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Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Hi, I am from Hyderabad and currently in USA. I am so glad to be sharing my miracle. This is my first time posting. I really like to read all the experiences. I treat it as Sai Leelamrutha Nithya Parayanam.
I know Sai from my aunt 17 years ago. He had been saving me from a lot of problems.

Long story short, I lived in USA for 10 years before moving to Hyderabad and for job reasons, my husband relocated to USA. It was yet another miracle of Sri Sai. But, my company wanted me to stay back in Hyderabad with a commitment of 2 years and that was not acceptable to me. We had 2 small kids attached to both of us. So, I left my job one day and simply accompanied my family. Later, my company sent termination notice and though my experience was only 2.5 years with them. I was quite dejected at the idea. That and some more stuff made me really sad as to why this is happening. Anyway, I was constantly praying Sai to show me some miracle and save me from this embarrassment. Added to that, my daughter didn’t like her new school and this made me wonder even more if I did a mistake in relocating. Because I lost 2.5 years experience from my profile and for what is a big question.

Yesterday (21st Feb) Thursday, I did Vishnusaharsanama. Because it was Bheeshma Yekadasi and the day Vishnusahasranama was born in Dwapara Yuga. As well, I started Nava Guruvar Vrat. Today, I received a mail from my HR that they are recovering my last salary of 3.5 lakhs and some bond of 40K has to be paid, which is really not a big amount considering, upon payment they will issue me an experience letter. This is nothing short of Sai miracle. Usually terminated means, they will ask for lakhs. I was expecting something like 30 lakhs to be paid and no experience letter. One cannot imagine the joy I feel in my heart. Ofcourse, I cannot be sure of the experience letter until the time I actually receive it in my hands. But, nevertheless, sharing my experience here gives me immense pleasure and I am just way too much happy! Talking to some friends, no one ever received such a response from any IT HR after termination, especially from a tier-2 where these things matter to them too much.

I cannot thank Sai enough for this. Now, I truly believe He will make my daughter happy as well and make some true friends. She calls everyone a fake friend here. She says people simply aren’t as warm as in Hyderabad. I am sure she will find someone she truly likes here because there are wonderful people all around us and we believe Sai gets anything done! Thank you

Baba helped strengthen my devotion

Recently we moved back to USA and now that I am not working anymore after 13 years of busy at job. I am reading
books on Sai as well as many books on Pakalapati Guru, Avadhotha amma, Chivatam amma, Anandamayi amma, Chirala Swamy etc. It gives me immense pleasure reading all the books. I started reading this blog too and think of it as Sai Leelamrutha. When I read devotees saying they saw a number plate with Sai on it or they saw a poster, I always think in my mind that now that I am in USA, I won’t be able to see any Baba picture or poster.

One day, my kids wanted to go and play at neighborhood park and all three of us walked to the park. They played a while and then, we were coming back and I had the same thought, which was spinning in my mind. I was thinking to Sai sitting in the park. Will I be stupid if I ask you to appear on some car or somewhere to show Your blessings are with me. Then, my 4 year old son suddenly saw Baba’s picture on a house. He shouted mom, look there is Baba. For a second, I thought real Baba appeared, but I looked up and saw a picture of small Sai pasted on the door of an apartment. Words cannot describe the joy I felt and it turned out to be the house of a little boy in my daughter’s class at school. A huge Thank you Baba for honoring even the slightest of our desires. And a huge thank you to the people maintaining this blog. Because, when we actually put our experience on paper, it will remind us that Baba is with us in every step and Why fear when He is here!

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  1. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  2. Nice experience..Thanks for sharing….

    I wanted to share a beautiful leela of baba.

    Couple of weeks back I had these dream but today somehow I feel that I should share this with everyone. Baba is there with me all the time… I can feel his presence in my daily life he is there with me guiding me and helping me. He is giving me lot of experiences which I will share one by one

    Today I wanna share 2 dreams of Baba.

    1st dream which was around a month ago. Baba was in a room and I was a small girl. I was not able to see baba. I was trying to see him through a window. Window was in such a height that i was not able to see him… So I was jumping and taking a glance of him. I was standing on tips of my fingers and seeing him them my mom called me and I could hear baba calling my mom's name but I did not call my mom. As my mom was calling me I went to her and again came back and from the same window I again saw baba once and bowed my head at his lotus feet.

    I did not understand the significance of this dream and why baba called my mom. Please help me to understand this dream please.

    2nd Dream this was around 2 weeks back. Baba's marble statue (as we see in the temple) was before me, I said to baba Please show me your orginal (human) form. I wanna see your original posture. Then baba gave me a his left hand and as I hold his hand baba white hand (marble) was as human hand. I was mesmerizing experience and fell on his legs. His legs were were also in the human form I bowed my head on his lotus feet and kissed it Then when i am kissing his right leg baba took his leg back and I was awoke.

