Few more experiences are shared.

My Sincere Thanks

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a struggling guy, who has started believing in Baba since last year. Within this short span, I saw many miracles in my life for which I wanted to share with everyone. I take this platform to express my gratitude to my Baba, who has really helped me in clearing my CA Final exams and also blessed with a good Job clearing all my hurdles. My sincere thanks to Sai Baba. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

My Little One Started Walking After Years

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I Started worshipping Shirdi Sai Baba from May 2012. And He blessed me in my dreams. My Little one is 3.4 years old and was not walking on her own until now. We worried much about that and I cried to Sai Baba. My mother asked me to take Thursday Sai Baba Vrat. And yesterday I completed my 5th week Vrat and to all of our surprise she took 5 to 6 steps on her own and I am happy that soon she is going to jump, run and speak fluently as her peers with Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings. Baba My child needs Your blessings. Please bless her and be with her always. Show her the right path Baba.

Sai In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hi, Sai came to my rescue when I was in trouble. It was a miracle. His words always come true. I have experienced in past and recently on 2 April 2013. I am from India and I live in London from 2001. I lost job in Nov 2012, and presently jobless since that time and looking for job in my field. I did 9 Guruvar Vrat and completed last week for getting good job in my desired field with good salary in good company. I am waiting with full faith and patience and left on Baba’s feet my life.

One day (on 23rd march 2013), I went to Baba temple to full fill the vow of £50, which I kept pending for long time. I had great Darshan of Baba. I went during afternoon Aarti. I was so happy during that time to see Baba and that to during Aarti. From there I went to my friend’s place to see him. And during that evening, I went to Balaji temple as well. My friend took me to Baba temple, which was opened few months back. There I had great Darshan of Baba. It was my very first visit to that temple. I put 21 pence in hundi.

A miracle has happened (on 2nd April 2013), I received a cheque of £525.25 from tax returns office. I was mesmerized seeing that, because I never applied for tax returns or claimed for it. It’s all Baba’s Leela. I took the cheque and kept at Baba’s feet and thanked Him a lot for giving this amount at this difficult time, when I am jobless. Dear devotees, I would like to say one thing here. Baba, always keep saying that His words always comes true; “You give me one fold, I give you ten folds”. In my case, it proved. I gave him £50.21. He gave me £525.21 cheque. I still have the photo of that cheque in my mobile (sorry I cannot post it on the blog).

Dear Sai Devotees, have faith in Baba and surrender to Him with body, mind and soul. He will come running to save His devotees during difficult times and all times. I, every day, feel Baba’s presence in me. He is my everything to me. He is my Antaraymi (my inner soul). I am at dust of His feet. I talk to Him and He talks to me. I ask Him so many things in Sai Baba question and answer. Sometimes, I put chits ”yes” ”no ” in front of His photo, if I am not able to take any decision or planning to do any work. If I do anything wrong or do any mistakes, He conveys messages in different ways and make me walk on right path. I am just waiting to get job. I desire to be full filled. I will post my experience again. Please all of you pray for me. Om Sai Ram. Bow to Sai, Peace to all.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. O Sai Satguru mere, Charno mein rakh lei mujhe

    SAI you are indweller of my Heart, You Know everything. Please let my mind think of yOu & You ONLY.

    Baba you are letting me dance in ecastasy of your Name…I feel divine blessings & your presence while dancing in your name.

    Baba Thanks a lot for bringing my Mother to live with me for almost a year, she is always chanting your name, so it has bacome easier for me not to forget you any moment…

    Love you BabajiXXX


  3. Dear Sai Devotee baba will definetely bless you with the suitable job in your desired field with nice pay.

    Baba please fulfill this Sai devotee's wish and bless all your devotees with good health and happiness.
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Jai Sai Ram

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Baba please bless us and please give peace to my mind Baba. I want him to be my life partner baba. Baba We both need ur blessings Baba

    Jai Sai Nath

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    Yes it is true, Baba can never see his child in trouble.

    Baba.. today is my last fast, now i do not want to say anything more you himself understood what i want to say now. Just do it baba…


  6. baba,
    i completed the task which my friend adviced me to do . . . baba i am
    waiting baba , come quickly and save me . cant wait anylonger baba
    .please .om sai ram,

  7. OM SAI RAM.

    With Baba grace you will get good job, even I am sailing in the same boat me too is looking for a job I just completed SAI sacharitha parayana and waiting for his blessings. Baba please shower your blessings on us.OM SAI RAM.

