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Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Hetal Ji, Appreciate your efforts for doing such a great work. I have already posted 2 of my experiences in this blog:

1. Baba’s Saying “Why Fear When I Am Here” Changed My Entire Life
2. Got Promotion With Baba’s Blessings

I blessed with many miracles by Baba’s grace in my day to day life. I can surely tell only your faith on Baba will resolve all your problems. This experience of mine is lengthy. I don’t want to miss or hide any Baba’s Leela. When I try to write Baba’s miracles on my own, I will not get a single word. I prayed Baba to help me for writing His Leela’s . Here it goes:

In previous experiences, I explained how Baba came into my life and settled my carrier. In This experience, I want to explain how Baba settled my marriage and did arrangements. Each and every step in my life filled with Baba miracles. I feel some time that really I am such a blessed devotee. From my heart, I am praying Baba, please don’t leave my hand always take care of me like my mother.

Baba Arranged My Marriage And Did Arrangements

My parents were searching alliance for me from last few years, but nothing worked out. Whenever I was praying Baba to settle my marriage and open Sai leelamrutham book, every time I used to get the sentence from Veerabhadrappa and Chennabasappa story page. Baba says “The priest was devoted to me. I told him the bridegroom would himself come seeking His daughter in marriage. One day, Veerabhadrappa, came to His house and, on my advice, Gauri was married to him”. I told to my parents leave everything on Baba, He will take my responsibility. With strong faith on Baba I did Sai Leelamrutham parayana and Nav Guruvar Vrat. I prayed Baba and asked in question and answers and Baba gave answer very soon auspicious function will take place, and marriage will be arranged among relatives and two ladies will help.

After 2 weeks, I went to my native on march. That time my aunt and her sister called my dad and asked my details and photos for alliance. Next week, the groom family came to my aunt’s home on Saturday to see me. We liked each other and marriage got fixed. Same day while going to engagement shopping, I saw Baba’s temple. We all went and took Baba’s blessings.

Sunday night, I was coming back to Bangalore in bus thinking about Baba and His miracles. Suddenly I saw Baba face in full moon. I got shocked that I can see Baba face clearly 2-3 min. My eyes filled with tears for His great Darshan. Because of continuous travel for 2-3 weekends that to in summer, I got fever. I was not well for 4 days. Within one week, my engagement was there. I was continuously chanting Baba’s name and slept. Suddenly at midnight, I got bad dream and not able to sleep. I took UDI and try to sleep again. After 5 min, I felt Baba came and sit with me and in His lap I was sleeping. Next day morning, I was perfectly fine. I prepared for my engagement and it went well.

Now the problem is need to arrange money for my wedding as my father alone can’t afford all these expenses. I was praying Baba to give some time to arrange money and also enough time to do preparations. We got 4 month’s time with Baba’s blessings. I need to tell everyone how Baba helped us to arrange money without any trouble.

I went to Baba’s temple, and prayed Baba to help me to arrange money for my wedding and opened Sai Leelamrutham. I got sentence from same Veerabhadrappa and Chennabasappa story, sentence: “After some days the Lord Siva again appeared in Gauri’s dream and she offered her jewels for the purpose of Renovate the temple. In next birth, by a sudden twist of circumstances, the barren land was sold at one lakh rupees”. I took blessings from Baba and went to my home. Same day night, Baba came in my dream and told why you are worrying; I am there no need to worry. I will take care of everything, and asked me to take one lakh cheque for my marriage.

Next day I went to office. To my surprise, I got hike and bonus letter and bonus letter contains exactly one lakh as Baba said. And I got 30% hike, which I never expected as few months back only I got hike for my promotion, which I explained in previous experience. Normally they will not give such a good hike in 4 months’ time. I went to temple and put all my letters at Baba’s feet. Sai is great!!

Baba Fixed My Marriage Date On Thursday

My marriage date was not fixed. After 2 months of engagement, my in-law’s family informed they will come to my native to finalize wedding date and they had discussed with Astrologer too. Based on Astrology, my in-law’s family came with 2 dates and none of the date was Thursday. I felt bad and thinking very important day of my life is not coming on Thursday. I did parayana of Guru Charitra and Sai Leelamrutham. After 3 days, both of our families went to astrologer to fix the data and time of marriage, it came on Thursday. Even I surprised to hear from my mother marriage fixed on Thursday and they got Shirdi Prasadam at the time of fixing marriage time. No need to tell its Baba’s miracle. With Baba’s blessings, my marriage went very well. I got Baba idol as gift for my Wedding.

