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Faith Reaffirmed

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Hi, I have been a devotee of Baba since long time, but I understood the true meaning of devotion and prayers after reading parayanam. I was worshipping Sai Baba from a long time, but god brings us out of a situation telling us that He is with us and that is when our faith receives a high. Similar incident happened with me too.

I was planning to write my experience from quite a few days. This happened around 2months back. I was desperately looking out for a job change, but somehow things were not working in my way. I attended an interview and got a positive feedback from them. However the process was taking so much time. It’s been long time and I started getting doubts on the offer. I was very disappointed and nervous. One day, I told my sister (who was then at some other place. We could only contact each other by phone) about the whole story and she suggested that I do Sai Baba parayanam.

I started the Parayanam on 6th of that month and the other day she said she did a question and answer for me and told that my wish should be fulfilled by 19th of that month. For the first 3 days, it was normal. From 4th day, I started feeling that I am changing day by day. My behavior changed. My angers and frustrations came under my control and I am very much peaceful that ever before. I stopped teasing people and felt guilty if I had to say anything bad about anyone. And from that day, I started observing some signs like hearing bell ringing sounds while travelling in the bus (It was the same bus, I take every day, but I never heard such sounds before).

One day I saw Sai Baba’s image reflection on the mirror glass of the bus (when I was asking Him for Darshan) and on one day, I was reading about devotees experiences and I told Baba “to various people, you appear in different forms, but if I get a
dream. I generally forget it by the time. I wake up in the morning. So how will I be able to remember?” .In the early morning of Wednesday, I got a dream in which I visited a temple with my sister. The entrance of the temple had a tortoise, which was climbing in to the sky. We entered the temple and started searching for something.

Then we entered a hall filled with people, who sat on the floor and I saw two people in saffron colored clothes. One of them was sitting and the other one was dancing. At this moment, my alarm rang and I found that the time is 6:15 AM in the morning. I started remembering what the dream was and I was surprised for some time. I did not understand why there are 2 people in saffron colored clothes. But I realized that it is a good sign as saffron is very holy colour. I completed the parayanam by 13th of that month. I got the offer letter on 18th (As expected it was before 19th). I shared the dream with my sister, who then told me that it was a wonderful dream. She came back after sometime and she too started searching for job. She too is Baba’s devotee and did a parayanam. She too got a good job. Surprisingly both of us got the same joining date and it was a Thursday. we felt very happy and thanked Baba. Our faith in Him is reconfirmed and I really thank Him from bottom of my heart. Thank You Baba.

Male Domination

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

I am staying USA. Till the date, I am happy for having Baba’s blessings on me. But, I am not able to understand that Baba can test people to the extent where they lose respect and identity in society. I started praying Baba in my childhood. I have little patience for which I had to go through the Baba tests in each and every achievement. But, at last I used to get success.

I completed my education, got married to a nice person, came to USA, did few jobs and having 2 kids. Each and every success I got was after lot a lot of struggle. But, coming to parents, I saw a horrible person in the dad form, who treats ladies as a usable toy. My mom got two daughters (I am the youngest), which made her life more terrible. That person suspects wife’s character as well as daughter’s character too. Somehow I and my sister both got married. My sister again got somewhat similar life to my mom. Her husband also treats ladies so cheap and money minded. In such a way I am far better.

But, unexpected situation came, where I wonder no one can have the solution. After retirement, my dad is treating my mom too horrible by suspecting her for having illegal relations. After lot of physical and mental harassment, I and my sister decided to bring her out. As I know about my sister family, I suggested to keep her in separate home or in old age home. My sister took my mom to her home. Her husband thought of getting divorce to my mom and can capture her property. He motivated three (me, mom and sister) of us and made a public meeting. All the relatives came and blamed my mom only as my dad didn’t accept any blame. He didn’t accept to give anything to my mom. Now, my sister’s husband is thinking no use, so asking my mom to go back. We got blamed in public that my mom is bad at character and we are trying to separate them and we are not taking care if her. Please let me know anyone, why Baba is silent. Why He is not punishing. I am so much depressed and confused for Baba.

