Few experiences are shared.

Baba’s Help For Me

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: I am a person, where I always have full faith on Baba in everything. Baba has helped me in many issues. One of the problems, when I had problems with my friends in university, where I was doing my foundation, that time I went back as my mother was ill. So I took care her for 1 week. In this period of time, my friends created a problem and pull me into it. They called me and scolding every time. Deep inside, I know I didn’t do any mistake. I bowed to Baba and asked for forgiveness if I have done anything wrong. I loved my entire friend very much. I light up “vilakku” for Baba. And I went back to university with a heavy heart.

When I went back, all 7 of them rounded me and started to scold me and putting blames on me. All I did was praying to Baba deep inside my heart. I didn’t know what to do. Then I opened the Questions and answers book and received an answer saying everything will be fine in 8 days. I was confident and lighted “vilakku” in my room for Baba everyday in front of His picture. After the 8th day, my friends started to come back to me and said sorry because they were listening to a girl in the group and backfire me. So I forgave them. Then I knew how great Baba was and was thanking Him every single day for it. That’s how I got very close to Baba and started reading the teachings, sayings.

Things were ok until then. Now I am doing my degree program in overseas. About few days back, 2 friends from here started to give me the same problem. They used to complain to me about each and other. I was there to listen to them, but now they are saying that I am playing double game and all. But I know I didn’t do anything. It seems they want to confront me about that. I was not scared, but just worried that they will spoil my name with fake stories to people around here. I have been crying for the past 3 days. My parents are not here and there is no Baba centre here. I have a picture of Him and lighting a candle every day. I don’t know what to do. I came across this page and reading all the stories in it. Baba has brought miracles. I hope He brings to mine too. I hope my prayers to Him will be answered. I don’t know whether I am praying the right way or not, but whatever I tell Him, are sincerely from my heart.

Saibaba Always Brings His Children Together

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thank you so much Hetal Ji for creating a platform to share our experiences. Every day this is the first site I open in office or at home. This really keeps me going. I have been a child to Baba since the year 2007. I am from India and currently reside in Gurgaon. This is my second experience that I am sharing. As I mentioned in my earlier experience we are still looking for a groom for me. I have brought my mother to Gurgaon to stay with me due to health reasons. Things were tough and I felt lost in life. This is when Baba gave me two experiences in Chennai that reinstated the fact that He is always there for His children.

  • My first experience:

As I said that my mother was not doing well and I was taking her to the doctor. We were traveling in a bus, when my mobile rang. My ring tone is “Jaya Deva” from Baba’s Aarti. Hearing this, the lady, who was seated next to me, started to speak to me and said that she had 8 year old son, who was challenged mentally. She said that someone had told about Baba and she also believed that Baba will cure her son’s problem. She also asked about Mylapore as she wanted to put her son in school there. That is when Baba prompted me to give her information about the temple at Mylapore, Chennai. I like this temple as we can directly touch Baba in this temple. And many of His children have also spoken about their experiences and miracles after they started to visit the temple. Thanks Baba for reminding me about You. Also Baba, please help the lady and her son too.

  • My second experience:

My second experience happened within a week after my first experience on Dec 28th 2012. My mother and I went for shopping. It was a Friday and there was a new Jewellery show room that had opened that day in the same area we were shopping. We went to the Jewellery show room. As it was a Friday, my mother considered it auspicious to get Jewellery. We selected the item, but I was not sure if it was right to purchase the Jewellery. I prayed to Baba and asked Him to guide me. I went to the cash counter and it was crowded. My credit and debit card did not work for some reason and we had to return. I was a little disappointed. We came back home in an auto that had Baba’s photo in it. After I reached home, I realised that my mobile was lost. The last place, I remember, was in the Jewellery show room. We rushed back, I was praying to Baba to help me get the mobile back as a lot of contact details will be lost. On the way I saw Baba’s murthy in a shop. I have seen the shop many times, but Baba’s murthy was never there. I considered that Baba is with me. We reached the show room and asked all the staff if they had seen any mobile. They were also busy and I asked at the cash counter too. They said the mobile was not there also. Then my mother noticed a lady was looking at me. She felt the lady might know about the mobile. We went and asked her. She said that someone had given the manager a mobile. We asked the manager and the manager had the mobile.

