Sai Baba Makes Our Family Complete – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Following is a very interesting incident of this Anonymous Sai Devotee wherein she describes how Lord Sai Baba helped her to find right house of her liking with His willingness.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesha.

Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Many thanks for the wonderful service you are rendering in the form of this blog. It gives us all so much of positive hope and increases our faith manifold in our Gurudeva. Here is one of my recent best experiences. Request you to please publish them. Thank you so much.

Baba fulfilled my desire and found us a nice house to stay

I got married recently and just before my wedding, I and my would be husband were hunting for a house to take on rent. I was praying Baba to find us a good house and in my heart I thought that if I get to see Baba’s photo in the house, I could easily feel that it would be the right house for us and so we could choose it. It so happened that the first house we went to see was a nice one and the moment I entered into the house to see it, I saw Baba and Durga Maa’s photo together, placed right at the entrance. I was thrilled and thought that this is the right house. But unfortunately we did not get it, as the owner decided against renting it out and planned to stay himself. So we started looking for more houses. However I did not see Baba’s photo in any of the later houses and finally since we had less time with us and were tired of searching for house, we decided on one house. I saw Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji’s photo there. So I thought that Baba is there, since Baba is the form of all God’s. So after our wedding we started staying in that house.

After a few months we realized the defects of that house. It did not get any sunlight and so it used to be always damp and cold inside the rooms. There was no proper ventilation too and a few other drawbacks were there as well. So, we decided to move to a better house. Around this time, to one of my questions on the Question and Answer website, Baba had answered that we would move to a new place to stay and our good time would start. So I took it as Baba’s wish and we started our house hunting. This time also I prayed Baba to give me Darshan in the house that He wanted us to take, so that I could take it as Baba’s signal and we could finalize on a good house easily. In the first few houses that we saw, I did not get to see my Baba. However in one house, I saw other God’s photo. But since that house was out of our budget, we decided against it and continued looking further. To my happiness, I saw Baba in one house after that, but we did not like that house as it was very old modeled. I was very sad and confused. I prayed to Baba, how come I don’t see You in the house that we like, but I see You in the house that I did not like. I just prayed to Him sincerely and left it on His wish to find us a good house as per our liking and needs.

We continued searching and later came across a house that was offered on rent directly by the owner without any broker in between. That meant that if we took that house, we could save an entire month’s rent, which we otherwise would have to pay to the broker. We went to see that house and I was hopeful to see Baba there. The current tenants there were an elderly couple and they greeted us so well and showed us the house. We instantly liked the house, and what added to our interest was that the tenants (the elderly Uncle and Aunty) were very nice and treated us like their own children and showed us the house in details, and we kind of felt that the house was filled with goodwill and positive energy. I asked Aunty to show me where she kept Gods and worshipped, since I wanted to see Baba. However I did not see Baba, though I saw Tirupathi Balaji in her home shrine. I was kind of a little disappointed again on not seeing Baba. But we really liked the house, and Aunty was guiding us so well, telling us when was the auspicious day to shift if we decided to take this house and she was comforting us saying that it is a very good house. They had actually maintained it very well and kept it very clean. So we almost made up our mind to take that house and I comforted myself saying that maybe Baba wanted me to see God in the hearts of that elderly Uncle and Aunty, otherwise why will some strangers guide us so well and shower us with so much love and affection, as if we were their own kids! So I was assured that this was the right house for us and Baba was in that Uncle and Aunt’s form and Baba was only guiding us and suggesting us to take that house. So we spoke to the owner and fixed up the deal.

Now unfolds the best Leela of Baba in connection to the house. After a few days we again visited Uncle and Aunty in that house. They were supposed to vacate in another 20 days and we would had to shift after that. Since we got so much of love from them, we were kind of attracted to them and felt like visiting them again, just like that. So, we went to their home one evening. My husband sat talking to Uncle and I was with Aunty in the kitchen, while she was making us some tea. And I was thrilled with happiness as I saw Baba in her home shrine, which was in the kitchen. It was a small white idol of Baba kept in the shrine. Since it was the evening Puja time, Aunty had lit the Lamp and kept the shrine door open, so I could see my Baba. I prostrated before Him and I told Aunty that I love Baba a lot. On the first day that we came to see the house, the shrine door was closed as it was afternoon time and so I did not get Darshan of my Sai Deva. Anyways, it was Baba’s Leela to make me realize that He is there in the hearts of all and so I should not be searching Him in the form of idols and posters always. And once I had realized that entirely, He gave me His Drashan, and confirmed that this house was indeed good for us and we have His approval to go ahead and take it as our new residence. I was really happy, and called my husband and showed Him, where Baba was. He just smiled.