Shirdi Trip Experience

I read many devotee experiences in this blog. They went Shirdi and invited Baba for their marriage. Even I had this wish in my mind. I want to give my first wedding invitation to Baba in Shirdi. But I was not sure that I can go to Shirdi along with my family as we have only 1.5 week’s time to start all preparations for wedding and not sure about tickets and accommodation. With Baba’s grace, we got tickets and accommodation within one week. Even now I wonder how we did Shirdi trip arrangements within 2 days. I went to Shirdi along with my family to invite Baba for my wedding. I invited whole heartedly Baba for my marriage. We had very nice Darshan of my BABA. In this Shirdi trip, I got opportunity to see Palaki procession. My sister got many Neem tree leaves in Gurusthan.

My Husband’s Transfer

My husband is working and he took house near to his office. After Marriage, we all went to that house and then My Mother in law asked us to perform pooja, but we forgot to take God’s photos or idols. Then my mother gave me Baba’s idol from her bag. We placed it in our pooja room and performed pooja. This idol we got from Shirdi. I and My Husband are working in different cities. I prayed Baba and started Nav Guruvar Vrat for my husband transfer. On 7th Week of my Vrat, he got transferred to my place.

Thanks to Baba for His grace and blessings to narrate my experiences. Thanks to Hetal Ji for giving this wonderful opportunity to me. I hope this experiences will definitely helps to all Sai devotees to strength their faith on BABA. Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Dear Friends,

    I think my post is going make some feel that iam a crack,some may think im crazy.Still i want to post this with an assumption that my baba will respond to me in one of your form.Im 30 yrs old lady un- married,not very pretty but look good/normal.My aim,dream and happiness is to do love marriage but i do not have a boy friend or craze on any guy now may be all guys around me are married or younger still i want to fall in love with a guy,select the guy on my own and marry him.We both should share our lives with each other till our end with mutual love and understanding.WILL THAT HAPPEN IN MY LIFE?Can i pray for this to our sai or am i silly or wrong?Dont think im a happiest woman and all im not so.Have enough pains in my heart still want this dream come true.Will this happen?Can i trust sai and pray on this.My Parents only aim is get me married soon but they are unable to find a suitable guy for me.In this way their dream will also come true.And they are not against love marriage.We all want my marriage to be done by this year.Is that possible.I had a love affair 7 years back.that guy came and proposed me was with me only for about 5 months after which started maintaining distance with me.For a year or two i cried and then forgot it.But thought that if he is a good guy he will surely come back.And to my surprise he came back 2 and 1/2 yrs back just spoke with me casually for an hour over phone then went abroad.Again for a week i was upset then carried on with my work.Later he came 1.5 yrs back and said sorry for what he did that day i felt sai is there for sure.He only brought him back and made him ask sorry for what he did.Its really a miracle because what i prayed inside came true but after many years.He started speaking with me daily for about 20 days.We were speaking just like friends but he kept saying about how we met,where all we met,what i said and gifted him.he has stored everything with him.Then one day i asked him whether he is seriously married or lying he said he is married but i could not trust because if he is married why should he speak with me after years that too daily.So i just asked him for fun what he'll say if i propose him now.He said he cannot be unfair to his wife and all.His words started hurting me so we had some hot discussion then the next when i called he spoke very harshly and hurted me.I was in tears.i said i didnt come after you that time and even now.So from that moment he stopped speaking with me. i couldnt still believe that he is married.Since i want to do love marriage only can i pray to my sai asking to give him back to me forever or should i ask our sai for someother person or should i do only arranged marriage with any guy about whom i dont have any opinion and forget about my dream.Please suggest my dear sisters,brothers,friends and elders.

    • Sai Ram

      Hey don't worry things will be fine , just remember sai is with you.Even he's with all his devotees. Just make sure you should have firm believe on him. just surrender your self to his lotus feet and always remember he has better and believe you me the Best for you.

      We humans always feel we can think better for us , but we are wrong , the creator has better for us as he know what would make us happy. I know you might not like this but simply have trust on him and always thank him what ever he did and will do for the betterment of his children.

      I can pray for you friend from the bottom of heart, may baba bless you for all the happiness and love. may your all desires come true and help you to find your dream man.

      Baba pls help her to find her dream man.

      thanks for the wonderful life baba.

