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Baba My Guru God

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I want to share the most recent experience. Please forgive the errors and you can upload in your website to induce faith and patience in devotee’s hearts.

My mum is 48 years old and her childhood dream is to get an own house for herself. But as the fate would have it, she never could even imagine of it till 5 years back due to bad financial position since her wedding. Now my brother is earning and from past 5 years whenever we looked for buying a home, we would always have 5 to 10 lacs less compared to the original rate.

So I and my mum started doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat for it and its the 6th week of her Vrat and we have astounding effects. In her favorite area, where everything is good like people and comfort, we found an apartment. But when we heard the rate, it was 6000 per square feet and again we couldn’t offer 8 lacs. This happened with 3 flats. At last we gathered faith in Baba and DECIDED to ask one flat (my favorite one) for 5500 per square feet, which seemed impossible. I said pray to Shibpur Baba and she did. Immediately we left to talk for the bargain. The owner didn’t say a word, but said ok when my mum asked if he can give for 5500 per square feet. Not a word he spoke, but said let the youth come out of the troubles. Baba made it happened, which seemed impossible.

Baba is certainly hearing us and this Saturday we will pay the token advance. Baba is great.

So can anyone please send the details to send money for Baba? I found them in few blogs, but as human mind is skeptical, I doubt it too, because I want it to safely send it to Baba. Can somebody, who has donated already, help out in this regard?

Thank you ji!!

Baba Gifted Us Our Dream House

Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Thanks for this lovely blog, which always gives me more confident and courage. Herewith, I am sharing one of my recent experiences. I want to call myself SAI DAUGHTER (I want to remain anonymous please, so please don’t display my name or email id). This is my fifth experience in this blog. Please use the attached photo for my experience.

Due to our kids schooling, we were looking for a house in a central location since February, 2012. Since house market is very high, we couldn’t get any house of our liking within our budget. We tried for few months and came to know the reality that we couldn’t get any decent one for our budget. So we went and talk to the bank to find out what maximum we could borrow, with that amount we have started the house hunting again.

Since most of the houses are going on Auction, we need a strong approval for mortgage from the bank. When we are thinking about whom to go and get help for mortgage arrangements, one of insurance broker came to my husband to do some adjustments in his insurance policy. Suddenly the thought arouse in my head to ask him whether he is doing a home loan lending or not. We asked him regarding this and he said he never did it, but if we want he could do it for us. Since we know him for a long, we asked him to do it for us. He is the Baba’s first gift in the house hunting process. He not only gave us the mortgage approval, but also got us a special mortgage interest rate from the bank.

Every weekend, we were looking for a house as a full time weekend job without any success. One stage, I got frustrated and stopped looking for a while. This period, we went to our home country on a holiday and came back. Something is telling me that everything will happen on the correct time. So I try to be calm as much as possible. We went to few auctions without any success. The funny thing is that we don’t really like those houses, but considering the market we went for an auctions.

After the holiday (Middle of November), I had a strong feeling that we could get a house on the correct time. Kid’s school is starting on January end, which means we had only few months to find a house. One day (Dec 2012), agent asked to view one of the properties, which I said no, since it was far above our budget (200K). However, that weekend we met the agent to view few properties and they brought us to see the property, which I continuously rejected believing it is far above our budget (200K more than our budget). But agent insisted us to view that property and told us that we could only place an offer with our amount. So I and my husband went and see that property, which we liked the most. Then we brought our two kids in and they loved it as well. So we have presented an offer 100K below our budget, which was crossed to place 300k more than what we wrote initially. Also we came to know that there were already some offers for that property, which was 100K more than our offered prize (which is not signed by parties of interest). Then we thought of giving it up. But agent asked us to put at least exceed our offer by 5K more than other party’s offer. Since we all love this property, we placed an offer with 5K more than other party. For our surprise, the owner accepted that offer and we got the house. This is Baba’s big gift for us.

Baba looked after every single process of our house hunting. Even though we have got our property for 25K more than our budgeted prize, it was 200K less than expected selling prize. More over it is in a great location, 10mins drive from school, my work and my husband’s work. Baba we really love this house. Thanks for the big gift. We moved into this house on January, which was few weeks before kids schooling. What a perfect timing. Baba we all love You Swami.

Om Sai Ram.

My First Experience with Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please not disclose my name and email ID. I am from Mangalore India. I had wished to write my experiences after my wish was fulfilled. Even though my wish is not yet fulfilled, I am sharing my experience. The reason is that yesterday when I was reading Sai Satcharitra, I strongly felt to share my experiences with all. I think it is message from Baba. So, with Baba’s blessings, I am sharing my experience. Today I am sharing by First Experiences with you all.