After that Aunty guided us how to do the Puja on the day of shifting the house and she gave me a few guidelines on the Vastu aspects of the house too. She introduced me to few of the neighbors, so as to make sure we were comfortable, when we moved to this new place, and had known people to ask for help in case we needed. Uncle also guided my husband about many of the apartment related things. We will be indebted to this sweetest Uncle and Aunty always! They have given us so much of Love and affection and blessings! And also, we got to learn many good habits and practices by meeting them. They filled us with positivity and inspired us to be selfless and spread love and cheer. We gained a lot of knowledge on how to lead a meaningful life after meeting them. So many many thanks to them. I just pray to God to bless them with good health, peace, prosperity and happiness. I felt like gifting them something, and since Aunty is so devoted to God’s and I also love God, I gifted her idol of Baba and Ganesh Ji. She was very happy with the present and blessed us. I requested her to suggest me an alternate place, where I could keep my God’s and do the Puja, since we cook non-veg in the kitchen and so I couldn’t keep my God’s in the kitchen as Aunty was doing. She showed me one of the cupboards in the bedroom and told me to keep the God’s there facing to the East and West. I was thankful for her guidance.

Uncle and Aunty vacated on a Thursday and we got the keys from them. I was glad I got the keys to our new house on a Thursday. The very next day was a very auspicious day and so in the morning, as per Aunt’s guidance we came to the new house to do cleaning and Puja. Prior to this, before a day or two a thought came in my mind that, it would be so wonderful if I got Baba’s photo/idol in the new house, when we went to occupy it. But I thought that it was unrealistic to expect it, and maybe I was expecting too much from my Baba, so I dropped the thought. That morning as we were about to start cleaning the house and were just moving about in the rooms, I suddenly opened the cupboard door and to my amazement saw Baba’s small photo in the shelf. I cannot express in words the joy I felt. Along with it, I found two small containers having Turmeric and Kumkum also. I had seen the Turmeric and Kumkum containers the other day while Aunty showed me the shelf, but somehow I had not seen Baba’s photo. I believe it was all Baba’s Leela and I saw His photo as I had wished for, as soon as we took occupancy of the house. I showed Baba’s photo to my husband and told him how I had wished for it secretly and how our most beloved and merciful Baba fulfilled even this small wish/thought of mine. My husband was happy and instinctively opened the door of the adjacent cupboard. To his wonder, he saw a small idol of Ganesha on the shelf. He cheered with happiness and showed me too. I was very very happy, to see my Loving Ganesh Ji also in the new house. My husband loves Ganesh Ji and I also love Him a lot. Now I see all God’s in my Baba also. We both were very happy, since we got the blessings of our favorite God’s on the first day in our new house. And coincidentally I had gifted Aunty Sai Baba and Ganesh Ji’s idols and that day in the morning I had carried only Sai Baba and Ganesh Ji’s idols to this new house to do the Puja, and I had thought I would take all the other God’s and Goddess’s idols later. Is not all this divine miracle of our Beloved Baba! I cannot thank Him enough for all His kind grace and blessings! Love You Baba. You are the best and our life is incomplete without You. Please be with all Your children always and keep Your boon bestowing hands on our heads always! We could do the Puja in the right time with Baba and Ganesh Ji’s grace and the shifting was also smooth. We got timely cooperation from all the people (carpenter, packers and movers, cleaning staff etc), even though there were little problems, but Baba solved everything and the entire shifting happened in time. We hope to have a happy life ahead with Baba by our side always!

