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Sai Maa Showered His Blessings On My Family

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai ram, to all the devotees. Hetal Ji and all your teammates thank a lot for doing such a nice service for the Sai community. I live in a small town of India. Even we do not have any Sai temple in our place. Whenever I am tensed or worried for any of my problem, I get solution from your blog. May be Baba has chosen you as a messenger to pass His messages upto me. And I have lots of experiences to post, but posting few of them.

  • Experience 1

    I have a 7 yrs old daughter. She has a mild brain injury due to which she is lagging behind in all aspects of life. She rarely uses left hand and also have a problem in walking with left leg. Also she has learning disability. This is her third year in KG. Orally she can do everything, but couldn’t write. And whatever she knows, she doesn’t tell in class. That’s why always she fails in exam. I am most worried for her future. And many times, I used to think Babaji and I am praying you with full faith also doing whatever you had told in Question Answer site, then why my daughter is not showing improvement in her result. And I got answer in these blog through the experience of one of the devotee. He was also having learning disability and inspite of praying Baba. He also failed for so many times, but now he is a dental surgeon. After reading that blog, I got assured for my daughter’s future that she also will have a nice future and a good life. Baba, please bless her. She every way writes one page “Om Sai Ram”. Now my 3 yrs old son has also started writing that. And for his every problem, he remembers Baba. Baba, please help me completing homework. Baba, please help me in my block game. Baba, please bless my kids.

  • Experience 2

    Near to my house, my husband’s uncle aunt live. They have a 28 years old son, who does not do any job even he does not wants to do anything. Aunt is ill from so many years. Each day, she gets a new problem. Also their economical condition is not so good. So I suggested them to do Sai 9 Thursday Vrat. Somehow she started it. And in only two weeks now, she has a lots improvement in her health and she has started believing in our Saimaa. Previously she was not able to walk. Now she can climb stairs also. Baba, please bless the whole family. And let good days come for them.

  • Experience 3

    Near about 2 months ago, I had misplaced bank passbook of my husband. And after searching all the Almirah and everywhere I didn’t find it. I approached Saimaa for help. Asked in Question Answer site and got answer to chant Sai Samarth for 21 days. I started chanting and on 22nd day, I opened my cupboard to take out a dress and found it under the dress. Saimaa please always be with me and all the devotees. And please forgive that I do not have patience. Please bless me to keep Saburi. Om Sai Ram.

Please Pray For Me

Anonymous Devotee says: Hello, I have recently become BABA’S devotee. I am going through the worst stage of my life. For my parent’s happiness, I have got engaged, but I don’t like the boy at all. I love someone else and he too loves me, but his mother is not accepting me as I am 3 years younger to him. I cannot break the engagement nor my parents will understand me. My marriage is fixed in the end of April. I am praying to Baba continuously, reading Sai Satcharitra also, chanting SAI SAI continuously. Please pray for me that Baba does some miracle and my engagement is called off and I get married to the boy I like. I, at times, get thought of finishing myself as time is very less. Please pray for me. I really need Help and prayers

Saved from Fear

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a working woman as a front desk Executive in a firm of India. My husband is also a service man. I have two children both are studying. Life is going with Sai Kripa. I am a lady of 42 years. From my childhood, I always feared with the Ghost. I cannot take the name of Ghost even. Especially when I see any short seen in the TV, I cannot go for toilet alone in the midnight. Last week my father got a bad accident by Tata Sumo. He had broken his left leg badly. Then only two days, he had left after accident. He was hospitalised.

I saw in my dream that a ghost came on my father. He was trying that my father would not be OK by his broken leg. I saw suddenly my father got up from the bed and was walking fast. Sometimes he kicked the things also with the damaged leg. His voice has also changed. I was very scared. I and my younger sister caught his legs and arms and tied up with the bed. But it was so strong that with the strong power, he opened all the barriers. But when my father released with ghost, he felt very pain in the leg. This incidence happened so many days. I put some UDI on my father’s body, then the Ghost become very angry that he started the leg up and down very fastly. I and my sister were very afraid.