It was in the year 2009 during Diwali day. During that time, I knew about Baba. But, I was not a devotee because I never visited Sai Baba temple. Also, I didn’t know anything much about Him. Like all Gods, I believed Him. My mom used to say that she believes Sai Baba. May be because of that I thought I was believing Him. I stay in office PG. In our home 7-8 girls were staying in one home. It was a small home. Two of them used to sleep in hall. Their entire luggage was there in the hall. Since it was Diwali day, they had packed their luggage and went to their home. Even I wanted to go to my brother’s home for Diwali. I had bath and came. When I came to hall, I could see Baba sitting in my roommate’s luggage in the same form of Sai Baba idol, which we get. I was shocked that time and I can’t explain here how I felt. Then, after 4-5 minutes I closed my eyes and saw again and Baba had gone. I was seeing again to same place to see if I can see Baba again. But I could not see. That day I started believing and wanted to visit Sai Baba temple.

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  1. Anonymous 3-such a wonder full devote you are…might have done some thing in previous birth so got such a great chance..there is no words to tell you..only one word i wanted to say at last,'with whole heartly pranam to you ..jay jay sai nath

  2. Dear devottee from Mangalore, you have done great deeds in previous and this birth to see Sai Baba in your naked eyes.

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Shakthi Sai

  3. wonderful experiences…

    1st devotee–For donation to shibpur sai baba temple,go to website shibpursaibaba.org,,There is a option of donation and various modes of donation like send by cheque//internet banking..i opted for internet banking.u can make a payment of above 50rs.u can get the contact no. of Mr.Amit Biswas from site,,and can contact him for any queries.when u have made the donation u can send a mail to them,mentioning the details and he will send back acknowlwdgement

    Contact no. of Mr Amit Biswas is 09800500014

  4. Sairam

    Very happy for all the devotees. To the Third one, Baba shows a sign of your wish coming true. You are very good soul and baba is really happy with you. Too happy for you. Couldnt express in words. I am able to imagine your situation. Bliss!

  5. http://www.shibpursai.org/donation.html
    this is absolutely safe you can donate via this, i know it as i myself have donated through this so can trust it completely. You may also talk to the concerned person his contact number is mentioned in the link.
    Lets be real Sai devotees and help those who need it.

  6. Nice experiences. To the 1st devotee, visit the site shibpursaibaba.org,you can donate here, go to the "donation" section and you will find all the information. You can even contact Amit ji, his number being given in their home page…Sairam

  7. Sai Ram

    This is to Sai Devotee No. 1. Best wishes for your new home. If you want to send money to BABA, may be you can go to Shibpur Sai Baba website. It has all the details how to send money to that temple. I just send some amount of money from Malaysia. If we are sincere, Im sure BABA will somehow will make sure the money goes to HIM. Right?

  8. Sairam….

    How wonderful and reassuring are the heart touching Leelas of our saviour Sainath who is always present to hear our spoken and unspoken wishes and answer our prayers…

    May the abundant showers of His blessings and amazing miracles bring evergrowing devotion, intense Shraddha coupled with firm Saburi to all of His aspiring devotees.

    Sairam Sairam – dukh bhanjan tero naam

    Regarding sending money to Shibpur Saibaba, if you visit the website http://www.shibpursaibaba.org contact information, you will find phone number of Amit Kumar Biswas (founder of Shibpur temple who was instructed by Sai Baba in a wonderful dream to start worshiping Him in the place where Amitji's great grandfather used to worship Sai)

    Phone number: 91-9800500014 or 91-9333120111

    E-Mail : shibpurtemple@gmail.com or shibpursaibaba@gmail.com

    You can speak to him and discuss the available methods suitable for you.

    I have sent a few times to the State Bank account given in the website, informed Amitji before sending and also verified if it was received after sending.

    Hope this helps and your heartfelt seva reaches Sainath.

    Sainath Charanam, mam eika sharanam

    Jay Sainath

  9. om sai ram
    can anybody tell me the exact meaning of "sacha dil"
    kehte hain sache dil se jo mango vo mil jata hae..

  10. Beautifull experience, Om sai ram, Baba..
    we all love you baba..

    Om sai ram . sai devotee.. thanks for sharing this experience..

    you can login to shirdi saisanthan.org website
    there is a net banking option.. you can choose.

    this one is easy option..
    don't go to any other sites all fake

    om sai ram

  11. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all the children of Sai Ma

    Beautiful experiences. Anything ispossible with Baba ji.

    Have faith and patience Baba is always by our side.

