Saibaba’s Grace In My Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

In below experience we can read and feel how reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and worshiping Lord Sai Baba can turn anybody’s life into good.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am from Bangalore. You are doing wonderful job. Thanks a lot for providing wonderful website by which our faith and love increase towards our Guru Baba. Here I am sharing some of miracles and experiences, which happened through the grace of our beloved Saima in my life. Please feel free to edit wherever necessary. Please don’t disclose my name and identity.

I came to know Baba about long back, but I started seriously worshiping since 2011. One of my friend gifted me one photo of Baba, when I was in high school. I used to keep it in my altar with other statues and photos of other Gods. I was facing a lot of problems in my life. One day while doing pooja in 2011, Baba’s photo fell down and I thought it is Apashakun (ominous) as we consider felling or breaking of a photo or statue of God is a bad thing (indication of something bad is going to happen). It fell down and no damages happened to that photo, so I kept again in same place. Next day, while performing pooja again it fell down. Again thinking the same, I kept it again. Next day also it happened. I was really in confusion and I was scared thinking why it is happening like this.

That day evening while I was watching TV, I saw some book on TV stand. When I took that, I came to know that it was Sai Satcharitra. My brother bought Sai Satcharitra long back, when our family visited Shirdi, but I never read that. I was happy that I got some book about Saibaba because when photo fell down, I was very worried, but after finding the book I felt bit relived. Same day, I was searching something in my old bag and there I got Sai Chalisa. I was feeling happy because I got some strong message from our Baba. That is the day, when Baba entered in my life. From that day, I started searching in net about Baba. There I came to your wonderful site. Even I started Sai Satcharitra parayan. The day I started doing pooja to Baba, my life is getting better day by day. Now I never get fear about anything in my life because Baba is there to take care of me. After that, there is no looking back. After this, I started 9 Thursday Vrat and immediately after finishing my Vrat Baba blessed me with Shirdi trip. We had a wonderful Shirdi trip.

This year on my birthday, I was eagerly wanted to visit Baba’s temple and wanted to have His blessings. So I asked my friend to accompany me to the temple on my birthday because temple is bit far away from my house. I don’t know how to go and all that, so I asked my friend and she happily agreed to come with me. But due to ill health before the day of my birthday, she called me and told that she can’t come with me. I was very sad and I prayed Baba that “I really want to see you tomorrow if You want to bless me please call me. I don’t know how but I want to come to Your Darbar”.

The next day, I was not in a mood to celebrate my birthday, but still I celebrated with my family members. In the evening, I was just thinking about Baba, and then my brother called me and asked me whether I would like to visit temple with him. I asked which temple. He said Baba temple. He said he will take me to the temple and I should get ready. I was really happy. I thought he was still in office. He said he is on the way and he came and took me to same Baba temple, which I and friend were planning to visit. This was a great miracle of our Saima. We had a wonderful Darshan.

I had an issue in my personal life (sorry I can’t disclose the exact matter here due to some personal reasons). So I was very upset because of that. On my birthday, I sent some money (as dakshina) to Shibpur Saibaba temple and offered my prayers. Within two days after doing pooja there, issue was resolved. Shibpur Saibaba temple is very powerful. There are details about Shibpur Saibaba temple in this website.

Few months back, I prayed Baba to bless my boyfriend with a good job. Baba blessed him with a good job. There are many miracles happened in my life due to the grace of our Baba. Many times, He blessed me trough dreams. But I will share in my next post, when Baba permits. I am eagerly waiting Baba’s blessings in my personal life. I am confident that soon He will bless me.

Dear devotees, have faith in our Baba. Love Him like as you love your parents. Surrender yourself at His lotus feet. He is always there for His children to take care. Here I mentioned about Shibpur Saibaba devotees can send money as Dakshina to the temple and can ask Amit Ji to perform pooja and offer prayers on their behalf. Many Sai children are experiencing miracles every day. Here you can visit for more details about the temple. Sorry Baba if I have done any mistakes here while narrating my experiences. Always be with us. Take care of us. Guide us.OM SAIRAM. LOVE YOU A LOT.

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  1. i cant thanku enough for letting me know about the shibpur temple!!! i feel my faith in baba has multiplied thousand of times!! may saima bless u always!!

  2. Ram RAM RAM Sita


    You are great deva.

    Please make me surrender at your feet.

    Blessed are you devotees to get your blessings.

    Love you a lot.


