Few experiences are shared in today’s post.

Baba Blessed Me

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi I am Sai Devotee. I am living in USA with my husband and two kids. When I was trying for second kid, it didn’t happen for long time. Then I did Nava Guruvar Vrat. When I finished that pooja exactly within one year, I got a baby. During pregnancy, I got some health issues, but Baba cleared all those. Because of Baba now I am MOM of two kids. We got a green card and bought a house. These all happened only because of Baba.

Thank You so much Baba. Baba helped me with my first pregnancy and blessed me lots of times like my driving License and changing my husband behavior with me lots and lots. I tried to chant SAI name all the time. Please devotees, try to chant SAI name as much as. Remember patience and Bhakti. Thank You.

SAI BABA Fulfilled My Wish A Day Before My Birthday

Sai Sister Shilpa Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Thanks a lot for providing this wonderful blog. May Baba always bless you and your family. Hetal Ji, please feel free to edit wherever necessary. I am Shilpa from Delhi. I stay in hostel in Delhi and my parent lives in Haryana. I am in final year of engineering. Today it’s 23 March 2013, when I am writing this post and 24 March 2013 is my birthday.

I first of all request to ALL devotees to believe in BABA blindly with full faith (Shraddha) and patience (SABURI). I am a person, who always used to read this blog and used to think do miracles really happen? Will there be a day when Baba will shower His blessings on me also? And finally the day has come. Since the last August 2012, life has been hell for me. I am doing B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and placement session was started from August 2012, but I was preparing for MBA Exams. But I was confused too that if I don’t get admission into good MBA School, then at least I should have one back up. So at that time so many things were going around. And on top of that, to the person, I used to love a lot left me. He left me because I started taking him as a person with whom I can think my future as my life partner. I was totally devastated. Then My friend Khushboo told me to read Sri Sai Satcharitra that was the time, when Sai Baba came into my life in December 2012.

After reading that book, I got peace of my mind and a ray of hope that with Baba’s grace, I will get into a good MBA School and my love will realise his mistake and will apologies soon. In Jan 2013, the results of all MBA Exams, which I have taken, got out. But I didn’t get shortlisted for a single school. My CAT (MBA entrance exam) score was not very good. I got depressed again. But my faith on Baba didn’t reduce and I again started preparing for one last exam that was on 13 Jan2013 and also started Nav Guruvar Vrat. In between, I appeared for a job interview on campus, but got rejected. Overall I got rejected by 7-8 companies from August 2012 to March2013 and now the result of that MBA exam was also out in first week of Feb 2013 and again I got rejected.

Before the arrival of this day, I already read Sai Satcharitra three times and was keeping Vrat also. That was the day, when I got really angry with BABA. I didn’t talk to Baba for three days. I was at home in Haryana during that phase. But then I realised Baba is testing me and I cannot fail in His test. So I apologised Baba for my behaviour and again started praying Him day and night. Now it was time to return to hostel in Delhi. But I was so depressed from inside that I didn’t want to go. As I have a friend circle of 8 girls, who are doing B.Tech. including me. Out of which, 5 got placed with a package of 6 lakhs plus and one got very good CAT score. Now only I and one last friend SHREYA are left. So I had that inferiority complex, but then I received a mail on 9 Feb that I got shortlisted for a renowned MBA School and I have interview round on 18 Feb and then with Baba’s grace, I got a reason to go to Delhi and prepare for my interview. Now on 23 March 2013, I got my BIRTHDAY gift from Baba that finally I got selected in that MBA SCHOOL. Baba completed His promise. Om Sri Sai Nathay Namah.


Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: I am looking desperately for employment, a suitable job. Just yesterday (i.e., Mar 21, 2013), I consulted the internet and asked Sri Sai Baba for answers in the morning hours. I was guided by Sai Baba, to chant the word SAI SAMARTH, and light a lamp, and that I will receive good news within 21 days. With lots of faith, I received a call from a friend, who directed me to a company that is employing currently. I have an interview this coming weekend. I trust that the ideal job, I have always wanted, will be mine, with the help of Sri Sai Baba. SAI SAMARTH, SAI SAMARTH, SAI SAMARTH.

