Sai Sister Jyoti Ji from India says:

Om Sai Ram. Dear Hetal Ji, you are a blessed soul and doing a divine job. May Sai Baba bless you and your family always. It’s Sai Baba, who is always with all the devotees and helps them in sharing their experiences. Currently I am studying in class 12th. Sai Maa has always with our family. I always loved seeing Sai Baba serial at Star Plus and I started loving Sai Baba. At that time, I was in class 5th. I wished of doing Sai Baba Vrat that time only, but I had a lot of study pressure also from my school side. Also I wasn’t staying well all the time. My mother promised me that she would allow me to do Sai Vrat, once I come to higher class.

That was the time when my father had retired from army and we were staying in Dehardoon for our better studies. Though we had a lot of financial problems and some problems from the side of our relatives, but my parents never revealed it to us. They wished of us (me and my younger brother being focused in our studies). Then by the blessings of Sai Baba my father joined D.S.C (it’s a branch of army to join after retirement from army). I started my studying at Kannur from class 7th. I and my brother slowly improved in our studies and also co-curricular activities. I developed real love towards God. I started respecting my parents to the best level by Baba’s grace.

My father got posted in Bangalore, when I was in tenth class. I did my tenth well by Baba’s grace. Here I was worried about getting a science stream as I want to be a doctor and Baba blessed me getting 90% and science stream. But it was in the starting of my class 12th that I became a strong devotee of Sai Baba, praying to Baba and always knowing and remembering Sai Baba is the biggest blessing of Sai Baba. After surrendering to Sai Baba every day of our life has seen the unfathomable love of Sai Baba.

One fine day, I was going through the net, and I came across your blessed blog by the blessings of our dear Sai Baba. My
faith in Sai Baba started increasing day by day. One day, I read in one of the experiences of the blessed devotee about divine Sai Satcharitra. Then I downloaded Sai Satcharitra (pdf book). It was all due to the blessings of Sai Baba that I got His blessing of reading Sai Baba Leelas in Sai Satcharitra. I started reading it every Thursday. Later I also started
Sai Baba Vrat, which I am continuing till now. Sai Baba has been helping me all through. I always think of Sai Baba. It’s Sai Baba’s miracle that whenever I go somewhere I see Sai Baba’s photo. I am grateful of Sai Baba for everything.

I had a lot of problems in my 12th standard with my studies, but Baba has always with me (Baba is always with all the devotees). When our time for army quarter stay was over, we had to look for residence in civil area. We shifted to a nearby civil rented house, but soon we realised a lot of problems in that house. We stayed there for more than one month and there was hardly any peaceful day we had. The landlady used to find out issues from somewhere randomly and started blaming us. I used to cry always, but I had faith that Baba will help us. I used to be very sad, but Baba helped me keep the strong devotion toward Him.

Then one day the landlady asked us to leave the house in 2 days. She had in mind that we won’t get any house in two days even through broker. But I had strong faith in Baba and then Baba helped us in getting a very good house. It is a blessed one indeed with lot of open space and no quarrel. Om Sai Ram.

From tomorrow, my final exams are starting and I wished Baba to call me to His temple before my exams. And Baba helped me. Today in the morning, my father took me to the temple in the army compound. I offered a coconut to Baba. Thank You Baba. Thank You very much. Also when I went to the temple (the temple is in army compound), there was one more devotee also of Baba doing
pooja. When I was coming, that uncle asked me to take prasad from the sweet box he had kept in front of Baba. I was very happy. I brought the prasad from my mother, father and brother. Thank You Baba. Today on our way to the temple and also to the home back, I saw many pictures of Baba. I had never seen on many vehicles, in the shops (in the places where I had never seen before when I used to walk through the same way). All is Baba’s Leela. Baba, please be with us always and be with all the devotees and their families.

Earlier in December, when I had to fill the medical college MBBS form, I went to take a print out. I wanted to take the printout at my home with Babaji with me. But my printer was not working. I was feeling sad. I wanted Baba to be with me. I thought that there were so many pictures of Sai Baba in my house. If I had taken the printout at home, it would have had Babaji’s blessings. When I entered the shop, I saw the photos of Jesus Christ all around. But still I wanted Baba to help me. Then the girl, who was taking the printout, took a card to keep in drawer and to my surprise, it had the picture of Sai Baba on it. I was satisfied and blessed. Thanks a lot Baba. Om Sai Ram. Baba helped me in my practical and in my NCC exam. Thank You Baba. Please help all always.

