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My First Trip To Shirdi

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, thank you so much for creating this blog. I have gained so much devotion and strength after reading innumerable experiences of devotees. Sai Ji, bless you. This is my 2nd experience, I am posting today. First experience posted was when my Sai Baba Ji appeared on our door. Coming to Shirdi trip experience, from last 2-3 years, I and my family were planning to go to Shirdi.

On 1st march the lucky day came. We reached Shirdi and we took a hotel nearby. Being a Sunday, we felt the temple must be crowded. We decided to go to Shani Shignapur temple that day. All of a sudden, my mamaji called up and asked whether we require the morning Aarti pass. We were so thrilled. I had a wish to attend Kakad Aarti of Baba and see mangal snan. Mamaji said that he knows a person, who lives in Rahaata, who will arrange passes for us. That person called us and said he will arrange the pass for 4th of March morning Aarti. As Saiji says “Ek Baar Tum Shirdi Ke Liye Apne Ghar Se Nikloge Toh Tumhaare Sab Kaam Apne Aap Ban Jayenge (Once you come out from home for Shirdi, everything will be arranged by itself). Suddenly this thought strike my mind and we felt this person is Sai’s messenger for us.

On 3rd evening, we went for Darshan on gate number 2. It was 8 pm and rush was not that heavy. We stood in queue. I have the habit of watching Shirdi live Darshan every day in office. So I was just recalling the face of Sai Baba Ji and was eagerly waiting for my turn to come. I was filled with so much anxiety that as and when I saw my Sai, I literally started crying like a small child. I was myself amazed as this was first time I saw myself crying like this. Then a security guard saw me crying and said “Rona nahin, Baba baithe hain na (Don’t cry, Baba is here)”. Here I would like to mention that I had a wish from last 3 years that whenever I happen to visit Shirdi, the glasses which surrounds the Samadhi should be open. But when I saw the Samadhi, it was covered from all sides and I could not touch Samadhi. We came back to hotel.

For next day morning Aarti, we had passes. We were in queue by 2:30am. We attended the Aarti and took Darshan, but this time again the glasses were closed. We got a chance to collect the holy water of mangal snan. We came back to hotel to take some rest. After sometime, we came to Gurusthan. We could not see any neem leaves falling. But one panditji showed us some leaves and we immediately collected .Though many times, I got a chance to bow in front of Baba, but my heart was still not happy as I wanted to touch the Samadhi. In afternoon, I and my mother went to take Darshan. Panditji sitting near Samadhi gave a garland to me and my mom from Samadhi and he suddenly asked me “Theek Hai Na Ab (Are you OK now)”?

We both could not understand why he asked this from me. At night I said to Baba please Baba next day call me for Your Darshan only, when I can touch Samadhi. Next morning at 9am, I alone went for Darshan. I started chanting “Meri Sharan Aa Khaali Jaye, Ho Koi Toh Mujhe Bataaye”. I said Baba you listen everyone, then let me touch Your Samadhi. As and when I reached Samadhi, I saw the glasses were not kept. My joy knew no bounds. I thanked Baba hundred times and I felt that my all wishes have been fulfilled. Next day morning, we were supposed to come back. We did Mukh Darshan of Baba Ji. I did not want to leave Babaji. But I closed my eyes and said my Sai to call me back very soon.

This was my most lovely and unforgettable experience. I feel so blessed that Baba gave me a chance to visit Shirdi. All Sai devotees should at least once go and see the divine place. I could touch the clothes Baba gave to His devotee haji abdulla, got neem leaves, got holy water of mangal snan, touched Samadhi. Babaji, please keep us always in your lotus feet. Om Sai Ram.