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  1. Nice experiences all of them, third devotee keep faith in Baba, the job will be your's if Baba deem it good for you. Just sharing my very brief experience below:

    Baba's blessing I experienced this morning is about saving my car just in time from severe damage:

    I drive to station to catch a train to London everyday, when I was reversing my car this morning in our driveway I was engrossed into unimportant thoughts, just when my car was about to hit the sidewall, Baba prompted me to apply the brakes and I did; This left me a bit stunned as I started thinking what would have happened if I was not made to react in time.

    While this little incident saved me from unnecessary tension, waste of time and money, it also assured me that Baba is taking care of me at every little step of my life.

    Bolo Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai…..Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!

    Deva! Please keep blessing us all….

    • Wow! That's what happens each time of such unseen circumstances where BABA saves us! Jai SAI RAM. I am so happy for you. And listen, each such incident leaves us a message: To pay attention in what we do. I have learned so many small such things that has made me more patient and cool during time of chaos in my life. And believe me, every time, solution has come where issues were taken care of by itself. I mean, decisions have been found to mutual benefits to both the parties..(myself and the other one!)
      Jai Sai RAM.

  2. please deva…I know that you have been testing on me for some reason.I don't know wheteher it is due to my lack of faith or patient or else any other Bad karma which I did in my past.I will never ever give up remembering you until I die.Baba please do some miracle on my life to get rid off all my pains. Because Baba I have no idea about my life .so please help me Baba to resolve all my issue.

    Please BABA … I am not a strength child of you to hold all my pain for such a long time…..BABA I am begging you at your LOTUS FEET …help me BABA


    • dear sai devotee i wont stop you to cry..cry and use your tears to wash for the lotus feet of baba..with pain your devotion will increase day by day and then finally you will get the enlightenment..believe me my lucky sai devote its nothing but babas wish.he has chosen you to get close with him..weight few days then you will realize what i said to you..lots of my devotee..ommm sai nathaya namah..

  3. baba if u consider me ur daughter how can u see me treated so badly by others.people who hv money and power why r they so arrogant?u know wat happened just few minutes before and i m so depressed feeling as people like me who has no one to look after them,to protect them, hv no money and power has no value and no respect in others eyes.as i m needy at the moment thats y i hv to request them and still m bearing all d humiliation.I dont want to beg from anyone else other than u at-least u dont insult me and push me away for u.I tried to sort out the things but all I got is insult,rejection and harassment now u hv to do everything.m leaving everything on u.I dont know how u gonna do it but u hv to do it..maine kabhi kisi zid nahi ki na maa baap se na kisi or se lekin aaj main zid kar rahi hun or apko meri baat sunani hi hogi..ab sab aap sambahlo..or mujhe koi interview nahi dena hai or na mujhse dobara unke minnate karwana..

    • you r thinking as baba is your closest person !!.really its very nice to see that with love you r showing your anger to him..very few has that type of feeling to words baba among us..hear i hav one small request that pleas don't compare your self with other..people may have more money,a great position,lot of ego but don't have babas love like you..babas has given you a beautiful heart and beautiful eyes to see and feel him..will they have that grace..?im sorry if my words has hurtled you..pleas weight for few more days and get a happiness(job)..amen.omm sai nathaya namah..

    • Dear Sister,

      First of all Baba will definetely bless you and will bring all the happiness in your life.But please have faith and bit of patient always remeber him.

      Also I have been going through same experince in my life at the moment. I have had everthing in my life few months ago.But now I have got nothing ( no money, no work , left from the U.K due to work visa issue, virtually separated from my beloved wife).
      I have been totally iqnored by my wife's family at the moment.
      But I have faith on my Baba's LOTUS feet and he will definetly bring all in my life including my beloved wife who is vertually sepearted from me at the moment.

