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Baba Came For Our House Warming Ceremony

Sai Sister Sai Ji from New Zealand says: First I would like to thank Hetal Ji and rest of her team for introducing this wonderful website (Devotees Experience) and would like to thank once again for giving an opportunity to share our experiences. I started viewing this blog since couple of months (on and off) for the couple of weeks; I made a point to read it every day and made a point to see Baba in the “Shirdi live Darshan” and my day will not be completed without seeing Him.

We live in New Zealand and we are blessed with two lovely Sons (age 5 and 9) and I am working women and always perform pooja before going to work. Without doing pooja, I will not step out of the house. Since my child hood, I know Baba (I am now 43). All my Family members are staunch devotees of Baba (infact my mum and sister have great faith in Baba). Even though I pray to Baba every day, at times my Faith keeps wavering here and there. But He always supported me, whenever needed. Couple of wonderful experiences I had, but I would like to share the most recent one, which touched my heart.

2012 July, I have been to India and purchased a flat and the handover was to be in November as I cannot stay till November. I have handed over to my Sister (who is a staunch Devotee of Baba) all the responsibility. Finally November came, but the work was not finished, but being an auspicious month, my sister wanted to go ahead with House Warming ceremony and discussed the same with me. And I told her to go ahead. But here in New Zealand, in my heart I prayed Baba and asked Him to attend the ceremony and bless every one and make sure the function goes well as I will not be able to attend the same.

My sister said she will not be able to take any pictures as she will be busy and asked to tell my best friend in India whether she can attend the functions and take few pictures. But unfortunately my friend was not able to attend due to various reasons. I spoke to my sister in the morning before the Gruhapravesh (House Warming Ceremony) as I will not be able to catch with her later. And next day, as usual I went to work and my Husband called me at work and said that couple of house warming picuters was being uploaded by your cousin and said not many only 4 and he forwarded the same to my work email ID. When I received the email to my surprise (first picture was my sister and her family in front of Homam, second one was rest of the family and the, THIRD WAS BABA’S PICTURE). It was just shocking for me to see (in my heart I prayed please attend my House Warming ceremony and THERE HE IS ISN’T THIS HIS BLESSING.)

I will elaborate this little bit more (My husband does pray BABA, but not a staunch Devotee of Him). When my husband saw this picture, he said how can they take Baba’s photo for Gruhapravesh (normally they take Ganesha and Satyanarayan Swamy’s photos). When he questioned this, as usual the very next day, I called my sister and told her that I received some pictures she was shocked and asked who sent them. I told her our cousin and I also asked what photo’s have you taken for Gruhapravesh. She said all in five (Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswathi, Shiva parvathi and Baba.)
The greatest blessing here is I asked Baba to attend the function and their He made His presence and sent me a proof I wasn’t anticipating any picture from anybody and how come my cousin thought of taking pictures in her Cell phone and sending them to me the very next day. Why did she sent only Baba’s picture? Isn’t this His blessing? Isn’t that very clear that if you call me from your heart, I will be there and will come in any form. Om Sai Ram.

Baba My Guru

Sai Sister Ravee Ji from Malaysia says: I start to pray to Him on November 2012, after I having knee pain in my both legs. My aunty is a His devotee for past 1 year. When I have this knee pains and consulted orthopedic specialist. After diagnosis, he told me that he needs to do operation and I would need to take rest for 3 months and do physiotherapy for another 3 months and all together for full recovery will take near 1 year for one leg. Surely it will affect my work and my family, since I have 3 years son to take care. I pray to Him. Telling Him the next day, I am going to see another specialist as second opinion and I don’t want that he too tell the same thing.

As I consulted the second doctor, to my surprise this doctor said no need any operation. He just gave medicine and asked me to go for physiotherapy. Lord Sai fulfill my request. Since then I keep Him as my Guru, and my Appa.

One day, I was sitting and watching Him. In my heart, I told Him to give opportunity to me to clean His place at least sweeping opportunity. As I am new devotee to His house, I don’t know much people there. After 2 weeks, I went and pray and sit as normal there. The person in charge ask me whether I can help to iyer, who start to vacuum the floor. I was overjoyed that He made my wish fulfilled. Now I regularly clean His centre, whenever I am there and nobody ask anything.

After few weeks, I prayed to Him to give me opportunity to help iyer to do Abhishekam and Bath Him, which not all people can do. That day, without my knowledge, I went to centre and prayed as normal and after normal routine, I was sitting there. Nobody was there except iyer and incharge person. Till that minute, I didn’t know that Abhishekam will be performed at 4 pm to Lord Sai. There is a Sai idol at my centre. As per my knowledge, at 6pm only, one will do Sai Abhishekam. The picture told me to help iyer to do Abhishekam. I bath Him with milk, clean Him, tie Him new dhotty by helping the iyer. That day, I was given an opportunity to help iyer to perform to both Sai. I am speechless and overjoyed. Thanks Baba, You are answering the true prayers of Your devotee.

