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Blessings And Miracles Of Baba In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I am writing this message as a blessed person of Shirdi Sai Baba. With the blessing of Shri Sai, we adopted eight months old baby in June 2012. Almost after 8 months of normal life with adopted child, suddenly my wife developed stomach pain, which the doctors scared us and told that it could be cancer. We were advised medical tests to confirm further course of action by doctors. I cried and prayed to Baba that all medical reports should be normal and my wife should not be affected by this disease.

From the time the biopsy was done till we got results, I was praying to Baba that the reports should be normal. After 6 days of sleepless nights, the medical reports suggested that we may have to go for a deeper biopsy once again as the first biopsy did not give any concrete results. I prayed Baba to take care of us and insulate us from the second report also.

To my surprise and to the surprise of all our family members, the second report also confirmed that the reason for pain in stomach is acute Gastritis. Reports gave us a great relief and I thank only Baba for making this miracle happen. I am planning my
Shirdi trip to have a Darshan of Baba and submit my thanks to Him. I only know the mental agony I had undergone in the last 15 days, and also the relief I got from the results after praying to Baba. This is an unbelievable
experience in my life and I firmly belief this as a Miracle done by Baba in my life.

I thank Baba once again for this Miracle & blessings.Jai Sairam.

My Experience With Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Sister Srividya Ji from India says:

Om Sairam, I am from Chennai and this is the first time I am sharing my experience with the grace of Beloved Baghvan Shri Sainath Maharaj after a long time. I always visit Sai Mandir every day morning, while going to office and I wished to offer a green colour vasthra to Shri Sainath Maharaj on His Mahasamadhi Day (15th Oct) and bought the same. I have requested the temple poojari to put my vasthra on Samadhi day and they did the same. Also I wished that Baba has to wear the same colour in Shirdi on that day. I saw online Darshan on Mahasamadhi day morning they put different colour and I was sad. So I didn’t see online Darshan after that. I told my sister that I would have offered this vasthra on Vijayadasami day instead of this day.

The very next day morning, I was surprised to see that my Baghvan has fulfilled my wish by wearing the green colour vasthra on Mahasamadhi day, which I came to know when I saw the below picture with words mentioned on the website. I really can’t express my joy and I was very happy and totally surrendered to Sainath Maharaj. Still I am experiencing His presence and I will definitely share my experience one by one in this blog with the grace of Baghvan Saibaba. If we have full faith and fully surrender to Him, He takes care of us always. Jai Sai Ram.

Waiting for the result

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I live in Hyderabad. I am a housewife and a devotee of Baba since from my childhood. Dear Hetal Ji, I hope you are doing well and how is your baby. May God bless you both and your family. Please don’t disclose my name and email id. I have many experiences in my life, where Baba has proved that He is there to safe guard His children. I love Baba very much.

I got married in 2005. Seven years has passed, but still now I didn’t conceive. Till now Baba has listened to all my prayers, but I am unable to understand why Baba is not blessing me with a child. But whenever I ask Baba regarding this issue, I get a positive response from Him saying that He will bless me with a child, but when is the question mark in my life. I have spent nearly 3 lakhs for my treatment till now. I am very much worried regarding this issue and my age is also increasing. My husband and my in-laws are very supportive till now, but slowly even they are losing hopes on me. I underwent six IUI cycles till now and doctor has clearly told me that if I don’t conceive with one more IUI cycle, I have to go for IVF treatment, which is very expensive, which costs nearly 1.5 lakhs for one attempt and there is no 100% guarantee. Also it all depends upon the luck. This is my sixth IUI cycle, which I underwent on Wednesday only. I am eagerly waiting for the result. I hope this time I will conceive. I request all the readers to pray for me. I will be really blessed if I conceive this month. I do have faith in Baba, but I am losing patience, which is very important as Baba always says to have
faith and patience. I am unable to understand the cause for what He is waiting and why is He not blessing me with a child, which is very important in one’s life. But I am sure that whatever He does will be for the good sake of His devotees. Hoping for the positive result, I am taking leave. I will definitely get back to all of you, once I conceive.