      So please have faith and always remeber him .

    • Thanx guys for kind words.to the first devotee i will certainly share with u when he will showered his blessings on me.u didnt hurt me bhanu infact u hv increased my faith and gave me strenth by ur lovely words.Thanx brother i wish baba apki sab problems door kar dein. i consider it as baba's mess.i wish aap sab par baba ki kripa bani rahe.may baba bless us.om sai naathaye namah.

  4. Nice experiences.Thanks for sharing!

    om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai om sai sri sai jai jai sai!!!

  5. Om Sai sai Sai ….All are wonderfull experiences thanks for sharing it !
    @ 3 .Please don't give up baba is there,He will take care of you

  6. Baba u listens to everyone but when will u listen to me..when will u bless me..please show me your miracle..i need you..please bless me with a happy married life..please clear all misunderstandings between me and my husband..this seperation is hurting me so much..please bless ur daughter..we all make mistakes..please sow a seed of love for me in my husbands heart and give me strength so that i can make it into a beautiful world…please help me..

    • dear sai devotee.hear im not a great devotee like u but still i have faith that very soon you will recovery from this situation because you r good hearted person..we all will pray for you my dear devotee..amen..om sai ram

    • Bhanubrata pani ji thank you so much for ur prayer..baba doesnt listens to me i hope he listens to ur prayer..i hope he blesses me and my family with a happy life and bless me with a happy married life..we all are waiting for ur miracle…

    • Thank you so much for writing such encouraging words. I just hope everything will settle down in my life soon and baba will bless us for which we are waiting for last 5-6 years now. OM SAI RAM

    • Dear Sai Devotee, my heart is crying for your pain. May BABA bless you with loving married life with your husband.
      Jai SAI RAM.

  7. Very nice experiences… May Baba Bless us all with his lovely leelas

    3rd exp: I hope you got the perfect job and are settled in by now.

    Om Sai Ram

    Baba everything in life is stuck and stagnant…I hope the time will come soon where you will bless me with everything.

    Om Sai Ram


    Baba, Please Bless Us and forgive us for all our sins. Baba, only you are our Saviour – Baba only you can bring us out of this misery. Baba, have suffered so much Baba, work your miracle and bring us out of this dark hole. Baba, want to spend the rest of our lives chanting your name Baba – will clear all our sins thanking you Baba, Baba, shower us with your love and grace Baba. Please Bless us Baba.


  9. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)



  11. OM SAI RAM.. Today is Thursday babaji pls bless me and my family, pls show some miracle and bless my sister and myself with a very good boy and family. You know we are getting older day by day we both are thirty plus, humare parents bahut tension main hain, nothing is smooth in my life pal help baba ji…. I dont know where to go what to do??? Every thing is just so negative why baba why…. pls settle down all the things in our lives. Pls pls pls bless us baba…

    • my sai sister very soon u will get a proposal..do not worry my lovely sai sister..when your father has done lot of good thing then why do you think you may get trouble in future?its just bad time it will pass away very soon.bhagaban sai apka bhala kare..jay sai ram

    • Thank you so much for writing such encouraging words. I just hope everything will settle down in my life soon and baba will bless us for which we are waiting for last 5-6 years now. OM SAI RAM

  12. Please sai plz always keep us together plz pray for me; baba she does not want to go back to him and even I will be over if she leaves me plz sai keep every happy

    • don't worry akhilji a true love never die..increase your love towards every one then finally god will give you unbroken love..sai humesa apka sath de..omm sai ram

  13. Jai Sai Ram to all Sai Devotees.
    All are very encouraging Experiences specially second one. Thanks for sharing.

    Baba ji this is my 7th Fast, and still not having any good symptoms which makes me realize that you are hearing my wish and you are with me. Please baba have your merciful hand on my head please. I'm very disturbed baba and you know this. Please destroy my all sins and make my present happy and tension free.

    Yours daughter….

