Sai Nath The Ultimate Saviour – Sai Devotee Sheetal

Sharing experience of Sai sister Sheetal ji.

Sai sister Sheetal ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. My Name is Sheetal. I am posting my experience for the first time, I am basically a student, hence my experience is also related to my study (i.e. how Sai Baba can help His devotees in whichever situation they seek His blessings).

Since I was in 12th std, I always had a horrible fear towards my exams. It is not that I am dull at studying; in fact I make my best preparations for exam because I know I won’t be able to handle the pressure. If I am unprepared, but inspite of all I used to breakdown as my exam approaches. Till I completed my graduation, I was not that much inclined towards Sai Baba. Then I took admission for professional exams. I used to work also side by side, so it became very difficult for me to handle both simultaneously. It happened and started from there when one of my colleagues planned for Shirdi trip in December 2010. I was very excited as I always wanted to go there and even heard that unless Baba Himself wants you to visit Him, you can’t go there. And to my astonishment, everything happened so quickly and even my parents didn’t interrupt even once. I had wonderful experience visiting Shirdi. Still I will say that I visited there because I also wanted to pass. It is a human nature that we usually do something because we want something.

I slowly started getting inclined towards Baba, but my devotion still was not the ultimate one and this is how Baba tested me. Slowly my exam neared and I became more particular taking Baba’s name. I used to pray Him, please help me to clear my exams as I was not well prepared for it this time due to my job. I went for two papers. Initially I didn’t even sleep for 2 days continuously and suddenly before the 3rd paper evening, I got painful headache. Next morning, I have to go for exam and no leave for the next paper. And I didn’t study even a word. Fear struck in my mind and heart. I can’t even recall what I studied. Time was passing like air. I cried and cried a lot and fell sick. I didn’t go to write the paper as well. Now I blamed Baba that why didn’t You made everything correct? Why all this happened? I left praying to Him and I know this will sound very absurd, but I used to think that everybody says Baba helps the one, who seeks Him. But why this was not happened with me. Slowly I forgot about everything.

One fine morning, Baba made me realize that how selfish we become when it comes to devotion. I just woke up in the morning and saw that my brother and everybody in family were watching cartoon. It was Sai Baba’s cartoon especially made for children to see with different small Sai Baba’s stories. There Sai Baba was saying that my devotees always want me to help them. And if I delay in that, they think I forgot them and won’t help. And they leave me and go away. But I never leave the one, who prays wholeheartedly to me. Now hearing this, I realized my mistake and whole day thought about this. I regretted what I did and immediately apologized Baba that it will never happen again and I will not blame Him ever in my life henceforth.

After the above incident, I made firm decision that whatever the situation arises, I would never doubt Sai Baba. He has His own way of helping His devotees, which we people at times don’t understand. And you know what? Due to His blessings, now I managed to clear stage 3 in first attempt, which was much more difficult to one referred above and you know this time without any hurry and worry, I just left everything to Baba and He stayed with me all the time, when I needed Him.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. please pray for me sheetal ji so dat i can love him from deepest of my heart and pray him.u r lucky and blessed by baba dat u realized sai naathaye namah

  2. i have the similar problem of nervousness ad other creepy problems make me more nervous but i keep my faith in baba please baba help me.

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    We should worship and remember Baba regularly just as we eat 3 times a day and we always remember to eat without forgetting. This comes with constant devotion and love towards Baba. Even myself some times specially on week ends use to not to worship Baba but know I made a point that no matter what at least I should light lamp and read Sai satcharitra which will take me only 30 mins.

    So we should have unshaken devotion and love towards Sai.

    Sai bless all your children and save this planet from disasters.

    My humble salutations at your old and pious feet Baba.

    Allah Mallik
    Servant of Baba

  4. Beautifully put.

    O Deva look upon Your children kindly and lovingly. Grace us with Your ever peace radiating smile.

    Jai Sairam

  5. it is just so beautiful.very well said and narrated ,just loved reading is such a meaningful thing said in your experience.

  6. thank you sheetal ji ..i think through ths post sai answered me ..i am going through the same face. i am doing chartered accountancy,my situation is horrible during exams .it is very true,we should remember our sai always .

  7. Oh SAI DEVA MERE, Chano Mein Rakh Lo Muje

    Please DO NOT MAKE ME DOUBT YOU EVER & EVER, its YOU Who Controls my Htoughts.

    Please make me chant SAI SAI breath in & Breath out.

    Love you SAI DEVA,


  8. Jai Sai Ram. Baba please bless us and get marry me to him soon Baba. As u know baba i cross my age limit. Baba please do his wok sucessful . Baba please bless us . You know baba how much i suffer in my life that was because of my bad karmas in my past life. Baba please forgive me and bless me .

    I love you Baba

  9. sai baba ki jai
    satgun ki shiksha sai ji ne dekar
    avgun ko man se hamare nikala,

    mohmaya ka bharam todkar ke insaniyat ka path padhaya
    om sai ram
    sai sai

  10. Very nice experience! Baba is there with us always even times when we might think He has left us, Baba is always working behind the scenes to solve our problems and giving us the solutions at the right time. Baba helped you in your exams and helped grow your devotion and in time it is very good that you saw that. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Dear Devotee,

    Thanks fr your experience..Jst nw I'm thinking abt Shirdi Trip & Abt my new Job which I got this Thursday due to Baba's Blessings. Actually,recently I hv selected fr 2 companies, one is thro consultancy & another one is directly from a big MNC company..But I got offer from the consultancy..It is given by Baba..what exactly, He told me in my dream..But, all of my friends are saying that job thro consultancy is sme wt risky..I felt sad, In my mind also starting onwards(when I got offer letter) having same feeling & thinking tht why Baba made like this, again thro consultancy after a long testing time..

    But before one hr, a strong determination came into my mind..why I hv to fear abt this, It has given By Sai who is the saviour of all, My Guru..He knows past,present & future..Could He do any harm to His daughter by knowing all the things..No, He can't at all.I knew, He loves me a lot & He knows very well abt me, how I faced each & every storm in my life from last 10yrs..So, I decided myself, I'll accept what my Sai Baba(My Guru,My Preceptor)gives me with full faith on Him. And I'll try to reach my goal with His blessings. And Even Baba Said that what God gives never lost..Thank you Sai for being with me..I luv u each & every second thro out my life..

    Thank You…

  12. al ham du lila… Sai Baba the merciful… i love him!

    May god bless all of you….

    we fall so that we can rise again! 🙂

  13. om sai ram!

    wonderful experience. baba pls be with us. show us right path. never leave us alone. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  14. Superb exepirience sai baba pls hum sab par apki krupa banaye rakhna hame sahi rah dikhana hamari madada karna plspls hamari madad karna


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