Here comes Baba’s part in bringing all His children. The lady was also a Sai devotee. She had also purchased some earring. She was also not too sure about the decision to buy and was asking Baba if she should buy. She saw the ring on my finger, when I returned to the shop looking for the mobile. She was convinced that Baba also wanted her to buy the earring. The shop does not have any photo of God. I would not have gone to the showroom if I had not lost the mobile. Baba through His devotee had helped in me getting my mobile. Baba also made me an instrument in conveying a Yes through the ring I wore. This is definitely Baba’s way of showing that He is always there for His children. Thanks Baba for helping me get my mobile and also making me an instrument and messenger to convey Your answer. Baba please be with all Your children and guide us at all times. JAI SAI RAM.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: My sister is a great devotee of Baba. We visited Shirdi many times. I do believe in Baba and pray Him, but not as my sister. She always used to tell me her experiences with Baba. I used to think when my turn would come. Later I thought that I might have to concentrate more and need to show more devotion and faith.

I came to USA in 2009 for my master’s program. I finished my master and managed to get into a decent job. After a year, I was struck with some visa issue. With whomsoever I used to tell my situation, every one said that I was in trouble and I cannot come out of this issue and chances are high that my visa would be rejected. My family needs financial support. If my visa gets rejected, I have to leave the job and country. I cried like anything before Baba and asked Him to give me strength to face all these. I informed my mother and sister about my visa problems. They just asked me to have faith in Baba. Since then I started Sai Satcharitra parayanam (even I did couple of times earlier, but I was irregular). I started reading one chapter a day that used to give me lot of strength. Every day before sleeping, I used to share my feelings with Baba and used to question Him why this has happened to me as I have to support my family financially and even I have planned to help my sister for her further studies. I even used to ask questions through Sai Baba’s questions and answers site. I have always received positive answers. I have never expected that I would be receiving my visa without any hassles. But some miracle happened, on Thursday evening I came back from office. I lit the diya and prayed Baba. I was sitting alone and crying. Then all of sudden, I received notification saying that my visa has been APPROVED. I really cannot believe this and felt really happy. I truly believe if you pray Baba wholeheartedly, He will listen to every single problem and takes care of it. Since then if someone tells me that they are into trouble waters, I always advise them to have faith in Baba and pray Him.


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  1. Om SAI RAM

    I am in tears reading all these experiences.

    Your leela is Great SAI MA.
    Please get me out of this problem, Not sure what to do.

    Baba please make me surrender at your WILL.


  2. Om Sai ram, first devotee from Malaysia, I have a suggestion for you. I used to be just like you, worrying about not to hurt others, other people should not think bad about me. Finally I realized one thing, no matter what we cannot satisfy anyone. If people think bad about us or talk bad about us just let it go. I know it is very very hard but why should we loose our peace of mind for something that is not true. If people always judge us when do they have time to love/understand us? so just keep calm and ignore them Don't think too much about it, just concentrate on your studies/career and just ignore the people who is gossiping about you. om sai ram.

    • Dear first devotee from Malaysia: I completely agree with this devotees post. I live abroad and had to initially bear with a lot of similar disturbances. But I never used to care for what everyone say or do but some of my friends used to worry a lot about their reputation etc. I have seen how much they would struggle to keep up the good name. But the fact is no matter how and what you are, there will always be some people who have nothing else in life to do except for bad gossip. Baba sees and knows what we are so it doesn't matter what anyone else think. I know its hard but try to let go and see how much peace you will gain.

      Om Sai Ram

  3. What a beautiful day and what beautiful experiences listed here. O Deva, bless us all with unshaken faith and patience that will make You proud of us.

    I leave myself at Your feet, please guide me through this beautiful phase of my life.

