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Baba Arranged My Trip To Shirdi

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I am 37 years old and working as an officer under Orissa Government. I always believed in God. Just few months before, I felt presence of God in my life in form of Sai. In November 2011, I went to Shirdi with my husband and kids. Though I believed in Sai, I did not feel that strong connection with Him there in Shirdi. After returning from Shirdi, within one year, many unexpected unbearable sad incidents happened in my life and in the end Sai showed miracles to me.

After getting spiritually connected with Sai, I wanted to go to Shirdi once again with a different mindset. But it was not possible to convince my husband and go there again as that place was already visited by my family. But Sai heard my inner voice. After few days, my higher authority rang me and advised me to apply for a 5 days training program at Pune sponsored by IMF, Washington. The training will be in April and it will be complete on Rama Navami Day. First I did not know the timing. As it will be in April and my children’s annual exam will be over, I agreed. Later I found, it was during Rama Navami, the biggest festival of Shirdi.

I went to my head office to file nomination for training. On my way, I saw Baba’s photo and when I was writing my application, I saw Baba’s photo kept under the glass of the table. Finally I got selected and selection news was also intimated to me by Baba in an unique way. My husband usually deposits our house rent in bank. But he forgot about it on first day of the month. On second day, as he was busy, I had to go to bank. In bank, I saw Baba’s photo in front of me, when phone call came to check my mail box regarding confirmation of my training. Immediately I went to office. Before opening mail, I opened Shri Sai Satcharitra randomly to know what Baba wants to tell me. In the open page, it was written that Baba draws His devotees from thousand miles to Shirdi like a sparrow. Then I became sure of my training and opened mail box and got the training confirmation news. I was overwhelmed with tears. Now I am doing my flight tickets to Pune with government money. I am sure of a journey from Pune to Shirdi during or after training as it is only 189 kms away. Everything Baba will arrange as He has arranged the whole thing. Now I am dreaming of Dwarkamai, Samadhi Mandir, Chavadi etc. Wish me a journey to Shirdi in April during Rama Navami. Om Sai Ram.

UDI Miracle

Sai Brother Dilip Ji from India says:

Hello Hetal Ji, I am Dilip from Bangalore. I want to share an experience of miraculous UDI. Few days back, I had stomach pain because of eating outside food and had severe pain in the abdomen continuously for 3 days. The pain was unbearable and feared what it could be. I did not consult any doctor for pain and did not take any medication. All I was doing is praying SAI to cure the pain. The next moment what I did is applied UDI on the abdomen and drank water mixed with UDI and slept. Instantly I could feel the pain reducing and when I woke up the next morning, there was no pain at all.

This is really a great miracle. I just thanked SAI for this amazing cure. This is not the first time I am experiencing miracle from UDI. I believe that UDI is the best medicine and SAI is the best doctor in the world. Also, currently I am looking out for new job as my current job is under threat and I am worried. But my inner voice is telling not to lose hope as SAI is there for me. I completely believe in Him and just hoping whatever is happening is for good and SAI will give us the best. I will surely share another experience about the new job, once I get it which I am currently waiting for. OM SAI RAM.

Sai Blessings – Experience

Sai Sister Nalini Ji from India says:

Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you for the wonderful service you are doing for all the Sai devotees. I am Nalini from Chennai. When I went to Shirdi first time, I did not know the Leelas of our Baghvan. But after I came back, I had started reading
Sai Satcharitra and wherever I went, I have seen Sai Baba’s picture. If I could not see Sai Baba’s photo, I had started searching for the Saibaba’s picture/idol.

This is my first experience. I used to carry the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ book in a cover to my office and read them while I was travelling. To catch the train, I go by auto from residence to railway station. One-day morning, I missed the book in auto and after I have got down from the auto only, I realized that the book was missing, which was fallen inside the Auto. I was upset, as I wanted to keep the book very safe and I did not know the auto number to trace the book. Suddenly one grandpa (very old person) came to me and gave the book. I was speechless and I was very happy. As I was seeing the book with the joy, I forgot to thank him and within few seconds, he disappeared from the place. As I was standing in the open ground, I wondered where the grandpa would have gone that much fast. However, I thanked Baghavan Sai Baba for getting back my book.

Here is my second experience. I had planned to start the Nava Guruvar Vrat. To get Vrat book to do pooja and give the same to 9 people, I went to Mylapore Saibaba temple and bought them on Wednesday. After I reached my residence on Wednesday evening, I realized that I kept all the books in the office cupboard. I was very much worried, as I cannot do the pooja the next day without the book. Immediately I enquired with neighbor woman, who might be having the book. She said that she has to search for the book as she did the pooja very longtime back and she was not sure where she kept the book. Then I searched in the net for the Vrat procedures and I got them. As I didn’t have the printer, I was unable to take the printout. Then I had decided that to keep the laptop behind and do the pooja the next day morning. But I was not fully satisfied with what I have got from the internet as there were lots of information and procedures available in the book. After searching for a long time, I went to bed late night. The next day morning, I got up at 4.30 am and kept the flowers and other things ready in front of Saibaba’s idol. I got a call on my mobile at 5.30 am from my neighbor and she said that she got the book and she is standing outside my door and asked me to open the door. I was very happy and I thanked her a lot for gave me the book at the right time. By the Grace of Bhaghvan Sai Baba, I had completed my Nava Guruvar Vrat successfully.