Got My Pen Drive Miraculously

Sai Brother Vishwanath Ji from India says:

Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am Vishwanath Raddy (BE) Civil engineer. I am working in an NGO with Baba’s grace. I am a strong believer of Sai Baba from last June 2012. I came to know about Baba few months back and as He told Baba Himself select His devotees. I am glad to be Baba’s devotee. I am posting this after Baba’s miracle in my life recently.

As I told above, I am a civil engineer. one day my sir has given me a pen drive, which was containing his important documents and bills, drawings etc, which were very important to my sir to claim bill in my office after completing constructing work. He gave that pen drive to me to take print of a drawing, which was need for me to perform work at site. I went to a computer center. I tried to take print. Due to some technical problem, I didn’t get the print. So I called my supervisor and gave him the pen drive to take print at another place. He took the print.

After that some days later, I went to the same shop, which was having technical problem and tried for another print. But it troubled again unfortunately. I forgot to receive back that pen drive. I was thinking that the pen drive is with me and went to home, which was 35km away from my working place. After that, I forgot about that and one day after one month later, my sir suddenly asked me for pen drive. I searched it at my home and got shocked that the pen drive was missing. I said to my sir that pen drive is with me and will give it later. He said I need it tomorrow. I managed it up to one week. One day he shouted on me and ordered me to hand out it soon. I was upset and praying to Baba that please show me the pen drive. One day evening, I was passing through that road. I stopped and asked for the pen drive. He said no I changed the room. I cleaned everything nothing is found. I prayed Baba. After one hour, I asked him again and he said I got the pen drive. Really I got it due to BABA’s grace.

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  1. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  2. Dear Anonymous SAI SISTER(Referring to second experience posted here)
    Its only because of someone's past karmas one will suffer like this.May be in the previous janmas.BABA won't punish anybody.He is a KING OF MIRACLES.He is a DIVINE MOTHER.Keep FAITH & PATIENCE.Keep visiting SHIRDI SAI BABA's temple or visit SHIRDI itself if possible.One has to have lots of SHRADDHA & SABURI with BABA.BABA expects nothing else from His devotees than these two.Don't worry about anything.If possible u take care of ur mom if ur brother-in-law doesn't allow ur mom to stay at his place.But keep praying to HIM & do ANNADHAAN(offering food to the needy which is very dear to BABA).Don't lose ur faith & patience with him.ok?.Take care.Bye…Anonymous SAISISTER

  3. Thank you for sharing nice experiences..

    To second experience: It really made me angry at this stupid society when I was reading about your story. But I have seen issues with both Men and women facing such problems (so it is not just men taking advantage) (I am a woman myelf) but unfortunately the number of women facing such issues are really massive.

    Don't lose your faith. Keep praying to Baba, seek help from Support Organisations if its getting worse. They would have helped a lot of women and would know what exactly to do to help your Mom get justice.

    It is sad that your sister is in a similar situation. Ask her to pray Baba wholeheartedly and start 9 Guruvar Vrat. This story reminded me of Kokilaben story in the Vrat. Have patience and completle it. Things will surely improve.

    May Baba bless your family with peace & happiness.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Baba surely bless us all with good health and peace and all we need to have a complete faith and firm devotion. Om Sairam.

  5. om sai ram. 2nd devotee from usa, your experience is exactly what happened in my life too. My dad is alcoholic, had affair, women abuser, treated me, my mom, and sister like a door mat. me and my sister got married. My dad is still the same. It is hard to change people like him. Anyway your mom came out of the house trusting in your sister and you so please don't send her back. That is the problem with daughters, we cannot take responsibility of parents like guys do. We women have lot of obligations. Can your mom stay in any relative's house like, her brothers or parents if she have any? If not please let your mom stay in your house and your sister's house few months each. If that don't work please arrange her to stay in oldage home, but remember she will be lonely there so she needs all your support for rest of her life. At any cost please don't let her go back to your dad. om sai ram. saidevoteeis@gmailcom

    • People in society believe in these bad guys. They blame good people and support bad guys like your dad and my dad because for out side people they act good, at home they show their true colors. Just consider that is our karma that society is also not understanding and do what else best we can do and proceed with this life. I know your pain because this is exactly what I went through. Nobody believed when we told about our dad to our relatives, because his words are so sugar coated. I am still facing the side effects of the trauma my dad caused to me even after 10 years of marriage. I am not even talking to him. Just pray to sai that he be with us all the time. om sai ram.