      Sai Ram to All , Allaa Maalik

    • SAI HAVE GIVEN U A HINT your Dream Man will come soon VIsit Shirdi dont be in touch with that guy now YOU WILL hurt yourself. Do NAV VRAT and pray…. u will get married soon JAI SAI RAM

  2. after reading your experience i think baba answered me….from evening i was asking baba abt ma marriage dat when will it get settled…i was asking him r u listening to me baba….if so plz ans me in any form today…see da miracle…i read ur experience…evn ma parents are also looking for alliances for me from few years….but nothing is working i have done parayanam…im doing nav guruvar vrat also…every time i pray and ask a question abt ma marriage in question & answers…i always get da same answer…bab's blessings are there with u…u will have an auspicious function in your life…u will meet an unknown person…your friend will help…after reading ur miracle i can relate some what…but even am waiting for ma marriage to get settled…baba please bless me with a onederful life partner as soon as possible, who is also ur devotee …am worried baba…

  3. Your experience is really wonderful. May Baba bless you with a wonderful married life filled with happiness.

    I am also waiting for my marriage from a long time and for that to happen my boyfriend should get a good job and we should settle everything else. All I can do is pray to baba wholeheartedly and have faith that he will bless me and wait patiently.

    Hope Baba will bless me soon.

    Om Sai Ram

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  6. Wonderful experiences, you truly are a blessed one, like all of His children.

    O Deva, today is a big day at work, please keep your blessed hand on us as we grow. Help us be kind and compassionate to others O Sadguru.

    Let our day be filled with love and peace and Thank You for everything else O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam


    Baba, please Bless us. Have mercy on us and forgive us for all our sins. Baba, only you can help us in these difficult times. Baba, Bless us, you are our saviour. Each day we wait for your miracle in our lives. Baba, help us and bless us with your grace and love in our life.
    Baba, you know everything that is happening. We have faith in you and are waiting for you to answer our prayers. Baba, Bless Us. Do not want to suffer anymore. Bring us out of this situation. Baba Bless us.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Very nice experience. May baba with you for the rest of your life and be with you.
    Todays is the completion of my second saptah parayanam(i promised to to 3 parayanam). I prayed baba to come in my dream the day before the completion as he did for the last saptah.. He answered my prayer. Actualy i didn't see him as a person but as photos. 1st i saw an islamic drawing and baba's face drawn in a corner. Normaly they will not draw any human face in islamic drawings,but i saw his face clearly next to a mosque. He was wearing an islamic prayer cap.
    The second dream was i was peeping into a very famous gentleman's(i couldn't remember who it is) pooja room(hindu pooja room of their house). I saw there were lots of photos of gods and saints. Among them i saw two photos of our sai nath. I felt happy and thought when successful people believe in saint, why i have doubted mind. Then i woke up.
    Actually sai not only gave me his dharshan but also answer my questions. I was reading some chapters of sai chatcharita(crossing the border of life on dassara day) yesterday and thought why people are so keen to know whether baba is muslim or hindu, if he is muslim then wouldn't they worship him the same? And i was doing chathurthi virat for ganapathi yesterday, before starting i came across with a doubt. I always do my islamic prayer 1st and then do the pooja for baba. Since it z a day of ganapathi what should i do 1st, islamic prayer or ganapathi pooja or sai pooja. I was confused will ganapathi get angry if i do a pooja to a saint before him. I believe, sai answered me via these dreams. He showed me that he is not belongs to any religion and the same time i should not differenciate the god and saints as both are same.
    Thank you baba. You are teaching me so many things in real and dreams also. I love you alot. Be with us always. Please answer my prayers and bring back my husband soon..

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Baba bless you always and may he unite you soon with your husband forever happily.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Wow such a beautiful experience thank you friend for sharing..saima is the great mother of all.. experiences posted in this blog everyday, brings us more closer to our beloved baba once again thanks to the wonderful blessed creators of this blog.. om sai ram…

  10. OM SAI RAM

    Truly said u r one of the blessed child.Your experience shows how much
    faith u have on sai baba and how much he loves you…….
    god bless u always.

  11. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Sister, amazing experiences. Thanks a lot for sharing. Wish you a very happy married life. Baba bless you and your whole family always.

    Love you Baba and many many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  12. Baba takes care of all his child. I am very proud to be blessed by him. Thank you baba. I am sharing me experinece of my college. being a girl i wanted a job in my own city.