Thanks a lot Baba for finding us the kind of house we always wanted to stay in and the best part is we have Your willingness in it and You have chosen this house for us. Please make this Your abode, where peace, prosperity and happiness always dwell. Drive away all ill feeling and fights from our home. Let us live happily in this house and please make it a beautiful home. Please do guide us in the right path of Karma always and make us worthy enough to receive Your kind grace and blessings. As You said, let the good period in our life start soon. Stop all the fights between me and my husband. Make us calm, considerate and patient. You are the binding force between us, so please hold our hands and fill our relationship with pure love, trust and respect for each other. Let us be devoted to each other and bless us to take good care of our families. We so wish to travel abroad and buy our own house soon, since it is so expensive to stay on rent. I am sure You will fulfill all our keen wishes soon. Make my husband Your devotee also Baba. Let our home be Your temple, where we can share your Leelas and do Your Bhajan Kirtan regularly, and live in peace and happiness. I want to take care of my mother and with Your blessings. I hope she comes to stay with us soon. Please forge a strong bond of Love between my Mom and my husband. Let my Husband treat my Mother as his own Mother. Bless us Deva, You know all our needs. Love You Sai Deva. Love You my Sweetest Gurudeva Dattatreya. Love You my Uma-Maheshwar Ji!

May Your blessings reach all of us always Baba. Let there be peace and happiness in every home across the whole wide world. May all the people be happy under Your shelter. Please bless us all with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We love You a lot Baba and many many thanks to You for everything. We surrender at Your Lotus feet. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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  1. baba kya aapkp meri fikar hai?kya main liye exist bhi karti hun..itne kathoor kyo ho aap mere liye?itna bhed bhav kyun karte ho..kab tum meri sudh loge ya mujhe maut de do or kuch nahi kar sakte to..

    • dear sai sister.. don't loose hope. baba will definitely help you. just keep ur faith alive. god bless you.

  2. Beautifully narrated experience. As Deva has given you the house, rest assured that all will be to the best.

    O Sai, Thank You for You know who and everything else 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. baba u know everything thats happening in my life baba….please dont do this with me baba everytime u make me go through insults for no fault of mine….y do u bring things so close to me and then snatch them away in such a cruel way that i start losing faith in u baba….please today atleast shower ur grace on me and u know wat am waiting for please atleast make him call me baba. I just fail to understand this baba and am tired of letting myself down alwaz. please please please for once be a little kind and return my old golden days back forever now.

    • may my lord full fill your wish..i can under stand waiting some one is how much pain full..dont get hesitate..take sai name and call from your side..jay sai deva.

    • @ Bhanubrata – Thanks for your kind words ur saying that lord will fullfill my wish also makes me feel so good. dont know if it wud be true coz i have lost hope and by insulting me and making me fall so down if he wants to give me sumthing then wat is the point.I am calling sai baba since more than 3 years now…i see some ray of hope and then suddenly things get worse am so afraid of being happy or even getting excited these days thinking dont know when baba wud snatch away the gift that he is giving.
      Please please pray to baba for me.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      May Baba bless you and keep you healthy and happy always. Please do have immense FAITH and PATIENCE and you will be happy in life. Baba sure loves all his children and he cares for us. Please do try to do some food donation to poor people, kids, or even animals and that will help wipe away any bad Karma in this life, as well as the past life, and will secure you Baba's love. Please do read a chapter from 'Sai Satcharitra' daily. You can also do the '9 Thursday Vrat' and read 'Sai Chalisa'. These are miraculous Puja's and will help you. Just surrender everything to Baba, as he only know what is good for us.

      May Baba bless us all always. We love you a lot Baba and need you by our side always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Shraddha and Saburi are the key, so devotee who commented (first) here, need to have Saburi, sometimes it takes too long and that too is our fault – bad karmas in this or past lives; we so very much want our Baba to bless us for all our good karmas in this lives quickly – but Baba has to balance out our bad deeds as well – again for our benefit only – to make us progress on the path of Mukti……..the fact that you are attracted to Him, means He is letting you in His Sharan and therefore it will not be too long before all your problems would disappear… until then just have Shraddha and Saburi….Baba bhala karenge for sure…..

    Also wonderful experience here and very well presented……May Baba keep blessing us all… he has done to this devotee….Om Sai Ram!!

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba. MAny many thanks to you for everything. I am so happy to see my experience published today on my Husband;s birthday ! Thanks Baba. Please bless my Husband and my whole family immensely. We owe you all our happiness.