    Thank You for everything O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. I am working for a MNC in Singapore with the blessing of Baba. I have a routine of going to Baba’s temple every Thursday to attend noon aarti. I will go during my lunch break between 12 to 1pm. The travel distance will be 15mins from my office. I will literally run to make sure that I am there to listen to the aarti song. Today as usual I went to attend the aarti and enjoyed singing the aarti. I will forget myself and people around me I will see only Baba and I won’t even realize whether I am singing correctly are not all I know is to see Baba and sing his praises.
    12 noon sharp they will start the aarti and 12:25 aarti will get over. We will come down to the ground floor to have Baba’s Prasad. 12:45 I’ll take the bus and I’ll reach my office sharp 1pm. Since I am working on contract each minute matters a lot. Today when I went to the temple it was crowded heavily b’cos of some other pooja happening to other deities in that temple. There was a long queue for Prasad. I won’t bring lunch on Thursday as I am having Baba’s Prasad. It was getting delayed because the temple people where saying that the pooja for other deities are not yet over so we have to wait and they didn’t allow us to take the plates in fact one person grabbed the plate from my hand which I was holding. I felt so bad b’cos its getting delayed for me. I was talking to Baba within myself “what do I do now? I didn’t bring lunch I am getting late”. I was blank and I was jus standing in the queue. All of a sudden I saw one lady giving me one piece of paper (in Singapore people will eat in paper too its for eating purpose). I didn’t even see that lady’s face who offered me the paper I jus got the paper and went got some Prasad and started eating. While I was sitting and eating one old man came and sat next to me. He gave me one smile and asked me “why you didn’t take the plate” I said its getting delayed and they asked me to wait but I have to go back to work”. He asked me is this food enough for you? I said yaah its enough for me. Then he offered me some channa from his plate and he said have some more they gave me a lot. You take this and eat”. While eating I just looked at the queue and I was shocked to see people still waiting to get their plates and waiting for their turn to get Prasad while I am eating along with this old man next to me.
    Till the time I was in the temple I didn’t realize that it was sai who came in the right time to help me to have lunch. While I was waiting at the bus stop and recollecting the incident tears started flowing from my eyes. I don’t have words to express this feeling. I have the habit of offering food to Sai everyday. And today he came in person and making sure that I eat before going to work and that motherly love where else can you get other than Sai?
    Sorry Hetalji for posting this in the comment column

  5. BABA LOVE U FROM BOTTOM OF MY HEART………..today whtevr iam enjoying and that iam bit happy is only bcoz of U BABA………..pls bless me to surrender at ur lotus feet……..pls bless my family with happiness and peace of mind at home…….pls solve my job and career issues….iam eagerly waiting for ur miracle and blessings in further future…..help me to have unshakeable faith on u……….pls call us to shirdi soon……..IAM EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR CALL BABA…….LOVE U………

  6. Om Sai Ram..Satnaam Sakhi…
    This is for the girl from malaysia…the 1st experience…I would like to tell you that there are a couple of SAI's mandir's in malaysia..the easiest one to go is the Sai Mandir in little india.its known as brickfields for the locals….they have a very beautiful temple of our SAI..There is a huge murti of SAI…the address is..Brickfields SHIRDI SAI BABA CENTRE..No.278A Jalan Tun Sambanthan,Brickfields…Tel:03-20703109…if you call them you can ask them for the the telephone no of other centers which is close to your area…hope you see SAI soon..when you see him do convey my namaskar to him…OM SAI RAM…

  7. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  8. very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….the devotee in the first experience please have faith and patience and read saicharitra…you will deffinately out of your problems….may our saima bless everyone with everything they need….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  9. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    jai Sai Ram

  10. I really liked the experience of singapore devotee in comments box.Even i have realised HIM(baba) later, in many of my experiences.That's the reason i have said i am a fool in my earlier comment.I wish i'll share it too,but there are many,And i'm scared whether i'll be able to express it properly.But with babas grace definitely on one day.

