Below are few mesmerizing experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Baba Blessing On My Family On My Birthday

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Om Sai Ram to all my dear Sai devotes. I would like to thank Hetal ji for giving us this platform where we humans can share and read about our beloved Sai miracle and blessings, which help us in those troubled time of our lives. Baba has been saviour for my family ever since I have known my Baba. I would like to share how Baba has helped my family to come out from the great sadness and brought back happiness in our lives.

We live in USA and everybody is aware of all the problems one has to face while getting visa. We did face the same problem. My husband worked for a very good company and everything was going fine until he decided to get his visa stamped. He went for his stamping and they gave him some form and asked him to wait for the decision. It was the most horrible time for my family. He was in the different country all alone with no one to help and me and my daughter all alone here waiting every minute for him to come back to us. The only hope we have was that Baba was there and everything will be fine soon. Time passed by he waited for 3 months and they refused him his visa. All our dreams got shattered, but I still had hope that Baba will listen to our prayers.

My husband went back to India and by my Baba’s grace he got an job offer from another company and they were ready to file for his H1. After lot of troubles his H1 was filled and it got approved with Baba’s grace. We took Baba’s name and he again went for his stamping in India. Earlier he went to Canada where he was rejected. By this time it was already 6 months have passed and we were separated. Again he was given the form and was asked to wait. Again we lost all hope. But there was something in my mind, which kept saying that everything will be fine. My 30th birthday was soon approaching and being away from my family and everyone the only thing I asked from my Baba was to help my family to be together, so that at least my birthday doesn’t go in so much pain and sadness.

Then on my birthday morning around 6.30 am USA time, my husband called me and gave me the most happiest news of our lives. He told me that he got his passport back today and he got his visa. We thanked Baba 1000 times. I couldn’t have asked anything more than what Baba has given me on my special birthday. That was the biggest and the happiest day of our lives. My family couldn’t have thanked our Baba enough for His blessing on my family.

In my life whatever I have understood with my experience is that Baba is always there for us. He gives us pain, but in the end it is Him, who help us come out of it. Baba saying which I always keep in front of me is “Trust in me and all your prayers shall be answered”. This is the saying which has kept me going in that time of pain and troubles. He has always been with us and given us strength to cross this terrible phase of our lives.

Trust and Faith are the only two things, which will help you achieve what you want. Om Sai Ram. Baba please be with my family and everyone who wants it.

How Baba Felt My Sorrows And Miseries And Blessed Me To Overcome All

Sai Sister Saroj Ji from India says:

BABA, who always cares of His children, Felts Sorrows of His children. He blesses to overcome all Miseries and distractions. I feel proud and happy to share my experience with my BABA. Wrong friendships totally ruined the career of my elder brother resulting loss in business and disturbances in the family. Someday, one of the money lenders (they used to come 2 to 3 times weekly and scold) came our house and scolded my father heavily (As my elder brother was not at our home). My father is really a very simple, innocent and humble person. I also could do nothing. We all looked helpless and it was out of our control.

I saw the condition of my father, who was just so scared and shivering in distress. Even he could able to neither talk anybody nor take his breakfast in anguish. As if he is needing some bodies help and of course there was no one except GOD. That day, while returning back from office, I open BABA’s photo and cried just like a child, unstoppable. Oh Baba, why You are doing these miseries to my family only. Then BABA listened to me, I am sure. It is already 8 months passed and not a single lender has touched around our Veranda.

Another miracle is that I was desperate to get my son admitted into any DAV School in Bhubaneswar. But one day, when I visited SAI BABA’s Temple in Tankapani Road and opt to Manshik a Coconut at Dwarka Mai. Suddenly some flowers from BABA’s Photo dropped to which my wife also noticed. Finally my Son got the chance in DAV School through Combined Draw. There are so many to share, but next time. Let BABA Bless you all. Om Shri Shri Satchitananda Sad Guru Param Brahma Param Yogi Sri Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Passed In Exam – Unbelievable Experience

Sai Sister Kavya from India says:

My name is Kavya. I stay in Bangalore. I am a student. I was very bright child from childhood. But as years passed, I became week in academics. Finally I completed BBM, but got a backlog in 5th semester and wrote my exams again in October. Till yesterday, I was waiting for results with fear. And I started 9 Thursdays Sai Vrat from yesterday. Today only I got my result and I have passed. No doubt it is Sai Baba’s grace. I have seen many sites, where BABA’S devotee has shared their experiences. Many have written that their wishes were fulfilled in 3 days, 3 weeks, 9 Thursdays. BABA showed me the result the very next day. BABA, please be with always and fulfill my wishes. Please fulfill the wishes of all BABA devotees. Trust me your wishes will definitely come true. Baba will never make His devotees disappointed. I will complete 9 Thursdays Vrat and perform Udhyapan and complete it. Baba, please be with me and support me to complete the Vrat. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram! All are wonderful experiences thanks for sharing it !A Wonderfull baba day to all


    Please baba bless all & be with all.

    Make me surrender at your feet, in such a way that I am ever happy in pain & pleasure.


  3. OM SAI RAM.

    Baba ji from today itself i am starting 9 Thursday vrat to full fill one of my long lasting wish and also i do not want to break this 9 vrat chain in any case. You know i have deepest faith on you and i know you will not disappoint me during these vrats and full fill my wish you know what it is.

    Please baba be with me always, i need you badly in each and every phase on life. Have your vradhasth on me and my family always.


  4. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences. Saiji thank you for everything. Deva we are puppet of yours so whatever you want you direct us. Deva please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

    LU Baba

  6. all are really faith boosting experiences…pls always be with us sai.i dont want to live in this world without u my sai….om sai ram

  7. Saibaba hates me.i am a special devotee to him.
    1)I had lost my love.
    Baba came in dream and put his hand on my head & said DONT WORRY MY DAUGHTER.DONT CRY.I AM THERE FOR YOU.
    2)I attempted suicide thrice.all 3 times, im hospitalised.
    3)I left my career for 3 years&crying to baba to give him back.recently i joined back &wrote exams. I failed.
    4)I got so many positive signs from baba,which never became true.
    5)Now im struggling between life & death.i want my guy back.i was in to relationship with him. But,it doesnt matter for baba.he says marry new guy;-(
    I was topper and after he left me,that is the time,saibaba took me in to his sharan and i am a failure,i lost my health,friends,career.
    I did saisatcharitra parayan,9guruwarsaivrat3times,40days sugarcandy pooja,visiting shirdi,ghangapur,tirupathi,etc.i had cut my wrist also.these all, nothing pleased baba.
    Im crying from 4 years.i have only question to baba.why did you save me from death? To make me cry life long? Baba one heartly request,pls dont get me married to another guy.its better leave me and give my peaceful death.

    • I knw how u feel.i hv been thru all of this only difference is its 8 years instead of 4.its like u r telling me my story to i hv changed my thinking.i said to myself to spend my life for others only.m 34 and still single.i m living only to serve other people who need help.i m working and spending my money to charity and try to read sai satcharitra very often.i knw my life is useless for me so m making to usefull for others so that i can pay for all the bad deeds i did in this and my past lives and i dont hv to come back on this earth.try to change ur goal for life.

    • To the struggling devotee: Its easy to say to move on when I myself have been struggling to get my love from 6 years, but just for once try to just surrender to Baba to see the beautiful life he planned for you. Letting go of the loved one seems like its impossible but you know what..people change and so do things. We don't have the same things or same habits that we had when we were young and we won't look like how we do now when we grow older.. so do people. You will be able to start fresh and make your life useful and be happy again. It is all about believing in it. Attempting to suicide is one of the biggest mistakes in life adding to your bad karma for which you would pay not only in this life but also in the coming lives, please don't do that.

      Just for once think about all the people that want you to live happily and all the people that have supported you all your life…Say to Baba 'thank you for giving everything you already have and that you would like to get better' ask for blessings to improve..If you continue to ask for the same thing that is not that great for you(regardless of what we think, not everything we want is the best thing) and trying to die how will you get energy to improve. Even if you want your loved one you will have to be positive and work hard for it. Crying or trying to die isn't going to help you. Nothing is easy. I myself am struggling badly to survive but try to put your effort in believing that you can get better and you will surely find happiness again very soon.

      Baba please bless this child of yours and make her happy again

      Om Sai Ram

    • Dear Sai Devotee,

      I got this baba's message in mail. I know you are going through a rough phase but hang in there and baba will sure answer all your prayers. Like our parents he always wants the best for his children. Sending prayers your way. Everything will be fine soon.