    Love you a lot Gurudeva. Please be with us all always and may your blessings reach all of us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Jai Sai Ram. Very happy to read your post. Your house hunting for rent or to own reminds me that phase in my own life. Also I saw some sort of confirmation that I had felt yesterday that BABA is mischievous, HE loves creating stressful moments in our lives and than bless us with soothing solution to that issue/s! Some are resolved sooner while some takes years to get resolved! One similar point I saw in your post as I also was going to get my apartment possession on Friday and I requested the Apartment office manager to allow me to invite BABA on Thursday by placing BABA's photo and perform some tiny ritual before we move in! And eventhough final paperwork had not taken place she handed me the key to the apartment and asked me to keep that with me.
    Pardon me for my silly question but I see that you want your mom to come and stay with you and requesting BABA to bless with loving relationship between your mom and your husband, but I don't see any mention about your in-laws. May I ask WHY? I mean, any Marriage is not a marriage of two people, it is a first step in starting long lasting relationship between two families. I believe you have same good kind feelings for your in laws too which would make your husband happy.
    May you be blessed with very happy,healthy, peaceful, wealthy life always.
    Love to all.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a lot Meera Aunty for your blessings and best wishes. Am glad to read your kind words.

      It is that, my Father-in-Law is yet to retire and after retirement he will stay with us. And by Baba's grace he is just like my own father and we share a very good friendly bond 🙂 I want a similar bond to be forged between my husband and my Mother. And since it is not very usual for Mothers to stay with their daughters family after their marriage, so i am specially requesting Baba to make it happen. And by Baba's grace, my husband has also expressed the same desire. I trust Baba that he will make it happen. I request Baba to bless me with the same Love for my in-laws, as i have for my Mother. I accept the fact that i somewhere Love my Mother a little more. I pray to Baba to make me feel the same love for all and care for all equally, to the best of my ability.

      Thanks a lot again Meera Aunty, i am glad that by writing to you i have taken one more step towards being a good daughter and daughter-in-law. Best wishes to you and your whole family.

      May Baba bless us all always. Love you a lot Baba and may your blessings reach all of us always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all

    Lovely experience. Baba ji is always with His children.

    May He shower His love on one and all.

    Shri Satchidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  8. Om Sai Jai Sai.Feeling overwhelming happiness after reading one more faith boosting experience of our lord Sai. Thank you very much baba for everything.whatever you do its only for our goodness as you are merciful mother who is always concerned for her children. Deva please bless my husband with decent business.Baba please always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  9. Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah

    Sai please take me into your Shanagathi.

    Make my heart full of Love. Make my thoughts & actions to surrender at your feet.


  10. OM SAIRAM,

  11. Thanks for sharing…for sure ur hubby will treat your mom as his.everything will be fine with baba's grace..OMSAIRAM!!!!

  12. Jai Sai Ram
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  13. It was really nice to read about how Baba blessed you with this home and I pray that you will very soon be blessed with your own house where your lives will be loads of Joy.

    Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a lot Dear Sai Devotee for your wishes ! It made me feel so happy. These honest and sincere wishes are the real treasure that we can cherish to have and that makes us rich in the real sense ! Thanks a lot and i too pray to Baba to bless you and your family always with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  14. Dear Good daughter and a good daughter in law, it is perfectly ok to have your love balance tilting towards mother or even towards the whole family of your side. Because they are the one that you have been since you were born and naturally you have spent all your life with them, till you get married.
    And now after marriage your bonding period with the new family starts as DAY ONE! Over the period of time you sure will have very strong bonding with in-laws too! It is just a matter of time to know each other and get adjusted in new environment.
    You are so balanced in thinking and trying to be BABA's daughter, I see you will have plenty of LOVE and PEACE in your life.
    May you be blessed ever.
    In fact, I was worried if the person to whom I am addressing takes me wrong, how would I clear my argument where I just want to help someone to grow more love! I am happy you have not misunderstood me.
    I am a daughter,daughter in law, mother of 2 sons,(no daughter!) mother in law of 2 wonderful daughters in law and we all are lucky to have wonderful family relationship where they are trying to be like my daughters and I try to be their MOTHER! My mother in law has been more than a mother to me and people think I am her daughter when they see communication between two of us!
    Jai Sai BABA. I am sure even that is possible because of BABA's blessings.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a million Meera Aunty, your words made my day ! I was waiting to read from you. You will be a role model for me, and i hope Baba will make me like you, so mature and loving ! Am so glad we had this conversation. I feel like Baba himself is guiding me and talking to me in your form 🙂 Thanks Aunty and Thanks Baba. I feel so good after reading your lines, your wishes make me feel blessed and i know Baba is always there to guide his children. I will definitely do my best to spread lots of love in my family and the society, even in the smallest of forms i can. Thanks Aunty for the inspiration and guidance. I am sure all the Sai Devotees here will also be guided.