  3. Hello Sai Brothers & Sisters,
    Reading this post here something came across my mind & with his highness Baba's blessing , would like to share it with you guys.
    Few years back i had god ganesh murti that had little cracke,i had doubt about if it was good or bad omen if any god's statue or picture is broken. During my regular morning meditation i used to ask Sai, after few days, i came across Narsi swami's book on baba & there was a beautiful true story of baba's time, i don't recall the name of the devotee, but it goes something like this

    " wellknow devotee of baba (i guess he was "purandra" – same guy who was doing repair work of masjid mai for baba in early time, when baba was angry he was only one who was brave to do the work as rest of the devotee fled away seeing baba angry, baba used to force him to have his meal & then do the work, however he was scared that baba will undo his work as baba didn't like anybody repairing dwarkamai" then only after baba promised him he wont do anything he went to get his meal" Baba then said to fellow devotee what can we do if your own child do shit on your lap, we have to keep it up with it) okay that same guy once asked baba if it was good or bad omen if any god's statue was broken.
    Baba replied what would you do if your own leg or your child's leg is broken do you throw them away, no right why do you differentiate with God. It is neither good or bad omen its just accident. you should not let your mind wander coz of some accident, god is still the same.

    Since then i had a cracked murti of God ganesh i kept it in my temple & believe me i always had good luck with it.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Devotee, awesome post, glad you shared it here, makes me be at peace after reading this 🙂

      May Baba bless us all always with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, joyous relationships and happiness. Love you SaiMaa for everything you have been showering on us.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Devotee, once doing nav vrat for the first time Baba's picture that i worship got burnt and i was really worried if i have done anything wrong since it was my first nav vrat.At that time i was going through a tough time.After the Pic is burnt Baba saved me from all the problem i was facing and before i could finish the Vrat Baba took away all my problems on him.I was completely saved.Thanks to sai maa.Your experience was gr8.

    • thanks for your post. 2days back baba's statue fell down & its head got cut. I got scared & felt like crying. My mother in law told not to keep broken statues & told to throw that statue. I was much attached to that statue. I told her nothing will happen & kept it in pooja room. Today seeing your post i felt like Baba only gave me the answer through you. Thanks a lot.

      Om sai ram

    • very nice experience..even i am praying our lord my dearest god babagaru..for my boyfriend job.. i recently got selected for a good company by baba grace hopefully very soon my boy friend gets settled well and may baba bless our love and make our parents accept for doing our marriage.. i am very much waiting for that day of acceptance.. i am facing a very tough time at home now..i feel like i want to die. but our baba is not letting me to do so.. he want me bear this pain but i know he will give me happines very soon .. jai sai ram..

  4. Baba please listen my prayer baba. Baba please do his work successful and get marry with him soon. Baba i'm tied baba. Please baba bless us baba.

    I love you Baba

    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

    • belive on our sai deva..sure baba will make your dream fullfill but you allways should remember one thing ;try to make other happy and see the baba saying you becuse i had a got same opertunity but becuse of my misstake i have lost it and waitting for onther chance so you dont repeat it and have faith on baba…jay mere sainath..

  5. Good experience.

    O Deva I have surrendered to Your feet. Guide me and bless my day.

    Thank You for everything O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Sai Ram!

    Dear Sai Devotee, who has mentioned about cracked murti of Ganesha, really our beloved Sai has conveyed message through you. I have a small photo of Sai Baba on computer table. Yesterday evening it fell down and the glass got broken. I kept back the photo in the same place without the glass frame. Eventhough i didn't think much about it, i was little worried.

    Now, after reading your message, really feel comfortable.

    I realized my mistake. As our Sai said, its just an accident and he is the same and he is with us always.

    Jai Sai Ram!

  7. I can't thank you enough for posting your experience. Few things that you have written are the things that I'm either doing or waiting for. I also beleive that getting pooja done in Shibpur itself is a huge blessing of Baba. I'm praying Baba a lot for my boyfriend's job. As all our future plans are mainly dependant on that and nothing is going to move ahead without his job. I feel like I have done everything including 9 Guruvar Vrat for him but nothing is working. Can anyone please advise me what to do.

    I completely surrendered my life to Baba and I'm sure he will take care of all my problems one fine day but the thought about when that is going to happen is making me really sad. Hope Baba will shower his blessings on me very soon.

    Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts. May Baba bless you with loads of joy, good health, wealth & prosperity and I look forward to hearing many more wonderful miracles in the future.

    Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram.

      May Baba bless your boyfriend soon with a good and stable job soon. Best wishes to you and your whole family.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. SAI BABA called me to SHIRDI ,at SHIRDI now.yesterday was my birthday.
    after reading your post,felt like baba is telig my story…..
    one cannot ask for more,iam blessed we all are blessed.
    thanku SAIBABA

  9. Dear Sai devotees,

    Baba's Samadhi is present in Shirdi. And it is from here that His Mortal remains speak from the tomb. This the place where Dwarakamayee is present. And being Omnipresent He acts from all other places wherever He is worshipped in the form of idol, for the devotion of His devotees. But Shirdi is SHIRDI. Please do not forget this fact.

  10. Om sai jai sai.very nice experience. Our Saiji is really merciful even I had such experiences couple of times , when I failed to visit him sometimes due to one or another reason he himself gave me darshan by coming to me in form of picture.shibpur is really blessed place and so are the people of that village. Baba gave me chance to visit there twice under his loving supervision. Deva thank you very much for everything. Baba please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  11. OM SAI RAM………..
    Can any one tel me how to download BABA BHAJAN'S for free as iam anable to…

  12. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  13. Very pleased to read post on this page after a long gap of 3 weeks! I just returned from my trip to India. Me and my husband strongly believe that this whole episode of visit to India would not have been possible without BABA's grace. I am thankful to BABA caring for each and every details of my journey.
    I will post in details little later on, but I could not resist to express my overwhelming feelings towards BABA's love on us.
    Have strong faith in BABA being with you and you will feel HIS LOVE and PROTECTION at every moment in your day to day life too!
    Jai SAI RAM.

  14. Oh! Sai Deva please make us to have your darshan at Shibpur at the earliest.Don't know how you are going to make it.But i fully believe you that you are to make it in this summer holidays itself!

  15. Sai Ram MeeraAuntie,
    I just remember you before 1-2 days and here is your post. I was thinking about you as have not see your post for few days
    Glad you hear that you had nice India trip
    Sai Ram

  16. Dear Anonymous ji, Very glad to see there is some one out there caring for me and my posts! I am thrilled to be back as I met my GURU in painting and got guidance to use a new technique in oil painting which I am going to apply to my SAI BABA's painting! I am so excited to get started sooner!
    Take care and will write a post about my India trip.
    Jai Sai RAM

  17. Sabse paawan hai ek naam Sai Ram Sai Ram
    Japte jao Subha shaam Sai Ram Sai Ram
    Baba hardam hain hum sabke saath Sai Ram Sai Ram

  18. om sai ram!

    wonderful experience. baba pls be with us always. show us right path. bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  19. Nice experience! Baba helps us through all the rough times in our lives and we should surrender ourselves to His plan, for after all, won't Baba always do what is best for us? Om Sai Ram!

  20. SAI RAM

    I don't know how to write it. Should I call it as an accident or sheer luck or Im fortunate. Sai baba Pls bless me.

    It was in September 2013, I was returning from the holy trip of sabarimala to back home in chennai. I think it wad sunday morning around 6.30 am, was very tired. Just went to check if I have received any post. In my post box I found one sai baba statue. Just looked around no one was there to enquire n check if it belongs to them. I took sai baba statue and kept it in my bag and climbed up to reach my house. I kept in my puja room and I have started worshipping him. Later that week on Thursday I went to mylapore sai baba by evening and had aarti n darshan. But no could answer about my query. Later I searched the net and got to know about sri sai satcharitra written by hemadpant. Unfortunately I could not get this book anywhere in chennai. Luckily last month one of colleague visited shirdi and got the book beginning of this month. Started reading the book from last thursday and finished reading by today. Luck or my weakness I have never read any novel or book in my life so far, I have tried reading several books but I have never finished reading. I bow to sai baba and thank him for coming to my house in the form of statue. Satcharitra has given insight about lot of things in life. Can other readers suggest what do you feel about the sai baba statue which I got ? Has anyone experienced similar incidents ? Thanks TM BALASUBRAMANIAM 9043099982

  21. I have got a sai baba statue from my post box,while returning from holy trip to sabarimala. Should I call it as accident or sheer luck ? I don't know. ….. I have started worshipping baba after this incident in sep'13. Even visited mylapore sai baba temple to enquire about my incident. But could not get answer. Can any one give ur suggestion or share similar incidents ? Thanks Balasubramaniam TM 9043099982

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