      BABA'S MSG:

      Suicide is Most Sinful

      ONe of thenoblest ideals is to protect and serve all beings. When a service is selflessly rendered, the spirit of service grows gradually in us. OUr heart yearns to reach God as a first step in the spiritual pilgrimage. However, many people become tense and stressful as a result of their urge to grow healthier, wealthier and happier at any cost.

      No one can get what all her or she wants to get in a short span of life. Happy life is to feel satisfied with what one gets and live in compromise. People who have compromised thus will direct thier attention towards God. But, some people treat their troubles as formidable hurdles and foolishly decide to commit suicide as they are depressed with their ill- health or disappointed by not getting their desires fulfilled. Here, 'soul' means "self". Killing one's own body tatntamount to murder. We have to protect, nurture and reach God through the body which is a gift of God. We have no right tokill it. Baba stopped a chronic patient from committing suicicde. We have to bear the runt of sins committed in the past births, seek shelter at Sai's Feet and liberate ourselves from the bondage to make life meaningful. But, Killing one's own self is not a remedy to escape from misery. We should realize that taking refuge at Sai's feet isa solution to all mundane problems

    • Sai Ram,
      I can't measure your misfortune but can feel it's really bad experiences that you have had. Don't blame Baba – the fact that He has brought you close to Him is a sign that your troubles will go away for good…..but that doesn't mean you will not have to suffer and everything will become goodie-goodie…faith in Baba would give you the strength needed to face this bad phase bravely and come victorious out of it….faith in Baba also means to follow His Updesh – and He has condemned committing suicide……then how could you do it……?

      You want Him to give you fruit for all your good deeds in this life but what about the bad ones which you may have committed in past lives…(I am sorry for being bit harsh here)….Baba is not partial He has to maintain balance…..don't go blind over your definition of what is good for you……Baba has planned for you even better things in life…..just imagine if you could fight these odd circumstances in life – how strong emotionally and spiritually you will be….I don't say you will get some medal or what – but just look at the positive side of it….A persons testing is done during bad phases only …..why would you want to waste your time in attempting suicide, crying away….despite being Baba closer to you….wake up, I am sure you haven't seen the world, try to make a difference here, don't be selfish….look around and you will find numerous examples of people who would be much much worse off than you….but they would still have a smile on their faces – don't you remember how Das Ganu Maharaj got Gyan for his Ishavasya Bodhini – maid in ville-parle taught him the crucial lesson that whatever happens in this life is good because it's all designed by God (who is not partial)….face your bad time – however long it is …it's a character building period – whatever good you will learn during this phase will be the reason for your successful life in future…Most of the ultra successful personalities to date have had seen extremely bad phases in their lives – some did not even have food for days….but faith kept them going…. Reading books on Baba and Vrat is all good but only if you follow what's been told in there….Sorry for being a bit rough here ….but you have taken some stupid, drastic steps and I really think you needed this…Om Sai Ram !! …..Baba bhala karenge…..thoda dhyan laga, Sai daude chale aayenge…..

  8. To the devotee who is frustrated with life coz of a guy-have you ever thought of your parents. See,babas words and dreams would never go hollow. He has really good in store for you(may be not that guy)far more better life than him. By then baba won't allow u to end your life coz he wants you to taste the better life. Frget your past though hard but you will suceed.

  9. Nice experiences…thanks for sharing them. Baba with your blessings I started my 9 guruvar vrat today. Please bless me Baba and fulfill my wish. I love you so much 🙂

    Om Sai Ram

  10. Wonderful experiences. The moral to take away from these stories is "Trust in HIM and all your prayers shall be answered".

    To the anonymous person who is in pain and attempted to take her life. It may take time but you shall overcome this too. I pray to Deva that He bring love and peace into your life too.

    O Sai, Thank You for a wonderful day, please bless us all Your children with love and peace. Fulfil our wishes O Sadguru 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Very nice experiencs…thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  12. Jai Sai Ram,

    Brother/Sisters, Very good experiences and again to say that Sai is ever vigilant to help his devotees.