  8. jai sai ram . baba please take care of my daughter. bless her deva with good future. she is suffering baba in this small age.

  9. om
    sai ram

    deva , its my gd fortune that i came close to you , i started worshipimg
    you the problem which i am facing now it brought me near you ., please
    solve my problem deva .. i am waiting for your miracles to happen in my

  10. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  11. om sai ram.baba today is my 6th guruvar vrat for my husband.i have to share lots of thiogs with all the member of this blog sothat everyone shud keep shradha nad saburi on baba.baba m going to join a new job with ur blessings and i hope u will be there with everytime to protect me.

    baba plz change my husband's mind.fill the love and affection in his mind and body for for me.baba plz clear my 1st month salary from this company baba.

    bless my family and my in laws family.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Sister, Please start donating food to poor needy people and also to animals. It will help in washing away all past Bad Karma and will help you to secure BABA's blessings. It helps a lot. Try to do as many good deeds as possible for others. It will get happiness in your life. Best wishes and Baba bless us all always.

      Om Sai Ram.

  12. today is baba's day thursday…but im not happy…it is already 12 in the noon and till now i dint lit diya and dint do pooja to baba…why is my heart so numb and blank…y r u not listening to me baba…im crying inside…you only bless to some people….why are you doing this to a girl who did pooja to you from her childhood….but now i feel you dont care me only…if you dnt like me tell me baba….i will stop distrubing you…i will lead my life as it is destined

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Sister, Please start donating food to poor needy people and also to animals. It will help in washing away all past Bad Karma and will help you to secure BABA's blessings. It helps a lot. Try to do as many good deeds as possible for others. It will get happiness in your life. Best wishes and Baba bless us all always.

      Om Sai Ram.

    • OM SAI RAM.

      Dear dont think that Baba will surely help us. I am also waiting for his blessings. I am also doing pooja from 7-8 years but still waiting for prayers.

      I am sure that Baba always help everybody but only thing that sometimes because of our past sins he take our examination. One day he will aure help you . Dont lose faith on Saibaba. He is our father & mother & everything. He knows all our sorrows.

      Just wait for sometime & say his name every movement.


    • Dont worry my sai sister your this brother has kept 1mr diya on your name..your words resembles that how much you love baba and thinks baba is your very nearer..only true devotee of baba can think that much level..one think i wanna to share with you my sai sister..pleas don't mind..long back ago there was 1 rushi(saint),who had done very had tapasya (meditation).only to get moksha(salvation)..finally it happen his soul had left moral body and lord him self came to earth for taking his soul to his loka..finally they reached in loka.his joy no bound..he was just crying with joy..lord left him and went up from that place..after few time he saw 1 person ,was looking sad..he does not understand why he is sad that also being in this type of place..understand..after few hour god came back….eagerly he asked with god;lord why is he sad?lord said, actually 1 found day he was crying with very much sorrow and this your goddess saw and brought him to this loka..after all she is mother so she does not able to bear it..finally god gave conclusion he does not done any hard tapasya so ,he is not understanding the value of this place..you have done lot of hard work so you know the value.imedeatly he fell on gods feet and stared crying ;thank u so much god to give me such a wonderful experience'.moral of story is sister your going through tough condition which i may not understand but your sai understands ..you see finally you will be awarded 100 times of happiness as compare to your pain.sorry if i my words hurts you.lots of love to you my sai sister.omm sai ram

    • Dear devotee

      i just want to share a small incident.

      I am praying baba from 5 years and asking for a wish.But still waiting.I become very angry and frustrated yesterday.

      When i cam home, i saw that mom has got some kitchen things, she had alraedy placed things at plac. Bit only one packet of ajwain was lying there. My eyes caught brand name and i was amazed. There was shrada saburi written over there. Sister I am 28 year old girl and I faced many problems in my life and till facing. I did not saw happy childhood ever. It is alsmost 28 years of straggle.

      But that packet of ajwain with shrada saburi written on it gave me so much peace. Even if baba is not fullfilling ur wish..he gives signs and positive signs. Do not be dishearten anf have "Shrdha and Saburi"

  13. Babaji Please Be with US…Babaji Please forgive if we have done something wrong.

    Baba Please forgive us.

    Loads Love.

  14. Dear Babaji

    I am not debateing with anybody, I am just looking at their a actions. I have not said a single word to them

    I am not taking anything beloging to them, They tried to snatch whatever belonged to us, I am getting it back with your Grace.

