai baba finally meri job start ho gyi aapki kripa se but i feel scared out there as kuch acha nhi la rha i dont know why please please sai baba meri family mai bhi khushiya le ao naa mai bol bol kar thak gyi mere parents ki ae 100 saal ho aur khusiya aa jayr pleasee please ad mere 6 month ke job ke ander meri promotion ho jaye and mai apne parents ko house gift karu and mai lakhs mai income earn kau please

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