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  1. Baba today is my birthday….baba please bless me to get married soon with a wonderful person…shower all ur blessings and guide me to lead a beautiful and meaningful life where i can help others and make them happy too….OM SAI RAM

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Wish you a very happy Birthday Dear Sai devotee and May Baba bless you soon with a very good life partner. Baba will fulfill al your wishes. Please do read a chapter from 'Sai Satcharitra' daily.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • thnk u so much for da wishes both of u….M blesd to recieve wishes from both of u…will def read a chapter every day…i will take this as baba only answered me…thank u once again

    • Wish you a happy birthday and pray to Baba that He fulfill all your wishes for a happy life. Om Sai Ram!

    • thnk u so much foh wishngg me…tears roll down whn i see ol u ppl wishing me…i tak it as a bessing frm baba….thnk u so much once again

  2. Om Ram Ram.

    Dear little devotee of Baba. You are so blessed to know Baba from such a tender age. It is indeed Baba's blessing and he sure loves you and your family a lot. My best wishes to you and your family. May you become a very successful doctor and may your family be always blessed by Baba.

    Baba please be with us all always and sometimes i feel sad that i got to know you so late in life. However i wish that my kids get to know you very early in life. And may everyone in this world know you soon and be blessed by you. Call us to Shirdi soon Baba with family for your DARSHAN. We love you a lot and seek your blessings in every aspect of our life. Many many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. It is very nice to see such devotion in you at such young age…and it is inspiring to see your hardwork to achieve your goal. At this age it is very important to do your best, study hard and respect parents and then leave the rest on Baba to bless you with success.

    Baba blessd you with all these qualities and I hope that he stays even closer to you and bless you through the right path and help you achieve great success in your career. I also pray for your family to be able to settle down soon and fill your lives with loads of joy and prosperity.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    OM Sai Ram

    Baba, please forgive us for all our sins. Have mercy on us Baba and forgive us. Baba, please shower us with your love and blessings. Baba, please answer our prayers. Baba, we are waiting for your miracle. Baba, please make it happen soon. Bless us Baba, Please bless us Baba.

    Om sai Ram

  5. जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,
    उड़ना उसी दिशा में, साईं ले जाये जिस ओर है,

    मोह माया की आँधी से, पतंग को हमें बचाना है,
    उड़ाने वाले के संग हमें, साँची प्रीत लगाना है,
    … कट कर नीचे गिर सकती है, डोर अगर कमजोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,

    डोर पकड़कर साईं ने, मुझे ऊँचा बहुत पहुँचाया है,
    सफल हो गया जन्म मेरा, मन मेरा यह गया है,
    झूम झूम कर उड़ने लगा मैं, नाचा मेरे मन का मोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,

    एक दिन साईं ने डोर खींची, मुझको नीचे उतार लिया,
    यह क्या किया मेरे साईं ने सोच कर मैं घबरा गया,
    गिला किया , में रूठ गया, मैंने मचाया बहुत शोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,

    उड़ता था मैं बडे मजे में, ये सोचकर मैं ऊपर ताकने लगा,
    वो भी क्या दिन थे मेरे, सोच सोच के मैं तड़पने लगा,
    ये क्या देख रहा हूँ नभ पे, छाई घटा घनघोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,

    बारिश आने से पहले, मेरे साईं ने मुझे बचाया है,
    क्यों न जान सका मैं पहले, ये भी उसकी माया है,
    हाय ! मैंने क्यों ऐसा सोचा, साईं मेरा कठोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है,

    हाथ जोड़कर विनती है, मेरे साईं मुझपर दया करो,
    जीवन की पतंग में साईं, श्रद्धा सबुरी का रंग भरो,
    डोर को इतना पक्का कर दो, रहे न इसका तोड़ है,
    जीवन एक पतंग, और साईं हाथ में डोर है

  6. I have never commented after any blog inspite of having been a regular reader for so long. But after reading this, I am not able to stop myself. Dear Jyoti you are right. Baba's divine grace is definitely with you. You wil not just become a doctor, but a wonderful doctor. Being a doctor myself I can clearly see how beautifully Sai has worked on you internally to shape you to become one. The traits of stability and mental maturity that is very obviously reflected in the way that you have organised your thoughts and beautifully structured what you want to convey. Surprisingly, even I had seen that programme on Sai Baba on TV and gotten to know Sai's greatness. All the very best for your dreams Jyoti. You have already made your parents proud by being such a wonderful child, and you will make them a lot more reasons to be proud of you. Just remember one thing – Sai is always with us. Om Sai Ram

  7. OM SAI RAM…….
    LOVE U BABA……………..pls show me way…………….iam without career, job n money….i dont want to b dependent more………………..pls baba help me. dont leave me alone………

  8. Om Sai Ram
    Dear Child I really appreciate your devotion and initiative to write in this blog at a small age. By Babaji's grace you will surely become a doctor and do a lot of good things for the needy. By now you must have got your results. Always remember Babaji and concentrate well in your further studies. All the best dear. May Sai be always with you and all.