    This is incidence of my post graduation. At that time I was not aware of Sai baba. In final year companies were approaching for placement. But I do not have 60% my academics, so I was not eligile in most of the companies. I was very diasppointed. I tried in other companies but did not got through. All my friends were placed. But I was still waiting. My friends used to cheer me up and says everything will be fine. I was 50% sure that i will get a job. But in case i do not get one, how will my life will be. Then a very Good comapny came, I cleard some of the rounds , but in HR round , Hr said that I will be placed in Chennai.Being a girl ,i can not go to chennai. Also my famly needed me. I said o.k with low heart. Hr understood from my expresiion that I am not happy. She rejected me.World came to end for me. I was very disappointed. Then my collge declared that there will be only 1 or 2 companies more,after which we need to try our self.This came like another shock to me.

    After few days on my birthday a company based on my city came. I gave test and inteview without any expectations. But somehow I got selected. It was evening. My friends were overjoyed and congratulated me.Then they told me something that surprised me. They asked me to give My freind something to eat. She is a great devotee of Shi Sai baba. They told me that my friend has not eaten anything since morning.she prayed to baba that unless I do not get a job she will not eat/drink any thing. For the whole day she did not even sipped a drop of water and praying for me.

    Sai nath, thank you for getting job to me. Sai baba you helped me in all the bad phases of my life. Baba my that freind went a very bad phase of gher life. Please sai baba take care of her.

    • Thank you. Just pray for my friend. Baba please take her all troubles away. Give her all happiness that she deserves. She is such a pure soul.

  13. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing this with us….even from few days i and my family members are worried about my and my sister's marriage…i was upset these days…now after reading your experience i have feeling that soon baba will bless me and my sister with good grooms….again thanks a lot for sharing your experiences….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

    • Hi all…..iam in a bad and worst situation….i think baba has forgotten me…..pls pray for name is kalyani

  14. Om sai ram

    Dear sister thanks for sharing such heart touching and wonderful experience. Baba please bless us and help us sai deva

  15. OM SAI RAM Baba ji pls bless me and my sis with a very gud person and family. We both are above our 30's. Our parents are to much tensed pls help us baba ji. As my age is now 33-34 mujhe lagne laga hain I might not be settle in life…. If that is so pls indicate me… But you have to settle my sister with best person and family and that to before June month ends….

  16. Om Sai Ram

    Thanks for sharing such lovely experiences of Baba. May your life be filled with Baba's blessings.

    May Baba shower his blessings on all of us.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  17. Om Sai Ram, today is my birthday. Baba blessed me in two ways, first he came into my dreams in the form of his beautiful and magnanimous white statue today morning. Secondly, in the form of this experience which is related to marriage. Baba please bless me and make me worthy of your grace. Bow to the feet of the greratest saint ever.

  18. Om Sai Jai Sai. very nice and faith boosting experiences, thank you for sharing here. Oh deva thank you for everything.Saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  19. baba, please make my mind calm and patient.remove all fear and worries from my mind.and make me your ardent devotee. om sai nathaya sai sri sai jai jai sai.

  20. wonderful experience…….baba is with all of us….need to have patience….
    Baba as u know my sis in law is not having baby after 8yrs of marriage…pls bless her with a kid…both of thm are very kind and did almost all the virtuals watever was told by others…just becoz of us they are trying one more checkup with their dr..
    Pls baba make this one successful….
    and bless us as u always did…..

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Baba, please bless this couple with a healthy baby soon.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  21. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
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    Om Sai Ram

  22. Baba please sell my shop you know everything i dont need to tell you. My customers are coming but no one taking please help.

  23. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all

    Sai ki mahima aparampaar
    Sai ke charnon mein sauanp do swayam ko baar baar

    This experience comes as a breath of fresh air.
    Me and my husband too are living in different cities. Somehow I had a feeling on opening today's experience that Our Baba ji wants to convey something and wishes to show me a positive sign today and see He fulfilled my wish. Now I feel that Baba ji is soon going to grant my wish.
    Thanks a lot Sai Maiyya ji
    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji



  25. Dear Sai devotee, very happy to see you are so much blessed. Wish you a very happy life for all coming years. Do not loose faith in hard times as they are just stepping stones teaching us some or the other lesson.