I realized that if you surrender yourself fully to Saibaba, He would take care of everything and bless us with success. Thank you.


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  1. baba….there is nothing hidden from you then why still your kids are suffering..?if its last birth karma then baba pleas forgive our sins and take us to your dham…as you know we r simple human being we dont know any body/any thing without your lotus feet..this pain is not bearable mere baba so pleas fulfill our a small wish and take us to your dham…..omm sai saranam gachami…


    Dear Devotees

    Can I get suggestions for good accommodation in Shirdi In Baba's temple?

    With Loads Luv

    • jai sairam!!

      in shirdi,we have plenty number of accomodations in and around temple. The cost is moderate and nothing to worry. Prior booking is not much required unless it is weekend or govt holidays. During these days, the room cost is 300 extra. So plan in such a way tht it is weekdays.


  3. Dear sai devotees….i have completed 8 weeks of nav guruvar vrat succefully by baba's grace….coming thursday is my 9th week…can any one plz tel me what to do on that day…

    • jai sairam!!!

      In general, you have to tell your heart secrets to baba and bow him with all your heart. Then do annadhan and if possible,give away vrat books. Also try visiting baba's temple. That is all enough.

      Jai sairam!!


    Baba, please bless us. Baba, have mercy on us and forgive us for all our sins. Baba please bless and heal my daughter. want her to recover fully Baba and only your miracle can do it. Baba, please help us. Baba be with us and guide us to come out of this difficult situation. Baba only you can help us. Baba want to see your miracles in our lives. Baba, Please Bless us.


  5. BABA LOVE U…………….pls bless me soon with good job…………..pls bless my family with peace and happiness as we r going through tough time of financial crisis…cure my sister soon……….

  6. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Deva, shower Your blessings on us, Your children. Help us be and do good unto others O Sadguru, help us grow our compassion.

    Thank You for bringing love & peace and everything else into my life O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. Very nice experiences….Thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  8. Om sai ram all experiences are very very gud m speechless to read it i know sai can do everything for their devotee sai plz bless me with my love, tu hi ram tu hi sham sai nath mere

  9. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  10. Om Sai Jai Sai. O deva thank you for everything. All posted experiences are very nice.1st Devotee hope you had a great darshan at Shirdi in your second visit. 2nd devotee you are absolutely right our Saiji is the best doctor.and Nalini ji I am speechless after reading your experience I am sure its none other than our merciful lord who came as an old man to give you your Sai satcharitra to you. Saiji you have created the circumstances where I can have my own business. Baba its my humble request please let me take handover of same on Thursday not before that.Saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  11. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai SaiS ai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  12. Hi Sisters & Brothers, again im writing with a heavy heart and eyes full of tears.Im 31 unmarried female since my childhood till date im crying my pillows and bedsheets know my pains n hurts than anybody else.Does God really exist?Till my college days i use to pray lord ganesh but he ditched me in two major things my education n love life.Then after coming out from all pains i got an angry on ganesh so i started praying to sai but even he betrayed me in my career n love life again.I dont have a good family or relatives i dont even have friends as all are married n settled.im all alone.I eat alone,sleep alone,go out alone everything im very depressed.Last year i quit my job due to heavy politics in office and sufferd without a job for a year.then i got a job in a very big company but even that didnt last for me.im quitting this office due to stress n lonelyness again im in my notice period.Here i got a friend he is a guy married n he has a kid also.in that office only he speaks nicely with me he took my number one day and texted me.even i started text him.from that its only me texting him.one day i got angry on him for not replying to my sms and for not speaking with me in office i told him straight about that he misunderstood and said that i should not get attached with him i asked why he said its not good for me.he is right but still i feel hurt and i dont know how i will face him in office on monday.what should i do now.Im not in love with him at all i just like speaking with him because im lonely and he makes me smile when i chat.i have deleted his number now but dont know how to face him in office feeling very hurt and embarrased.how should i behave to him.should i speak smile when smiles,should i speak if he speaks,should i message him or should i stay away completely from him even if he smiles or speaks.im feeling very bad about me and feel very shameful to go to office even for this one month please tell me what i have to do.please help me out sisters and brothers.And also tell me how i come out from this loneliness and keep myself happy.please dont ask me to pray or meditate im unable to do that with so much pains in my heart and in my life after so many failures and hurts.Or should i commit suicide after all nothing is going to change in my life after these many years

    begging for advice that can change my life
    female idiot

    • Sister, when i read the 1st half of your life story, i felt like i'm reading my own story. Hence i could realy understand yous situ my sister.
      There are lots of males in this world who try to take advantage from women when they know that she urge for love and pampering. Specialy it is very easy for a married man to use a gal as he doesn't have to get commited. Since you don't know his motive completely, it is better to stay away. You do not have to bother about him much since you are in notice period and will not see him after you leave.