    Sai Ram Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram

  12. I want to share my yesterday’s experience here.. I was very happy from the beginning of this month as Ramnavami falls on this month. I was planning to take leave & go to Babas temple on that day. I wanted to spend the time with baba in the temple on this Auspicious day & wanted to attend the madyan arati.. On 13th while thinking about ramnavami suddenly it flashed me that my menses date is on 15th.. I was total unaware of this before. I became so sad & felt like crying as I can’t go to the temple on Ramnavami. I prayed with baba to postpone my menses. I prayed him to allow me to have his darshan on Ramnavami & to have his prasada. There was 4 days between 15th to 19th. Daily I was thinking today I will get my menses & I can’t go to temple on Ramnavami. I was losing my faith on baba.. I was doubting deva, whether he will listen this small devotees prayer.. But Deva proved me wrong. In those 4 days I didn’t get my menses. He blessed me to see him on Ramnavami. He allowed me to have his Prasada. I was in tears when I saw him in the temple. I spent 2 hours with him in his temple & had my lunch also there only. I was very happy & thankful to deva for allowing me to have his darshan. And my menses started in the night. My menses every time comes on same day without delay. If this is not his miracle then what else?. Sorry for doubting you Deva. Love u Sai. Thanks a lot for protecting us every time. Be with us always Deva. Forgive me I am really very very sorry deva.

    Om sai Ram

  13. O Deva, strange are Your deeds. I have surrendered to Your feet and I am in this situation that is making me restless. Please have pity on a poor devotee and help me attain calm. Bless everyone with love in the hearts and peace in their minds.

    Thank You for everything I Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  14. Dear hetal ji and all other sai devotees , I came to know about a wonderful book on sai Baba by the name " shirdiche sai Baba" . this book was also written by baba's devotee on Baba's order.
    I tried to download this book in PDF format, but could not. Therefore if anybody finds the relevant link then kindly share it . Thanks.

  15. For Shirdi Sai Baa, we use shirdi Sai website. It has all the facilities online as set up for the temple.

  16. You can use Shirdi Sai Online donation at the Shirdi Sai Sansthan website. I have been using it for last few years. It is good . You will also get Udi & Prasad from Shirdi.

  17. om sai ram

    All of you are blessed souls having Baba as our Guru.

    Can not think what i would do, if I meet my SAI in person.

    Love you Deva,


  18. Jai sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram


  19. When l happen to read other sai devotees experience then i am able to realise and understand, his presece,his miracles,making me see him in a human form,giving advices and guidance as and when required to me,protecting and saving me n my family,and making his presence felt in regular bases in my life.l wish sai devotees to post more n more of their experieces so that fools like me could understand babas presence in our (atleast in my ) life.
    Love u dad,sai

  20. When l happen to read other sai devotees experience then i am able to realise and understand, his presece,his miracles,making me see him in a human form,giving advices and guidance as and when required to me,protecting and saving me n my family,and making his presence felt in regular bases in my life.l wish sai devotees to post more n more of their experieces so that fools like me could understand babas presence in our (atleast in my ) life.
    Love u dad,sai

  21. Nice experiences! 1st Devotee and Devotee from NZ, Baba knows when everything should happen and your experience helps to show that Baba will give us great things (like your new house) when they are supposed to happen so they will be best for us. 3rd devotee, Baba shows us many miracles to draw us to Him and this was one Baba showed you so you would come towards Him and you are very lucky to have such a great vision of Baba. Om Sai Ram!

  22. Om Sai Jai Sai. all 3 experiences are very nice and faith boosting. Deva thank you very much for everything. Saiji please bless us all with peace of mind. I know you cannot see your child sad baba. Please increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  23. 3RD dEVOTEE : bABA blessed you like anythinh . you are super blessed ..my pride is broken by Baba through this experience ..I too had a Live darshan of BABA albeit for a flash …2 to .3 seconds only but you got to see BAba for 4-5 minutes.OM SAI RAM Love you Pops

  24. 3RD Devotee : Om Sai Ram : You are Truly Blessed ..just like me ..BABA BROKE MY PRIDE THROUGH YOU .BABA GAVE ME DARSHAN IN THE MONTH OF MARCH DURING MY Nvguruvar vrat live face to face for nearly 0.2 – 0.3 seconds but to you for 4-5 minutes , you are truly ziliionly blessed. OM SAI RAM

  25. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower their lives with happiness, joy, good health, free of diseases, laughter, infinte happiness, peace and proseperity. Baba I am worried about the health of hubby and children. Please enlighten them to maintain a healthy diet and take care of their body mind and soul. Baba I hope there are no surgeries or any hospital visits. Please Baba show us the way to solve the leg problem of hubby. If your Udi can take care of it nothing more than a miracle Baba. Please Baba I am tired of going to hospitals and need your support at this stage to take good care of my family without any challenges. Baba please help me fulfil my daily duties at office and at home to the utmost satisfaction of the family. Our house needs to be revonated in many ways, please help me do it in the most optimal way. Baba I hope to hear from you about the visa status. Hope you will guide and take care of my family. Baba please hold my hand and give me the energy to take care of my family to the best. I surrender to you Baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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