    Message to other sai devotees still facing hard time in their lives, HAVE FAITH AND LEAVE YOUR WORRIES TO BABA SEEKING HIS GUIDANCE AND BRING YOU HAPPINESS.
    I always talk to BABA as if HE is sitting by my side. And you would be amazed as I am always, that my problems are resolved with utmost result that no human being can ever think of!
    I am a painting artist, right now out of job work due to my shoulder problem, I am on medical leave, but no financial help from my employer. Well, recently I have been facing lower back which made me bed ridden. I can walk and do all my work is no problem but can not sit for a longer period. I have some disc bulges at the lumbar region.
    Since almost a month I am on this "resting time"! Well, yesterday, my husband said, let's go to the mall and we will walk inside the mall and if you feel tired we can sit down there for a while too!
    Since we go very often for a walk in that mall, one of the jewelry shop employee whom we had talked in the past, said Hi. And both the shop owner as well as the lady employee showing this much respect, we stopped there to chit-chat. While talking to that lady , a topic came up what I have been doing. I said I did 4 portraits of my 4 grand daughters. She wanted to see my work. I gave her my internet link where she can see may work. She said, there is one of her friend who is looking for such a portrait artist to have her grandkids portraits!
    (Wholaa! That friend turned out to be the Security guard at that mall whom we had seen several times! 😀 )
    We had a plan to eat our dinner as a very healthy version of
    vege-sub-sandwich at Subway. That security guard came to us and was standing by us till we finished ordering our sandwich.
    I had no idea why she was standing there all the time! As I turned back, she asked me , you are the portrait artist, right? And she said, the jewelory shop lady told me about you. On trusting her words she wants to have several portraits of her grand kids, her parents, her husband's parents and the most important thing, she said, she would pay me up front for her order!
    I really felt over joyed and with tears in my eyes, thanked BABA for such an opportunity out of nowhere! I have done several portraits on order and till now nobody has paid me in full before the completion of work. Even sometimes it was difficult to get advance money to start the work. Sometimes, I have noticed reluctance to pay after the work is completed too!
    This I wrote just to give you an example of how BABA's way of working is totally novel????????? I will let you know how many portraits I will do for this lady! I just got this good development last evening!
    Jai SAI RAM!

    Wishing everybody's dreams and needs fulfilled by BABA's grace!

    • Om Sai Ram.

      This is awesome . May Baba keep blessing you always and cure all your health issues soon.

      Love you Baba. May you keep blessing us all always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  26. Dear Kalyani ji,
    I do pray BABA to ease out your problems giving you happy solution to your problems. May you be blessed ever.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  27. Very nice experience! You are Baba's daughter, and He made sure everything for His daughter's wedding went well and He gave you enough expenses for the wedding, made sure you got to come to Shirdi and also had your husband transferred to a closer place. Baba can do anything for us and did so many wonderful things for you, Baba's daughter. Om Sai Ram!

    BABA I am surendering completely at your feet Baba.
    BABA Please excuse me Baba for all my mistakes. Please Baba.
    Baba please bless me with good health Baba. Please Baba, please help me Baba.

  29. so good to hear from you all. wonderful experiences … I also have some & will be sharing soon … Jai Sai Ram

  30. so good to hear from you all. wonderful experiences … I also have some & will be sharing soon … Jai Sai Ram

  31. Sai Ram,

    I'm going through a tough period of life, my wife left my house on the 7th June 2013 and took my son, who's 1 year 9 months old with her. We did not have any arguments nor misunderstanding recently. Attempts have been taken to contact her but she's not reachable. My wife have contacted my mum once and my uncle recently, stating that she wants a divorce. I'm surely devastated with her sudden action.

    I'm surely we had arguments before this before those were past and we continued our daily chores with fail.

    I have surrended to Baba and I hope Baba will resolve my problems.

    It has been a month since I last saw my son, and truly miss him. I love my wife so much and I don't want my son to go thru a difficult life.

    I hope Baba will answer my prayers.


  32. Sai Ram,

    I'm going through one of the most toughest moments in life now .. My wife left my house on the 7th June and taking with her, my 20 months old son .. I don't recall any misunderstanding nor arguments with my wife .. I have yet hear anything from my wife but her brother contacted me to inform me that she's is no longer interested to life with me .. I'm devastated ..

    I don't remember any arguments recently .. we even went for a holiday recently .. there was no sign of dissatisfaction ..

    I've been praying to Baba for his blessings .. I hope Baba will resolve my problem soon ..

    I have faith in Baba and Baba will surely show me the sign ..

    Om Sai Ram

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