Sai Miracle

Sai Sister Kalpana Ji from India says: Dear all, I am Kalpana. I am working woman stays with my son 6 years old and my spouse, who is also a devotee of Saibaba. 3 months back, we got a call from a club that we won a gift prize in lucky draw. Initially we were avoiding, but they started calling continuously saying we just need to collect gift and it would take 5 minutes. I and my spouse went there they asked us to listen some holiday package scheme of 1.44 lacs for lifetime membership to anywhere in India free of cost with free lifetime gym membership to entire family.

We need to pay 8000 initially. If not interested, we get refund, but to our shock they swiped entire amount of 1.44 lacs. After asking, they said you decide and come after 2 days; we will get refund after nominal fees. After coming back, we enquired to their call center, but they said we need to pay full accommodation and food charges even if we take the membership. Also we found no such gym is available in said area. Two days later, we asked them refund. They refused. When we spoke to bank, they were not sure once swiped, we get refund. One day, one of my colleagues gave me nine Thursday Vrat book as she performed pooja. I also started doing Vrat keeping all my troubles to Sai feet. After finishing Vrat post 1 month, we got all our refund. This is a great miracle of our Sai. Bolo Sai Baba Ki Jai.

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  1. baba plzzzz do some leela
    i cant bear this stress…. plssss shree sai….aise muh na phereye mjhse…….apke bina koe nae hae mera…..om shree sai samarth

  2. Om Sai Ram !

    Baba, wish you a very happy Oriya new year ! May your blessings reach us all always, may we all be blessed with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, joyous relationships and happiness.

    Please be with us Baba in all aspects of our life, please do help, bless, guide and advice us all always in all matters of our life.

    Love you a lot Baba, a big bear hug to you my dearest FATHER SAI .. you are the best. Jai Jai Gurudeva Dattatreya !!

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Lovely experiences, please, can anyone teii me whether we can we do baba abhishekam at home, if yes, how? we don't have baba temple at my place and i would like to do it tomorrow as tomorrow is Bengali new year…Sai Ram

  4. O Deva, Bless us, Your children, with an abundance of faith and patience. Bless us so we only see You in everyone we meet.

    Thank You for everything O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. baba….

    i cant bear this stress..am too much worried of my hus behaviour..i dont know what to do..i surrender everything on my swami's feet..i know baba will help me.. baba…bless us with a kid…

  6. Sai please help us to live happily, we want a healthy life. Please sairam show your mercy on us. Shower us with good health, peaceful life.

  7. Hello friends can anybody help me
    I have done ghat sthapna on first day of navratri & I am worshiping baba & maa Durga everyday . Today suddenly my ghat/kalash fell down by itself , luckily it was not broken . May be fell due to pressure of barley growing .. I don't know whether it is apshagun I am worried ???

  8. Om Sai Ram

    Blessed experiences.

    Baba Please make us surrender at your Lotus Feet.

    Devotee who asked for Abishekam of Baba at home,

    The main ingredient for abishekam must be Sharda

    Then you can use milk or curd or honey or even Ghee for baba's abishkam and then you can clean with water or lukewarm water according to season.

    Baba Will bless all.


  9. Please forgive me baba

    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

    LU Baba

  10. I got a book navguruvar vrat from a devotee in sai temple on Ugadi day, should I start doing Navguruvar vrat? I didn't start on Ugadi day since it was already 8 pm. Is it ok if I start from next week?

  11. Sai Ram, you know that this is your child, what a child can ask? You know what to give and what not. Sai, want nothing except your LAP keep this child on your Lap and shower your love and blessings, apart from this you Absorb this child in you so that where ever you be there your child also will be there.

    With Love & Light,
    Your CHILD.

  12. om sai ram!

    wonderful experiences. baba pls be with us every second. baba pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

    • Dear saima
      My koti Pranams to you
      Pl alologise me
      Pl forgive me for my wrong doings
      I never forget you
      You are every relation in the world
      Nobody else except you
      I am telling from bottom of my heart

  13. Very nice experiences! First devotee, when Baba wants to attend some function of His devotee's, He always comes in some form, and Baba made sure to come for your House warming ceremony and also gave you some nice photos of the function. Ravee Ji, Baba wanted you to help at the temple, so that is why He gave you the opportunity to help take care of His temple. Kalpana Ji, it was Baba who returned your money to you, even if bad people try and do bad things to us, Baba helps to protect us, His children. Om Sai Ram!

  14. I wish this life ends Baba. I cannot bear anymore this pain. This pain from the last 15 years is enough for the next ten lives……Please end my life. I don't want to live anymore. Baba, please take me away from this world. I don't want to live anymore.

  15. whenever whereever iam in difficulties BABA is theire as protector,it is very very true whoever steps into shirdi there house is full od joy, abundance in everything OM SAI RAM. WHEN I AM HELPLESS AT SITUATIONS I ONLY SAY YOU GUIDE ME & THE MIRACLE HAPPENS /I AM THANKFUL TO MY WIFE & THEIR FAMILY FOR MAKING ME SAIBABA DEVOTEE THANK YOU BABA

  16. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on my little family and protect them always. Please give them good health and keep them disease free. I count on you Baba to keep them healthy and prosperous always. Please keep them happy and have a respectful living filled with love and respect for each other. Baba you know the challenges, I surrender to you. Please help us win some good projects. Please take care of hubby health, I surrender to you totally. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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