Then suddenly I woke up, opened my eyes, when to washroom. Till this time, I was very afraid. Then I went to the “Pooja Place” of my house, took Baba’s UDI, put it on my forehead and kept in my mouth also. Then I prayed Baba, please save my father and make me free from this kind of dream. I came back to bed. After that with Baba’s Kripa, I had never seen this type of dreams and slowly, I am free from the fear of Ghost’s name. I bow my head on the Lotus Feets of Baba. Sai make Your Kripa on every one like me.

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  1. Om Sai ram, first devotee's experience is wonderful. It is good to instill faith in kids, even if we are not here sai will take care of them.

    2nd devotee, I saw your post couple of week's back in the same blog, well it is april, let us know what is going on your side.

    3rd devotee, nice experience. May be your dad wants you to get out of fear of ghosts, that's why you had that dream when he passed away. Don't be afraid of anything, om sai ram

    • its my sinsiour request to 2nd (pleas pray for me)..dont go against your heart because saibaba always stays in our heart and heart never says wrong..take name of sai baba share your problem with parents and other guy…if he is relay good then im sure he will understand you..and tell your love to manage his home matter because this much is his duty..i have full faith that sai hamesa apke sath dega …om sai ram

  2. can u please post wht is sai Samarth mantra? I am not able to find it on google. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Maharaj Shri Swami Samartha Jai Jai Swami Samartha

      Sri Swami Samartha Jai Jai Swami Samartha

      This is Akkalkot Swami Samartha mantra.Satcharitra mentions about this swami.

  3. For the second experience titled: "please pray for me"
    i want to advise you that since you have taken refugee in shri SAI he'll never ever let you down KEEP FAITH. he'll definitely listen to your prayers and if you are eventually married to the guy whom you are engaged to it'll only happen if SAI wills it. and if he wills it then believe me it will be in your best interest as SAI gives you what is best for you. HAVE FAITH,LOVE HIM ALWAYS, LEAVE HIM NEVER EVER.
    jai SAIMAA

  4. Really nice experiences,
    To the devotee in the first experience, I don't know how it is in India but I am sure there are special tutors and teachers who can help your daughter overcome her obstacles bc it sounds like she can be normal if you can provide some extra help. For issues with brain, it is much easier to correct them when children are young than when they become older as brain is more plastic at a young age.
    Om Sai Ram

  5. Very nice experiences…thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  6. Om sai om Sai ram Om sai ram Om sai om sai ram Om sai ram
    Baba's Udi has miraculous powers. We need to have the faith. I have couple of experiences to share and I will post it soon.

    Om Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai

  7. bow to sai maa
    accept your devotees prayers maa.
    first devotee do not worry,in SAI MAAs world miracles happen.they surely will happen for you
    second experience- pls leave everything on sai MAA .He will take care.
    and for the third experience- baba is always near then why to worry,the ghosts will never come to sai maa's children.
    IN THE WORLD FULL OF,COMPETITION,MONEY AND MATERIAL,SCARCITY,FEAR & ANXIETY , LONELINESS, GREED, HUNGER, SADNESS, POVERTY,ILLNESS,UNFAITHFULNESS AND NEVER ENDING WANTS, i thank you Maa that you have given a place to us at your feet,from where everything is beautiful like heaven.the life has to go on,some things we get and some we dont but,remember what we dont get was not good for us.so be happy,your SAI Maa will be happy.
    take away all the calamities and let peace be to all Maa,when once someone screams out your name Maaaaaaaa,you have to be there.ps help all.
    i have YOU now, i dont want anything,i will live life the way you have decided it for me.
    om sai ram

    • after posting this comment i went to take a nap, i saw a dream in which i saw that i had two idols kept on the table and due to heavy wind blowing inside my room one of which felt and broke.
      i want to tell you here that before going to sleep i asked Maa to come in my dream as she always comes frequently,coz i live alone in a place where i dont have anyone but SAI MAA……she always comes in my dreams and consoles me and makes me feel good.what more i can ask from our mother.she cares so much.and lights up my life with joy.