      My best wishes to you and your family as well !! Baba bless us all always with the best of things in life and immense FAITH and PATIENCE !

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai !

  15. Very nice experience! Baba gave you the house you and your husband wanted and the one that was right for both of you. Baba also showed you how to have faith and patience and also showed you that He comes to us in many different forms (for you He came as that Uncle and Aunty who were so nice to both of you). Om Sai Ram!

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a lot for all your best wishes Dear Sai Devotee. WIsh you too the very best in life.

      May Baba bless us all always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  16. OM SAI RAM….

    You are right baba is with us and we are incomplete without him. Same to same incident happened with me. I also look for baba everywhere just to feel baba is with me in my all decisions. We just shifted to our new house yesterday and same incident happened to while searching for the house and shifting. Baba is there to help us in every phase of our life.


  17. kom jai sai ram baba ji mujhe pta h maine bhut galtiyan ki h……. par aap to mere baba ho sab kuch aap hi ho babaji agar aap meri galtiyon ko maaf nhi karenge to koun karega…… babaji aap toh sab jante h babaji m ek ladke se bhut pyar krti hu…. aaj wo meri hi galtiyo ki wajah se mujhse door ho gya h aur aaj kisi aur ke sath h babajipar ek tym pe wo mujhse sacha pyar krta tha…..babaji aap jante ho m uske alawa kisi aur ke bare me soch bhi nhi sakti… baba ab sab kuch aapke hath me h babaji aap jo kahoge m sab karungi aapko shikayat ka koi mauka nhi dungi………. babaji aap usse mere paas wapas la doge na babaji plsssssss…….. agar aap ye nhi krna chahte to pls babaji mujhe maut de do baba qki m uske bina nhi jeena chahti……….. jai mere sai ram

    • Om Sai Ram.

      May Baba bless you soon and solve all your problems. Please never think of ending your life. Life is beautiful . Please try to do some food donation to poor people, kids and even animals . That will help in removing any Bad Karma and will secure you the love of Baba. Please read one chapter from 'Sai Satcharitra' daily. You can also read 'Sai Chalisa' and do the '9 Thursday Vrat'. It is a wonderful Vrat.

      Best wishes to you and your family.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  18. Very nice experience. Dear sister you are fortunate to have Baba's blessing for this new house. May Baba bless you with your own house soon.

    Om Sai Ram.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a lot Dear Sai Sister Mamta. I am overwhelmed with the love and affection shown to me and my family on this site. I am so very grateful to my Dearest Baba and all the Sai Devotees here for their best wishes.

      With a grateful heart, wish you too and the entire Sai Family the very best in life. May Baba keep blessing us all always.

      Love You Baba.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  19. Dear Anonymous Sai Daughter, Love your words and felt flattered by your words. I have made my loving family here on this site too and all my daughters are so loving and caring that makes me very happy. People in my family used to say, oh, you have 2 sons, you should have a daughter! And I used to reply, thanks for your goodwill but I am happy with what BABA has gifted me with. If there were a daughter among these 2 kids, I had no problem, but for wishing a daughter I would not like to keep on increasing my family! And who knows, BABA wants me to have daughters in the form of my "daughter in law"!
    And you see, I am a mother-in-law of 2 daughter-in-law, 4 grand daughters and many over here on this site! Isn't it great to be a mom to a daughter expressing motherly love to whom this mom has not even seen that daughter?
    May be that is called DIVINE LOVE!
    May you be blessed and be a mother of your own child soon.
    my e-mail is

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a million Meera Aunty, your words make me feel so so good and blessed ! I know it is straight from Baba's HEART ! Am so glad Baba made us interact ! I have dropped you an email, thanks for your email id, i so dearly wanted to talk to you 🙂 Now that you have blessed me, i am sure Baba will bless with with a healthy baby soon! Thanks again 🙂

      With gratitude in my heart, i wish you and your family too all the very best in life ! May Baba be with us all always !

      Love you Baba. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  20. Dear Sai Devotee,
    Enough praise for me! I am just a normal human being and thank BABA to give me a loving heart! I did receive your e-mail. Wish you all the best in your life. May BABA bless us all and give us insight to SEE BABA in all!
    Jai Sai RAM.
    Dear Hetal ji, I am thankful to you making it possible for me to spread love to Sai Devotees through your site. Love to your special one too! What did you name him?
    Jai Sai RAM.

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