  14. Baba u know all things that in my heart or mind. Please baba bless us and please remove all our sins and forgive our mistakes. Please baba we need u baba, we need ur blessings. Please bless us all. Love u baba. Jai Sai Baba

    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram


  15. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  16. Dear Devotees,

    Right now I have been having so much of pain in my life due to the delay of my work-permit visa as well as my bad relationship with my wife. In our relatioship we each other did mistakes by misunderstanding each other with or without our knowledge( nothing wrong between us only due to the family members of each other).now I realized my mistakes but she never understood her mistakes and my wife and her family compltely ignored me.
    So I started praying BABA to bring my beloved wife again in my life to bring all my happiness also to sort out my work-permit visa issue asap.
    Becuase without my wife I couldn't concentrtae on anything of my day to day activities.So I decided to ask Baba to answer my problem through "http://www.yoursaibaba.com/" by entering the number which we think in our mind.

    But I did great mistake by entering the numbers quiet often in last few days to get some meaningful answer from BABA to satisfy myself.

    So the last two answers which I recived are posted below. now I don't want to make Baba angry by asking anymore.

    So can someone please narrate those two answers carefully as I am totally upset at the moment.

    Baba says…

    "Offer Buttermilk to Shree Saibaba and then donate it and see the miracle that happens. This time will not come again. Only remembrance will be there".

    Baba says…
    "Do not increase complication by raising new queries. You will gain through a friend. Very soon auspicious function will take place. Do not be impatient. Marriage will be arranged among relatives.

    • To my knowledge, I feel that Baba is asking you donate to the needy and do not worry too much about your problem. Your problems will be solved by a mediator like friend or relative. Again, remember, this is all because of Baba's blessings.

    • husband and wife are two wheels of life chariot..if you think she is angry for some region then pleas brother go and say sorry to her..im sure you wont loose your image because after all she is your wife and she has full rights get angry on you..how much i understood you that you are very good hearted person otherwise u would have not having the courage to share..only a good (mind and heart) person can self realize and share every thing openly..plz my brother go and bring your luck back before its going to become so late..no one knows there time duration of life so how many days you live in this world we should thing its babas grace..at least you remember those days how you use to share you feelings with her..make her to remember all the past memory and finally she will come to you..we all devotee will pray for your(both)happy life..sorry if at all my words has hurted you…app sachhe ho so sai jarur apka murad puri karega..jay sai ram

  17. Baba, with your blessings I have completed Nav Guruvar Vrat successfully today. Please forgive me for any mistakes that I have done during the Vrat. I apologize that I couldn't keep fast since I am suffering from typhoid. But I know that you will still accept my prayers and bless with what I am in need of. I am now leaving everything to you. Please take care of all our problems and bless us with peace of mind and happiness. Please never leave us. Baba, please bless us so that we should always pray and love you day and night. Please make all our family members your devotees.

    Till now, you have always helped me and saved me in my bad times. Please shower your blessings on us always like this.I love you my Sai. You are my father, friend, guide everything.

    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  18. Om sai ram… jai jai sai ram…. today i m really happy that…baba himself make me to watch LIVE MADHAY AARTI of SHIRDI. I am really thankfull to him as today is my fast i was not able to go to temple with my anty. BUT its baba only that he encouraged me to attend his holy AARTI of shirdi live.
    It happened when i just told my frnd (who was with me today at my home) that there is very good blog of sai baba you must follow it. As soon as i was telling her, I just clicked the LIVE DARSHAN just to tell her. Then miracle happened it was the exact time when aarti was happening in SHIRDI.


    BABA PLZ mere sath rahna…. hamesha…. Om sai ram… plz mera carrer stable kar dijeye… OM SAI RAM…….