May Sai bless all of you with good health wealth and prosperity.

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Anil Gupta
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  1. Try to use baba's question and answer pdf and ask Baba when will you get child and also ask another,question is:-Do u have to go through these treatments or you will get baby naturally,I am sure baba will answer your question and will erase all your doubts.

  2. Dear 3rd devotee, Will pray SAI for you. Hope you will be blessed with healthy child soon by BABA's grace. But never ever lose faith on BABA.

  3. please shridi make her wishes fulfiled by making you conceive.jaya sai ram.om sai ram bless you all

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Dearest SaiDeva, please bless your Devotee with a healthy child soon. You are our FATHER, so please take care of us and all our wishes. we love you a lot and surrender at your LOTUS feet.

    May Baba bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We thank you for everything Baba and owe you all our happiness.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful experiences..

    To the third devotee: Baba aapka bhala kare…I pray for you. Don't lose faith Baba will bless you very soon.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. why baba …. you are not blessing me with a job… iam waiting for your blessings to get a good job… why are you punishing me…

  7. Dear 3rd Devotee- May Sai Ram will bless a Healthy nd sweet baby very soon. Pls have faith in him. He will surely bless you.Pls take Sai baba's Udi as a medicine and you will surly conceive a baby.
    Om Sai Ram !!!!

  8. 3rd devotee dear jai sai ram have patience sai will never let down you he will give you right time then you forget all pains which you are bearing long time, plz hold his tightly if you miss it but he will not loose your hand sai is here for all of us he wl bless you with a sweet baby

  9. Om Sai Ram,

    For third devotee, Sai baba will give you a beautiful & healthy baby. dont wary. have patience & one suggestion please start 9 guruvar vrat definately you will conceive. May baba bless you & ful fill your wish very soon.

    May baba bless as his devotees with health & wealth.

    Love U Sai babaji….

  10. Jai Sai Ram! all are wonderfull experiences thanks for sharing it

    @ 3rd devotee ,Baba is there ,Definetly he will bless you with a child.By this time .i believe you have conceived

  11. Wonderful experiences. @ 3rd devotee, I am sure you would have already have the happy news to share.

    O' Deva, grant us an abundance of faith in You and even more patience. We are, after all, humans, so forgive us if we pester You to hurry up and fulfil our desires 🙂

    Thank You for everything O' Kalpataru. I surrender to Your feet, please make this come true, my parents await. Bless my Mother and my Father too with love and peace O' Sadguru.

    Jai Sairam

  12. BABA……..pls bless 3rd devotee with a child…….iam waiting for ur miracle n blessings…………..my ways have become so …….that iam unable to understand wht to do…………..
    baba pls help

  13. Baba will surely bless u..kip faith n patience..start nav guruvar vrat n read saisatcharitra one chapter daily..baba iz awaz with us..he l surely bless u wen rite tym comes..he only expects unwavering faith.. Om sai ram..god bless u..

  14. Om Sai Ram… Baba ….sai deva…. please bless her (3rd devotee) with a beautiful and intelligent child. Please help her as she is your child… then only you have to help her…
    please sai baba help her….

    Please dont worry sai baba will help you…
    read sai babani….

  15. Dear Sai Devotee # 3, Praying for a sweet and healthy baby! Jai Sai RAM.

    Sai devotee #1 I have tears of joy with your first sentence that you gave a wonderful caring future to the adopted child! Wish you to have a wonderful your own child too the accompany this adopted child to make life more colorful!
    Wishing well for all Sai Devotees,
    Jai SAI RAM>

  16. Hi Mam, Dont worry have faith on baba..I am sure baba will bless you healthy baby….He will definetly bless you with happiness..
    If possible could you please perform 9 thursday vrat….

    Om sai ram

  17. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  18. Jaisai Ram ji ki to all

    Dear first and second devotees- Lovely experiences. May Baba ji shower His Divine Blessings on you and your families forever.

    Third Devotee- Baba ji please bless your daughter with a healthy child soon.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

  19. baba pls bless her with a child. baba pls help me also..pls baba….