      I may sound weird but i must tell you this. Just by worshiping god we can't get our problems sorted, what is intend to happen will happen(karma) unless we surrender ourself completely. But devotion and worship will give you the strength to bear the pain and confidance to face the problems. So don't get disheartened if your wishes are not fulfiled. Remember one thing. Ganapathy or sai or lord shiva or allah or jehova, all gods are same. So don't get disheartened and change your mind every now and then.

    • ..(cont)
      god is real and prayers do work. Spread your palms infront of god and ask what you want. He will answer one day. Before praying you believe in ur prayer.
      I'm praying for you sister. Very soon you will be blessed with a loving husband, kids and a happy life. All your dreams will come true. Every tear you shed would be turned into smile. So don't lose hope.. May sai bless you. Om sai ram

    • Dear Sister,

      Try to help others who are in distress, it will give you peace in mind and a much needed
      purpose in your life; bring smile to faces if you can, specially children – as they are pure and much God-like; Baba keeps watching you and that's why He has brought you to this forum – He doesn't necessarily need to come to you in person as He dwells in all of us.

      There will be problems in life, but the fact that Baba has come in your life means He will equip you to handle the issues, make you stronger – it's really a beginning of the end of your problems.

      So rather than crying away, sitting somewhere in the corner – take charge of your life, re-shape your life …..and just bring smile to some faces……you will get peace and all your troubles will wither away…

      As with your colleague just maintain distance and if he really wants to be a decent friend of yours' then he will understand….in your current state of mind you may be vulnerable, just don't let anybody take advantage of you.

      May Sai bless you….

  13. Dear Sai Devotees, very pleased to read your posts. I feel BABA's presence in my life all the time. I am a person who would keep thinking of future steps to take care in my day to day life and used to keep tensed! And to my surprise, I feel that I am not stressed out anymore and yet doing my day to day activities just the same with my future steps planning! Is it possible without BABA's grace?????????
    Dear lonely Sai Devotee, I feel sorry for your situation. I would suggest you to keep distance with that office co-worker and even verbally tell him you are considering him as a friend where you don't have any friend at all. Tell him that You do know that he is married and do not want to be a problem in his married life. With this clarification, I think he would not mind your friendship and/or messages. Be very careful not to sent intimate messages because you do not want to go that route, right?
    2nd suggestion, get yourself engaged in some voluntary work. Check with near by hospitals if they need volunteers. You can sign up for such program/s. If the hospital is near by, you can provide food to the patient's family who are stuck to hospital stay and they need such help.
    This will keep you busy positively occupied. You will feel immense pleasure and happiness helping out some one in need! I assure you you will feel happy.
    I don't know what your educational background is, but you can use your job related knowledge to train others starting with free coaching and if you succeed you can start charging nominal fees to make up for your efforts and time. May be you won't need to run find a job at all!!
    I hope I have given you some guidance, and you are free not to follow anything if this is not what you would like to do.
    Your caring friend hundreds of miles away…….

    • Thanks a lot Sister…Though i didnt get a solution feeling a bit better…your words will make me sleep tonight thanks…dont know what more to say.



  15. Om sai ram. Thanks for giving me a new ganapathy statue as you promised in my dream baba. I missed my old lucky ganapathy so much. Since i gave it out, i lost so many things in my life. I felt my happiness itself went away with my ganapathy..I prayed and asked from you to bring it back and you gave showed me in my dream that a saint is giving me a ganapathy statue saying its my lucky ganapathy. Today i got it from a lady and i was surprized. You are my god sai. Thank you very much for everything. Om sai ram.

  16. hi mam, baba will bless with you good husband..please do nav guruvar vrath….and try not to speak with that guy as he is married and in either way is gonna hurt his wife only…..because married man would be having his own personal space which wud be the time to be spend with his kid and his wife and others doesn't have right to enter in their personal space……you please take part insocial service activities which gives you alot of peace ….om sai ram….

  17. Nice experiences! Dilip Ji, Baba's Udi can cure anything and don't worry, Baba will make sure to arrange a very good job for your that is best for your long-term career. Nalini Ji, it is amazing you got your book back from the auto and it must have been Baba who came as that grandpa to give you your book. 1st devotee, when Baba calls a devotee to Shirdi, everything is taken care of and Baba ensures that the trip to Shirdi will go well with no problems. Om Sai Ram!

  18. Jai Sai RAM, I pray for peace of mind and have this lonely sai Devotee find loving and caring friends around her. And ultimately find a nice, loving sensible person enter into her life to bring season of Spring!
    We are human beings who love to be family oriented that ultimately makes our society. Someone feeling "not among the accepted" makes life unbearable, of course. BABA please bring love and laughter in this lonely feeling Sai devotee!
    Jai SAI RAM.

  19. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experiences. baba please bless all of us. baba please be with me every second, give me courage to face these situtions, and to get love from my all family memebers. baba please never leave my hand till my last breath.

    jai sai ram!

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