Anant Koti Brahamand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogi Raj Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Experience With Sai Ram

Sai Sister Kanya Ji from Malaysia says: Sai Ram, I am a devotee of Sai Ram Baba. Baba has been blessing my family and guiding us. Recently we went to Shirdi and had Baba’s Darshan. And we were blessed by our beloved GOD. When we were away, there was fire accident in my house. Baba saved my son and saved as from a worse disaster. We vow our gratitude to Sainath and Baba will bless us and protect us as He was been doing


Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Baba Ji. You have given me a lot. Perhaps I am not to deserve such. How did you came in my life really I don’t know. How did you call me in Shirdi was like a miracle, when you reserved our train seats. Still we are unable to understand. Baba Ji Your UDI is working very powerful in our life. This UDI has saved so many lives of people. There is no shortage of UDI in my house. I am unable to believe that how I get this from anywhere every time, when it is going to finish. It is also a great miracle in itself. Baba Ji please bless always on me and my family. Baba Ji, I know You will soon bless me with a child [a long cherished wish]. Whenever there is any problem, whether it is homely or officially, Baba Ji always stand by me everywhere I recall Him. I really surprise sometimes that how Baba Ji changed the views of my opposition and he is ready to in tune like me. Baba Ji, I request to you that please bless me in every field. I want to do something for the betterment of society. So please bless me always. Sai Baba Ji, please always be with me, hear me, watch me and make me aware always for bad evils. Sai Baba Ji, please accept my humble prayer as You ever listen.

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  1. The first experience reminded me of me crying with happiness when I was having Baba darshan in Shirdi..

    OM SAI RAM!!

  2. Nice experiences, thanks for sharing, may Baba keep blessing you all; I would also like to share my brief experience here, if I may…..

    My wife missed her consultation with the doctor couple of weeks back as she mistakenly saved some other date in her calendar; subsequently we received an invoice for the treatment that did not happen – this is quite common in the UK, and we are supposed to pay as we are in the wrong; usually you get a call from the clinic in advance to remind about the appointment – but this is not mandatory – The bill was substantial, so I prayed to Baba to do something about it and get it waived off.

    We talked to the clinic during the week and mentioned we did not get a confirmation call and the confusion about the dates. The account manager did not give us any immediate relief and told to come back to us on this later.

    Nothing happened for some time until today, when my wife got a confirmation that we do not have to pay those charges.

    I am really pleased, not so much about not having to pay unnecessary charges anymore but for the fact that I prayed to Baba and Baba blessed me. Aisi hai Baba ki Leela.

    Sri Satchit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister, Very good shiridi experience. It's always amazing to be in shiridi and never satisfied looking at Baba. Days just pass off in Shiridi and we go back to old days. It is very true that Baba listens to everything and full fills our desires.

    Devotees can visit the house of "Shri Madhav Rao Deshpande" alias "Shama" and his grand Daughter inlaw lives in the house and still active.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    LU Baba

  5. Jai Sairam – Very nice shirdi experience. Whenever i read about devotees shirdi experiences my heart will start craving about my shirdi visit. And I will start praying ro Baba to call me to shirdi. Inspite of going to shirdi you will still get this feeling. I guess each and every sai devotee will get this craving..

    Jai Sairam.

  6. Jai sai Ram,Di,Thank you for sharing your Shirdi experiance. Baba is truly great.
    I visited Shirdi on 10th of April 2013 because i had completed my guruvar vrat of 21 weeks and i could touch the samadhi that day.not only that when we were ready to depart i was the first one to reach the cab early and was sitting inside whereas my friends had gone for breakfast,i could not go because i was fasting that day, and baba showed his miracle, an old man approached one of my friend and gave him a framed photo of baba telling that,give it to Ajay as a gift from me…he even did not take any money from my friend who was ready to give it to him..
    and the next miracle is that photo when all the lights are off inthe room radiates light…ie the face of baba and his tika shines in the dark….I am very grateful to baba to consider me as his child and pull me towards him…though my wish has not been fulfilled still and i am waiting since two years still i have faith on my baba that he will definitely hear me one day..still if he doesnt i am ready to spend ,my whole life at his feet…Thank you All….Jai SAI RAM

  7. thankyou so much for posting my experience(1st one)…thankyou my sainath,you are my smile,my faith,my strength,my life.please never ever leave me alone…waiting for my next experience to be posted when tilak appeared on my stomach…bless us always my sai..luv u so much


    Baba, Please Bless Us. Have mercy and forgive us for all our sins. Baba, you are our saviour. Baba, wash away all our bad karmas like you did for Dr. Pilley's in Sai Satcharita. One glance from you and all our sins are washed away Baba. Baba, only you can bring us out of this difficult times. Baba, we know you are there in our lives. Waiting for you miracle Baba. Please bless us Baba.