    I can still see those legs and hands and I feel very blessed that baba is there with me. In my dream I did not see baba's face I just say left hand and legs but its was very mesmerizing and still tears of joy roll of eyes when I remember. I have a very good feeling that i could touch his hand and legs.

    Love you a lot baba and thanks for everything. Now I cannot imagine my life with you. Love a lot baba.

    Sri Satchit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.
    Baba bless you all.

    • Dear Sai Sister

      I think you are blessed that you saw Baba ji in your dream. It is an auspicious sign. I feel that Baba ji blessed you and your mother in the dream.

      Jai Sai Ram ji ki

  3. I want to share my experience..
    Few dqys back i had read a devotees experience in which baba fullfiled her wishes by showing her hiz presence..i had not mentioned about this to anybody..i m already in pain coz of my relationship of 3yeraz has ended..n i cant stay without i cry daily in front of baba..on my birthday night at around 12.15am i went to my puja place n lit diya n iscence sticks in front of baba n prayed to him that i want to c his presence n cried before him for my relation..morning i had exams..i was waitng for my viva turn and all my frends came to wish me..they gave me two was purse with babaz photo n other was babaz idol..and i was shocked to c dat..i had tears in my eyes..i was so was my best birthday gift frm baba..nw dat idol is in my puja rum..hav complete faith in sai and surrender to him completely he will surely bless ur life..he says..look at me n i will look at u.. M waitng for baba to get my relationship back..nw i hav left all on hiz feet..and juz praying..i know watever he does will be good for me..i love u sairam..i vil newar leave u in my gud or bad times..jai sai..

  4. Jai SaiRam ji ki to all

    Dear Sai sister

    I loved reading your experiences. All the Sai devotees will be able to relate to them As Baba ji takes care of our smallest wishes and grants them at the right time(I am referring to your second experience). To a non believer it might not seem significant but as Baba ji's child I am very well aware that even small miracles of our Baba ji go a long way in strengthening our faith in our Great Father.
    May baba ji bless you and your family and all His children always.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  5. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva thank you for everything. Very nice experience thank a lot for sharing with us. Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  6. Beautiful experience.

    O Deva, do keep blessing us. We are human and we have desires and when we surrender to You, You ensure that each and every one of our wishes and desires is fulfilled.

    Thank You for everything O Sai 🙂 Please be with us, especially over the week that is ahead of us. We surrender to your Lotus feet O Sadguru.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Om Sai Ram. Baba, I know you are with us holding our hands through these difficult times. Baba all of us are waiting to see you work your miracle on my daughter. Baba, shower your blessings and show us your miracle.

  8. Very nice experience! Baba was the one who arranged for the experience letter, despite it being almost unheard of to get such a letter, impossible things become possible when we have faith in Sai Baba. Very nice how Baba also showed you and your family that He is in USA too; no matter where in the Universe you go (even if you travel to a distant star system, Baba will be there). Om Sai Ram!

  9. Baba pls save me…pls change my husbands mind…make him to realize what is good or bad…pls save my life baba….i know u are always there with me and will be always there…..i know u can make impossible things also can happen…u can change persons mind..PLS SOLVE MY ISSUES BABA..

  10. SAI BABA

    Please make me surrender at your feet deva, Please always make me to remember you.

    Love you deva,

  11. Dear Sai Devotees,
    Very happy read each postings and feed back. Just wondering why our English is going destroyed with wrong spellings and being written as is spoken? I wonder how bad it would be for people who want to pursue higher level education and/or job as it would certainly affect their chances to move forward. Of course BABA does not mind any thing like this, and all HE is seeing is our heart, but a gentle request to use correct English and correct spellings. I know for us Indians, English is not our main language, but when we are studying at schools, grammar and spellings are taught. Than why not do the right thing right way?
    On Computer Google you can find help too ! is one such link and in Gmail as well as e-mail programs provide spelling check too.

    My remarks are only with a view to help future generation. While chatting on phone or sending SMS,it's ok to use short words, but please make a habit of using correct English in professional fields.
    N hard feelings and not criticizing any one.
    Jai Sai Ram

    • When you write with true love and feelings it's hard to check on your spellings. People often are in a trance when they write or they are in a particular flow. It is just not appropriate what you have said here, since it is about love for God this portal is for and not for any other reasons. Please be more sensitive to people's feelings. Though people are going to schools and colleges not all get the best of education and with what ever little knowledge they have got they are trying to share their personal experience just to spread joy and build more faith.

  12. Sorry Baba. I dint mean to talk about pros and cons. Will be more careful in future. Please forgive me.

  13. Baba, please stop testing us. We need your help a lot Baba. Please bring us out of the troubles. Something is wrong with me. I am unable to continue Nav Guruvar Vrat and parayan. Please do something Baba. Please shower your blessings on us. Don't leave us Baba. Please please

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