  19. All the experiences are very good. Loved reading them..
    I wanna share a small leela of baba which happened couple of hours ago. Some may feel that it is coincidence but for me its a leela of Baba which shows he is with me all the time to guide me. Few days back in comment section in this blog I have seen some devotee questioning if she can read this blog during menses for which another devotee reply that she will not touch the Sai Satcharitra book during that period but she will read from internet. I am reading Sai Satcharitra book daily 1 chapter from last 4 months. so after seeing that I was questioning myself or baba that I should read it or not during menses.
    Today in the afternoon I got a thought that probably I have app on mobile store for it so I searched for the app for book. To my surprise I found it and when I downloaded it an opened that app, the chapter which was opened was the exactly the one which I read today. It was a pleasant surprise for me…When I am opening that for the first time How did that app open the chapter which I am suppose to read today.. Is this not our sweet baba's leela. I am taking this as a positive sign from baba that at menses time I read Sai Satcharitra in my mobile.

  20. BABA LOVE U FROM BOTTOM OF MY heart…Devotees i want to share baba's leela which just happened 1hr ago. Baba saved a small cat's life…i was praying baba for her……n baba saved that cat….BABA AGAIN PROOVED THAT NOT ONLY WE HUMANS BUT BABA ALSO ALWAYS PROTECTS EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH. Baba u know that iam with no job, career and money..but i have completely surrendered u. Pls take care of my problms and bless me with gud job. Baba pls cure my sisters health problems , change her attitude. Pls bless me baba so that i can have control on my anger…..pls bless my parents n home with peace of mind and happiness, due to my sister there is no peace at home baba, u r aware of evrythng. Pls helppp baba. Dont leave us. call us to shirdi soon. Pls solve the land issue in the court baba.

  21. Hello there! This post couldn't be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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  22. Experiences that lift your spirit up, I feel happy when I read the blog and I see a ray of hope.

    O Deva, today has been a very tough day. Forgive me if I ask You for a miracle O Sadguru, after all I am just human.

    Bless us, all Your children and Thank You for the Love & Peace You keep sending our way and everything else O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  23. I see so many people suffering here, Baba. I know You are listening to them. Please shower them Your lovely blessings and bring peace in their lives. We are nothing without You and Your grace. Love you Baba.

    OM SAI RAM!!

  24. Om Sai Ram.Baba I want to go home and meet my parents.I have not seen them from many days.Please baba make me go to them in any way tomorrow.I can't wait any more.Please listen to my prayers.Om sai ram

  25. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    All the experiences are beautiful. May Baba ji bless one and all forever.

    To the third devotee- Baba ji will surely get you an excellent job. I also pray that this happens soon. Our Baba ji is GREAT.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  26. Very nice experiences! Shilpa Ji, your experience was very wonderful and Baba wanted to strengthen your Faith and Patience and also wanted you to go to that MBA program because He knows you will succeed more there. Devotee from Australia, when we follow Baba's instructions, success is guaranteed and Baba found the best job for you where you can succeed the most. Devotee from USA, Baba was the one who removed all obstacles so you can get Green Card, have 2 wonderful children and get a nice house, no obstacles can stand in our way when we have Baba with us. Om Sai Ram!

  27. Om sri sai ram
    Baba bless us ,Please forgive our sins and accept us . We will make sure it doesn't happen again .
    Jai Sai ram

  28. Baba please be with my family always and guide us.Baba you know everything so there is no need to tell you anything.
    Om sairam omsairam omsairam

  29. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower on them your choicest blessings of good heath, a long life, filled with happiness, joy, love, faith, devotion, wisdom, knowledge, peace and prosperity. Baba you know everything. There is so much of uncertainty and lack of direction with increased expenses. We need your grace and blessings. Please help us through with your grace and blessings with the shield of protection. Baba help my children and protect them always. You know my elder has revealed some fact to his boss, please do not let it interfere with his job. He is working hard and in honesty. Please be their guard, mentor, support, protector and Guru. Baba I surrender to your holy feet. Baba I got message of bad times, please protect my family and help us through the times. Baba please be with us at all times. My hubby is planning travel, please be with him supporting him all through the journey. Protect him and keep him healthy. Hep me Baba stay fit and look good. Help me Baba restore my faith and complete the rituals and customs with extreme dedication. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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