    Om Sai Ram

    PS : Thank you Hetalji for maintaining this blog. This site gives us so much comfort and strength to face the pain and suffering that we have to undergo for all our sins. You are the present day Hemadpant. May Baba bless you for this noble deed. OM SAI RAM

    • who said u have done bad karma..?such a wonderful life u have got its nothing but babas testing period..i can feel when ur crying in front of babas..this is the period where baba is testing u ..once u pass out the test ur soul will be in blissful state..plz don't brake ur patience.the more u get pain more u pray to baba and finally ur pain and misery will merged with babas lotus feet..may my sai give you lots of love..amen

  9. OM SAI RAM… Baba ji pls pls pls help your me and bless me baba ji I have got a very important presentation today pls baba ji bless me that everything goes well and properly you know how rude my boss is pls pls pls help me baba ji OM SAI RAM….

  10. i feel greatly privileged to share my experience today.. i was read about others experience and today i am going to share mine.:) i was in 3rd standard when i started believing in sai and that was the first time i visited shiridi. now i have completed my 12th standard aswell.:)
    as i grew older i have immense faith in him now and always felt sai beside me and he always helped me come out of my problems, frustration, depression and i always share my happiness with him. he is the only friend i have.(true friend) he is my everything as well.. i have completed sai sathcharitra reading twice and now in third phase.i feel relaxed when i read his mahimas(miracles) he is the incarnate of lord shiva.. but i always had a complaint with him that he never appeared in my dream.(as in sathcharitra sai always appeared to his devotes and gave suggestions through dreams) once he appeared to me after that and i felt as if he gave me his prasadam through his vigraham(idol in the samadhi madir) at that time i just returned from shiridi.
    when i went to shiridi i only prayed to him that i wanted to visit aarthi at least once because the last year i went i could not get aarthi even after having 5 darshan. so this time also happened the same. the day i was to return i almost had tears in my eyes and prayed to him to give me arthi darshan atleast today. and to my suprise that day i got it. i was so happy. and when i was in the hall of samadhi madhir looking at his idol i felt as if he was speaking to me.. i feel blessed that sai is with all of us. thank you so much sai for all that you do for us. love you always and please have you mercy on us and keep blessing everyone the same with good health and prosperous in life.
    And i am greatly thankful to the admin to give the devotes such a good opurtunity to share their feelings.:)<3

    • sorry the message has got some grammatical mistakes:P was so excited that i dint check before posting.. and ya baba hears even the smallest prayers we do to him. love you sai.. i actually attend the evening aarthi nearby my place every Thursday.. the aarthi music is such great that i forget all my problem and feel that sai is with me.. love you sai for all this..

    • my dear small sai sister.; why r u worried about ur mistake..the following words u have menson above as it indicates ur innocence..which god likes most in human beings..hold hands of babas tightly so that later on u wiil be the dearest one to the baba…jay sai nath..amen

  11. I had tears in my eyes while reading 1st experience. Today, as promised by Baba, he came into my dreams and offered me Udi. I am so happy today Baba. Please fulfill our wish to visit Shirdi and solve all our problems. Love you my Sai.

    • after geting a vision u have tears in eyes this it self indicates such a beutiful soul ur having…may my lord full-fill ur all the dreams…jay sai nath

  12. Om Sai Jai Sai. thank you all for sharing such a wonderful experiences.1st devotee I can imagine the happiness one felt after touching our Baba's samadhi fortunately I also got this oppertunity once 2 years back. my that visit was really blissful as it was a very short visit of 2 days. I reached on saturday afternoon and attended madhyan aarti then attended sandhya aarti at Dwarkamai following with sejh aarti at Gurusthan. Next day kakad aarti at samadhi mandir in VIP line and after attending madhyan aarti at Dwarkamai a bid goodbye to my Deva.On this visit only Saiji grant me to touch his samadhi at that moment I felt that I should die on the spot as I was not ready to touch any other thing after having this divine touch.Whenever I recall this episope I kiss my hands as this became pious just like an iron turned to gold after midas touch.2nd devotee our Deva is like mother he looks after everything.3rd devotee very true I also experienced that in many incidents my opposition starts to supports me. Our Baba can do anything.In comment section Ajay, brother I literally felt goosebumps after reading that you received a gift from Saiji on your vrat.Baba bless us all always. Deva thank you very much for everything and please increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  13. Om sai Ram…. the first visit to shirdi experience is really very good, even my eyes are filled with tears.
    Really I want to share my experience related to Sai baba…as its only his grace on me to share here. First I want to thanks SAI BABA to be there with me.