  6. jai sai ram,baba i have lost my gold pendand .please help me to find it.you know everything.please help me.om sai ram

  7. om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

    Baba, please forgive us for all our sins. Have mercy, Baba, Shower us with your love and blessings Baba. Each day we wait for your miracles baba. Baba, its faith in you that pulls us along in our daily life. Please bless us baba. Take away our sufferings, forgive us for all our sins and Bless us Baba, Heal my daughter from her illness. We pray to you for her complete recovery.

  8. mere bhole sai ,pleas give little space in your feet..have mercy and carry me to your lotus feet.. other wise this pain cant be tolerate by a simple devotee like me..omm sai saranam

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless everyone with peace, prosperity, good health, long life, joyous relationships and happiness.May all of us be under your protective wings and receive your blessings always. Let everyone be happy.

    Love you a lot Gurudeva.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.


  11. BABA LOVE U LOT……………..its only bcoz of ur blessings and kripa i got cal from that comp for job…today morng i sent the test sample to them……..i surrender myself and my problems at ur lotus feet baba…….pls bless me with this job……..now it has bcome very difficult without money, job and career………..waiting for ur blessings baba……….pls bless my husband with job promotion soon……..make him ur devotee……cure my sisters health permanently………bless my home and family members with happiness and peace of mind…………….pls dont leave us………….LOVE U BABA

  12. jai sairam!!

    First devotee: I am also facing the exact problem of finding a job and today is my last day of parayan. I thought i should first read the experiences in this blog and have tears now after reading your experience. Baba is our father. He exactly knows what i want and am little tensed as i m looking out for lectureship job.,cos after may,it's very difficult to find jobs in colleges. I have also promised that i ll not use question answer websites cos i started becoming obsessive about it. I will be grateful if you could pray for me.
    Jai sairam!!

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Baba bless you soon with a good job. Prayers for you Dear Sai Devotee. Please hold on strongly to the LOTUS feet of our Gurudeva Baba and he will surely Bless you soon. As Baba has said in 'Sai Satcharitra' that 'Come what may, leave not, but stick to your Bolster (support, i.e. Guru) and ever remain steady, always at-one-ment (in union) with him.". So let us practice this in our life and trust Baba blindly. I read that if we are resolute and have firm FAITH in Baba our wishes get fulfilled soon. And that we should not suspect Baba in the least. He is the most merciful FATHER and is always there looking to our welfare.

      Love you a lot Gurudeva. May you keep blessing us all always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Thank you so much sister/brother. I am really happy to see your reply and I shall surely place my faith on HIM!! My prayers for you and your family.

      Jai sairam!!!

  13. dear devotee no 2
    i heard that group prayer or if someone else pray for you it fruitful soon 🙂
    i pray to dear sai please solve your problem and make your and your loving ones life beautiful.

  14. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva please help 2nd devotee n her mom to face this tough situation. Please always be with them to ease their pain. Deva thank you for everything saiji as I know whatever you do its only for your children betterment. Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.



  16. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear devotee from experience 2- i will pray for you. My situation is very much like your mom. I have been married to a guy for 11 years, he is liar, cheater and having illegtimate affairs. I have 2 kids, he does not care about me or my kids. He just leaves us alone and goes aways for days together and we do not know where he is. Since he is never available, i am unable to work as there is nobody to watch my kids. I am living outside India. I have tried everything, nothing is working. Yesterday, I confronted him and he told me that i can go back to India and for the kids summer vacation for 2-3 months and then if nothing is sorted out, we can go our ways. Can you believe it, i gave up everything for this marriage and now he is telling me to go back to India with 2 kids. I am praying to Baba day and night to help me. I had been to Shirdi in July 2012 and I am doing Sai Satchatitra daily prayanam continuously for past 3 years. I don't know what to do.

    Baba, please help me. Dear devotees can you please pray for me and my kids. Sorry for writing about this in the comments section. Thank you and may baba bless everyone.