    This is my opinion and i hope devotees will agree with me. I have read in many posts that devotees often blame Baba for their mistakes or use words such as "Baba will test us until the last". I don't agree with this. Sai is our father and mother, will a father and mother see their child going through problems? nope! not at all!! Sai is always concerned about us but he will not interfere with our past karma's but he will certainly reduce the pain. We need to have love towards Sai, lets pray Baba and remember him always. Every one wants everything to happen over night, well if that was to happen then perhaps there would be no problems at all. We need to calm our self and relax, no matter what people talk! let them talk. Please be more practical and think rationally rather than taking hasty decisions. Please remember, Rome was not built in a day and it took several years of hard work and efforts. So Sai devotees, do not blame Baba for everything, we are responsible for our actions. Let's pray to Baba unconditionally for every one for all those people who are orphans, who do not get one square meal a day.

    My humble Salutations at your feet Deva
    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

  13. Jai Sai Ram ji ki

    First devotee- What a marvelous experience! Baba ji is great.You know after reading your experience I am somehow feeling that Baba ji has shown me signs. I have a strong feeling that He is saying something to me since your experience has a lot of similarity with me and my family's present state. Baba ji always said that on reading His stories devotees will get rid of their miseries and will get pleasure. Baba ji You are GREAT!

    Second Devotee- May Baba ji forever bless you and your family.

    Third Devotee- You are truly blessed. May Bab ji always shower His grace on you.

    Sai Ma ka kar lo dhyan
    Sai Ma ki leela hai mahaan
    Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Sai Ram Ram

    Thanks a lot Babaji

  14. Thank you all the devotees who tried to help me.
    This is the one who is worrying about my relationship with my relationship doesnt bother baba.
    Same way none of the devotees said that baba will give him back to you.Here in this sai forum also,my ill bad fate is with me.baba made your minds to answer all like,that i can cry more.Baba can change this guy.but he dint.becoz he want me to marry new guy, so that i can cry everyday then baba will be happy.
    Ppl dont say, i vl get better.nothing nw better left for me.i treated him as my husband& i loved him truly.If i have money problem,health, every thing can be sort out.i myself a doctor.
    Im crying out of heart,to give my husband back.
    Baba says, i vl give you better guy,new husband.
    One devoted said,our priorities changes as we grow.that does not mean,every year husband also changes.wat you said is true 4 other things.
    Compromise is killing me lifelong.
    Im sorry if i had hurted anyone. But i m lost.

  15. Baba is miraculous god for all those whose wishes not asking baba for money,to pass in exam, asking to get my marriage done with him which is not in my hands.i dont want children also.i can live happily.i can do medical help for poor.may be baba wants me to kill my desire and do seva.this will bring happiness to baba.from the time,baba came to my dream im crying.earlier i was joyous girl.not very much,im only religious behind all joy.yes i am selfish.but m not asking any wrong thing.saibaba,ganapathi,hanuman gave me darshan simply to create to hopes.
    I dint cheat colleagues many do time pass with guys and leave them.but they are asking for pure relation marriage.if i would have asked baba for more money,cheating others,baba will help.
    Since 4 years,i never smiled whole saisatcharitra, as a devotee attempts suicide,he will help him.but for me,i have consumed poison so many times,then also he dint come to now stucked with court cases also.he had choosed me to cry.lastly im leaving you baba.
    You will help only new devotees to increase faith in you.
    All others who love baba unconditionally,although they loose money,job,husbands,children,etc.hats of to all you.
    Baba truly i want to remove all babaphotos from me having in purse.but im scared.if i do that,he will increase my suffering period to 8 years.
    So,baba be with me make me cry for lesser years atleast

    • Dear Sister,

      I am the one who used harsh words for you in the comments above.

      Don't assume that we are saying positive just because we have been listened to by Baba; it is not so in most of the cases – many of us are still facing troubles in our life – but it is the faith in Baba which gives us strength to face it and in fact offer support to others like you….we take it as his will…and you never know, may be he is speaking to you through so many of us.

      None of us said you will get the guy, all of us said Baba will get you what is best for you – if this guy is good for you then you will get him, but this is for Baba to decide as he can see what lies in future.

      I am just wondering why you alone are suffering, is the guy in question even bothered about this? if not, then is he really worth the efforts? if he does not care about you now – will you have a happy married life? may be not? so why you are stuck here…..(I am sorry I am not aware of the background and history, so do apologize again for using these harsh words – certainly do not want to make you feel bad – but sometimes we need to have bitter medicines for get better…..)
      I am not saying you won't get this guy, you might, if he is good for you – just have faith in Baba that he will do whatever is best for you……..