    When I was in class VI(around 1996) my didi told about sai baba. Then i started worshiping him. I was a small kid and didn't know much about the worshiping in proper manner (now also i don't know how to worship), but i use to worship him. Slowly slowly my trust on HIM increases. I used to ask help in my exams, e.g. help in this question, sai baba please help to clear the exam… etc… etc… .
    HE helped me, i do realize that power, from where i don,t know, the trick to solve the question comes in my mind, i used to solve the questions.

    When i had completed my XII, SAI BABA helped me in clearing the Btech entrance exam(in 2003) in first attempt. I got private college but i had not taken any coaching classes, i had just studied for 1 month. Before 2-3 days of the day when results were out, I used to saw Sai baba in white clothes sitting and giving blessings everywhere. He used to help me in every sorts of problem.

    After clearing my Btech, I was preparing for Mtech admission. One day in afternoon, in dream I saw that SAI BABA came out of the table sai baba calender, then as i want to put in HIS legs for ashirvad, he hold me from both hands … then for 1 sec there is dark, then i saw myself in place where there is greenery.

    After this, I got selected & cleared the interview for JNU Mtech entrance exam. The most awaited dream of mine came true. I cann't tell u how much blessed i felt that time, now also i can feel the sensation in my body for that blessings of SAI BABA.

    Then one more good experience of SAI BABA. It was the time when the search for good boy was going on for my marriage in my home. One night i saw sai baba followed by his devotees, and baba said to me something, then i saw we went for meeting the guy and my marriage is fixed.
    By this dream i was sure now my marriage will get fixed.

    After some days,The dream came true, my marraige was fixed with my husband. (in 2011)

    In feb 2013 we(me and my husband) went to SHIRDI. I cann't explain how we got the darshan of Sai Baba. It is his holy grace that we saw him and attend kakkad aarti under his grace shower.

    I cann't explain how the words are coming out of me, its just SAI BABA who is motivating me to write my experience.

    Now, I will tell u my latest experience, we( me and my husband) had shifted to Greater noida recently.
    I wished to keep Sai thursday fast but that day i don't have the sai vrat katha. Then i prayed to sai baba "I want to keep the fast, now only you will arrange the sai vrat katha for me". Then SAI BABA only advised me to ask book from neighbor. I thought its 7 am she would be sleeping, i would ask her by 9:30am. Then by some work I went near to my outside door, I saw aunty (neighbor) there only, I asked her for the same book. She told that she had and she would be happy to give me. This is how I got the SAI VRAT KATHA. That day I went to Sai temple with aunty and really I felt I am blesses by Sai grace

    I am sure that SAI BABA will take my and my family problems away from us.

    I always want SAI to be there with me as HE is always……

    Please SAI BABA mujhse dor mat jana…. SAI mere ghar aajao….
    tum hi mere sai ho tum hi mere data… tumhi ko poja hai…tumhi ko mana hai…
    aab tumhi sabhalo, tumhi mere parivar ke dukh dor karo….

    (English version is : SAI BABA don't go away form me….. Sai come to my house…
    SAI you are mine…. you are my God…. I have worshiped You… U have trusted you…
    Now u only take care… You only take sufferings of my and my family….)


  14. Lucky people is all I can say.

    O Deva, what is this test. I have surrendered to you O Sai, please take care of Your devotee. My faith is wandering, help me fix my thoughts on You please. I plead with You to bless me with some Love and Peace O Sai.

    Thank You.

    Jai Sairam

    • Jai Sai Ram!

      Please chant "Sai Ram" continuously till ur mind is fixed at Sai's feet and then you will see that your problem will be solved.

      Baba Bless You.
      Baba's Son:-)

  15. Hetal Ji,

    Sai Ram! How are you? I am going to Shirdi for the first time. I would to take devotees prayer to the holy feet of Baba. My email address is mkkaur@yahoo.com. Please post this on your website and request all devotees to send their prayers by July 3rd. I will be in Shirdi 15th to 16th July. I am so excited and feel really blessed.