  8. Wow! 7 and 3 year olds writing and remembering Deva's name! This is the purest form of devotion I can imagine. They are blessed.

    2nd devotee, please speak to the boy you are engaged to, maybe he can call it off. You will be wrecking not just your life but his life too if this goes through. May Deva show you the right path.

    O Deva, I have surrendered to Your feet. Let all my thoughts and actions be guided by You.

    Thank You for everything O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

    • exactly same thing i want to tell this devotee in second experience. Please take sai baba's name and say the truth to the guy you are engaged to without any fear. this way you will end up spoiling your equation with the guy you love if you let this marriage happen and then try to come back to him. Instead take steps when there is time believe me its very important to ACT when the situations and time is in ur hand. Atleast tell the truth to the guy and leave everything on baba. Marriage is a special bond and dont think anyone should start that on the base of uncertainity and lies. After knowing the truth that you love someone else if that guy still wants to marry you and you feel that your guy doesnt want to marry you then leave everything to baba but for now I would only suggest to please get up dont waste any time further reach out to the guy and speak to him it will solve all the problems.

  9. om sai ram ,

    Baba,I am very much confused sometimes ,, don't know what to.do . but still I have faith…and saburi.

    I always read your sacharitha, every day I chant sai sai..

    please help me someone… I am going through so many problems..

    no job.. I am single parent..

    om sai ram,,baba love you.

  10. May baba solve all ur problems sai devotees.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  11. Even i gave the same sugesstion to the 2nd devotee few days back, please be strong and tell that guy(with whom u r engage) everything may be u 2 can get solution.

  12. Oh Merciful Deva

    my existence is just due to YOU.

    I am surrendering everything on your lotus feet.

    Dear Devotees

    Ghost means Bhoot in Hindi & Bhoot in English means PAST, which thing is already PASSED, how that can HARM you?

    Be strong, how anything can harm you if you got FATHER like SAI? Ghosts or anything on present life hits most to coward people.

    A son of big politician is very proud of being son of big poiliticain or president or PM, but if we consdier ourselves SONS/ Daughter of SAI GOD, then why we fear,? why we are not proud?


  13. 2nd devotee: Why didn't you even think before committing for a guy? Don't you know how your parents react if you go deep in the love that your parents won't agree. Have you asked Sai and loved him? Then why are you asking him to call off the marriage? Before talking to the guy to call off the marriage, answer these questions to yourself.
    1. If your lover says that he don't want to marry you since his mother didn't accept, will you come out of that and marry anyone or not?
    2. Are you ready to leave your parents for ever?
    3. Are you confident on your lover, that you don't any separation in future?
    4. Do you think you are correct and promise that your mind will not change for ever?
    5. Can you accept the guy, with whom your engagement is fixed in future with a small counselling?
    6. Can you face if your parents came to know that you have asked to call off the marriage?

    There are so many to get an answer from you before asking the guy to cancel the marriage.

    Why I told this is, I have seen so many girls taking decisions out of frustration and confusion and breaking up with in 1 or 2 years. And this is happening in all type of confused love stories. All the best for your future!!!!!

  14. Nice experiences! First devotee, don't worry, Baba will help your child who is suffering from physical problems, Baba will help her get better soon, just as your other experiences show the power of 9 weeks vrat. 2nd devotee, don't worry, if anyone can prevent the marriage you don't want, it is Baba, you are Baba's daughter after all and He won't let His daughter marry someone who is not right for His daughter. If the other guy is the one Baba knows is right for you, you will certainly marry him instead. 3rd devotee, Baba removed that ghost from your dream and you shouldn't have to fear when Baba is there with us (I too had a similar dream of a ghost coming to me at night, but then I had a dream of Baba coming and scaring the ghost away and since then I haven't had that dream ever again). Om Sai Ram!

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