Sai Baba Brings Back Sweet Kitty – Anonymous Sai Devotee

We have been reading numerous experiences about Lord Sai Baba helping humans but this experience shows how He managed to get back a cat whom this anonymous devotee thinks to be dead.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: When Sai took you at the ease of problem, then He is not testing you. He doesn’t need to do because nothing is hidden to Him even your unconscious. But only at that time, He used to show you that how much patience and devotion you hold for Him. He shows face of your unconscious. Pranaam to Hetal Ji for this beautiful platform. Please keep me anonymous.

I am a small devotee of Sai and sharing my first experience. I don’t remember when I started or when Sai entered in my life, but only I can say that He always comes to hold my hand, when I go through a very rough time. His mercy is great and really I have no words to explain that how He dig me out from all obstacles, what I am facing or have faced before. So I will share all those later, but I want to share my experience, which happened recently at Saturday. I used to write (copy) Sai Satcharitra daily and I started it from first January 2013 and I wrote first page in the lap of Sai Maa Shirdi. I am sorry if you find errors in my English writing, while I am quite much week in English. So you are free to edit as you want.

It was a day of 19 January 2013 and I woke up early in the morning and went outside from my flat to bring milk. I have shifted here few months before, but when I reached at society gate, I saw a died cat, whom I mostly feed in day and night time, as that cat was not my pet, but I get attached to that one. When I saw him died, I was shocked; any other animal has bitten him very badly. Then I asked to guard and then he told “I saw it fighting with some other cat in night time and fall from third story. I checked at that time, but it was dead, so I put its body outside the gate.” I was in deep sorrow, already there are many obstacles already happening with me in regular routine and that cat was one whom I used to feed in my Thursday Vrat and all week days in morning and evening time. He ran and sit in my lap, played with me. So it was quite much like a stress remover and my companion in my alone time. So there was no limit of my sorrow. Again I saw a nice lady and her daughter come along with a poly bag to cover it up. Just I ran and took few of old news papers to wrap its body and placed it in poly bag and they picked him in MCD cleaners van.

I was so sad, standing in front of Sai Maa. I was weeping, few cause of my personal reasons and few of its absence in my life. I asked Sai to get It back to me, as I was weeping and know that I am asking for an impossible wish, but who knows Sai Leela as He always played to put you on ease. Ok after all that, I went outside once more with heavy mood to see it last time, then suddenly guard told me that may be it is not that one, but only it is looked alike. He was not so sure, but I was amazed that it may be possible. I ran back to my flat in front of my Sai’s statue and wished Sai Maa to make it true what guard told me earlier. Now I thought if it was not the same, then for sure within one or two hour it will come for morning milk. I prayed and started waiting for him, but it took a long time and till afternoon there was no response. I was eagerly coming and outing for my flat that may be it will be seen by me while playing all around anywhere in society. But all fade up, I sit down to write Sai Satcharitra as I do regularly and told to Sai that You have to make it come back any how and I don’t know anything else.

I started writing at 3 pm, mid between I opened my door and look outside for a hope, but again nothing. I continued till 6 pm and started weeping again in front of Sai, I don’t know what Sai Maa sometimes want from His devotees, I asked Sai will it come back or not? As I read if you have doubt or question, remember and pray to Sai to show you a path and then open Sai Satcharitra any one page randomly, while chanting sai and with question keep in your mind. Then certainly you will get answer or any hint from the same page about your query. It’s is like a talk to Sai directly, when I opened it up and what I saw first to words, it was Shraddha and Saburi (faith and patience).

I got confidence as I opened up your site Hetal Ji and promised Sai if this miracle will happen then sure I will share my experience with Hetal Ji blog. After that I read few of experiences of devotees at the blog and again sit back to write Sai Satcharitra. And I said Sai that I will keep writing until You will not let it in my flat and left my door opened. At 7.36 pm exactly, while I was writing or copying Satcharitra. Just listened a sound meawooo, I ran to my door and yes my kitty cat was standing there. I can’t say tears rolled out for most than half and an hour thanking and feeling blessed by Sai Maa. As he again took his milk and usually sit and sleep in my lap. But after that I felt that all Leelas by Prabhu Sai is not to take your test, but it’s for you that thus the way He will show you that how unshaken faith you have and how much you have to attain more. Thanks for all Sai Maa, without You here is nothing in my life. Love You a lot and very sorry for delaying my experience for more than few days. Bless us all Prabhu Sai.

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  1. What a sweet leela of Baba..May he always be with you and your family and bless you loads of happiness.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Om sai ram…Om sai ram……..very nice experience,tears in my eyes now…sai blessed you….om sai ram.

  3. Sairam,

    Such a divine experience. He makes you feel the anxiety initially and subsides it by giving happiness. May baba keep blessing you forever.


  4. leaving for shirdi tonight.just bless me sai and all you brothers and sisters that my journey will be memorable and very sweet.
    it is just so wonderful,got goosebumps after reading your story about faith.may sai bless all with such faith and patience.

    • sabke sai deva mahan ho aap…….apki maya aprampaar hai…
      may everyone get blessed by you Sai baba……

    • May you have a memorable visit even saiji blessed us to visit him on 3rd April.Hope we will also have wonderfull visit and come back with sweet memories. Om Sai Jai Sai

  5. Going to Shirdi in July month from Bangalore, can anyone recommend good budget hotels near the temple.

  6. Om sai ram ji very nice experience no doubt our sai is great he can do everything for their devotees his leela is out of our mind

  7. OM SAI RAM…………
    BABA LOVE U…………you once again prooved that for every problem you are there for your devotees…only one needs is STRONG FAITH AND PATIENCE.
    Baba you know that at present iam facing tough time in personal and professional life…….baba pls solve my problems……waiting for ur blessings baba…..

  8. om sai ram to all the devotees,
    to the anonymous devotee(from bangalore)who is going to shirdi in july
    u can stay at hotel sai ganesh(near hotel sun and sand)
    phone : 02423-257496/97 this is a good budget hotel,,it took from me 800 Rs for 24 hours last sept when sai called us to shirdi.. You can call at the given number and check for availablity of rooms and book the room beforehand..The hotel is less than 5 min walking distance from the samadhi mandir..but purchase the parsad and other things from the sai sasthan..(not from the nearby shops.just an advice the nearby shops charge u much)
    hope it helps…:)
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth

  9. O Deva I have surrendered to your feet. Grant us an abundance of Shraddha and unending Saburi. Look upon us kindle O Sai. Bless me with love and peace.

    Thank You for everything O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. Thanks for two devotees who had replied to my question regarding budget and clean hotels at Shirdi.

  11. Oh my god very sweet experience…i had tears in my eyes while reading this experience because i love cats very much…really you are blessed by baba….baba tested your faith and patience but he blessed you with your sweety kitty….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  12. Very nice experience! Baba helps all creatures who come to Him and Baba knew how important that cat was to you and made sure to bring it back to you to help keep you happy (and Baba also helped keep the cat happy by having it come back to your home). Om Sai Ram!

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