    • Dear devotee really feeling bad for you and your kids.I pray from the core of my heart that you get everything back that has been snatched away from you.Be strong atleast for your kids. Don't loose hope.Have faith in baba, he will bless you for sure.I understand how tough it is for you to be strong and have paitience.But you have to do this.My best wishes are always with you.Remember 1 thing if Baba takes something he returns 10 fold of that in terms of happiness. Baba bless your family.

  17. Om sai ram

    I want to share my experience. after office. i always go to 3 temples including sai baba. last Wednesday,That day i wish to god please show me your presence. That time i just thought today sai will be in red dress.when went to temple.i just shocked after saw sai baba in red. I was so happy. just tears rolling down from my eyes. that time again i wish in mind please gajanan maharaj and shree gurudev datt today please give me darshan in red dress. when i went to the both temple..i just shocked again and i was so much happy to see gajanan maharaj and shree gurudev datt in red dress.

    I am very blessed. Sai baba is always with me..

    Baba surely bless us all with good health and peace and all we need to have a complete faith and firm devotion.

    Om sai ram

    om sai ram

    Shree swami samarth

    gan gan ganat bote

    shree gurudev datt…

  18. OM SAI RAM.Baba is there for us always.Only we should never doubt. Baba is maybe testing our faith and patience.I have experienced this in my life.My daughter had been looking for a job since last 7-8 months.She had not been getting job of her choice.Baba always gave protection.She kept getting smaller assignments which built her experience.And today by Baba's blessings she has got a good job with good pay and closer to the house.Baba is always with us.OM SAI RAM.

  19. baba please be with my childen for their best results in studies.please bless them always.
    om sai ram,jai sai ram.

  20. 2nd devotee this is the answr i got for you in Baba's question answer site.

    There will be allegations. Conquer minds of others with soft speech. Remember Sri SaiBaba sorrows will disappear and you will succeed. You may stay near you village/ city."

  21. All those devotees who shared their sufferings because of some of their family members, I pray that baba give them numerous reason to be happy.Because I know that Baba can't see his children suffering.Keep faith in baba and believe that baba is there beside you, watching and guiding you.He will surely show you the path of happiness.Om sai ram..

  22. @2nd devotee pls have faith in baba….pray to him daily…to wash away your bad karmas quickly start with food donation…feed animals…become completly egoless surrender to sairam…he is BOUND TO HELP! JAI SAI SAMARTH JAI GAJANAN MAHARAJ!

  23. This is to all those who have responded to second devotee and to second devotee as well. I dont understand why womens keep quiet for such a long time and in the end wake up as they know when everything is going out of their hands. Show the courage that U can also be independent. And if you know ur husband is ill treating u, being alcholic and having affair with other womens as well, first of all dont blame other women blame ur husband first becoz he is the one who is root cause of all problems. Teach him such a lesson that he will think before committing such crime. Show the women power to him. Om Sai Ram

    • There are few guys like you who treat women respectfully, but mostly men don't care about women or their feelings. Now a days ladies are fighting back against injustices but 10+ years back situation is different. Moms are not educated and looking at their kids and society they silently faced all those problems. If anyone is facing this kind of abusers in these days then they should definitely wake up and teach abusers a lesson rather than being victims. om sai ram.

  24. O Deva, please do not be silent. The pain that we, Your children, are going through is unbearable O Sadguru, please Help us.

    Thank You for everything O Sai.

    Jai Sairam

  25. Nice experiences! 2nd devotee, do 9 weeks vrat and also continue to pray to Baba to help you endure these bad times due to past bad karmas, don't worry very soon, Baba will be there to protect you, your sister and mother as after all you are all Baba's daughters, and He will not let His daughters suffer more. Vishwanath Ji, it was Baba who helped get you the pen drive as Baba always helps us in times of need for both work and personal things. 1st devotee, Baba gave you many nice signs that He was helping you and gave you a very nice job in the end for you and your sister which He had reserved specifically for you. Om Sai Ram!

  26. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….for the devotee in the second experience please dont loose faith in baba have patience…please tell your mom to perform saivrat and if possible you and your sister also can do to come out of all the problems in life….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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