    Please be with us & show us the path,
    Love you Babaji

  15. BABA I'm not knowing how to surrender to you completely. Please BABA show me a way to know this. Sai devotees can anyone please let me know how to surrender to our BABA completely? BABA my neighbor has started reading your parayana today for the first time and I have got the parayana book for her. She didn't even finish today's reading and you made me give her your prasad which means you have blessed her on the first day itself. But BABA why such thing didn't happen to me? I'm feeling bad and also jealous. I know this is not correct. Please make me to come out of this bad feeling. Sorry BABA.

    • Why are you feeling jealousy….that is so wrong….you pray for urself and for your wishes that is good simultaneously feel happy when some one gets some thing from baba…i dont understand when you yourself gave her parayanam book to her then why are you feeling jealous….u shld feel happy dat baba has blessed….im asking baba to get settled my marriage as soon as posibl frm few years…till now he dint fulfill dat….i never felt jealous or sad if baba blessed few girls to get married….i felt happy for them….why shld u feel jealous….this is ur story and that is her story…thatz it

    • jealousy….?that's good ..even radha use to get jealousy when krisna use to dance with other gopies..hear we cant says that radha was wrong..that is unconditional love..every body has there own way to love or pray there god..(for down comment sister)-realy its wonderful to see you loves in such way that;being in pain your r happy by making other happy..truly im saying.you believe or not..;you both are great and blessed..for both of you pleas forgive me if i have written any thing wrong..amen..its my heartly pray to baba to solve your both the problem soon..omm sai ram

    • Dear Sai sister , u have given parayana book to them and if others got benefited by reading that book, it means not only the person who read got benefited, it also means even u got benefited ( because of u others are getting benefited and that is punya for u. U are indirectly making others happy.) . Ur bad karmas will be reduced. I hope u understood what i meant .


    • Remember,baba say what belongs to others is others and what is yours is yours.So please don;t be jealous.Maybe,you have accepted yourself that u are jealous and that is why baba has not blessed u as of now.Baba knows inside out of a person.please enjoy in the happiness of others and when your time will come you will also be blessed.Hemadpant, after serving baba for so many years felt that he is not blessed whereas some devotee having done prayan for two weeks was blessed.However,baba made him realize that mother tortiose glances gives nutrition to young tortoise even though they are on the opposite sides of the ocean.Therefore, same applies to you ,please remember baba is looking at you and he will help you when your time will come.Please get rid of jealously,ego,greed and avarice.Only in the absence of these, baba will become yours.

  16. through
    chit yes no i got to know that he loves me baba then why he ignores me
    why he does not say it ? why baba when you will make us together baba ?

  17. Dear Baba
    I know you know everything , even then my prayer is this
    I beg you , please make my son a successful man , help him
    in completing his CA and also help him in his business too , Baba ,
    now he is your child , please take care of him and help him also ,
    As for as I am concerned you know y personal wish which I always
    share with you . I want my wishes to be fulfilled by you ,and always be
    with me and take care of me and my son .
    Om Sai Ram

  18. i
    fear baba my husband has been trapped by some bad minded girl , please
    save my husband to get trapped by her . baba i am sorry for my mistake
    you know how much i love him baba make him realize i love him and
    destroy all the things coming in between our relationship baba, om sai
    ram. om sai ram , om sai ram

  19. om
    sai ram ji ki . baba i am sorry, i am not able to complete 9 guruvar
    vrat.. due to health problem , if i am not able to complete vrat u will
    not fulfill my wish..?

    • Dont worry my sai sister you take care of your health..body (pancha mahabhuta) has gifted by baba so you take care of it and this itself is great puja..about puja we all will pray and im sure soon your dream will get fulfill ..omm sai ram

  20. dear
    baba , .

    why you are taking so much time to fulfill my wish ? u gave me all
    positive answer signals baba whenever i asked you by showing your
    picture in vehicles or song,

  21. Indeed, baba never lets his children down. If you sai "Sai"once with ceaseless faith and devotion, he will see at you leaving his millions of devotees for a second, so please don't loose heart…Om Sai Ram

  22. Om Sai ram.. I am baba devotee since 2-3 months. As usual, i also want baba to show his mercy to me asap. But now i am seeing baba has taken me as devotee. On tuesday i want baba to show me something to proof that he has taken me as devotee. On tuesday i got his prasad from some third person as i was not expecting it on tuesday. On wesnesday i got holybook "sai satcharitra" which i was waiting for last one month from online booking. Today i meet one friend who is going to Shirdi today itself. It seems baba has send him to me for his prasad from shirdi.
    Thank you baba
    Om sai ram

  23. baba i have shraddha but no more saburi , baba please fulfill my wish as early as possible. i love you baba.