    Manpreet Kaur

  16. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji



  18. Jai sairam
    Wonderful and blissful experience of the first devotee.Baba please arrange my trip to shirdi.I wish to stay for atleast one day .Baba please.Baba please be with us and take care of my son.
    Baba i place all my ego, desires and worries at your lotus feet.
    Baba koti koti pranam at your lotus feet.

  19. Today I am so happy that baba cleared one of my biggest doubts. From today onwards I can breathe happily because I know my baba is there to solve my problems.Baba please bless me and be there with me and my family always.I have surrendered myself to you completely.You are my divine father.Show me the path and please don't leave me ever.You are the only one hope of my life.Love you so much baba.Please protect me from the sorrows of my life.Thank you baba for coming to my life when I needed you the most.You are a true father.Help me and be there with me always so that I can prove myself to be your good daughter.Help my brother to get a good job.He deserves it.I know you will help him.I don't know how to express my gratitude.love you baba.love you a lot……..

  20. Very nice experiences…

    The first experience reminded me of my tears of joy when I was in Shirdi. It is indeed the most beautiful thing that happened in my life.

    2nd exp: Baba is always by our side. He surely blessed and saved you from that problem.

    3rd exp: May Baba bless you very soon and fulfill all your wishes.

    May Baba bless us all

  21. All these Sai experiences to me don't seem true. I am a true devotee of Baba but haven't ever experienced any of his miracles. In fact Baba seems to be deaf and blind. I have been trying very hard applying for jobs for the past 6 months and have finished 3 vrats now. I have been to three interviews in very good and big companies, but have been rejected. Don't know why Baba is doing this to me. If Baba was really concerned about his devotees, then why doesn't he help me at all? I feel like comitting suicide.

    • Om Sai Ram…
      I can understand your frustration. But want to tell u that.. Just have faith in Sai …. If u r not getting these jobs…then HE would have better plan for u … u will definitely realize it in your future.
      OM Sai Ram…

    • dear anju..
      everyone has his/her share of ups and downs.have blind faith on him and surrender completely.donate food to poor and help others as much as possible..sai never leaves anyone in middle.trust him completely.om sai ram

  22. OM SAI RAM

    Baba Please Bless Us and be with us always. Baba, forgive us for all our sins Baba. I know you will fulfil all our wishes. Baba, we have full faith in you and only you can pull us out of this difficult times. Bless us Baba. Please heal my daughter. Be our saviour Baba. Have mercy and forgive us for all sins. Baba, I know you are with us. We feel your presence in our lives. Baba, waiting for your miracle. Baba Bless us.

    Om Sai Ram.

    PS: Hetalji, am not able to access today's devotee's experiences. Please help.

  23. Hello Hetalji,
    Om Sai Ram… Thank u so much for this website…. it like miracle to me… as it the site I clicked on thursday and always try to read devotee's experiences. I have shared mine also in comments. Thank u so much.

    But today i didnt find any devotee's experience.

  24. Very beautiful experiences! 1st devotee, very beautiful Shirdi trip experience, although you didn't get to do everything you wanted at first, Baba made sure before you left Shirdi you got all the unique experiences you wanted. Kanya Ji, it was Baba who told you to come to Shirdi at that exact time because He knew about the fire and to wanted to save His children from any harm. 3rd devotee, it is wonderful how Udi and Baba's blessings have helped you so much, and I am sure Baba will tell you what to do so that you can help others in the world, just try doing some small acts of kindness (for strangers or family or friends) and helping in charity organizations. Om Sai Ram!

  25. जय साईं राम साईं बाबा आप सब का कल्याण करे
    साईं वार की हार्दिक सुभ कामनाय
    आपका लाडला साईं कान्ति परमार

  26. जय साईं राम साईं बाबा आप सब का कल्याण करे
    साईं वार की हार्दिक सुभ कामनाय
    आपका लाडला साईं कान्ति परमार

  27. Jai shree ram, jai hanuman, omnamaha shivaya, jai ganesh, tirupati balaji ki jai, baba ki palkhi ki jai, jai durgaa, jai murugun

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