      The other wrong thing you don't realize you are doing is that you are attracting everything you don't want in your life by constantly being engrossed in negative thoughts or questioning Baba's way of blessing……one inherent advantage of complete faith in Baba is that you stop attracting negativity in life by thinking(or feeling) that Baba will take care of it…….such is the power of faith in Him

      It's a positive sign that you are somehow accepted in company of Baba, in that you know about Him and you have access to this forum among other things – many people don't get this opportunity until the very end of this life…..

      Lastly, Baba is not someone who will reprimand you if you stop believing in him, he needs pure bhakti….and no doubts because otherwise it's not bhakti…….

      In short, without knowing the facts,I would say, just leave it to Baba and get on with your life, there is so much in life to achieve; may be this guy is destined to be with someone else….or else if he is destined to be with you, then he will be with you, no matter what happens – then you'd think why you have wasted all these years for nothing…..

      I'd pray to Baba to please listen to your prayers soon – and do whatever is best for you…..until then complete surrender is the key.

      Om Sai Ram

  16. Hi Mam,Please donot worry.Whatever is happening is for one's good …and I can understand your feelings…But one should go as per the situations..and baba has better plan for you….keep everything on baba…he will tae care..and I know about your emotions…if you are filled with those thoughts please deviate from the thoughts by chanting "sai"..I promise that you would definetly come out from those thoughts because all your cry would be taken by baba…he will take all your burden….I also mean that the pain you are taking now in your heart….leave everything at his feet …….Once cry completely and keep all your pain at his feet….and he is always ready to take all your pain……Mam I cannot say how he may bless you but Ican say that he gonna give you an happiest life beyond ur imagination…..Om sai ram…

  17. Nice experiences! Kavya Ji, it was Baba's grace that helped you pass the exam and I'm sure Baba will continue to help you in your schooling and your job in the future. Saroj Ji, Baba came to help your father and took care of the business with those lenders so that they won't come and bother him anymore. First devotee, Baba was the one who helped secure the visa and it was likely Baba's plan to have your husband get the visa the second time since something better will be in his and your plan for the future. Om Sai Ram!

  18. Hyy m also going through same situation..i also cant live without him..he doesnt talk with me..i cry soo kip faith in baba..aftr all ur bad karmas are washed off if hez urz he l surely come back to u.evn m waitn fr him badly..m aso medical student..hav read saisathcharitra mani tymz..m gng to read it 9 tymes aftr xamz..hav done sai vrat.hav done sugar candy puja.i light diyaz daily..i go sai mandir daily..i sing evnin aarti daily at home or mandir as possible..juz trust n kip faith n patience in life iz aso goin thrugh vyy rough phase..m juz standing coz of baba..dunwry. Surrender completly to sai..

  19. Hey plz don’t worry.. you know what your story is exactly similar to my story… my guy also left me for the reason “ feelings change with time” he cheated me for another girl. He insulted me and made fun of my feelings for him. I cannot tell you about what all he said but I can just say that I tried everything to get him back but he didn’t come back n realized my feelings. I loved him like my husband. from the last 1 year I am suffering from depression n weakness which is affecting my life, my career. I am an engineer. I have also done fasts of sai baba and wished wholeheartedly to baba to make him realize my love. I know at this stage when someone says u will get someone better than him, he is not good for you etc such things how much it hurts. I will suggest you something which I am doing and I believe. Baba said “ have faith in him” baba gave me the guy I love and he will again give him back to me. Just have faith. Your faith n positive attitude can give him back to you. I believe in scientific facts and I have actually studied, tried one thing a lot in my entire life that there is a sub conscious mind in us. Whatever we think in it come true. So have complete faith, surrender yourself to Him. Ask Him once to listen you. Pray everyday from your heart. But don’t you ever cry or have any doubt in Him. Hold mentally the pictures of your guy with you. From the moment you ask Him to give you your guy back just believe that you have got him and start living your life happily. Have complete faith in Baba. be patient and place yourself in His hands. And then see how all your worries will come to an end. Just be happy. “ Faith, positive attitude and patience “ are the three things which are proved even scientifically to be the things which can give you anything.. yes anything that you want. Even now I am also trying this. And I now feel much better and happy. And believe me this faith will give us back our guy also. Surrender your life to Him and see how beautifully he will carve your life. May baba bless everyone on this earth and fulfill everyone’s desire. Om sai ram..

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