  24. baba
    no more saburi left, you gave me all positive signs signals for my wish baba , then why are
    you not fulfilling my wish baba , nothing positive is happening in my

  25. Baba please bless my son Avik is going thru lots of emotions. Please bless him I ll do 9 weeks for sai vrat Pooja please be with him. I should be come out of certain things , pls do not allow any Satan come near him n corrupt. Please baba please bless him . I want to write in ur blog pls baba bless waiting for ur reply please be with him baba . Pull him towards u . I'm ready to do anything for him . Please baba …forgive me if I have done any mistake baba. Baba pls bless him

  26. U ditched me as usual…Thanks a lot baba…Again one more worst day in my life.All thursdays are worse from the day i started praying and today one more worst day…tears in my eyes as usual…U wanted this to happen to me it happened are you happy now…always make me stand with tears or shame in front of guys…you are always by the side of men and make my days miserable…Nothing more to say…

    • I dont know who you are but thanks for your words…He is not at all in my side.Infact im in a doubt whether god really exist.If im a child of god why should he punish me like this.Will a father/mother do this to their child.I dont have friends because all are married and settled,family i just have for sake,i dont have job long gap has come in my career,im 30+ still not married,had one very close friend even he is taking me for granted and avoiding me,beauty i dont have i look very normal even that is going down day by day.Skin has become dark and getting many skin problems.I myself hate to see my face…only few of my problems i have quoted…i want to die…i cant undergo anymore pain or insults…pls pray for my death alone that would be great.

    • Please sister dun talk like tat looks are deceptive . I can understand ur pain as I'm a gal how it feels if u r not married and how society talks, even for me they r looking for a guy but talking n seein me they no . In this era, only money talks .
      Can I tel u Sth, pls do sai vrat 9 weeks Thursday Pooja , then see wat is happening . I ll assure u that u will write this miracle as experience in this blog.
      Sister pls dun lose hoe baba is testing ur patience . Pls pray everyday just follow the fast n see the miracle

  27. Baba love u loads
    Bless my son Avik. Om Sri sai ram ki jai. Baba please dun leave us baba please .

  28. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Dear first devotee- May Baba ji bless you forever and may He grant you success in your career.

    Dear second devotee- Congratulations. May Baba ji bless your little girl. I am sure that with Baba ji's blessings she will be absolutely fine. Baba ji please bless the baby.

    Dear third devotee- May Baba ji bless you with a wonderful job very soon.

    Babaji please shower Your divine grace on all your children and also please take care of all those in Uttranchal who are either stuck due to floods or are looking for their family members. Please Baba ji help them and save them.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  29. It brings me so much joy to read these wonderful and beautiful experiences that are posted here and I feel the Love for Baba that these devotees, who have posted, have felt. Thank You for blessing all Baba 🙂

    It pains me to read the comments where more devotees are pleading with Him, some are in terrible pain, some are angry. To them all I can say is that have Faith and He will bring you to the other side. Baba, please give them the strength to cope through their difficult times. Be with them, show them a sign please.

    O Deva, You know I too sail in the same boat and pine for people and things. Bless me O Sadguru that I see You in everyone and help me too strengthen my Faith.

    Thank You for everything O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  30. om sairam..pls forgive me if i have done any mistakes..pls help me and remove all my problems baba..pls

    Baba i offer all my ego,worries and desire at your lotus feet.Baba koti koti pranam.Baba please be with my son always Deva.

  32. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you Deva for everything. 1st devotee may your faith increased day by day.2nd devotee feeling very happy to know about your child. May Saiji bless her with loads of happiness.3rd devotee baba will bless you with a good job very soon. Deva I prayed you yesterday to find out kingsley's misplaced documents and oh my merciful great Baba today we got it. It's all happened only because of you Saiji. Deva please bless those strangers who kept it safe since 3 days. Baba please fulfill my 2nd wish for kingsley soon.please grant him decent business so that he can use his talent in good deeds. Baba how can I thank you. Oh Saiji you know what is best for your children and when it should be granted. Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  33. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  34. Very nice experiences! Baba always fulfills our wishes and helped these devotees (like the devotee from UK who got more than 10 fold what they gave Baba), we should just trust in His guidance. Om Sai Ram!

  35. Om sai namo namaha sri sai namo namaha jai jai sai namo namaha sadhguru sai namo namaha..om sai ram..

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