    Today i was thinking to appeal all sai devotees,if u want to know more about baba,please read books written by Narasimha swamiji.Narasimha swamiji is the founder of All India Sai Samaj, which is located in mylapore,chennai,India.He is person responsible to spread sai's efficacy in southern india.we can also see his statue in the temple.Infact his samadhi is in babas temple,lucky soul,isn't it.Its a long story,how i came to know about him,but when i googled about him on the net i came to know some interesting things about him.One of them was,it is believed that his presence is noticed in the temple.And i would like to confirm that, its true,I HAVE SEEN HIM.Actually i saw a strange man coming in a group of 3-4 persons and something made me to keep staring at him which he did too.To confirm this when i asked my husband and mother-in-law,they said we've not seen the person as you are describing,moreover he just crossed beside them and when i described about his personality like tall,slim,white long beard,white dhothi and white towel there reply was they did not see such person though they were able to describe those 3-4 person who crossed them.I was surprised rather amazed the person whom i saw matched to the photo of Narasimha swamiji in Mylapore temple even his facial features were same.Then my husband said great people are not visible to every eyes.This truth took some time for me to realise and understand.If i was wrong then its not possible to post my blog as it is sai's site.In the same manner i have also experienced SAI dad in many ways,but it took time to realise.
    Today,sharing of this experience was possible because of two devotees whom i dont know personally,one who mentioned in the blog about mylapore temple in her experience,which reassured me to post my thought .And the one is singapore devotee to post my experience.God bless you.And definitely my dad sai's grace to make people know of one of his close and service rendered, the great devotee NARASIMHA SWAMIJI.I tried to keep my experience as short as possible as its a comment box.Please do read books by Narasimha swamiji,i liked the book 'The blessed ones'.I read it over the net.
    thankyou hetalji,
    thankyou sai devotees,
    love u dad,sai.

  11. OM SAI RAM,


  12. Beautiful experience.. don't know what to tell about my sai baba..

    I have to write few experiences here.. I am waiting for the correct time..waiting for my babas reply..

    please baba..
    ove you baba

  13. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all

    My heart is overflowing with love and emotions after reading all the experiences. Hetal ji you truly are Baba ji's special child. Along with Baba ji you are also giving us immense happiness as this blog is a source of peace and joy for all of us. May Baba ji bless you always!

    Devotee from Malaysia-Sai Ma will ward off all your troubles, keep up the faith.Do not worry if there is no Sai Baba ji's centre near you, just remember Him with love. Baba ji is always with us.

    Devotee from India-You are right Baba ji is with His children always and He often gets His children together.I also pray that Baba ji cures that lady's son. Baba ji please take care of the boy and help him in leading a normal life.

    Devotee from USA-What a beautiful experience! I am speechless. This is our Baba ji full of love and mercy for His children.

    Devotee from Singapore- Lovely experience!Sai Ma is our Mother. Sai Ma can not sit peacefuly if His children are hungry.

    Baba ji sab par apna daya barsate rehna
    Sabke kasht mitate rehna
    Yadi bhool ho jaaye hum bachchon se
    Kshama karke humein sach ki raah dikhate rehna
    Kabhi door charnon se karna nahi
    Apni mamta ke aanchal mein humein chhupaae rakhna


  14. Nice experiences! 1st devotee, no matter what others may say to us when Baba is with us, everything will be all right, just as Baba helped you when others were trying to blame you and scold you, in the end Baba took care of everything so it worked out well for you. Devotee from India, Baba gave you that auspicious sign at the jewellery store and also wanted you to help that other devotee by showing some sign of Baba to her that she should purchase that jewellery. Devotee from USA, although others told you your visa wouldn't be approved, it was up to Baba and Baba wanted you to stay in USA since he knows you will be happy there. No matter what others say, when Baba decides something for us, it will happen and He always tries to do things that in the end will be best for us and make us happy. Om Sai Ram!


    • Jai Sai Ram ji ki

      Baba ji will ensure that Karan is successful in his interview. Please apply Baba's udi on his forehead. In case you do not have it ,light an incense stick in front of Baba ji and apply some ash.

      All the best
      May Baba ji bless you and your family

  16. Om Sai Jai Sai.Very nice and faith boosting experiences. Saiji thank you for everything Deva. Please baba bless me with saburi as day by day I am becoming very unhappy child of yours.Baba please bless us all always with happiness and peasce of mind and also increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

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