  9. Dear Sister Jyoti . Om Sai Ram . You are right that Sai Baba remains with His children always n everywhere. I also feel the same. I Love my SaiMaa .jai Sai Nath


  10. Dear Doctor, you are a blessed child 🙂

    Thank You for all the love and peace and everything else Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all the children of Sai

    Dear Jyoti
    I loved reading your experience. It is heartening to know that at such a young age you have developed so much love and devotion for our Baba ji. I hope you become a doctor as you desire. I am sure that Baba ji's boon bestowing is always on your head.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  12. Dear Sai Devotees,
    I just want to share a small incident happened today!
    Yesterday, I went to see my friend who is an American and she is 83 years old. At this age she started being vegetarian. It is hard for her to find such food and as she is living in a very prestigious assisted living, it is not possible to get vegetarian food always. Anyway, I thought of taking some idli -sambhar for her. I wore a very delicate necklace that one of my other friend had given me as my birthday gift. It is so delicate that I am afraid not to loose it by accident, as the chain is very very thin.
    It had a pendant of two hearts joined together. (That friend of mine is also a 68 years old lady from Israel.)
    Today, in the morning, when my husband went to the kitchen, he saw something like a curled thread on the floor so he picked and said, what is this? It looks like a chain.It was my necklace that was on the floor.
    I am not used to wearing any ornaments as such, I did not even realize it was not there on my neck till he found it on the floor!
    Well, than, where is that SPECIAL pendant? Oh, no! I searched every corner of my apartment and even checked underneath my pillow and shaking my chaddar, it was not there! I checked under the sofa seats too.
    Well, I told BABA, you know where it is, and it is a gift from my friend as a token of our friendship. You need to show me where that pendant is!
    My husband used to tell me to clean our car windows with glass cleaner since long and I used to postpone it for one or the other reason. I thought let me do this now , being Sunday, I can take care of that. I went near my car and lo! the pendant was lying there, by the rear door on driverside, shinning in the early morning sun rays falling on it!
    BABA's leela! The chain may have got loose from the locking setting , the pendant fall on the ground but somehow that chain came with me upstairs up to my kitchen!
    And the fallen chain was found next day…and that pendant was still there on the floor by my car, no one had noticed till these many hours!
    WOW ! BABA is great!
    Jai Sai RAM.

    Jyoti you are really a blessed child of Baba .Only with Baba 's grace can someone have so much faith.Your parents will be proud of you.All the best jyoti.
    Baba koti koti pranam at your lotus feet.



  15. Om Sai Jai Sai. Jyoti dear you are a blessed and one of the favourite child our our lovely Saiji.All the best Doctor to be soon. May Saiji always be with you and your family. Deva thank you very much for everything. Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day. Happy birthday to the devotee having birthday today. May saiji blessed you with choicest blessing.

  16. mere bhole baba sai pleas forgive us and relies us from this pain pleas..have little mercy on us…pleas mere baba post pond our pain to little baba, at a time it cant be bear…trahimum mere sai

  17. belated bday wishes…baba even I am waiting for my ruby stone … i still somehow believe you will show me that..although it has been more than 22 days…please Baba but I accept whatever You are giving

  18. my dad came to know about sai baba at an age of 39 or 40 and became a great sai devotee and has since then experienced his blessings in abundance… i feel glad that i realised baba's greatness at 21…but i salute you for being a sai bhakt from such a tender age…may sai be ever active for the welfare of his devotees….jai sai samarth…!

  19. Very nice experience! Baba comes to us at different times in our lives, but when He does come, He makes our lives so wonderful and happy. It is Baba's blessings that you found that new house very soon after being forced to leave your old house (and find within 2 days). Om Sai Ram!



  21. very happy reading the experience of a young student Jyoti.. feeling so proud ..keep it up!! All i can wish from bottom of my heart is God bless u, God bless u, God bless u!!! All the very best.

  22. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  23. Hey Jyoti, amazing to hear that you have been a Sai devotee from Vth standard…mesmerizing…Thanks for sharing your lovely experience with baba, may baba bless you with his choicest blessings. Dear devotee, such a nicely written poem. Just before starting to read the experience, i somehow wanted to read a poem on Sai baba and here you are with your sweet and meaningful p[oem…..Om Sai Ram

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