  20. 3rd devotee have faith in SAI sure you will hear good new very soon..even i am in the same boat as you are..
    i know how the situation…

  21. baba plz bless everyone..plz bless ppl who wants child but could not conceive.help those who r heart broken and waiting for ur blessings and miracles..om sai naathaye namah

  22. dear sai sister surely we will pray to baba to bless you soon with a child surely he knows the best time and he will never disappoint you.. om sai ram..

  23. Baba will definately bless you with a child. I whole heartedly pray for that. May Baba bless us all and grant us Sradah & Saburi.

  24. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you Deva for everything.1st devotee may Baba bless u with his choicest blessings.2nd devotee our lord baba is very merciful he fulfills all our desires and prayers.3rd devotee Saiji will definitely bless you with healthy baby very soon. Baba please bless us always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  25. Very nice experiences! 1st devotee, Baba made sure your newly adopted daughter had a healthy mother and perhaps there was something bad there, but Baba removed it because He knows how important you will be for your daughter and husband. Srividya Ji, Baba gave you a very nice present by wearing the cloth you wanted on a very special day, shows how Baba listens to all our prayers. 3rd devotee, I will also pray to Baba to help you and also continue trying natural method for having a baby, no matter what doctors may say, Baba's miracle can still happen through natural method of having a baby. Om Sai Ram!

  26. oM SAI RAM

    MAY BABA BLESS ALL WITH BABIES….Who are eagerly wiating for the moment.

    Love you Deva,

  27. ॐ साईं राम , बाबा हमेशा आपके साथ है और बाबा जी अपने भक्तों के सब इच्छायें पूरी करें मेरी यही बिनती है बाबा जी से | ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम ॐ साईं राम

  28. namasthe devoteeji,

    Surely baba will bless you with a very sweet child with characteristics of our beloved baba itself. Dont worry All sai devotees are praying for you. please name the child starting with sai. I dont know why i am saying this but devoteeji, this is what i feel..Baba will do good to you and your family.

  29. to the 3rd devote don't loose hopes on baba even i was also waiting for the baba blessings so dont feel anything baba will take care.Not only u but so many are there like these conditions so be brave BABA WILL BLESS U WITH A NICE BABY BE LIVE HIM DONT LOOSE HOPES


  30. OM SAI RAM, I m also one of baba shishya I love baba very much and have faith and believe in baba, but life problem sometime creates lots of pressure. Baba u know all the things u are antaryami.baba please heal me from the stomach problem that I am facing since four years, baba please heal my mother from the chickengunia joints pains, please heal my father from hand pain, please keep your blessings on our family baba ji, we are so depressed and u are the only saviour.sai Baba kab ye health issues khatam honge hamare, baba please hame sahi rasta dikhlaye, please baba ji, Om sai ram… Please baba please show us right path baba

  31. Sairam. I have lot of experiences with my beloved god.i will share one among those . last year when I came to south Korea, one of my neighbor who is also Indian is not blessed with any baby even after 4 years of marriage.she is used to go to the hospital every month for iui treatment.one day she came to me and started crying with out telling anything.i asked her what happened plz tell then only I can do something.then she said dat tomorrow they will do one test for her so that they will tell her that she can have a baby or not.then I told her to believe in Baba and put a 2 rupee coin in a cloth and and pray to him dat "I will perform sai Divya puja if I was conceived"and I told her dat u will definitely tell me the good news after I will return from India.then the miracle happened she said Akka I was pregnant as u said Baba is there!then I got tears from my eyes.it was like the same story which I used to read in Divya puja.i was very happy and thankful to my sai maa as he listened my prayers.that day I felt very proud while fasing my neighbor dat which I told had happened because of Baba.now she was blessed with a baby girl.she us very happy.thank you very much Baba. Plz always be with me like this.

  32. Om namaha shivaya, jai shree ram, jai hanuman, jai ganesh dattatreya, baba ki palkhi, jai durga, jai muruga, tirupati balaji,

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